Cheniere In The Community - Cheniere Energy, Inc.

Cheniere In The Community - Cheniere Energy, Inc.

Cheniere In The Community - Cheniere Energy, Inc.


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<strong>Cheniere</strong> <strong>In</strong> <strong>The</strong> <strong>Community</strong>An Annual Report of <strong>Cheniere</strong> <strong>Energy</strong>’s<strong>Community</strong> <strong>In</strong>vestment and Outreach EffortsSeptember 2013

Restoring a <strong>Community</strong> Park<strong>Cheniere</strong> RefurbishesChildren’s Park inGregory, Texas<strong>The</strong> City of Gregory and <strong>Cheniere</strong><strong>Energy</strong> welcomed over 200 childrenand family members to the grand reopeningof “Our Children’s Park” onMay 30, 2013. Originally built in 1982,the park had fallen into disrepair inrecent years. With a $100,000 grantfrom <strong>Cheniere</strong> <strong>Energy</strong>, new playgroundequipment, benches, grills, fencing anda parking lot were installed.<strong>The</strong> project was a cooperative effortbetween <strong>Cheniere</strong> and the Gregorycommunity. City leaders and communityvolunteers contributed countless hoursto the park’s rehabilitation – clearingold equipment, painting and workingto beautify the area. Gregory MayorFreddy Garcia explained, “This projectcouldn’t have been completed without<strong>Cheniere</strong>’s generous grant and thededicated work of our volunteers.Thanks to everyone’s efforts, thechildren of Gregory once again have aclean and safe park to enjoy.”<strong>Cheniere</strong>’s involvement with theGregory Park began in 2007 when<strong>Cheniere</strong>’s Vice President of BusinessDevelopment, Bill English, spearheadedan effort to install a paved walking trail.English continues to be a cheerleaderfor the park, and was on hand for thegrand re-opening. “I am so proud that<strong>Cheniere</strong> was able to step up and workwith the Gregory community to restorethis important centerpiece of Gregorylife. This project was truly a win-win forall involved,” English said.“This project was truly awin-win for all involved”– V.P. of Business Development, Bill English3

Outreach Efforts in the <strong>Community</strong><strong>Cheniere</strong> has initiated a robust public outreach program to educate the public and policy leadersabout LNG exports and <strong>Cheniere</strong>’s activities in the community. From meetings with electedofficials, to participation in local civic organizations, to hosting an industry outreach day in BatonRouge, <strong>Cheniere</strong> has been a visible presence in the communities and states where we operate.“Meet-and-Greets” withCoastal Bend neighborsAs part of our efforts to shareinformation with the local community,<strong>Cheniere</strong> representatives haveorganized a series of gatherings in thehomes of local Coastal Bend residents.<strong>The</strong> “Meet-and-Greets” involve a groupof 15-20 residents who come togetherfor an evening of dinner, socializing,and an in-depth discussion about<strong>Cheniere</strong>’s proposed LNG export facility.“This format allows for a detaileddiscussion about the project andprovides a perfect forum to answerquestions about safety and theenvironmental impacts of LNG,” saidBrenda Coonrod, a resident of thePortland community, who hosted arecent meet-and-greet. “Those whoattended walked away with a betterunderstanding of the project and ahigher level of comfort with <strong>Cheniere</strong>building a facility in our community.”<strong>Cheniere</strong>’s Director of Government andPublic Affairs, Jason French, says thatthese informal gatherings will continue.“We want to ensure that every residentin the surrounding communitieshas an opportunity to meet with a<strong>Cheniere</strong> representative to have theirquestions answered. We will continuethe meet-and-greets until that goal isachieved. <strong>The</strong>se informal discussionsprovide us with an opportunity todevelop stronger relationships withour neighbors.”Anyone interested in hosting orattending a future meet-and-greetcan contact Sue Zimmermann at sue.zimmermann@cheniere.com.LNG Day in Baton Rouge<strong>In</strong> an effort to raise the profile of theLNG export issue among Louisianaleaders, <strong>Cheniere</strong> organized an LNGDay at the Capitol on April 24, 2013.<strong>Cheniere</strong> employees were joined inBaton Rouge by representatives fromChesapeake <strong>Energy</strong>, Anadarko <strong>Energy</strong>,America’s Natural Gas Alliance, theLouisiana Mid-Continent Oil and GasAssociation, and the Louisiana Oil andGas Association to discuss the benefitsof LNG exports with state leaders.Doug Shanda, <strong>Cheniere</strong>’s Vice Presidentof Sabine Pass Operations, met withseveral officials and explained whatLNG exports mean to Louisiana’sfuture, “Our project alone representsan investment of over $16 billionin southwestern Louisiana and willcreate 4,500 construction jobs and 400permanent positions. That message ofeconomic growth really resonated withlegislators.”After a day of meetings with legislatorsand discussions in the Capitol rotunda,LNG Day participants were recognized onthe floor of the House of Representatives.Speaker of the House Chuck Kleckleypublicly thanked participants for theirefforts. <strong>The</strong> House then unanimouslypassed a resolution recognizing LNG Dayand declaring support for LNG exports. <strong>In</strong>another sign of support, legislators gave astanding ovation to LNG Day participantsas they exited the House floor.4

