Terms of Reference - Ministry of Environment and Forests

Terms of Reference - Ministry of Environment and Forests

Terms of Reference - Ministry of Environment and Forests


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CAPACITY-BUILDING FOR INDUSTRIAL POLLUTION MANAGEMENT PROJECTENGAGING A FIRM TO STAFF AND MANAGEA PROJECT PREPARATION CELLAT THE MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT & FORESTSTerms of ReferenceBackground:The Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) has requested the assistance of the WorldBank is working on a project titled, “Capacity Building for Industrial Pollution ManagementProject” (CBIPMP). The overall objective of the CBIPM Project is to strengthen the capacityof national and state level institutions, improved enforcement for pollution prevention andimproved industrial compliance. The objective of the project will be achieved through acombination of targeted capacity building interventions and demonstrative investments thatwould enhance the implementation capacity of responsible agencies. Based on currentdiscussions the project support will include technical assistance and investments to supporttwo key areas:• Strengthening environment institutions through “learning by doing”: This could includetechnical assistance for strengthening the planning, monitoring and enforcement capacityof SPCBs and / or the Departments of Environment (DOE) in selected states includingthose where investments in area-based demonstration projects to address local pollutionproblems will be carried out. Specifically, the project will provide technical assistancesupport for the development of a National Plan for Rehabilitation of Polluted Sites. Itwould facilitate the knowledge sharing and dissemination of “best practices” with the aimto build capacity for addressing serious pollution problems.• Investments in integrated pollution management: This could include demonstrativeinvestments to specifically : (i) support for remediation of hazardous waste sites; (ii)promote voluntary compliance and self-regulatory measures to improve performance andcompetitiveness of selected industrial clusters; (iii) Innovative models in municipal solidwaste management, which may include remediation of dump sites and establishingsanitary disposal facilities; (iv) promote technologies for water recovery/minimization,recycling of waste, and efficient resource management; (iv) support upgradation ofcommon environmental infrastructure, and (v) support laboratory monitoring andanalysis.The project has committed financial resources, part of which has been received from theWorld Bank under Project Preparation Facility (PPF) to support project preparation. Theproject will be implemented in two phases – (i) Preparation Phase, which includes:conducting preparation studies for needs assessment and project design, project appraisal anddeveloping an implementation framework, preparation of environmental assessment andconsultations, and project negotiation, and (ii) Implementation phase.

The Assignment:In order to accomplish various tasks listed above, the MoEF wishes to hire services of acompetent local firm/organization that can support establishment of a ProjectPreparation Cell (PPC) to be housed at the MoEF. Specifically,• The selected firm/organization will be expected to provide relevant staff resources withskill and qualification as defined in the section below.• The PPC staff consultants will work under the guidance of Joint Secretary (PA-I) (and/orthe designated Director) with inputs from core technical units. The project coordinatorwill be responsible for coordination guidance monitoring, supervision and final deliveryof project that can be appraised and negotiated with the World Bank.• The services of the selected organization, particularly the selected staff consultant, wouldbe required for a period of about 15 months subject to satisfactory progress in thepreparatory activities identified under the project, including assistance in the procurementof consulting services for the pre-feasibility studies.The firm will also be expected to provide/procure materials needed, stationery, etc. forsmooth functioning of the PPC.The selection of the organization would be based on qualification and experience of thecore staff consultant available to work in PP Cell on the project continuously for a periodof 15 months. These consultant staff should be committed to work exclusively and fulltime on the CBIPM project activities outlined below. The selected firm/organizationwhile undertaking full ownership of the performance of staff consultants would also berequested to confirm that these core staff consultants would only be replaced, if at allrequired, in cases when their performance is found to be unsatisfactory with staffconsultant of similar of better qualification and experience. The PPC staff consultantsstationed at MOEF will provide full coordination and support during the projectpreparation, including satisfactory accomplishment of services outlined below.Scope of ServicesThe proposed engagement of PPC staff is expected to lead to project appraisal and potentiallyan agreement between the World Bank and the Government of India. The staff consultants,titled the Project Coordinator and the Deputy Project Coordinator, will work closely with theMoEF core technical team, the World Bank, CPCB & SPCBs, various project consultants,financial institutions, other relevant government organization at the state level and NGOs toensure sufficient collective understanding of various project components.Prior to starting assignments, the Project Coordinator will be expected to develop a detailedwork programme with a time schedule for Project Preparation Activities. More specificallythe Project coordinator (PC) will coordinate the project preparation, including coordinationwith consultants preparing the preparation studies in terms of their planning, procurement,budgeting, implementation and dissemination of their outputs for technical comments, so thatthe full complementarities of the various activities contributing to project preparation arecaptured at each stage of the PPF implementation.

