by coach - Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn

by coach - Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn

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23Matterhorn Gotthard BahnTitel Destinations on Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn routesThe Alpine adventure No.1 railwayThe Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn is one of Switzerland’s largestrailway companies with a network of over 144 kilometres extendingfrom Disentis and Göschenen to Zermatt – from theGotthard to the Matterhorn. The famous Glacier Express is thecompany’s major touristic attraction.Matterhorn Gotthard BahnBahnhofplatz 7, CH-3900 BrigPhone +41 (0)848 642 442Fax +41 (0)27 927 77 Alpine adventure No.1 railway 2Destinations on routes 3Travel to Zermatt – by train 4Travel to Zermatt – by car 5Travel to Zermatt – by coach 6Glacier Express 7Glacier Express – The slowest express train in the world 8Glacier Express – Railway route 9Glacier Express – Timetables & Fares 10Glacier Express – Surcharge & class system 11Glacier Express – Carcompositions 2013/2014 12Glacier Express – Carcompositions 2013/2014 13Glacier Express – Purchase of tickets 14Glacier Express – Reservation & Terms and Conditions 15Glacier Express – Bordgastronomie & Service 16Glacier Express – Mountain passes by coach 17Glacier Express – Luggage transportation 18Glacier Express – Free promotional material 19Peaks of the World 20Bernina Express 21Furka vehicle transport 22Adventure offers 23Gornergrat/Zermatt panorama 24General: Subject to programme and price modifications.1 EURO=CHF 1.30 (The daily exchange rate applies)Surselva – Disentis/SedrunDisentis is the starting point of the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn.The Surselva region is a richly-varied skiing and hiking area. Thesource of the River Rhine lies in the vicinity of the Oberalp Pass.www.disentis-sedrun.chUrsern Valley – AndermattMany fascinating Alpine passes and unsurfaced roads lead fromAndermatt and the Ursern Valley into the surrounding valleys,all with views of majestic mountains, glistening glaciers and verdantvalleys. Andermatt is an ideal summer or winter resort.www.andermatt.chGomsGoms nestles in a magnificent mountain world in the upper sectionof the Rhone Valley. Goms is the birthplace of the worldrenownedhotelier Cäsar Ritz and its villages still retain the traditionalValais style. In Wintertime the Goms is one of the largestcross country regions of Switzerland.www.goms.chAletsch UNESCOAletsch (Riederalp, Bettmeralp, Fiescheralp) lies on a plateau highabove the Rhone Valley, on the largest and longest ice-stream inthe Alps – the 23 km long and over 900 m deep Aletsch Glacier.www.aletscharena.chBrigBrig in the Rhone Valley is the main town in the German- speakingUpper Valais and starting point of the road over the SimplonPass open all year round. Brig’s landmark is the baroque StockalperCastle.www.brig.chVisp – Visp ValleyThe tiny town of Visp is the gateway to the worldfamous resortsof Zermatt and Saas Fee. The region around Visp is known for itsvast variety of hiking and skiing attractions.www.rund-um-visp.chZermattThe traffic-free village of Zermatt at the Matterhorn has becomeone of the major summer and winter sports resorts. Zermatt isparticularly distinguished by its idyllic mountain-village ambience,top-quality hotels, modern and efficient mountain railwaysand its rich variety of international skiing and hiking arenas withnumerous mountain restaurants.www.zermatt.chLötschberg-BasistunnelRoute by trainZurich – VispZurich – BrigZurich – ZermattBern – ZermattInterlaken – ZermattGeneva Airport – ZermattZurich Airport – ZermattTravel time new1 hour 59 min.2 hour 08 min.3 hour 11 min.2 hour 06 min.2 hour 13 min.3 hour 47 min.3 hour 35 min.Round tripsRound trips by rail are now more of a pleasure than ever, thanks tothe new Lötschberg Base Tunnel. The classic tour starts in Lucerneor Bern and from there goes to Visp – Brig – Andermatt and back toLucerne or Bern, taking in the most unspoiled part of Switzerland –the Alps – plus a ride on the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn. Countlessvariations are possible

