2013 Fireline Brochure - Fireline 520


2013 Fireline Brochure - Fireline 520

CompanyVisionFireline 520 ® is committed to providing the highest quality made fire barriersthat meet or exceed industry standards, through our highly skilled and dedicatedemployees made with the highest quality materials and manufactured to stateof-the-artpatented fire barrier designs, manufacturing process under Intertek-Warnock Hersey audited quality plans.To pursue an aggressive ongoing research and development program thusassuring Fireline 520 future as a leader in architectural fire barrier products, and toserve the customer with the highest level of technical knowledge in the industry.Al ShawPresidentFireline 520 ®2.Copyright © 2013 Fireline 520 ® LLC

Expansion JointFire BarriersTo Architect, Engineers, Owners,Fireline 520® Series top mount, inside mount, and bottom mount fire barrier systemsare engineered to advanced state of the art design, constructed with the highestquality materials and manufactured under rigorous quality plans to meet or exceed UL2079 and ASTM E 1399 hose stream performance standards.Did you know Fireline 520 Series® fire barriers are being used with ConstructionSpecialties, Inpro corp., Watson Bowman, Nystrom building products, JM Roofing system.Movemax, MH Powell cover plates.Did you know Fireline 520® has factory made directional change and transitionalthat are UL tested under UL 2079 and ASTM E 1399, Ensures fire rating is maintained.Did you know our fire barrier competitors makes there directional changes in the field?Fireline 520® Series patent pending Male/Female come standard this ensuresfire barrier integrity. The manufacturing of all components are made in the Fireline520® factory, and are not put together on the job site, thus reducing errors, eliminationof scrap and ensuring the integrity of the system.For water Emerson, the Waterguard series should be usedTop mount systemInside mount systemUS Patent 6,996,944 / Patent Pending CanadaUS Patent 7,941,981 / Patent Pending CanadaBottom mount system US Patent 8,082,715 / Patent Pending CanadaWaterguard Option system US Patent 8,394,453 / Patent Pending Canada3.Copyright © 2013 Fireline 520 ® LLC

JointsFire BarriersANDan expansion jointAn expansion joint is an opening within a structure, ata predetermined location, designed to absorb movementof the structure. Movement may be categorizedas follows:• Thermal - Movement by temperature changeswithin the structure. Typically, thermal movementis horizontal.• Seismic - Movements that result from earthquakeactivity or other movement of the earth, beneaththe structure. Seismic movement may be horizontal, vertical or shear, or a combination of all three.• Wind load induced - Caused by highwinds forcing the structure to sway. Windload induced movement is normally horizontalor lateral.movement Ratings?A movement rating is an attempt to categorize the anticipatedrange of horizontal change in a joint opening.For example, a 4” (100mm) nominal joint which is expectedto have a range of horizontal movement of plus2” (50mm), would be denoted as 4” +/- 50% (100mm+/-50%). Joints designed for thermal movement willtypically have a movement rating in the +/-10% to+/-25% range. Joints designed for seismic movementwill typically have a moment rating of +/-50%to +/-100%. Joints designed for wind load movementwill normally be rated as seismic.architectural joint system (AIS)?An AIS is simply a transition across an expansion jointopening, a cover, or an insert. Covers may be simplecover plates or engineered systems and inserts maybe compression seals. Many systems are engineeredto fulfill a variety of functions, some of these functionsincluding:• Fit a predetermined opening size.• Absorb building movement, thermal or seismic.• Be compatible with various surface finishes.• Support a given load. ( floor conditiononly)• Required in most multi leveled structures.Industry standard test method formovementASTM-E1399-97 standard test method for cyclic movementand measuring the minimum and maximum jointwidths of AISa fire barrierA fire barrier is a fire resistance material or structureconsisting of multiple materials that is engineered, fabricatedand certified to function as a fire barrier for adefined period of time. The integrity of the fire barrierand its ability to contain or active migration is a combinationof materials, design and installation. Factorymanufactured fire barriers significantly reduce installationerror and improve fire barrier performance. Firebarriers are:• In all floor and wall joints that occur in a fire treatedlocations. A fire barrier is of en located beneath theAIS• To prevent fire and smoke frompenetrating and expansion joint openingfor the specified rating period of time.Industrial standard testASTM E1966, UL2079, ULCS115 standard test methodsfor fire barriers testing and measure of fire ratingfor all fire barriers4.Copyright © 2013 Fireline 520 ® LLC

