Section 8 - PIDM

Section 8 - PIDM

AN OVERVIEW OF OUR INITIATIVES IN 2011The year 2011 was a dynamic and challenging one for PIDM in terms of its communications and public awarenessefforts. A comprehensive communications campaign was developed with the primary objective of educating the publicand other key stakeholders on the Enhanced Financial Consumer Protection Package, which included the introductionof the new deposit insurance protection limit of RM250,000, increased scope of coverage to include foreign currencydeposits, the implementation of TIPS, and the coming into force of the Provision of Information on Deposit InsuranceRegulations 2011.The implementation of the PIDM-administered TIPS necessitated the development of a communications strategy to reacha broader target audience which now included owners of takaful and insurance products as well as member takafuloperators and insurance companies. These groups demonstrate different perspectives, requirements and characteristicscompared to consumers of banking and deposit products as well as member banks.P I D M A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 1 1169

PUBLIC AWARENESS INITIATIVES ANDCORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITYPUBLIC AWARENESS INITIATIVESHIGHLIGHTS OF OUR INITIATIVES IN 2011INITIATIVEADVERTISING AND PUBLICITYACHIEVEMENTPIDM’s Advertising Campaign for 2011 was implemented in well-planned and coordinatedphases to ensure effective dissemination of the key messages on the Enhanced FinancialConsumer Protection Package.Advertisements were carried in the print media, television, radio and online news portals toeducate the public on the enhanced DIS and newly implemented TIPS, as well as the roleof PIDM.Three new types of information brochures in six languages – on deposit insurance, TIPSand Provision of Information on Deposit Insurance Regulations – were published for publicdistribution. A new handbook on TIPS and an updated handbook on deposit insurance werealso published for distribution to member institutions and other stakeholders.170P I D M A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 1 1

INITIATIVESTAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENTACHIEVEMENTFollowing the implementation of the Enhanced Financial Consumer Protection Package,PIDM intensified its engagement with member institutions and other stakeholders.Briefings were held for member banks as well as insurer members and their agents invarious parts of the country in collaboration with Institut Bank-Bank Malaysia (IBBM) and theMalaysian Insurance Institute (MII).A total of 67 briefing sessions were conducted for various stakeholder groups includingmember institutions, Government agencies, institutions of higher learning and the generalpublic.An annual dialogue was held with member banks and insurer members in conjunction withthe release of the PIDM Annual Report 2010 on 12 May. The annual dialogue provides aplatform for discussing industry matters with the Board of Directors and senior managementof member institutions.For a complete listing of our briefings and dialogues, please refer to our Calendar of Eventsfor 2011 (pages 178 to 187).MEDIA RELATIONSWith a view to strengthening public understanding of the new limit and scope of coverageof deposit insurance, features of TIPS and the enhanced mandate of PIDM, the Corporationconducted three media briefings, one each in Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching.Senior officers of PIDM also gave exclusive interviews to various print and broadcast media.A press conference was also held following the release of the PIDM Annual Report 2010.In 2011, PIDM issued five press releases in Bahasa Malaysia, English, Chinese and Tamil.P I D M A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 1 1173