MGB_TerminalTaesch_F12_2685x1280_E.indd 145Travel to Zermatt – by trainTitel Travel to Zermatt – by CarPark directly in the station.By railDirect rail links from Swiss cities and airports. From Visp/Brig –junction of all Swiss Federal Railway routes from the north (Germany/Lötschberg),west (Lake Geneva line) and south (Simplon/Milan) – the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn carries travellers to Zermattin 60 minutes, with trains at hourly/half hourly intervals.The journey through the ruggedly romantic Visp Valley is an excitingprelude to your holiday. Resorts are strung like pearls: theold mountaineering village of St. Niklaus, the sunny Grächen plateau,Randa, tranquil yet always interesting; and last but notleast, Täsch.Zermatt ShuttleThe Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn shuttle trains run at 20 minuteintervals daily into the centre of Zermatt.Group fare Täsch – Zermatt One way ReturnCHF € CHF €Adults 6.40 4.90 12.80 9.80Children 6 – 16, ½-Fare Card,Swiss Card 3.20 2.40 6.40 4.90GA, Swiss Pass, Children –6with Junior Card 0.00 0.00Matterhorn Terminal Täsch Car parkingThere are 2100 covered car parks spaces at the Matterhorn TerminalTäsch in Täsch. 365 days/24 hours. No need of reservation.The car park at the Matterhorn Terminal Täsch (P MTT) is designedfor vehicles no more than 2,30 m high. Larger vehicles canpark in the car park at the entrance to Täsch (P2 Schali).Individual fare Cl. One way ReturnCHF € CHF €Brig–Zermatt 2. 36.00 27.20 72.00 55.40Brig–Zermatt 1. 63.00 48.40 126.00 96.90Visp–Zermatt 2. 35.00 26.90 70.00 53.80Visp–Zermatt 1. 62.00 47.60 124.00 95.30½-Fare Card, GA, Swiss Card, Swiss-Pass, Children 6–16 years: 50%Eurailpass: 25%Group fare Cl. One way ReturnCHF € CHF €Brig–Zermatt 2. 28.80 22.10 57.60 44.30Brig–Zermatt 1. 50.40 38.70 100.80 77.50Visp–Zermatt 2. 28.00 21.50 56.00 43.10Visp–Zermatt 1. 49.60 38.10 99.20 76.30Group fare from 10 persons. Free: every 10th person free.Individual fare Täsch – Zermatt One way ReturnCHF € CHF €Adults 8.00 6.10 16.00 12.30Children 6 –16, ½-Fare Card,Swiss Card 4.00 3.10 8.00 6.20GA, Children –6with Junior Card 0.00 0.00Timetable Zermatt ShuttleZermatt – TäschDay 06.00 xx.20 xx.40 >>>22.00Night 22.30 23.00 00.00 01.00Night Fr–Su 02.00 03.00 04.00 05.00Täsch – ZermattDay 06.00 xx.20 xx.40 >>>22.00Night 22.30 23.30 00.30Night Fr–Su 01.30 02.30 03.30 04.30 05.30Prices parking for private cars CHF €2 hours 4.00 3.004 hours 7.00 5.308 hours 13.00 10.001 day 14.50 11.10 per dayfrom 8 days 13.50 10.30 per dayBaggage inividualsConvenient transport of visitors’ baggage between Täsch andZermatt. With the free baggage trolley from parking directly intothe shuttle-train. Deposit of CHF 5.00 per trolley (will be refunded).Parking and train-station are in the same building.Parking Matterhorn Terminal TäschPhone +41 (0)27 967 12 14Fax +41 (0)27 967 12 14www.matterhornterminal.chinfo@matterhornterminal.chZermattTäschMTTMatter VispaMatterhorn Gotthard Bahn800 mMatterhorn Gotthard BahnStation TäschPhone +41 (0)848 642 442, Fax +41 (0)27 927 75 09bahnhof.taesch@mgbahn.chStation ZermattPhone +41 (0)848 642 442, Fax +41 (0)27 927 74 74bahnhof.zermatt@mgbahn.chwww.mgbahn.chSchali2Visp

6 7Travel to Zermatt – by busTitelMatterhorn Terminal Täsch Free Bus Parking*The car park at the Matterhorn Terminal Täsch (P MTT) is designedfor vehicles no more than 2,30 m high. Larger vehicles canpark in the car park at the entrance to Täsch (P2 Schali).Prices parking for buses CHF €4 hours 20.00 15.308 hours 30.00 23.0024 hours 40.00 30.70per day 40.00 30.70Zermatt ShuttleGroup fare Täsch–ZermattOne wayReturnCHF € CHF €Adults 6.40 4.90 12.80 9.80Children 6–16 years,½-Fare Card, Swiss Card 3.20 2.40 6.40 4.90GA, Swiss Pass,Children – 6 years /with Junior Card 0.00 0.00Group fare from 10 persons. Free: every 10th person free.ArrivalParkingDrive your coach into one of the bays in front of P MTT.Drop off your passengers in front of P MTT.Your passengers must then wait inside the terminal or, if thegroup has a tour guide, can continue on to Zermatt in the“Zermatt Shuttle”.As the coach driver, you must first get a free parking ticket fora spaceIn P2 Schali and then park your coach (alone) in P2 Schali.You can then use the free bus service to return to P MTT.IMPORTANT: Be sure to keep your ticket right up to yourdeparture!Free luggage transfer for groups*Booking until 16.00 h on the preceding day- approximate time of arrival- group name- the quantity of baggage- hotel in ZermattAll year round, except on Saturdays during the winter seasonFrom 08.00 h until 18.00 hLuggage trolleys for individual luggage transfer are also providedfree of charge (against a refundable deposit ofCHF 5.00).