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Cinema Listings - Philenews.com

Cinema Listings - Philenews.com


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MAYSunday 2ndWednesday 5thThursday 6thAstra CinemaAkrotiriShutter Island (15)Show starts 7.15pm. 138 mins. DramaStarring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark RuffaloShutter Island (15)Show starts 7.15pm. 138 mins. DramaStarring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark RuffaloMercury CinemaAyios NikolaosRace To Witch Mountain (PG)MATINEE show starts 10.30am. 99 mins. AdventureStarring: Dwayne Johnson, AnnaSophia RobbValentine’s Day (12A)Show starts 4.30pm. 124 mins. ComedyStarring: Ashton Kutcher, Jessica AlbaGreen Zone (15)Show starts 6.30pm. 114 mins ThrillerStarring: Matt Damon, Greg KinnearThe Wolfman (15)Show starts 6.30pm. 102 mins. Horror/ThrillerStarring: Benicio Del Toro, Anthony HopkinsKey CinemaDhekeliaEdge Of Darkness (15)Show starts 6pm. 117 mins. DramaStarring:Mel Gibson, Ray WinstoneThe Lovely Bones (12A)Show starts 6pm. 135 mins. DramaStarring: Saoirse Ronan, Rachel WeiszFriday 7thThe Spy Next Door (PG)Show starts 7.15pm. 95 mins. ActionStarring: Jackie Chan, Amber VallettaAlice In Wonderland (PG)Show starts 6pm. 108 mins. FamilyStarring: Mia Wasikowska, Johnny deppSaturday 8thSunday 9thG-Force (PG)MATINEE show starts 2.30pm. 88 mins. FamilyStarring: Nicolas Cage, Sam RockwellThe Spy Next Door (PG)Show starts 6.30pm. 95 mins. ActionStarring: Jackie Chan, Amber VallettaFantastic Mr Fox (PG)MATINEE show starts 10.30am. 86 mins. AnimatedStarring (voice): George Clooney, Meryl StreepNanny Mcphee & The Big Bang (U)Show starts 4.30pm. 109 mins. FamilyStarring: Emma Thompson, Rhys IfansGreen Zone (15)Show starts 6pm. 114 mins ThrillerStarring: Matt Damon, Greg KinnearWednesday 12thThe Bounty Hunter (12A)Show starts 7.15pm. 110 mins. ComedyStarring: Jennifer Aniston, Gerard ButlerShutter Island (15)Show starts 6.30pm. 138 mins. DramaStarring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark RuffaloThe Crazies (15)Show starts 6pm. 101 mins. HorrorStarring:Timothy Olyphant, Radha MitchellThursday 13thThe Bounty Hunter (12A)Show starts 7.15pm. 110 mins. ComedyStarring: Jennifer Aniston, Gerard ButlerThe Lovely Bones (12A)Show starts 6.30pm. 135 mins. DramaStarring: Saoirse Ronan, Rachel WeiszCinema ListingsFriday 14thSaturday 15thSunday 16thWednesday 19thThursday 20thFriday 21stSaturday 22ndSunday 23rdWednesday 26thNanny Mcphee & The Big Bang (U)Show starts 7.15pm. 109 mins. FamilyStarring: Emma Thompson, Rhys IfansAliens In The Attic (PG)MATINEE show starts 2.30pm. 88 mins. FamilyStarring: Ashley Tisdale, Robert HoffmanNanny Mcphee & The Big Bang (U)Show starts 6.30pm. 109 mins. FamilyStarring: Emma Thompson, Rhys IfansKick-Ass (15)Show starts 7.15pm. 117 mins. ActionStarring: Nicolas Cage, Mark StrongKick-Ass (15)Show starts 7.15pm. 117 mins. ActionStarring: Nicolas Cage, Mark StrongHow To Train Your Dragon (PG)Show starts 7.15pm. 98 mins. AnimationStarring: Jay Baruchel, Gerard ButlerThe Princess and the Frog (U)MATINEE show starts 10.30am. 97 mins. AnimationStarring: Anika Noni Rose, Bruno CamposHow To Train Your Dragon (PG)Show starts 4.30pm. 98 mins. AnimationStarring: Jay Baruchel, Gerard ButlerThe Bounty Hunter (12A)Show starts 6.30pm. 110 mins. ComedyStarring: Jennifer Aniston, Gerard ButlerGreen Zone (15)Show starts 6.30pm. 114 mins ThrillerStarring: Matt Damon, Greg KinnearRace To Witch Mountain (PG)MATINEE show starts 2.30pm. 99 mins. AdventureStarring: Dwayne Johnson, AnnaSophia RobbHow To Train Your Dragon (PG)Show starts 6.30pm. 98 mins. AnimationStarring: Jay Baruchel, Gerard ButlerHachi - A Dog’s Tale (U)MATINEE show starts 10.30am. 92 mins. DramaStarring: Richard Gere, Sarah RoemerThe Spy Next Door (PG)Show starts 4.30pm. 95 mins. ActionStarring: Jackie Chan, Amber VallettaClash Of The Titans (12A)Show starts 7.15pm. 106 mins. ActionStarring: Sam Worthington, Ralph FiennesKick-Ass (15)Show starts 6.30pm. 117 mins. ActionStarring: Nicolas Cage, Mark StrongThe Spy Next Door (PG)Show starts 6pm. 95 mins. ActionStarring: Jackie Chan, Amber VallettaShutter Island (15)Show starts 6pm. 138 mins. DramaStarring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark RuffaloThe Wolfman (15)Show starts 6pm. 102 mins. Horror/ThrillerStarring: Benicio Del Toro, Anthony HopkinsNanny Mcphee & The Big Bang (U)Show starts 6pm. 109 mins. FamilyStarring: Emma Thompson, Rhys IfansThe Bounty Hunter (12A)Show starts 6pm. 110 mins. ComedyStarring: Jennifer Aniston, Gerard ButlerGreen Zone (15)Show starts 6pm. 114 mins ThrillerStarring: Matt Damon, Greg KinnearThursday 27thValentine’s Day (12A)Show starts 7.15pm. 124 mins. ComedyStarring: Ashton Kutcher, Jessica AlbaShutter Island (15)Show starts 6.30pm. 138 mins. DramaStarring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark RuffaloFriday 28thClash Of The Titans (12A)Show starts 7.15pm. 106 mins. ActionStarring: Sam Worthington, Ralph FiennesHow To Train Your Dragon (PG)Show starts 6pm. 98 mins. AnimationStarring: Jay Baruchel, Gerard ButlerSeat prices: Adults (18 and over) €6 | Children (3-17 years) €4 | Students €4 | Seniors (60 and over) €4 | Family ticket €16Doors open 30 minutes prior to film showing. More information available at: www.ssvc.com/cinemas.

