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Presentation - Sydney Region School ICT Website

DEC Portal UserManagement Tools…that you can use!Stu Hasic – Feb 2013

Management Tools in DEC PortalThe link at the top of theyour DET Portal to MyApplications provides youwith many tools you canuse to manage DECsystems for your schoolThe AMU tool is bydefault ONLY provided tothe Principal, but it canbe delegated to otherssuch as the CC and theSchool Admin ManagerAMU is used forauthorising staff to usesystems like OASIS,EMU, ERN, BlogEd,SBSR and AMU itselfEMU under the sectionstarting with ‘E’ is a toolused for bulkmanagement of studentpasswords and also toproduce usage reports

Educational Mgmt UtilityUser Management offers bulkpassword resetting based ongroups of studentsIf you have a link to EMU on yourDET Portal, you can open theEducation Management UtilityThe Reports section lets yousee which students have notbeen using the Internet

User Management (Students)Only your school will be shown hereYou can search by Roll Class orYear GroupYou can also work with just onestudent if you wish

EMU Search ResultsYou canselect justone studentand resettheirpasswordThe selected grouping will bedisplayed and can be sorted by anyof the column headers shownYou can perform a bulk passwordchange for all or part of thegrouping listed hereYou canselect Exportto save thescreencontents toExcel or aCSV fileYou can see which students havehad their Internet AccountSuspended, and you can changethe setting here

Bulk Password ResetWhen you click Reset Bulk Pwdon the previous screen, this screenis displayedYou can nowselect any orall students inthe group listby ticking theappropriateboxesYou can type in the password you’dlike all selected students to have inthis boxThen just click the Submit button

EMU ReportsWhen you click Reports, thisscreen is displayedThe Report optionsare explained aboveAgain, you can search byRoll Class or Year Group

Last Log In ReportThis column is only relevant toschools like the campuses ofSydney Secondary College,where the students logon toDET’s EDU domain, ratherthan their own local domainThis column identifies the lastdate and time each studentlogged on either to the StudentPortal or to use the InternetStudents listed as NEVERLOGGED ON or not logged onsince last year may be havinga problem, such as a forgottenusername or password

User Management (Staff)You have some Staff Search UtilitiesYou have some Staff ManagementUtilities (Password Resets)You have access to some StaffReports you can print

Staff Password ResetClick Staff Management, then Reset PasswordFind the Staff Member(s) that needtheir password resetClick Search and their nameswill appear below. Click eachname to set a new password.SO HOW DO YOU GETACCESS TO EMU and SMUIF THEY ARE NOT ONYOUR PORTAL??

Access Management Utility (AMU)To start with, eachPrincipal only getsaccess to AMU for theirown schoolThis is used to managewho is allowed to useBlogEd and what levelof access they haveThis is used to managewho is allowed to usethe RMU tool tomanage DER Laptopsin a high schoolFor non-eT4L schools,this is used to managewho is allowed toinstall software fromthe CPC server. ForeT4L schools, itidentifies which staffgroups each personbelongs toThis is used to managewho is allowed toauthorise what systemThis is used to managewho is allowed to usethe EMU toolThis is used to managewho is allowed to useOASIS Thin ClientThis is used to managewho is allowed to usethe SMU tool

Authorised EMU UsersThese tick boxes are used tospecify which staff can haveaccess to USE the EMUsystem via their DET Portal.This adds an EMU link toeach selected person’s portalAccess can begranted and revokedusing this webpageIt is recommendedthat only select staffare given access toEMU. As discussed,an audit trail ismaintained for EMUpassword changesThese tick boxes are used tospecify which staff can alsosuspend a student’s Internetand Email Access using theEMU tool. This would be donein the case of breaches ofthe Internet Usage Policy

Authorised SMU UsersThese tick boxes are used tospecify which staff can haveaccess to USE the SMUsystem via their DET Portal.This adds an EMU link toeach selected person’s portalAccess can begranted and revokedusing this webpageIt is recommendedthat only select staffare given access toSMU. As discussed,an audit trail ismaintained for SMUpassword changesIMPORTANT NOTE!SMU contains private detailsof each staff memberincluding home phone andaddress information.

OASIS User SettingsThese tick boxes are used tospecify which staff can haveaccess to USE OASIS ThinClient via their DEC PortalAccess to use OASIS Admin,Library and Library Enquiry(or for small schools, Adlib)can be set independentlyAccess can be granted andrevoked using this webpageOASIS Security Permissionsare NOT set here. They arepart of the OASIS Operatorsfunction within OASIS itself

Setting Authorisers in AMUThis list is foridentifying whichstaff are allowedto AUTHORISEothers for theuse of thesesystemsPlacing a tick inany of theseboxes will createa link to AMU onthat person’sportal.It is stronglyrecommendedthat only selectedstaff are set asAUTHORISERSAMU Authoriser permissions can beadded or revoked using this screen.NOTE the horizontal scroll bar at thebottom – there are more applicationsto set authority for to the right.Eg. The SAMmight be OASISAuthoriser andthe CC might beEMU & SBSRAuthoriser

Internet Filter ToolsOn the My Applicationstab, further down, you’llfind “Internet Filtering –Web Filter Check”Provides a link to twouseful Internet Filteringtools

Internet Filter ToolsTo find out about how DECfilters work, click here.Also provides links to log aservice desk request toeither block or unblockspecific websitesWeb Filter Check is ahandy tool that all staff canuse to see if a websitethey’d like to use in classis blocked or not for theirstudents.

Blocking and Unblocking SitesFind out about how DECFiltering works by clicking here:If you have found aninappropriate site thatneeds to be blocked orwould like a currentlyblocked site unblocked,click here:

Blocking and Unblocking SitesBefore completing this form,you will be asked to enter yourDEC portal ID.Then select whether you’d liketo Allow or Block a specificURL (website)Enter the exact websiteURL to be blocked orunblockedType the reason for yourrequest. Why should this sitebe blocked or unblocked? Forunblocking, provideeducational reasonsA Service Desk call will then belogged in your name. Blockrequests are usually donewithin 12 hours. Unblocks takea couple of days if approved.

Web Filter CheckThis is a handy tool all teachers canuse to identify whether they sitesthey wish to use in class with theirstudents are available or blocked.Simply enter as many website URLsas you’d like to check (copy/pastethem), one line per URLThe resulting report caneither be displayed for youon the next screen, or youcan choose to have itemailed to your mailbox

Web Filter CheckThis is the check report that isdisplayed on the screenThis is general informationabout the site, including thesite categoriesFor your particular schooltype, it will show theAllow/Block status for thatspecified website againsteach year group at yourschool, plus for staff.While a site may beunblocked for you, it canbe very frustrating to findthat students cannotaccess it in the classroom.This tool helps avoid thatfrustration.

Principal’s Network InformationThis tool is only in thePrincipal’s DEC PortalIt provides usage reports andgraphs of the school’s Internetusage across time periodsTraffic Reports providedetails of most visitedwebsites, busiest internetcomputers at the schooland other useful reportsThis very useful tool canhelp the school to identifyhow (well) the Internet isbeing used. Perhapssuggest to the Principal toshow it to staff

Get to know these tools!Any questions?

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