1 CONFERENCES AND TALKS Invited talks 2012. The use and ...


1 CONFERENCES AND TALKS Invited talks 2012. The use and ...

Dr. Tanja KupischCONFERENCES AND TALKSInvited talks2012. The use and interpretation of articles in specific and generic nominals, FAS Seminar,Stockholm, May 16, 2012.2012. Input, language dominance and ’native-likeness’ in German-French adultsimultaneous bilinguals. Högre seminarium/doktorandseminarium itvåspråkighetsforskning. Stockholm, May 15, 2012.2012. DPs bei italienischen Herkunftssprechern: Unvollständiger Erwerb oder Divergenzund Evidenz für sensible Phasen im Spracherwerb. Freie Universität Berlin.2011. Artikelrealisierungen bei deutsch-italienisch bilingualen Sprechern (2L1 and L2).Romanistik, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt.2010. The weaker language in simultaneously bilingual adults (German-Italian).Språkinlärningsseminariet, Språk- och Litteraturcentrum, Lund University (Sweden).2010. Bilingual acquisition in the context of dialectal variation: A study of genericity. TheAcquisition of Variation. Workshop at CASTL, Tromsö (Norway).2010. Childhood acquisition and ultimate attainment in simultaneous bilinguals. GunmaPrefectural University (Japan).2010. Generic subjects in simultaneously bilingual adults (Italian-German). Workshop onLanguage Dominance, Wuppertal (Germany).2008. Input frequency in language acquisition. Språk- och Litteraturcentrum, LundUniversity (Sweden).2008. Object omission in German-English bilingual children, April 30 th , Workshop onWorkshop on Null Arguments and Clitics: Theory and Acquisition, University ofToronto (Canada).2008. Semantisch motivierte DP-Projektionen. February 1st, Romanisches Seminar,Universität Hamburg (Germany).2007. From Nominal mapping to Prosodic Bootstrapping, December 14 th . McGillColloquium, Montréal (Canada), December 2008.2006. Seminar on the acquisition of determiners from a cross-linguistic and bilingual view,November 16, University of Tromsø (Norway).2006. Nominal Mapping in bilingual first language acquisition. November 15, CASTLColloquium, University of Tromsø (Norway).2006. Semantic nodes in DP structure and the autonomy of syntax, June 2, AmsterdamCentre for Language and Communication (ACLC), University of Amsterdam (Holland).2006. Syntax and semantics in the acquisition of the DP: What child data may tell us aboutmodularity, January 18, Department of Scandinavian Languages, University ofLund (Sweden).2005. On autonomy, influence and dominance in bilingual acquisition, October 5,Department of Romance Languages, University of Lund (Sweden).2005. What determiners tell us about influence and dominance in bilingual acquisition,March 18, University of Toronto (Canada).2005. Empirical course work in linguistics: Advantages and Challenges, March 17,University of Toronto at Mississauga (Canada).1

