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THE PENNY PRESS,SEPTEMBER 26, 2013 PAGE 4Making Senators Live Like Real PeopleContinued from page 3he congressional exemption from paying full freight for health insurance. complaint to the Senate Ethics Committee about Reid and Senator BarbaraVitter’s bill would stop the rewrite and once again subject congressmen Boxer. The language used is rarely on display in the Senate, a body thatand their staffs to the same problems faced by Americans who are paying prides itself as the home of honest and fair discussion.more money for less care under the “Affordable Care Act.” In reality, the The Vitter language is so strong, I want to quote it exactly: “Harryact is neither affordable nor fair, as millions of Americans are about to lose Reid is acting like an old-time Vegas mafia thug, and a desperate one atemployer-based healthcare.that… Threatening to take away their colleagues’ health care coverageMeanwhile, on Capitol Hill, Harry Reid was actually forced to shut subsidy if they do not vote a certain way at worst constitutes bribery anddown the Senate to keep any debate of the Vitter bill from taking place. a quid pro quo arrangement, and at best amounts to improper conduct,”Reid and the other leaders of the Senate don’t want Americans to know he said.what’s going on. They’re worried that all Americans will begin demanding Unfortunately, in spite of Vitter’s best efforts, the outcome here isdiscounted healthcare.pre-determined. Senators and staffers will get their subsidies. But it’sAfter being pushed around, Vitter was so mad he actually made a refreshing to see someone on Capitol Hill actually working to end a perk.Way to go, Senator

THE PENNY PRESS,SEPTEMBER 26, 2013 PAGE 7Commentary: Doug FrenchRight vs. Left, butWhat About Truth?It was once incontrovertible: The mainstream press leans left-liberal.It’s been a proven fact that Republican presidents receive 20-30% lesspositive economic coverage from the nation’s newspapers.But times seem to have changed a bit. Now a new mainstream hasemerged that leans right-conservative. It takes the form of Fox News,mainly, but there are many other sources in television, radio, andmainstream press.Is this diversity? Are we now getting choices so that we can find outwhat’s true? Brian C. Anderson’s South Park* Conservatives: The RevoltAgainst Liberal Media Bias gives us a clue.And he shows that the answer is no. The left and right media agreeon more than they will admit. Neither side has the incentive to thinkindependently.Consider just one example: Obama’s ongoing wars abroad. The liberalmedia don’t like to mention them.You thought lefties were peace-loving? Not when their guy is in office.Taxing the rich and empowering unions are way more important. War issuddenly righteous when a lefty is in office.Meanwhile, the conservative media complain that Obama is not goingfar enough. They too love the fiction that Obama is a peacenik — a helpfulmyth, because it allows the network to rant about the need for morewarmongering.How to make sense of this? This is the beauty of Anderson’s book. Itprovides a clear history of the rise of the Fox News industrial complex thatsome commentators say lost the 2012 election for Mitt Romney.As Anderson clearly explains, there is big money being a rabid rightwingerof a certain type. He pulls back the veil to reveal:How the conservative book-publishing revolution became a cash cow.This is what running for office is all about. You don’t have to get electedfor fame and fortune. Forget changing society through policy. No, get onthe presidential ticket as a potential VP and you don’t ever have to runagainHow selling books has become the prequel to becoming a talkingheadanalyst on Fox and getting your own reality show, and one for yourdaughter too! Run to head the Republican ticket and you might get a bookdeal and your own TV showHow what Murray Rothbard wrote turns out to be prophecy: Whatstarts as a movement then becomes a job and finally becomes a racketHow “We report, you decide,” is Fox’s motto, but it shows that thenetworks are counting on its viewers to have already made up their minds.That neocon Republicans have all the answersHow this racket got started began with something called the FairnessDoctrine. It required that if a network advocated one political approach,it had to give equal time to the opposing view. This doctrine led to anopinion cartel that only pretended to be nonpartisan.Anderson shows that all began to change because of one libertarian.His name was Mark Fowler, and he was the head of the FederalCommunications Commission (FCC) in the Reagan administration. Hetold his regulators to stop enforcing the Fairness Doctrine, believing thelaw was “chilling to free speech.”At the same time, the number of channels exploded. Reagan’s secondFCC chair, Dennis Patrick, officially