Download our Corporate Brochure - Ashlar Urban Reality

Download our Corporate Brochure - Ashlar Urban Reality

1AshlarINTRODUCTIONThe Ashlar Group is an all Canadian full service commercial real estate firm with its headquarters in TorontoCanada. With the addition of the Markham Ontario location, the Ashlar Group is well positioned to providemarket leading services to the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) suburban market. We offer the capacity andexpertise to provide a complete range of brokerage services for tenants, property owners, and investors inthe office, retail and infill development sectors. Created in 1999, Ashlar has acquired a talented team ofhighly experienced and well-educated business professionals whose sole focus is real estate. With a stronghistory of innovation and entrepreneurship, Ashlar has grown to become a dominant force in Toronto’scommercial real estate industry.In Brief• Midmarket experts in the office, retail, and infill development sectors• Boutique team approach offers clients unmatched depth and experience• Focus on long term collaborative relationships V.S. transactionsSince our inception new clients always ask us the same question, what’s an Ashlar? We are always proudto respond that an Ashlar is a piece of stone masonry employed within a building’s base to contributesupport to all that rests above. It is the basis for how we do business and exemplifies our commitmentto putting our client’s needs ahead of our own. Unlike the traditional transaction focused method ofbrokerage we aim to form long lasting relationships with our clients by becoming part of the foundationfor their continued growth.350 Bay St. Toronto, ON - Ashlar head officeWe invite you to visit our website at to learn more.“Throughout this succession of transactions, Ashlar performed a traditional brokerage function and muchless traditional advisory function, both of which we appreciated immensely. Ashlar also consistentlydemonstrated the attribute we value most - the ability to get things done on time, as planned and in aprofessional manner that reflects well upon them.”Michael R. Emory, President & CEOAllied Canadian Corporation

2AshlarMISSIONAt Ashlar• we strive to provide a value-added service to improve the efficiencies ofour client’s commercial real estate needs and achieve the highest returnon their investment.• we are committed to providing each client with an intimate knowledgeof current market dynamics enabling them to make the most informed,intelligent decision about their investment.• we value a collaborative and cooperative relationship with our clients andimmerse ourselves in their business and industry.Put simply, our mission is to maximize value for our clients by treating every property, every lease, and everydollar as if it is our own.What’s The Result?Other31.02%Cushman & Wakefield LePage7.1%DTZ Barnicke6.7%CB Richard Ellis12.98%Colliers International13.68%Ashlar Urban Realty28.52%Downtown Core & Periphery Office & Retail Sale Transactions Under $25 Million (2008 - 2009 By Dollar Volume)Source: RealNet Canada Inc.

003AshlarSERVICESAcquisitionsKey to the most successful acquisitions is an intimate knowledge of the local market and space availability.Ashlar’s team is unmatched in site location and contract negotiation that meets your criteria. We provideyears of experience to every type of real estate acquisition in the Greater Toronto Area. For acquisitionslarge and small, we follow a disciplined, rigorous process of research and evaluation to seek out superiorvalues and opportunities for our clients.212 King Street WToronto, Ontario$22,000,000Office / Retail75,910 SFJune 2010• Case study pg 12DispositionsAshlar has grown to become a dominant force in the Greater Toronto Area real estate market because weare the closest to the ground. We provide vendors with the invaluable perspective of those who are intouch with a constantly changing market in addition to our exclusive connections to current and potentialbuyers ranging from institutional to international and local private companies.49 Ontario St.Toronto, Ontario$16,800,000Office87,105 SFDec. 2009• Case study pg 13

