D isposables - Jacksons


D isposables - Jacksons

D i s p o s a b l e sWhether a convenient takeaway or eventthis section has easy packaging ideas tomake life easy for you and your customer.397

D i s p o s a b l e sSkewers, Picks & Mini Forks16.755.00119cm Paddle skewer (2000) £36.0016.755.001212cm Paddle skewer (2000) £30.6016.755.001315cm Paddle skewer (2000) £32.3016.755.001418cm Paddle skewer (2000) £38.0016.283.1046 15cm Square flat bambooskewer (1000)£34.80SKSF180 18cm Square flat bambooskewer (1000) £37.11SKSF210 21cm Square flat bambooskewer (1000) £40.2016.283.1041 9cm Bamboo buffetfork (1000)£21.6516.755.0010 9cm Boucle loopskewers (2000) £37.6011.288.18017” Bamboo skewers (200)£1.3011.288.18029.75” Bamboo skewers (200)£1.75SKBD150 150mm Ball decoratedskewers (1000) £50.57SKPD120 120mm Pearl decoratedskewers (1000) £44.39SKRB120 120mm Red ball decoratedskewers (2000) £102.40SKBR120 120mm Black & red skewers(1000)16.228.0164Wood chip fork (10,000) £34.3416.228.0165210mm Wooden chopsticks(3000) £97.98CHOP18018cm Easy eat chopsticks (1000)£127.5016.228.01175.5” Wooden coffee stirrers(1000) £4.0116.228.01187.5” Wooden coffee stirrers(1000) £4.7516.228.0266Wooden cocktail sticks(1000) £1.4016.228.0251 Quill individuallywrapped toothpicks (1000)£11.40RARE3.5” Bamboo paddle “Rare” (1200) £35.52MEDRARE3.5” Bamboo paddle “Medium Rare” (1200) £35.52MEDIUM3.5” Bamboo paddle “Medium” (1200) £35.52MEDWELL3.5” Bamboo paddle “Medium Well” (1200 £35.52WELLDONE3.5” Bamboo paddle “Well Done” (1200) £35.52410014 Steak marker well (1000) £10.50410013 Steak marker medium well (1000)£10.50 410012 Steak marker medium (1000)£10.50 410010 Steak marker rare (1000)£10.5022.094.095012” S/steel skewers (6)£3.70BAMP35A 3.5” Bamboopaddle “Allergy” (1200)£17.28BAMP35G 3.5” Bamboo paddle“Gluten Free” (1200)£35.5216.755.0053140mm Natural bamboo ballskewer (2000) £45.22209BBKUR990mm Kuromoji bamboo blackwillow skewer (2000) £45.90210PIQ5050mm Wooden sandwich pick(10000) £30.8016.228.0609Handy freshener sachet (1000)£35.16398

