WELCOME TOTHE WORLDOF NEW IONGENERATIONOF GORENJEREFRIGERATORS,MADE INPERFECTCOOPERATIONWITH NATURE.KEEP IT FRESHThere is no such thing as one idealtemperature for all groceries. Iongeneration enables a unique and naturalenvironment for each one.KEEP IT SMARTIon generation offers a lot of user-friendlyfeatures which enable easy and simpleusage of refrigerator.ADVANCEDSUPERIORESSENTIALKEEP IT GREENNew generation of Gorenje refrigeratorsoffers combinations of high energy classesand other parameters which contribute toenergy and money saving.

ION AIR GENERATIONof REFRIGERATORSWith its enhanced performances, new line ofGorenje refrigerators ultimately nourisheslife - not only by prolonging the freshnessand durability of the food, but by improvingour longevity and making our lives easy aswell, therefore raising the overallquality of living.DISCOVER THEHEALTHIESTAND MOSTEFFICIENT WAYOF PRESERVINGYOUR FOODWITH POWER OFNEGATIVE IONS.WITHIONSWITHOUTIONS

CrispZonewith HumidityControlPerfect for fruit and vegetablesThis large drawer has an additional improvement- HumidityControl system, which easily regulateshumidity level. Drying of fruit and vegetables isprevented due to the humid environment, so theystay fresh and full of vitamins for a long time.CrispZone is one of the largest drawerson the market, with a volume of 36l.FreshZone drawerProlongs food freshness at around 3°The FreshZone drawer is located in the bottompart of the fridge, which is its coolest zone. Itcan be found in basic models. A fan maintainstemperature around 3°C. Food feels good in here,because it preserves freshness, smell and colourup to twice as long as normal.SlotIn FunctionEasier door openingIf you want to place the refrigerator next to thewall, vertical freezer or other appliances, SlotInfunction is perfect for you. Door hinges aredesigned so that they allow easy door openingunder the right angle, even when refrigerator is inthis position. You will be able to easily pull outthe shelves as well.ESSENTIAL lineBasic line which features most ofION generation advantages. Simple,practical and affordable, it will bringgreat refreshment into our life.

IonAir with DynamicCoolingImproved ventilation systemThis advanced cooling system takes care of yourfood with dynamic flow of healthy Ion Air. It createsa natural microclimate in the refrigerator, eliminatesbacteria, and provides an even distribution offresh ionized air. Due to this system of operation,DynamicCooling contributes to energy savingand falls into category of ‘‘green’’ features.AdaptCool technologyAdvanced sensor technologyWe present you our advanced sensor technology withmemory function, which contributes to creating theideal environment inside the refrigerator. It is a specialprogramme, which records the frequency of dooropening within one week. It constantly memorizesthe data and programmes refrigerator operationaccording to them. When the refrigerator “knows” thatdoors will be opened more frequently, it automaticallyincreases cooling. Therefore, stable temperature in therefrigerator is maintained.PullOut ShelvesEasy access to foodWith sliding shelves, the content of the entire fridge iseasily accessible. You no longer have to “delve into“the fridge to take food from back part, becauseyou can pull every shelf out. Shelves are made fromtempered glass and hold up to 22 kg of food.ADVANCED lineAdvanced models of ION generationwill satisfy all your needs in terms oftechnology and aesthetics. They allowyou to store and keep your food in ahealthy way. Advanced line represents theperfect quality-price ratio.

IonAir with MultiFlow 360°Intensive ventilation systemOur intensive regulatory system MultiFlow 360°actively balances air, humidity and temperatureinside the refrigerator, making it the idealenvironment for fresh food. Thanks to 14 ventilationinlets, an even temperature is maintained on eachshelf, so there is no risk from food freezing anywherein the fridge. This amazing regulatory system purifiesthe air and saves energy.XtremeFreezeProfessional freezingFrozen food can be healthy as well. In order to preserveits nutritive value, it must be frozen in the right way.XtremeFreeze drawer in the best models of IONgeneration takes care of that. It freezes twice as fastas a regular drawer. This way, all nutritive values arepreserved. You will find this feature in Superior models.Inverter compressorHigh performance compressorwith electronic controlGorenje refrigerators with the highest energy classare controlled by the smart technology and invertercompressors. When temperature inside refrigeratorrises, due to door opening, cooling is automaticallyincreased. Aside from that, inverter compressorprovides durable and stable operation.SUperior lineProud representatives ofION generation of fridge freezersoffer sophisticated design,cutting-edge performances and topquality. For those who demandthe best.

