Saint Cecilia Parish - St. Cecilia Roman Catholic Church

Saint Cecilia Parish - St. Cecilia Roman Catholic Church

Saint Cecilia Parish - St. Cecilia Roman Catholic Church


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Page 3March 25, 2012 The Fifth Sunday of LentPARISH EVENTSLENTEN REGULATIONSFasting: Ages 18-59 fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, April 6th limiting themselves to one full meal and twosmaller meals each day, with no snacking between meals.Abstinence: Catholics age 14 and older abstain from meaton Ash Wednesday, Good Friday and all the Fridays of LentThe time for fulfilling the Easter Duty extends from the firstSunday of Lent, Feb. 26 to the Solemnity of the Holy Trinity,June 3.FATHER ZIG TO LEADPILGRIMAGE IN SEPTEMBERDue to a larger number of people than expected, thePilgrimage to “Fatima, Lourdes and Barcelona” hasbeen rescheduled to new dates:September 16 to 25.Updated brochures are located in thechurch vestibule and Parish Office.For Information please contact Tanyaor Father Zig at 973-627-0313Social Justice - Haiti Parish Twinning: Thank you for yourmost generous contributions to assist our “sister parish” NotreDame de la Caridad located in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Yourcontributions will be used to provide for much needed items aswell as provide the dignity of work where jobs are veryscarce.•Install a water drum and pipes to distribute purified water tothe rectory and school kitchens and bathrooms and to a newoutside faucet. Items will be purchased in Haiti and labor providedby local workers. $1000 (corrected from $10000)•Provide the school and children’s eating area with 4(corrected from 12) tables and 96 chairs. The table and chairswill be purchased in Haiti. $2500Pay for the sea container shipping costs for the food donations.We are grateful for help in obtaining a 10 amp diesel poweredgenerator. Power outages in Haiti are daily. The generator isan important back up power source to provide for clean water.Please contact Karen Florance (kdflorance@optonline.net)for more information.Please bring the food donations after all Masses on March24 th and 25 th to the garage next to the school gym.GUARD OF HONORSt Cecilia Parish is in need of a few volunteers to assist asushers at a few of the masses on Saturday and Sunday.No experience is necessary. In addition to dutiesat Sunday masses, there is a need through out the year toassist at various other special events and masses in theparish to aid attendees taking part in these events.If interested please contact - Dan Zarzycki (862-209-4271)Jim Gallagher (973-366-9699),or contact the parish office.March 30April 6LENTEN LUNCHESFirst Presbyterian ChurchLunch Begins at 12:00 pmDeacon Jack Taylor, St. Cecilia ChurchGood Friday - Combined Clergy(at United Methodist of the Rockaways)Garage Sale Sponsored by the St. Monica GuildClearing the clutter in your garage?Reserve a table and sell your stuff!When: Saturday, April 21, 2012Time: 9:00 AM – 2:00 PMLocation: Hayes Hall at St. Cecilia’s ChurchOpen to all parishioners. Cost: $15.00/TableTo reserve a table, please callPat Zayac 973-625-4572.Reservations must be received by March 31, 2012.True Love Waits Parents, do your teens know God'splan for love and relationships in their lives? True LoveWaits teaches teens how to be happier (and safer) in relationshipsby following Christ's plan for them. Sessionswill run every Sunday, 7-9pm, from April 15th to May15th. There will be a parents' meeting covering theentire program on March 25th and 28th at 7 pm in theSt. Cecilia School library. You need only attend onemeeting to preview the entire program. We hope to seeyou then! Please call 973-627-7119 with any questions.ST. CECILIA SENIORS NEWS AND EVENTSApril 3 - Regular Meeting11:00 am—Set Up12:00 pm—Meeting BeginsCASINO TRIPS:APRIL 10—MT. AIREY2nd Tuesday of the MonthTrips are to be paid for one month in advance. CallLorraine 973-366-6871580-St. Cecilia

