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Developments From USA

Developments From USA Setubal As from the beginning of Janu- ary the successful EuroAegean Service has been substantially upgraded both in terms of transport ca- pacity and number of ports of call and therefore markets it serves. Following the introduction of the Pure Car Truck Carrier (PCTC) Grande Napoli, the service now has as many as nine vessels deployed on it, with the latest vessel added being about 20% bigger and more capable than the other eight ships serving the trade, which are all in the Grande Italia class. At the same time, the network of ports served by the EuroAegean has been Bristol Southampton Valencia widened by adding five new destinations: Hamburg (Germany), Limassol (Cyprus), Beirut (Lebanon), Tartous and Lattakia (Syria), Mersin (Turkey) and Alexandria (Egypt). Such an enlargement creates ad- ditional export opportunities not only for the German and North European sourc- ing market but also for exporters in the United States. Hamburg’s Unikai termi- nal has in fact being designated as the Group’s transhipment hub for cargo from the US and Canada sailing on ACL ships and bound not only to Lebanon but to the entire North African and East Mediter- ranean range served by Grimaldi, from Flushing Antwerp Lybia to Turkey. Hamburg Livorno Civitavecchia Palermo Under the new profile of the service, five of the nine EuroAegean ships are sched- uled to have additional calls at Hamburg, Salerno EuroAegean brings the US to Lebanon via Hamburg 6 GNE WS

Piraeus Gemlik Yenikoy Alexandria Limassol, Beirut, Tartous, Lattakia, Mersin and Alexandria and have a rotation of 35 days based on the following round trip: Hamburg, Antwerp, Setubal, Valencia, Livorno, Civitavecchia, Salerno, Piraeus, Beirut, Lattakia, Mersin Gemlik, Alexan- dria. Frequency from Hamburg will be weekly, with departure every Friday. Frequency from Antwerp remains unchanged: three times a week, with departure on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The remaining four vessels in the service will keep the standard rotation of 28 days. Mersin Lattakia Beirut By means of transhipment in one of the Mediterranean ports, the cargo loaded on the EuroAegean can also reach the ports of Tunis, Tripoli and Misurata (Libya). The EuroAegean ships can load all kinds of Ro/Ro units, like vehicles and self-pro- pelled construction machines, as well as conventional and project cargo with weights of up to 75 tons, including any roll-trailers that may be used. The eight sisters in the Grande Italia class can carry up to 4,500 vehicles or other RoRo cargo while the larger Grande Napoli tops 5,400 vehicles. Grimaldi Agencies Maroc has home in Casablanca During the course of 2008, Grimaldi has opened up its own agency in Morocco. Under the trade name of Grimaldi Agencies Maroc, the company is dedicated to providing a high quality service to all of the Group’s customers in Morocco. As from the end of Janu- ary 2009, the agency will operate from its own new offices in Casa- blanca, adjacent to the port. Casablanca is called every 12 days by the Eurocargo Express Service en route to West Africa. In addition to the imports from North Europe a growing number of Moroccan ex- porters can benefit from sailings directly to Grimaldi’s dedicated transhipment hub in Dakar and thereafter cargo connects with the extensive Grimaldi West African service network. It is important to underline that Grimaldi’s staff in Casablanca have gained particular expertise in the export of all cargo types to West African destinations. Grimaldi Agencies Maroc new business ad- dress is: Espace Idriss, 8 eme étage, 353 Bd Mohamed V, Angle Bd la Resistance, Casablanca C.P.20.000. Phone number ++212 22 44 70 36, fax ++212 22 54 31 34, email: GNE WS 7

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