New Holland Pull-Type Field Sprayers

New Holland Pull-Type Field Sprayers

New HollandPull-Type Field SprayersS1050S1070

Precise application, even indifficult conditionsTough S1000 field sprayers deliver reliability and accuracy to save you timeand input costs.Whether you’re spraying onsmooth, flat ground or over bumpy,uneven fields, New Holland S1000sprayers deliver dependable, moneysavingaccuracy.A model to match your needsBoom sizes from 80 to 134 feetwide, two tank sizes and a choice ofboom type allow you to select theideal model for your applicationneeds. Choose the 1000-US gallonS1050 suspended-boom sprayer orthe 1600-gallon S1070 sprayer that’savailable with either a suspendedor wheeled boom.Suspended Boom Wheeled BoomModel Capacity, gal. Width, ft. Width, ft.S1050 1,000 80, 90 and 100 N/AS1070 1,600 80, 90, 100, 120, 80, 84, 90, 94, 100, 104, 110,126 and 134 114, 120, 124, 130 and 1342

Smart, durable designNo matter which model youchoose, the heavy 4-in. x 10-in. frameconstruction ensures exceptional loadstability and durability over the longhaul. Powder coated paint protectsagainst corrosion and preserves alike-new finish. High-clearancesuspension provides excellent cropclearance and stability. Both suspended-boomand wheeled-boom modelsfold from field to transport positionfrom the tractor cab. Narrow transportwidth provides for safe roadtravel and convenient storage.High-performance plumbingAn efficient S1000 tank designand user-friendly plumbing controleliminates hassles and leads to highspraying performance in the field. Aconvenient, waist-high central manifoldsimplifies plumbing control andoperation for increased productivity,reliability and easier cleanout comparedto previous models equippedwith a plumbing tree. The manifoldlocation on the hitch protects valvesfrom damage. Flange-style sprayercoupler fittings are used for manifoldand plumbing to allow for easyservicing.Both the polypropylene plumbingand the tank itself are sloped sixdegrees toward the front for quick,easy drainage when changingchemicals or winterizing. Chemicalresistantpolypropylene material isused for plumbing throughout thesprayer. A large sight gauge is standardequipment to allow you to seetank levels at a glance. This gauge isplumbed to the bottom of the tanksump to provide improved tank levelaccuracy. A clean water nozzle ismounted to the top inside of the tankto assist tank cleanout. A three-inchbulk bottom fill valve option is availablefor customers that utilize threeinchpumps for faster tank filling.Built-in safetyA separate 120-gallon clean waterrinse tank located at the front of themain tank is standard equipment foryour convenience and safety. In addition,a 3.2-gallon emergency handand eye wash station is convenientlylocated near the plumbing manifoldand main tank.Easy mixing accuracyThe optional ground-level,12-gallon induction tank allows forconvenient, safe mixing and addingof all types of chemicals, includingdry formulations, liquid formulationsand water soluble paks. The lowprofiledesign makes it easy to reach,and a ball valve at the bottom of thetank allows for easy clean out anddrainage. A screw lid with “C-seal”prevents dust buildup.The heavy-duty boom features a center pivot andparallel lift with an innovative suspension built in tohandle the toughest field conditions (suspended boommodel only).3

Maximum spraying controlBoom design and a choice of in-cab monitors provide reliable, accurate spraying.The heavy-duty boom constructionof New Holland S1000 sprayers isdesigned to enhance both durabilityand spraying accuracy, even inbumpy, varied field conditions.Wheeled boom constructionWheeled models range from 80to 134 feet wide, and feature rugged5-inch x 5-inch construction withlarge-diameter boom wheels andheavy-duty hubs and spindles. Largebore,automotive-style shock absorberson the boom wheels provide a smoothride. You control the automaticfolding feature right from the cab.Suspended boom modelsS1000 suspended boom modelsfeature high-clearance suspensionwith a parallel link design to improveboom stability and spray accuracy,even when working across unevenfields. The hydraulic boom suspensionutilizes accumulators to maintaincylinder position while absorbingthe vertical shock encountered bythe boom during field operation. Thecenter boom section provides 18 to70 inches of ground clearance, whileeach outer boom section moves15 degrees upward and five degreesdownward. A convenient, in-cab joystickprovides control of boom lift, tilt,transport fold and optional foammarker.Boom protectionAn outer breakaway boomsection—12-foot long on the wheeledboom models and eight-foot onsuspended boom models—protectsagainst foreign objects in field.4

