XLCubed Excel Edition Training - 1 Day


XLCubed Excel Edition Training - 1 Day

a cademyXLCubed Excel Edition Training - 1 DayKARABINA Academy Training Courses

a cademyXLCubed Excel Edition Training - 1 Day

a cademyCourse contentDescriptionDay 1Introduction to XLCubed and OLAP• XLCubed Excel Edition• OLAP TerminologyConnecting to Data• Connection ManagerXLCubed Report Designer• Grid Favourites, Grid Templates and Member ListsGrid Reporting• Grid Components• Basic Navigation• Edit Hierarchy / Member Selector• Grid Calculations• Asymmetric Grids• Grid Breakout Value & Drillthrough• Ranking, Filtering and Sorting• Member Properties in Grid Reporting• Grid Charts• Grid Properties• Formatting in GridsUser Defined Calculations• Grid Calculations• Member Selector – Ad Hoc Groupings• Share to Base – Calculated Value on Measures• Connection Level Calculations MDX(Custom Calculations)Linked GridsIn-cell Charting• Standalone In-cell Charting• In-cell charting within GridsXLCubed Slicers• Grid Slicers• Standalone Slicers• Cascading and Advanced SlicersFormula Reporting• Formula vs. Grid Based Reporting• Creating Formula Reports• Formula OptionsKey XLCubed Formulae• Dimension Members – XL3Member• Cube Values – XL3Lookup• Ranking - XL3RankLookup and XL3ValueRankLookup• XL3Link• XL3RowVisible / XL3ColumnVisibleWritebackXLCubed and Workbook OptionsPublishing to XLCubed Web EditionXLCubed Excel Edition Training - 1 Day

a cademyREGISTRATION FORMPlease ensure all areas are filled in to process your request.BILLING INFORMATIONCompany NamePostal AddressVAT Reg. No.Telephone NumberFax NumberNumber of DelegatesDELEGATE INFORMATIONName, SurnameE-mail AddressCell NumberCOURSE INFORMATIONCourse DateCourse NameSubject KnowledgePAYMENT DETAILSNOTE:XLCubed Excel Edition TrainingPlease shade the level of subject knowledge (1 = low to 5 = high)1 2 3 4 5In order to secure a place on the course, the client is expected to pay for the course, before the commencementof the course.Cancellation of a reserved place on a course must be sent through in writing, at least 5 working days before thecourse is scheduled to start. In the case where such a procedure is not adhered to, the client will pay a 100%cancellation fee.Due to the nature of the course, we require a minimum of 4 delegates to run the course.Company Order No.Contact Person responsible for paymentDatePayment Method EFT Cheque Direct DepositBANK DETAILSKarabina Solutions (Pty) LtdVat Number: 4430 205 932Bank: Standard BankBranch: FordsburgAccount Number: 00 253 697 8Branch Number: 005 205Please send proof of payment toE-mail: academy@karabina.co.za or fax: 086 215 8327AN ISPARTNERS COMPANYXLCubed Excel Edition Training - 1 Day

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