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accessed as a PDF - Tupelo Press

accessed as a PDF - Tupelo Press

Selected Poems:1970 -

Selected Poems:1970 - 2005Floyd SklootWinner, ForeWord BOTYASilver & PNBA Annual Award“… finely constructedvignettes that celebratelife.” — Booklist$17.95, 9781932195590ApproximatelyParadiseFloyd SklootHonorably Mention, IPPY Award“There is ferocity living inhis forms, coexisting with… sweetness” — Ron Slate$16.95, 9781932195255The Beginning of theFields, Angela ShawFinalist, ForeWord BOTYA“I’ve read nothing better in thefield these last ten years.Angela Shaw is simplyfuriously miraculous.”— Junot Díaz$16.95, 9781932195736Bright TurquoiseUmbrellaHermine Meinhard“… remarkable work thatstartles as much as itsoothes.” — Elaine Equi$16.95, 9781932195101Every Bird is One BirdFrancine Sterle“Her sensible … lyrics buildupon traditions … from theKoran to Sylvia Plath … attunedto ‘how language cries out fora subject, how self and subjectmerge in the black-bibbedsparrow.’” — Catherine Daly$13.95, 9780971031012Nude In WinterFrancine Sterle“… as memorable as it isunique, as superblycrafted as it is lyrical ... oneof the most distinctive voicesin American poetry today.”– Midwest Book Review$16.95, 9781932195330On Dream StreetMelanie Almeder“Like an acrobat fearlesslysinging an aria….”— Molly Peacock$16.95, 9781932195354Mating SeasonKate Gale“... a world of fetid beauty.Its odors cling to you longafter you put the bookdown.” — Terry Wolverton$16.95, 9781932195170You Can Tell the HorseAnythingMary A. Koncel“A prose poet of the firstorder.” — AmericanBook Review$14.95, 9781932195088American LindenMatthew Zapruder“… signals from a precariouslife … more beautiful andprecious for its entanglementand peril.” — Dean Young$16.95 paper, 9780971031098$22.95 cloth, 9781932195057o woolly cityPriscilla Sneff“This is the real thing,reader.” — David Baker,Kenyon Book Review$16.95, 9781932195538Distant Early WarningRad Smith“There is only one otheroccasion when I read acollection with so muchenthusiasm.” — Donald Hall$16.95, 978193219529326

Why is the EdgeAlways Windy?Mong-Lan“… lines peppered acrossa wide page in eloquentvisual prosody.”— North American Review$16.95, 9781932195286Victory & Her Opposites:A Guide, Amy EnglandA collage of archeologyreports, imagined narrative,and poetic description centeredaround the excavation ofSamothrace's temple complexto the great gods.$19.95, 9781932195378The Flute Ship CastricumAmy EnglandFinalist, ForeWord BOTYA“... a vivid magical-realist senseof possibility laces theseevocative locations together —swiftly. England's work is anew form of traveling.”— Cole Swensen$14.95, 9780971031036I Want This WorldMargaret Szumowski“… straightforward andaccurate, imaginative andbold; they reveal a quest thatcrosses numerous borders ofthe mind and the body.”—Yusef Komunyakaa$13.95, 9780971031029The Night of theLunar EclipseMargaret Szumowski“In her world, the ordinaryquivers in its skin…. Evenwithin the darkness … someother light begins to burn.”— Rebecca Seiferle$16.95, 9781932195231Embryos & IdiotsLarissa Szporluk“The richness of language …cannot be overstated — Szporlukloves to rake words, to breakrocks, to turn the earth in eachpoem by breaking up the mustyand the comfortable.”— Cate Whetzel$16.95, 9781932195521VacationlandAnder Monson“… he excels unlike anyother young poet I canthink of ... Monson’s talentis voluminous.”— Boston Review$16.95, 9781932195163Storm DamageMelissa Hotchkiss“… the powerful defamiliarizingquality of certain EasternEuropean films.… focusing onthe very minute, ordinary things— suddenly releases anenormous spookiness,sadness, or longing.”— Alan Williamson$13.95, 9780971031074HaveMarc GabaWinner, Global FilipinoLiterary Award“The poetic line, in Gaba’shands, is both the door andthe knock, the barrier andthe means of admission.”— Sarah Gridley$16.95, 9781936797066The Animal GospelsBrian Barker“… rhythms both broken andfiercely alive, inescapable,rescuing fragments of a lifeinto music.” — Mark Doty$16.95, 9781932195279The Book of Whisperingin the Projection BoothJoshua Marie Wilkinson“Helps us and hips us to thecircus of public secrets. I trustthis book as far as it can throwme.” — Graham Foust$16.95, 9781932195675WWW.TUPELOPRESS.ORG27

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