*For train users bus parking and group luggage transport is included!DepartureParkingYour passengers first travel on the Zermatt Shuttle to Täschand there have to wait.You, as the coach driver, can use the free bus service to returnto P2 Schali.There, pick up your vehicle (keeping your parking ticket readyto raise the barrier) and then pick up your passengers from theterminal.Your coach can then depart from the terminal.With luggageThe hotel will collect a VIP group luggage cart from thestation in Zermatt.After loading the luggage onto the cart, the hotel will takethe cart to the station in Zermatt.There, employees of the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn will ensurethat the VIP group luggage cart is put on the ZermattShuttle to Täsch and there unloaded at the terminal.The luggage then has to be transferred from the VIP groupluggage cart to the coach.With luggageThe luggage will be transferred to a VIP luggage cart, asbooked.Employees of the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn will ensure theVIP group luggage cart is loaded onto the Zermatt Shuttle toZermatt and there unloaded onto the station concourse.The hotel will then pick up the VIP group luggage cart fromthe station concourse in Zermatt.After unloading the luggage, the hotel will take the VIP groupluggage cart back to the station in Zermatt.ImportantFree bus serviceThe free bus service between P MTT and P2 Schali operates from08.00 h to 18.00 h

89Glacier ExpressGlacier Express – Railway routeThe slowest express train in the worldTravel on famous Swiss mountain railways from St.Moritz toZermatt or vice versa, from Piz Bernina to the Matterhorn. An8 hour railway journey across 291 bridges, through 91 tunnelsand across the Oberalppass at 2,033 metres above sea level. Apanoramic trip through the Alps in the heart of Switzerland. TheGlacier Express: the most beautiful route between the sights ofthe Graubünden holiday region, central Switzerland, includingLake Lucerne and Lucerne itself (connection in Andermatt), thesunny Wallis region with its glacial landscape, and the exciting regionsof the south. Travel in comfort through the unspoilt naturalbeauty of a landscape rich in ancient, mountain forests, peacefulAlpine meadows, rushing mountain streams and mountain valleys,rich in tradition and centuries-old culture.In summer, three identical trains will run daily between St. Moritz/Davos and vice versa. In winter one train in each direction.Each of these trains consists of two first-class panorama carriagesand two second-class panorama carriages. In the middle of thetrain, between first and second class, there is a service car. Food isfreshly prepared in the kitchen and the bar section has 24 standingplaces.All Glacier Express trains are non-smoking trains.Simplonpass (by coach)Simplontunnel (by train)Gotthardtunnel (by coach)Gotthardtunnel (Zug)Berninapass (by coach)Bernina Express (by train)Lötschberg Basistunnel (by train)Furka Basistunnel (coach ferry)Furkapass (by coach)45623Glistening mountains in summer, a snow-covered fairytale landscapein winter, magical blossoms in spring, lush, opulent coloursin autumn. The Glacier Express is an experience throughout theyear!6 Oberalppass (by train/coach)1Glacier Express – a gateway to Switzerland. In Chur, Andermattand Brig/Visp you will have good connections to the public m1600140012001000800600400200m abovesea levelSt. NiklausStaldenVispMünsterMörelBrig670 mFieschOberalppass2033 mRealpSedrunAndermattOberwald 1435 mDisentis1130 mTrunIlanzRheine gorge630 mReichenauDavos1540 mLandwasser Viaduct1032 mTiefencastelThusisChur585 m2000St. Moritz1775 m1800CelerinaSamedan1600Albula line1500 m 1400Bergün12000 20 40 60 80 120 140 160 180 200 220 240 260 291 km1000800600400200m ü. M.UNESCO World heritage:“Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch”“The Rhaetian Railway in theLandscape of the Bernina/Albula”

1011Glacier Express – Timetables & FaresGlacier Express – Surcharge & class systemdep.dep.dep.dep.dep.dep.dep.dep.dep.dep.dep.Timetable Winter season 15 December to 9 May 2014902Train No.ZermattVispBrigAndermattAndermattChurThusisTiefencastelFilisurDavos PlatzSt. Moritzarr.arr.arr.arr.arr.arr.arr.arr.arr.arr.arr.903Timetable Summer season 10 May 2014 to 26 October 2014Sections of the Glacier Express route/Surcharge Glacier ExpressEinsteigebahnhof Aussteigebahnhof Glacier Express Züge Sommer Glacier Express Züge Winter(oder umgekehrt)901/904 905 * /906/907/908 * /909 * 902/903 900/905Zermatt/Täsch/Visp/Brig Brig/Chur/St. Moritz – X X –Zermatt/Täsch/Visp/Brig Chur/Davos X – XZermatt/Täsch/Visp/Brig Filisur X – X oTabelleoptimierenZermatt/Täsch Andermatt X X X –Andermatt St. Moritz – X X XAndermatt Davos Platz X – – –Chur St. Moritz X – X XChur Davos X – – –Zuschlag (CHF/€) 33.00/25.30 33.00/25.30 13.00/10.00* = nur buchbar mit Mittagessen X = Buchbare Strecken902 2) 904 2) 906 1) 908 Train No. 905 907 1) 909 2) 911 2)Speisewagen Sitzplatz Sitzplatz Sitzplatz Sitzplatz Sitzplatz Sitzplatz Speisewagen08.52 09.13 09.52 09.59 dep. Zermatt arr. 17.00 17.31 18.00 18.32| | 11.03 11.14 dep. Visp arr. 15.53 16.19 16.53 17.1910.18 10.37 11.18 11.37 dep. Brig arr. 15.40 15.59 16.40 16.5911.48 12.13 12.47 13.13 dep. Andermatt arr. 13.54 14.18 15.04 15.1811.54 12.20 12.54 13.20 dep. Andermatt arr. 13.44 14.04 14.54 15.1214.45 14.45 15.45 15.45 dep. Chur arr. 11.27 11.27 12.27 12.27| 15.28 16.32 16.32 dep. Thusis arr. 10.50 10.50 |15.50 15.47 16.49 16.49 dep. Tiefencastel arr. 10.32 10.32 11.3116.11 16.01 dep. Filisur arr.11.01 |16.48 | dep. Davos Platz arr.