<strong>Cheniere</strong> <strong>In</strong>vests inHurricane Education<strong>Cheniere</strong> <strong>Energy</strong> in April 2013contributed $200,000 to the futureNational Hurricane Museum & ScienceCenter to be located on the lakefrontin downtown Lake Charles, Louisiana.Construction of the Center is expectedto begin in 2015, with an anticipatedopening in 2017.“This Center will not only be a worldclasstourist destination, it will alsoserve as a digital hub for educationalprograms for students, teachers,and industry and governmentrepresentatives across the country,” saidPat Outtrim, <strong>Cheniere</strong>’s Vice Presidentof Government and Regulatory Affairs.<strong>The</strong> 68,000 square-foot Center willoffer exhibits and interactive displaysto educate visitors about hurricanesand how they interact with coastalecosystems. <strong>The</strong> cost of constructionfor the Center is estimated at $68million. <strong>The</strong> NHMSC and its estimated220,000 annual visitors will generateover $24 million in direct spending tothe local economy and contribute over$600,000 each year to the local taxbase. <strong>The</strong> Center is expected to createover $62 million in economic benefitsto the local economy each year.“Because <strong>Cheniere</strong> <strong>Energy</strong> is amongthe first corporations to make a majorcontribution, we are now able toaccelerate our education programand bring this Center one step closerto becoming a reality,” Gray Stream,NHMSC Chairman, stated.<strong>Cheniere</strong> is aware of its environmentalresponsibilities and is concerned aboutfurther erosion in coastal marshesand wetland habitats resulting fromfuture storms. “<strong>Cheniere</strong> is especiallyencouraged by the Center’s emphasison the importance of remediatingour wetlands. <strong>The</strong> National HurricaneMuseum & Science Center is a smartinvestment for <strong>Cheniere</strong>, and we arepleased and proud to be a leadingparticipant in its future,” said Outtrim.<strong>Cheniere</strong> Helps ProtectTexas Bird Habitats<strong>Cheniere</strong> <strong>Energy</strong> and its contractorsconstructed 16 breakwaters to protectbird habitat around Shamrock Islandin 2013. Shamrock Island, located inCorpus Christi Bay, serves as one of thetop five rookeries on the Gulf Coast.<strong>The</strong> island is home to a large numberof nesting bird species such as the royaltern, heron, spoonbill and skimmer. <strong>The</strong>breakwaters project is part of wetlandmitigation efforts associated with theproposed Corpus Christi Liquefactionproject and represents an investmentof approximately $3 million.<strong>The</strong> new breakwaters, along withoriginal breakwaters built by theCity of Corpus Christi in 1999, willprotect Shamrock Island from futureerosion and loss of bird habitat. <strong>The</strong>new breakwaters will also promotethe growth of important seagrassthroughout the island’s waters.<strong>Cheniere</strong> has also contributed tothe restoration of Causeway Islandin Nueces Bay. This three-acre islandserves as a prominent and vital birdnesting area, and from February toAugust is home to numerous speciesof water birds. <strong>In</strong> partnership withthe Coastal Bend Bays and EstuariesProgram, the Port of Corpus Christiand the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers,40,000 cubic yards of dredge materialwas placed onto the island in late 2012,significantly raising its elevation andincreasing its size threefold. Thanks tothe restoration work, additional shorebirds will be able to roost in a stablenesting environment for years to come.<strong>Cheniere</strong> is pleased to play a part inpreserving irreplaceable habitat andincreasing bird populations throughoutthe Coastal Bend region.5