WATERGUARDSERIESFireline 520 is the first factory assembled firebarriers with a built in water protectionfeatures that allow it to drain water andfunction as a effective fire barrierWater Hazards:• Conventional fire blankets must be kept dry AT ALL TIMES!• Wet fire barriers loose fire ratings, even if dried out• Wet fire barriers are a potential mold and mildew hazard• Wet fire barriers must be removed and replacedWater Guard Features:• Keeping fire barriers dry the way they were tested• Recommended for any expansion joint system that may requiremoisture protection• Helps to protect against wet construction environments• 2hr and 3hr rating available• Optional drain tubes available5.Copyright © 2013 Fireline 520 ® LLC

TECHNICALDATASimple Installation:• Inspect all substrates, remove anyloose material and fix any area in need ofrepair.• Confirm that floors and walls are rated anddesigned for proper installation of fire barriers.• Confirm that the thickness of substratesmust properly accommodate size of the firebarrier.• Protect all fire barriers components fromdamage during storage• Install the fire barrier system per Fireline520 ® installation procedures.• Insure that the fire barrier system is notdamaged during installation.• Install factory made directional changesis required for procedures.• Fireproof sealants includedElmherst Hospital IL.Cover plates byInpro Corp.• Fire barriers for architectural expansionjoints, new or retro fit.• Patent pending male & female connectionson each end of each section for ease ofinstallation.• Straight sections are standard 10’ft. for easyhandling.• Patented, factory assembled UL rated directionalchanges.• Factory built assembled systems.• Manufactured in the USA & uses only productsmade in the USA• Fireline 520 series® meets therequirements of UL 2079, ASTM E-1966,ASTM E-1399, ULC S-115 & UL Airleak test.Exploratorium Pier 15 & 17, CA.Cover plates byInpro Corp.UL - 2079,ULC - S115ASTM E - 1399ASTM E - 1966UL Air Leak6.Copyright © 2013 Fireline 520 ® LLC

Top MountFloor to Floor• Most common mountingmethod, easiest to install.Concrete SlabConcrete Slab• Male / Femaleconnections standardon all series.• Can be recessed belowtop of slabU.S. Patent6,996.944Patent Pending CanadaTop MountFloor-to-Floor2” - 32” Joint Opening1-3 Hour Fire RatingTestimonial:“Our experience working together has always been at the highestlevel of diligence and professionalism, striving towards the bestpossible finished product for the client. We value your vast technical,as well as practical, expertise and find your firm an asset toany construction project.We value your vast technical, as well as practical, expertise andfind your firm an asset to any construction project. As such, Fireline520 has our unqualified recommendation, insuring their presenceat Eagle One Roofing’s future projects!”New City FieldStadiumWorker installs TopMount Series.Cover plates byEmseal Joint SystemsVincent SabatinoEagle One RoofingContractors, Inc.New York MetsCitifield Stadium7.Copyright © 2013 Fireline 520 ® LLC

Floor to WallPatentPendingConcreteWallU.S. Patent6,996.944Patent Pending CanadaConcrete SlabTop MountFloor-to-Wall2” - 32” Joint Opening1-3 Hour Fire RatingTestimonial:“I feel appropriate to reflect on Fireline’s outstanding response to thediverse field conditions and fast pace nature of this projectThe project had many diverse transitions, and it was with great confidencethat we could take our field measurements, send them to Fireline,and receive a custom piece that fit to perfection.If these pieces had to be mitered and made in the field it would havetaken a considerable amount of time to install. Furthermore, not onlydid it save us in time and labor, but in many locations, installation ofstud framing and finishes were dependent upon the installation of thefire barrier, so it was imperative that the material was installed quicklyand seamlessly as not to hold up the other trades.Again it is with great confidence and great appreciation that I say Fireline520 responded speedily, both in production and technical support,to the extraordinary needs of this project. I can remember sendingmeasurements for a “hot location” and your team shipping it out thatweek!! It was a pleasure working with your staff. I look forward toworking with you in the future. “Paul TorreProject ManagerWolkow Braker Roofing Corp.New York Yankees Stadium ProjectNew York Yankees StadiumTop Mount Floor to Wall SystemUL - 2079,ULC - S115ASTM E - 1399ASTM E - 1966UL Air Leak8.Copyright © 2013 Fireline 520 ® LLCwww.fireline520.com • (716) 332-4699