| 10.41dep.arr.16.58 18.10 18.10 St. Moritz 09.15 09.15 10.02Individual fares to 9 persons (without surcharge)2. Cl. 1. Cl.Route CHF € CHF €St. Moritz–Zermatt 145.00 111.50 254.00 195.40St. Moritz–Brig 109.00 83.80 191.00 146.90St. Moritz–Andermatt 80.00 51.50 140.00 107.00Davos Platz–Zermatt 134.00 103.10 235.00 180.80Davos Platz–Brig 98.00 75.40 172.00 132.30Davos Platz–Andermatt 69.00 53.10 121.00 93.10Chur–Zermatt 113.00 86.90 198.00 152.30Chur–Visp 81.20 62.50 142.40 109.50Chur–Brig 77.00 59.20 135.00 103.80Andermatt–Zermatt 70.00 53.80 123.00 94.60Täsch–Zermatt transfer 8.00 6.20 14.00 10.80Fares for groups from 10 persons (without surcharge)2. Cl. 1. Cl.CHF € CHF €116.00 89.20 203.20 156.3087.20 67.10 152.80 117.5064.00 49.20 112.00 86.10107.20 82.50 188.00 144.6078.40 60.30 137.60 105.8055.20 42.40 96.80 74.4090.40 69.50 158.40 121.8065.20 50.20 114.00 87.7061.60 47.40 108.00 83.1056.00 43.00 98.40 75.606.40 4.90 11.20 8.60Please noteNo commission on supplements. The prices in this sales manual arealways calculated without supplements. The supplements aboveare to be added on to the corresponding prices. The supplementsare to be paid in full by all passengers, including children andbearers of travel discount cards. Exceptions are children undersix years old for whom no seat is required. Owners of a TCV,Eurailcard and Swiss Travel system must also pay the supplement.The earphones for the info system and an information bookletabout the Glacier Express are included in the supplement.Class system1st class panoramic viewing carsOversized windows which extend into the roof cove provide allroundpanoramic views.36 seats (6 x four-seater and 6 x two-seater compartments,central aisle carriage) with table or 30 seats (5 x four-seaterand 5 x two-seater compartments).Air conditioning – sealed windows.Map of the seatsShort-distance routesThe Glacier Express trains are reserved exclusively for the use ofgroups and individual guests who book a trip for the entire routebetween Zermatt and St.Moritz/Davos or vice versa. Groups whouse short-distance routes such as Chur – Andermatt are automaticallybooked on regional trains (not Glacier Express trains).Please note that when advertising your tours, this journey(short-distance route) may not be advertised under the name“Glacier Express” and a supplement must be paid.The Glacier Express logo must only be used for journeys on sectionof the Glacier Express.2nd class panoramic viewing carsOversized windows which extend into the roof cove provide allroundpanoramic views.48 seats (12 x four-seater compartments, central aisle carriage)with tableAir conditioning – sealed windows.Reservation numbers1st class panoramic car36 placesWinter promotion 15 December 2013 to 30 April 2014Fares for groups from 10 persons(incl. surcharge + meal, plate of the day and dessert)2. Cl. 1. Cl.Route CHF € CHF €St. Moritz–Zermatt 104.00 80.00 147.60 113.50St. Moritz–Brig 89.60 68.90 112.40 94.10St. Moritz–Andermatt 78.00 60.00 102.00 78.40Zermatt–Andermatt 74.00 57.00 95.20 73.40Chur–Zermatt 91.20 70.20 125.20 96.40Chur–Brig 76.80 59.20 100.00 77.00Davos Platz–Zermatt 99.60 76.80 140.00 107.80Davos Platz–Brig 85.20 65.60 114.80 88.40Important:Groups: Groups from 10 persons receive one free journey for every 10 personsWith ½-Fare Card or Swiss Card 50% discount. General season ticket (GA),Swiss Pass and one-day tickets are validThe Junior Card entitles children to age 16 accompanied by a parent to free travelChildren:6 years: free6–16 years: 50% discountThe Junior Card entitles children to age 16 accompanied by a parent to free travelWinter Promo Gornergrat 15. Dezember 2013 bis 30. April 2014CHF 78.00 (€ 60.00) statt CHF 123.20 (€ 94.80)Inklusive 2.Kl. Bahnfahrt Brig / Visp nach Zermatt.Alle Preise sind netto und es werden keine Freifahrten gewährt.Nur gültig im Zusammenhang mit dem Produkt Glacier Express.Bei Gruppen: - Mitagessen (Tagesteller & Dessert) serviert am Sitzplatz.- Upgrade 3-Gang-Menü (inkl. Vorspeise und Kaffee/Tee) + CHF 8.00/€ 6.10- Fahrt in 1. oder 2. Klasse Panoramawagen1st class panoramic car (for disabled people)30 places2nd class panoramic car48 places