D i s p o s a b l e sMini Boxes210ASIE8BL8oz Mini pasta box (500)£75.98210ASPAIL8BL8oz Mini noodle pail (500)£75.97210GSP25BLØ50mm 79hmm Mini wrap cup(500) £15.02210EATBURG5070x70x50mm Mini burger box (500) £36.42210EATBURG8090x90x50mm Mini burger box (500) £46.53210MINIPIZZ90x90x20mm Mini pizza box (500)£58.31Sandwich Triangles16.050.0301Deep filled sandwich wedgehinged lid (500) £35.45209KCK2612123x26x123mm Singlesandwich triangle (500) £61.20209KCB7212123x52x123mm Doublesandwich triangle (500) £61.20Salad Containers210BOXS375100x80x40mm Kraftpaper salad box (250) £52.70210BOXS500115x95x40mm Kraftpaper salad box (100) £23.8016.755.0040 150x135x65mmKraft salad box with 2 windows(160) £39.61210KRAYB115 95mm Kray salad box 12oz (250) £60.18210KRAYB155 140mm Kray salad box 24oz (250) £74.72210KRAYB195 180mm Kray salad box 44oz (200) £87.04Kray boxes have window lid, are greaseproof lined µwaveablePortion CupsBUKATY round salad box green(360)210PC480V 16oz £77.18210PC580V 20oz £77.27210PC750V 26oz £81.26210PC1000V 36oz £82.38209POPET0750.75oz PET Portion cup (5000)£81.60209POPETL1Lid for 0.75/1oz PET Portioncup (5000)£52.70209POPET11oz PET Portion cup (5000)£83.30209POPETL1Lid for 0.75/1oz PET Portioncup (5000)£52.70209POPET22oz PET Portion cup (2500)£47.60209POPETL2Lid for 2/3oz PET Portion cup(2500) £31.96BUKATY round salad box white(360)210PC480B 16oz £77.18210PC580B 20oz £77.27210PC750B 26oz £81.26210PC1000B 36oz £82.38210PCL1000LPET Lid (360) £48.89210LSOUP155Cardboard Lid (500) £110.50210DELI1888oz PET Deli container (500)£45.51210LDELI166Lid for 8, 12, 16 & 24oz delicontainer (500) £32.30210DELI12212oz PET Deli container (500)£47.88210LDELI166Lid for 8, 12, 16 & 24oz delicontainer (500) £32.30210DELI16616oz PET Deli container (500)£56.35210LDELI166Lid for 8, 12, 16 & 24oz delicontainer (500) £32.30210DELI24424oz PET Deli container (500)£75.90210LDELI166Lid for 8, 12, 16 & 24oz delicontainer (500) £32.30399

D i s p o s a b l e sCups16.050.01017oz EPS cup (1000) £20.9916.050.010310oz EPS cup (1000) £30.1016.050.010512oz EPS cup (500) £35.6516.050.0102Lids for 7oz cup (1000) £14.5016.050.0104Lids for 10oz cup (1000) £25.8016.050.0106Lids for 12oz cup (1000) £25.9516.056.03304oz Cafe Mocha cup (1000) £24.3816.056.03328oz Cafe Mocha cup (1000) £39.7516.056.033412oz Cafe Mocha cup (1000) £45.0516.056.033616oz Cafe Mocha cup (1000) £54.34One lid fits allDouble base designInsulating ripple wrap inside16.056.03098oz Insulated brown kraft triple layer cup(500) £39.8216.056.031012oz Insulated brown kraft triple layer cup(500)£46.7216.056.031516oz Insulated brown kraft triple layer cup(500)£57.5316.056.0311Domed lid for 8oz cup (1000) £22.4116.056.0312Domed lid for 12/16oz cup (1000) £24.06Soup Cup16.056.03198oz Ultimate hot drink cup (500)£40.8116.056.031812oz Ultimate hot drink cup (500)£48.2216.056.031716oz Ultimate hot drink cup (500)£58.8116.056.032086mm Domed sip thr lid white (2000) £24.1016.056.032186mm Domed sip thr lid black (2000) £24.10Smoothie Cup16.050.06054oz plain white water cone paper5000£79.95210SOUP1212oz Soup cup (500)£42.50210LSOUP8Lid for 12oz Soup cup (500)£46.7516.755.004116oz Soup cup (500)£45.9016.755.0042Lid for 16/24oz Soup cup(500) £47.60Disposable Plates, Bowls & Containers16.755.004316oz Clear PET cup (1000) £100.0316.755.0044 Domed lid for 16oz clear PETcup (1000) £37.5716.755.00014 Cup fibre holder tray (180) £24.65A7601 No.1 White polystyrene tray178x102x25mm (1000) £21.64A7602 No.2 White polystyrene tray178x133x38mm (1000) £25.88A7603 No.3 White polystyrene tray222x133x38mm (1000) £36.4016.169.0204 EPS Chippy tray(500) £27.3016.077.2505 6.75” 2 StarPaper Plate (1000)£23.7516.169.0301 6” TrimplateTP1 (600)£16.5516.169.0302 7” TrimplateTP2 (600)£22.7516.169.0303 9” Trimplate16.169.0101 P1 6” Lindislaminatedpoly plate(600) £29.8016.169.0102 P2 7” Lindislaminatedpoly plate(600) £34.1316.169.0103 P3 9” LindisB0108OP1 White oval laminatedplate 260x194mm(600) £76.02PLATOP1 TOP1 White polystyreneEPS oval plate 260x194mm(600) £32.8916.169.0107 8oz Lindispolybowl(600) £42.7016.169.0906 HP2C Burger F/Fries box cream (500)£39.5016.169.0908 HP3C Fastfood box cream (500)£54.00C8026 HP4 Champagnepolystyrene food box(200) £23.65400BXHP041 HP4/2 Champagnepolystyrene food box (200) £25.48BXHP042 HP4/3 Champagnepolystyrene 3 division cream (200)£44.20BXHP06 HP6 Large burger box145x133x75mm (500) £33.5716.169.0915 HP10C Ovalpotato box cream (500)£55.13BXMP01MP1 Small burger box137x133x75mm(500) £25.35