canned the doctrine. Those on theleft were not pleased. Neither was Phyllis Schlafly on the right. Congressvoted to make the doctrine federal law. Reagan vetoed it, AM radio wassaved, and a man named Rush would pave the way to political influenceand riches.The left tried to retaliate with Air America, but they just couldn’t puttogether the same kind of programing sizzle. In the age of the Internet,cable TV, podcasts, live streaming, and who knows what entertainmentplatforms, right-wing AM radio is still rockin’. Not only racking updollars, but also setting the Republican agenda…An agenda that was hammered on election night 2012.Look at any election map and its Republican red for miles and miles inthe center of the U.S. That’s a huge market to exploit. Sean Hannity, BillO’Reilly, and dozens of conservative lesser lights are making hay whilethis sun shines. Beyond radio and TV, O’Reilly is a best-selling author ofhistory books, with two of Amazon’s top 20 sellers for all of 2012.What Rush started on radio, Rupert Murdoch continued on the tube.Anderson spends plenty of time on the “Fox effect,” but forgets whatthe network has done for news aesthetics. Sex sells, and a Fox telecast is abeauty pageant. All the other news channels have had to follow suit.There is little difference, from a libertarian’s point of view, betweenthe two parties and their policies — as the Bush-Obama era illustrates. Butto political partisans, it is blood sport. Even in the conservative Southerncollege town I live in, something as simple as a Ron Paul bumper stickeron my wife’s Porsche nearly caused a parking lot altercation one afternoon.Anderson’s book is an entertaining and informative chronicle of howthe media racket now spans the entire spectrum from left to right. Youthink you’re getting it all, but you are not. Instead, the spectrum gives twoflavors of the same poison.Enjoy politics for what it is. As H.L. Mencken wrote, “Democracy isthe art and science of running the circus from the monkey cage.” Media,political or otherwise, is entertainment.Anderson’s book will give you a leg up on enjoying the show. You canget your copy of South Park* Conservatives: The Revolt Against LiberalMedia Bias from Laissez Faire Books.DOUG


THE PENNY PRESS,SEPTEMBER 26, 2013 PAGE 9The Gospel According To O'Reilly: Jesus Died For Our TaxesBy JOHN KIRKWOODSpecial To The Penny Press“I’m researching Killing Jesus, do you know why Jesus was killed, bythe Romans? … You don’t know and you shouldn’t know because it wasabout taxes, taxes!” – Bill O’Reilly, The O’Reilly Factor, March 2013 (seehere: Jesus killed over taxes)Now, I am no expert on Jesus Christ or the Roman occupation ofJudea in the first century A.D., but I am a minister of the gospel of JesusChrist and once, on the way to visit my in-laws, I slept in a Holiday InnExpress. But it wasn’t until that statement, from the renowned theologianBill O’Reilly of Fox News, that I realized the true reason that Jesus Christwas killed was not atonement, redemption, propitiation or reconciliation,but “Taxes! It was taxes!”I know, right! Those Romans are brutal! I mean, the IRS raided WillieNelson and jailed Wesley Snipes, but crucifixion? That’s just medieval!On Tuesday, the 24th of September, Killing Jesus: A History by BILLO’REILLY (in big bold all caps and the same font size as the words“KILLING JESUS”) and Martin Dugard (you better be wearing yourbi-focals to see his name, but he’s the guy who does all the work and getsnone of the credit; well, in this case – none of the blame) will arrive inbookstores and on e-shelves.And according to the prophet of the “No spin zone,” the guy who said,“render unto Caesar” and who miraculously summoned a fish with a silvercoin to pay, not only his own taxes but also that of his servant Peter, wassomehow the spearhead of a tax revolt against the Romans.The history of the Greeks, the Romans, the Christians and the Jewsdeny this, as does Christ himself, who, in a less than Simon bar Kokhbamoment, told Pilate to the face that his kingdom was not of this world elsehis servants would fight. But then again maybe Fox’s own Ron Burgundyand his ghostwriter have discovered something that thousands of scholars,billions of words, and history itself have overlooked?The write-up of the book promises to “take readers inside Jesus’s life,recounting the seismic political and historical events that made his deathinevitable – and changed the world forever.” Now, I’m all for tax revolts,but has the death of any tax revolutionary really “changed the worldforever?”And I’m pretty confident that the death of Jesus wasinevitable because God decreed it and prophecy declared it:Him, being delivered by the determinate counsel and foreknowledge ofGod, ye have taken, and by wicked hands have crucified and slain. (Acts2:23)The kings of the earth stood up, and the rulers were gathered togetheragainst the Lord, and against his Christ. For of a truth against thy holychild Jesus, whom thou hast anointed, both Herod, and Pontius Pilate, withthe Gentiles, and the people of Israel, were gathered together, For to dowhatsoever thy hand and thy counsel determined before to be done.