Inside MountCan be used in Horizontal & Vertical Applications.• Helps preventinterference withcover plates.ConcreteSlab / WallConcreteSlab/WallU.S. Patent7,941,981Patent Pending CanadaFloor-to-Floor-or-Wall to Wall2” - 32” Joint Opening1-3 Hour Fire RatingUptown Mall Vancouver, BCBrockwhiteUL - 2079,ULC - S115ASTM E - 1399ASTM E - 1966UL Air Leakwww.fireline520.com • (716) 332-46999.Copyright © 2013 Fireline 520 ® LLC

WallguardseriesFireline 520 Wallguard Series®Vertical Fire Barrier SystemMeets the following UL & ULC test standards for life safety:UL 2079 ASTM E-1399 ASTM E-1966ASTM E-119ULC S-115-95 “FTH”Wallguard fire barrier for walls requires no caulking.From 2” - 27” One Hour Rated Wall to Wall2 HOUR RATED WALL-TO-WALL SYSTEMSFROM 2” THROUGH 27” OPENING WITH 50% CLASS 4 MOVEMENTS3 HOUR RATED WALL-TO-WALL SYSTEMSFROM 2” THROUGH 27” OPENING WITH 50% CLASS 4 MOVEMENTS4 HOUR RATED WALL-TO-WALL SYSTEMSFROM 2” THROUGH 27” OPENING WITH 50% CLASS 4 MOVEMENTS• Fireline 520 fire barrier systems are pre-made withmale and female connections• Designed for easy installation, saving on labor cost• Vertical Fireline 520 Wallguard Series® 2” through 27”MaleEndBakersfield HospitalCover plates byWatson BowmanU.S. Patent6,996.944Patent Pending CanadaFemaleEnd10.Copyright © 2013 Fireline 520 ® LLC

Bottom MountFloor to Wall• Can be used inHorizontal & VerticalApplications.ConcreteSlab• Preferred solutionwhen top of slab isunavailableU.S. Patent8,082,715Patent Pending CanadaFloor-to-Floor-or-Wall to Wall2” - 32” Joint Opening1-3 Hour Fire RatingTestimonial:“ It was a pleasure working withyou and your staff... Your firm’stechnical expertise and professionalismare the highest level in theindustry.”Jason MooreTurner Construction CompanyRoyal Bank of Scotland Project,Stamford CT.Royal Bank of ScotlandCover plates byConstruction SpecialtiesUL - 2079,ULC - S115ASTM E - 1399ASTM E - 1966UL Air Leakwww.fireline520.com • (716) 332-469911.Copyright © 2013 Fireline 520 ® LLC

Horizontal & VerticalTransitions• Available in top, bottom, and inside mount series.• Factory assembled directional changes withmale / female connections• Saves on installations time and labor.Ensures fire resistance rating is maintained• Can accommodate almost any compound angle.• Essential for mating vertical and horizontal firebarriers for a complete system.Top MountVertical Directional ChangeFloor - to - FloorU.S. Patent6,996,944Patent Pending CanadaNew York Yankees StadiumDirectional ChangesU.S. Patent6,996,944Patent Pending CanadaFactory AssembledDirectional Changesfor New York YankeesTop MountHorizontal 90° VerticalDirectional ChangeFloor - to - FloorUL - 2079,ULC - S115ASTM E - 1399ASTM E - 1966UL Air Leak12.Copyright © 2013 Fireline 520 ® LLCwww.fireline520.com • (716) 332-4699

Multi-DirectionalTransitionsFireline 520 Systems45ºSTop MountHorizontal Directional ChangeFloor-to-FloorInside MountandBottom MountTop Mount3 Way TeeFloor-to-FloorInside MountandBottom MountTop Mount4 Way TeeFloor-to-FloorInside MountandBottom MountFireline 520 ® Technicianproviding on-siteTraining & SupportU.S. Patent6,996,944Patent Pending CanadaUL - 2079,ULC - S115ASTM E - 1399ASTM E - 1966UL Air Leakwww.fireline520.com • (716) 332-469913.Copyright © 2013 Fireline 520 ® LLC