“Working hard to improve the quality oflife for Army families worldwide.”Ken JohnstonHIVE Manager CyprusTelephone: 2596 3309Phil RobertsonDirector aff CyprusTel: 2596 2289/2110Jackie MitchellSenior AdministratorTel: 2596 2110Lisa FlanaganWSBA Co-ordinatorStephanie JervisESBA Co-ordinatorDo You Know Someone Worthyof an Award?The AFF Conference 2010 will featurethe presentation of the AFF Community Awardand the AFF Unit Welfare Award.The AFF Community Award is given to an individual or group whois judged to have made an outstanding contribution to the well-beingand quality of life of their local Army community. The winner willreceive a cheque for £500 for their project or community and fortwo years, the splendid NAAFI Silver Rose Bowl. All nominees willbe published at the Conference. Previous nominees have includedvolunteer Youth Workers, mother and toddler group organisers,community police officers, and others who have simply made theircommunity a better place through their voluntary efforts.Last year’s deservingwinner of the AFFCommunity Awardwas Alec Taylor fromBlandford Camp, whoreceived an incrediblenine nominations. Alechas been an inspirationaland dedicatedvolunteer Youth Workerfor over 10 years.The AFF Unit Welfare Award seeks to acknowledge theexceptional hard work of our Unit Welfare teams in supportingArmy families 24 hours a day, seven days a week. AFF would like torecognise their resilience, imagination and dedication. So if your UnitWelfare team has gone the extra mile, come up with innovative ideasor kept their sense of humour against all odds, why not nominatethem for the Unit Welfare Award? The winning team will receive£500 to use towards a community project.Worthy winnersof last year’s UnitWelfare Award inBFG were (left-right):Capt Colin Johnson,SSgt David Scott andLCpl Stacey Byrnefrom 1CS Med Regt.Nominations:You can nominate someone for an award using theonline forms at: www.aff.org.uk/conference.The closing date for entries is Friday, July 16.Jemma CullenAyios NikolaosCheryl HallAkrotiriGinny CantrellDhekeliaSwimming PoolsVikki ReidEpiskopiMel AldersonUN NicosiaOver the past 12 months there have been four incidents involvingchildren under the age of four within temporary swimming poolsin SFA gardens. One incident very tragically resulted in a fatality,one child remains hospitalised and the remaining two cases werenear misses, which so easily could have been much more serious.In all of the cases, post-incident de-briefing indicates that parentswere fully aware of the dangers of pools and their own parentingresponsibilities, but for whatever reasons were distracted and notin sight of their child - it is within those few minutes that a tragedycan occur. Two of the incidents involved the child entering the poolusing an object other than the original pool ladder, while the othersinvolved infants already in the pool and being supervised. Lessonsshould be drawn from all incidents and the underlying theme is thatparents and guardians of young children not old enough to swim andnot old enough to comprehend the dangers of a pool must be themost vigilant.A pool might be a good way to cool down in the heat of summer,however as highlighted, temporary pools can be dangerous. Everystation has watersports centres that are free or charge a small fee. Askyourself the question, do I really need a temporary swimming pooland its associated costs? If you feel you do, then follow these poolsafety guidelines.Pool Safety Guidelines• Educate your children on the dangers associated with pools.• When a pool is in use, appropriate, constant and vigilantsupervision needs to be provided by a responsible person.• Prevent unauthorised access by using safety devices such as railingsor netting (available commercially) when not in use.• Buoyancy aids should be worn if an individual is not a competentswimmer, but should not be relied upon as a primary safety measure.• The pool owner should ensure that any cover used is suitably secureand robust enough to prevent access (standard pool covers arenormally only to provide weather barriers).• Avoid over exposure to the sun when in the pool and take regularbreaks in the shade.• Empty the pool when not in use for long periods of time, collapseand store in safe place (to avoid filling by rain water).If you choose to own a pool it is your responsibility to ensure thatunauthorised access cannot occur, especially for children under four.This list of guidelines is not exhaustive and is provided for guidancewithout prejudice - owners should make their own risk assessmentwhen considering purchasing and locating a temporary swimmingpool. In addition, all BFC/SBAA personnel who currently own atemporary swimming pool, or purchase one in the future, are toensure it is registered with the local HCSO. At the time of registrationyou will receive written guidance on pool safety and a copy of theHQ BFC policy on temporary swimming pools. Pools must be filledby a licensed water supplier and not via mains water. Details oflicensed water suppliers, pool providers and swimming pool safetyinformation are available at your local HIVE.www.hivecyprus.co.ukTo enjoy the full experience of the website you will needInternet Explorer 7 or newer.MAY 2010|CFL|57