(Acts4:26-28)After all, wasn’t Pontius Pilate reluctant to the last minute? Do youreally think that a Roman Procurator would pause for reflection in the faceof a tax revolt? A man renowned for his cruelty?As a student with intellectual curiosity and somewhere around 3,000theological volumes in my library, I appreciate the diversity among thescholars that appear there. I have the early church fathers, the great mindsof the Reformation, Catholics, Calvinists, skeptics, scoffers and evenatheists; though I must admit that O’Reilly will be the first theologian tograce my shelves that has been sued by a former producer for offering tointroduce a falafel into her nether regions. But as a Christian who believesin redemption, I was excited to hear that the trouble-making RomanCatholic kid who was the bane of his Catholic school had grown up to writea book about Jesus. What an opportunity for a man who has truly beenblessed with a magnificent platform and millions of viewers. How sad thathe wasted such a golden opportunity. How truly tragic.As nutty as Louis Farrakhan sounds when he claims that a Jew of thehouse of David and the tribe of Judah was black, as loopy as those in QueerNation who claim that Jesus was “a gay man, extraordinarily gay, steepedin gayness,” nothing quite compares to the complete denial of thousandsof years of Jewish prophecy and two millennia of Christian tradition. Noteven Dan Brown had the chutzpah to write his anti-Christian screed as awork of non-fiction. That’s right “folks,” you don’t see this kind of prideand prejudice outside of the major cults or the halls of Pandemonium.The fresh, bold piece of humanity has revealed himself as the hotsteaming pile of vanity that both Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh havewarned us about by implication for years. O’Reilly’s wacky, unhingedconjectures promise to make Oliver Stone seem like St. Augustine. Imaginethe ego that went into his decision to straighten out God, history, traditionand even the skeptics about the life and death of Jesus Christ? Imagine thearrogant naiveté to suggest that a history of the death of Jesus belongs onthe same shelf as Lincoln’s and JFK’s?And the irony of a man who boasts, “The Factor has stood upfor Christmas for fifteen years, defending the holiday from secularprogressives.” I guess it’s all right to have Christ in Christmas but let’srevisit that whole Easter Sunday thing. So, we have been wrong all alongwith the “Christ died for your sins” confession; actually we should revisethat to “Jesus died for your deductions!”But will the Factor-heads bail him out on this one? You betcha!O’Reilly could “ralph” into the Holy Grail and there would be a biddingwar on ebay. He still lives off the fumes of the average person’s middlefinger to the media in their disdain of mainstream propaganda and theirappreciation of Fox as a reliable news source. As for me, I would ratherhave him sign my loofah than toss him thirty pieces of silver like the Foxlemmings that will buy anything that bears his name and visage. How’sthat for pithy?The question that we must ask, that even fans of The Factor mustdemand, is why? Why would he write this book and why should wecontinue to pretend that Bill O’Reilly hasn’t morphed into the mediaversion of the perpetual thumb in the eye that is John McCain? If I’mwrong about his following, and I hope that I am, then the title of his nextbook will be, “KILLING RATINGS”!I leave you, my dear reader, to your own better discretion on whether tobuy this book or support this man but let me just point out a question thatshould make “the folks” uncomfortable. “When is MSNBC more reliablethan Fox News?” The answer is when Martin Bashir has to correct BillO’Reilly about the true reason for the death of Christ.Martin Bashir,You don’t know and you shouldn’t know because it was about taxes?’Well, as anyone with a modicum of Biblical history will tell you, the deathof Christ was an act of substitutionary atonement for the sins of the world.He neither lived nor died for taxes, in fact he simply said that one shoulddischarge one’s responsibilities to the state by rendering unto Caesar thatwhich was Caesar’s. But the purpose and meaning of his death is spelledout by the prophet Isaiah:He was pierced for our transgressions. He was crushed for ouriniquities. The punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by hiswounds we are healed. Isaiah 53:5“He died for the sins of the world,” continued Bashir, “including thelies and the misappropriation of his life by those whose sole purpose is tomake money at his expense.”

