6 - Franklin Township Public Library

6 - Franklin Township Public Library

6 - Franklin Township Public Library


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D°Fran kl in News recoRDVoI. 20, No. 35Second class postage paidThursday, September 5, t974 20 pages at Princeton, N.J. 0854010 cents oar copy; $4.50 her year tParties clash overchange in gov’tWHAT A DRAG] It was time to 9el acquainted with the oldoccasior was a student orientation at the school asr Thurschoolroutine last week as these youngsters listen to Alexsoay.DombrolowskLateacherat Samnson G. Smith school. The (Cliff Moore nhoto)Group cools racial tensionsby Brian WoodNews EditorAs high school students goback to classes this week. a lotof parents and school administratorsprobably wonderif racial violence will erupt inthe school again as it did lastyear.Well, there’s one group oftownship residents, a smallt.n’oup, that is not only concernedabout that poasibility,they are trying to dosomething to prevent it,Tile human relationscommission is the onlycommittee of people in thetownship that is dealing withtim racial problems inFranklin’s racially mixed highschool. Every summer .tilecommissiott conducts what itcalls its "tluman RelationsCamp," where high schoolstudents are aske~ to combinetour days ot tutt and "trainingin human relations and Aecording to Mrs. Cameron. had act started such z when it’s too late to docommumcation.’" tlle human relations camp was program after the violence iv anytlamg. The kids at theUnfortunately, since the started only last year. but the the hign school last year. school are just’too polarized.~utbreak of racial violence in 20 or so students that attended "We’re trying to get the Tl~ey have to be broughtthe Itigh school, the human were fairly enthusiastic about beard interested in this type of together."relatioas commission’s ft.thing by wrttmg a paper toprograr~ is the only ongoing "We try to find students that familiarize the hoard mem.one that exists to prevent it have some sort of a bet’s with it." she said.from happening again. following," she said, "so they "But it’s a shame that thisNeither the township governmentaerthe board of edoeatien there are problems in the she said, "we’re just called incall reacb others," in the event group has no realy authority,"}ms attempted to implement school. They try to persuadesuch a program in the school children from all different Lunchsystem.backgrounds to take part inAs Mrs. Jacqueline the camp experience. menuCameron explains, tile "Some of’ the kids that wentcommission hopes "to help in last year liked it so much they beginsany matters that have to do wauted to do it again," Mrs.with people relating with one Canmron stated, "which isanother," especially Itighschool students. It is com-Another new feature willgreat but we want to reach begin in the "News-Record"others that have not, gone this week. On one at the insideprised of ll members of the through the experience." pages you will find the menucommunity and it receives a The commission member for the school lunches ia theuominal budget from thelamented that the group was Franklin public schools nexttownship. There is also aliaison with the towushipall volunteer members and the week.budget was so small. She also This item will appear in thecouncil and a member of the expressed disappointment paper every week from nowpc:ice juvenile department onthat the’ board of educaUonon.it.State stalls canal bill?by Tmn LedererStaff WriterObjections by somemunicipalities and officeswithin state government maybe the reason for the delay ofthe Delaware & Raritan CanalState Park Bill that waspassed by the state legislaturefour months ago, but is stillunsigned by Gay. BeendanByrne.This, at least, is the explapationof a staffperson inthe office of State Senator It would also have the.pawer alterd to conform withAnne Mar tindell.to veto or modify state physical features and lot lines.Another source charged that proiects, such as roads, that Louis Goldshore, a counselthe office of the governor’s may enter the boundaries of to Gay. Byrne, maintained incounsel is deliberately holding tile review zone.referring to the delay thatup the bill.Public hearings would be "there are a lot of bills in aThe bill would provide required prior to designation similar situation."considerable land use powers of the review zone. A special He said that preoccupationto a speeial commission Set up legislative study committee on with the proposed state incametax plan had caused,to oversee the canal Within a the canal recommendedreview zone surrounding the comtruction site review within much of the delay.canal, the commission would one-quarter mile of the canal, Mr. Goldshore eoneededllave site review powers that though it cautioned that the that there were some obwouldsupercode these of leeal zone should be narrowed ina’~unieipallties.re’ban areas and could be (See’Canal,’ page 20)by Brian Wood and he vol~s and presides at all the alternatives. tie said that the plan couldNews Editor meetings. Under Plan F. the "I’m very much impressed be instituted so the townsmayor would be popularly with the attention given in theThe township Democratselections were not held theelated and wo~d serve for a May elections to local issues." same time national ones werewiU know this afternoon four year term Municipal he explained, "and I think it "We’ve driving the voterswhether they have enough elections would also be in would be in the best interest of crazy with elections." he said.names on their petitions to try November instead of the the township if tile elections "aad more stuoy of theto change the form of month of May, as they are remain during’ that month."government here, nowtrauikner Act would enly be aHe said he realized thatMeanwhile. the township The Republicans agree thatcopeut." He estimated thecurrently there is great ex- costs of conducting anotherRepublican Committee apopularlyelectedmayorisa pause involved with publicityChairman. John Cullen. has good idea, but they don’t wantcharter study commission atfor four elections each yearasked the township residents the elections changed to thearound $30.000.and the voter turnout is peer,not to sign the petitions and heMr Cullen disagreed,month of November because buthe felt those disadvantagesis calling for the establishmentthey fear local issues will bepainting out that "since hewere outweighed by the atofaeharterstudycommissionlost in the limelight of the moved here five years ago,tention given to local camtoexplore other forms of national and state camptheissue has not beenpaigns.discussed. "The wholegovernment for Franklin. patgns. Re also said it would beAs of early this week the Both parties seem to agreepolitical situation here in towntough for independent’ can-"committee to elect Your Own that the popular election of thecould have changed since thedidates to run duriugMayor" had raised around mayor would be desi./’ablelast nine the form of governmen:was studied." he said.November elections because2.000 signatures, according to because much of the executive they would not be endorsed byBruce McCracken. its authority would pass from theThe GOP cllairman also saidany of the party organizations, the Democrats are pushing forchairman. In order for the township manager to the new as they are in May.question to be put to the voters mayor, who would be directlyNovember elections so they"Let’s face it," Mr. Cullenthis