D i s p o s a b l e sBagasse TablewareEconomic and sturdy, Bagassetableware is produced from sugarcane waste material. These productsare naturally compostable and suitablefor hot, wet and oily foods, offeringsuperior performance to paper or EPSequivalents.91001 155mm Round plate (1000) £30.0491002 180mm Round plate (1000) £35.6591010 225mm Round plate (500) £33.0391009260mm 3 Compartment round plate (500)£46.1991007 15cm Square plate (500) £34.1991006 20cm Square plate (500) £41.6291005 26cm Square plate (250) £24.1291012 250x300mm Oval plate (500) £65.4291011 260mm Round plate (500) £43.8591008260x130mm Rectangular plate (500) £34.4391003160mm Round bowl 340ml (1000) £44.8891004175mm Round bowl 454ml (1000) £53.3091014 145mm Burger box (500) £53.88 91016 220x202mm 3 Compartment mealbox (200) £35.7591013 230x230mm 3 Compartment mealbox (200) £42.3291015 235mm Clamshell meal box (200) £37.71 91018 160mm Lunch box (250) £34.14 91017 165mm 2 Compartment lunch box (250) £34.87Bagasse “Egg” Bowls210BCHIC750 750ml Oval pulpbowl (250) £51.85210BCHICL701PET lid for 750ml oval pulp bowl(250) £49.33210BCHIC1000 1000ml Oval pulpbowl (250) £64.50210BCHICL1002PET lid for 1000ml oval pulp bowl(250) £55.88210BCHIC15001500ml Oval pulp bowl (100)£33.92210BCHICL1501PET lid for 1500ml oval pulp bowl(100) £33.15BIODEGRADABLE & COMPOSTABLECurrently all bowls and 1500ml lid are available.Lid for 750ml and 1000ml will be available by the end of 2013.401