WATERGUARD14.SERIESTestimonial:Bottom MountPatentPendingBottom MountFloor-to-Floor-or-Wall to Wall“Fireline 520 responded to every concern with excellentcare. The customization of the fire barriersupply is integral to contractor productivity andwas a mist for out collaboration on the project.I was able to send you the same drawings beingused for the custom expansion joint fabrication,and you were able to provide custom barrierbased on the exact field conditions. There werealso many hectic days where we had a direct lineto one another, and you met every challenge. Beit supplying custom details on the spot, scramblingto ship additional accessories next day airbefore cutoff times, or simply addressing uniqueproject requirements, Fireline 520 was there whenneeded. Our communication throughout this projectwas excellent, and you and your staff werefully accessible.It was a pleasure working with you, and I lookforward to the opportunity to work with Fireline520 again on the supply for fire rated joint assemblies“Max ValverdeMeadowlands Project ManagerEMSEAL Joint Systems LTDCopyright © 2013 Fireline 520 ® LLCWaterguard Series ®ConcreteSlab2” - 32” Joint Opening1-3 Hour Fire RatingMet Life Stadium projectWorker caulks drain tube, bottommount fire barrierThe Met Life stadium project specified,over 1,200 lineal feet of fireline 520 bottommount water guard series, and suppliedover 90 pre made bottom mountwater guard transition joints. Water guardis the only fire barrier with built in waterproofing that meets UL 2079 and ASTME-1399 and can move 100%.UL - 2079,ULC - S115ASTM E - 1399ASTM E - 1966UL Air Leak

WATERGUARDSERIES• Available in top, bottom, and inside mount series.• Factory assembled directional changes withmale / female connections.• Saves on installations time and labor.Ensures fire resistance rating is maintained.• Can accommodate almost any compound angle.• Essential for mating vertical and horizontal firebarriers for a complete system.Horizontal & VerticalTransitionsTop MountHorizontal 90° Vertical Directional ChangeFloor - to - FloorFactory AssembledDirectional Changesfor New York YankeesTop MountVertical Directional ChangeFloor - to - FloorUL - 2079,ULC - S115ASTM E - 1399ASTM E - 1966UL Air LeakNew York Yankees StadiumDirectional Changes15.Copyright © 2013 Fireline 520 ® LLC

Fireline 520 ® Technicianproviding on-siteTraining & Support16.Copyright © 2013 Fireline 520 ® LLCMulti-DirectionalTransitionsTop MountHorizontal Directional ChangeFloor-to-FloorTop Mount4 Way TeeFloor-to-FloorTop Mount3 Way TeeFloor-to-FloorWATERGUARDSERIES

WATERGUARDSERIES• Can be used in Horizontal& Vertical Applications.Floor-to-Floor-or-Wall to WallFemaleEndBottom MountFloor-to-Floor2” - 32” Joint Opening1-3 Hour Fire RatingWater Guard SeriesTop MountWaterguard SeriesU.S. Patent8,397,453Patent Pending CanadaU.S. Patent 8,397,453 , PatentPeding Canada Canada• Helps prevent interferencewith cover plates.WaterproofSilicone ClothU.S. Patent 8,397,453 , PatentPeding Canada CanadaMaleEndUL - 2079,ULC - S115ASTM E - 1399ASTM E - 1966UL Air LeakConcreteSlabOptional DrainTube®2” - 32” Joint Opening1-3 Hour Fire Rating17.Copyright © 2013 Fireline 520 ® LLC