November, the committee responsible to the voters,can exclude the influence ofsaid. "something likemustget 3,000 names by 5 p.m.citizen’s groups like tileMr, Cullen said that the Whtergate or a state racemetoday. . Republicans were very "in-Franklht Township Taxpayer’sAssociation.against and I think it’s alsotax is a tough issue to fightThe Democrats are asking tsrested ie developing anythat the current form of plans which might lead to the"If it takes an expense," tietough for the public to congovernmenthere, Plan D popular election of the mayor,said. "its worth it."centrate on local issues at theunder the Faulkner Act. the butwe’re not sure that Plan F same time."The reasousstate statute that governs the is the way to do it."Mr. MeCracken said lastoperation of this municipality,be changed to plan F. Studythem’all David Linett. the week that one of tile reasonsDemocratic Municipal me Democrats were pushingPreseet system The Republican chairman Chairman, said tile "issue has fox Plan F was the recentsaid all optionz under the been studied to death. Thecontroversy ever the firing ofUnder the present system. Faulkneraetshouldbestudiod voters are sophisticatedtile townsh p manager,the mayor is elected by the so the issue can be discussed enough to separate local fromCharles Burger He said hiscouncil for a one-year term. wideiy and the voters can see Federal or State issues." (See’Clash,’ page 20)CRUNCH! Heavy rainstorms that hit our area lately havecreated hazardous traffic conditions, As you can see here, thecar on the right, driven by Joseph Lakate, 59~ from Middlebush,failed to negotiate the curve at the corner of AmwullRoad and South Middisbush Street during some rains last,:~: 7¸¸¸i¸¸¸¸Wednesday afternoon. Both Mr. Lakats and the driver of theother vehicle, Robert Hurlay, 25, from Lakewood, were takento the Somerset Hospital by the East Millstone First AidSquad for treatment of minor injuries.(Bah YaUan photo)Anxious kids, rnoms wait for opening of schoolhy lh’lanWood this is not really her first time away." week. wooden blocks titan the learning beginntngof the summer, "He’s really her mbtd to think about school." ,rise anxlaus to I~gin kindm’garten atNews FditorLaura, who lives ttt 18 Snsan Drive, Lnriann Struble, 33 Gates Road, was aspect ef his aditool experience, anxious about it," she exphdned, Sharou has also been tutored n sol oaf Middlebash, according to her ntothm’,is p’etty much iudependent, attd not so euthnsiastlc when site wento visit Jeffrey will walk to school for the Site said that her son has already type games by her older sister, and l’lthel. "Site keeps askipg when theThere’s one word that typifies most very attached to bar mother for a five-afternoon kindergarten session, gotten his I~air cut for his first day of site is eager to do them ~ t school first dity tff school ’is and wants someof the scenes lit Franklin last week as year old. "it’s a treat," her mother t!te school in Middlebgsh last week "1Jeffrey Mickdison, $) Charles St,, clans, herself, writing paper," Mrs. Knabe said,fan:flies got their children ready for axplaiuad, "bUt actually I think her eotlldu’t get her tti come home," herseems to be dying to get into school.She also likes getting new clothed. "I "and sits dish wauts to knew how longtheir first year of kindergarten -- birthday parly hwi~.tious get more ntclher, Loraine, said, According to his ms:her, Linda, I~ hasshe will have to slay there eaeh duy."hectic’,precedence right now." l.~mra alst) Mrs. Strublo wopdercd httw much One thing that concerned Oelirey think all,littiu girls like do:has," herbeen asking about it since tileleer ntust nmthera It was a last-ditch started tit Middlebush School tills learailtg her duughtor ~lanned to dowas lhat the kindergarten classes are ulatber said, "aPd silo got santo new Darlino has no ctun tanlous bar ageeffort It) get everything together farwhen she went there flus week, "Shebding held at the Mitldlabush Refer.in tel’ no g ibar lOOt, sn her mother istheh’ child’s [h’st day at school and tohas net mentioned learning but she isnted Clutch and Ida ntothor had toshoes atnl wants to get a book bag," glad that site will finally find some atliar mother also added that Sharou school.ease thn psychic trauma that goesready to ,hty with the toyi.and fingereelwlnce him tltat he wasn’t going toaloug with that ntomentous event,l~dnt," site said.Sunday sdtool every day of the week,bus already gotten together a Little Kerry l,;wtns, :105 Dentnttltevorly Cusey, t~ZVtetor St,, whoseLitlle Lnrlann iS also cancer:led"We go ta rite salne dturch onpresentatlolt en Pilgrhtts for "Show l,alte, also feels tl~ sante wuy l)arlMeson Todd hagan rids week at Mid- ~.~ about what she waara for bar debut utSunday," she said, "and at first hidand ToW’ attd "~very thtte wa go by dnea,’’"She’s braking h)rwurd tu it.,dldntsh Jehool said ’q can’t walt nod" ~"^ ,¢.,,dIt.~Mkkllebush. "She has very dofbdtoclass wan oven going to I~ in the same the ehurdt in Middlebuall she asks ’Is her qtalher, Gall, said, "un(i sbo Is!,f’% d ,~L’~ ~/~ I"profussor4y ~o" who Is very in-look at the price tag8 all Iho Items IhatIlia ntather also had to eoavlnce hisaround hero that are bar riga,"yauugnr eiater Ihat sha ~u’t go toMrs l~vaus said her (laughler lardIolllgout aud alnbiltotts,she likes,""tle’s been bragging to till ttf hisMrs. Stritble said let’ d.unghter Isache01 with deffray beeatlae she is teebasil "hdkhtg about how idec it would~frlauds that h0 18 gotllg h) school Itextlating ut~leh0d on whtit’ te exl)eet tityttung. She ia prepurh~l her suit for hiltim wbon abe hagttti kindergurlen."~"~"~,,a la f.,kloddun.l." ~ ~.,n,wanok,.I,mert,tf..igr.do, "She’st,’tif.a sa,ut,,After.schoolWhaa Todd. 5, wan uaketl whut hugiving her all !he fll~" abe saM,"lla ala~ has a b~lk t~g that his..’-/a~~.laoked farwtirtl It: |ttt~t bl clast~ he ~ tq Jaffrey Luktita I} Wilaun Roatl, la grtindutotbor ’guvo Ithu," Mt’tl,11~.~7^~.enrichmentreplied "cookies and trdlk,"nut purtlauhtrly looking farward !o tl|tiMlckoll~ua said "lhat he I~ very prugdIlia tilolbor itth|~d that ’l’taid dauahaghitting ~tf kladargat’tett betiaga~ bue!, 1 du,t’l think It we:lid huld twoia suntowlmt uf a "henmbudy" tie.lUWnS of laqtnr ,,starts seeii~11~ ~~t "l’nl going ht miaa hhn tlnyway," aordhtg Io hls ate!her Dhtnu,Although 8htiroll llel!l~l go Vall ?~tln the uther huad, flve.year.pld"We’ve l~nu talklng abotlt lhls tilllluroi| Ave., la lo~Iklttg farwitrtl to theThe IJepartnteat of I :irksIdttlra Ewlng tlt~alt’l tieeln tu I~t too ~~¢~,~sulnnltir ti!nl by now il’~ kind of oldk~ghla~|tg tit ’¢|tiSS tit Mkkll~btlsharid Itt, erealiun Is Itluktng fhlall)t)ltirelt,"aat’s°n’qbl°lne’"butc°aalt’d°d’I~O~tiol, ae¢ol’dlllll lU bur intahor,got~d."hopottahe daosn’l ulK~l’etitlt Ilk0 sl!u didstrhu01 eilrlehlpollt irogrtint.reglatratlan tilttl elaaa0s Wilt"~ho’~ ilol ugdtlly excited," Mrs, nttq’e htter~ntud J!l the exll’il; ~prh~tt."----I’:whlg sgld "niitiitly I~ctitisti alta luiaegrriculur tictlvllJolt tit Mlddlcbulth"811~J’a ilyei’ bl~ltii iiwtiy fronihu iniillod to till regdeiils,~illread~ gliito hi liuritor~, I aiul aadSchinll l!kn thn luy Irtickit aiid lhaIiulnu,’ !ier luolhar itald, "btlt tiheA few h~ilrut lirl# urc atlllkWtia Ilio :eschar lllltf sho hi tihlrtiitli lititeiMdd ’ [er !hhl itrullralii,

