about Unica Top - Schneider Electric


about Unica Top - Schneider Electric

Decorate yourentire homeP104135

Unica Top – DESIGNChooseharmonySome people might not even think about styling theirswitches and outlets. They’re just plain there. But nomore of that. Now you can be just as refined whenchoosing switches as you are with every other detailin your home.With smoothly rounded shapes and textures, UnicaTop marks your belief in the conclusive importanceof our material surroundings. Get rid of the plain!Strengthen that elegant look-and-feel of passion forthe beautiful you wanted in the first place.P104157P104156P104152 P104138

Unica Top – DESIGN woodSwitch styleWould a touch of nature make your day? Switchto a new style. Simply mix functions and upgradeyour home. Not just because Unica Top in solidwood is smart looking, but because switches,outlets and electronic devices like these willmake your everyday life so much more efficientand comfortable.Unica Top can provide effective control of light,warmth, coolness, alarms, locks... Your imaginationis just about the only thing it won’t control.And even if you would settle for a plain lightswitch right now, its tempting design and possibilitiesmight make you switch your mind in anear future.P86301Switch. Tobacco/AluminiumIt’s that simple. Which switch style is yours?P86302Natural beech/AluminiumCherry tree/GraphiteDo you enjoy interior decoratingupgrades? Unica Topis still with you – all the way.Changing from solid cherryto beech or switchingaltogether for some coolmetal is an easy piece.P104126P104139P86314

Unica Top – DESIGN metalHeavy metalSometimes we want life to rock. Unica Top in solid metal is a short cut. Anyonewho enters your home will certainly get a shimmer in their eyes whenthey note your switch of style. Beautiful things make us click. Unica Top metalwill fit like a glove with your picky taste, or any interior architects skilled planning.Note the variety of frames and inserts – a source of joy. Because it’sdesign is timeless, clean, and discreet. Like the very best of our friends, it fitsin almost anywhere, regardless of the surrounding ambience.A bonus of Unica Top metalis that it is actually anenvironment-friendly material– profitably recyclable whenthe day comes. And it’s easyto keep stainlessly clean. It’snot a coincidence that weconsidered that too.P86307Glossy chrome/AluminiumP104143 P86306Switch. Matt nickel/AluminiumP97737Bright chrome/Graphite

Unica Top – DESIGN colourP104128At the foot of the rainbowSome people look for treasures there. And others feel that colour is thetreasure of any stylish interior. Unica Top colour puts a soft, harmoniousrainbow at your doorstep. The solid metal frames add extra refinement anda touch of class. Sober, stylish and ready to switch your home into a warm,personal and comfortable place.Unica Top has a softspokenrange of colours fitting moststyles. An extra benefit isthat Unica Top colour willswitch your life – giving it anew aestethic and colourfulfreedom.P86313Fluor green/AluminiumP86310Beryl blue/AluminiumP104118P86325Onyx copper/Graphite


Your home isat your service11

Unica Top – COMFORTYour home is yourconsiderate friendYour Unica home is much more than style up the walls. It also helps you keep the right atmosphereat any moment. All day and all night. Any season of the year, your house knows what you need, whatyou like and how to get you in the right mood. You can direct a suiting ambience for the occasion, atthe touch of a button. No sweat. Make the most of your energy – and do it with comfort.P104154P104119P10412012

Unica Top – COMFORTP104988 P104878P86066Weekly programmable thermostat. Tobacco/Aluminium.WirelessRotary dimmer. Onyx Copper/Aluminium.Movement detector. Beryl blue/Aluminium.How do you run wires to a glass section or through a sturdy brick wall?Well, you don’t have to. The possibilities when placing your comfort controlsbecome virtually limitless with Unica Wireless. This innovative technologyalso comes in handy if you need to add functionality to your home withouthaving to rip up walls or tangle with the already installed wires. Now youcan achieve anything from programmed lighting to shutter scenarios.Remote control for light and shutters, programmable. Stainless steel.P104145P104147There’s a Unica for everycomfort need. The weeklyprogrammable thermostatfollows family habits andsaves energy when it’s notneeded. Movement detectorswelcome you by turning onthe light. They also have thesense to turn them off whenyou leave. Dimmers help youset the mood and saves yourenergy on the way.13

New generationcommunicationWe live in environmentally alarming times. Staying connected is a way tokeep up. Active communication teaches us how to move on in abetter way. In order to learn, we need input. We benefit from news,educational programmes, our kids do their home work on the computer.Innovative technology is an essential vehicle to a better future.P10413714

Unica Top – COMMUNICATIONStay connectedReal-time communication, sharing and distributed on-demand entertainment area natural part of your life. The demands of effective data transfers push things forwardat an incredible speed as the connected community grows.E-mail, message, on-line gaming, IP phones, music and video mix and redefinethe concept of home entertainment and communication. Information is alwaysthere when you need it and your good friends are at close reach. Voice, data andliving images put you on the spot where it happens, even when you are at home.Your home becomes your hub of life.P104125P104132P10415116

