The Best Men's Tie Pattern - Puking Pastilles

The Best Men's Tie Pattern - Puking Pastilles

The Best Men’sTie PatternRedifine the cliché Father’s Day giftby making it handmade! This tie willbe sure to please any guy on yourlist.A few notes about style:1. This tie is thicker than your store-boughtsilk ties which means that your recipient willnot be able to use a double windsor knot withit. Singles only!2. Because of #1, the tie takes more bulk tomake a knot, so even though it is standardlength, it ends up being a bit shorter than astandard tie. You’ll need to adjust the patternwhere indicated if your guy is taller than average(approximately 5’10”).3. Because ties are cut on the bias (or ona 45˚ angle), you need to pay special attentionas you’re choosing fabrics. Tilt your heador the bolt of fabric 45˚ as you’re looking toknow how it will look on the tie.designed by Georgia Solorzano ©PukingPatterns 2010all rights reserved

MaterialsTie fabric: 5/8 yard(suggested fabric: designer cottons, (I used Amy Butler), home dec satten cottons,lightweight suiting)Lining fabric: 5/8 yard(suggested fabrics: lightweight cotton (I used Kona cotton), apparel lining fabricLightweight interfacing: 1 yardAssembling the PDFABCDEFGHIPrint the pattern pieces on your homecomputer. In the print window, checkall the settings to make sure that theprinter will not resize or reshape thepattern pieces as it prints them. Thisusually comes in the form of “Fit to PrintArea” or “Page Scaling” or might be apercentage (100% being the percentageyou want).Arrange the pattern pieces as shownabove. Cut along the dotted lines onevery other page. Tape the pages together.designed by Georgia Solorzano ©PukingPatterns 2010all rights reserved

Adesigned by Georgia Solorzano ©PukingPatterns 2010all rights reserved

1Cut 1 of FabricCut 1 of LiningCut 1 of InterfacingB

FThis end attaches to Piece 1Lengthen Here

GThis end attaches to Piece 3Place on grain of fabric2Cut 1 of FabricCut 1 of LiningCut 1 of Interfacing3Cut 1 of FabricCut 1 of LiningCut 1 of InterfacingPlace on grain of fabric

Legend-right side of fabric-wrong side of fabric-lining-interfacing312Fuse the interfacing to thewrong side of the liningpieces.12 342After assembling the PDFpieces, cut apart the threepattern pieces from eachother.Each piece should be placedon the bias (or on a 45˚angle) before cutting. The patternpieces have a guide tohelp you with the bias placement.Cut ONE of each from fabric,one of each from lining, andone of each from interfacing.Matching raw edges as shownabove and with right sides facing,sew piece 1 to piece 2 using a1/4” seam allowance. Allow thecorners to hang off the edge 1/4”as shown in the diagram.1If your favorite guy is tallerthan 5’10” or has a longtorso, lengthen the patternwhere indicated on Piece 2.NOTE: interfacing has nograin, so the orientation whencutting is unimportant.designed by Georgia Solorzano ©PukingPatterns 2010all rights reserved

5236 7With right sides facing, pinthe fabric to the lining. Sewthe top and bottom as shown.Clip the points and turn rightside out.Baste the long raw edges ofthe fabric and lining togetheras shown using a 1/2” seamallowance.Press.1Sew piece 3 to piece 2, followingthe directions from Step 4.Repeat with lining pieces.designed by Georgia Solorzano ©PukingPatterns 2010all rights reserved

8With the lining facing up, Foldup the right long side 1/2”using the basting stitches asa guide. Press10Fold in the right side again,This time placing the foldof the right side directly ontop of the basting stitchesof the left side. Press.12Press the tie.Sewing by hand, add apiece of ribbon to holdthe small end of the tie inplace.Enjoy!9Fold the left long side in tothe middle of the tie aligningthe basting stitcheswith the center of the tie.Press.11Hand stitch the openingclosed. A ladder stitch orblind stitch would workwell.designed by Georgia Solorzano ©PukingPatterns 2010all rights reserved

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