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Dr. Tanja KupischBarton, D., G. Bianchi, T. Kupisch & A. Stöhr. 2010. Complete and incomplete acquisition atInterfaces. Talk at the Workshop on Incomplete acquisition and language attrition inbilingual settings. Hamburg (Germany).Kupisch, T., D. Barton & G. Bianchi. 2010. Genericity and cross-linguistic influence in adultGerman-French and German-Italian bilinguals. Galana (Generative Approaches toLanguage Acquisition North America). Toronto (Canada).White, L., A. Belikova, P. Hagström, T. Kupisch & Ö. Özçelik. 2010. There aren’t manydifficulties with definiteness. Negative existentials in the L2 English of Turkish andRussian speakers. Galana (Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition NorthAmerica). Toronto (Canada).Snape, N. & T. Kupisch. 2010. Ultimate attainment of L2 articles: A case-study of an endstateL1 Turkish – L2 English speaker. J-SLA (The Japan Second Language Association), Gifu(Japan).Stöhr, A., D. Akpinar & T. Kupisch. 2010. Gender in French Heritage Speakers and AdultSecond Language Learners. Norddeutsches Linguistisches Kolloquium, Hamburg.Kupisch, T. & C. Pierantozzi. 2009. Interpreting definite plural NPs: A cross-sectional study ofGerman-Italian bilingual children. 33 th Boston University Conference of LanguageDevelopment. Boston, MA (USA).Rinke, E. & T. Kupisch. 2009. Zur Syntax des definiten Artikels im Altromanischen. DeutscherRomanistentag. Bonn (Germany).Belikova, A., P. Hagström, T. Kupisch, O. Özcelik & L. White. 2009. Definiteness in positiveand negative existentials in the L2 English of Russian speakers. Gala. Lisbon (Portugal).Kupisch, T., M. Sanschagrin & M. Westerlund. 2009. Towards sufficient factors for predictinginfluence in early bilinguals. International Symposium of Bilingualism. Utrecht(Netherlands). Invitation to Symposium.Kupisch, T., M. Makarova, C. Pierantozzi & J. Thulke. 2009. Interpretation of generic pluralNPs in German-Italian and German-French bilinguals. Workshop on Critical Periods.Hamburg (Germany).Belikova, A. & T. Kupisch. 2008. Filler use in early child language: Representational deficit ormorphological challenge? BWTL 12 ABLT, University of Ottawa (Canada).White, L., A. Belikova, P. Hagström, T. Kupisch & Ö. Özcelik. 2008. Restrictions ondefiniteness in L2 English. 33 rd Boston University Conference of Language Development.Boston, MA (USA).Belikova, A., T. Kupisch, Ö. Özcelik & E. Sadlier-Brown. 2008. Monosyllabic fillers asProtosyntactic devices: Evidence from a German-English bilingual child, GenerativeApproaches to Language Acquisition - North America (Galana), University ofConnecticut (USA)Kupisch, T. 2008. Plural morphology in unbalanced bilinguals acquiring English and German.International Association for the Study of Child Language (IASCL). Edinburgh (Scotland).Kupisch, T. & N. Snape. 2008. Articles and clitic direct object pronouns in the acquisition ofItalian and Spanish (with N. Snape), International Association for the Study of ChildLanguage (IASCL). Edinburgh (Scotland).3

Dr. Tanja KupischSchmitz, K., T. Kupisch & K. Cantone. 2008. The Acquisition of the German Dative in differentAcquisition Settings, Workshop on Frequency and Language Development, Wuppertal(Germany).Kupisch, T. 2008. A study of plural morphology in German-English bilinguals. AnnualMeeting of the Linguistic Society of America (LSA). Chicago (USA).Kupisch, T., A. Belikova, Ö. Özcelik & A. Tsiamas. 2007. Filler syllables in a German-Englishbilingual child. Montréal, Canada.Kupisch, T. 2007. The impact of language dominance on cross-linguistic influence inunbalanced bilingual development. 32 nd Boston University Conference of LanguageDevelopment. Boston, MA (USA).Rinke, E. & T. Kupisch. 2007. Article-possessor complementarity in the history of Italian andPortuguese, Workshop on Linguistic Universals and Language Variation., Hamburg.Kupisch, T. & P. Bernardini. 2007. Article acquisition in bilingual children with Italian asweaker language. June 2007. International Symposium on Bilingualism, Hamburg(Germany).Kupisch, T., M. Anderssen, U. Bohnacker & N. Snape. 2007. Cross-linguistic variation in theacquisition of “Germanic” articles, Gurt 2007. Little words: Their history, phonology,syntax, semantics, pragmatics, and acquisition. Georgetown University, Washington DC.Müller, N. & T. Kupisch. 2007. On the relation between determiners and accusative clitics:The syntax-pragmatic interface, 27th Annual Conference of the German LinguisticsSociety (DGfS), Siegen (Gemany).Kupisch, T. 2007. Filler syllables in bilingual acquisition: a challenge to syntacticians,Workshop on syntax at the interfaces: Department of Linguistics, University of Calgary.Kupisch, T. 2007 The acquisition of German and English as weaker languages, Departmentof Linguistics, University of Calgary.Kupisch, T. 2006. Positive cross-linguistic influence in determiner acquisition, AlbertaLinguistic Conference, Banff (Alberta).Bernardini, P. & T. Kupisch. 2006. On the driving forces in the evolution of functionalmorphemes in bilingual acquisition, 9 th Scandinavian Conference on Bilingualism,Joensuu (Finland).Kupisch, T. & E. Rinke. 2006. A fresh look at root infinitives in child and adult speech, June 21,Scandinavian Conference of Linguistics, Aalborg (Demark).Kupisch, T. & P. Bernardini. 2006. Testing the driving forces in bilingual development:Determiner acquisition in bilingual children acquiring Italian simultaneously withGerman/Swedish, June 22, Scandinavian Conference of Linguistics, Aalborg (Demark).Kupisch, T. 2006. Language influence and language dominance in the simultaneousacquisition of German and Italian, Leipzig Students’ Conference in Linguistics (LESCOL),March 25-26, Leipzig (Germany).Kupisch, T. 2006. Representing semantic features in DP-syntax: (Counter)Evidence fromacquisition data. March 2-4, 17 th Incontro di Grammatica Generativa, Firenze (Italy).Zenker, F. & T. Kupisch. 2005. Proper Heuristics or Ad Hoc Antecedent Loading? Anevaluation of formal language acquisition theories, August 13, European Society forPhilosophy and Psychology Meeting, Lund (Sweden).4

