Mitigating Erosion on Slopes_Ben Burgoa

Mitigating Erosion on Slopes_Ben Burgoa

Soil erosion =- Detachment soil particles- Transport by water

Anticipating Runoff and ong>Erosionong>

Preventing Runoff at the Source(Casale, NRCS)(4 -D)• Decrease (volume and velocity)• Detain• Dissipate• Divert

BMPs• Decrease– Row Arrangement– Cover Crop– Road Seeding– Ditch Plastic and Grass– Waterbars• Dissipate and Divert– Temporary Slope Drain and Underground Outlet• Detain– Sediment Basin

Row Arrangement

Row Arrangement(1 – 2 % slope)

Improving Water Infiltration

Exposure of baresoil can increaseerosion in slopesCover Crop

Cover Crop• Protect soil by minimizing the dislodgingimpact of rain drops (straw)• Reduce water runoff and improve waterinfiltration• Reduce soil surface crusting• Increase soil organic matter and nutrientavailability (depend on soil, temperature andranifall)

Winter Cover Crops(Cahn et al. 2008)

Cover Crop

Road Seeding

Road Seeding

Plant grass:1) on road2) on the sides of the ditch3) 10 feet up into theadjacent furrows thatdrain into the roadRoad Seeding

Maximum Number of Acres that AnnualGrassed Roads can Handle Safely

Protect Steep Roads From ong>Erosionong>Channel reinforced with plasticrequires:- Underground outlet- Sediment basin

WaterbarsHelp redirect waterfrom steeps roadsto land that cancarry or absorb thewater safely withminimal erosionSPACING:

Waterbars with bales

Temporary Slope DrainCarry concentratedrunoff from top ofslope to the base ofslopeApplicable to sites:< 10 acres drainagearea> 3 % slope

Underground Outlets

Sediment and Stormwater ControlBasins

Detention Basins• Help reduce:– Intensity (flow rate)– Sediment load• Effective when placed at the low end of a field• The basin and outlet must be correctly sizedto accommodate anticipated rate and volumeof runoff


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