1617Glacier Express – Catering servicesGlacier Express – Mountain passes by coachCatering services on the Glacier ExpressThis information is valid until 30 th April 2014. The catering-servicefor summer 2014 is not yet known.The journey from St.Moritz/Davos to Zermatt (or vice versa) takesa whole day. Catering for your guests must be planned. Yourlunch is served directly at your table. Look forward to a wide varietyof delicious meals which are freshly prepared for you in thegalley kitchen in the middle of the train.Price3-course mealCHF 43.00 (€ 33.10)This menu comprises of salad (summer) or soup (winter), meatwith vegetables and side dishes, dessert or a selection of cheeses.Plate of the dayCHF 30.00 (€ 23.10)Prices subject to change.Reservation MealsDates till 30 April 2014RailGourmino swissAlps AgGürtelstrasse 14, Postfach 253, CH-7001 ChurTelefon +41 (0)81 300 15 15, Fax +41 (0)81 300 15; rgswissalps.chDates from 1 May 2014Matterhorn Gotthard BahnBahnhofplatz 7, CH-3900 BrigPhone +41 (0)848 642 442Fax +41 (0)27 927 77 79info@mgbahn.chwww.mgbahn.chServices in the trainIn all trains, all touristic announcements are available in six languages(German, French, English, Italian, Japanese and Chinese)via headphones.There are also two channels providing musical entertainmentthroughout your journey.Upon request, and for exclusive carriage use only, a PA systemcan be arranged for use by the tour guide.All travellers exclusively receive the Board Magazine with backgroundinformation about the Glacier Express.Dining on the Glacier ExpressReservation: Compulsory for groups; at least 10 days before departure.It is recommendable for individual travellers to make areservation. Your reservation can be booked together with yourseats.Menu selectionPlease check out the range of meals available on the homepage:www.rgswissalps.chServing periodMeals are served between 11.00 a.m. and 1.30 p.m. The exactperiod during which meals are served will be notified to you.PaymentCash or voucher or invoice, by agreement with the caterer.Changes/Cancellations: Valid are the General Terms.Boardshop and souvenir salesThe boardshop offers a wide range of exclusive Glacier Expresssouvenirs – such as the famous slanted glasses. If you would liketo surprise your guests during the trip on the Glacier Express, youare most welcome to order slanted glasses or other souvenirs inadvance. In exchange for a voucher your guests will receive thechosen souvenir from the steward of the boardshop.Find our full range of souvenirs on!Recommended bus routesClassic: St.Moritz – Julierpass – Thusis – San Bernardino pass –Bellinzona Nord (A13) – Airolo – Nufenen pass – Ulrichen – Brig– Visp – TäschDistance: 344 km; duration approx. 6.00 hrsGotthardtunnel: St.Moritz – Julierpass – Tiefencastel – Thusis –San Bernardinopass (Tunnel) – Bellinzona Nord (A13) – Airolo –Gott hard tunnel – Göschenen – Andermatt – Realp – Furkapass/Verlad Furkatunnel (Realp – Oberwald) – Oberwald – Brig – Visp– TäschDistance: 373 km (optional route with tunnels); duration approx.6.15 hrsOberalppass: St.Moritz – Julierpass – Reichenau – Flims – Disentis– Oberalppass – Andermatt – Realp – Furkapass/ Verlad Furkatunnel(Realp – Oberwald) – Oberwald – Brig – Visp – TäschDistance: 294 km (tunnel option); duration approx. 6.00 hrsSattelpass: St.Moritz – Julierpass – Chur – Landquart – Pfäffi kon– Biberbrugg – Sattelpass – Schwyz – Brunnen – Göschenen –Andermatt – Realp – Furkapass/Verlad Furka tunnel (Re alp –Oberwald) – Oberwald – Brig – Visp – TäschDistance: 403 km (tunnel option); duration approx. 6.45 hrsFurkapass: Passable from June to October*Route:Oberwald (Wallis) – Realp (Uri)Height:2,431m a.s.l.Maximum gradient: 11%Maximum width: 2.55 metresMaximum length: 12 metresMaximum height: 4 metresMaximum weight: 18 tonnes, carriage forbiddenThe Furka Pass is narrow and reinforced on its eastern side.Recommendation: Coach transportation by train through theFurkatunnel between Oberwald and Realp.Nufenenpass: Passable from June to October*Route:Ulrichen (Wallis) – Airolo (Tessin)Height:2,478m a.s.l.Maximum gradient: 11%Maximum width: 2.55 metresMaximum length: 15 metresMaximum height: 4 metresMaximum weight: 32 tonnesOberalppass: Passable from April to November*Route:Andermatt (Uri) – Disentis (Graubünden)Height:2,044m a.s.l.Maximum gradient: 10%Maximum width: 2.55 metresMaximum length: 13 metresMaximum height: 3.9 metresMaximum weight: 18 tonnes, carriage forbiddenGrimselpass: Passable from May to October*Route:Innertkirchen (Bern) – Gletsch (Wallis)Height:2,165m a.s.l.Maximum gradient: 11%Maximum width: 2.55 metresMaximum length: 15 metresMaximum height: 4 metresMaximum weight: 32 tonnes*Depends on snow condition.