Dr. Tanja KupischKupisch, T. 2005 Symposium on Frequency effects in article acquisition, Xth InternationalCongress for the Study of Child Language, July 29, Berlin (Germany).Kupisch, T. 2005. The emergence of determiner functions in the use of articles: Stepstowards syntactic explicitness”, Colloquium on the Interaction of language componentsin bilingual acquisition, April 8-9, Hamburg (Germany).Kupisch, T. 2005 On the independence of language influence and language dominance”,March 21, 5 th International Symposium of Bilingualism, Barcelona (Spain).Kupisch, T. 2005 Frequency effects in the evolution of determiners in monolingual andbilingual children, February 24, 27th Annual Conference of the German LinguisticsSociety (DGfS), Cologne (Germany).Kupisch, T. & C. Koops. 2005. On the degree of grammaticalization of non-specificdeterminer-constructions in French and Italian, February 23, 27th Annual Conferenceof the German Linguistics Society (DGfS), Cologne (Germany) (with Chris Koops).Kupisch, T. 2004 Language influence and language balance in early bilingual development,November 4-6, High Desert Linguistics Society, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque(USA).Schmitz, K., K. Cantone, N. Müller & T. Kupisch. 2004. Clitic realizations and omissions inearly child grammar: A comparison of Italian and French, September 16-18, TheRomance Turn: Workshop on the acquisition of Romance, Madrid (Spain).Müller, N. & T. Kupisch. 2004. Wait and see: Determiner omissions and object clitics in theacquisition of Italian by bilingual children, June 1-4, Second Lisbon meeting onLanguage Acquisition with Special Reference to Romance Languages, Lisbon (Portugal).Kupisch, T & N. Müller, N. 2004. Nominal reference and the acquisition of clitics in Romance,February 14-17, 11 th International Morphology Meeting, Vienna (Austria).Kupisch, T. 2004. Acceleration in the acquisition of German by bilingual children, January 9,ANéLA, Amsterdam (Netherlands).Kupisch, T. 2003. Acceleration in bilingual first language acquisition, Going Romance 17,November 20-22, Nijmegen (Netherlands).Kupisch, T. 2003. On the relation between input frequency and acquisition patterns from across-linguistic perspective, September 4-6, GALA, Utrecht (Netherlands).Kupisch, T. 2003. On the role of the input in the acquisition of determiners by bilingualchildren, Workshop on UG-principles and input: Ho do we get Plato’s heaven intoSkinner’s box?, August 1, East Lansing, Michigan (USA).Kupisch, T. & K. Canone. 2003. L’acquisizione di due lingue, Presentation at La Maisonnette,Scuola dell’Infanzia. (Presentation on bilingual first language acquisition in a bilingualkindergarden), May 8, Rome (Italy).Kupisch, T. Cross-linguistic influence in the acquisition of determiners by German-Italianbilinguals, November 1-3, Boston University Conference on Language Development,Boston (USA).Kupisch, T. & N. Müller. 2002. Determiners and accusative clitics in acquisition, The Structureof the Language Learner, Euroconference on the end state of language acquisition,October 12-17, Kolymbari, Kreta (Greece).Kupisch, T. 2002 The invulnerability of the French DP, July 16-21, IASCL/ SRCLD, Madison,Wisconsin (USA).5

Dr. Tanja KupischKupisch, T. & N. Müller. 2002. The relation between determiners and accusative clitics: Doeslanguage dominance matter?, July 16-21IASCL/ SRCLD, Madison, Wisconsin (USA).Kupisch, T. 2002. The acquisition of the DP in French as the weaker language, Colloquium on“French in contact”, Sociolinguistic Symposium 14, April 4-6, Gent (Belge).6

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