Youth in Action Programme - KSOW

Youth in Action Programme - KSOW

Youth in ActionProgramme2007 - 2013

Youth in Action ProgrammeYouth in Action in figuresDuration: 2007-2013Budget: 885 million euros for seven yearsGeographic reach: EU Member States, Iceland,Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey, the EU neighbours (EasternEurope and Caucasus, the Mediterranean region, South-East Europe) and other partner countries in the worldYOUTH IN ACTION PROGRAMME

PrioritiesPermanent priorities:European citizenshipParticipation of young peopleCultural diversityInclusion of young people with fewer opportunitiesAnnual priorities:2011 – European Year of VolunteeringYouth unemploymentCreativity and entrepreneurshipYOUTH IN ACTION PROGRAMME

Youth in Action Programme• financial support within the frames of 5 Actions• information• training courses• consultations and training courses in regions• promoting examples of good practises worked out byyoung people and youth workers• promoting cooperation with partners in Europe and beyond• cooperation with the National AgencyYOUTH IN ACTION PROGRAMME

Participants of the Youth in Action Programme• young people 13-30 years old• youth workers• non-profit or non-governmental organisation• local, regional public body• informal group of young peopleYOUTH IN ACTION PROGRAMME

The structure of the Youth in Action ProgrammeAction 1. - Youth for EuropeAction 2. - European Voluntary ServiceAction 3. - Youth in the WorldAction 4. - Youth Support SystemsAction 5. - Support for European cooperation in the youth fieldYOUTH IN ACTION PROGRAMME

Action 1. - Youth for Europeencourages young people's active citizenship, participationand creativity through:• Youth Exchanges – Action 1.1.• Youth Initiatives – Action 1.2.• Youth Democracy Projects – Action 1.3.YOUTH IN ACTION PROGRAMME

Action 2. - European Voluntary Servicehelps young people to develop theirsense of solidarity by participating,either individually or in group,in non-profit, unpaid voluntary activitiesabroad.YOUTH IN ACTION PROGRAMME

Action 3. -Youth in the Worldpromotes partnerships and exchanges among young people andyouth organisations across the world. This Action supportsvarious projects with EU Partner Countries, with a special focuson its neighbouring regions:• Eastern Europe and Caucasus: Armenia, Azerbaijan,Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russian Federation, Ukraine.• the Mediterranean region: Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan,Lebanon, Morocco, Palestinian Authority, Syria , Tunisia andTurkey.• South East Europe: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia,Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), Montenegro,Serbia.YOUTH IN ACTION PROGRAMME

Action 4. – Youth Support Systemincludes various measures to support youth workers and youthorganisations and improve the quality of their activities.Youth workers and other actors involved in youth work canapply for a whole range of activities such as:• job shadowing• feasibility visits• evaluation meetings• study visits• seminars• training courses• partnership building and networking activities.YOUTH IN ACTION PROGRAMME

Action 5. - Support for European cooperation in theyouth fieldIt provides a platform for dialogue between young people,those active in youth work and the policymakers.It particularly encourages the organisation of national andtransnational seminars and conferences on youthcooperation in Europe.YOUTH IN ACTION PROGRAMME

How to apply? application form 5 deadlines:– February 1st– April 1st– June 1st– September 1st– November 1stYOUTH IN ACTION PROGRAMME

Training courses• training courses introducing Youth in Action Programme• training courses providing youth organizations with useful skills• contact making seminars• Youth Academy of Young Leaders(Poland)YOUTH IN ACTION PROGRAMME

Action 1.1. Delicious Europe'Delicious Europe', a 10 days youthexchange project carried out in severalsmall Polish villages such as: Poddębice,Pustkowie, Golice, Pudłów, involvingcuisine workshops, visits and lectures onfarms and in restaurants.The aim of the project was to create aguide of Turkish and Polish cuisines,places of their preparation, promotionand sales.YOUTH IN ACTION PROGRAMME