Reduced driftOptional windscreens reducedrift by 86% compared to open-boomsprayers. They’re available on allWheel-boom sizes and suspendedboom widths up to 100 feet. A perforateddesign offers excellent protectionfrom the wind, yet allowsenough air flow to increase turbulencewithin crop canopy to improveproduct coverage. End caps are standardwith windscreens on suspended-boomsprayers. Touch-downwheels for boom ends or mid boomare optional. Two gauge wheels perwing are standard with windscreensand optional on models without.Adjustable wheel spacingAdjustable wheel spacing accommodatesthe narrow tire trackingwidths that are useful for row-cropapplications and allows you tomatch your sprayer to your tractorwheel spacing. Axles are infinitelyadjustable between 60 and 120 inchescenter to center on the S1050, and 72to 120 inches center to center on theS1070. A 90- to 144-inch axle is alsoavailable. Optional 15,000-, 24,000-and 40,000-pound axles are alsoavailable.A choice of monitorsBoth the seven-inch IntelliViewIII and 10.4-inch touch-screenIntelliView Plus II monitor featureeasy-to-read color screens andallow you to quickly makeon-the-go application rate changesand view readouts of speed, rate, areacovered and volume of spray applied.Animated graphics and informationpop-up windows provide you withimmediate information. Both are ISO11783 compliant making it compatiblewith other implements that offer similarcompliance.The IntelliView Plus II monitor features a 10.4-inch touch-screen display and is compact flash cardcompatible up to a recommended 1 GB (comes withstandard 128 MB) allows you to transfer informationin and out of monitor.The IntelliView III monitor has a 7-inch,color, touch-screen display and allows you totransfer information using a USB memory stick.5

Customize your S1000 sprayerSelect the options that match your needs.A number of tire options areavailable to match your requirements,including both dual and single carttires, as well as a choice of R1 or AWTR3 diamond-grip tires.Tip choices?Nozzle and nozzle body include:TeeJet Nozzles: (Type Series DegreeType)• TeeJet XR8000 80 Flat Fan• TeeJet XR11000 110 Flat Fan• TeeJet AI1100 110 Air InductionCombo Jet Nozzle Bodies:• Single Combo-Jet, Double Combo-Jet, Triple Combo-Jet• Combo Jet Nozzles: (Type SeriesDegree Type)• Combo-Jet ER8000 80 ExtendedRange• Combo-Jet DR8000 80 DriftReduction• Combo-Jet MR8000 80 Midrange• Combo-Jet ER11000 110 ExtendedRangeTeeJet Nozzle Bodies:• Single Quick TeeJet, Double Swivel-Jet, & Triple Quick TeeJetBoom auto height control optionsinclude the Norac UC4 PlusUltrasonic sprayer height controllerand the Raven Autoboom G1system (touch down wheel) or G2system (ultrasonic).Note: Boom auto height systems must be ordereddirect from their respective manufacturersOptional wheel fenders (suspendedboom sprayers only) preventthe buildup of mud and dirt onsprayer booms and windscreens andimprove the spray pattern directlybehind the wheels.Additional options:• Endscreens (standard on suspendedboom modes with windscreens)• End nozzles• Windscreens• Foam marker• Extra ball valve kits• Hydraulic fold out (wheeled boom)• 3-inch bottom fill• 1-inch inline strainers for ball valves• In cab Agitation Control"Various pump options can beordered to accommodate tractorhydraulics and various spray applications.Four hydraulic pumps areoffered from Hypro and Ace,including the Hypro 9303 HM1C,9306 HM1C or 9603 HM3C and AceFMC 206. All Hypro pumps featurean enhanced silicone carbide sealwhich will help when dry runs occur.A sprayer rinse wand allows for easy cleaning and rinsing of the sprayer no matter where you are operating.6

