corporate suites - Brisbane International

corporate suites - Brisbane International

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welcome tobrisbane international 2011…Brisbane International 2010 captivatedthe city.Brisbane witnessed one of the all timegreat tennis matches when Kim Clijstersbeat fellow comeback queen andcompatriot Justine Henin in the final.It was arguably the best match in thisyear’s summer of tennis... right here atQueensland’s very own Pat Rafter Arena.Broadcast in 133 countries, and viewed by more than 3.3 million people inAustralia, this event is now entrenched in the pysche of Australian sport.Enthralling encounters over eight days were witnessed by 82,257 spectators,stamping the tournament a huge success on the international tennis circuit.The calibre of players was strong as Queensland sent a message to the tennisfraternity that the best preparation for the first Grand Slam of the year was inBrisbane. Four former Grand Slam champions including Ana Ivanovic, JustineHenin and eventual winners Andy Roddick and Kim Clijsters began theirAustralian Open assault in Brisbane. Australia’s Bernard Tomic and Peter Luczakwere also present as was Jelena Dokic, Alicia Molik and Casey Dellacqua.Rated a well-organised and professionally-run tournament by the players,commentators and spectators alike for the second year running, thecombined event has cemented its future at the beginning of the AustralianOpen Series.Promising a plethora of star talent after the success of the 2010 tournament,expect the Brisbane International to showcase an even more impressive lineupin 2011.If you have not experienced the world’s best tennis players in action atPat Rafter Arena, why not be a part of this international event and differentiateyour corporate hospitality by previewing the summer of tennis ahead at theBrisbane International?Experience first class facilities and enjoy the amazing atmosphere inPat Rafter Arena, home of the stars.pat rafter arena

Enjoy an array of corporate hospitality options which guarantee flexibility, quality andservice while you marvel at these world-class athletes’ precision and power.corporate suitesOur corporate suites provide you with the ultimate Brisbane International experience. Enjoythe perfect environment for a relaxed networking atmosphere. The corporate suites arelocated on the top level of the stadium.Benefits include:• air-conditioned corporate suite for 12 guests• cushioned seating located in front of all suites for 14 sessions• complimentary programs provided in suites (one per person)• two car parks per session for each suite• access to the Brisbane International exclusive corporate bar• external company signage on your suite door• company name acknowledged in the official program• a selection of food and beverages available on request (additional cost).New for 2011, choose an alternative that best suits your needs:• $28,650 all 14 sessions.• $18,900 split session package – combination of seven set sessions (limited numbersavailable).corporate boxesEnjoy the covered open air corporate boxes. These boxes offer fantastic views of the courtand provide you and your guests with a unique opportunity to be close to the best tennisplayers in the world.Benefits include:• covered open air corporate box for eight guests for 14 sessions• complimentary programs (one per person)• external company signage on your corporate box• one car park per session for each corporate box• access to the Brisbane International exclusive corporate bar• a selection of food and beverages available served to your box (additional cost)• company name acknowledged in the official program• option to purchase dining in the corporate dining room (additional cost).New for 2011, choose an alternative that best suits your needs:• $14,950 all 14 sessions.• $8900 split session package – combination of seven set sessions(limited numbers available).You can now secure your corporate suite or box forthree years.This new option introduced for Brisbane International 2011 means a corporate suite orbox may also be purchased for a three year period. A 50 per cent deposit for the total threeyear period will ensure that you guarantee your same facility for the next three years. As abonus, the cost will remain the same for this entire period (not available for split sessionspurchases).This 50 per cent deposit will be the only monies payable for Brisbane International 2011.The remaining 50 per cent will be payable in two installments on 27 August 2011 and 27August 2012. By choosing the three year deal option, a client will lock in the facility andprice for a period of three years including the 2011, 2012 and 2013 Brisbane Internationalevents.