WATERGUARDSERIESFire barriers need to stay dry at all times!These types of fire barriers are made of materials that were tested in their dry states. NOONE HAS EVER TESTED THEIR MATERIAL WET under the fire test UL2079. In fact if youask most of the manufactures, they will tell you that their fire barriers must stay dry beforeand after they are installed or you must replace them.into the fire barrier.Fireline 520Waterguard ®SeriesMost exterior cover plates on the market today are watertight. They should not leak and most carry a 5 year warranty,However, by its nature water can find its way into thesmallest places. If they do leak, the fire barrier will mostlikely not work in a fire. Water is heavy and the fire barriermay even fall out! Because fire barriers are not visible andare not easy to inspect, it can’t be determined whether ornot they have become wet until there is a fire, then it’s toolate. A fire barrier that fails will allow smoke, poison gas,and fire to spread through a building. If you are planningto specify fire barriers on a project, ask about moisture orpossible water getting into a fire barrier over the life of thefire barrier. Interior fire barriers can get wet just by washingdown floors in hospitals and schools every night. Mostinterior cover places are not water tight and water may getWhen fire and water meet water can be a critical problem in most buildings. Fireline 520fire barriers are designed to handle water if a cover plate should leak. Fireline 520 waterguard series has a build in water protection. If a fire should start in a building with a sprinklersystem, water from a sprinkler system will flow into our water guard system. Waterin a Fireline 520 system will likely improve the fire resistance of already tested system.Smoke, poison gas and fire cannot leak through water making this fire barrier even betterin containing fire and fire related problems.18.Copyright © 2013 Fireline 520 ® LLC

FIRELINE 520theWATERGUARDSERIESOur Water Guard Series is the first passive fire barrier system that works with an activesystem. In a fire, water from the sprinkler system will flow down to the floor and into theexpansion joint. An Unprotected fire barrier will not work if it gets wet, The Water GuardSeries are designed to hold water. By adding water to the inside of a Fireline 520 fire barrier,it will only add more time to the already rated system. Most people are familiar withthe basics of the fire suppression (sprinklers, fire extinguishers, etc..) But passive fire protectionactually contains the fire at its point of origin. It can be invisible and nearly forgottenuntil the day you come to truly appreciate and depend on it. Your building’s passive fireprotection can save lives, assets and the building itself.U.S. Patent8,397,453Patent Pending CanadaConcreteFloorOptional DrainTubeFor more information contact:Fireline 520 , LLC803 B Walden Ave.Buffalo, NY 14221Fax: (716) 873-1839Phone: (716)332-4699E-mail: alshaw@Fireline520.com®SERIESMet Life StadiumCover plates by EmsealJoint systemsToronto Airport Parking GarageWorkers install bottom mount WaterGuard Series Through ColumnCover plates by Construction SpecialtiesWATERGUARD19.Copyright © 2013 Fireline 520 ® LLC

WATERGUARD20.SERIESBOTTOM MOUNT SYSTEMFireline 520 ® Waterguard Series Firebarriers are the only fire blanketswith a patent pending, UL 2779 ratedbottom mount design.With the bottom mount system,there is no interference between thefire blanket and the top seal.Bottom mountwith optional Patented drainInstallation from bottom of slab from 2”through 32” Fireline 520 series ® meets therequirements of the UL 2079, ASTM E-1966,ASTM 1399 CAN ULC S-115 & UL air leaktestMALE/FEMALE CONNECTIONMale/Female design is easy to install andhelps ensure UL rating is maintained afterinstallation.Copyright © 2013 Fireline 520 ® LLCWaterGuard®DataTOP MOUNTWITH PATENTED DRAIN TUBE• Fire barriers for architectural expansionjoints, new or retrofit construction• Patent pending male and female connections on each end of each section for easeof installation• Straight sections up to 4ft for easyhandling• Factory assembled UL rated directionalchanges• Factory assembled with a built in waterprotection system• Optional drain tubeFacility Cape Canaveral Air Station FLSpecified Fireline 520 WaterGuard Series fire barriersCover Plates Supplied by NystormBuilding Products

WATERGUARDSERIESCOMMONLYAsked Q &AQ. Can I use wet fire barriers?A. No, their physical and performance characteristics have been altered.You must replace them.Q. The ends are wet, can I just cut that part off and use therest?A. No, insulation absorbs moisture. There is no physical test that can bepreformed to see how much damage was done to the fire barrier.Q. At one time my fire barriers were wet but now they are dry,are they okay to use?A. No, again, the performance and physical characteristics havebeen altered. You must replace them.Q. Are there any concerns regarding moisture and water inbarrier?A. Yes, wet fire barriers are a potential mold and mildew hazard.Q. We need to replace wet fire barriers, who do we need tocontact?A. Contact:Fireline 520 LLCPhone: 716-332-4699803 B Walden Ave.E-mail: alshaw@fireline520.comFax: (716) 873-183921.Copyright © 2013 Fireline 520 ® LLC