United community fundnames executive directorMr. Francis JOseph Horstey Directorship of the Uziited responsible for many aspectshas been appointed Executive Fund .6i~ Chicopee, of fund raising, budgetingDirector and Secretary of the Massanhtlsettd. social welfare planning, andPrinceton Area United He has held executive referral services i. elevenCommunity Fun& which in- positions in other United Waycommunities in and aroundcludes Kingston and offices in New York City, Newark,Griggstown, effective Director Philadelphia, Portland, A native of Brockton.of the Pasadena Art MuseumMaine, Orange, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Mr, Horsleyin California, and receutly was Assistant to received a B.S, Degree inJoseph Horsley has had a the Executive Director in the education from State Teacherslong history of United Way UaitedWayofEssexandWest College, Bridgewater,service in different com- Hddson, with headquarters in Massachusetts, and a Mastersmunities, including-from 1964 Newark. Degree in social work fromto t969--Lhe Executive I~ that position he was Fordham University’s Schoolof Social Service.YOURI.~wn-a-Magicany other qualityquality Guaranteed*products.-.. products..,¯ you guess ¯ we analyze. you pick-up ¯ we deliver, you apply ¯ we applyyou roll ¯ we reU. you aerate ¯ we aerate¯ you hope . we guarantee*for the best the results.,.all you pay for are the productsyour fawn needs...your lawn-a-matman does the rest..FREECOMPARE INTRODUCTORY OFFERtawrFA.MaJic "MR}eSn¢"’Blend Send ....... ~119.20Lawn-A-Majic Turf Master,er, ia..~n n andM~ronunients)- St 4,20Aecatloo &?TimeLaborandRe CI~$35.04 $33.40$21!THE FAMOUS "GREEHSKEEPER CARE PROJULYS M~T--~ T F _S1 2 3 I~] "5’~67 8 9 i0 Ii 12 1314 15 16 17 18 19 2021 22 23 24 25.26 2728 29 30 31Fhe Franklin NEWS-RECORD THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 5,1974-IPublic school calendar for 1974.75AUGUST SEPTE~ER OCTOBERS M T W T F S ~ M T W T’F S S M T W T F S4 5 6 7 8 9 10 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 6 7 8 9 10 11 1211 12 13 14 15 16 17 15 16~]19 20 21 13 14 15 16 17 18 1918 19 20 21 22 23 24 22 23 24 25F~27 28 20 21 22 23 24 25 2625 26 27 28 29@31 29 30 27 28 29 30 31NOVEMBER DECEMBER J~UARY FEBRUARY. ~ ~ ! ~ ! £ ~S M T W T F S S M T W T F S ~ ~ ~ ~ ! ~ ~1 2 ~ 2 3 ~ ~ ~ ~ -- -- --~ ~ ~ i3 4 5 16 [~ 9 8 9 I0 ii 12 13 14 5 6 7 8 9 I0 ii 2 3 4 5 6 7 8i0 ii 12 13 14 15 16 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 12 13 14[~]16 17 18 9 i0 ii 12 13 14 1517 18 19 20 21 22 23 22123 24 25 26 27128 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 16~’~18 19 20 21 2224"25 26 27~30 29L~ 26 27 28 29 30 31 23 24 25 26 27 28MARCH APRIL MAY JUNES M T W T F S S M T W T F S S M T W T F S S M T W T F SI 1 2 3 4J5 1 2 31 2 3 4 5 6 76 7 8 91011.12 4 5 6 7|8 9108 9 i0 ii 12 13 1413 14 15 16 17 18 19 11 12 13 14i5 16 17I2 3 4 5 6 7 89 i0 ii 12 13 14 1516 17 18 19 20 21 2223 24 25 26 27 2~2930 ~i1August 30September 3September 4November 6January 31March 27June 16-19June 18June 19June 2027 28 29 30 25 2~27 28 29 30 31SCHOOL CALENDARHOLIDAYSFirst Day-New Teachers July 4 Independence DayFirst Day-Returning Teachers September 2 Labor DayOpening of School September 17-18 Rosh HashanaEnd First Quarter September 26 Yom KippurEnd of First Semester November 7-8 NJEA ConventionEnd of Third Quarter~ November 28-29 Thanksgiving RecessOne Session Days for Students December 23-31 Christmas RecessGraduation January i New Year’s DayLast Day for Students January 15 M.L. King’s BirthdayLast Day for Teachers February 17 Washington’s BirthdayMarch 28-April ~ Spring RecessMay 26Memorial DayF-TSchools Closed Non-lnstructional Day, Teachers on Duty~’One-Session Days for StudentsMonthly meetings: 1st Monday-Building Faculty; 2nd Monday-Departmental3rd Monday-District-Wide Committee; 4th Monday-F.T.EoA.15 ~’/~’:.’.’~.’/,-!~.~! ~.: ~ 2122 23 24 25 26 27 2829 30oe ~MONTHsSCHOOL ~ ~ ~ ~Sept¯ 1 3 16 17Oct. 23 23Nov. i 3 17 17Dec, i 6 15 15Jan. 1 1 21 21Feb. i 19 19Mar. 2 19 19Apr. 4 18 18May i 21 21June 14 15TOTALS 6 19 183 185~Fenwick says consumer post should be filledThere aremany shoppingcentersin New Jersey ... but ....It’s calledthe Marketplace,Wherevery storediscountsfine quality, famous name,merchandisel" etFLORHAM PARK -- Association of Accountants. She left the Consumer At’- areas: plumbing, heating, "During my present cam- Hyland, in whose departmentMillicent Fenwiek, former Mrs. Fenwick said that in- fairs Division March 31 and is wiring, roof, basement, and paign for Congress, consumer the division is lodged, I en-New Jersey Director of portant consumer priorities-- now the GOP candidate in the site, With the active problems in all areas have joyed the same freedom toConsumer Affairs, said such as new home owner Fifthe Congressional District, cooperation or the state’s been brought to my attention, follow the consumer interestrecently that it’s time a per- protection and registration of Apartialtextofher remarks architects, engineers, building’very often in casual en- hwerever it led that I hadmanent replacement was homeimprovementandrepair follows: .... inspectors,.,and , builders .,counters, at supermarkets ,or. experienced during"[he~’:appointed to her old post. contractors -- could not be , "I very much hope that a standards were being worked on the street. " ’ previous year under Attorney"Speaking to the Morristown effectively handled by an ,permanent Director of the ouL,whichw9uldhaveprovided "None of this is,iniended as General Kugler. Bat five~:chapter ’of the National actingdirector,’however able. Division of Consumer Affairs sound pr’oteetion for the a reflection on Governor months is a loaN"time to waitwill be appointed soon. For largest single investment a Byrne, As a Republican, I for the strong, forceful ad- "five months the problems of consumer is apt to make. In quite understood that he would vocacy the consumers of Newconsumers have been handled the fields of home repair and not reappoint me to the Jersey need,"by an able Acting Director, but improvement, also, the need is position of Division Director.GARDEH CENTER & PRODUCE MARKET it is impossible for any tern- obvious. Under Attorney General ~1~,’~]~porary office-holder toFRESH FRUITS & VEGETABLES ~1~i exercise the leadership Fungia TREES & SHRUBS ~"wnecessary critical fields.in a number of rid milde"Among tbefirst prioritiesHERBS& HOUSE PLANTSare a Homeowners ProtectionO,hd~ .... ill plague farmers844-3333Plan for new home buyers and WAmwell Rood (Rt. 514) ra.O~0 SLPT, 1~11 and registration of home improvementand repair con- NEW BRUNSWICK .. Wet, Mr. Cart expects a con-east Millstone’ores 10IS, ¯ ~N. |0 am, O pmtractors, The Protection Plan warm weather is expected for tinuation of warm weather r~ andis urgently needed in six the first part of September, above normal rainfallComeTo Ourand that means New Jersey amounts for the next week to FREEfarmers can look out for more 10 days, followed by a Back To Schoolproblems with plant diseases downward trend in bothand fungi, particularly mildew temperature and moisture Kiddie Showsof various types, says James levels.Carr."Late summer harvesting Sot., Sept. 7Advisory agricultural schedules may be affected by 11 e.m.& I p.m.meteorologist at the National too much rain," says Mr.Weather Service office at Cook Carr. "Hay cutting and baling Get free tickets inCollege of Rutgers University, operations will have problems Manville at..Ulangkdue to rain," or humidity, but Bucky’s Manville Pet Shopland preparation tar wheat, CarPel Manville Pharmacy~ff A~BnmvilleShop.Ritebarley and rye should makegood progress."ot the New Home of,,,88 ~hlle[] WIN A COLOR W,Just enter your name in ourGRAND OPENINGCELEBRATION,~_’~ OPEN A SAVINGS ORCHECKING ACCOUNTOF 5100 AND RECEIVEA FREE GIFT.[] FREE SOUVENIRSFOR ALL.I WANT TO TRANIFSSMY 8AVINON AO~O~NTtBall TIIADI I;IUTIFICA]I, EhlIR nl lot RIrI~plIh,R Mi,~h|llt unU uae tow llrl,llllle IWll ll~ll lion, ¢lll iil,iJ~ im mill altMII,CENTRAL JERSEYCERAMICSA full Service DistributorWe Stock Most Ceramic Needs andSpoclultlolI Cersmichroma Glazes. Stelnu¯ CIby ¯ Porters Wheels ¯ Kiln=e Lamp Pbrts. Clocks, LIghtu¯ Blair Sprays, Brushes. 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FLOWERS BY GENE SEALIiI PRINCETON ONLY MATAWAN ONLY IMARK|rPLACl PRINCETON, 301,317,5000, At BiD UR~tiOn of abates I27 end 518, h(tlf Way batwou!t Princeton b Now Btun~wick, i¯MARKITPLAC| MATAWAN, 30 i,ae3.e | i e, n0~te134, 2 milu| touth of iRouts O ottcfsacllan, ,iHOURI I Me n., Tuel,, Wed, end |Mr. t e e,m, la i p,m,. Thafs, end IFrl,, I e I,m. to clio p,m, nMASTLEBCHAFI~E a UANKAMEmCARD