gold corporate$1490 per person (including gst)Enjoy the atmosphere at Pat Rafter Arena right behind the baseline in ourgold corporate seating as you watch the world’s best tennis players.Benefits include:• covered premium reserved seating for 14 sessions• one program per two guests• access to the Brisbane International exclusive corporate bar• one car park per session (min booking of four)• option to purchase dining in the corporate dining room (additional cost).silver corporate$1090 per person (including gst)Indulge with our silver corporate package. Enjoy a uniqueopportunity to watch all the action up close in the firstAustralian Open Series tournament of the new year.Benefits include:• covered premium reserved seating for 14 sessions• one program per two guests• access to the Brisbane International exclusive corporate bar• one car park per session (min booking of six)• option to purchase dining in the corporate dining room (additional cost).brisbane session selectfrom $295 per person (including gst)Select an all-inclusive premium package from Thursday 6 January.Benefits include:• premium reserved seat• premium buffet and beverages in corporate dining room• access to the Brisbane International exclusive corporate bar• a complimentary program• finals sold as a package for Saturday night and Sunday.

isbane international reservation form and tax invoice*package price per seat/package (incl. gst) no. of seats/packages total $corporate suite $28,650corporate suite 7 session alternative $18,900corporate box $14,950corporate box 7 session alternative $8990gold corporate $1490silver corporate $1090sub total (incl. gst) $credit card fee^ $total (incl. gst) $brisbane session selectdate round* session no. of seats cost (incl gst) subtotal $Thu 6 Jan QF Day $295QF Night $295Fri 7 Jan QF Day $295WS Night $295Sat 8 Jan MS Day $295WFNightSun 9 Jan MF Twilight$595*The match schedule is subject to changepayment: as per the corporate conditions of sale a minimum 50% deposit isrequired to secure your booking. please select one of the following options;I wish to pay the 50% deposit (only available for bookings made prior toFriday 27 August 2010)I wish to pay in fullNote: If you choose to pay deposit only, full payment must be received on orbefore 29 October 2010.sub total (incl. gst) $Deposit 50% $Balance remaining (due 29 October 2010). $3 year optionI wish to purchase the nominated Corporate Suite or Box for a three yearperiodNote: A 50% deposit for the total three year period is payable by Friday27 August 2010. This deposit will be the only monies payable for BrisbaneInternational 2011. The remaining 50% will be payable in two installmentson 27 August 2011 and the 27 August 2012. By choosing the three year dealoption, a client will lock in the facility and price for a period of three yearsincluding the 2011, 2012 and 2013 Brisbane International card fee^ $total (incl. gst) $contact detailsCompany name:First contact name and title:Second contact name and title:Phone:Mobile:Email:Postal address:Fax:Industry:Ticket delivery address* (only within Australia):*Ticket packages delivered via courier require a street address for a representative to accept and sign for the package during business hours. Please refer to corporate conditions of sale and entry.Please tick this box if you do not wish to receive additional promotional material.Privacy statement Tennis Australia requires the information requested on this reservation form to provide you with official Australian Open Corporate Package tickets and benefits and related purposes whichcan be reasonably expected including Tennis Australia/Australian Open promotional material. You will be able to access your personal information through Tennis Australia upon reasonable notice.method of payment: if paying by cheque please make payable to tennis australiaCheque EFT (please refer to 8.8 for details) Amex^ Visa^ MasterCard^^ Please note that a credit card fee of 2.7% for American Express and 1.75% for Visa and MasterCard will apply for all reservations paid by credit card.Cardholder name:Card number:Expiry date:agreement of conditionsI, (print name):have read and agreed to the corporate conditions of sale and entrySignatureDateReservations will only be accepted on completion of this signed form with payment.* Tennis Australia Limited ABN 61 006 281 125. GSTR2000/17 paragraph 26 – this document will be an official tax invoice for GST when payment made.Please send to:Tennis Australia, Corporate Hospitality, Private Bag 6060, Richmond, VIC, 3121 or T. (03) 9914 4177 or 1300 309 166 F. (03) 9654 5897E. W.