New EmergencyServices NumberTHE O FICIAL BFC MONTHLY MAGAZINEI sue 40 • February 2010& more ..FREETHE O FICIAL BFC MONTHLY MAGAZINEI sue 41 • March 2010FREEPLUS ration packs,di ner party pla ning,award-wi ning chefsand much more. Travel Diarycontinues ENVIRONMENTAL SPECIAL& more .PLUS . wildlife, Flora &Fauna in Cyprus, andeasy steps to beingenvironmentaly friendyTHE OFFICIAL BFC MONTHLY MAGAZINEI sue 42 • April 2010& more .FREETravel Diarycontinues .CFL INFO PAGESAkrotiriLOCATION: Oasis CentreContact: Cheryl HallOpen: Monday to Friday 7.30am – 12.30pmTELEPHONE: 2527 6390 MILITARY: 94120 6390 EMAIL: akrotiri@hivegb.co.ukTHE ARMY FAMILIES FEDERATION (AFF)Location:RAF Akrotiri HIVEThursday 8.30am - 10.30am Lisa FlanaganAIR TRAINING CORPS.Tuesday and Thursday for ages 13yrs+ 6.30 - 9.00pmTelephone: John Cole 9904 3976WSBA ARCHEOLOGICAL SOCIETYMeets monthly at the Episkopi Epicentre. Regular trails and lectures.Telephone: Steve Smith on 2527 5124.BABYSITTING CIRCLETelephone: Holly Hatch 9939 8653BALLET CLASSESThursday2pm - 5pm Primary SchoolTelephone: Andri Petre 9944 3543 / 2533 8432BFBS DTH OFFICEMonday, Wednesday, Thursday 9am - 12 noonTelephone: 2527 5444UK Helpline: +44 1494 878100BOWLING CENTREOpen seven days. Book your lanes to avoid disappointment.Telephone: 2527 5175BOXING TRAININGOpen to all abilities male and female who want to compete or just train.Thursday3pm - 4.30pmLocation:RAF Akrotiri gymTelephone: Cpl Mosley 2527 5289BREAST FEEDING SUPPORT GROUPLady Lampsons Tuesday 9am - 12pmTelephone: Tracy Jones 9993 6184CERAMICS CLUBLocation: Church buildings by St John’s Ambulance roomMonday5.30pm -8.30pmTuesday2pm - 4pm (Youth Club Session)Wednesday2pm - 5pmThursday1.30pm - 2.30pmTelephone (after 1pm): Lorraine Miller 9918 8892CESSACLady Lampsons Mon-Fri 8am - 10.30amSat/Sun 8.30/10am - 2pmThe Shop Mon-Fri 8am - 5pmSat/Sun 8am/9am - 1pmCentre Manager: Tina Biddle 2527 5092CHERUBS PARENT & CHILD GROUPChildren of all ages welcome from birth to Pre-School only €1.50 per visitincluding refreshments. Open all year round.Tues Weds Thurs9am-12 noonLocation:20 Regent Street opposite SchoolContact: Jenny 9998 0995Check us out on Facebook for news of upcoming eventsCYPRUS FORCES LIFESTYLEWIN!Great prizes:Airport parking, hotel stay,paintba ling, facialBeautiful PeopleDo you think you are one of them?Health KickA-Z guide to looking after your bodyCYPRUS FORCES LIFESTYLEloveRUSHare you in it ?NEWLOOKinterview withJAMIEOLIVERin our cuisine specialNEPALWIN!Great prizes:Airport parking, hotel stay,paintba ling, facialTHE A L-ISLAND MONTHLY MAGAZINE • AKROTIRI • AYIOS NIKOLAOS • DHEKELIA • EPISKOPI • UNTHE A L-ISLAND MONTHLY MAGAZINE • AKROTIRI • AYIOS NIKOLAOS • DHEKELIA • EPISKOPI • UNTHE A L-ISLAND MONTHLY MAGAZINE • AKROTIRI • AYIOS NIKOLAOS • DHEKELIA • EPISKOPI • UNCYPRUS FORCES LIFESTYLEL vingLiivLivingingAlonehas it’s perks!interview withCHRISPACKHAMWIN!Great prizes:Airport parking, hotel stay,waterpark season pa sCFL’s newCuisineWriterHongKongGet in touch!Tel: 2596 3149Email: cflmag@cytanet.com.cyCHURCHES (Please confirm timings with Chaplain)St Andrew’s ChurchSundayService 11amCreche/Sun school (1-9yrs)God’s Den (young teens)Chaplain: Rev Mark Henderson 9947 9464Christ the King Roman CatholicSundayMass 10amChaplain: Fr Michael Fava 2596 2379St Paul’s Church Church of EnglandFirst Sunday of the month9.30am Family EucharistOther Sundays9.30am Holy Eucharist& Sunday schoolChaplain: Rev Geoff Withers 2527 6182The Princess Mary’s Hospital AkrotiriTPMH chapelMid-day prayerFirst Wednesday of the month 12 noonCOFFEE POTMonday7.45am - 1.30pmTuesday - Friday7.30am - 12.30pmTelephone orders welcome: 2527 6281CONTACT FLATSAvailable from 3 days to 3 weeks. €25.63 per night or €136.69 per week.Telephone: Juliet 2527 5446Mobile 9924 8417CRAFT AND GIFT SHOPPlease call us if you have a craft you would like to supply.Monday - Friday9am - 12.30pmFirst Saturday of the month 10am - 12 noonTelephone: 97766331CRAFTY TOTSFortnightly in the Zone at Lady L's. Check posters for future dates.Saturday 9.30am - 10.30am Telephone: Jenn 9987 1371CRÈCHE - FIRST STEPSFor children aged upto three years. Lunch club available. Now offering afterschoolpick up for children in F1.Location:Opposite Bowling CentreMonday - Friday8am - 12 noonTelephone: 2527 6579AKROTIRI WANDERERS CRICKET CLUBTraining: Tuesday 2.30pm at Akrotiri and Wednesday 2.30pm at Episkopi.Telephone: Cpl Gareth Westley 2527 5201DINGHY SAILINGAkrotiri Services Sailing Club offers dinghy sailing and power boating for all.Wednesday1.30pm - 5.30pmSaturday12.30pm - 5pm (Summer only)Sunday12.30pm - 5pm (Informal racing)Telephone: John 2527 6619ERMES STORESMAX Store: Tel: 2595 2336Monday to Saturday: 8am - 7pm Sunday: 9am - 3pmEXPRESS Store: Tel: 2595 2478Monday to Sunday:10am - 10.30pmPlease contact your local HIVE for corrections and additionsto these Information Pages.58|CFL|MAY 2010

CFL INFO PAGESFITNESS CLASSESAt Akrotiri Material Arts Centre & Akrotiri Primary School:Yoga (for weight loss)Wednesday 8.15am - 9.15amYoga (for weight loss)Wednesday 6pm - 7pmPilatesWednesday 7.15am - 8.15amDance Grooves (dance class for kids) Thursday 5pm - 6pmDance Grooves (dance class for adults) Thursday 6pm - 7pmPilatesFriday 8.15am - 9.15amTelephone: Bonnie 9920 0264 (All classes €5 or saver cards available)GIRLGUIDING AKROTIRIRainbowsWednesday: 2.30 - 3.30pmBrowniesWednesday: 2.30 - 4pmGuidesWednesday: 4 - 6pmAll held at the Scout Hut, at the end of Andrew Way.Telephone: Babs 9992 4368EXILES HOCKEY CLUBA mixed club of various standards with players from Akrotiri and Episkopi(Service personnel, dependants and civilians). Member of Cyprus Leagueand various other competitions. Enjoy an exciting team sport and make newfriends at the same time.Location: Happy Valley Astro Turf Every TuesdayContact: John Dale 2527 5919 / 9905 6862FLAMINGO THEATRE CLUBLocation: Phoenix Club, rear of Akrotiri Primary School. Tuesdays: 