<strong>Cheniere</strong>’s Annual Fishing andGolf Tournaments<strong>Cheniere</strong> Hosts AnnualFishing Classic toBenefit WoundedVeteransfull day of fishing and camaraderie onthe open waters of Cameron Parish.Although the fishermen compete fortournament prizes, it is ultimately thelaughter and time spent in the beautifullandscape of southwestern Louisianathat is the treasure they take home. Overthe past two years, <strong>Cheniere</strong> and thetournament’s participants have raisedover $25,000 for Operation Homefront.from southwestern Louisiana andsoutheastern Texas participated tomake it a successful event, raising over$10,000 for the targeted causes.For the past two summers, <strong>Cheniere</strong>has hosted its Annual CharitableFishing Classic to benefit the OperationHomefront chapters of Louisianaand southeastern Texas. OperationHomefront, through its exceptional staffand volunteers, provides emergencyfinancial assistance to the families ofservice members and to woundedwarriors nationwide. Additionally,the Louisiana Chapter engages localveterans looking for employmentthrough its “Hire Louisiana’s Heroes”– a program which aims to connectLouisiana employers with returningveterans.“Just as our veterans have served ourcountry, we, in return, look to servethem,” said Cindy McGee, <strong>Cheniere</strong>’spublic affairs liaison at Sabine Pass. “Itis with great pleasure that <strong>Cheniere</strong>hosts this annual event to demonstrateour appreciation and respect for thosewho go above and beyond the call ofduty. We look forward to continuing ourefforts with Operation Homefront in theyears to come.”Charitable Golf Classic“I would like to thank <strong>Cheniere</strong> formaking a donation to R. W. VincentElementary,” said Joy Fox, principalof R.W. Vincent Elementary. “Ourplayground is in dire need of newequipment and this money will gotoward our Playground UpgradeProject. We feel so blessed to have thecaring people at <strong>Cheniere</strong> involvedwith our school.”6<strong>Cheniere</strong> employees join heroicveterans of the U.S. armed forces for a<strong>Cheniere</strong> <strong>Energy</strong> held its secondAnnual Charitable Golf Classic on April25, 2013 at Gray Plantation in LakeCharles, Louisiana. Over 100 golferscompeted in the event, which helpedraise money for playground equipmentfor R. W. Vincent Elementary Schoolin Sulphur and Foreman-Reynaud<strong>Community</strong> Center’s After SchoolHomework Program in Lake Charles.Vendors, sponsors and participantsAt the tournament’s end, winners wererecognized and awarded embroideredgolf shirts. First place winners wereMike Kerns, MikieMcMahon, Adrian Loganand Todd Chapman withBaker Corp. and MikeHooks, <strong>In</strong>c.