D i s p o s a b l e sEcokraft ContainersGreaseproof cardboard food tray - natural kraft look, made of recycledcardboard. microwaveable, grease resistant, ideal for takeaways.210BQKRAFT1120x85x20mm Container(1000) £38.25210BQKRAFT2135x100x23mmContainer (1000) £44.20210BQKRAFT3160x120x25mmContainer (1000) £53.72210BQKRAFT4170x125x26mmContainer (1000) £55.28210BQKRAFT5215x150x40mmContainer (500) £48.37210BQKRAFT6245x165x40mmContainer (500) £65.45Noodle BoxesHamburger BoxesBio Box210ASIE16BL16oz Noodle box round base with flap closing(500) £57.43210ASIE26BL26oz Noodle box round base with flap closing(500) £61.41210ASPAIL16N16oz Black noodle box square base with flapclosing and handle (450) £61.71210ASPAIL26N26oz Black noodle box square base with flapclosing and handle (450) £69.70210EATBURG135K135x125x65mm Kraft burger box (500) £80.92210EATBURG145K145x135x82mm Kraft burger box (500)£117.81210BIO2K215x160x50mm Bio brown board meal box(200) £42.50Takeaway Containers16.095.0606 6.5x4.5x1.5” C500 Plasticcontainer & lid (250)£32.2216.095.0607 6.5x4.5x2” C650 Plasticcontainer & lid (250) £33.9216.095.0505 7.5x4” Foil container No.6(500) £67.9216.095.0506 Lid for No.6 Foil container(500)£15.1316.095.0503 6x4” Foil container No.6A(500) £36.5716.095.0504 Lid for No.6A Foil container(500) £17.8016.095.0507 9” Square Foil container2” deep No.229 (200)£54.7516.095.0508 Lid for No.229 Foil container(200) £20.5716.095.0501 4” Foil container square No.2(1000) £41.14Microwavable Cooking PotsThese attractive cooking pots are fully microwavable and theconvenient range of sizes make them ideal for anything fromsweetmeats to casserolesOCP300B 300ml Cooking pot and lid (144) £111.76OCP500B 500ml Cooking pot and lid (72) £103.38OCP1000B 1L Cooking pot and lid (72) £170.43OCP2000B 2L Cooking pot and lid (36) £124.94402

D i s p o s a b l e sStyle RangeAvailable in 4 different styles with matching clear lids, the unique design of the Style bowls provides a refreshing alternative to othercocktail bowls and the clear Style dosn’t take focus away from the product featured.Square Style Bowls with LidsThe square style bowls are available in three sizes andeach can be supplied with a matching clear lid.SQ6008(5.4x5.4x5.4cm) Small square bowl (400) £60.18SQ6015A(6.5x6.5x6.5cm) Medium square bowl (200) £39.78SQ6015LPC(6.5x6.5cm) Lid for medium square bowl (2000) £109.35SQ6020A(7x7x6.7cm) Large square bowl (200) £46.57SQ6020LPC(7x7cm) Lid for large square bowl (2000) £113.5648mm square pot in green or clear with aclear clear lid, please ask for more details.Shallow Style Bowls with LidsThe shallow style bowls are also available in three sizesand can be supplied with a matching clear lid.SH6010(9.8x9.8x2.5cm) Small shallow bowl (200) £43.66SH6010L(9.8x9.8cm) Lid for small shallow bowl (200) £39.29SH6015(11.5x11.5x3.5cm) Medium shallow bowl (200) £65.49SH6015L(11.5x11.5cm) Lid for medium shallow bowl (200) £45.85SH6020(12.5x12.5x4cm) Large shallow bowl (200) £87.32SH6020L(12.5x12.5cm) Lid for large shallow bowl (200) £46.57Cubic and Round Style BowlsCubic and round style bowls in clear can each besupplied in three sizes.RO6010(8.5cm diameter) Small round bowl (200) £32.75RO6015(9.5cm diameter) Medium round bowl (200) £46.57RO6020(10.5cm diameter) Large round bowl (200) £58.14CU6010(7x7x5cm) Small cubic bowl (200) £32.89CU6015(8x8x5.5cm) Medium cubic bowl (200) £43.59CU6020(8.5x8.5x6cm) Large cubic bowl (200) £52.83Disposable Cutlery16.288.0201 Hilite plastic knife (1000) £14.9916.288.0202 Hilite plastic fork (1000) £14.9916.288.0200 Hilite plastic dessert spoon (1000) £15.95Transport Solutions16.288.0104 Sunlite plastic knife (1000) £27.5016.288.0105 Sunlite plastic fork (1000) £27.5016.288.0108 Sunlite plastic dessert spoon (1000)£27.5016.288.0120 Deluxe plastic Tea Spoon (1000) £13.4016.228.0160 Birchwood knife (1000) £30.3016.228.0161 Birchwood fork (1000) £30.3016.228.0162 Birchwood dessert spoon (1000) £30.3016.228.0163 Birchwood teaspoon (1000) £24.79CB3636BP 360mm Square carry case (20) £115.26 CBGN2/1 543x340x200mm Gastronorm carry case(12) £69.16CB4624BP 460x246x235 Carry Case for 23cm plates(20) £103.62403