SpecificationsMODEL S1050 S1070BOOMSSuspended, ft. (m) 80 (24.4) 48 nozzles at 20" (50.8 cm) spacing [optional 30" (76.2 cm)] 80 (24.4) 48 nozzles at 20" (50.8 cm) spacing [optional 30" (76.2 cm)]90 (27.4) 54 nozzles at 20" (50.8 cm) spacing [optional 30" (76.2 cm)] 90 (27.4) 54 nozzles at 20" (50.8 cm) spacing [optional 30" (76.2 cm)]100 (30.5) 60 nozzles at 20" (50.8 cm) spacing [optional 30" (76.2 cm)] 100 (30.5) 60 nozzles at 20" (50.8 cm) spacing [optional 30" (76.2 cm)]— 120 (36.6) 72 nozzles at 20" (50.8 cm) spacing [optional 30" (76.2 cm)],no windscreen— 134 (40.8) 80 nozzles at 20" (50.8 cm) spacing [optional 22" (56 cm)],no windscreenWheeled, ft. (m)4 section — 80 (24.4) 48 nozzles at 20" (50.8 cm) spacing Field-Sprayers S1070Booms 84 (25.6) 50 nozzles at 20" (50.8 cm) spacing— 90 (27.4) 54 nozzles at 20" (50.8 cm) spacing Field-Sprayers S1070Booms 94 (28.7) 56 nozzles at 20" (50.8 cm) spacing— 100 (30.5) 60 nozzles at 20" (50.8 cm) spacing Field-Sprayers S1070Booms 104 (31.7) 62 nozzles at 20" (50.8 cm) spacing6 section — 110 (33.5) 66 nozzles at 20" (50.8 cm) spacing Field-Sprayers S1070Booms 114 (34.8) 68 nozzles at 20" (50.8 cm) spacing— 120 (36.6) 72 nozzles at 20" (50.8 cm) spacing Field-Sprayers S1070Booms 124 (37.8) 74 nozzles at 20" (50.8 cm) spacing— 130 (39.6) 78 nozzles at 20" (50.8 cm) spacing Field-Sprayers S1070Booms 134 (40.8) 80 nozzles at 20" (50.8 cm) spacingCART TIRES/TRACKING WIDTHSSingle, in. (cm) 18.4-26R3 / 80-120 (203-305) 480/80R38 R1/ 72-120 (183-305)380/80R38 / 62-120 (157-305) 380/90R46 R1 / 72-120 (183-305)320/90R46 / 60-120 (152-305) 380/85R46 R1 /72-120 (183-305)Duals, in. (cm) 320/90R46 / 22 (56) rows, 132 (335) outer spacing max. 320/90R46 / 22 (56) rows, 132 (335) outer spacing max.380/90R46 / 30 (76) rows, 120 (305) outer spacing 380/90R46 / 30 (76) rows, 120 (305) outer spacingCLEARANCECart axle, in. (cm) 33-36 (84-91) depending on tire options 33-36 (84-91) depending on tire optionsMODELTank Sizes, U.S. gallons (L) 1000 (3785) 1600 (6056)NOZZLESTeeJet visaflo flat fan, standard or extended range, 80 orTeeJet visaflo flat fan, standard or extended range, 80 or110 (degree) tips 110 (degree) tipsTeeJet single- or triple-head nozzle bodiesTeeJet single- or triple-head nozzle bodiesSwivel-Jet double-head nozzle bodiesSwivel-Jet double-head nozzle bodiesCombo-Jet single-, double- or triple-head nozzle bodies and tips Combo-Jet single-, double- or triple-head nozzle bodies and tipsPLUMBINGBoom control valves, in. (cm) TeeJet 450 Series ball valve manifold system (flanged fittings) TeeJet 450 Series ball valve manifold system (flanged fittings)1 (2.5) hose boom control valves to booms 1 (2.5) hose boom control valves to boomsHand/eye wash tank, U.S. gallons (L) 3.2 (12) 3.2 (12)Rinse tank, U.S. gallons (L) 120 (454) Integrated in frame 120 (454) Integrated in frameAgitation Four horizontal jet-type Four horizontal jet-typeSpray booms, in. (cm) 1 (2.5) schedule 80 PVC pipe (wheeled boom) 1 (2.5) schedule 80 PVC pipe (wheeled boom)1 (2.5) schedule polypropylene (suspended boom) 1 (2.5) schedule polypropylene (suspended boom)1 (2.5) schedule 40 stainless steel (wheeled and suspended - optional) 1 (2.5) schedule 40 stainless steel (wheeled and suspended - optional)PUMPS, HYDRAULIC CENTRIFUGALPumps, Hydraulic Centrifugal,U.S. gpm (L/min) Hypro HM1C for hydraulic oil flows of 8-15 (30-57) Hypro HM1C for hydraulic oil flows of 8-15 (30-57)Hypro HM3C for hydraulic oil flows of 15-23 (57-87) Hypro HM3C for hydraulic oil flows of 15-23 (57-87)Ace 206 for hydraulic oil flows of 6-9 (23-34) Ace 206 for hydraulic oil flows of 6-9 (23-34)SUSPENDED BOOM HEIGHT RANGESuspended Boom Height Range in, (cm) 18-70 (46-178) 18-70 (46-178)TRANSPORT WIDTHSuspended, ft. in. (m) 11' (3.35) without windscreens, 11'2" (3.4) with windscreens 11' (3.35) without windscreens, 11'2" (3.4) with windscreens Field-SprayersS1070 Wheeled, ft. in. (m) Transport Width 11'2" (3.4) wheeled boom foldarm widthWheeled, ft. in. (m) 11'2" (3.4) wheeled boom fold arm width 11'2" (3.4) wheeled boom fold arm widthSee product brochure for full specifications and options.7