PassiveFire ProtectionA fire in your building could mean totaldevastation - get the facts on passive fireprotection to minimize the spread of fire inyour facilitiesSix-hundred seventy-nine (679) peoplewere injured, and 84 died, in the MGMGrand Hotel fire in 1980.What We Can Learn from History As reportedby James C. Shriver, member ofthe IFC and director of technical servicesat Wabash, IN-based Thermafiber Inc., in“Building Perimeter Fire Protection,” numerousfires, and the lives lost as a result,could have been prevented with effectivepassive fire protection. Here’s some informationhe provides about a few of themost famous U.S. fires, and how passivefire protection played a part.On Nov. 21, 1980, fire ripped throughthe MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. Sixhundred seventy-nine (679) people wereinjured, and 84 died in the fire. Openingsin vertical shafts and seismic joints actedas chimneys, spreading smoke and heatall the way through the 26th floor. Guestsfound out about the fire by seeing smokeor via others who told them. The hotel’salarm system was destroyed before firealarms could activate.On May 4, 1988, a fire broke out on the 9thfloor of the First Interstate Bank Building inLos Angeles. A shrill noise coming from asmoke detector caused an employee toreset it. By then, nearly 15 minutes hadpassed before the blaze was reported tothe fire department. The fire leapfroggedto the 13th floor and threatened the 14thfloor. Smoke filled all 62 floors of the building.A maintenance employee who was investigatingthe source of the fire died in anelevator at the fire floor. Officials reportedthat the flames had spread up inside theexterior walls, where glass fiber insulationhad failed.On Dec. 6, 2004, fire raked the 29thfloor of the LaSalle Bank Building in downtownChicago. Fortunately, this historic,concrete-and-steel structure was able tocontain the fire (thanks to the use of firestopping around penetrations and claytiles protecting steel beams), and firefighters,from an adjacent rooftop, were ableto reach much of it with their hose stream.During the 6 hours of the fire, the flamesonly engaged the 29th and 30th floors.According to Shriver, “A part of what wehave learned from these fires is that theconstruction systems we specify todayhave an important role to play in the safetyof buildings and their occupants manyyears from now.”Reference:http://www.buildings.com/ArticleDetails/tabid/3321/ArticleID/5851/Default.aspx22.Copyright © 2013 Fireline 520 ® LLCwww.fireline520.com • (716) 332-4699

To Architects, Owners & EngineersPlease compare fireline 520 fire barriers to our competitorsFireline 520 Fire barriers :• Are tested & factory made with male and female connections ready to be installedRight out of the box.• Transitions are all factory made.• Systems are top mount, inside mount, bottom mount with Male and female connections.• Are tested with optional Waterguard fire barriers all systems and transitions.• Are tested with optional drain tub Waterguard systems• Are tested from 1 hour to 4 hour protection systems• Joint sizes from 2” thru 32”• Are tested to ASTM E 1399 class 4 movement• Require No field mitering• Are Easy to install• Maintain integrity of all systems with factory made connectionsCompare our fire barriers to the competitor’s fire barriers:➢➢➢➢➢Do competitors miter there fire barrier in the field?Will this Leave room for error by the contractor in the field?Do competitors miter there transitions in the field?Have thier transitions every been tested under UL 2079 Y/N will they work in a fire?Do you require an engineering judgment for each transition on a project by the contractors?For more information contact Al:Fireline 520 , LLC803 B Walden Ave.Buffalo, NY 14221Fax: (716) 873-1839Phone: (716)332-4699E-mail: alshaw@Fireline520.comNotes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________www.fireline520.com • (716) 332-469923.Copyright © 2013 Fireline 520 ® LLC

U.S. Patent8,397,453Patent Pending CanadaU.S.A - Patent PendingCanada - Patent PendingTOP MOUNT FLOOR TO FLOOR 90° JOINTSCALE: DRAWN BY:DATE:N/A A. CHMURZYNSKI8/22/2012

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