Helping Build an Educated WorkforceWorkforce DevelopmentEfforts in the CorpusChristi Region<strong>Cheniere</strong> <strong>Energy</strong> is investingresources on education and workforcedevelopment in the Texas’ CoastalBend region in anticipation of the startof construction on the Corpus ChristiLiquefaction project in 2015. <strong>Cheniere</strong>is partnering with Del Mar College,the Gregory-Portland <strong>In</strong>dependentSchool District, and the local EducationServices Center to develop a curriculumthat would allow high school studentsto begin work on a two-year associatesdegree in Process Technology duringtheir junior and senior years of highschool. This curriculum wouldpotentially allow aspiring students tocomplete their degree with only oneyear of work at Del Mar. <strong>Cheniere</strong>has provided $15,000 to developthe curriculum. If approved by theDepartment of Education, studentsin Gregory-Portland ISD could beginparticipating as soon as 2014.“Rarely have I seen acompany be so proactiveand willing to engagelocal institutions inworkforce developmentefforts.” – Lenora Keas,Del Mar College<strong>Cheniere</strong>’s Vice President of CorpusChristi Operations, Maury Hudson,has spearheaded the curriculumdevelopment project. “It will take acouple of years for our workforce needsto ramp up, but it is key that youngpeople begin preparing now for the jobopportunities that will be available,” hesaid. Hudson explained that <strong>Cheniere</strong>’sinvestment would extend beyond theGregory-Portland ISD. “Once approvedby the state, this curriculum could beadapted by any of the school districtsin the region.”Lenora Keas, Executive Directorof Strategic Planning & Workforce<strong>In</strong>itiatives at Del Mar College, recentlyspoke of <strong>Cheniere</strong>’s education andworkforce development efforts at acommunity meeting in the Portlandarea. “Rarely have I seen a company beso proactive and willing to engage localinstitutions in workforce developmentefforts,” Keas said. “<strong>Cheniere</strong> should beapplauded for the commitment theyhave shown to this region.”Supporting the CraftTraining Center of theCoastal Bend<strong>Cheniere</strong> recently announced a $15,000grant to the Craft Training Center ofthe Coastal Bend. <strong>The</strong> Craft TrainingCenter was formed by local industriesand contractors in 1987 to alleviateworkforce shortages in the region –and today offers a variety of trainingand certification programs for adultsand high school students.<strong>The</strong> Craft Training Center sits on a30-acre campus in Corpus Christiand hosts state-of-the-art technicaltraining. <strong>The</strong> 34,000 square footfacility includes a welding lab with68 booths, a 25-station computer lab,labs for electrical, instrumentation,and pipefitting studies, and multipleclassrooms and administrative offices.<strong>Cheniere</strong>’s contribution will supportthe Center’s ongoing training activities.<strong>Cheniere</strong> PresentsCheck to CameronParish Schools for ACTPreparation<strong>In</strong> March 2013, <strong>Cheniere</strong> presented a$10,000 check to the Cameron ParishSchool District to cover costs of ACTpreparation for every high schooljunior in Cameron Parish. CornerstoneLearning Systems/Sylvan LearningSystems worked with Parish schools toconduct test preparation sessions.“<strong>The</strong> students, teachers and families ofCameron Parish are extremely gratefulfor the support that <strong>Cheniere</strong> hasprovided and continues to provide,“ saidSuperintendent Stephanie Rodrigue.“<strong>Cheniere</strong> embodies the spirit of atrue educational partner in ourcommunity.”7

