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accessed as a PDF - Tupelo Press

accessed as a PDF - Tupelo Press


Tupelo PressNovelsThrill-BentA novel by Jan RichmanWith support from the Irvine Foundation.A journalist and armchair thrill-seeker iswriting about the nation’s old-fashioned rollercoasters. This picaresque research junketdovetails with the wedding of her estranged,Tourette’s-riddled father. Brazen andstingingly funny, we zoom from Coney Islandto New Orleans to the San Fernando Valleyas our heroine learns how to be trulyimpulsive in a buttoned-down world.“... everything I want in a roadtrip and hardlyever get: cheap thrills, oddball epiphanies, biglaughs, chance encounters and lots and lotsof great, great talk.” — Daniel Handler,a.k.a. Lemony SnicketJan Richman’s Because the Brain Can BeTalked Into Anything (LSU Press) was chosenby Robert Pinsky for the 1994 Walt WhitmanAward from the AAP. She has received anNEA grant in Literature, a Nation/DiscoveryAward, the Celia B. Wagner Award from thePSA, the Felix Pollack Poetry Prize from U.Wisconsin, and a San Francisco BayGuardian Poetry Prize. She lives in Oakland.$16.95 paper, ISBN 978-1-936797-20-2$36.95 cloth, ISBN 978-1-936797-21-9$9.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-936797-22-6Nothing Can MakeMe Do ThisA novel by David HuddleWinner, Library of Virginia Literary Award“The sexual escapades of nearly everycharacter pepper the pages with lucidpassion…. Huddle's novel is ravishing,charged with both desire and emotionalturmoil; his insights, though sometimesunsettling, skillfully mirror reality.”— Publishers WeeklyDavid Huddle is currently holder of the2012-13 Acuff Chair of Excellence atthe APSU Center of Excellence for theCreative Arts in Tennessee. He taught forthirty-eight years at the University of Vermontand continues to teach at the Bread LoafSchool of English. Huddle has publishedseventeen books of fiction, poetry, andessays. His novel The Story of a MillionYears (Houghton Mifflin, 1999) was nameda Distinguished Book of the Year by Esquireand a best Book of the Year by the LosAngeles Times Book Review.$16.95 paper, ISBN 978-1-936797-11-0$27.95 cloth, ISBN 978-1-936797-12-7The Posthumous AffairA novel by James FrielTwo children play with a red balloon. Sobegins the strange romance between Daniel,beautiful and tiny, and Grace, The FatPrincess, an orphaned girl whose enormousgirth matches her wealth. Through their livesthe couple rarely meet, until Daniel uncoversGrace’s great secret in her House of Death.“… a devastating and illuminating exploration oflove and grief, opens in late-nineteenth-centuryNew York and ends in an Italy that ismysterious, decaying, and gloomily beautiful.This novel is so lucid, and reveals such deepunderstanding of the emotions, that it presentsto us an astonishing new form of erotic love.”— Grace Dane MazurJames Friel has written four previous novelsand has adapted works of fiction for radio,including William Faulkner’s As I Lay Dyingand Orhan Pamuk’s Snow. Friel is ProgrammeLeader for the M.A. and Ph.D. in Writing atLiverpool’s John Moores University, andVisiting Writer at L’Universite de Rouen,France.$16.95 paper, ISBN 978-1-936797-01-1$29.95 cloth, ISBN 978-1-936797-09-7Time LapseA novel by Alvin GreenbergWalter Job, college professor and family man,has undeniable talents. The professorial life isa natural for him, but so is the art of murder —and it's so much more remunerative.Outwardly serene, he pursues both vocations,has an affair, and avoids pursuit. Inwardly,his life comes more and more undone.The character of Walter Job is keenly etchedon a mirror that reflects his search for whatdrives him and our violence-prone society.This literate, layered, intriguing novel is adark tour de force for Alvin Greenberg.Alvin Greenberg's poetry, fiction and essaysappear regularly in literary magazines such asIndiana Review, Mid American Review,Nebraska Review, American Literary Review,Five Points, and Salt Hill. He is the recipientof the Loft's 1994 Award of Distinction inPoetry and the 1994 Chelsea Poetry Awardsas well as fellowships from the NEA and theBush Foundation. Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, hewas educated at the Universities of Cincinnatiand Washington and was a member of theMacalester College English Department from1965 to 1999. He now lives in Boise, Idaho.$22.95 cloth, ISBN 978-0-971031-06-714