D i s p o s a b l e sPaper/Plastic Bags16.095.02058.5”x8.5” White paper bag (1000)£10.4816.095.020610”x10” White paper bag (1000) £11.75210SVIS2212 220x140x50mm Brown Kraft window bag (1000) £25.50210SVIS2214 220x140x60mm Brown Kraft window bag (1000) £25.50210SVIS2218 280x180x70mm Brown Kraft window bag (1000) £39.10Carriers16.095.0203 15”x18”x3” Plastic carrierwhite (500) £31.9016.095.0207 7x10x9.5” Small browncarrier (250)£14.5216.095.0208 8.5x13x10” Medium browncarrier (250)£9.7516.095.0210 11.5x10x5” Large browncarrier (125)£11.0516.181.0230 11”x14”x8” Paper carrierWhite (125)£19.56210MCABB20BR200x100x280mm Brown recycled paper bagwith green handles (250) £16.92210MCABB33BR260x140x320mm Brown recycled paper bagwith green handles (250)£19.79WHY NOT HAVE YOUR PAPER BAGOR CARRIER BADGED WITH YOURLOGO...IT’S EASY...GIVE US ACALL ANDWE’LL TELLYOU HOW...MINIMUMQUANTITIESAPPLYFoils & Clingfilms16.034.0102 300mm Aluminium Foil (90m)£5.9516.034.0104 450mm Aluminium Foil (90m) £8.6716.034.0106 600mmAluminium Foil (90m) £10.1843B04 450mm Bacofoil non stick foil (50m) £8.38 16.034.0202 300mm Cling film (300m) £5.8516.034.0204 Cling film (300m) £9.1516.334.0207 Clingfilm 300mm refill Wrapmaster (3x300m)£19.0016.334.0220 Clingfilm 450mm refill Wrapmaster (2x500m)£28.1816.334.0211 Foil 300mm refill Foilmaster 3000 (3x90m)£25.6516.334.0221 Foil 450mm refill Foilmaster 4000 (2x150m) £34.4016.034.0301450mm Baking parchment (75m) £9.7516.334.0204 Wrapmaster 3000 dispenser for film or foil£21.05404

D i s p o s a b l e sGreaseproof16.481.0002 10x8” Plain greaseproof papersheets (500)£10.5016.481.0003 10x16” Plain greaseproof papersheets (500)£14.8816.095.0201 Greaseproof Paper (Ream)£16.75BESPOKE GREASEPROOFWhy not have your own messageprinted on the greaseproof – youcan have 1, 2 or 3 colour print on aminimum run of 2500 – to find outmore please ask our sales personnel.16.094.0002 25x20cm Brown greaseproofpaper (1000) £20.4216.094.0001 35x25cm Brown greaseproofpaper (1000) £31.8616.481.0001 10x16” Daily Catch printedgreaseproof (500) £33.99Order Pads16.106.0108 5”x2.5” K12 1-part kitchen pad (100) £18.5016.106.0109 6x3” K12 1-part kitchen pad large (100) £25.0016.106.0106 5.5x3” EF15 2-part order pad (100) £24.5016.106.0107 5.5x3” EF15 SC 2-part order pad self/carbon (100) £40.9416.106.0104 6.5x3.75” EF30 2-part order pad (100) £30.4416.106.0105 6.5x3.75” EF30 SC 2-part order pad self/carbon (100) £57.0616.106.0103 6.5x3.75” TP200 SC 3-part order pad self/carbon (100) £76.40Essent’ial BagsEssent’ial bags and sacks are made entirely from 100% recycled paper and cellulose fibre andare machine washable at 30°. Available in 8 sizes – please ask for more details.White14cm Il Sacchino P bread sack £9.18Light grey Avana brown BlackWhite with brown handles Grey with white handles Avana brown with white handles Black with brown handles17x16cm Il Cestino small round basket £10.97405

