Mastering Business Operations in the Global Economy

Mastering Business Operations in the Global Economy

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Business Operations

in the Global Economy

Executive MBA of the ETH Zurich

« Our Executive MBA program is focused on

supply chain management.

We educate our students in the areas of general

management and leadership with a truly global

perspective - always in close contact with reality.

Additionally, we provide in-depth studies in a

subject of special interest: international supply

chain management.

We are committed to off ering leading-edge

knowledge in all areas of management. Th e ETH,

with its long history in university education

and with its outstanding reputation, guarantees

academic excellence.

But academic excellence is not our only

objective. We want to go further and enable

our students to master practical tools, to build

social relationships and to enrich their leadership

personalities. Th eoretical knowledge, methodology,

social skills and personal enhancement

constitute the four pillars of our program.

While the ETH is responsible for academic

quality, our industry partners, forming the

FORUM-SCM, make sure that the curriculum

covers all subjects relevant for practical success.

Th ey also open their doors for behind-the-scene

company visits and real-life case studies.


Prof. Dr. Stephan M. Wagner

Academic Director

Chair of Logistics Management

Department of Management, Technology,

and Economics, ETH Zurich

A A Unique Unique MBA MBA Program


Our MBA program was launched

in 2003. Since then, it has

evolved without changing its basic


We want our students to become

eff ective business leaders in

today’s world. Th ey must be able

to act wisely and forcefully in the

global arena. Th e fi eld studies in

Russia, the USA and Asia serve this

purpose. Desk studies cannot

replace the experience of visiting

these countries and discussing

business issues with managers on

the spot. Facts and fi gures must

be supplemented by a deeper understanding

and empathy.

Our MBA program bears the

«Executive» label because it is

designed for senior managers and

experienced professionals. Powerful

social networks are formed

where intensive interaction reinforces

the learning process and

broadens its scope.

With approximately 25 students,

our classes are kept small

to better meet individual needs

and wishes and to maximize the

teaching impact. A high degree

of diversity regarding nationality,

gender, age, profession and industry

sector also contributes to an inspiring

classroom atmosphere.


program is

organized for


study, allowing


to continue


in their

jobs. Th e

program by itself puts high

demands on our students, and with

the concurrent job requirements it

may sometimes stretch individual

limits. However, as our alumni will

certainly testify, the challenge

can be accepted,


managed and even


International Scope

The geographic scope of most

companies has increased to be-

come more and more global. For

a modern business leader it is

therefore vital to understand the

global business environment

with its relevant current conditions

and future trends.

Our Executive MBA program

provides a truly international

perspective. The class comprises

students from many parts of

the world. Global economic de-

velopments are analyzed. Key

countries are studied and visited.

Case studies are carried out at

foreign companies. Lectures are

given by teachers from different




Benefits for Students and Employers

The students benefit from our Executive MBA program

in many ways, by:

• acquiring up-to-date general management skills,

combined with in-depth knowledge in international

supply chain management

• becoming familiar with the new process-based

orientation of management thinking

• gaining a truly global perspective with practical

on-the-spot experience

• carrying out a Master Thesis of high relevance and

immediate value for the employer

• joining an exclusive class of managers and special-

ists, selected based on the highest standards

regarding educational background, job experience

and intellectual capacity

• learning in a small class, characterized by personalized

teaching, as well as by

intensive interactions between

students and lecturers

• being able to continue to

work in their organizations,

as our program is for part-time


• obtaining, ultimately, an MBA

degree from the ETH Zurich, one

of the world’s leading universities

Companies that allow and

support a high-potential employee

to complete our Executive MBA program make a

profitable investment in their human capital. This is

often the most effective and efficient way to develop,

motivate and retain key talent. Employers take advantage

of the additional knowledge about business best

practices and the expanded professional network of their


Our students are people who want to contribute

signifi cantly to the success of their organizations. People

who want to improve their capacity to work in teams and

to solve complex problems. People who want to become

effi cient managers and eff ective leaders.

Some examples of people who benefi t greatly from our

Executive MBA program:

• general managers heading international companies

and business units in manufacturing and trading

• engineers and natural scientists assuming higher

management functions

• other professionals (legal, commercial, etc.) taking

over broader management responsibilities

• operations managers wanting to improve their


• consultants in need of updated, in-depth knowledge

and skills in supply chain management

«Th is one-of-a-kind MBA program

allowed me to explore new horizons

in global business and supply chain

management. Th eoretical concepts

and practical methods were taught

in perfect balance. And I especially

enjoyed the contact with very

interesting people from all over

the world.»