4Office & Retail LeasingAshlar is experienced in maximizing lease value by utilizing a network of local and national commercialbrokers, results-driven marketing, and strategic evaluation. Collaborating with building owners, investors,and property managers, we have the relationships and expert tools to create a profitable tenant mix thatworks for you. We look at the big picture—current trends, market conditions, competitive properties, andincome opportunities.*Approximately 2 million SFunder lease management275 King St. EToronto, Ontario8,000 SFRetailJuly 2010Tenant RepresentationFor most companies, real estate is the second largest line item on the operating budget and the idealspace, be it retail or office, can have a huge impact on productivity, corporate image, employee morale andultimately the bottom line.Whether it’s site selection or lease negotiations, lease administration or leasehold management, Ashlar iscommitted to partnering with our clients and obtaining a deep understanding of their business and needs.We offer the on the ground market knowledge and insight into the landlord mindset required to negotiatethe best value for our clients.ROI Capital Ltd.37 Front St E. Toronto, Ontario9,000 SFOfficeFebruary 2010

5Advisory ServicesAshlar presents account-focused solutions that provide financial efficiencies, transaction transparency,and performance driven compensation. As a thorough and strategic service provider, we possess themarket expertise to empower our clients to seize the best opportunities for their business. We are knownfor our clear, concise recommendations that continually compliment the effects of an ever-changingmarket. Traditionally, real estate firms pursue a short-term ‘transaction’ focused business model. Wedifferentiate ourselves by forming a strategic partnership with our clients and dedicating ourselves totheir long-term success.CBC CanadaGenerated savingsand revenue to datein excess of$90,000,000• Case study pg 14“Ashlar has significantly supported the CBC with their commercial real estate decisions. Yourcommunication and negotiation skills during complex real estate deals are unmatched. Furthermore, yourability to close deals that create a win-win situation for all parties involved is extraordinary.”Michael Saint-Cyr, President of Real EstateCanadian Broadcasting Corporation

AshlarCLIENTSWe have represented clients locally, nationally, and internationally and believe that our past performancerecord and client list speaks volumes to our expertise and ability. Our clients range from institutions andcorporations to entrepreneurs whose goals are aligned with Ashlar’s strategic solutions.TestimonialS“Our long-standing relationship with Ashlar Urban over the past fifteen years has been characterized byunquestionable integrity, in-depth market knowledge, and tactful negotiation. Ashlar demonstratedexcellent patience and strategy over our three year search to successfully acquire our new corporateheadquarters at 15 Duncan Street.”Luc Bourgon, Chief Operating OfficerNorthern Lights Direct Response Television Inc.“Ashlar’s ability to understand both sides of the transaction and to focus on what was important to bothsides made the process quick, smooth and uncomplicated while allowing both parties to achieve theirgoals.”John P. Marotta, VP Commercial PropertiesPaul Properties Limited“Ashlar’s experience and advice was extremely valuable and we appreciated their willingness to give usthe time we needed to make the right decision. I also greatly appreciated their ability to listen to ourneeds and locate potential space that was appropriate and reflective of our many discussions.”Karen Brookman, VP & General ManagerCommonwealth Legal• Allied Properties REIT• Bazil Developments• Bell Canada• Bentall Investment Management• Cadillac Fairview• Cambridge Mercantile Group• Canadian Broadcasting Corp• Canderel Stoneridge• Capitol Buildings• CAPREIT• CIBC• City of Toronto• Cityscape Development• Crown Realty Partners• Concert Properties• Diamond and Schmitt Architects• Druxy’s Inc• Dundee REIT• Gildas Club• Government of Canada• Harhay Construction• Heathwood Homes• Homewood Health Centre• Labatt Brewing Company• Lamb Development Corp• Lasalle Investment Management• Liberty Developments• Lifetime Development Group• Purulator Courier• Radke Films• Riviera• ROI Capitol• Royal Bank• Slate Partners• SNC Lavalin• Sorbara Group• The Monarch Group• The Rose and Thistle Group• Tiger Direct Canada• Tim Horton’s• Urban Capital• UTR Global• Whiterock REIT6