Unica Top – COMMUNICATIONP103346P104155 P104133The outcome of smart outlets is simplicity. We have all had our good shareof displeasure at cable nests and dusty, antique sockets. Unica Top givesyou all those different outlets and connections with both style and a minimumof complexity. The best part is what you can’t see. Let’s just call it anew way of life.P104160“On the move” is probably agood way to describe youreveryday. How about a homemaking smooth moves aneffortless cinch? Simplyconnect the stereo with thecomputer and the televisionset, and communicate onyour terms. Unica Top givesyou all functions luxuriouslyavailable at your fingertip!Centralization cover frame, 2 x 6 modules, with outlets.Bright chrome/Aluminium.P105647Wake up clock.Rhodium black/Aluminium.P91369TV/FM socket.Beryl blue/Aluminium.P91368Data socket.Fluor green/Aluminium.17


It’s all takencare ofIn a busy everyday life we need to relax and recharge.A Unica Top home acts like a skilled, formally dressedbutler. Making your life stylish, comfortably safe andeffortless. Keeping you cool or warm, lighting up ordimming and keeping track of security. Unica Topalways takes care of you when you’re at home– or just because you’re not.19

Unica Top – SAFETY & SECURITYYour reliable guardWho looks after your home when you’re on vacation? Your friends and family?Well, in a former life maybe. Nowadays your home looks after itself, with the use ofUnica Top weekly programmable thermostats and timers. Of course electricity in itselfis a powerful source. And if it’s left uncontrolled it can be dangerous and causeextensive damage. A Unica Top home helps avoid those problems. Your home isyour reliable guard. But take a tip and invite your friends and family to stay in yourhouse anyway. Not to look after it, but to enjoy it.P104153P10412920

Unica Top – SAFETY & SECURITYP91317Push timer. Wengue/Aluminium.P105648Emergency light.Metal grey/Aluminium.P105649Residual current device switch.Matt nickel/Aluminium.P104166Movement detector. Matt nickel/Aluminium.What’s on your list of things that pay to prevent? Security is about control.About feeling safe. Unica Top makes it easier than ever for you to keep ontop and worry less. For example, you never have to wonder if the iron orcoffee brewer were turned off when Unica Top is on the job.With Unica Top movementdetector you can automaticallyturn the light on and off,by your mere presence. Thesame detector, connected toyour burglar alarm, watchesout for unwanted guests.P104127P10334521


Room for yourrefined choice23

Unica Top – AESTHETICS – woodP104140Click-on woodDon’t you find the touch and appearance of wood quietlycomforting? Unica Top in solid wood is wonderfully inviting,a harmonious blending of nature’s magnificent structures.A choice of classical nuances and timeless design that makesyour heart click.Would Unica Top Wood make one of the perfect details inyour interior decorating? Reset the mind of every guest andmake them feel like they’re not simply walking into anotherroom, but entering a haven of warm and personal atmosphere.Wood is natural, durable, exquisite. Do you click-onwood?24

P105665Unica Top – AESTHETICS – woodWood and aluminiumP86302Natural beechCherry treeTobaccoWengueWood and graphiteNatural beechCherry treeTobaccoWengueP105664P86316P86314P86300P86301P86315P86303P8631725

P104149Metal and aluminiumP86304Bright chromeP86307Glossy chromeP86306Matt nickelP86305Metal greyMetal and graphiteP86318Bright chromeP86321Glossy chromeP86320Matt nickelP86319Metal grey26P104159

Unica Top – AESTHETICS – metalHigh-tech metalWill your eyes glisten, reflecting upon Unica Top solid metal? Metal is a naturalmaterial signalling precious longevity. It remains an extensively used feature ofinterior design, simply because it will embellish both the modern and traditional,and any personal expression in between. Metal blends in, but also makes a subtlestatement, giving us the best of clean lines and simplicity. Even more so, givingthe personal freedom of multiple combinations and accents in the variety of coverframes and inserts.Unica Top Metal will stylishly point out the comfortable functions you have chosenfor your home. Let your living space reflect your lifestyle.P10414127

Unica Top – AESTHETICS – colourColour mattersColour is an essential element of a harmonious everyday. We are confident thatyour creativity will surge with the possibilities of Unica Top colour. What is youremphasis? Emphasize and blend your interior colour palette with creative ease.Cover frames of solid metal give subconscious tactile impressions of longevity andrefinement. Inserts of aluminium or graphite makes it possible to switch betweenastonishing combination possibilities of design expressions until you score the onepinpointing your class.Personal style prevails! Unica Top colour is both a way to stylishly draw attentionto exclusive, comfortable Unica Top functions and to help create a unique atmosphere– the perfect feeling of your home.P10414228