D i s p o s a b l e sCocktail NapkinsNAPKINPrice23cm Tork White Cocktail Napkin, 2 ply (3000) £30.9523cm Tork Black Cocktail Napkin, 2 ply (3000) £30.9524cm Cocktail napkin 3ply white (1000) £34.4524cm Cocktail napkin 3ply champagne (1000) £34.4524cm Cocktail napkin 3ply red (1000) £34.4524cm Cocktail napkin 3ply bordeaux (1000) £34.4524cm Cocktail napkin 3ply dark blue (1000) £34.4524cm Cocktail napkin 3ply orange (1000) £34.4524cm Cocktail napkin 3ply café (1000) £34.4524cm Cocktail napkin 3ply kiwi (1000) £34.4524cm Cocktail napkin 3ply fuschia (1000) £34.4524cm Cocktail napkin 3ply black (1000) £34.45Printed napkins and CoastersWe are pleased to offer a printed napkin service to compliment your companyimage. If you would like to know more about how to use this service pleasetelephone our sales offices and we will be pleased to help you further.All we need is the design you wish to use, colour and sizeof napkin... let us do the rest.2248/140 14cm Triangular napkin holder £2.40 2248/165 16.5cm Triangular napkin holder £3.40 12.288.2001 560010 Bar aide organiser black £4.95Single Ply Tissue Napkins16.077.0202 Tork counterfold dispenser napkin, 1 ply,white (7200) £55.4816.077.0201 Tork fastfold dispenser napkin, 1 ply,white (7200) £38.3516.077.0101 33cm Tork lunch napkin, 1 ply, white(5000) £25.65Recycled Kraft NapkinsA range of napkin and dispenser which are made from 100% recycled material and printed with water based inks.16.274.0001 32cm Novafold napkin 1 ply (6000) £59.60406

D i s p o s a b l e sTork Tissue Napkins2ply 32cm 2ply 39cm 3ply 39cmNapkin Colour Case qty 2000 Case qty 1800 Case qty 1200White £22.95 £34.95 £31.95White 8 fold £22.95 £34.95 £31.95Champagne £32.95 £39.95 * £47.95Cream £32.95 £39.95 n/aPassion Yellow n/a £39.95 n/aFlame Red £32.95 £39.95 * £47.95Pine Green £32.95 £39.95 * £47.95Terracotta £32.95 £39.95 n/aMidnight Blue £32.95 £39.95 * £47.95Burgundy £32.95 £39.95 * £47.95Fuchsia £32.95 £39.95 n/aOrange £32.95 £39.95 n/aTurquoise £32.95 £39.95 n/aCocoa £32.95 £39.95 * n/aGrey £32.95 £39.95 n/aPlum £32.95 £39.95 n/aPistachio £32.95 £39.95 n/aBlack £33.95 £44.50 £49.50*Available in 8-fold, please ask for priceTork LinStyle ® NapkinsWhiteChampagneYellowBurgundyRedMountrain PineMidnight BlueCocoaBlackPlum39cm Tork LinStyle ® napkins. Case quantity 600 Case price white £47.50, all other colours £65.50407