PUBLIC AWARENESS INITIATIVES ANDCORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITYPUBLIC AWARENESS INITIATIVESMOVING FORWARD WITH THE INTEGRATEDCOMMUNICATIONS PLAN 2012 - 2016The achievement of the PIDM Integrated CommunicationsPlan for 2007 to 2011 has provided PIDM with a solidfoundation for developing the Integrated CommunicationsPlan for 2012 to 2016 to further enhance understandingof the role of PIDM in contributing to the stability of thecountry’s financial system.The PIDM Integrated Communications Plan for 2012 to2016 is driven by three strategic thrusts underpinning itscommunications strategy and initiatives:(a) Strengthen awareness of the DIS and TIPS andpromote confidence in the role of PIDM;(b) Actively contribute to the enhancement of financialawareness and literacy through education initiativesand programmes; and(c) Enhance engagement with member institutions andrelevant strategic partners.Towards this end, PIDM will focus its efforts on the followingstrategies:• Expand the relevant target audience base for optimuminformation dissemination and maximum public reach;• Continuously implement effective key communicationinitiatives and tools such as advertising in print,broadcast and electronic media, stakeholderengagement and our education programme, amongstothers; and• Strengthen existing partnerships with key stakeholdersand establish partnerships with new relevantstakeholders.The multi-year plan provides a three-pronged approach forachieving the long-term awareness objectives as well asa platform for long-term strategy through the adoption ofvarious initiatives and communications tools.(i) Information on corporate branding, enhancementof PIDM’s brand presence, and awareness of DISand TIPSPIDM will continue to present and disseminateinformation to the general public in a direct, clearand simple manner. In the same tone, PIDM aimsto strengthen its brand identity and prominence toposition itself in the minds of the public as the providerof financial consumer protection in Malaysia. Hence,PIDM will continue to enhance its communicationsinfrastructure, particularly the Call Centre and website,as well as develop and implement advertising initiativesand stakeholder engagement programmes specificallytailored to suit the respective demographic profiles ofdifferent target audiences.(ii) Educate public on the benefits and limitations ofDIS and TIPSAs the national financial consumer protectionorganisation, PIDM will continue with its educationprogramme to help enhance financial awarenessand literacy among the general public as well as theyounger generation, especially on the importance ofsavings and prudent financial management, and at thesame time, educate them about the DIS, TIPS and therole of PIDM.The PIDM Education Programme will continue to be akey tool for reaching students and academic staff ofsecondary schools and institutions of higher learning inMalaysia.(iii) Engage key stakeholdersRecognising the importance of strategic partnershipsin an effective and efficient financial safety net, PIDMwill continue to conduct various activities, includingbriefings, training sessions and seminars, to engageand collaborate with key stakeholders, namely:• Member banks and insurer members;• Media;• Regulatory authorities and agencies such as BNM,Ministry of Finance, Credit Counselling and DebtManagement Agency (AKPK) and FMB;• Government departments and agencies; and• Relevant associations with wide public reach suchas consumer associations.CONCLUSIONPIDM will continue to build on its achievements incommunication as part of efforts to fulfil its mandateto promote or contribute to the stability of the country’sfinancial system. The continued emphasis on publicawareness is crucial for building public confidence in ourfinancial system.174P I D M A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 1 1

PUBLIC AWARENESS INITIATIVES ANDCORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITYCORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITYPIDM’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiativesunderpin a strategic agenda, which reflects theCorporation’s commitment to its various stakeholders andto reach out and give back to the community. The CSRactivities are aimed at delivering sustainable value to theenvironment and society at large, partly inspired by theaspiration to support the Government in its nation-buildingendeavours.Scholarship ProgrammeThe PIDM Scholarship Programme was conceived in2009 with the aim of developing young Malaysians withpotential. PIDM supports the continuous learning andgrowth of such individuals to contribute to the creation of atalent pool for Malaysia in general and the financial servicessector in particular.The Scholarship Programme was implemented in 2010with five scholars. The number of scholars for the 2011programme was increased to 10.The PIDM scholarship is intended to provide assistanceto those who have achieved academic excellence butwho are unable to pursue tertiary education for lack offinancial support. The basis of funding for the scholarshipprogramme remains unchanged from 2010, providingcoverage of up to RM86,000 per scholar for a four-yearundergraduate programme, with an option to undergo asix-month internship with the Corporation on graduating.Of the scholars for 2011, six enrolled in law degrees, threein Economics and one in Actuarial Science.We are pleased to report that the academic performanceof the five scholars from the 2010 programme has beenimpressive. Four were placed on the Dean’s List orPresident’s List for at least one semester in 2010 withCumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) scores rangingbetween 3.4 and a perfect 4. One scholar has been chosento represent her university under a student exchangeprogramme with Teesside University in the United Kingdomfor a period of six months.PIDM’s Scholarship Programme incorporates a holisticapproach and is executed in three parts: Induction,Mentoring and Coaching, and Internship. During theinduction period, scholars are introduced to the mandate,vision, mission and values of PIDM and exposed to thevarious functions of the Divisions in PIDM.The mentoring and coaching aspect of the PIDMscholarship distinguishes it from other scholarshipprogrammes. During the term of the scholarship, eachrecipient is assigned a mentor from PIDM’s ExecutiveManagement Committee, enabling the scholar to leverageon the mentor’s wide experience as well as obtain adviceand support throughout the period of study. A mentoringsession was held on 19 August 2011 where the newscholars were introduced and acquainted with theirmentors. In 2011, PIDM also provided a training sessionon soft skills.In addition to the internship offered at graduation, scholarsare given an opportunity to do practical training with PIDMduring their semester breaks. Two of our 2010 scholarshave taken advantage of this opportunity to work on sitefor a number of weeks.Planning for the 2012 Scholarship Programme has begunand 10 more scholars will be selected for the awards.P I D M A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 1 1175

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