Page 4March 25, 2012 The Fifth Sunday of LentCCD REGISTRATION WEEKENDMARCH 24 & 25—Hayes HallGIFT CARDS– EVERY WEEKEND!AFTER ALL MASSESThank you to the parishioners and school families who havebeen supportive of our Gift Card sales.. If more people participate,I cannot even imagine how much more we couldhelp the School without any added cost to the buyer. Onceyou start using the cards, you will realize the benefits too.For your convenience, gift cards are sold twice a month afterMass, as well as at the rectory and school offices during normalworking hours. The following are available all of thetime, for immediate sales:SHOPRITE, STOP & SHOP, A & PKOHLS, SUSSEX MEAT PACKING,WALMART, TARGETDUNKIN DONUTS & STARBUCKS“Welcome Home is a diocesan initiative to invite allCatholics to experience the grace of the Sacrament ofReconciliation. Confession is a wonderful opportunityto set aside our sinful ways and to draw closer toour Lord. Confessions will b e held every Mondayduring Lent, from February 27th to March 26th, 2012from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm in every Catholic church inthe Diocese of Paterson. Don’t be afraid! Informationwill be provided. Ask the priest to help you.Experience the gracious mercy of God!www.WelcomeHomeToHealing.orgParish PayHave you thought about automating your giving? No morewriting checks! You decide the amount & the frequency. Signup today for automatic contributions to St. Cecilia’s. Go to theParish Pay link at st-cecilia.org or call 866-727-4741.DIOCESAN & COMMUNITY NEWSQuellen Spiritual CenterThe Quellen Spiritual Center 350 Bernardsville RoadMendham, NJ is offering “HAS THE DUST GOTTEN TOYOU” on March 31, 2012 from 9:30 am—2:30 pm No –this is not a day about Spring-cleaning! It’s a day onSpring-being! Come and spend some quiet time with Jesus.The day will include input, reflection time, and sharingabout how we live as followers of Jesus. Facilitator:Eileen Carmody, PBVM $35.00 suggested fee includeslunchTHE SHRINES OF SOUTHERN ITALY PLUS ROME- July 7-16, 2012 -Bishop Arthur Serratelli will be the spiritual directorduring a travel experience to include Shrines and sitesthroughout southern Italy. The trip will conclude inRome. During a 4-night stay in Sorrento, visits will bemade to Capri, Pompeii, Naples, Pagani, Amalfi, Positanoand Ravello, continuing via Avellino to stay in SanGiovanni Rotundo for 2 nights before going to Rome.Bishop Serratelli will celebrate Mass daily at the differentShrines and will provide his insights at the manyplaces to be visited throughout the Pilgrimage.Reservations are limited to 30 persons. A detailed brochurewhich includes an itinerary, as well as a statementof costs, may be obtained by contactingGreat Experiences at 201-825-3725 or via email atgreatexinc@verizon.net.CASH FOR GOLD SALEThe Sacred Heart Women’s Society will be hosting aCash for Gold Sale in the near future. Please checkthrough your unwanted gold and silver and hold for thesale. This fund raiser enables the Women’s Society tolend support to our Church and various charities . A datewill be announced in the bulletin shortly.ARGYLE’S FISH ‘N CHIPSArgyle’s Fish ‘n Chips dinner at St. Mary’s, Dover/Wharton onApril 4, 2012. Take outs 5:00 pm. Restaurant service 5:30 –7:00 pm. Price $15 (includes: fish or chicken, fries, coleslaw,tossed salad, rolls, soda and regular beverages, dessert.Contact: Sister Thomasine 973-879-7008Shroud of Turin Encountercoming toSussex County Community CollegeJust a quick note to let all of you know that this presentationis coming toSussex County Community College,Wednesday, April 4th at 7:30.Admission is free.Check out the website below....it looks very interesting.....hopeto see you all there!ShroudEncounter.com - Shroud of Turin -Experience the Mystery580-St. Cecilia

Page 5March 25, 2012 The Fifth Sunday of LentEVENTS OF THE WEEKMonday, March 2611:45 am Rosary for Peace (Church)2:00 pm School Play (Gym)600 pm Bible Camp Meeting (Hayes Hall)7:00 pm Holy Hour (Church)7:30 pm Bible Study (Parish Office)Tuesday, March 278:00 am Communion Retreat (Hayes Hall)9:30 am Bible Study (PARISH OFFICE)2:00 pm School Play (Gym)6:30 pm Why Catholic (Parish Office)7:00 pm Bereavement Group (Parish Office)7:45 pm Charismatic Prayer Group(Hayes Hall)Wednesday, March 288:00 am Book Fair (Powers Hall)2:00 pm School Play (Gym)3:30 pm Confirmation Practice (Church)7:00 pm True Love Waits—Parents Night(Parish Office)Thursday, March 298:00 am Book Fair (Powers Hall)2:00 pm School Play (Gym)7:00 pm Choir Practice (Church)7:00 pm Bereavement Group (Parish Office)7:00 pm Bagpipers (Hayes Hall)Friday, March 308:00 am Book Fair (Powers Hall)12:00 pm Lenten Lunch (Presbyterian Church)2:00 pm School Play (Gym)7:30 pm Stations of the CrossSaturday March 318:00 am Book Fair (Powers Hall)Sunday, April 111:45 am RCIA—Immediately following the10:45 am Mass (Parish Office)2:00 pm School Play (Gym)6:00 pm School Play (Gym)7:00 pm True Love Waits (TLW)Parents Night (Powers Hall)RAFFLE WINNER3/16/12Jorge IzquierdoSCHOOL NEWSUsed Clothing DriveSponsored By St. Cecilia's School 8 th GradeFor the Entire Month of March 2012Accepting clothing, shoes, soft household goods,bedding, linens handbags and stuffed animals.Please leave items in white plastic bags at sidealter in Church.Your support is vital for our success and greatlyappreciated.The kindergarten class at St. Cecilia school has been learningFrench this year. They have learned colors, days of theweek, parts of the body, animal names and variousphrases. Lately their teacher, Mrs. Roberti, has begun tointroduce them to the works of famous French painters.The first painter they studied was Claude Monet. Afterviewing several of Monet’s works, the children createdtheir own version of one of his famous paintings. Next,they learned about Henri Matisse and again viewed severalof his art pieces. The children’s original Matises picturesare on display outside of their classroom. They are lookingforward to their next painter, Toulouse Lautrec!~Saint Cecilia's Spring Book Fair~When: March 29 - April 3During school hours and until 3 p.m. each dayAlso open Sunday April 1 after the 8:00 A.M., 9:15A.M., 10:45 A.M., and12:15 P.M. MassesWhere: Saint Cecilia's School in Powers HallBooks make great Easter gifts!580-St. Cecilia