1819Glacier Express – Luggage transportationGlacier Express – Free promotional materialDuring the journeyPlease leave luggage in the areas outside the compartment.TipWhenever possible, we recommend that you transport your luggagefrom hotel to hotel with your coach. Unless otherwise agreedwith the hotel, each guest is responsible for loading andunloading his or her own luggage.We are happy to provide you with free promotional materials formarketing purposes.Glacier Express colour brochure (12 pages)The prospectus “The slowest express train in the world” is abrief description of the route and a map. DIN A4, available in 10different languages: German/French/ English/Japanese/Chinese(simplified + traditional)/Italian/ Spanish/Korean/Thai.Express luggage serviceDrop off luggage at the station before 9 a.m. and pick it up from6 p.m. at your destination. The comfortable way to enjoy rail travel.This service is available for 45 Swiss destinations.The express luggage service costs CHF 22.00 (EURO 18.30) perpiece of luggage (maximum weight: 25 kilograms).Passengers travelling in groups of ten or more and families withJunior Cards or STS Family Cards pay only CHF 17.00 (EURO14.20) per piece – regardless of whether they are suitcases, bags,skis, snowboards, toboggans or pushchairs.On the original route of the Glacier Express between St.Moritzand Zermatt, the transportation time of the above service fromSwiss Railways is insufficient. RhB and MGBahn offer a separatesolution here. If you wish to make use of this, simply get in touchwith us.Glacier Express Flyer (6 pages)DIN A4; in 6 languages(German/French/ English/Italian/Japanese/Chinese)PostersSummer Region Goms; Winter Region OberalppassDIN A1 (60 cm x 84 cm)CertificatesIf your guests travel the whole way from St.Moritz/Davos –Zermatt or vice versa, you may award them a certificate.Two different copies:a) German/French/Italianb) English/Japanese/SpanishCertificates are awarded to your guests at a suitable opportunity,e.g. on the final evening.Please order the required number of certificates no later than10 working days before the journey. They will be sent to you bypost. Please enter the names from your list of guests.DVD (PAL/NTSC)Stretch Zermatt – St. Moritz; approx. 100 minutes.Picture downloadOn the internet site you will find picturesin 300 dpi for professional use for brochures, etc. Pictures maybe used without charge for promotional material/ brochures/internet for the Glacier Gotthard BahnBahnhofplatz 7, CH-3900 BrigPhone +41 (0)848 642 442Fax +41 (0)27 927 77 79info@mgbahn.chwww.mgbahn.chRhätische BahnBahnhofstrasse 25, CH-7002 ChurPhone +41 (0)81 288 63 26Fax +41 (0)81 288 61

2021Peaks of the World | Interlaken/Grindelwald – Jungfraujoch – Zermatt – GornergratTitel Bernina ExpressGroups | FIT | 1.4.2014–1.4.2015The Jungfrau with the Jungfraujoch-Top of Europe (3454 m) andthe Matterhorn with the Gornergrat (3089 m) are world famousand among the most popular mountain excursion destinationsin Switzerland and Europe. The “Peaks of the World” packagecombines these two highlights.ProgrammeDay 1: Journey from Swiss border or airport to Interlaken orGrindelwald.Day 2: Excursion to Jungfraujoch-Top of Europe, Europe’shighest altitude railway station, at 3454 m. Snow and iceis 100% guaranteed here! The Sphinx vantage building,Ice Palace, and plateau for strolls in eternal snow – all-year-roundJungfraujoch attractions. Views stretch as far asGermany, France and Italy. The majestic mountain worldof the Eiger, Mönch & Jungfrau, as well as the AletschGlacier, at 22 km the longest glacier in the Alps, are partof the UNESCO World Heritage. Experience them at closequarters.Day 3: Fascinating rail trip alongside Lake Thun, through the newLötschberg tunnel. Thank to the new tunnel you gain 72minutes from Interlaken to Zermatt. And then on over asection of the Glacier Express to Zermatt.Day 4: Excursion to the Gornergrat. Enjoy an unforgettable experience:the rail trip from 1605 m up to the Gornergratvantage terrace at 3089 m, in the background a constantly-changingpanorama with the mighty Matterhornand surrounding summits. Once on the Gornergrat, yourviews sweep over an impressive Alpine world with 29peaks over 4000 m high.Day 5: Return journey from Zermatt to Swiss border or airport.Services includedJourney by rail (2nd class) from Swiss border or airport andback2 nights accommodation incl. breakfast in Interlaken/Grindelwald2 nights accommodation incl. breakfast in ZermattJungfraujoch and Gornergrat excursionsServices and taxesPackage prices CHF | €Season 1: 1.4.