Value, Service and SolutionsWhen you place your confidence inNew Holland agricultural equipment,you also get the finest support. Yourlocal New Holland dealer stands behindyou at every step with the equipment,parts, service and financial services youand your operation need.Become part of the family. You’llfind the perfect combination of equipmentat your New Holland dealer,including a full line of tractors, hay andforage equipment, harvesting, cropproduction and material handlingequipment. We’re one big productivefamily. Ask your New Holland dealerabout becoming part of the family andreceive special FAMILY VALUE$ discounts.NEW HOLLAND TOP SERVICE SMMAKES YOUR NEEDS A TOP PRIORITYQuality parts and service. Turn toyour New Holland dealer after the salefor expert, factory-trained service andgenuine New Holland–branded parts tokeep you working productively seasonafter season.Financing solutions. Your New Hollanddealer can tell you about smart waysto turn your financial challenges intoopportunities with a portfolio of innovativefinancial services available throughCNH Capital, including customizedfinancing, leasing, insurance and thepurchasing convenience of a CommercialRevolving Account.YOUR NEW HOLLAND DEALER866-NEW-HLND866-639-4563For reliable equipment, parts andservice—or just honest advice on farmingand finance—turn to New Holland andyour trusted New Holland dealer.Visit our Web site at are proud to support the FFA.Design, materials and/or specifications are subject tochange without notice and without liability therefor.Specifications are applicable to units sold in Canada, theUnited States, its territories and possessions, and may varyoutside these areas.© 2009 CNH America LLC. All rights reserved. New Hollandand CNH Capital are registered trademarks of CNH America LLC.Any trademarks referred to herein, in association with goodsand/or services of companies other than CNH America LLC,are the property of those respective companies.Safety begins with a thorough understanding ofthe equipment. Always make sure you andyour operators read the Operator’s Manualbefore using the equipment. Pay closeattention to all safety and operatingdecals and never operate machinerywithout all shields, protective devicesand structures in place.NH31105020 • 090910 • MG • PRINTED IN U.S.A.

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