D i s p o s a b l e sDunisoft NapkinsThe Dunisoft napkin is extremely soft to the touch and folds just like a textile napkin too.White Granite Grey Black20cm COCKTAIL NAPKINS156932 20cm Napkin white (720) £29.7216.059.0476 20cm Napkin graphite granite (720)£33.29156933 20cm Napkin black (720) £34.95WhiteCreamMangoFuschiaRedBordeauxDark BlueKiwi Cafe Granite GreyDark GreenBlack40cm NAPKINS16.059.3330 40cm Napkin white (720) £55.8616.059.3331 40cm Napkin cream (720) £78.22161414 40cm Napkin mango (720) £78.22165541 40cm Napkin fuschia (720) £78.2216.059.3332 40cm Napkin red (720) £78.22117277 40cm Napkin bordeaux (720) £78.2216.059.3333 40cm Napkin dark blue (720) £78.2216.059.3334 40cm Napkin dark green (720) £78.22164586 40cm Napkin kiwi (720) £78.22151829 40cm Napkin cafe (720) £78.2216.059.3340 40cm Napkin granite grey (720) £78.22156935 40cm Napkin black (720) £78.22WhiteCreamBordeauxWhiteCream40cm BOOKFOLD NAPKINS16.059.3355 40cm Napkin 1/8 bookfolded white (720) £57.2816.059.3354 40cm Napkin 1/8 bookfolded cream (720) £80.18150924 40cm Napkin 1/8 bookfolded bordeaux (720) £80.1848cm NAPKINS163574 48cm Napkin white (300) £37.98163575 48cm Napkin cream (300) £44.98Duni Elegance LilyWhiteCreamRedBordeauxDark BlueHerbal GreenCafeBlack159486 40cm Napkin white (200) £32.54159487 40cm Napkin cream (200) £35.02159491 40cm Napkin red (200) £35.02159488 40cm Napkin bordeaux (200) £35.02159489 40cm Napkin dark blue (200) £35.02165506 40cm Napkin herbal green (200) £35.02159493 40cm Napkin cafe (200) £35.02159494 40cm Napkin black (200) £36.77408

D i s p o s a b l e sDunilin NapkinsAll colours shown below are available in 40x40cm and some in 48cm.For slipcovers and other items please check which colours are available.Some colours are available from stock, others are available on a 4/5 day lead time.White Cream FuschiaMandarinTerracottaRedBordeauxPlumDark Blue Pacific Blue Mid Blue Dark Green40cm Dunilin Napkins (600)White £74.49 Colours £83.80Black £87.9948cm Dunilin Napkins (400)White £68.30 Colours £74.50KiwiCaféGranite GreyBlackDuniletto NapkinsA Premium Napkin andCutlery Presentation inOne!Duniletto has space to hold aknife, fork and spoon.Made from Dunilin thenapkin is easy to use andgives the impression ofupmarket dining.Duniletto, the napkin withpizzazz.If you unfold the Dunilettoit turns into a 40x48cmWhite Cream Bordeaux Kiwi Cafe Granite Grey Red16.059.0430 40x48cm Napkin white (200) £41.0916.059.0431 40x48cm Napkin cream (200) £45.53156943 40x48cm Napkin bordeaux (200) £45.53165504 40x48cm Napkin kiwi (200) £45.53156942 40x48cm Napkin cafe (200) £45.53156944 40x48cm Napkin granite grey (200) £45.53165503 40x48cm Napkin red (200) £45.5316.059.0432 40x48cm Napkin black (200) £47.80Black409