7.30pmTelephone: Sandy Welland 9984 7864HOME-STARTHOME-START is a civilian voluntary organisation offering support to familieswith children under five. Telephone: Mel Taylor 2527 6069JJ’s BEACH CLUBWith all-new beach volleyball court free loungers with cushions and parasolsand well-priced food and drinks. Book for private parties BBQs and sectionfunctions. Open Tuesday to Sunday.Telephone: Sgt Trev Tawn 2527 6664 / 9765 2047Telephone: Sgt Jay Wilde 2527 6111 / 9925 7117JSC3 (JOINT SERVICE CYPRUS CLIMBING CLUB)At Episkopi Gym Climbing Wall. Open to Service personnel and dependantsover the age of five (children five to 14 must be accompanied by an adult,15-18 require parental consent). Short training package required beforejoining. Annual membership 20. All equipment supplied free of charge.Book training through meets co-ordinator Darren Culley on 9672 3997/Tuesday & Thursday2.30pmWebsite:www.cyprusclimbingclub.comKART CLUBThursday - general karting2.30pm - 6pmAvailable at all other times for bookings.Cost: 10 mins - 7 Grand Prix: (Min 12 people) 30 per personTelephone: Thursdays 2527 6898 / other times 9779 0137Website: www.freewebs.com/akrotirikartracingclubKICKBOXING & KUNG FUComplete Beginners: Friday6pm - 7pm and 7pm - 8pmKung Fu Kids: Friday1.30pm - 2.30pmTelephone: Duncan 9999 3966AKROTIRI LADIES EVENTSA committee organising events and raising money for local charities.Open to all ranks. Contact us for more information or to join our mailing list.Telephone: 9994 4455Email: akrotiriladies@hotmail.comLADIES FOOTBALL CLUB (THE SIRENS)Football training coaching and matches for ladies aged 13 upwards deliveredby FA and UEFA coach. New players always welcome.Wednesday 6pm - 8pmAkrotiri Astro Turf pitchContact Dick Lawtey: 99878636 or 25821729MALCOM CAT PROTECTION SANCTUARYOpen daily for visitors. Volunteers urgently required.Open daily9am - 11am and 2pm - 4pmTelephone (during opening hours): 2595 2622MARTIAL ARTSClasses for children 4+ and adults on Tuesday and Fridayat the Akrotiri Martial Arts Centre. Find us on Facebook.2 - 3pm Little Dragons 30min sessions (4-6yrs)4 - 5pm Junior Taekwondo5 - 6pm Adult TaekwondoContact Cpl Chris Moss: 2527 6793 or 9918 8175MUSICAL TOTSThursday: 9am - 10amLocation: Lady Lampson’sContact: Joanne Hipkins 2595 2105NETBALL CLUB (LADIES)Wednesday2.30pm-4.30pm at Akrotiri GymTelephone: Mandy 9902 0926 or Amanda 9779 6349Come enjoy the Easter Festivitieswith us...from€58per person per day Per day based on 2 people sharing a twin seaview room. Bed & Breakfast basis. Children up to 12 years sharing with adults, first childfree on B&B, second child in EXECUTIVE room costs €30. Offer valid till May 2010.Amathus Avenue, P.O. Box 51064, 3594 LimassolTel: 2583 4200 Fax: 2563 6394reservations@raphael.com.cy. www.raphael.com.cyMAY 2010|CFL|59

ENVIRONMENTAL SPECIALTHE O FICIAL BFC MONTHLY MAGAZINEIssue 42 • April 2010& more ..FREETravel Diarycontinues .Issue 40 • February 2010THE OFFICIAL BFC MONTHLY MAGAZINE& more .FREECFL INFO PAGESDhekeliaLocation: The Amenities CentreContact: Ginny CantrellOpen: Monday to Friday 8.00am – 12.00noonTelephone: 2474 4551 Military: 94120 4551 Email: dhekelia@hivegb.co.ukTHE ARMY FAMILIES FEDERATION (AFF)Monday: 9am - 11am at Dhekelia HIVETelephone: 2596 2110BABY CLINICFriday: 9am - 11am at the Amenities CentreBEACH BARWednesday: 7pm - 11.59pm Friday: 7pm - 11pmSaturday: 3pm - 11pmSunday: 3pm - 8pmTelephone: Sharon (Bar Manager) 2472 3352 or 9772 9447BOOK SHOPTuesday to Friday 9am - 12 noon at the Amenities CenterBFBS/DTH OfficeMonday, Wednesday, Friday8.30am - 11.30amTelephone: 2474 4600UK Helpline: +44 1494 878100CESSACCafe: Mon - Sun8.30am - 5pm‘The Shop’: Mon - Sat 8.30am - 7pm Sun 8.30am 5pmTelelphone: Chris Christodoulou 2472 3214CHURCH (Please confirm timings with Chaplain)St Barnabas Church:Sunday 9.30amAll age worship with Sunday SchoolChaplain: Rev David Vince 2474 4296 or 9920 1987Sunday 6pmRC MassChaplain: Fr Michael Fava 2596 2379CRUSADERS GLIDING CLUBFlying every Wednesday Saturday and Sunday. Open to all ServicemenDependants and UKBCs. At Kingsfield Airstrip Dhekelia.Website:www.crusadersgliding.co.ukTelephone: 2474 4244 (after 6pm) or 9957 7552DHEKELIA EARLY YEARSChildren from 1 - 3 years. At Dhekelia Primary School.Tuesday to Friday: 8am - 11.15am Telephone: 2474 4183DHEKELIA LEISURE RESORT (DLR)Monday and TuesdayClosedWednesday - Saturday5 - 11pmSunday (Sunday Carvery)12 - 5pmBook your function at DLR by calling 2472 3182EDUCATION CENTRE (54 AEC)OC: 2474 4224 Chief Clerk: 2474 4775ALC: 2474 4912 Basic Skills Tutor: 2474 4328Library: 2474 4744ERMES STORESMAX Store: Tel: 2472 3346Monday to Saturday: 8am - 7pm Sunday: 9am - 3pmEXPRESS Store: Tel: 2472 7095Monday to Sunday:10am - 10pmHOME-STARTA civilian voluntary organisation offering support to families with childrenunder five.Telephone: ESBA Co-ordinator Cathy Campbell: 2472 4977 / 9935 0274JUMPING JACKS PLAY CENTREMonday Wednesday & Friday 1.30pm - 4.30pmEntrance fee€3 including squash tea or coffeeTelephone: Emma Fulton 9907 2101LITTLE MONKEYSReplacing Mums and Tots. For children aged 0-3 years. Cost is now €1Tuesday and Thursday9am - 12 noonLocationAmenities CentreTelephone: Lisa Robinson 97763404DHEKELIA MOTOR CLUBThursday7.30pmLocation:62 Royal Eng Sports SquadTelephone: Mark 9988 5158LADIES NETBALLAll levels welcome from age 14 years.Wednesday3pm - 5pmLocation:Sports Hall Lions GymTelephone: Debs 9776 3722PASS OFFICEMonday 7am - 4.30pmTuesday-Friday 7am - 1.30pmTelephone: 2474 4456POST OFFICEMonday - Friday:8am - 12 noonAt the Amenities Centre.Telephone: 2474 