ii ............ :±.__THURSDAY. SEPTEMBERS, i974The Franklin NEWS’RECORDSchool band prepares for trip to MiamiThe Franklin High SchoolMarching Band mturnod from4% days of marching drill andmusical rehearsal at CampEcho on Friday armed with anew slogan -- "Our Goal theOrange Bowl!"Along with their regularschool work. rehearsals,performances and unrelatedextra.curricular activities.band members are committed to finalize details and viewingto participation in over a dozen potential facilities such asfund-raising events over the motels and restaurants¯next four months. Their aim is The result is a plan that callsto raise $60,000, the approximatesum required for early in the morning of Dec.for band departure in six busesFranklin’s participation in 26 After two meals on theMiami’s Orange Bowl road, the caravan will stop forFestival.the night at the SheratonAs usual the Franklin BandParents Association will beright beside them under thedirection of AssociationPresident Efleen }lemming,picking up the tab for bandcamp, arranging schedulesand fund.raising events audvolunteering for a multitude ofnecessary tasks.Along with school officials.Band Parents representativeshave been investigating thecosts and logistics of transportinga party of 266 toMiami during the height of theChristmas seasonle addition to localAugust 28 thru Sept. 7DON’T DRINK THE WATERhi woe~ AllenDirector, Faye MaNhewsTHE HAIR AFTER INC.ltetail Centerpreparations three mentraveled to Miami on Aug. 13in order to follow-up onarrangements there JosephTabbil tan administrativeassistant at Franklin High).James Guter (the band’sdirector) and Steven Miklos (atrustee of the parents’ group)spent two days in that cityvisiting festival headquartersMotor Lodge, Florence. SouthCarolina and arrive in Miamilate in the evening of Dec. 27.There the party will stay atthe Miami Marriott, which islocated near Miami Airportand only about seven minutesride from the Orange Bowlstadium. Breakfasts and someadditional meals will be takenin the motel’, for still othersthe party will travel to nearbycafeterias. Buses and driverswill be on standby.On the return trip, slated tobegin early on Januarysecond, the band will againspend a uight at the Sheratonin Florence. arrivmg back inFranklin late in the evening ofJan. 3.THE FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL marching band at CampEcho in Yew York State last week. They were preparing anewshow invitedtomayatfortheiroerformanoesthisFalI.the Orange Bowl football gsmeTheband in Miami...hasbeenOrtho distribu!ion centerentered as ’nezghbor’While in Miami, bandmembers will participate in anumber of duties So far thereare definite commitments forthe Kiog Orange Parade inCoral Gables on Dec. 28. Theremay also be concert periormaneesat shopping mallssuch as those at Lincoln Road.. SOMERVILLE -- Dried Located on a 10.05-acre manufactured at Scherer The plant’s architecturalDadelaud or Midway. Pharmaceutical Corporation’s tract¯ the new plant us plants in the United States designer was Bela Lorincz ofBut after four months of Franklin Distribution Center distinguished by unusual Canada. England, Germany,hard luod.raising and and Scherer-G.C. Corporatmu design features and attractive France. Italy, Argentina andnumerous performances, have been nominated as geometry. Tim office area has Australia. Corporate Scherer-G.C. Limited inthere will be pure pleasure as Somerset County entries in the a curved exterior of glass headquarters are in Michigan. Windsor, Ontario, Caoada.well. Tentative arrangements 15lh annual "New Good Neighbor"competition, it was anlure’sattractiveness and alsowhich enhances the struc-have been made foreducational sidetrips -- the nounced today by Robert G. accommodated the alignmentMiami Seaquarium and a Ransoue, director of the of a new township road.cruise on the Jungle Queen. In Somerset County Office of The architect was Robert E.addition, there will be Economic Development. Levied Partners of Forestswimming and tennis at the Both plants are located iu }tills, N.Y., Mack Constructionmotel and band mem~rs will Franklin Township aud the Company of Secaucus, N.J.,enjoy a beach party as well as nora}cations came jointly was the builder and the openTHE BLUE ECHOa New Year’s Eve gettogether.add Julius Varga, Franklin’s ares was designed byfrom the county’s OED office space planning of the officeClimaxing all of the band’s industrial coordinator. Griswold, Hcckcl and KellyROUTE 206 NORTH, HARLINGENactivities will be the highlight The annual competitiou is Associates Inc. of New YorkBELLE MEAD, NEW JERSEYof the ammal Orange Bowl sponsored by New Jersey City.Opening September 7thtest v t es - attendance at the Business Magazine, a Se e ’e-G C Co’porat on’s’,Orang~’B~’~lffootball~ga~le’oz~’~::PUblicati°~Vofthe’~Ncw Jersey::"$5 io ~ ’n a 1 s the 0n V,the mght of Jau. 1 with 100 of ’ ManUfactuYel~ As~oclatmvf. mildme (~ its kiod m Newghet, tid~et~’,pr0seilt~d" t0"the Tlte’"O~’thff’" Df~t’ribution""Jcrsey~"Tle’ co npAny’ i’~ "(]~e":band cOmplimeuts"of *th’e ’Ccfft~’ig l~caled hI’!f’Campn~ ~’’state,s Mo~. Thru Thurs. 5", Sat: ~ ..... ’ FINE LADIES;);’Ifirst ’ commercial 10:00 A,M, To 5:30 P.M.APPARELOrange Bowl Committee. Drive, Somerset, iu the Mack mamlfacturer of empty hard Fri. t0-8 P.M. 201-359-7155.Midway Industrial Center. gelatin capsules aud the.>Schcrer built its new plant at custom-built structure was15o Behnout Drive, Somerset, designod to meet the specialin the Somerset Valley Office tcehoologieal and enviro]unentalhOodS of phar-Ccnler.The Ortho Center, the sixth nlaeeutical grade capsules. JOE VILANEJohuson & Johnson affiliate to Other Schercr hard capsulelocate in Sumersct County,DANCE and THEATRE SCHOOLplaots are located in Canadaencompasses 25,000 square and Go’many, with a"fROM CLASSIC FUNDAMENTALSfeet of office area, 116,000square feet of warehousingfacilities.warehouse aect iuspeetionfacility io tlong Kong. Softelastic gelatine capsules areSomerset youthwill be on TVNaval Sea Cadet Thomas Commander and Rear AdmiralF. E. Itaab tUSNR-De }laan, 15, a member of theNew Jersey Divison-USNSCCILet.) who is national chairmauof the Sea Cadet Corps.based at the Marine ReserveCeuler, Middlesex, will appear Cadet De tlaan lives with hison the televsion ’program, parents, Mr. add Mrs. PieterYouth Perspective on Channel l)e Haan, 111 Drake St.,6, Saturday, September 7, at Somerset and atteuds12:30 p.m,Franklin lligh School, CadetCadet De llaan is among De llaau joined the Newtwelve cadets selected from Jel~,ey division back in Aprilhe sea cadet recru t Ira n ng and worked to complete the’class, receutly cmnplcted atthe Willow Grove Naval AirStation, to participate in thepreviously taped program,Also appearing in theprogram are Vice Admiral J.V. Hohr, Fourth Naval Districtrcquirenmnts necessary toattend recruit training thissumnlcr L...........Editors ulways seek ideas forrOlnlnunity fealures andI)hutographs. Call with youridea!THRU TO NEWEST MODERN TECHNIQUES"PROFESS ONAL TRAINING INBALLET *MODERN" JAZZTAP ¯ DRAMABY JOE VILANE.Y. Choreographer and Direcfor’~?