Sandcastle Brochure - Penticton Peach Festival

Sandcastle Brochure - Penticton Peach Festival


Presents the 30 th annualSandcastle Competitionat Skaha BeachAugust 8, 2013This year we’re packing the beach with more participants than ever! The SandcastleCompetition is the perfect opportunity to get together and enjoy affordable, fresh-airfriends and family time.Bring your bright ideas to life for family & friends from across the street and aroundthe world. From the tiniest tots to great gram and pop, there’s something for everyoneto enjoy.With the Penticton Peach Fest in full swing and visitors from all corners of the planethere to enjoy the fruits and wines of our spectacular summer, the SandcastleCompetition provides an opportunity to join friends and families together & enjoy theFUN!

WHAT IS THE SANDCASTLE COMPETITION?The Skaha Projects Society Sandcastle Competition is one of the most popular events thatoccur in Penticton, BC each summer. This year marks the 30th annual competition.WHY IS IT CALLED THE RONA SANDCASTLE COMPETITION?In 2012, the Skaha Projects Society took on the hosting role and this year RONA hasbecome our MAJOR SPONSOR.WHERE IS THE SANDCASTLE COMPETITION BEING HELD THIS YEAR?The competition will be held on the sandy, sunny shores of Skaha Beach, at the south end ofPenticton.WHY IS THE SANDCASTLE COMPETITION HELD YEAR AFTER YEAR?The Sandcastle Competition is held annually to raise money for various local andinternational projects and to provide a BUCKET-LOAD OF FUN for families and childrenengaged in the pleasure of mucking about in wet sand.WHEN WILL THIS YEAR’S SANDCASTLE COMPETITION BE HELD?The 2013 Competition will be held on August 8, 2013.WHAT DOES REGISTRATION COST?Corporate entry fee $ 50.00Family / Friends fee 25.00Youth team (13-16 years) 20.00Kid’s team (12 and under) 10.00

WHAT IS INCLUDED IN THE ENTRY FEE?a) LOADS of fun !!b) Corporate Team prize $ 500.00(donated to the charity of your choice)Family/Friends team prize 200.00Youth team prize 200.00Kid’s team prize 100.00People’s Choice Award PURE BRAGGING RIGHTS* Ballots will be sold during the event and voters may cast ballots forthe Sandcastle of their choice at the entry booth. Proceeds go towardsSkaha Projects Society*WHERE CAN I ENTER?Entry Forms are available at:RONAGreyback Construction, 402 Warren Ave. EastKampman Oliver Keene McAndrews, 409 Ellis St.Dragon’s Den, 12 Front StreetARE THERE PERFORMANCES THAT I CAN ENJOY FOR FREE?YES! Everyone is invited to watch or participate. Live entertainment will be provided byKYLE ANDERSON & THE WORLD’S LARGEST TRIO.WHAT TIME DOES THE COMPETITION BEGIN AND END?The event runs from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Kid’s teams are allocated on hour, while allother teams are permitted two hours to complete their sandcastles before judging begins.HOW MANY PEOPLE WATCH AND PARTICIPATE IN THE SANDCASTLECOMPETITION?This event normally attracts about 100 sculptors and hundreds of observers, so COMEEARLY to avoid disappointment.HOW ARE THE PROCEEDS OF THE SANDCASTLE COMPETITION USED?Proceeds from this fundraising event are used to support Skaha Projects Societycommunity and international projects.

WHAT:THE 30 TH ANNUALSANDCASTLECOMPETITIONWHERE:Skaha Beach, Penticton, BC (East end by the Sun Dial)WHEN : August 8, 2013WHO: Everyone is WELCOME !SCHEDULE:Registration at the Beach begins at4:00 pm near the Sun DialSculpture time 5:30 – 7:30 pmSculpture time (kids) 5:30 – 6:30 pmENTRY FEES: Corporate Team $ 50Family/Friends Team $ 25Youth Team (13-16 yrs) $ 20Kid’s Team (under 12) $ 10PRIZES: Family/Friends Teams $250Youth Teams $200Kid’s Teams $100Business Challenge Teams $500(donated to charity of choice)REGISTRATION FORMS available at:• RONA• Greyback Construction, 402 Warren Ave. East• Kampman Oliver Keene McAndrews, 409 Ellis St.• Dragon’s Den, 12 Front Street

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