4577RAINBOWS, BROWNIES & GUIDESThursdays at the guide hut3pm - 4.15pmTelephone Jo Smith: 9938 0263RAOB DHEKELIA BRANCHTuesday7.30pmTelephone Ken Brown: 2463 5812 or 9915 5479ROOKIES LIFEGUARDS (Ages 8-12yrs)Sunday10.00am-12.00pmKaren Scorer 9769 5835Jaime Fisher 9904 0328SADDLE CLUBRiding lessons hacking out dressage cross country pony rides and tackshop.Telephone: Yard Manager Annemarie Hills 9774 1865Telephone: Club Chairman Major Alex Dart 9903 5909Telephone: Yard 2474 4293DHEKELIA SAILING CLUBYear round sailing and RYA sailing and powerboat courses. Club bar andbeach next to Cessac Beach opposite the South GateWednesday from 2pmSaturday & Sunday from 10amTelephone: Chris Dodds or Iris Burt 9979 5832 or 958 1827Website:www.dhekeliasailing.comCYPRUS FORCES LIFESTYLEL ingL vivLiLivingingAlonehas it’s perks!interview withCHRISPACKHAMPLUS . wildlife, Flora &Fauna in Cyprus, andeasy steps to beingenvironmentaly friendyWIN!Great prizes:Airport parking, hotel stay,waterpark season pa sCFL’s newCuisineWriterHongKongTHE A L-ISLAND MONTHLY MAGAZINE • AKROTIRI • AYIOS NIKOLAOS • DHEKELIA • EPISKOPI • UNNew EmergencyServices NumberCYPRUS FORCES LIFESTYLEWIN!Great prizes:Airport parking, hotel stay,paintba ling, facialBeautiful PeopleDo you think you are one of them?Health KickA-Z guide to looking after your bodyTHE A L-ISLAND MONTHLY MAGAZINE • AKROTIRI • AYIOS NIKOLAOS • DHEKELIA • EPISKOPI • UNGet in touch!Tel: 2596 3149Email: cflmag@cytanet.com.cy62|CFL|MAY 2010

CFL INFO PAGES48TH DHEKELIA SCOUT GROUPTuesday: Beavers (6-8 yrs) 2.30-4.30pm, Cub Scouts (8-10 yrs) 3-4.30pmThursday: Scouts (10½-15 yrs) 2.30-4.30pm, Young Leaders 2.30-4.30pmGeneral enquiries Ivor Demain: 2472 0232 or 99783982SODEXO ESBA HELP DESKMonday - Friday,7am - 2pm.Telephone: 2474 4742ST JOHN AMBULANCE BFCWSBA: 9993 6481ESBA: 9938 4724Email:countyhq@cyprus.sja.org.ukSTYX HOCKEY CLUBWednesday and Thursday 5.30-7.30pm at the DPS Astro turf pitchTelephone: 9924 9732DHEKELIA SHARKS SWIMMING CLUBTelephone: Karen Scorer 9769 5835 or Jaime Fisher 9904 0328THEATRE CLUBThursday7pmTelephone Fiona or Eileen: 9902 4920 or 9922 3248THRIFT SHOPWednesday & Friday: 8.30am - 11am Telephone: 2474 4723VICTOR BEACH CLUBAvailable for private functions and there is a Royal British Legion meeting lastFriday of every month.Open Tuesday - Sunday 10.00 - 5.00Telephone: 2474 4534DHEKELIA WATER SPORTS CENTREOpen every day. Location:Behind Alexander BarracksTelephone: Cpl Griffin 2474 4733YOUTH CENTREMon: Drama Yr 7+ 2.45-4.45pm, Seniors Yr 8+ 6.30-8.30pmWeds: Inters Yrs 5-7 3-5pm, Ay Nik Youth Club Yr 7+ 5-8pmThurs: Juniors Yrs 3-4 2.30-4.30pm, Senior training Yr 8+ 5.30-6.30pm,Seniors Yr 8+ 6-8pm. Friday: Dance (all year groups) 2.30-4pmTelephone Lynne: 2474 4477HELP US TO HELP YOU!Please contact your local HIVE Information Officer with anyadditions and changes for these information pages.MAY 2010|CFL|63

CFL INFO PAGESEpiskopiLocation: Information CentreContact: Vikki ReidOpen: Monday to Friday 8am – 12.30pmTelephone: 2596 2000 Military: 94120 2000 Email: episkopi@hivegb.co.ukTHE ARMY FAMILIES FEDERATION (AFF)Tuesday: 8.30am - 10.30amLocation: Episkopi HIVETelephone: Lisa Flanagan 2596 2110 or 9992 0585BADMINTON CLUBOpen to all service personnel, UKBC’s and dependants. All levels welcome,equipment provided if necessary. ‘One-off’ subscription - €8.50.Monday: 5pm – 8pmLocation: Episkopi GymTelephone: Wayne Smith 2596 3965 or Mandy Cope 2596 3862BARC - British (Forces) Animal Rehoming CentreAdmin office: Mon - Sat 8am - 12 noon Tel: 2596 3733Export clinic: Mon - Fri 9am - 1pm Tel: 2521 1200BFBS DTH OFFICETuesday, Friday9am - 12 noonTelephone: 2527 5444UK Helpline: +44 1494 878100CESSAC - shop - café - internet‘Cafe’: Mon - Fri 8am - 2pm, Sat 9am - 1pm‘Shop’: Mon - Fri 8am - 5pm*, Sat 9am - 1pm, Sun 9am - 1pm* shop closes at 4pm on Tuesdays‘Internet Suite’: Mon - Fri 8am - 4pm, Sat 9am - 1pmTelephone: Mike Moore 2521 1325CHALLENGE STAGE SCHOOLClasses at Episkopi and Akrotiri Primary School. For age 3 upwards and adult.Ballet, Modern, Freestyle, Cheerleading, Ribbon Dance and more.Tel: 9657 6944CHURCHES (Confirm timings with Chaplain)All Saints Church – St Pius X building, EpiskopiSunday 9amChurch ServiceChaplain: Rev Mark Henderson 9947 9464St Pius’ X, Roman Catholic ChurchSunday 8amMassChaplain: Fr Michael Fava 2596 2379CRÈCHE - EPISKOPI EARLY YEARSFor children aged from six months to three years.Monday - Friday8am - 11amLunch Club (optional)11am - 12 noonLocation: Sanderson Lines Bedford Street - Telephone: 2596 3905EDUCATION CENTRE (55 AEC)Education for all. Call us to discover the full range of courses on offer.General enquiries 2596 3800Learning centre 2596 2589Essential skills 2596 2141Individual education/resettlement 2596 3091Youth worker 2596 2010Library 2596 3533Military courses 2596 3926/2139EPISKOPI GARRISON GUN (EGG) CLUBSaturday 1.30pm, Wednesday 2.30pm (Everyone welcome inc children)Club Competition last Saturday every month. Available for Corporate EventsTelephone: Joe Power 9966 1603 or Howard Walker 9959 5009ERMES STORESMAX Store: Mon - Sat 8am - 7pm, Sun 9am - 3pm. Tel: 2521 1123EXPRESS Store: Mon - Sun 10am - 10pm. Tel: 2521 1212HELP US TO HELP YOU!EPI JELLY TOTS (Parent and Toddler Group)Telephone for more information: Rachel 9996 7258Located near Episkopi Primary School. Open all year round.Mon-Fri9am - 11am – €2 per sessionMon, Weds, Thurs, Frichildren aged 3 years and underTues – specifically for children under 12 months, but 1-3 year olds welcomeFri – with Music Time, additional charge of 50 centsFITNESS CLASSESClasses with Lisa Lingard