~. BEGINNERS &’~OFESSIONALSl~:.tl MORN,.AFF..P/E. CLASSESI/J~ GIRLS" BOYS" TEENS’ TOTS~ , CAREER WOMEN BUSINESSMEN~ COLLEGE PEOPLE *’ 1TACHERS~i~i ’SPECIAL CLASSES?~ ¯ CLASSICAL BALLET. ADAGIO, POINTE| ¯ INTERPRETIVE CONTEMPORARY DANCEII ,, AMERICAN JAZZ DANCE WORKSHOPM * TAP flHYTHMICS!(I [] ¯ CREATIVE DRAMATICS! [] * CHILDREN,,*PERFORMER’S WORNSHOPDi~cm $iniInF ActinK: A~obalicl~ Innrunl*ntlI! ¯ THEATRE STAGE DANCE &UCHOREOGRAPHY¯ DISCO:. S001Ab FOLK DANCES. TRAINING F0R TV, FILMS~ STAGE781 Hamilton St., Somerset, .N.J.--.-.-.ENROLL NOWI 828-2072__storage bedsrn I H II5 070You’ll notico this ¯"is not your gardenvariety savingspassbook. 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lettersto the editorAgainst petitionTo the Editor:When registered voters signthe"Change of Governnment"petition being circulated now.they are saying they want toelect the r own mayor, wantthe Plan F form of localgovernment and wantNovember electlous,If enough voters support allthree, the question goes on theb~ lint in November. So, in theweeks ahead, we should giveattention to these questionsbecause, regardless of thesuccess of tile current petition,at least one concept has realtneritElecting our own mayor ~sthe one aspect in the "Changeof Government" argumentwhich the vast majority ofresidents will support. It isbesl to have a form ofgovernment whereinexecutive power is given to anelected leader.So whatever the outcome ofthe current petition, theTownship Council should giveimmediate consideration toforming or electing a studycommission to place theseveral options before thepublic.Plan F is just one of severaloptions or changes we mayadopt. The .Faulkner Act.v, hieh supplies the statutes foradministering municipalities,presents to the public severalplans, of which Plan F is justone. A study commission couldrecommend which ispreferrable in this cornmunity,representative. As a Consider, too, the impact on stead, let us move a resolution question goes to referendum inTile petition as circulated Republican Chairperson, I can voters in a November election through the Council to form or November. let’s defeat it inand the statements on the agree that our workers would inwhich localcandidates were elect a study commission with Iavor of a more open andballot in Novembei" would not find it easier and that more discussing taxes and services real-time target dates to lay flexible approach to the threepermit us to explore these money would be ’available, and. at the same time, things out for the voters the options questions.options, As such. I suggest we The election, though, would like Watergate and a state and recommend which theynot sign it or, if a voter has hardly be more represensignedit, that the question be tative.Nodoubt. many of us would be Incidentally, if one has RepublieanMunieipal!neome tax were also at issue, think is best. Jack Cullendefeated in favor of a With November elections. affected to a degree where we signed the pentian and if theChairmanstudy commission to be local issues would be clouded would not distinguish carefullyelected next year to eval- by regional and national between tile positions of localuate the options, issues Democrats and candidates.Concerning November Republicans would have an We have a form of governmentnow which affords us theelections, the third feature of overwhelming advantage overthe current petition,- Independents. Independents, opportunity to treat localproponents try to convince in fact would find they simply issues separate from regionalGreat tripvoters that changing from a would not have the resources and national ones. It seems weMay election to one in to get into the race. can improve our form ofNovember is in the public And, in a community where government without denyinginterest,local issues are so important, ourselves of the good things weThey say it will strengthen oftentimes, it is the presence already have.the two-party system, bring of Independents which force So. I suggest again thatout more campaign workers, the major parties to address voters do no sign the current for a cyclistmake money castor to raise local questions direetiy and petition becauseit forces us toand make the election more seriously,accent all three items. In-COME TO OUROPENHOUSESaturda September 21.9to5Everyone is invited[ Come to the opening of The HillsboroughNational Bank’s beautiful new main offices at the cornerof Amwell Road and Route 206 on Saturday, September 21, 9 a. m.to 5 p.m,There will be free gifts, refreshments, music and magic,The American Band will play tunes from The Forties while entertainmentis provided by Hillsborough’s Laffin’ Stock Company withMysto the Magician and a host of famous storybook characters.There will be souvenir Hillsborough buttons, bags andashtrays for everyone. Balloons for the children. And gift packagesof famous Smuckar’s jams and iellies for opening new checking orsavings accounts or adding to an existing account.We’re also celebrating with brand new banking services,Cash Cushion Checking( Your own personal line of credi!from $500.00 to $5,500,00,All-ln-One Statement Banking, All your accounts summarizedin one monthly statement for easy money management,The American Express Executive Card, The prestigiouscredit program combining tile gold American Express card with acash reserve,Services Piu~: A convenient package of 10 services in oneaccount,All added to our completely free personal checking,Highest !agal interest rates oa savings, Low cost loans. And themost convenient hours in New |ersey, 0 to 0 daily. 9 to 5 Saturday,Come to our open house on September 21, For a goodtime. A grand tour, And the best in banking services.by Tom LedererStaffWriterOne of the finest bicycle rides in thePrinceton area is tbe narrow tree.lined Canal Road that parallels theDelaware & Raritan Canal betweenRocky..liill and East Millstone.Lightly traveled and well shadedover most of its length, Canal Roadoffers particular relief to the summercyclist, seeking a cool and not toostrenuous rideThe 9.5 mile roadway is divided intolhree distinct sections. A three-mile.smoothly paved, relatively welltraveledlength runs between theroad’s intersection with Route 518 andGriggstown A second more roughlypaved section runs betweenGriggstown and the village of Black.wells Mills.The road here often wanders fromview of the canal and contains a fewsmall hills. The final very poorlypaved 2,5-mile sectina connects BlackwellsMills with the road’s terminus atEast Millstone.Fron| PrincetonFor cyclists comiog Prom Princeton.Canal Road can be found intersectingRoute ,518 just after it passes over theMfllstoae River and the D-R Canalleaving Rocky llill. A small parkinglot between tile canal and the River onRoute 51a makes a ftae base camp forthose motoring in.No