Chery Automobile

First automated press line for

Chery Automobile in Wuhu,


In April 2007, Chery Automobile put a new production line for

automotive parts into operation. The automotive manufacturer,

who has already announced follow-up projects, sells 300,000

subcompact cars and SUVs per year and has become China's

leading car exporter. „A leap that great requires suitable automation

solutions. Therefore, STROTHMANN is one of our key

partners for current and future projects”, says Zhao Hong De,

deputy chief engineer at Chery Automobile.

02.2008 - Chery

System solution tailored to the process

Besides feeders, pallet carts and a magnetic belt conveyor,

STROTHMANN has supplied several other systems: a

Wandres Ingromat blank washer, an AMTEC blank lubrication

unit, and a STROTHMANN centering station. Moreover,

STROTHMANN has also installed RoundTracks ® in the floor to

allow for quickly extracting the washer and oiler units and

the pallet carts from the line whenever necessary. The feeders

and all other components were installed as a complete

solution which also includes the control system. The transportation

of blanks was implemented by assigning one loading

and unloading feeder and one orienting station to each

press within the control system. The control units for the

press tools and feeders are connected via a fast communication

line, thereby ensuring precise coordination of motion

sequences in the handling systems and the press line.

Press transfer with five presses

The coordinated motion sequences and the fast linear feeders

ensure optimal stroke times close to the gross machine

performance. The destacking feeder alternately picks up

blanks from two blank carts and places them on the magnetic

belt conveyor, which then transports the blanks through

the washing and lubrication station. While an unloading feeder

removes a formed blank from the press tool, a loading

feeder at the front end already inserts a new blank into the

press line. The unloading feeder then places the blank on an

orienting station where it is newly aligned and picked up by

the loading feeder of the following press tool. A turn-over

station serves to rotate the blanks on their own axis, allowing

to continue the forming process of the drawn part. The

press line ends with an outfeed conveyor from which the

formed parts are picked up and quality-checked manually.

Innovation in Motion

Since the foundation of the company in 1976 W. Strothmann

GmbH has become a synonymous for innovations in transportation

and material handling equipment. Over the years

Strothmann has gained vast experiences in press shop automation

and is well known as specialist supplier of press to press

transfer systems, blank destackers, sophisticated centring units

and highly dynamic loading and unloading feeder; including

gripper and tooling systems. Our patented stationary and linear

inductive drives for high speed shuttles show that the linear

feeder exceeds the known borders. Many branches of industry,

including automotive, machine tool manufacturers and the timber

processing, trust our expertise and experience. The patented

RoundTrack ® floor rail system allows new approaches in

manufacturing system engineering (Flow- and pulse assembly

lines). The rails are easy to install, and due to the low rolling

resistance heavy loads like aeroplane body sections and big

electrical transformers can easily be moved.

Specifications concerning the quality and usability of the products do not constitute a warranty of properties. They are intended to serve informative

purposes only. Solely the respective contract of sale shall be binding in regards to the extent of our supplies and services.

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