7. operating the flexipress - Grass


7. operating the flexipress - Grass


1-002 Manufacturer’s Address


Grass GmbH Tel. +43/(0)5578/701-0

Grass Platz 1 Fax. +43/(0)5578/701-59

6973 Höchst Internet: www.grass.at

Austria e-mail: info@grass.at

1-003 Copyright

The manufacturer has exclusive copyrights to this manual.

Copying in whole or in part, by any means whatsoever, is only permitted with the manufacturer’s consent,

with the exception of copies made solely for the purpose of operating the Flexipress.

1-004 Terms of Guarantee

The Flexipress is supplied with a guarantee which is based on the "General Terms of Guarantee of the

Machinery and Steel Construction Industry”. The guarantee obligations of the manufacturer do not extend

to defects arising from misuse of the equipment, or to repairs performed by unauthorised persons or to

unauthorised spare parts or accessories used without the prior written consent of the manufacturer.

We reserve the right to make any technical and visual modifications we deem necessary. The machine meets

the latest regulations and technical standards when it leaves the factory.

The manufacturer is under no obligation to modify any machine free of charge in the event that regulations or

standards should change after it has left the factory.

To make a guarantee claim, please contact an authorised Grass representative or distributor, stating the

machine model and serial number. A list of representatives and distributors can be found in section 10-006.

Guarantee claims will only be honoured if the Guarantee Certificate provided in section 10-001 has been duly

completed and returned to the manufacturer.

The guarantee obligations of the manufacturer only extend to the replacement or repair of defective parts.

The guarantee does not include:

- Damage in transit; any such damage should be reported to the postal service, railway or shipping company

without delay

- Normal wear and tear of parts

- Drill bits

- Damage arising from a failure to adhere to safety regulations

- Damage arising from the inappropriate handling or misuse of the Flexipress

- Damage to or from the work materials

- Compensation for downtime

- Loss of profit due to a defective Flexipress

- Installation time, travelling time or travelling expenses.

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