7AshlarTRANSACTIONSHistoric & Character Building Sales110 Lombard StToronto, ON$3,500,00013,823 sfSeptember 201015 Duncan StToronto, ON$4,425,00017,415 sfSeptember 2009252 Adelaide St EToronto, ON$12,647,18150,217 sfSeptember 2010110 Lombard StToronto, ON$2,600,00013,823 sfAugust 200949 Front St EToronto, ON$6,352,81919,936 sfSeptember 201086 Parliament StToronto, ON$2,800,00020,000 sfJune 2009212 King St WToronto, ON$22,000,00070,910 sfAugust 2010340 Richmond St WToronto, ON$2,000,0008,792 sfNovember 2008128 Sterling RdToronto, ON$3,500,00080,000 sfAugust 2010183 Bathurst StToronto, ON$6,000,00030,000 sfJune 2008

Historic & Character Building Sales8489-499 King St WToronto, ON$20,000,00060,000 sfJune 200845-55 Colborne StToronto, ON$10,000,00043,589 sfJuly 2007782-786 King St WToronto, ON$4,500,00020,000 sfApril 2008149 College StToronto, ON$12,050,00050,000 sfApril 200796 Spadina AveToronto, ON$16,000,000100,000 sfMarch 200896 Spadina AveToronto, ON$15,150,000100,000 sfSeptember 2007179 John StToronto, ON$12,000,00068,000 sfMarch 200853 Ontario StToronto, ON$6,000,00045,000 sfSept 2006205 Richmond St WToronto, ON$14,900,00066,000 sfSeptember 20071087 Queen St WToronto, ON$3,000,00027,799 sfJune 2006

9Midmarket Office Sales275 King Street EastToronto, ON$3,500,00014,735 sfMarch 201155 Athol StOshawa, ON$12,130,00093,000 sfMay 200830 Soudan AveToronto, ON$7,000,00029,345 sfMarch 20101200 Sheppard AveToronto, ON$20,000,000140,000 sfFebruary 200849 Ontario StToronto, ON$16,800,00087,105 sfDecember 20091 Concorde GateToronto, ON$53,150,000550,000 sfAugust 200634 St. Patrick StToronto, ON$3,400,00017,238 sfNovember 200634 St. Patrick StToronto, ON$3,400,00017,238 sfNovember 2006

10Midmarket Retail Sales275 King Street EToronto, ON$6,400,00011,219 sf2011Urban Retail Prop.Toronto, ON$3,225,0007,650 sfJanuary 200849 Front St EToronto, ON$6,352,81919,936 sfSeptember 2010106 Front St EToronto, ON$8,000,00034,000 sfApril 2007735 Queen St WToronto, ON$7,250,00020,000 sfSeptember 2009519 Jarvis StToronto, ON$8,100,00050,000 sfMarch 2007364 Richmond St WToronto, ON$5,500,00040,000 sfMay 200634 St. Patrick StToronto, ON$3,400,00017,238 sfNovember 2006

11Land and Infill Development sales111 Bathurst StreetToronto, ON$17,910,0000.46 AcresJuly 2011385 Yonge StToronto, ON$19,000,0000.33 AcresMarch 2007250 Front Street EToronto, ON$27,300,0001.26262 AcresMay 201132 Camden StToronto, ON$3,200,0000.310 AcresFebruary 20073050 Guelph LineBurlington, ON$2,100,00095 AcresMay 2010478 King St WToronto, ON$6,700,0005.51 AcresDecember 20064212 Dundas St WToronto, ON$16,800,0005.5 AcresApril 200924 Charlotte StToronto, ON$4,200,0000.269 AcresSeptember 2005224 King St WToronto, ON$10,600,0000.256 AcresNovember 2008771 King St WToronto, ON$7,550,0000.835 AcresFebruary 2005330 King St EToronto, ON$7,550,0000.396 AcresJanuary 200836 Charlotte StToronto, ON$1,250,0000.152 AcresFebruary 2000