matter what type of bicycle oneewns, from a 15-speed racing bike to aone-speed balloon tired paper boybike, Canal Road nan be enjoyed, notsul~fered.Tl~d’critinal factor in making a ridefuit is’ making snre One turns backbefore feeling tired, not after.If tile trip is your longest sinceriding around the block, begin fromRocky Hill attd head out for thegeneral store at Griggstown, Ou theway stops can be made at the smallfoot bridge that crosses tile canal or atthe Griggstown lock,Ilead backThe beginning rider might wiselyhead back after reaching Griggstown.There are a number of possible rontes.If all the nuts and bolts are welltightenedand the tires are in goodeonditiou, try heading back along thetowpath, Keep u sharp eye out for treeroots, especially since they can beobscured by leaves.A somewhat more challengingreturn takes the rider on theGriggstown Causeway, across theMillstone River and south on RiverRoad to Roule 206. Upon reaching thestate road cross the bridge overBedeus Brook sad immediately turnleft on Montgomery Road, which leadsback to Rocky Rill.A Ihird alternative is abandoningthe bikes and going for a canoe ride,Canoes tun be rented at the generalstare.The more adventurous cyclist couldouuiinue all Canal Road pastGriggstown to Blackwells Mills whereu simihn’ return route could be triedusing either the towpath or RiverRoad, llawever, the towpath betweenlflackwells Mills aud Griggstown isluore heavily nvergrown aud passugemigid he difficult, Of course one cansimply deuble Ixlek fat’ tile returnI~lssage.Once beyond Blnckwells Mills,CuuaI Road rapidly deteriorates. Longunpaved seetLons alternate with old,nan’awly Imved parts,Few cursThe ridm’ is given a clear 8euse efisnlatlou on lifts part,. Vegvtaliou isdense v,,llh lrees aud othci’ growthcrewdiug hi from belh sh!es, Few car8or eunsl puddlers lr~lverse this see-It,n, Cars Ihut do l~:ls~ call stir upconsideruble dusLOU l’ellehing East MIllstoue therycllst can take a left on MarketStreet, uln)lhor t)u Aiuwelltuad andslop fur rofreshnwuts ill tile StsnersetFurln8 ~duro iKqn’ Iho ceruur of AUI.well uud Iliver tined,If Ih’ed, xuhd dnwu River ltoad luthn ltluckwda M s Causeway andIholl cyt’le the rest uf the way backn!aug (’uzlal Itoutl, Ihus avohlhtg theu~any Iblll8 Ihat nccul’ I’urlher south oa!tlver Iluatl,Cauul Itoud cau he rt!llched bybk~yck~ I’l’nnl I!rhlcutoll ellher fly wayal River Itolul, whleh CUllUUCht w!lhI!t~rrontuwlllnad sad tile l)t!ucelouI([l!gstnll ltnad, nr by way nf I)rhlct~halAvenue arid hlt, Lutes Road,The NEWS-RECORD Thursday, September 5,1974Power play over trade schoolsmay hurt students, drain cashAn assembly bill proposes that vocationaleducation be pul under the department of highereducation---comparable to putting local highschools under Trenton State College or Rutgers administrators,The. bill would remove the control of vocationaleducation from the commissioner of educatiou andthe state board of education and transfer it to thechancellor and state board of higher education,The idea was prompted by three unmn countyassemblymen, It specifies how a county vocationalscllaol can be put under the jurisdiction of thedepartment of higher education. Teachers,educators and members of the state Parent TeacherAssociation join in seeing this as a dangerousprecedent, Any vocational school could be used asvocational school for higher education if the countyfreeholder petitioned the chancellor of highereducation to assume jurisdiction over the school.The chancellor will then reorganize the school as acounty college,The bill further states the contract between theahnighty chancellor and the county board oftrustees cannot be broken - without the chancellor’sapproval. In the meantime while more public officials’ jobs are being made and more power beinggiven the board of higher education, no county cancreate another vocational school for the poor highschool students getting short shrift iu the newlycreated college.County, local and post-graduate technicalschools will be competin~ for the same money andthe state department of higher education will getmost of it.Students being trained by educators who understandtheir needs, their educational backgroundand local vocational needs of area businesses will beforced to enter schools cr.owded with post-highschool graduates, to be given technical skills byeducators who are not familiar with their schools orlocale,State laws guarantee a student the right toeducation until he has graduated yet now the stateis denying a student the right to free publiceducation within his 12 years ut school, Areavocational technical schools have flourished andprovided excellent programs at secondary and postsecondary levels since 1965 yet Assembly bill 1323and Senate Bills 1062-1063 would diminish secondaryschool offerings by removing vocationaleducation for local control."It eliminates an option a school drop-out orpotential drop-out might take to help him completehigh school," says Karl Juelch, administrativeassistant to the superintendent of Middlesex CountyVocational Schools. "These kids becomeineligible for vocational education if vocationaleducation becomes part of the county collegesystent.""It’s a power play," says Bernard Siegel, of theMiddlesex County Vocational School in East Brunswick.State officials dislike the declining role ofhigher education and the increased popularity ofvocational education and so intend to take overvocational education because that’s where the interestis, he says,County officials assert the present chancellor ofhigher education needs his ego uplifted with furtherresponsibilities. But should oar students stifferbecause of megalomania in the state govermnent?Weakening our excellent cotmty vocationalschool to provide for a county vocational collegewhen students can gain enough technical expertisein high school to prepare them tbr jobs is senseless,Using funds to support another county college(when college enrollment is down), iucrcasingbureaucracy, thus depleting already loweducational resources is also seuseless.After being taken over, county vocational schoolsare supposed to operute as betbre---with lessmoney, more officials and a confilsed hierarchy, Allthis to give the chancellor and state board of highereducation more to do,l-he Frankli!t NEWSRECORDl)ublished ever)’ Thursday at 300 WitherslnaUl St,Priueelun, N,J,by The Princetuu Packet, Inc,l,ncul Officn: 240 Suuth Muin St., Munville, N.J.t1887h,Mailing Address: P,O, Box 5, Middlebush, N,d.081173Telephone: 725.’,r, looBrian R. Wood ..........Peter Jegotl ..........Alice Lech ...................Managing EditorAdvertising ManagerOffice ManagerSccund Chlss Pashlge puid at Prineetou, N,,I, 011[HI)Subseriptiolt Rates: $5 per year ($110tll uf start;l,$g fur two years, $1(I for three years, Newsta.dprice ts l0 dents per copy,TIIF, IqlINCETON IsACKET, INC,I~uhllsher’relepholte: l iillg) 92,1.3~,1,tCt~lltrul Ofl’ieo Prudtetiolt Phult & Cor toralelieadquarter~, 300 WtthPr~llOOll SI,, Prllleelol~,N,J, 0115’10,