D i s p o s a b l e sBanquet RollTork Paper 1ply Slipcovers16.077.0900120cm Tork embossed paper white table cover roll, 25m£8.9516.077.0901120cm Tork embossed paper white table cover roll, 100m £23.9516.077.2001 Tork LinStyle ® White Table Cover Roll, 20m £44.0016.059.3310 25 metre Dunisilk banquet roll white (2) £61.7116.059.3320 125cm Dunicel banquet roll white (40m) £58.4016.077.0701 90cm Tork paper 1ply slipcover, white (250) £32.5016.077.0704 90cm Tork paper 1ply slipcover, red (250) £49.45Tork Tissue & Film SlipcoversDunicel Slipovers16.077.1201 90cm Tork tissue & film slipcover white £59.2616.077.1202 90cm Tork tissue & film slipcover buttermilk £62.5016.077.1206 90cm Tork tissue & film slipcover green £62.5016.077.1207 90cm Tork tissue & film slipcover red £62.5016.077.1208 90cm Tork tissue & film slipcover navy blue £62.5016.077.1209 90cm Tork tissue & film slipcover burgundy £62.50All 90 cm are sold in cases of 100Dunicel 30x40cm Placemats (500) White £70.64 Colours £78.49Dunicel 84cm Slipcover (100) White £84.84 Colours £91.95Dunicel 125x160cm Tablecover (24) White £38.28 Colours £40.68Dunicel 180cm Round tablecover (20) White £96.25 Colours £101.07Dunicel 240cm Round tablecover(10) White £64.08 Colours £67.27Dunicel 0.4metre Tête-à-Tête 24m (4 rolls) White £45.05 Colours £46.5116.077.1301 120cm Tork tissue & film slipcover white £65.1316.077.1302 120cm Tork tissue & film slipcover buttermilk £65.50All 120 cm are sold in cases of 50Doyleys16.077.2002 9cm Doyley (250) £1.4516.077.2003 11cm Doyley (250) £1.8016.077.2004 17cm Doyley (250) £1.8016.077.2005 19cm Doyley (250) £2.0916.077.2006 22cm Doyley (250) £2.5016.077.2007 24cm Doyley (250) £2.6916.077.2008 27cm Doyley (250) £3.8216.077.2009 31cm Doyley (250) £5.56410

D i s p o s a b l e sNapkin Dispensers09.094.0697 Stainless steel napkindispenser £4.8209.082.0001 14cm Cabanaz tissuedispenser iron grey £8.4509.082.0003 14cm Cabanaz tissuedispenser blue £8.4509.082.0002 14cm Cabanaz tissuedispenser red £8.45All the dispensers in these two rows take 16.274.0218 Compact napkin 1 ply white (6000) £47.062280/140 25cm Chrome wireplated square napkin holder £3.9522.036.0034 32cm Chrome wireplated square napkin holder £7.252240/240 41cm 8 fold Chromewire platednapkinholder£9.001380.33(xxx) Guzzini 32cm Latina table napkin holder £16.08Please specify colour: 11 - white · 65 - red · 68 - blue2370.00(xx) 33cm Look napkin holder £31.96Please specify colour: 44 - Green 65 - Red 68 - Blue £34.36 16 - Chrome £37.4709.094.0698 Tablecloth clip stainlesssteel £0.58Just One16.077.0205 2-fold Just One napkin(8000) £48.03404442 2-fold Just One napkinnatural (8000) £48.0318.077.0706 Just One counterdispenser £15.00402259 Just One high capacitydispenser £34.00411411

D i s p o s a b l e sFirst Aid27.334.0135Triangular bandage £3.2327.334.0129 Accident reportbook 50 report forms£6.0027.334.0133Medium sterile dressing £3.9127.334.0134Large sterile dressing £4.3227.288.0002Standard blue plasters (100) £5.2627.288.0001Assorted blue plasters assorted sizes (100) £5.5027.334.0120 W Cameron Mezzo Food hygiene first aidkit 1-10 persons - contains blue plasters £18.9927.334.0127Mezzo 1-10 persons Food hygiene refill kit £11.6627.334.0121 W Cameron Mezzo Food hygiene first aidkit 1-20 persons - contains blue plasters £23.8027.334.0137Mezzo 1-20 persons Food hygiene refill kit £12.4627.334.0118 500ml Eye wash refill £2.5927.334.0132 Eye pad sterile dressing£4.4827.334.0123 W. Cameron Mezzo eye wash kit £17.10 27.334.0124W Cameron Piccolo Catering dispenser kit £17.1427.334.0125W Cameron Piccolo Burns Kit £14.5027.334.0126W Cameron Piccolo Body fluid disposal kit £15.1027.334.0136Alcohol free wipes (150) £6.0220.262.161112x500ml Alcohol gelhandpump £40.2520.262.08156x800ml Alcoholhandgel sanitisercartridges£40.2518.262.0020Dispenser for hand sanitisergel - red buttonSee page 360 for First Aid posters412

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