–26.4.14 + 5.1.–4.4.153-star DR 3-star ER 4-star DR 4-star SR918 | 706 1028 | 790 1078 | 829 1198 | 921Season 2: 26.4.–20.12.143-star DR 3-star ER 4-star DR 4-star SR828 | 636 938 | 721 978 | 752 1088 | 836Children to age 16: free travel Junior Card, hotel reductions onrequest.Additional night Interlaken/Grindelwald Season 1 and 23-star DR 3-star ER 4-star DR 4-star SR100 | 77 140 | 107 145 | 111 180 | 138Additional night Zermatt Season 1: 1.4.–26.4.14 + 5.1.–1.4.153-star DR 3-star ER 4-star DR 4-star SR150 | 115 165 | 126 185 | 143 210 | 161Additional night Zermatt Season 2: 26.4.–20.12.143-star DR 3-star ER 4-star DR 4-star SR105 | 80 120 | 92 135 | 103 155 | 119Train journey 1. Class85 | 66 85 | 66 85 | 66 85 | 66Subject to change.Bookingsrailtour suisse, Bernstrasse 164, CH-3052 Zollikofen,Phone +41 (0)31 378 00 08, incoming@railtour.chBernina Expressfrom Chur / St. Moritz / Davos to TiranoFrom the peaks and perpetual ice to the subtropical palm paradiseof the south: the Bernina Express is the only permanently openrail connection to cross the alps – and this on a route packedwith momentous adventure and fascinating cultural heritage. Insummer 2008, the legendary railway was included in the list ofUNESCO World Heritage sites. Rolling past the impressive glaciersof the Bernina Group, you reach the summit surrounded bymountain lakes at an altitude of 2,253 m above sea level. Fromhere to the Italian city of Tirano, the railway descends 1,824 metreson a route only 38.4 kilometres in length.RailbarThe Railbar will serve guests with hot and cold drinks as well assandwiches and snacks to their seats. The Railbar also carries aselection of special Bernina Express souvenirs. ( Express BusWould you like to discover more of the south? The new BerninaExpress Bus takes the scenic route. Drive in comfort past the vineyardsof Valtellina, trough picturesque villages and along theshores of Lake Como from Tirano to Lugano (or vice versa).ReservationsFor reservations and informations please contact:Rhätische Bahn, Bahnhofstr. 25, CH-7000 ChurPhone +41 [0] 81 288 63 26, Fax +41 [0] 81 288 61; www.berninaexpress.chPrice: (for groups of 10 or more)*One wayReturnRoute Cl. CHF € CHF €Chur – Tirano 2. 48.00 40.00 96.00 80.00Chur – Tirano 1. 84.00 70.00 168.00 140.00Davos-Platz – Tirano 2. 39.20 32.70 78.40 65.30Davos-Platz – Tirano 1. 68.80 57.30 137.60 114.70St. Moritz – Tirano 2. 24.00 20.00 48.00 40.00St. Moritz – Tirano 1. 42.40 35.30 84.80 70.70Tirano – Lugano 2. 25.60 21.30 51.20 42.70Per 10 people1 free. Price subject to change.Supplement per personSummer: (10.05.–26.10.2014) CHF €Chur–Tirano 14.00 11.70 per pers. / routeDavos–Tirano 14.00 11.70 per pers. / routeSt. Moritz–Tirano 14.00 11.70 per pers. / routeTirano–Lugano 14.00 11.70 per pers. / routeWinter (15.12.2013–09.05.2013 / 21.10.–15.12.2014)Chur/St. Moritz –Tirano – St. Moritz/Chur: CHF 10.00 / € 8.30 per pers. / routeLunchIn Poschiavo and Tirano, different restaurants near the station.

2223Furka vehicle transportTitel Adventure offersAdventure CardPure adventure between Disentis and Zermattfree travel with the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn and on allpostbus lines in the Upper Valais50% discount on other railways, buses, cablecars, on sportand free time facilities, museums, rent a bike and more!SCHNELLERINS WALLIS?AUTOVERLADFURKA.2 days 3 days 5 daysPrices* CHF € CHF € CHF €Adults with ½-Fare Card and young peopleaged 6–16 58.00 44.60 68.00 52.30 89.00 68.40Adults with no 99.00 76.10 129.00 99.20 179.00 137.60½-Fare Card €Family 198.00 152.30 258.00 198.40 358.00 275.30(max. 2 adults with 3 children –16 years) * – 31. March 2014The shortest route between Central Switzerland and the Valaisruns through the Furka Tunnel. The Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn(MGBahn) takes only 15 minutes to speed you and your vehiclesafely and comfortably through the 15,4 km Furka Tunnel betweenRealp and Oberwald.Running 365 daysVehicles to max. 16 tons, max. 3,05 m height, width 2,50 mcan be loaded until shortly before departure.We recommend our services for your personal comfort. Therailway loading stations at Realp and Oberwald both have arestaurant, kiosk, WC, telephone booth and money