isbane international corporate terms and conditions of sale and entry 2011All Corporate Packages are issued subject to these Terms and Conditions ofSale and Entry 20111. Corporate suites and boxes1.1 The Corporate Box is a courtside open air box with eight seats, andmust not be occupied by more than eight persons at any one time.1.2 The Corporate Suite is a private suite with 12 seats, and must not beoccupied by more than 12 persons at any one time.1.3 The client has exclusive access and use of the suite/box for theduration of the Brisbane International Event (or as otherwiseagreed with Tennis Australia). The client and its guests shall onlybe entitled to use the corporate suite or box if they are the bearersof appropriate tickets for admission to the suite or box. All ticketsprovided to the client are for the sole and exclusive use of the clientand its guests.1.4 The suite/box is furnished and equipped with fixtures andfurnishings.1.5 No additions, changes, alterations or other improvements shall bemade to any corporate suite or box without the prior written consentof Tennis Australia.1.6 The client agrees that it shall not permit its guests to bring food orbeverages into a Corporate Suite or Corporate Box.1.7 Tennis Australia shall make available to the client catering via theofficial corporate caterer at the Event (“Caterer”). The cost of suchcatering is to be borne by the client.1.8 Food and beverages provided by the Caterer to a corporate suite orbox must not be consumed outside the corporate suite or box.1.9 Tennis Australia, Tennis Queensland and the Venue owner, and theirofficers, agents, employees and contractors (including the Caterer)shall be entitled to access the box as reasonably necessary.2. Dress Code2.1 Tennis Australia encourages smart casual attire for all guests. Eg.Collared shirt and tailored pants or shorts for males. No rubberthongs.3. Code of Conduct3.1 All Corporate Clients/guests are requested to comply with thefollowing:• Tickets/Passes must be worn correctly at all times (tickets/passes to be worn around the neck with Corporate package,Company name, session etc facing out).• Children under 18 to be accompanied by an adult in all barsand dining rooms.• Please refrain from leaving your seats during a point,between points or at the end of a game. Please wait for achange of ends.• Clients/guests should refrain from carrying on anyconversation with others while points are being played.• Clients/guests should refrain from making loud commentsincluding questioning the abilities of any player, umpire orlinesperson.• Clients/guests should refrain from using foul language.• Please ensure that all mobile phones and blackberries are onsilent or tuned off during matches.• Clients should be cognisant of other Corporate guests seatednear them and not provoke irritable behaviour.Please note:The Tournament Director has the discretion to remove anyonedisplaying unacceptable conduct or not adhering to the above codeof conduct from the relevant area and/or the Queensland TennisCentre.Event Security also have the discretion to remove anyone displayingunacceptable conduct or not adhering to the above code of conductfrom the relevant area and/or the Queensland Tennis Centre.4. Ticket Onselling, Advertising and Promotions4.1 Sale of each corporate package and ticket creates a contractbetween Tennis Australia and the purchaser which gives thepurchaser a transferable but conditional license for admission tothe Queensland Tennis Centre for a certain session of the BrisbaneInternational. The license will automatically terminate if thepurchaser or any subsequent transferee, without the prior writtenconsent of Tennis Australia, resells the part or all of the corporatepackage or ticket(s) including but not limited to sales at a premiumor through a broker or agent; advertises or offers the packageor ticket(s) for resale on the internet or in any other medium; orpackages, advertises or uses the package or ticket(s) for advertising,promotion or other commercial purposes (including competitionsor trade promotions) or to enhance the demand for other goods orservices. If a corporate package or ticket is sold or used in breachof these conditions and the license has terminated, Tennis Australiahas the right to deny admission to the bearer of the ticket, to cancelthe relevant package, or to take other action, without any guaranteeof a refund.5. Assignment5.1 Corporate Packages may be assigned to a single company orindividual for the duration of the Corporate package in questionprovided Tennis Australia provides its prior written consent. Anyassignment is subject to the sole discretion of Tennis Australia,which reserves the right to refuse any assignment. Tennis Australiawill only consider requests to assign packages where there is awritten commitment from the assignee, including its agreement tobe bound by these Terms and Conditions.5.2 In the event of any assignment, the original purchaser of theCorporate package will remain responsible for the assignee of thepackage and the individual holder(s) of the allocated ticket(s), andwill indemnify, defend and hold harmless Tennis Australia against allloss, cost, expense and liability in relation to the sale and use of theticket(s) or package.5.3 Any requests to