Mounted and trailed straw-bedder - Lucas G

Mounted and trailed straw-bedder - Lucas G

RAPTOR ®Mounted and trailed straw-bedderwith swivelling chuteRaptor ® mountedTelescopic Raptor ®

The Raptor ® models3 models optimized for straw-spreading :Raptor ® mountedRaptor ® trailedTelescopic Raptor ®• The machine can be coupled on the telescopic carriage• The multifunction control drives all functions of the machine from the closed cab of the telescopic.Ø 1,80 m 1,20 x 0,90 x 2,5 m 1,20 x 1,20 x 2,5 mCouple your machine and drive easilyDrive anapprovedmachine !Articulated coupling Fixed coupling 3 points couplingIt adapts to all machines and allowsmanoeuvrability and comfort bydrivingThe machine follows completely thetractorOnly for trailed Raptor ® .With adjustable jib in 3 positions.Optional equipment for trailedRaptor ® .Only for mounted Raptor ® .

RAPTOR ®Mounted and trailed straw-bedderStart and drive your Raptor ®Intuitive controlComfort controlCabled controlManual controlLUCAS.GPATENTOne button for one function.The simplicity in the control’s service !You can reach all functions with 3 fingers.Drive instinctively and supervise yourwork.Economy in control’s service.Only for mounted Raptor ® .Load your balesLoad round or cubic bales : Self-loading rear doorSelf-loading rear door 650 kg2 nd control station for self-loading rear doorReliable and strong.It is equipped with a roll bar that enables toload the bales without keeping them pressedon the wall.Only with comfort or intuitive control.For shredding your foodsRaptor ® beater-barAdditional diskRegulated chain-bed conveyorBed-chain tensionerTo save time, choose a simple beater-bar !Beater-bar designed for an optimalshredding and an easier straw-spreading.3 additional disks availableas optional equipment.Driving forward or reverserunning.To adjust your chain-bed rapidlyand simply from the outside yourmachine.

An optimized straw-spreadingA chute optimized for straw-spreading !Straw-spreading guaranteed till 15 m and 270°.Fluid and regular output.Dimensions of the modelsRaptor ® mounted and telescopicRaptor ® trailedl : 2,65 m - L : 1,80 m - H : 2,38 ml : 3,25 m - L : 2,00 m - H : 2,62 mThe Raptor ® performancesRaptor ®Feeding or Capacity Round bales hay or straw Ø 1,8 m maxi 1 of straw Ø 1,8 m maxistraw-bedding of bales Cubic bales hay or straw 1,2 x 0,9 x 2,5 m 1 of strawloading Square bales hay or straw 1,2x1,2x2,5m 1 of strawStraw-spreading Straw - Haylength15 mTime Product in bale Feeding or straw-spreading between 2 and 7 minutes maxiLoose food (dry food 30 or 35%)for a bale, according to material and packaging

RAPTOR ®Mounted and trailed straw-bedderYour dealer accompanies youYour dealer, as a LUCAS partner, is staying at your disposal to help you by using your machine and for its maintenance.If necessary, the Lucas technicians intervene for your machine. Do not hesitate to contact them for :Your filtersYour bed-chain• Maintain your filters. Make one change peryearGive a new youthfulto your machine !Your LUCAS approved dealer is staying atyour disposal for renovating the machinebefore reselling it• Maintain your bed-chainFor more efficiency, think to tighten it regularly !The splittable bars of the bed-chain can be dismantled easily !For an optimal service of spare parts, we work with a stock :For 95 % of the orders, the parts are dispatched at the latest the day following their receiptDemonstrationsYou are interested and want to see a machine working ?Do not hesitate to contact usPlease contact :• your LUCAS dealer• directly the firm LUCAS- by mail or by phone 00 33 251654136

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