changingfacilities.In the event of traffic jams on the A2 Gotthard motorway,please use the special “Andermatt” lane.From Germany you can reach Zermatt via the A2/E35 fromKarlsruhe, travelling from the direction of Basle. Continue toLucerne, Andermatt, Realp (Furka vehicle transport), Brig,Täsch. Modern shuttle trains wait in Täsch to take you toZermatt.TimetableDeparture OberwaldFr – Mo: 05.35, 06.05 every 30 min. to 22.05 hoursTu – Th: 05.35, 06.35 every 60 min. to 21.35 hoursDeparture RealpFr – Mo: 06.05, 06.35 every 30 min. to 22.35 hoursTu – Th: 06.05, 07.05 every 60 min. to 22.05 hoursTerms of loadingGeneral loading instructionsNo rights to transport in a particular train, no reservations arepossible.Drivers and passengers remain in their vehicles and are transportedfree of charge.Additional terms for buses and lorriesMax. total weight 20 tons, max. height 3,62 m, max. width2,50 m: Ready to load 15 minutes be – fore departure, loadedonto carriage without protective roof.Owing to limited transport possibilities, we recommend priorbooking at the loading station.No rights to transport in a particular trainInformation on vehicle transport Realp Railway StationPhone + 41 (0)27 927 76 76Fax + 41 (0)27 927 76 79bahnhof.realp@mgbahn.chOberwald Railway StationPhone +41 (0)27 927 76 66Fax +41 (0)27 927 76 69bahnhof.oberwald@mgbahn.chwww.mgbahn.chPrices (Prices subject to change)Price per vehicle including driver and passengers:Vehicle CHF €Passenger cars to 9 seatsSummer: 1 June –30 Sept. 25.00 19.20Winter: 1 Oct.– 31 May 30.00 23.00Buses 10 – 19 seats 47.00 36.1020 – 25 seats 99.00 76.1026 – 36 seats 158.00 121.50> 36 seats 216.00 166.10Adventure Railway: Brunch in the train / GourmetValid from mid October till end of May on a date of your choice.On the tracks of the world-famous Glacier Express. On the routewe serve you a rich Brunch- and Dessert- Buffet in the exclusivePanoramic coach.BrunchBrig/Visp – Zermattall Sundays 26.1. – 6.4.2014BrunchVisp/Brig – Andermattall Thursdays 23.1. – 10.4.2014Oberalp Openair ExpressDaily 28.6. – 31.8.2014Coach Belle-Epoque (50 seats) and Nostalgic Openair coach(60 seats)Andermatt dep 12.27 h – Disentis arr 13.36 hDisentis dep 14.14 h – Andermatt arr 15.22 hPrice:Chartertrips:CHF 26.00/€ 20.00 p.P. per way for grpsCHF 30.00/€ 23.00 FITCHF 20.00/€ 15.00 FIT with ½-FareCHF 1200.00 single course (max. 50 pax)CHF 2000.00 return (max 50 pax)Special Ticket 2nd class Bike & Railway in the GomsWith your own bike from Visp or Brig to Oberwald and back fromNiederwald, Fiesch or Brig. Bike transportation included.Tickets available at the stations Brig and Visp.from Visp from BrigCHF/ € CHF/ €Adults with no ½-Fare Card 38.00/29.00 34.00/26.00Adults with ½-Fare Card andyoung people aged 6–16 21.00/16.00 19.00/14.00Children –16 years accompanied by a parent or a grandparentwith Junior Card-/Grandchild Card travel for free (incl. bike transportation).Special Ticket 2nd class Bike & Railway San GottardoTicket between Fiesch and Disentis and bike transportation forone day included.CHF €Adults with no ½-Fare Card 35.00 27.00Adults with ½-Fare Card andyoung people aged 6–16 20.00 15.00Rent a Mountain- and Country-Bike (in Oberwald+Andermatt)Full day half dayCHF CHFAdults with no ½-Fare Card 35.– 1 /50.– 2 27.– 1 /37.– 2Adults with ½-Fare Card and 30.– 1 /45.– 2 22.– 1 /32.– 2young people aged 6–16 30.– 1 22.– 1Children –16 years with Junior Card/Grandchild Card 50% discounton normal price if one parent/grandparent rents a bike.1Mountain- and Country-Bikes2E-Bikes (from 16 years)If you return your bike at another station you will be chargedCHF 7.– additionally.

24Gornergrat/Zermatt panoramaDufourspitze4634Monte Rosa-HütteGORNERGRAT3089LiskammBreithornMatterhorn glacier paradise(klein Matterhorn)3883Matterhorn4478StockhornRote NaseHohtälliG o r n e r gl e t s c h e rl e t s c h e rl gTheodul-PassRiffelhornT h e o d uF u r g g g l e t s c h e rberrothornROTENBODENRiffelseeRIFFELBERGHörnlihütteF i n d e l g l e t s c h e rRothorn ParadiseTrockenerStegSchwarzseeParadiseGORNERGRAT3089Aussichtsplattform3131Monte RosaDufourspitzeGrüenseeRIFFELALPFurgg4634ObservatoriumKulmhotelKapelleGornergratShoppingRestaurant+ Self ServiceSunneggaParadiseLeiseeFINDELBACHFuriZermattBergstation+ SouvenirshopTäschSTATIONGORNERGRAT1620RandaBahnhofMATTERHORNGOTTHARD BAHNBahnhofSchalisee

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