assign Corporate packages must be made in writingand directed to the Tournament Director, Brisbane International.If a request is granted, Tennis Australia will obtain any necessaryinformation from the assignee and will arrange for any signage,catering and program listings to be printed in the assignee’s namewhere possible and applicable (see clause 10.1).5.4 Permission will not be given by Tennis Australia for Corporatepackages to be broken up and sold on an individual session, orsessions, basis. Any assignment must be of a whole package, that is14 sessions to the one client for Corporate Suites, Corporate Boxes,Gold Corporate, Silver Corporate.5.5 Session Select Packages are not able to be assigned.6. Dining6.1 Any requests by a Corporate package holder to combine dining withother companies and/or individuals who have purchased the samepackage must be made in writing to Tennis Australia at least 72hours prior to the relevant dining time. Tennis Australia reserves theright to refuse any such requests.7. Reservations7.1 Subject to clause 7.5, reservations will only be accepted on receipt ofa completed and signed reservation form together with part paymentof 50% of the purchase price prior to Friday 27 August 2010.7.2 The remaining 50% balance payable must be paid on or beforeFriday 29 October 2010. Late payment may result in alterationto seat allocations, and/or, withdrawal of part payment option forBrisbane International 2012.7.3 Tennis Australia will send a confirmation letter/receipt to all corporateclients in respect of package(s) purchased for Brisbane International2011 upon clearance of full payment.7.4 A corporate suite or box may also be purchased for a three yearperiod for the three Brisbane International events to be conducted in2011, 2012 and 2013. In the event that a client chooses this optiona 50% non-refundable deposit for the total three year period will bepayable by Friday 27th August 2010. This non-refundable depositwill be the only monies payable for the Brisbane International 2011in respect of reserving the applicable corporate box or suite (forthe avoidance of doubt, catering and other relevant charges willcontinue to apply in addition to this deposit). The remaining 50%will be payable in two installments on or before the 27th August2011 and the 27th August 2012 respectively. By choosing thethree year deal option, a client will lock in the facility and price forthe three Brisbane International events to be conducted in 2011,2012 and 2013. If the client fails to pay either of the remaining twoinstallments on or before the due dates specified above, TennisAustralia may in its absolute discretion cancel the client’s reservationand/or allocate the applicable corporate suite or box to another partywithout any liability to the client.7.5 Notwithstanding anything in this clause 7, Tennis Australia cannotguarantee that all requested reservations will be successful, andreserves the right to reject any application for tickets in its absolutediscretion.8. Payments8.1 In consideration of being granted the use of the Corporate Suite /Box, the client will pay Tennis Australia the applicable fees set out onthe reservation form at the time of submitting that reservation form.8.2 All payments received after 26 November 2010 must be in theform of:a) Bank cheque b) EFT; or c) Credit Card.Personal or company cheques will not be accepted after that date.8.3 The reservation form becomes an official tax invoice for GSTpurposes when payment is confirmed by Tennis Australia.8.4 All prices are inclusive of GST. Tennis Australia reserves the right toadjust prices due to any increase or decrease in GST.8.5 Where any payment amount for Corporate packages exceeds thecard holder’s daily limit, it is the responsibility of the card holderto contact their financial institution to gain pre-approval for thetransaction prior to payment being made.8.6 Tennis Australia advises, and the client acknowledges, that a CreditCard fee, will apply in respect of all Credit Card purchases, whereany portion of the total fee is paid by credit card.8.7 The Credit Card Fee for purchases will be:2.7% for American Express – inclusive of GST1.75% for Visa and MasterCard – inclusive of GST8.8 EFT DetailsCommonwealth Bank of Australia240 Queens StreetBrisbaneBSB - 064 000Account NBR - 10716339Agent Number - 112Account Name -Tennis Australia LimitedPlease include your company name as well as package referencewhen transferring payment.9. Tickets9.1 Tickets will only be issued upon receipt of full payment.9.2 All tickets will show company or individual identification. In the caseof Corporate Suites and Boxes the companies identification will alsoappear.9.3 All tickets will be delivered by registered post. Clients may elect toarrange alternative options to registered post at their own expense.9.4 Tickets will be delivered to a nominated Brisbane address for allinternational clients.9.5 Tickets ordered prior to Thursday 30 September 2010 will bedelivered to the nominated delivery address in November 2010.9.6 For tickets ordered from Thursday 30 September 2010, TennisAustralia will endeavour to deliver tickets prior to Friday 10December 2010. For security purposes, tickets for all reservationsmade after Friday 10 December 2010 will not be