at Episkopi Gym:Step & Tone, Dancercise, Box & Tone Telephone: 9779 0499 for detailsClasses with Bonnie at Episkopi Gym: 9920 0264Spin (high intensity)Monday 5pm - 6pmSpin (for beginners)Monday 6pm - 7pmSpin (high intensity)Wednesday 2pm - 3pmAll classes €5 or saver cards availablePersonal Trainers: Nicola Scott / Sam MT: 9925 6009 / 9915 5920GUIDES / BROWNIES / RAINBOWSMeet at the Guide Hut Isle of Man Lane. Tel: Karen Pointon 9974 9811HCSO EPISKOPI (Housing and Community Support Office)1st floor E Block. Mon: 7am – 4.30pm, Tue - Fri: 7am – 1.30pmHCSO: Maj (Retd) Pat Chapman 2596 3948AHCSO: WO2 Paul Chadwick 2596 3944Allocations Clerk: Shree Blackham 2596 3153Office Support Clerk: Michael Stephen 2596 3340Assistant Office Clerk: Sophia Hill 2596 3340Housing Estate Manager: WO2 Pam Cockerham 2596 2155- Kensington, Gibraltar, N & S Paramali and EldoradoHousing Estate Manager: WO2 Nev Bould 2596 3386- Biggin Hill & LionheartEstate Manager Clerk: Loukas Theodosiou 2596 3405HOME-START EPISKOPIHOME-START is a civilian voluntary organisation offering support to familieswith children under five.Telephone: 2596 3748JOINT SERVICES GOLF CLUB (EPISKOPI)At Tunnel Beach, Happy Valley.Tel: 2596 2069 or 9761 6380 Email: secretary@jsgce.comJSC3 (JOINT SERVICE CYPRUS CLIMBING CLUB)At Episkopi Gym Climbing Wall. Open to Service personnel and dependantsover the age of five (children five to 14 must be accompanied by an adult,15-18 require parental consent). Short training package required beforejoining. Annual membership 20. All equipment supplied free of charge.Book training through meets co-ordinator Darren Culley on 9672 3997/Tuesday & Thursday2.30pmWebsite:www.cyprusclimbingclub.comKICKBOXING & KUNG FUClasses for children and adults, held in Episkopi Gym.Contact: Duncan 9999 3966LEMMINGS WATERSPORTS CLUBFull range of watersports. Open weekends and mid-week during summer.Location:Happy ValleyTelephone: Clubhouse - 2596 3132 or Ross Chapman - 9923 8726Please contact your local HIVE Information Officer with any additionsand changes for these information pages.64|CFL|MAY 2010

CFL INFO PAGESU.N. - NicosiaLocation: The Community CentreContact: Mel AldersonOpen: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 8.00am – 1.00pmTelephone: 2235 9316 Email: unitednations@hivegb.co.ukTHE ARMY FAMILIES FEDERATION (AFF)Location (every other month): The British Contingent CentreLast Thursday of every month 10am - 12 noonTelephone: 2596 2110BABY CLINICLocation:The British Contingent CentreLast Thursday of every month 10am - 11amTelephone: Health Visitor 2395 7597 or 2474 4829CESSACMonday to Friday:8am - 2pmSaturday9am - 12 noonTelephone: Donna 2235 9308CHURCH (Confirm timings with Chaplain)St Columba’s ChurchEvery Sunday at 10amChaplain: Rev Danny Connolly 9945 7275DOLPHIN SWIMMING POOLJune10am - 6pmJuly - September10am - 8pmTelephone: Pool Manager Kate 9912 2129Prom 2261 4412ENDORPHIN GYMNASIUM24 hour access (code locked door)Telephone: Prom 2261 4412ERMES STOREMonday to Saturday:8am - 7pmSunday9am - 2pmTelephone: 2235 9039SATURDAY SOCCER FOOTBALL LEAGUEAges 7 - 118.45am - 10.30amAges 11 - 148.45am - 10.30amTelephone: Juniors: Mary Alonefti 9959 2618Xanthi Kollitsis 9952 9714Seniors: Liz Kennedy 9983 0315NICOSIA LADIES COFFEE MORNINGSLast Thursday of each month 10am - 12.30pmLocation:The British Contingent CentreTelephone: Leah Ann 9779 5415 or HIVE 2235 9316LIBRARYMonday-Thursday9am - 4.30pmFriday9am - 2.30pmTelephone: Anthea 2235 9317ALC - Ledra Palace 2266 7765ALC - UNPA Library 2235 9317LOAN STORETo hire car seats, pushchairs, travel cots, etcTelephone: Pam 2235 9044 or 9981 3516NICOSIA DOG SHELTERTelephone: Sharon 9986 8512POST OFFICE - LEDRA PALACEMonday - Friday:9 - 11amTelephone: 2261 4288TINY BEATSMusic and singing group for 0 - 4 years.Location:Nicosia HIVEThursday9.45 - 11amTelephone: Amanda Rowett 2235 9316L vCYPRUS FORCES LIFESTYLEL ingivLiLivingingAloneCHRISPACKHAMPLUS... wildlife, Flora &Fauna in Cyprus, andeasy steps to beingenvironmenta ly friendyTHE OFFICIAL BFC MONTHLY MAGAZINEIssue 42 • April 2010FREEWIN!Great prizes:Airport parking, hotel stay,waterpark season pass& more .CFL’s newCuisineWriterhas it’s perks!Cuisineinterview withENVIRONMENTAL SPECIALloveRUSHare you in it ?CYPRUS FORCES LIFESTYLETHE OFFICIAL BFC MONTHLY MAGAZINEHongKongTravel Diarycontinues...THE ALL-ISLAND MONTHLY MAGAZINE • AKROTIRI • AYIOS NIKOLAOS • DHEKELIA • EPISKOPI • UNI sue 41 • March 2010NEWLOOKinterview withJAMIEOLIVERin our cuisine specialPLUS ration packs,dinner party planning,award-winning chefsand much more .NEPALTravel DiarycontinuesWIN!Great prizes:Airport parking, hotel stay,paintbaling, facial& more .THE ALL-ISLAND MONTHLY MAGAZINE • AKROTIRI • AYIOS NIKOLAOS • DHEKELIA • EPISKOPI • UNFREEWant toget in touch?Email: cflmag@cytanet.com.cyTel: 2596 3149or pop in to see us at:Media Ops, C Block HQ BFC,Episkopi Garrison66|CFL|MAY 2010