For communication on project issues in the domain of MOF and DEA oversight, the PPC willcoordinate with the respective division of MOEF. The specific task will include (but notlimited to):(i)(ii)(iii)(iv)(v)Coordinate the work and activities of PPC office and develop and implement a “modus operandi” forthe various project consultants/organizations involved in the project related activities.Coordinate the work plans of the project consultants and prepare master work plan in consultation withMoEF for the project preparation activities.Organize peer review of PPF outputs as needed. Also organize the preparation and delivery of PPFaudit report.Organization and participation in workshops for review of PPF outputs. This includes the optionalproject processing workshops where the consultants will have to be present to present their findings to,and receive feedback from, the other consultants, Bank staff and other project stakeholders.Ensure outputs which are used across a number of preparation tasks are available in a timely mannerand have been developed with input from all relevant parties(vi) Act as facilitator to ensure project consultants are aware of relevant activities being undertaken byother consultants hired by MOEF/CPCB or states which might be relevant to project preparation. Alsoensure the quality and consistency of project outputs so that the final result appears as a singlecoordinated output.(vii) Participate in and coordinate MOEF, CPCB and State inputs to Bank project missions(viii) Prepare Project Implementation Plan (PIP) during Project appraisal and facilitate the processing ofProject related documentations within GOI during preparation, appraisal, negotiations, signing andafter Board approval.(ix)Organize meetings for internal and external consultations at periodic intervals on issues of the project.The Deputy Project Coordinator who would also have good knowledge of budget andfinancial accounting of international/ World Bank projects besides general coordinatingskills. The Dy. Coordinator will interact between project consultants and various stakeholders MoEF, CPCB, SPCB, DOE, ULB, IDCs, etc., and financial institutions. This willinclude both written and face-to-face interaction. Besides coordination, the other specifictasks will include (but not limited to):(i)(ii)(iii)(iv)(v)Development and monitoring of PPF Budget and expenditure as well as consolidated PPFimplementation and fortnightly/monthly reports.Prepare all materials in draft to procure PPF consultants in accordance with the Bank procurementguidelines.Organize consultation groups and dissemination for each PPF deliverable.Organization and participation in workshops of review of PPF outputs and record of meetingproceedings. .Coordinate and monitor overall project preparation and prepare periodic project reports for MoEF andfeedback.(vi) Contribute to the preparation of Project Implementation Plan for project appraisal.(vii) Organize the preparation and delivery of PPF audit report.(viii) Coordination with Project Management Consultants to ensure timely delivery of outputs and paymentto consultants.(ix)(x)(xi)Act as facilitator to ensure project consultants are aware of relevant activities being undertaken byother consultants hired by MoEF/CPCB or states which might be relevant to project preparation.Collect and update project database and information on a regular basis.Coordination support in preparing and providing financial information to selected project developmentconsultants and for special purpose vehicles, etc.

The PPC staff consultants will be responsible for coordination which includes (but is notlimited to) the following.a) Coordination with MoEF team, other agencies of Central Government and StateGovernments of 12 identified pilot states viz. Maharasthra, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, WestBengal, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Uttaranchal, Uttar Pradesh,Meghalaya, Andhra Pradesh on project requirements; preparing and finalizing terms ofreference; organizing regular consultation meeting, preparing meeting briefs; movinginternal proposals to seek internal clearances from appropriate authority etc, wherecapacity building efforts are going to be initiated. In addition, there will be selectedsmaller number of States where pilot implementation would be planned. Thecoordinator is expected to coordinate and obtain consent and authorization from Stategovernment agencies and their agreements. The coordinator will also work with variouspartners and develop project implementation arrangements. This may requireundertaking field visits to the States and ascertain how key preparatory issues are beingaddressed. This will include:• Identification of pilot sites and discussions with owners• Monitoring of various state level clearances; and• Holding discussions with the SPCB staff, industry association, consultants, forestsdepartment, local communities and other stakeholders and guide them inaddressing concerns as well as participating in Bank mission.b) Coordination with project management consultant. Coordination support inpreparing and providing financial information to selected project developmentconsultant or Special purpose vehicle etc. This will include ensuring that these financialinformation/reports are prepared.c) Coordination with external consultants. The project preparation phase willcommission four studies. In addition the PPC will organize as needed consultingservices to the state where investment activities will be envisaged. The reports of theconsultants will be made available and there will be a need to review and clear it todevelop budget estimates. Clearances include respective technical reviews from MOEFand Bank team comments. Based on these reviews: (a) identify deviations, if any, inplanning and implementing; (b) suggest improvements, if any.DeliverablesThe project coordinator would have the overall responsibility for the final delivery andquality of the key outputs, which includes (but not limited to) the following:• Consolidated work plan, budget and coordination arrangements.• Periodic progress reports• Regular statements of expenditure.• Stakeholders workshop(s) in Delhi and selected cities to apprise and finalize theimplementation road map.• Draft reports, commented by key stakeholders and Bank team, which are of high qualityand are consistent between each other so as to be viewed as a complementary set ofdocuments contributing to project preparation.• Final reports of agreed preparation studies based on comments• PIP prior to project negotiations