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, 1974 [he franklin NEWS’RECORD 51rSpeaking of Franklin aooooo]by Joan Burke ’li30 Iilll Ave,,249-5749David and BeverlyBriggs of mer home in Falmouth, Cape The Ster family live on Henry in somerset, in somerset.of Franklin High School.Renfro Road. in Somerset Cod, Mass. Street in Somerset. Margaret tteberle enjoyed a Gaii Yuehnovitz, daughter Pat Tarman of Winthroprecently returned from a Joe and Pat Lamb of Julip Harry and Ann Welby and combination business and of Arthur and .Betty Road in Somerset recentlyfifteen day trip to Europe. Court in Somerset spent a family spent an enjoyable few pleasure trip to California Yuchnovitz of Elizabeth opened her own shop inThey toured Loudoni Paris delightful one week stay in daysvlsitingMystteSeaportta recently. She is’employed by Avenue in Franklin recently Ropewel| entitled "Theand Amsterdam. Florida visiting Disney World Mystic, Conn. They live in ITT Corp. and visited their San returned from a two week visit Cricket Shop." The ’shopBill and Joan Borden and with their children. Somerset en Sherman Circle. Francisc office, with relatives to California specializes in antiques, handcrafteditems taken on con-family enjoyed a recent trip to Zolton and Joan Ster and Donand Marilyn Fraser and She then traveled toEncino, and Colorado. While inPortugal, Spain. They reside children spent two weeks at children Lori, Donald, Karen Calif. to visit her sister, Mrs. California she visited many signment and importedon Iris Court in Somerset. Seaside Park on the Jersey and Linda recently returned CarlFreeberg. Margaretlives sights and made a trip to clothing from Mexico andMark and Greta Else and Shore. They had as their guest from a ten-day trip to Florida. on Hill Avenue in Somerset. Mexico. In the Fall she will be India,children Karen and Christy for a few days their son Paul They visited Den’s parents Warren and Jackie Kimball entering her freshman year atvisited their neighbors Adrian who was on leave from Travis andspent the remainder of the recently enjoyed a month long Montclair State College where State consumer protectionand Bill Gillooly of But- Air ForceBase in California. time at Disney World. The triptoPortugalandSpain. The she plans to major in office for complaints is 201-648-tonwoed Drive at their Sum- Paul is a iet engine mechanic. Frasers live on Orchid Court Kimballs live on Larsen Road Psychology. She is a graduate 13622.scns ti analP.J. Youncj’s Fashions will be presented at the St, Matthias Altar Rosary Fashion Show to beheld Wednesday, September 25, at 8 p.m. in the school cafeteria on J.F.K. Bird., Somerset.Committee chairmen are: seated, left to right, Trudy Collins, Nancy Collins; top row, left toright, Pat Stellinger and Helen Reilly. There will be door prizes and refreshments. Ticket priceis $2.50. Ticketsold after all masses and at the door.Band parents associationsponsoring antique saleNandl¢l.Wor/lLabor:211A huge Flea Market and man and Muriel Genfen, goods, fresh eggs aed produce,Antique Show sponsored by chairpemons of the event, copper eookware, candles,the Band Parents Association vendors from all over the State leather goods, fabrics andof the Franklin High School have taken more than 80 tables clothes will be on sale in theMarching Band will take place to exhibit collectibtes in all High School Parking lot from 9at the High School on Satur- price ranges.a,m, til 4 p,m,day, September 14. Many items such as jewelry, In the case of rain, the saleAccording to Hilda Slack- antique furniture, baked will take place on Sunday,September 15, Money raisedthrough this Flea Market willgo towards the funds neededto scud the 220 membermarching band to the OrangeBowl Parade to be held inLWV holding Bohen,Fenwick debateMiami, Florida this NewYear s.Several morn’pets of The ’i;im Obrien, Tile Star Ledger’, Space has bees offered IresLeague of Women Voters and and Walt Sedi of WCTC Radio of charge to the Edisoo FirstHeads of the Morris and Station.Aid and Rescue Squad so theySomerset County Libraries The candidates will also cart turn into cash the excessmet to finalize plans for the answer questions from the of goods donated by aappearaece of Millicent audience. The public is urged generous community to theFenwiek, Republicae and to attend.victims of the Marina GardenFred Bahen, Democrat; Additiooal activities Apartments fire. All proceedscandidates for Congress from planned by the League are: from these tables go directlythe 5th Congressional District. Voter B.cgistratioe Drives at to the fire victims.The eaedidates will appear in Shoprite on Easton Ave., A&PFranklin at the Municipal Cedar Grove Lace and Easton PI,AYIIDUSE OPENSBuilding on Sept 9, at 8:30 Ave, and Branches of thep.m.Franklin State Bank. These The George StreetThe Libraries will supply drives will be held on Sept. 7. playhouse now in a formerthe video equipmeet for the The aneual membership drive supermarket at 414 George St.taping of this program. The ehampane desert will be held in New Brunswick will be openvideo topes will be availablefor future viewing through theLeague el Women Voters.The format used for thispresentaiton will be similar tothe National TV program"Meet The Press" and isentitled "Meet Our Press."The members of Ihe press wi[Ibe reporters Edna Flack,Morris County Daily Record;at 7 Webster Raed on Tuesday,Setp. 10, at 8 p.m. All personsintm’ested in joining theLeague should call 246-2196.Came/ ,’:0¢S¢1 ¢S aftNylon multi-colored textured plush. A )puff wear-I’~e,a’ularly $1fl.99. Sale ~ .m~l.lh.I ,Ju,m u~hi,,nSept. 20 for Bernard Shaw’s"Arms and tile Man," For Two-toned boldly seLnlptured Antron. t’ractical andfor props call 2464717.County park listsriding registrationBulky 1)aeron texturedl~effuhtl’ly 811.99. Sale~ ,,m.,Mh~l ira.r, u~hh,nPlUsh’. A thick plush inm~lalh.,I .,,r, u~hmnt~i)aeron textured plush. Heat-set yarn. SeotehEard,Subtle t,,ne-,,n-t,,ne c,h,rs. ’rhs s a t,x- $1 199The Somerset County Park placed in the appropriate urious he wy c rpet. }{e,e,’tlIp, l"lv S1 .! i. Salt.,’ JLJL~, ,,Commission this week an- class. Pre-testing is seheduledm,Ldh d o~vl, u,hmltaouneed the registration~F~o~ areICOI. I:GI: BOARD schedule for September 5 & 6 by appoiutmentbetween 3 p.m, and Rhadra Oriental l)esigu Collection. IMmtiful Bel-for the Fall in.structional program at the 4:30 p,m, Beginuers need notridtag stable, Lord Stirling be tested. You ntay call 766-gian I’U~’S in Persian Hunting. I.:irman and Baktiar,v[ inEXAMS ntenslve, low Park, Basking Ridge. 5955 for aa appoiotment. l)atterns, I o0",, worste(] wool. colclr-IIast, moth proof.COSt Surlday The utilizing of the EnglishChtfice of blue, ,dive, ivory, red, rtlst UII(I nBturul, with~ li~S*rr~s~evlewcoulseSe0t a/Students who have previousSaddle will be taught in allinstruction ill Ibe Junior frinp:t,d en(Is.p.ofll l classes.[ rogralr~ and wish to couthlu0,ltegistration mustbe done iacl’l:lu,;x i’ :4.u~l~ K’rand for County residents who .._=~lz*._: .......................... )/:~[=~I]l~ .............. ~=}~,J:~. Iperson. Junior age is nine - 18years old. The fee for ten, onewish to enter the first time, -t’x6’ 8120.00 $ 79,00hour lessons is $10,registration dates are as5’7"xS’iV’ $2()0,(li) $1.19,01)Applicants with previousfollmvs:8’:t" x 11 ’6" 8370.00 $259.00experience elsewhere who Sltturday, Sept, 7 (9 a,m,t 10’X 13’6"wish to enter tbe Comity Class AA, Class BB ’4 p,m,I$57(1,0fl $399,00operated program will be Cluss It, Class AIll’It I,IIWEST PIIII’I’N I’WF, Itgiven a proficiency test by the Sunday, Sept. B (9 a,m,) ClassStable Manugur in order tu be C (t p,m,I (.;lass 13 Ilegilu~ersOilier....... Nylon nt ulti-t:olored sculptured shag. Deep texttn’ed, boldlymarks. Reg’ularly 814.99. Sale l~ggm.n,lh.I ,*u.r.u4.,mNylon patterned textured plush. Unittue designs, oncereserved for win’on fabrics. Colorful plaids. $1 ¢~.q_Qorlenta aid ira patterns. Re~’uhu’ly $i&99. Sale IO., ,.~Nylon velvet textured plush. An elegmlt style in 50 glori-(m~eohn’,~. One f,n’evvt’y coltwscheme.Re.u.t t ’,y 817.99. Sale ~14~o~.*Mh~l ..,r ,u~h.,nShimmer)’ Trevira textured plush. A twisted, heat-setyal’n, .he inch thick and Seotchffarded, Shows lustroush, ’hl .’ht. tl,,lct’o,ttcs, s,,,.’t tone-on ,159tone effects. Ite,tt’uhtrly $19,99. SaleDanish Hammer Rya Colleetitm. Luxurhmspurewootryes in tw. e.[()r-fitst patterns, five’colors (blue, brown,orung’e, red and ,u’old 1. Moth proof. Stock tin!y,SIZEI I IHn,INT MAOKI’:T~AI,I I’: SALE4’x(;’ $ 8o,o0 $ 49.00’5’7" x 8’W’ $160,00 $ 99,()08’:F x 11’6" ~2:IO.l)O $139,00(Wit I,OWI,lSl’ I’ItlI’ES EVI.’,It

