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accessed as a PDF - Tupelo Press

accessed as a PDF - Tupelo Press

First BookAwards“Megan

First BookAwards“Megan Snyder-Camp’s poems,like mosaics, are built of curious andgem-like pieces: stand close andthey’re entrancing; take a few stepsback and they reveal a sweeping,vaster movement of mind.”— Lia PurpuraThe Forest of Sure ThingsMegan Snyder-CampFinalist, ForeWord BOTYASelected by Jeffrey Levine& Carol Ann Davis$16.95, 9781932195880Audio book: page 13Everyone Coming Toward YouDavid PetruzelliSelected by Campbell McGrath“… accessible and challenging ...narrratives with the piercing insight …effortless, seamless, authentic.”— J. Russell, Mipoesias$16.95, 9781932195156Flinch of SongJennifer MilitelloSelected by Jeffrey Levine,Carol Ann Davis & Garrett Doherty“… tightly written without a word letwaste its clout… dense with spellbindingbeauty.” -- John Mingay$16.95, 9781932195767When the Eye FormsDwaine RievesSelected by Carolyn Forché:“… brilliant … the everyday herebecomes magical — leading usinto the miracle of creation itself.”$16.95, 9781932195347WWW.TUPELOPRESS.ORGCloistersKristin BockWinner, da Vinci Eye AwardSelected by David St. John:“... edgy, nervous, compelling,and wise. Bock’s poems are likethe shards of a mirror thatmagically reflect a whole person,a whole woman, a whole mind andsensibility at work in the world.”$16.95, 9781932195552ManoleriaDaniel KhalastchiSelected by D. A. Powell“In Manoleria, the body, broken apart‘in elegant stress,’ recongregates.Despite the splintering, despite thehemorrhage, somehow ‘all isaccounted for.’ A cardinal debut….”— D. A. Powell$16.95, 9781932195934The Next Ancient WorldJennifer Michael HechtWinner, ForeWord BOTYAWinner, PSA’s Norma Farber AwardSelected by Janet Holmes“… delightfully tricky poems …a one-hundred-ring verbal circus,a gang of brazen, ingeniouspoems.” — Billy Collins$13.95, 9780971031005Bellini in IstanbulLillias BeverSelected by Michael Collier“… we trust her…. in the gray ofwaning winter — its glow of carefullyunearthed and polished gemsonly glowed more beautifully.”— The Baltimore Review$16.95, 9781932195262Devoted CreaturesBill Van EverySelected by Thomas Lux“… a directness here which comesstraight from the unmediated gut …a spiritual ferocity … disturbing,hilarious clarity.” — Tony Hoagland$16.95, 978193219506420

SnowboundWinners“Meridian is not merelya beautifully written,ambitious poem — it is alsothe most moving I have readin a long time.”— Kevin PruferBabel’s MoonBrandon SomSelected by Aimee Nezhukumatathil:“Som demonstrates a stunningmusical perceptiveness on a globalscale…. What a sparkling debut!”$9.95, 9781936797042NarcissusCecilia WolochSelected by Marie Howe“A searching not so much for thewhy of love as for the how — how wecan love given what we know, whatwe've already lost.” — Carine Topal$9.95, 9781932195545In the Mynah Bird’s OwnWords, Barbara TranFinalist, ForeWord BOTYASelected by Robert Wrigley:“… lyrically delicious collectionthat comes very close to havethe sweep of a novel.”$9.95, 9780971031050The Making of CollateralBeauty, Mark YakichSelected by Mary Ruefle“… a virtuoso performance, seriousplay that demands a suspension ofthe usual expectations of narrative….”— Susan Settlemyre Williams$9.95, 9781932195224the lake has no saintStacey WaiteSelected by Dana Levin:“... the fluidity of gender... of a heartand body trying to find a place in thebetween. Always moving and alwaysgrounded, a deeply interesting,deeply affecting book.”$9.95, 9781932195811Audio book: page 13staring at the animalJohn CrossSelected by Gillian Conoley:“… prickly, finely wrought,shattered gems cast of awe andruin.... full of the guilt and pain andthe ferocity of imagination it takesto get through the day....”$9.95, 9781932195712A House Waiting for MusicDavid HernandezSelected by Ray Gonzalez“These poems whacked me in thehead as no other book has in sometime. This is a book worthy of atleast one book prize, perhaps eventhe Pulitzer Prize.” — Francis Alix$14.95, 9781932195026The Garden RoomJoy KatzSelected by Lisa Russ Spaar“Cerebral, ironic, these poemsseem to be all glancing light, allcuriosity, but under their brilliantsurfaces, they are haunted.”— Jean Valentine$9.95, 9781932195361MeridianKathleen JesmeSelected by Patricia Fargnoli“… a study, by a probing spirit, in darknessand snow, of private sorrow.... These taut,resonant lines bear not one extra ounce oflanguage, but only and exactly what willsuffice.” — Eleanor Wilner$9.95, 978193679718921

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