12 00AshlarCASE STUDIES212 King Street West, Toronto, ON212 King Street West is a historically listed heritage office /retail building located on the edge of thefinancial district offering immense street front presence, character and prestige.The RequirementCambridge Mercantile Group was previously occupying a 20,000 SF office and required additional spacefor immediate and future growth. In order to achieve maximum flexibility the decision was made toacquire a midsized property to meet their current needs and allow for expansion. The client required aprestigious asset that complemented the professional nature of their business and needed to be in closeproximity to the financial core.The ChallengeProperties matching the client’s requirements rarely come available on the open market and creditmarkets were extremely tight, making amenable financing a significant challenge.The Value Added SolutionAshlar employed its expertise in sourcing off-market opportunities and was successfully able to negotiatethe purchase of 212 King St W directly with the former owner.$22,000,00075,910 SFJune 2010Ashlar utilized its relationship with the Business Development Bank of Canada to arrange amenablefinancing at a time when conventional credit was prohibitive.Most importantly, Ashlar provided extensive advisory services to the client who had limited knowledge ofcommercial real estate thereby enabling them to make the most informed, intelligent decision about theirinvestment.

1349 Ontario Street, Toronto ON49 Ontario Street is a 95,892 sf premier entertainment and post-production complex located in theDowntown East anchored by Technicolor CreativeThe RequirementAt the beginning of the economic crises in the fall of 2008, the client decided to the property was notintegral to its core portfolio and felt the time was right to dispose of the asset in anticipation of theensuing credit crunch. Ashlar was instructed to achieve a fair market value based on our extensiveexperience in the Downtown East and infill land sales.The ChallengeThe property is a special-purpose building with an anchor tenant that occupies approximately 90% ofthe building. The uniqueness of the property and the single tenant user status significantly increased theperceived risk from the market during a period of rapidly deteriorating economic conditions.The Value Added SolutionAshlar was able to provide an innovative solution by utilizing its expertise in high density residentialland development to convince prospects that the building’s single tenant status was in fact a positive.Specifically, the potential of the anchor tenant defaulting on their lease could provide an attractiveopportunity to redevelop the property’s 1.64 acre site into high rise condominium, which maintainedstrong demand throughout the recession.Despite the significant hurdles and challenges posed by the onset of the Great Recession, Ashlar wassuccessfully able to affect a transaction by persuading a Toronto based REIT of the property’s long termpotential in addition to its current cash flows.$16,800,00087,105 SFDec. 2009

14Canadian Broadcasting CorporationThe relationship between the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and Ashlar UrbanRealty began with a 600 square foot lease in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It grew into an exclusiveconsultative relationship overseeing a multitude of transactions, including the lease of 113,000 square feet of space in the Toronto Broadcast Centre to the International Academy ofDesign and Technology.The lease of space into the Academy began when the CBC had excess space and the Academywanted to consolidate in one building. In addition to satisfying the needs of multiple thirdparties with complex requirements, Ashlar structured a lease to provide a tailored solution ofspace with a phased occupancy. With the successful implementation of Ashlar’s negotiatingstrategy, additional revenue for the CBC was generated in excess of $65 million over 15 years.Furthermore, Ashlar has continued to work with the CBC and its tenants after the leaseexecution to allow occupancy of space ahead of schedule, thus capturing additional revenue.Generated savingsand revenue to datein excess of$90,000,000