ESSENTIALlineOPERATIONMechanicElectronicElectronic LED display behind doorsElectronic LED display on doorsFrostLesscoolingNoFrostcoolingADVANCEDlineOPERATIONMechanicElectronicElectronic LED display behind doorsElectronic LED display on doorsFrostLesscoolingNoFrostcoolingAdaptCoolIonAir Dynamic CoolingIonAir Multiflow 360°ECO modeSlot inAdaptCoolIonAir Dynamic CoolingIonAir Multiflow 360°ECO modeSlot inEQUIPMENTSimpleSlidePullOut shelvesCrispZone with HumidityControlFreshZone (optional)ZeroZoneMultiBoxXXL SpaceBoxBottle holderLED lightALU profile shelvesALU profile on drawersALU profile on door shelvesEQUIPMENTSimpleSlidePullOut shelvesCrispZone with HumidityControlFreshZone (optional)ZeroZoneMultiBoxXXL SpaceBoxBottle holderLED lightALU profile shelvesALU profile on drawersALU profile on door shelvesHANDLE TYPEPlasticHANDLE TYPEPlasticMetal, shortMetal, longMetal, shortMetal, longFREEZING SYSTEMFastFreezeFREEZING SYSTEMFastFreezeXtremeFreezeXtremeFreeze*FrostLess and NoFrost are two different cooling systems. FrostLess technology reduces the formation of ice up to 50%. Advanced NoFrost Plus technology eliminatesice completely but maintains freshness and humidity*FrostLess and NoFrost are two different cooling systems. FrostLess technology reduces the formation of ice up to 50%. Advanced NoFrost Plus technology eliminates icecompletely but maintains freshness and humidity

SUPERIORlineOPERATIONMechanicElectronicElectronic LED display behind doorsElectronic LED display on doorsNoFrost PluscoolingIonAir MultiFlow 360˚CPerfect ventilation systemwhich creates ideal microclimatefor preservation of food andeliminates up to 95% of bacteriaand virusesAdaptCoolAdvanced sensor technologykeeps track of users’ habits andadjusts operation accordingly.XtremeFreeze drawerExtremely fast freezing whichpreserves nutritive value of foodFastFreeze functionFor fasterfreezing,at -24˚CSlotIn functionDoors are opened under theright angle even ifrefrigerator is next to the wall orother appliancesBottleMatMat which preventssliding of bottlesAdaptCoolIonAir Dynamic CoolingIonAir Multiflow 360°ECO modeSlot inCrispZone withHumidityControlIdeal drawer for storage offruit and vegetables withHumidityControl systemSuperCool functionIdeal for cooling after majorshoppingA+++ energy classTop energy classEQUIPMENTSimpleSlidePullOut shelvesCrispZone with HumidityControlFreshZone (optional)ZeroZoneMultiBoxXXL SpaceBoxBottle holderLED lightALU profile shelvesALU profile on drawersALU profile on door shelvesHANDLE TYPEPlasticMetal, shortMetal, longFREEZING SYSTEMFastFreezeXtremeFreezeFrostLess technologyAdvanced technology reducesice and defrosting for 50%.NoFrost PlusImproved cooling systemeliminates ice andmaintains humidityZeroZone drawerIdeal drawer for storageof meat and fish at 0˚CFreshZone drawerProlongs foodfreshness at around 3˚CSimpleSlide principleEasy movable shelvesPullOut shelvesSliding shelves which can hold22 kg of food, for easy accessto foodSpaceBox XXL drawerSpacious drawer in the freezerfor large pieces of foodMultiBox binMultifunctional box for food ofstrong smell, ice and eggsADDITIONAL FEATURESECOMode programSaves energy whileyou are awayIonAir with DynamicCoolingVentilation system whichcreates ideal microclimatefor preservation of food andeliminates up to 95%of bacteria and virusesLEDLightStrong and energy-efficientilluminationInverter Compressorwith electronic variablespeed control

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