THE PENNY PRESS,SEPTEMBER 26, 2013 PAGE 10Commentary: Albert ThomasReverse Mortgage ExplainedLet’s look at the requirements. They sound reasonable.The person(s) must own the property and occupy it as their primaryresidence. Youngest owner must be age 62 or older. Property must meetFHA property standards. Owners must agree to maintain the property, paythe real estate or other lawful taxes and keep up the insurance.The loan (this a loan and the owner is actually borrowing money witheach payment) will be based on the lesser of the appraised net value or theFHA insurance limit.The initial amount of the loan will be determined each week based onthe interest rate set by the FHA.There are hundreds of lenders so there is going to be a slight differencein the amount paid to the borrower. That difference will be the commissionor fee charged for the paperwork. This is negotiable so always get morethan one quote.The homeowner may take the proceeds as a lump sum or as monthlypayments or some of each. The owners might like a monthly payout withlump sums advanced when property taxes become due or certain healthcare needs are required. It can be made flexible.The lender doesn’t care what you need the cash for as he looks tothe equity in the property for his guarantee of payment. Each time thehomeowner receives cash this increases the debt accrual on the propertyplus interest. Mr. Home Owner does not see this as he has been toldthe maximum amount he may withdraw unless it is set up as a monthlylifetime payment.The sooner the person dies or moves out of the home the better it isfor the lender.Here is the trap for the lender. If the owner lives a long time the lendermust continue to come up with cash. The lender is hoping the value of theproperty will increase so his return on investment will be greater.The lender has not factored in two negatives. First a possible continueddecline in property values and second the possibility the owner will notmaintain the property.Let’s take an example of a man age 80 with a home appraised at$300,000 with a remaining loan of only $100,000. His monthly checkis estimated between $900 and $1,000 per month. He lives for at least10 years. There is no provision for inflation or that real estate taxes willnot increase. His payment buys less each month. He may not be able tomaintain the property or do necessary repairs.The borrower could maintain his purchasing power if the reversemortgage contract included a Cost of Living Index annual adjustment. Sofar not one contract has. Selling the home now may be a better option.There are many hidden fees in these documents the salesman is notgoing to tell you about.. Every wise homeowner should have an attorney’sadvice before signing.The ultimate outcome is the borrower must lower his standard ofliving as inflation eats away his monthly check. The lender will have alien on property with a decreased value.The potential for another “sub-prime” fiasco looms if the lendersbundle these reverse mortgages and sell them as MBS equities – mortgagebacked securities.In the long run it may not a good deal for either party.AL THOMASAl’s new ebook (32 pages) is available on Amazon for 99 cents. It explainsthe Golden Cross and the Death Cross. These are well known methodsof determining long term trends in the market. If you only learned onemethod of technical analysis this would have kept you out of the 2000 and2008 crashes and will keep you out of the next one that is coming soon.The title is Never Lose Money In The Stock Market Again. Copyright 2010Williamsburg Investment Co. All rights reserved.