15AshlarMARKETING TOOLSUnlike the majority of real estate brokerages who rely heavily, if notsolely, upon the TREB MLS database to generate listing activity, Ashlaris committed to providing our clients with the widest market exposurepossible. In addition to MLS, we offer clients access to our proprietarydatabase of over 5,000 qualified purchasers and prospective tenants. Webelieve in the power of belly-to-belly sales and attempt to reduce costsand time frames for our clients by marketing listings to prospects directlyand in person. Lastly, we utilize the most advanced technology and thehighest quality of materials to ensure properties do not get overlooked inthe noise of typical real estate advertising and are presented in the mostpersuasive light.E-Marketing• Intuitive web design provides easily accessibleinformation on all property listings• Property specific web pages effectively positionbuildings while increasing exposure• Smart E-Blasts distributed weekly to thebrokerage community ensure availabilitiesstay top of mind

exeC u TIVe S u MMARy /INVe STMe NT HIg HLIg HTSKINgSTReeTLOOKINgWeSTTHeHISTORICDISTILLeRyDISTRICT16Building Signage• Eye catching banner signage offers highexposure while respecting building aesthetics• Custom signage can effectively repositiona property and aid in pre-renovation leasing effortsProperty Brochure• High quality brochures are distributed weeklyto the brokerage community via Smart E-Blasts• Brochures are also distributed directly to logicalprospects via face to face cold calling programsConfidential Investment Memorandum (CIM)• Individual CIM packages containing all relevantinvestment information are created specificallyfor each sale listing• CIMs are distributed directly to logicalprospects and/or provided upon request andreceipt of a confidentiality agreementceiling heights in excess of 23 feet at thecorner, 275 King Street east will remain ananchor location in a growing retail marketfor years to come.The Property enjoys stable and growingincome resulting from two leases: a 4,808square foot lease with a Tier 1 Canadianbank and a 6,411 square foot lease witha well-covenanted national retailer. Theresulting strength of this income streamwill yield over $405,000 per annum duringthe first 5 years with growth occurring in2017 yielding improved retail cash flowsin excess of $440,000. Average rates areapproximately $36.00 net per rentablesquare foot, and the lease associatedwith the corner of King and Princess willachieve rates in excess of $50 net persquare foot during contractual lease terms.rarE a - claSS officEin a S tronG markE tThis sale represents a unique opportunityfor an investor to further capitalize onthe expanding downtown east byacquiring newly constructed ‘A’ classcharacter office space. The 14,735 squarefoot office component boasts numerouscharacter features that are not availableto users in this size range including:a private entrance, private lobby, andprivate elevator accessed directly onKing Street east, floor to ceiling glass,operable windows, and separatelyzonedHVAC systems. Office product inthe area requiring significant capitalexpenditure has recently traded in excessof $200 per square foot and the Vendorhas been marketing the office space atapproximately $25 net per square foot rates.2

ABOUT NAI GLOBAL325OFFICES36,000 Transactionscompleted$45billionannual transaction volume2ndRanking industry-wide of brokeragefirms by Real Estate Forum1755Countries includedin the network totallingfive continents5000+professionals worldwide350Markets includedin the networkin Canada12locationswith NAI offices258,000,000Square feet under managementOur technology is unparalleled, with proprietary software to tracktransactions in real-time with 24/7 accessibility for the convenienceof our clients. Below is our list of NAI technology systems:NAI DataminingSophisticated, proprietarycustomized database that lets usmatch a property with investorprofiles, as well as real timeknowledge of capital markets.RealTRAC TM OnlineProprietary web-based softwarereporting and transactionmanagement system thatprovides a flexible, process-drivenproject management platform.Used to manage and report onevery aspect of a transaction.S.T.A.R.S. TMPowered by REALTrac TM ,the Strategic TransactionAdministration Reporting Systemprovides a platform for bestpractices, organizing acquisitionand disposition processes byproduct type.NAI Site Right TMDemographic tool poweredby geographic businessintelligence company SRC, thatallows analysis of demographicand market potential in anygeographic location in NorthAmerica.

18CONTACTAshlar Urban Realty Inc.Real Estate Brokerage350 Bay StreetSuite 400Toronto, ON M5H 2S6T 416 205 9222F 416 205 9228www.ashlarurban.comAshlar Crosby Cairo Inc.Real Estate Brokerage60 Renfrew DriveSuite 240Markham, ON L3R 0E1T 905 695 9222F 905 695

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