Adventures in music. - Global Soundtracks

Adventures in music. - Global Soundtracks

Adventuresin music.Introducing a newglobal platform forunderground music.Tribal area/stage at Szurdok-VölgyPicture credit: Agnes ZeleiGS004 / Hungarian Dirty PartyBroadcast Monday 22nd June 2009

“So lets recap, FREE weekly podcast,world underground music, live recordingsand interviews, all presented by someoneof legendary stock. I am so on this. Oh didI also mention that they activelyencourage you send in your music forconsideration too.”http://bangthedj.blogspot.comThe Konki Duet (Casino Nouveau, Paris)Picture credit: Oliver PeelGS001 / A French kissBroadcast Monday 1st June 2009

Global Soundtracks81, Rivington StreetLondon, EC2A 3AYUnited Kingdomwww.globalsoundtracks.comAn adventurouseditorialapproachGlobal contentGlobal contextGlobal platformGlobal teamGlobal audienceMore than a music policy, GlobalSoundtracks has an approachto gathering content that usesa global network of adventurousmusic lovers to bring togetherthe most exciting sounds fromthe world's undergroundmusic communities. This iscoordinated by a central teambased in London working incollaboration with people at alocal level. The advantage ofthis networked approach is thatGlobal Soundtracks can cover abroad range of music types andgeographical / culturaltraditions with the authenticityof a dedicated specialist.It's important to us that we'renot just playing the music, butthat we're getting the story ofwhy it exists and what it meansfor the people who make it,spread it and love it. We dothis by identifying relevantspokespeople at the grass rootslevel and then arranging forsomeone in the network tointerview and record them.This way our listenersexperience the music in itsauthentic context.For the team in London, this hasconnected us to people all overthe world and taken us on someremarkable adventures, fromthe Townships of Johannesburgto submarine stations in France.Onra in a record shop!Picture credit: Oliver PeelGS001 / A French kissBroadcast Monday 1st June 2009

“...with other musical treats as varied asthey are far flung, from South Africa'sfinest ragga influenced dubsteppers Mix nBlend to classically inclined Japanesenoisefreak Kashiwa Daisuke, we reckonyou'll love it!”http://insideout.topshop.comSake of SkillPicture credit: Emily MulesGS020 / Grrls, Hips and SnakesBroadcast Monday 26th October 2009

Global Soundtracks81, Rivington StreetLondon, EC2A 3AYUnited Kingdomwww.globalsoundtracks.comMusical multiculturalismThe Global Soundtracks styleof editorial multiculturalismfavours boundary-pushing acts.We make no apologies for this.Popular and commercial musicisn’t excluded but it mustcompete on the grounds ofmusical merit and culturalrelevance to a global audiencethat seeks adventure in themusic they listen to.This provides a unique platformfor artists who are oftenoverlooked by mainstreamglobal and local music culturesbecause they don't fit dominantaudience tastes (as decided bydominant 'taste-makers'); whilefor acts that are embraced byexisting cultures, GlobalSoundtracks offers analternative way to reach ageographically and musicallydiverse audience.'Underground' or grass rootsmusic cultures are fragmentedfrom each other, divided both bygeographical boundaries and bysocial, cultural and musicaltraditions. Global Soundtracksbrings these cultures togetherby creating a uniquely globaland integrated platform forunderground music, helpingto connect a multi-regionalcommunity of musicaladventurers.Using the power of a globalnetwork, niche acts can reach awider audience, and listenerscan hear music that they wouldhave little exposure to fromeither mainstream or specialistchannels.Sake of SkillPicture credit: Emily MulesGS020 / Grrls, Hips and SnakesBroadcast Monday 26th October 2009BenjaminPicture credit: Eric WhelanGS003 / Distortion, CopenhagenBroadcast Monday 15th June 2009Super Star DancersPicture credit: Emily MulesGS012 / Satta Outside KlaipedaBroadcast Monday 24th August 2009

Global Soundtracks is devoted to musicthat inspires, challenges and delights –not just bringing you the music, butinviting you along for an adventure...” 2009Picture credit: Chris StokesGS013 / Dislocation LutonBroadcast Monday 31st August 2009

Global Soundtracks81, Rivington StreetLondon, EC2A 3AYUnited Kingdomwww.globalsoundtracks.comBenefits to listenersa bigger 'musical gene-pool' so you hearthings wouldn't normally hearstrict quality control from anexperienced production team in Londonno repeated contentauthentic reportage rather than voxpops and tidbitsan insight into diverse music culturesat a grass roots levelHow can Iget involved?Benefits to artistsno regional or cultural biasbe judged on musical output andcultural impact rather than fashionand dominant trendsappear alongside artists you wouldn'tnormally be placed withreach a wider, global audience ofadventurous music lovershelp shape a globally connectedunderground music cultureInvest in usBy investing in GlobalSoundtracks you are supportinggrass roots musical culturesand adventurous music loversthe world over. There are avariety of ways that you canhelp, whether you're a privateinvestor or a multinationalorganisation.Join the teamGlobal Soundtracks is alwayson the hunt for like-mindedmusical explorers andsupporters of adventurousmusic. Whatever your skillsand level of experience, andwherever you are in the world,there are always ways to getinvolved.To find out how, please contactus at info@globalsoundtracks.comor call Emily on 07713152241.Find out more aboutopportunities at GlobalSoundtracks by emailinginfo@globalsoundtracks.comDJ ManaiaPicture credit: Valeria GalizziGS015 / Spanish Skweee and Aussie CrunkBroadcast Sunday 13th September 2009

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