Ekaterina K., Key Account Manager

Our students come from many diff erent countries,

professions, industry sectors and job functions. Th is

diversity is in itself an important source of intellectual

and spiritual wealth.

Our Executive MBA program is for part-time

study, designed in such a way that the students can

continue to work in their companies. During the

fi rst 12 months of the program, students will spend

approximately 90 days in class and on fi eld studies.

Additional time is required for pre-readings and assignments.

Th e Master Th esis can be completed during the

subsequent 6 months in approximately 400 hours.

«Th is program off ers an excellent

environment to learn about all

aspects of international supply

chain management. Th ere is

real value in getting new ideas,

experiencing real-life examples

and building a professional


Manuel S.

General Manager Procurement

«After 20 years of work in

logistics and supply chain

management, I enrolled in the

Executive MBA program of the

ETH. It proved to be a perfect

fi t to enhance my SCM knowledge

and to provide me with

general management skills:

a step change for my career.»

Th omas B.

Global Customer Manager



ETH Zurich and Partner Universities

The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

(ETH Zurich) was founded by the Swiss government in

1854. Today the ETH Zurich comprises almost 100 institutes

and laboratories, more than 350 professorships and

about 850 lecturers. More than 8,000 faculty and staff

members work in teaching, research and administration,

and 14,000 students are registered. Each year about 2,400

students and 800 doctoral candidates receive their degree

from the ETH Zurich.

In its mission statement, the ETH Zurich commits


• to promote and maintain the highest quality in

teaching and research at a top international level

• to support a universal and system oriented approach

• to preserve disciplinary and cultural diversity and

academic freedom

The ETH Zurich is associated with 21 Nobel laureates

who, at the time of receiving their awards, were engaged

as professors at the ETH Zurich or prior to that had studied

or researched there. This is one reason why the ETH is

recognized as one of the world’s top universities.

The Department of Management, Technology, and

Economics (D-MTEC), an academic department of the

ETH Zurich, offers our unique Executive MBA program,

designed to confer leading-edge knowledge and skills for

mastering business operations in the global economy.

The D-MTEC is a member of the EFMD (European

Foundation for Management Development).

Our Executive MBA faculty includes more than 20

professors and lecturers, not only from the ETH Zurich

but also from other world-renowned universities and

schools. They are among the leading academic teachers in

their fields.

Our Partner Universities are (status 2009):

• University of Washington (Seattle)

• The Hong Kong University of Science

and Technology

• Tongji University (Shanghai)

• Hosei University (Tokyo)

To assure practical relevance, we also appoint lecturers

from industry.

Broad Management Skills

Our Executive MBA program lasting 18 months is

composed of 4 blocks (sets of modules):

• «Management»

• «Global Economy»

• «Supply Chain Management»

• «Master Thesis»

Modules include lectures, case studies, company visits,

VIP talks (informal meetings with business leaders) and

presentations by students.



Global Economy

Supply Chain Management

Master Thesis

The «Management» block comprises the following



• program overview

• systems engineering

General Management Strategy and Risk Management

• general management function

• strategy development

• risk assessment

Technology and Innovation Management

• management of technology and innovation

• R&D

From Processes to Organization

• process reengineering

• organizational design

• strategy implementation

Strategic Human Resource Management

• HR strategy

• leadership

Accounting, Finance and Controlling

• controlling, accounting, financing, financial


• decision making

• business valuation


• marketing as a business philosophy

• marketing planning and execution

Information Technology and Management

the role of IT

• IT organization

• knowledge management

• business intelligence

The complete block is covered in approximately 28 tuition

days (in Zurich).



Understanding the Global Economy

Th e «Global Economy» block comprises the following


Global Economy, International Trade, International


• world economy

• emerging markets

international trade

international organizations

Legal and Tax Issues in a Global Context

• company forms, contract law, M&A

intellectual property

• corporate governance

• corporate tax

Introduction to CEE and Russia

• CEE overview

• doing business in Russia

Field studies in Russia

• visits to local companies

• local case studies

• discussions with local managers and experts

Introduction to the USA

the role of the USA in the world economy

• doing business in the USA

Field studies in the USA

• lectures at a US university

• visits to local companies

• local case studies

• discussions with local managers and experts

Introduction to Asia

the role of Asia in the world economy

• doing business in Asia

Field studies in Japan and China

• lectures at Asian universities

• visits to local companies

• local case studies

• discussions with local managers and experts

Duration of study trips (including travel time):

• Russia: 5 days

• USA: 7 days

• Asia: 11 days

Thorough SCM Competencies

Since our Executive MBA program focuses on supply

chain management, this subject is covered extensively and

in detail.