Short Stories& MemoirThe Way HomeMemoir by Bibi WeinProvocative from the opening lines, this is atreasure trove of love, loss, humor, and selfdiscoveryamidst the trees and cabins of theAdirondack Mountains: “Somewhere aroundthe age of 40, when I should have beendeciding if I wanted to take my last chance athaving a second child, should have beenlooking for a good job.... I began instead tolearn everything I could about staying out allnight in the woods. Since I live in Manhattan,this pursuit could hardly be construed as evenmarginally relevant to my real life.”“... beautifully written, deeply spiritual anddisarmingly honest ... think of it as moderndayWalden.” — Elizabeth BergBibi Wein has written, co-authored orcontributed to a dozen books. Her shortfiction, features, and essays have appearedin numerous national magazines and literaryjournals, including Mademoiselle, OMNI,Kalliope, Other Voices, and American Letters& Commentary. She divides her time betweenthe Adirondacks and Manhattan, and worksas an editorial consultant, feature writer,and teacher of creative writing.$16.95 paper, ISBN 978-1-932195-13-2After the Gold RushStories by Lewis BuzbeeFinalist, ForeWord Book of the Year AwardAfter the Gold Rush is filled with powerful,moving stories of families tested by forcesinside and out. Even when life conspires totear them apart, the family must cope,figure out what comes next. These arestories about life at its most quotidian —and most challenging — level, after thegold rush of love has become the businessof living. The people in these stories, likethe people around you every day, discoverinner resources and solutions both uniqueand universal.“I love all the maps, magical gardens, citiesthat bloom in these stories of ordinarylives.” — Catherine BradyLewis Buzbee has been writing since age12. He earned his M.F.A. from WarrenWilson College and is the author of a novel,Fliegelman's Desire, (Ballantine, 1990) anda non-fiction work, The Yellow LightedBookshop, (Graywolf 2006). He has beenpublished in Harper's, Paris Review,Bloomsbury Review, The San FranciscoChronicle, and Gentleman's Quarterly,among others.$14.00 paper, ISBN 978-1-932195-38-5Cream of KohlrabiStories by Floyd SklootWinner, ForeWord BOTYA Bronze MedalCream of Kohlrabi gathers sixteen storiescombining unsentimental comedy and forcefulemotion. As in his award-winning poetryand memoirs, Skloot’s fiction shows howindividual people, families, and communitiesface the starkest of challenges, moments ofpowerful intimacy, and dark times suddenly litby incursions of love and hope.“This is a brave, luminous, searinglyunswerving vision of the life that exists sopowerfully in those persistent dreams wehave for ourselves, good and bad — thosesecret passions that seem strong enough tosurvive us, and that endure all the way out tothe end of our lives…. These stories are notonly brilliant, they are necessary.”— Richard BauschFloyd Skloot is the author of seventeenbooks, including the acclaimed memoirsIn the Shadow of Memory (2003) and TheWink of the Zenith (2008). He and his wife,the artist Beverly Hallberg, live in Portland,Oregon.$16.95 paper, ISBN 978-1-936797-05-9$24.95 cloth, ISBN 978-1-936797-10-3“In this breathtaking collectionof sixteen intimate stories byaward-winning poet, novelist, andmemoirist Skloot, charactersstruggle with their failing bodiesand minds — and the ensuing lossof dignity — while demonstratingtheir will to live. Skloot's humaneapproach reveals the truth of eachcharacter's condition as well as thechallenges of everyday life for thesick and aging — all to hauntingand powerful effect.”— Publishers Weekly starred reviewWWW.TUPELOPRESS.ORG15

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