AkrotiriAir Terminal 2527 6538Air Training Corps (Cadets) 9902 8541Anthoulla’s Driving School 9965 2484Astra Cinema 2527 5148Bowling Alley 2527 5175Ceramics Club 2527 5102Coffee Pot 2527 6281Creche 2527 6579/5080Cricket Club 2527 5201Contact Flats 2527 5446Dental Centre 2527 6472Dinghy Sailing (ASSC) 2527 6619Estate Warden 2527 6246Families Club 2527 6014Families Office 2527 5339/6233Flamingo Theatre Club 9984 7864Flying Club 2527 5217Guard Room 2527 6788Girl Guiding Akrotiri 9912 6281GFT Bar 2527 6978Golf Club (TPMH) 2527 5549Gymnasium 2527 6825Hang Gliding Club 2527 6352HIVE 2527 6390Hockey Club (Exiles) 9905 6862Hospital (TPMH) 2527 5577Inflight Catering 2527 6544JJs Beach Club 2527 66649765 2047Joint Air Booking Centre 2527 6140/5202Kart Club 2527 6898Lady Lampsons Club 2527 5092Ayios NikolaosArmy Families Federation 2395 7699Army Welfare Worker 2474 4435Brownies 2395 7450CAMEO 2395 7699Ceramics Club 2395 7706Creche 2396 2321Cubs 2395 7509Dog and Dish 2395 7428Estate Warden 2395 7511Girl Guides 9901 6667Golf Club 2395 7765Gun Club 2395 7458Guard Room 2395 7499Hellenic Bank 2396 2433DhekeliaBeach Bar 2474 48769939 8725BFAWS Cattery 2474 4432BFAWS Kennels 2474 4457BFBS Dhekelia 2474 4663BFBS DTH TV 2474 4600Bitsa Bar (CCU) R Signals 2474 4473Ceramics Club 2395 7706CESSAC 2472 3214Cockpit Club 2474 4545Learning Centre 2527 6163Lodge/Bookings 2527 5058Malcolm Cat Sanctuary 2595 2622Med Centre 2527 6553Motorbike Club 9996 7873Offshore Yacht Club (CYSC) 2527 6059Open Arms Cancer Support 2527 5548Passes & Permits 2527 6846Personal & Family Support 2596 2009Personal Services Flight 2527 6236Peninsula Club 2595 2232Rendezvous Club 2527 6736Rugby Club 2527 6500Saddle Club 2595 2577Samba Soccer School 2595 2555School 2527 6167Scout/Guide Hut 2527 6454Squash Courts 2527 6652Station Youth Worker 2527 6769St John Ambulance BFC 9993 6481Striders Running Club 2527 2052Sub Aqua Club 9909 0153Super Slimmers 9994 4951SSAFA Health Visitor 2527 6858SSAFA Social Worker 2527 5130Swimming Pool 2527 6603Theatre Club 2527 6167Triathlon Club 9905 9062Water Ski Club 2527 6099Woodwork Club 2527 6991Youth Club 2527 6769HIVE 2395 7699HSCO 2395 7426Kart Club 2395 7795Ladies Netball 2395 7479Mercury Theatre Club 2395 7484Marlins Swimming Club 2395 7492Mediterranean Choir 2474 4473Mercury Cinema 2395 7509MMG Centre 2395 7474PRI 2396 2417Primary School 2395 7548Rainbows 2396 2894Rugby Club 2395 7439Rugrats 9989 2713Corporals Mess (RIB) 2474 4368Country Club 2474 4460Creche (Little Teddies) 2474 4183Favour Club 2474 4719Girl Guides 9901 6667Gliding Club 2474 4244Golf Club 2474 4460HIVE 2474 4551Homestart 2472 4977Housing Estate Managers 2474 4544/4428Telephone DirectoryEssential numbers for life on camp: departments, offices, restaurants, clubs and more...ShopsAgatha’s Driving School 2595 2333Amathus Travel 2527 5208Anthoulla’s Driving School 9965 2484Cessac Bookshop 2595 2341Chris Car Hire 2595 2766Craft Shop 2527 5122Deens Gift Shop 2595 3300Dinos Grocery Shop 2595 2352Ermes Max Store 2595 2336Ermes Express Store 2595 2478Forces Financial 2527 5146Helena’s Clothes 2595 2843Hellenic Bank 2550 2810Holidair Travel 2595 2558Insurance Desk 2595 2355JAME Electrical & Rentals 2595 2206/2351Jewellers 2595 2357Ladies Hairdresser 2595 2337Laiki Bank 2581 5837Post Office 2527 8607Sams Kebab 2595 2487Scissors Hairdressers 2595 2188Shalimar Restaurant 2595 2354Stefanos Car Hire 2595 23449967 6373Tailor (Station) 2527 6502Taxi Office 2595 2510Thrift Shop 2527 6067YWCA Lodge 2527 6880Saddle Club 2395 7534Snug Tavern 2396 2185SSAFA Health Visitor 2395 7597St John Ambulance BFC 9938 4724Swimming Pool 2395 7519WRVS 2396 7599Youth Services 2395 7533ShopsAy Nik Readywear 2396 2061Barber 2395 7781Julia’s Hairdresser 2396 2345Lambros Takeaway 2396 2068Ermes Store 2395 7712Jumping Jacks 2472 3223Key Cinema 2474 4743Leisure Resort 2474 3182Library 2474 4744Motorcycle Club 2474 4877Personal Welfare Service 2474 4453/4435RAOB (Buffaloes) 9915 5479Saddle Club 2474 42939913 1917Sailing Club 2474 4840THE NEW FREEPHONE EU EMERGENCY NUMBER: 1 1 2MAY 2010|CFL|67

Telephone DirectoryEssential numbers for life on camp: departments, offices, restaurants, clubs and more...Dhekelia (continued)Scouts 2472 1639Schools - Dhekelia Primary 2474 4288King Richard’s 2474 4776Sharks Swimming Club 9999 69012474 4450SSAFA Health Visitor 2474 4829St John Ambulance BFC 9938 4724Sub Aqua Club 2474 4577Theatre Club 2474 4640Unit Welfare Office (RIB) 2474 4484Victor Beach Club 2474 4534Water Sports Club 2474 4733XL Club 2474 4273Youth Centre 2474 4477EpiskopiArmy Families Federation 2596 2110Badminton Club 2596 3965/3862BARC 2596 3733Climbing Club 2527 6196Crèche - Episkopi Early Years 2596 3905/3460Dental Centre 2596 3265Education Centre (55 AEC) 2596 3800EGG (Gun) Club 9987 1344Epicentre (Community Centre) 2596 3313Estate Managers 2596 3386/2155/Families Office 2596 3153/3340Golf Club 2596 2069Girl Guides 9974 9811Guardroom 2596 3914Gymnasium 2596 3751Hash House Harriers 9943 4794HIVE 2596 2000Jelly Tots 9996 7258JOC 2596 3081/3082Lemmings Water Sports 2596 3132Lion 2596 2445Loan Store 2596 2275Medical centre 2596 3255NEFSKI Dry Ski Slope 9988 9258Nursery 2596 2091Personal & Family Support 2596 2009Riding for the Disabled 2522 2604TroodosZulu Warrior Club (RE) 2474 4526ShopsEasy Computers 2481 56907000 4480EKO Garage 2472 3251Elevanto Hairdresser 2472 3577Ermes Express Store 2472 7095Ermes Max Store 2472 3346Fivos Travel 2472 3295Forces Financial 2474 4855Hellenic Bank 2472 3213Inspirations Gift Shop 2472 3178Jacaranda Café 2474 4126Jubilee DVDs Rental & Sale 2472 7755Rugby Club 9778 1886Saddle Club 2596 3283Schools: Primary 2596 3425St John’s 2596 3888Scouts (57th Episkopi Sea Scouts) 2522 2374Solutions 2596 3318SPACE Theatre Club 9941 4261Squash Bookings 2596 3751SSAFA Social Worker 2596 3609SSAFA Family Support Worker 2596 3609St John Ambulance BFC 9993 6481Swimming Pool 2596 3598Vet (CMWDSU) 2596 3454Victim Support (island-wide) 2596 2175WRVS 2596 2151Youth Worker 9967 4239ShopsAgathas Driving School 2521 1211Andreas Grocery Shop 2521 1180Anthoulla’s Driving School 9965 2484CESSAC 2521 1325Comp.com 2521 1844Ermes Express Store 2521 1212Ermes Max Store 2521 1123Flower Shop 2521 1121Forces Financial 2521 1230Kyriakos Beachwear 2472 32059948 