«Supply chain management (SCM) encompasses

the planning and management of all activities involved

in sourcing and procurement, conversion and all

logistics management activities. Importantly, it also

includes coordination and collaboration with channel

partners who can be suppliers, intermediaries, thirdparty

service providers and customers. In essence,

SCM integrates supply and demand management

within and across companies.»

Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals

Th e «Supply Chain Management» block comprises

the following subjects:

Design and Strategy

• SCOR model

• SC design

• key drivers


• forecasting and demand management

• resource planning

• lean / JIT concept


• purchasing strategies

• management of suppler portfolios and relationships


• production planning and control

• performance measurement

• analysis and improvement of make processes

Deliver – Warehousing and Retailing

• transport techniques and management

• transport networks and transit points

• logistics and warehouse processes

• retail concepts and processes

Returns, Recycling

• life-cycle thinking

• return processes

• recycling


• SC control

• potential confl ict areas in

processes and organizations

Industry Concepts and Case Study

• real cases, special industrial concepts

• general case study in SCM

Th e complete block is covered in approximately 26 tuition

days (in Zurich and the USA).


Master Thesis Industry Partners

The Master Thesis is a self-contained project dealing

with a supply chain topic. It relates to a real case of the

company for which the student works. This case should

be of strategic interest to the company and have the support

of top management. The case shall be defined by the

student, who is responsible for finding a client or mentor

within the company, as well as an academic supervisor

among the Executive MBA faculty.

The «Master Thesis» block starts after the completion

of the other blocks and lasts 6 months. It will require

approximately 400 hours of work. No presence in any

program location is required during this time, unless

especially agreed upon with the academic supervisor.

The Master Thesis will be presented and defended in front

of the faculty.


Practical relevance is the essence of our Executive

MBA program. In order to achieve this, the ETH cooperates

closely with the FORUM-SCM for the design of the

curriculum, the selection of the lecturers and executives

for VIP talks, as well as the organization of field trips and

company visits.

The FORUM-SCM is an association of globally focused

companies in industry, trade, logistics and consulting

services. It pursues the following objectives:

• contributing to the future development of the

Executive MBA program of the ETH with special

emphasis on supply chain management

• promoting international cooperation in the field

of SCM among universities, industrial firms and

trading institutions

• organizing and supporting research projects and

educational events in the SCM field

The FORUM-SCM also performs marketing and administrative

functions for the Executive MBA program as

a partner of the ETH.



Administration and Regulations

Academic Director:

Prof. Dr. Stephan M. Wagner

Chair of Logistics Management

Department of Management, Technology, and Economics

ETH Zurich

Information Center:

FORUM-SCM Phone: +41 43 499 60 80

c/o ETH Zurich Email:

Main lecture rooms:

ETH Zurich, Kreuzplatz 5, CH-8032 Zurich

Title awarded:

MBA ETH in Supply Chain Management

Credit points:

Students acquire 62 ECTS points.


EQUIS-EPAS in progress

Admission requirements:

• university degree (Master, or Bachelor with

excellent marks)

• five years of job experience

• proficiency in business English

Registration procedure:

1. Informal contact by email or phone

2. Online registration (

3. Submission of required documents in hard copy to:

Center for Continuing Education

ETH, Rämistrasse 101, CH-8092 Zurich

4. Assessment interview

5. Admission decision

The number of students per class is limited.

Tuition fee:

Please consult our latest leaflet.


We can help students obtain study loans at favorable


Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the

information on these pages, the content is subject to continuous

review. The ETH Zurich and the FORUM-SCM make

no warranties or representations, expressed or implied, as

to the accuracy of information contained here about the Execu-

tive MBA program of the ETH Zurich. Students enrolling at

the ETH Zurich should consult the latest regulations and

calendar to ensure they comply with all requirements and regu-

lations. Check for updates. Subject to

unforeseen circumstances such as student demand and/or

resource availability, the ETH Zurich and the FORUM-SCM

reserve the right to cancel or change the content, timing or

method of presentation of any lecture.

Main lecture rooms: ETH Zurich, Kreuzplatz 5, CH-8032 Zurich


Academic excellence and

practical relevance for

global business success MBA- SCM

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