• Delivery of PPF audit report.• Interaction closely with the World Bank office.• Completion of residual work and auditing/submission of accounts in all respects to becompleted during the last three months before project effectiveness.Timeline/ budgetThe overall work plan and timetable for various project preparation activity is presented inthe table below. A total of 15 months are expected to be sufficient for delivery of the finalPPF outputs and last three months for the final report based on the comments, delivery ofPPF audit report, if not completed and completion of residual work particularly in respect ofauditing / submission of accounts in all respects to be completed.Activity 1 2- 4 5-6 7-8 9-10 11-12• Preparation of consolidatedbudget, work plan andmodus operandi• Monitoring, facilitation andcoordination of PPFactivities• Preparation ofEnvironmental Assessmentreport• Preparationworkshops/consultations• Preparation of PIP13-1415• Progress reports/final report• Delivery PPF Audit• Completion of residual workand auditing/submission ofaccountsEssential Qualification of the Staff ConsultantsThe firm/organization is expected to commit approximately 15 months for PPC team, whichbudget provisions have been in the PPF.The Project Coordinator should be an individual having good understanding of issuesrelated to ‘Solid and Hazardous Waste Management’ and capacity building of identifiedinstitutions. The prospective candidate will have a Masters degree (in Environmental Policyand/or Science, Chemistry, Ecology) or a Bachelors Degree in Engineering (Environmental,Chemical or Civil), preferably with an M.B.A.

He/She is required to have at least, 8 years of experience out of which 5 years should be inproject management preferably on projects supported by organization like the World Bank,ADB, GEF, bilateral funding agencies, financial institutions, Government of IndiaOrganizations or other development organization etc. He/she is required to have goodknowledge of general procedures including (financial accounting) of Central Government,State Governments, and International Financial Institutions like World Bank, GEF. Further,he / she should have demonstrated experience and knowledge of working of Central/StatePollution Control Boards with particular expertise in understanding of enforcement andcompliance issues. The prospective candidate will have good interpersonal skills andexcellent command of written and speaking English.The Dy. Project Coordinator, will support the Project Coordinator, and will have, MastersDegree in (Public Sector Management, Chemistry, Environment Sciences) or BachelorsDegree in Engineering (Environmental, Chemical or Civil), with additional qualification inaccountancy/finance, or an MBA.He/she is required to have good knowledge of contracting and financial accountingprocedures of Government and International funding agencies like World Bank and shouldhave a total of at least 6 years experience out of which 3 years should be in projects,preferably with funding organization like World Bank ADB, GEF, bilateral funding agencies,financial institutions or other development organization etc. Further, he / she should havegood understanding of core functions and operation of Central/State Pollution Control Boardswith particular expertise in understanding of enforcement and compliance issues. Theprospective candidate will have good interpersonal skills and excellent command of writtenand speaking English.Private Secretary/Stenographer will support the PP Cell. He/she is required to haveproficiency in English stenography, basic knowledge of computers and record keeping ofdocuments, engagement diaries, files, etc.Two Assistants, to support the PP Cell for general administrative assistance in mattersrelated to the Project. They are required to be graduate and should be conversant innoting/drafting, prepare summary of meetings/discussions, etc. related to this Project. Theyare expected to facilitate processing of Project related documentations and for collection andupdating of Project data base.Helper will support the PP Cell for general and miscellaneous tasks to assist the PPC. He/she is required to be 10 th pass and should be conversant with the routine work in Hindi/English.

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