6062Laiki Bank 2481 5666Lambros 2472 3206Post Office 2474 4577Snug Sports Bar 2472 7094Swimming Pool 2474 4886Tailors 2472 3272Taxi (George Centre) 2472 3276Taxi (Ermes Day Only) 2472 3268Thrift Shop 2474 4723Victor Beach Club 2474 4534Vision Hire 2472 3558Hairdressers (George’s) 2521 1339Hellenic Bank 2550 2824Laiki Bank 2581 5840Laundry (mobile) 9944 5904Loopway Garage (ESSO) 2521 1547Maria’s Dress Shop 2521 1125Maroullas Dress Shop 2521 1031Moghuls Restaurant 2521 1636Petros Car Hire (Flower Shop) 2521 1616Photo Fisher 2521 1353Pine Tree Café/shop 2521 1316/1308Post Office 2521 3277Sea Queen 9997 6541Shahab Dins (Punjab House) 2521 1344Sport Shop (Francis) 9933 9953Tailor- Asif (opposite Moghuls) 2521 15549941 6600Tailor Episkopi 2596 3845Tailor - Joseph (Dodge) 9951 1314Tailor - John (by Thrift Shop) 2596 3738Taxi Office (by George’s) 2521 12809962 4381Thrift Shop 2596 3918Visage Unisex Beauty Salon 9674 05289993 8245Vision Hire 2521 1422ERMES Manager 2596 7026 Dog & Partridge Bar /ERMES Shop 2596 7025United NationsCESSAC 2235 9308Ermes Store 2235 9039ESM 2261 44159963 8407HIVE 2235 9316Housing Office 2235 9436Learning Centre (Army) 2266 7765Library 2235 9317Medical Centre 2261 4445Military Police 2261 44609977 3253Padre 9945 7275Postal 9674 1997PROM/Welfare Officer 2261 44189963 8892Sodexo Representative 2235 9439WRVS 2245 16279958 2763THE NEW FREEPHONE EU EMERGENCY NUMBER: 1 1 268|CFL|MAY 2010

Tasos Paxiolas Motors LtdDuty Free New & Used Cars10years experienceservingBritish Forcesin CyprusEnglish speaking staffEstablished for 18 yearsWide range of duty free & duty paidcars on our forecourtArrange finance & insuranceWe work closely with majordealerships for new buys:Volkswagen, Honda, and more...To DhekeliaPORTMakarios AveFind us betweenCarrefour & DebenhamsDrive Away WithThe Complete PackageAy. Anargyron AveTasos PaxiolasMotors LtdStr. Timayia AveCarrefourFinance, Insurance,Warranty & MOTBrand New Battery with2 Years GuaranteeDebenhams6 Months Road TaxCorner of Stratigou Timagia & Ayion Anargyron Avenue, Larnaca• Tel: 2464 2166 • Fax: 2466 1483 •• Mob: 9947 7337 (Maria) • Mob: 9963 4059 (Tasos) •Email: paxiolas@cytanet.com.cy

CFL TECHNOLOGYGadgets & GizmosIf you are on the go, whether upa mountain, in a foreign country,or on a night out, we have somefunky gizmos to help you speakthe language, keep on track andnever run out of a cab fare.SPOT GPSLet your loved ones track you on Google Maps as you globe-trot!Designed as a serious piece of rescue kit, this Spot GPS uses GPS satellitesto track your coordinates and at the click of the emergency button, willtransmit them to your designated Spot team or the nearest emergencyservices - so you can be rescued where ever you are. It can be used forfun too, before you set off on your adventures you should set up emailaddresses and telephone numbers that you want to be contacted in anemergency, or if you just want to let your loved ones know where youare and that you’re ok. At the click of the OK button the device will sendan email (and a text if you have selected that option) to your chosenaddresses. Not only will it contain your message, but also a link to GoogleMaps showing exactly where in the world you are! How cool is that?Features >>> Receives your GPS coordinates and transmits them,at your request, in the event of an emergency • Small enough to fit onyour belt with integrated belt clip • Takes standard AA batteries and isvery simple to use • Requires a yearly subscription of €99 which includesunlimited usage of the emergency 911 function, 200 Check In or Helpmessages to any phone worldwide and unlimited Help emails • Alladditional messages will be charged at 10p per message sent • Waterproofto a depth of 1 metre for up to 30 minutes • Will operate at temperaturesbetween -40 - 85 degrees and altitudes of -300 to 21,300 feet.Price >>> £119.00TRAVEL TRANSLATORNo more sign languageThis handy pocket sized gizmoholds over 8000 commonlyused phrases in a 12 languages,handily organised into eightcategories, so the next timeyou’re desperately trying toput a phrase together while onholiday you do it without the mimies. It’s no easy task learning anew language, but everyone appreciates somebody who tries theirbest. Make sure you’re never lost for words on holiday again.Features >>> All of the phrases have been categorised • It canalso be set up as a clock showing international time and an alarm.• You can save up to four frequently used sentences.Price >>> £39.99The Cash Stash is an amazing idea!I bought “ one about two weeks ago andhave used it five times! I’m always goingout without my wallet, leaving my moneyand cards at home - so I used to have toborrow money off mates... But with thislittle capsule I’m never without money!...I just clip £5 or £10 into it and leave...with or without my wallet! This is literallythe best idea...EVER!Price >>> £4.99”CASH STASHNever have to borrow cash again!This handy little stash pot is designed to hold afinancial parachute for when you really, really need it.Fold your notes around the stainless steel cash clipand then slip it into the Cash Stash. Now when you’restranded miles from home you can hail a cab and notworry about running out of cash. Machined fromaircraft grade aluminium, it’s waterproof, discrete,and small enough for you to forget all about it untilyou really need it. So no matter what you get up toon your night out, make sure you never run out ofmoney again with the Cash Stash.All products available at iWOOT: www.iwantoneofthose.com70|CFL|MAY 2010

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