THE PENNY PRESS,SEPTEMBER 26, 2013 PAGE 11Commentary: Matt BarberYour Safe, Moral Boy ScoutsAlternative Is …It was Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 6, 2013. The huge hall was overflowing,the convention sold out. Over 1,200 attendees, with many spilling out intothe foyer, eagerly awaited the announcement. What would this safe, moraland non-sexualized alternative to the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) looklike? With a stirring introductory video came the answer: “Trail Life USA”would now endeavor to “be the premier national character developmentorganization for young men, which produces godly and responsiblehusbands, fathers and citizens.”The reveal, eagerly anticipated by hundreds of thousands – if notmillions – of Americans was met with rousing cheers. “Our missionis simple and clear,” came the official mission statement, “to guidegenerations of courageous young men to honor God, lead with integrity,serve others and experience outdoor adventure.”A brief summary from the new scouting-like organization’s website( reads as follows:“Most guys want exciting outdoor adventure with their friends. We’vegot that! Trips and travel? That, too. Camping. Check. Physical and mentalchallenge? Yep. And awards? Of course!“Trail Life USA is a Christian adventure, character and leadershipmovement for young men. The K-12 program centers on outdoorexperiences that build a young man’s skills and allow him to grow on apersonal level and as a role model and leader for his peers. Living the TrailLife is a journey established on timeless values derived from the Bible.”Countless men and boys who once called themselves “Boy Scouts”will now proudly bear the title of “Trailman.”Back in May, millions of Americans were shocked and saddenedwhen the BSA inexplicably bowed to left-wing political pressure andbecame something it had never before been: a hyper-politicized, aberrantlysexualized petri dish for social and sexual experimentation.Created in 1910 to “prepare young people to make ethical and moralchoices over their lifetimes,” the BSA, on May 23, 2013, tragically votedto welcome into its ranks “open and avowed” homosexuality (boy-on-boysexual attraction and behavior), thereby disavowing the “morally straight”Scout Oath its members have been sworn to uphold for over a century.Even worse, and in so doing, the BSA effectively waived the onlylegal defense it once had to preclude openly homosexual Scout leadersand gender-confused girls from its ranks: religious and moral conviction.It’s only a matter of time until the BSA is forced to capitulate to sexualextremists’ political demands and allow homosexual adults – men whodefine their identity based upon carnal appetites for other males – to takeyour boys on overnight camping trips.Once that happens, Trail Life USA will be the life raft for themultitudes. Those who abandon the fast-sinking BSA ship will have a safeplace to land.The group has released a must-see video explaining both the historyof Trail Life USA and the BSA’s tragic and financially driven cave-in toextremist political groups, hard-left corporate donors and the mainstreammedia (Click here to view video).Oh, but what a faithful Lord we serve! We are reminded in Romans8:28, “that in all things God works for the good of those who love him,who have been called according to his purpose.”Trail Life USA is indeed good. It has indeed been called according toHis purpose.And it will never waver.In a recent interview on “WallBuilders Live” radio, John Stemberger,an Eagle Scout, lawyer, pro-family advocate and Trail Life USA’s actingboard chairman, addressed the BSA tragedy and the resulting birth of thisexciting new principled alternative: “Sometimes things have to die beforethere’s a new birth and it comes back better than before. And, not to extendthe analogy too far, but even our Lord went through that process,” he said.Regrettably, the usual left-wing suspects have attempted to smear TrailLife USA by labeling it “anti-gay.” Nothing could be further from thetruth. Trail Life is simply pro-purity. As Christians, the group’s leadershiphas adopted the tried-and-true “love the sinner, hate the sin” model.They’ve simply chosen to obey and follow Christ’s “I do not condemn you… From now on sin no more” example on sexual immorality – all sexualimmorality – be it adultery, fornication, homosexual behavior or any othersexual sin explicitly identified in Scripture.Trail Life’s Membership Standards state, without equivocation, “Thebasis for the program’s ethical and moral standards are found in the Bible.In terms of sexual identification and behavior, we affirm that any sexualactivity outside the context of the covenant of marriage between one manand one woman is sinful before God and therefore inconsistent with thevalues and principles of the program.