Unica Top – AESTHETICS – colourColour and aluminiumP104150P86309Top whiteP86308Rhodium blackP86313P86312P86311P86310Fluor greenOpal titaniumOnyx copperBeryl blueColour and graphiteP86327Fluor greenP86326Opal titaniumP86325Onyx copperP86324Beryl blueP86323Top whiteP86322Rhodium blackP10416229

Unica Top – SOLUTIONSSolutions for comfort,safety and energy savingImagine exploring the resources of Unica Top in every detail,in order to enhance the refined and elegant atmosphere ofyour home. Wouldn’t a decorator’s bliss be to find that withthe numerous shapes and colours would also be included themost imaginative functions for cerebral and sensous comfort?And – at the tip of your finger, getting energy saving.P105663P104878P105650Wireless push-button for scenariosRemote controlLiving roomWeekly programmable thermostatHave your home at the right temperature every time. Saves energy – and keeps you comfortable!Weekly programmable timerWill save an unexpected amount of energy and prolong the life time of your entertainment system.Loudspeaker socketEnjoy the access of your sound system at every point.Weather stationMaking decisions easier while chasing kids into the right clothesRoller Blind (and/or curtain) switchLights out for movie time, or good morning sunshine?Done in a few seconds.Switch with indicator lightSignals that a light is on at the terrace.Wireless comfortDo you want different lighting scenarios? Or a centralized roller-blindcontrol? No problem! With Unica remote control and movablepush-buttons you are in charge from your sofa.BedroomSave the energy – with enhancedcomfortPrefer a cool bedroom at night?The thermostat adds power onlywhen necessary.P105346P104878P105651Wake-up clockRemote controlWireless comfortWith Unica remote control or awireless switch beside the bedyou are in charge from the pillow.More Unica Top in the bedroomWake-up clock. Light dimmer.Weather station. Roller blindcontrol.P105652Weekly programmable thermostatBathroomWeekly programmable thermostatTo have the home at the right temperature every time optimizing the energy.Signalization lampIf this room is occupied – you will know.Cord push buttonBe smart! A panic alarm command – just in case!Emergency lightEver been in a bathroom without windows during a power failure? Don’t be!RCD Switch and socket outletSafety and protection while using electricity in wet ambient is essential!30

Unica Top – SOLUTIONSStaircaseGarageP105653Time delay switchTime delay switchFor areas where you passthrough. Truly energy saving– will make sure the light isonly on for a short time, noneed to think about switchingoff. Can easily be combinedwith a movement detector.P105655RCD switchTime delay switchFor areas where you pass through. Will make sure the light is only on fora short time.Basic thermostatOne of the best places to save energy. A precise control of temperature,without significant drops or increases.IP44/IP55 covers or surface boxesFor extra safety and protection using electrical equipment.KitchenLocator lightBlue light. Always on.RCD switchAdd more security and protect the electrical system.Weekly programmable thermostatLet the hearth of your home be a warm kitchen. But not too warm!Weekly programmable timer.Program the working time of some loads. Saves energy!P105654Rotary dimmerDouble pole switchDouble electrical safety. Isolate your devices completely from the installation.Extra important in a kitchen.High rating switchNeed to run high amp loads at the same time? Without blowing your fuse(or the kitchen fuse).RCD Switch and socket outletSafety and protection while using electricity in wet ambient is essential!P105651Weekly programmable timerAlarm clockClock- and alarm function.DimmerCreate lighting ambiances, save energy and money.LaundryWeekly programmable timer.Program the working time of some loads.Saves energy! And makes sure you are notleaving appliances turned on by mistake.Basic thermostatOne of the best places to save energy. A precisecontrol of temperature, without significantdrops or increases.IP44/IP55 covers or surface boxesFor extra safety and protection using electricalequipment.P105656Roller blind switchHome officeWeekly programmable thermostatTo have the home at the right temperature everytime is comfortable, and it also optimizes theenergy.Wireless comfortWith Unica remote control or a wireless switchon your desk, you are in charge of most anyfunction in the room.Weekly programmable timerLights up or starts up (or shuts down) yourpreferred devices. Will save an unexpectedamount of energy and prolong the life time ofyour computer system, printers etc.Loudspeaker socketEnjoy the access of your sound system.StorageP105657Emergency lightRoller Blind (and/or curtain) switchLights out or not? Easy peace!P105658Movement detectorLocator lightBlue light. Always on.Signalization lampsSo that you can tell the status of any connected device, withouthaving to go in there and check.Movement detector.Automatically activates light (or other functions) when you enter.EntranceKey card switchWelcome home! Easily turns onpreferred lights and devices from onesingle point. Activated by you, unlockingthe door. Or deactivated, when you lockand leave.Locator lightBlue light. Always on.Emergency lightFind your way out safely in case of apower failure!Weekly programmable thermostatTo have the home at the right temperatureevery time optimizing the energy.31

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