<strong>Cheniere</strong>’s <strong>Community</strong> Based Team8<strong>Cheniere</strong>’s commitment to community investment and outreachruns deep – from our Houston headquarters to our operationsin Cameron Parish and Corpus Christi. To ensure that thecompany is responsive to local concerns and fully engaged inthe communities where we operate, we count on the dedicatedefforts of two community-based public affairs professionals –Cindy McGee in Cameron Parish and Sue Zimmermann in theCoastal Bend area. <strong>The</strong> following profiles introduce you to Cindyand Sue – the faces of <strong>Cheniere</strong> in the local community.Cindy McGeeCindy originallycame to workfor <strong>Cheniere</strong>in 2005 as anassistant to thelocal publicaffairs directorand laterprovided support to the engineeringand construction team. Today, Cindymanages public affairs and serves as<strong>Cheniere</strong>’s liaison to the communitiesnear our Sabine Pass plant. Cindy is aconstant presence in the community– through her activities on behalf of<strong>Cheniere</strong> and as a devoted volunteer tothe community’s school and her localchurch.Cindy’s husband, Sonny, is also a partof the <strong>Cheniere</strong> family – working as thesupervisor of shift operations at theSabine Pass facility. Cindy and Sonnyare the proud parents of five childrenand grandparents of 11 grandchildren.If you have any questions or want toget involved in <strong>Cheniere</strong>’s communityactivities in southwestern Louisiana andsoutheastern Texas, you can contactCindy at cindy.mcgee@cheniere.com.Sue ZimmermannSue is a recentaddition tothe <strong>Cheniere</strong>team – comingon board inMay of 2013.Prior to joining<strong>Cheniere</strong>,Sue was the executive director of thePortland Chamber of Commerce andbrings with her years of experience inthe Northshore area.Sue started her professional careeras a co-owner and operator of a largecommercial grain and cattle operationin Wisconsin, where she pursued hereducation in Veterinary Medicine,Business, Advertising, and Marketing.She moved to Texas in 2008, managedproperty and then moved to her roleat the Portland Chamber. Sue looksforward to being a regular presence inthe community on <strong>Cheniere</strong>’s behalf.Sue and her husband, Harold, havethree children and nine grandchildren.If you are interested in <strong>Cheniere</strong>’sactivities in the Coastal Bend region,please contact Sue Zimmermann atsue.zimmermann@cheniere.com.<strong>In</strong>vesting in theFuture...Johnson Bayou High School inCameron Parish, Louisiana wasdestroyed by Hurricane Ike in2008. Since that time, <strong>Cheniere</strong>has partnered with the school ona number of projects aimed atensuring the success of the school’sstudents – from rebuilding the schoolgymnasium to providing state of theart equipment for use in the school’stemporary classrooms. Perhaps mostimportantly, <strong>Cheniere</strong> has provideda scholarship to each graduate ofthe school since Ike’s devastationcame ashore. <strong>The</strong>se annual grants –totaling over $50,000 – can be appliedto any college, university or vocationalschool of the student’s choosing.“This scholarship will help me realizemy goal of attending NorthwesternState University to receive an electricalengineering degree. <strong>Cheniere</strong> hassupported us all the way through theprocess, helping us increase our ACTscores and making these scholarshipsavailable – it just makes me want to domy best,” explained 18-year-old BlakeBadon, a recent Johnson Bayou HighSchool graduate.Students are awarded theirscholarship upon graduation andplacement at the post-secondaryschool of their choice. “It is verymotivating for students to knowthat scholarships are available upongraduation and it encourages themto gain confidence in their studiesand to realize long term goals. Weare thankful <strong>Cheniere</strong> invests in ourstudents and helps them to succeedin whatever career they choose,” saidBrenda Sanders, Johnson Bayou HighSchool principal.

Highlights of <strong>Cheniere</strong>’s <strong>Community</strong><strong>In</strong>vestment – Over the Years• Over $7.6 million in community contributionssince 2006• Provided funding to over 57 organizations in theCorpus Christi/Coastal Bend Region• Provided approximately $3 million to build ahealth clinic in Johnson Bayou, Louisiana• $17.2 million in pre-paid taxes to Cameron Parish,Louisiana to assist in rebuilding efforts fromHurricanes Rita and Ike• $3 million of breakwaters installed to protectbird nesting grounds at Shamrock Island nearCorpus Christi• $100,000 to rebuild a city park in Gregory, Texas• Supported 17 Chambers of Commerce in Texasand LouisianaCover Photo taken by Kerry Riley fromthe Coastal Bend Herald

<strong>Cheniere</strong> <strong>Energy</strong>, <strong>In</strong>c. 700 Milam Street, Suite 800 Houston, Texas 77002 713-375-5000 www.cheniere.com

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