delivered but willbe available for collection from the Queensland Tennis Centre atyour convenience.9.7 Lost or stolen tickets, can be reissued on:a) Payment of a fee of $25 for each lost or stolen ticket,b) Receipt of a written request specifying the number of lost ticketsand session details, as well as row and seat numbers (whereapplicable).10. Signage, Advertising and Promotions10.1 The signage and program listing (only for client’s who havepurchased a corporate box or suite) must be the company’sbusiness or trading name or in the case of an individual, the firstand/or surname only. The client will be required to provide theircompany logo to Tennis Australia’s appointed contractor for signageby October 29, 2010. Please note: signage text and font is at thediscretion of Tennis Australia and signage can only be provided ifthere is no conflict with existing event, Tennis Queensland or TennisAustralia sponsors (as determined by Tennis Australia in its absolutediscretion).10.2 If applicable, program acknowledgement requests must be receivedno later than Friday 24 September 2010 to ensure inclusion in theofficial Tournament Program.10.3 No advertising or promotion by a corporate hospitality client or theirguests will be permitted within the Queensland Tennis Centre siteor surrounding precinct without the prior written consent of theTournament Director.11. Indemnity and Liability11.1 Corporate Hospitality clients are responsible for the acts andomissions of their employees, invitees and guests whilst at theQueensland Tennis Centre; and the corporate hospitality clientagrees to release and indemnify, defend and hold harmless TennisAustralia and Tennis Queensland, and their respective employees,servants and agents, in respect of any loss, liability or expensewhatsoever (including damage caused to the corporate box andthe cost of repair or replacement of any fixtures, furnishings andequipment ) and howsoever arising (including legal fees on anindemnity basis or, if deemed inappropriate, on a solicitor / clientbasis) resulting from or in connection with the acts of omissions ofthat corporate hospitality clients’ employees, invitees and guests, orthe client’s breach of these terms and conditions.11.2 To the maximum extent permitted by law, the corporate hospitalityclient agrees that Tennis Australia, Tennis Queensland and theirrespective officers, directors, employees, representatives andagents are released and discharged of and from any and all claims,demands, suits, damages, loss and injury that the corporatehospitality client may suffer or sustain, by negligence or otherwise.To the extent that Tennis Australia, Tennis Queensland and theirrespective officers, directors, employees, representatives and agentscannot exclude liability then, to the maximum extent permitted bylaw, their aggregate liability is limited (at its election) to repayingamounts paid by the corporate hospitality client or supplying orresupplying any tickets which have been reserved for the corporatehospitality client in accordance with these Terms and Conditions ofSale and Entry.12. Refunds and Transfers12.1 All packages are non-refundable.12.2 Once confirmed, seats, corporate boxes and or dining cannot berelocated. Subject to these Corporate Terms and Conditions ofSale and Entry, corporate session packages and tickets are nottransferable to other sessions.12.3 The Brisbane International match schedule is subject to change andmay be altered at the sole discretion of the Tournament Director,Brisbane International at any time. The client will not be entitledto any refund if scheduled match or matches do not occur on thescheduled day or time.13. General13.1 Tennis Australia reserves the right to refuse to sell Corporatepackages to any company or individual.13.2 Tennis Australia, acting in good faith, reserves the right in itsabsolute discretion to determine the final location of seats.13.3 Seat allocations for Brisbane International 2011 are no guarantee ofsame seating at future tournaments.13.4 Any issues regarding dispute or interpretation of these CorporateTerms and Conditions of Sale and Entry must be resolved inaccordance with the laws of State of Victoria, Australia and theparties submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of that state.13.5 In addition to these Corporate Terms and Conditions of Sale andEntry, ticket bearers are bound by any published conditionscontained on tickets as well as the Brisbane International Conditionsof Sale and Entry as published at provided on request, as amended from time to time.13.6 Tennis Australia reserves the right to vary these Terms andConditions at any time by providing 30 days written notice.13.7 The Brisbane International is classified as an outdoor event. Pleasetake into consideration that this is an outdoor event. Therefore it ishighly recommended that you bring appropriate protection from thesun and weather generally i.e. hats, sunscreen, raincoats or warmclothing depending on the weather conditions.

Tennis Australia, Corporate Hospitality, Private Bag 6060, Richmond, VIC, 3121 T. (03) 9914 4177 T. 1300 309 166F. (03) 9654 5897 E. enquires contact Dan Glass, Brisbane International T. (07) 3120 7930 M. 0417 672 379 E.

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