“Within these limits, we grant membership to adults and youth whodo not engage in or promote sexual immorality of any kind, or engage inbehavior that would become a distraction to the mission of the program.”Under the heading “Purity,” the group’s Statement of Faith & Valuesstates: “Members are called to live a life of holiness, being pure ofheart, mind, word and deed, reserving sexual activity for the sanctity ofmarriage; marriage being a lifelong commitment before God between aman and a woman.”We condemn you not. Now go and sin no more.“Real men value truth over tradition,” Stemberger told the cheeringconvention crowd. “Real men value principle over program, and theyvalue integrity over institutions.”The BSA has lost its integrity. It has chosen the almighty dollar overthe best interests of the boys it once served so well.Now you have a choice.An oak has died, but a new seed buds.I pray you’ll water that new seed. I pray you’ll choose Trail Life USA.MATT BARBERMatt Barber (@jmattbarber on Twitter) is an attorney concentrating inconstitutional law. He serves as Vice President ofLiberty Counsel



THE PENNY PRESS,SEPTEMBER 26, 2013 PAGE 14Commentary: Chuck Muth Every week in Nevada,2014: The Year of the Republican Woman?If there has indeed been a Republican war on women, Republicanwomen in Nevada are striking back!Apparently sick and tired of watching the GOP’s men-folk muckeverything up, a growing army of conservative Republican womenare jumping into the 2014 election fray, with some taking on moderateRepublican men who have been anointed by the GOP’s all-maleestablishment in primaries.Republicans currently only hold two constitutional offices in Nevada,and neither incumbent is a woman. That could change next year asconservative Sue Lowden, a former state senator, seems ready to jump intothe lieutenant governor’s primary race against the candidate hand-pickedby “the boys,” one-session moderate state Sen. Mark Hutchison.It also appears likely that conservative State Sen. Barbara Cegavske– who had her leadership roles stripped from her by Senate MinorityLeader “Moderate Mike” Roberson in the 2013 legislative session – willjump into the Secretary of State’s race, while Assemblywoman MelissaWoodbury, one of only three Republican women currently serving in theNevada Legislature, is said to be mulling a run for State Controller.At the state Senate level there are two seats up for grabs that willdetermine which party controls the upper house. And burned by ascathing tongue-lashing from GOP women for his treatment of Cegavskeearlier this year, it is well-known that Moderate Mike is single-mindedlyrecruiting female candidates for both of those races.Which brings us to the state Assembly, where conservative firebrandAssemblywoman Michele Fiore of Las Vegas is likely to hold onto her seatdespite rumored efforts by some of her moderate male colleagues to finda candidate to run against her in next year’s primary.In rural Assembly District 38 conservative Dr. Robin Titus is likelyto replace moderate Assemblyman Tom Grady, while in Washoe CountyAssembly District 26 conservative Lisa Krasner has an excellent shot atknocking off moderate Assemblyman Randy Kirner in a GOP primaryshoot-out.Also in Washoe County, Jill Dickman — a longtime Reno GOP activist– has announced her candidacy in Assembly District 31, the only districtwith a Republican majority that is currently represented by a Democrat.If Dickman wins an anticipated primary, she’s got a great shot at winningthe general.In the Las Vegas area, conservative businesswoman Amy Groves islooking at running in Assembly District 29, while Victoria Seaman intendsto run for the open Assembly District 34 seat. And Minddie Lloyd hasannounced her candidacy for Assembly District 9, with others surely yetto come.All of these Republican women are serious, credible and viable. Andwhile I’ve never been one to support gender-based politics, it wouldn’texactly be unpleasant to see a lot more pretty faces in Carson City in 2015— especially if a conservative mindset is behind them!CHUCK MUTH(Mr. Muth is president of Citizen Outreach, a conservative grassrootsadvocacy organization. He can be reached at is trying toscrew us.Most of the time, weelected that someone.That's why we conservativesNEED a WEEKLYvoice.That's why the Penny Presshas made sticking upfor us little guys a wholenew Nevada tradition.Penny Press775-461-1515eFax

THE PENNY PRESS,SEPTEMBER 26, 2013 PAGE 15SparksRenoCarson


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