Action 1.1. Delicious EuropeThe project was carried out by a groupof 20 people including members of thePolish 4H Club "Magiczne Pudło" and thestudents of the Turkish Aydin AnatolianTechnical High School.Participants were exchanging knowledgeand experiences in the fields such as:cuisine culture, farming, mealpreparation and using local products as ameans of regional promotion. The groupalso organized an intercultural eveningfor the local community.YOUTH IN ACTION PROGRAMME

Action 1.1. Different but equalYouth exchange which took place in a littletown of Serpelice was an unforgettableexperience for young people from Poland,Czech Republic and Slovakia.The agenda of the project included: chesstournaments, national dances and languageclasses and preparing traditional Polish,Slovak and Czech cuisines. The projectpromoted intercultural education, toleranceand solidarity among young people fromdifferent countries.YOUTH IN ACTION PROGRAMME

Action 1.2. Throw the mooring rope!The model-making studio in Nakło wasa place where anyone can come,regardless of age and health, there wasenough room for everyone. One could saythat model-making is a kind of therapy,especially for the busy people, whorarely find the time to sit and rest inevery day life.Model-making, as medicine againstboredom, soon became very popular.YOUTH IN ACTION PROGRAMME

Action 1.2. Historical heritage in the lens of youthA group of youngsters 15-17 years oldfrom Łęg in the North of Poland decidedto explore and learn more about thehistorical and cultural heritage of theregion they live in.They took pictures of religiousmonuments, carried out interviews withelderly inhabitants of Łęg and visitedarchives in Bydgoszcz. All collectedmaterials and information werepublished on paper as well as on thewebsite. The group also organized anexhibition in the Cultural Centres in Łęgand Czersk.YOUTH IN ACTION PROGRAMME

Action 2. Working with childrenEuropean Voluntary Service inPiekaryVolunteer from Germany was conductinglanguage and art workshops for childrenwith fewer opportunities.She gained many friends in Poland andpractical experience useful on labormarket.YOUTH IN ACTION PROGRAMME

Key competences Learning to learn Social and civic competences Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship Cultural awareness and expression Communication in mother and foreign languages Mathematical competence Digital competenceYOUTH IN ACTION PROGRAMME

National Agencies in the Programme countriesDANMARKDanish Agency for International EducationFiolstraede 44DK - 1171 Copenhagen KTel: +45 3395 7000Fax: +45 33 95 7001website: Archimedes - Euroopa Noored Eesti bürooKoidula, 13AEE - 10125 TallinTel.: +372-6979.220Website: http://euroopa.noored.eeYOUTH IN ACTION PROGRAMME

National Agencies in the Programme countriesSUOMI - FINLANDCentre for International Mobility (CIMO)Youth in Action ProgrammeP.O. Box 343 (Hakaniemenranta 6)FI - 00531 HelsinkiTel.: +358-207.868.500Fax: +358-207.868.601Website: IN ACTION PROGRAMME

National Agencies in the Programme countriesSVERIGEUngdomsstyrelsen/National Board for Youth AffairsMagnus Ladulåsgatan, 63A (visiting address)Box 17 801 (mailing address)SE - 118 94 StockholmTel.: +46-8-566.219.00Fax: +46-8-566.219.98Website: http://www.ungdomsstyrelsen.seYOUTH IN ACTION PROGRAMME

National Agencies in the Programme countriesPOLSKAFundacja Rozwoju Systemu EdukacjiPolska Narodowa Agencja Programu “Młodzież w działaniu”ul. Mokotowska 43PL - 00-551 WarsawTel.: +48-22-622.37.06Fax: IN ACTION PROGRAMME

Youth in Action ProgrammeMagdalena Agency of the Youth in Action ProgrammeFoundation for the Development of the Education SystemMokotowska 43 street, 00-551 Warsaw, IN ACTION PROGRAMME

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