Page 6March 25, 2012 The Fifth Sunday of LentDear Parishioners,With this week’s observance of the Fifth Sunday of Lent we enter into “Passiontide”, the second partof the holy season of Lent. In former times the Gospel reading for this day was taken from John,chapter 8 in which the Lord has a heated dialogue with the religious leaders in Jerusalem. This tenseencounter concludes with Jesus’ detractors picking up stones to kill him. In verse 59 we are told thatthe Lord Jesus “hid and went out of the temple area.” This phrase is but one reason why the Churchhas the practice of covering or veiling images (crosses and statues only). Statues remain covered upuntil the Easter Vigil. Crosses remain covered until the Liturgy of Good Friday at which time thecross is uncovered and venerated. The practice of veiling the crosses in white for Holy Thursday, asper tradition, will also be observed. The veiling of the sacred images also conveys a sense of sombernessand sorrow as we come close to the days marking our Savior’s suffering and death.Next Sunday we will celebrate Palm Sunday, the first day of HOLY WEEK, the most solemn time in the Christiancalendar. As you prepare your homes to receive new blessed palms I remind you that last year’s blessed palms mustbe disposed of properly, as with all blessed objects. You may bring your old palms and deposit them in the basketlocated in the church vestibule or you may burn or bury them. They should not be tossed in the garbage!Although on the calendar today is the 25 th of March the SOLEMNITY OF THE ANNUNCIATION has been transferredto Monday, March 26 th , as per liturgical directive. The Annunciation commemorates the day when the ArchangelGabriel was sent to the Blessed Virgin Mary seeking her cooperation in God’s plan for salvation. With the YESof the Mother of God and Ever Virgin Mary we gain access to God in this life and in the world to come. Just think,only 9 months to Christmas!His Excellency, Bishop Arthur Serratelli will bless our new rectory chapel and consecrate the altar this week. Mybrothers, Father Daniel, Father Marcin and Seminarian David have been waiting with eagerness for this day. On behalfof them and for myself I would like to thank all those who supported this project. Your generosity is a sign ofyour support for our priests and seminarians. Your generosity in building a holy place for God’s glory is a sign ofyour faith. The devil and his evil cohorts are angered in the building of holy places. The Lord’s angels and saints rejoicebecause God is victorious! THANK YOU FOR ASSISTING IN THIS VICTORY AND KNOW THAT GOD WILLBLESS YOU FOR YOUR GOOD WORK! We will honor the rectory chapel benefactors at the rectory in May.This weekend we are conducting registration for next year’s CCD program. Although we will have a new religiouseducation director in the fall, OUR CCD PROGRAM WILL NOT CHANGE BUT WILL CONTINUE IN THE FOR-MAT AS WE KNOW IT! I spoke about this in last Sunday’s “pastor’s article” and I do so again today. I am mostgrateful to the parents who direct their children to our religious education program and see faith formation as important.I salute you and assure you of my prayers.God bless you!Father ZigST. JOSEPH OF ARIMATHEAMarch 29—Patron of Funeral Directors.St. Joseph of Arimathea was a just and devout man who was looking for the Kingdom of God. Although duringOur Lord’s public life he was afraid to show himself openly as His disciple, after the crucifixion he had the courageto seek out Pilate and ask for the body of Jesus. Aided by Nicodemus, he took the body of the Savor from theCross, bound it up 8in wrappings of cloth with perfumed oil, and laid it in his own new tomb which had beenhewn from a formation of rock (Jn 19:38-42)PRAYER: God, You alone are holy and without You no one is good. Through the intercession of St. Joseph, grant that wemay so live as not to be deprived of Your glory. AmenTaken from, Lives of the Saints, Catholic Booking Publishing Company, 1999 New Jersey580-St. Cecilia

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