Fenwick urges action on insuranceSOMERVILLE .-Health m- choice is an essential this summer, I was deeply for Medicaid are. often Labor Day recess.surance is one of the most Freedom"paper work - which consumesdisappointed to learn that the bankrupted by the cost of Wilhoutl:referenee to anyurgently needed measures ivthe doctors’ time withoutIn addition, site urged that Committee is deadlocked, andthe country, GOPmedical care,particular proposal, I would benefit-to the patient andprovisions be included to that support for any of ’the it is certainly the hope of all like tO mention my own Concernsregarding Health In. treatment - must be guardedCongressional candidatesometimes doubles the cost ofprotect patients and the public proposed measures isMillicent Fenwick. wrote in athese families, as it is my own.from aver-utilization (such as inadequate to allow earlyletter today to Chairmanthat your Committee will give surance. ,I hope very much against in such a widelyunnecessary and dangerous X- release from tbe Committee.Wilbur Mills (D-Ark.) of thefirst priority to Health In~ that the ’widest possiblerays), overcharging, fraudcomprehensive program asHealth Insurance is one ofHouse Ways and Meanssurance and that the bill can freedom of cha ce w II beand the burden of paperwork,National Health Insurancethe most urgently needed be reported te the floor forCommitteeaccorded every individualmust be".,,which consumes the measures in this country,Mrs. Fenwick urged firstdebate when Congress enrolled in the plan. In a With many thanks for yourdoctor’s time without benefJl Families that do act ounlifvpriority be accorded to healthrcconvenes following the attar as sdnsitlve.us Health,to the patient and sometimesconsideration.where psychological factorslegislation so that a bill can go doubles the costs of treat.Millicent Fenwickto floor debate when Congress menu.’ Dr. Joyce Brothersare vitally important if insufficientlyunderstood, in-reconvenes after Labor Day. Mr. Mills announcedShe expressed the hope fordividual ehalee is an essential PLANNEI{ TO SPEAKWednesday that health in.- freedom."the widest possible freedom surance ]egislaUon was stalled at Freeholder lunchof choice...in a matter asTwother points are also of John Chadwick, Franklin’sindefinitely because of a lackeoncerh: the necessity to consultant to the planningsensitive as health...individual of Committee consenus on Doctor Joyee Brothers. the and influential women in protect the patients and the board, will speak at the Octebermeeting of the Newfinancingandotharkey points noted psychologist, columnist, contemporary American fife.CIIUItCli IIOM h; COMINGpublic, from over-utilizationThe announcement raised auUtor ann network radio She has been listed for five (such as unnecessary and Jersey Federation of Planningstrong doubts that passage personality, will ee the guestAn invitation is extended toeonseetive yearsin theGallup dangerous X rays over- Officials on Thursday Octobercould be achieved in this speaker ata inneheon to honor organization’s pall of "mostformer members, friends andcharging and other types of 3, at the Forsgate’Countrysession, the Somerset Countymembers of historicadmired women,"frdad:’finally, the burden of Club, Jamesburg.The telinwing is a copy of that Democratic FreeholderHillsborou gh ReformedDoetor Brothers is a regul+/rletter:Candidates, TheIuncheon willChurch Millstone. to join in itscolumnist for Goodbe mid Saturday afternoon. Housekeeping Magazine andannual Home Coming onSeptember seventh, at the writes a dally column that is :Sunday, Sept. 8, when the Dear Mr. Mii~s:Squires Inn at Far ltills, published in more than threeregularworship hour will The newspapers reportedDoctor Brothers. appearingresume at 11 a.m. Luncheon today your views concerning hundred fifty newspapers, She "at women’s club meetingon behalf of her sister Elainewill be served m adjoining Health Insurance and theis heard daily on the N B C How !o care for and protect refreshments at the Folk ArtGoldsmith aad Peter Krochta.Memorial Hall by the Guild for possibility of a bill being radio network program, ot~e’s akin’will be demon: Show September 29 on the1s one of the most respectedChristian Service.released from your Committee"Emphasis: Mind Over strafed by Mr..Donna Urness Municipal Center’s parking lotMatter," Her books have been new y appO nted director of in Middlebush and plans fortranslated rote twenty.s[x :Mary Kay Cosmetics, Cran- co-hustessing with the Menlanguagesand she is currently ?bury, at the ftrst 1074:75 tgomery Woman’sClub the 4thinvoivedinproduci~onebeok meeting of the Franklin District Fall Conference of thea month Woman’s Club Monday State Federation of Wmnan’sevening at 8:00 (Sept, 9)in the Clubs in Blawenburg, OctoberBaptist Community Cht~rch on I0,DeMott Lane.USED CARSServing with Hope Anaya,A popular speaker on facial club president, on the Folk Art73 CUSTOM 4 door, 8 cyl, Bicycle"/2 CHEVROLET NOVA -problems, Mrs. Urness will Show refreshment committeeauto., ~).s., p.b., factory airemphasize seasonal skiv are Dot Johnson and Alice2 door, sedan, p.s., radio,needs particularly those Moore of Elizabeth Avenuecanal, Stock #6850. Mil. whitewall tires. LOWFRANKLIN following a hot weather and Joan Stilwell and Elsie43,856. mileage - 4,000 miles."rOWNSHIP’Sseason. She is also an active Jackson of Amwell Road.Price $1995. 82495.Complete member of the Cranbury New chairman of clubBicycle Cunter Woman’s Club, having served departments for the comingas its vice president and year will be: Dot Johnson.program chairman, hospitality; Pat Castleman of71 LTD 4 door. V8 auto., ’69 CUTLASS WAGON -:Monday night’s meeting will Flower Road. membership;p.s., p.o., power windows, V8, Auto., Power Steering,finalize the Franklin Woman’sAlice Moore, servicevinyl roof, factory air,w/w tires.CompLete line of Club’s plans for serving secretary; and Sandy Larsenof Smith Road, public affairs.SPECIALSPECIAL¯ RALEIGHrWELL FIX YOUR Continuing as chairman are¯ VISTA ¯ ROLLFASTMarlene Timmermann of~"/:" FAVORITE Dennise Court, program;’71 TORINO 500 WAGON- V8, p.s., radio, luggagerack, white side walls.SPECIALWe will Buy Your cleanused cars and pay youtop dollar.Man Tues., Wed., Thurs. 8:30, Fri. - 6, Sat. 4:30¯ PEUGEOT (exclusive)BICYCLese Repairs¯ Parts¯ AccessoriesOpen Mon.-Set, 10-6 P.m,Closed Wedossdays853 Hamilton St,, Somerset249"4544The Franklin NEWS’RECORD THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, 1974Skin Care demonstrationp Marinn Eelly of ieard Ave. IPE parliamentarian: GloriaTeager of Spring Street, safetyand sunshine: Louise Plane ofJohn David Ltd ¯ Middinbush. news letter: andBelna Perry of Elizabeth Ave..TObaCCOniST public relations.Rules for the new 4th16091924-8866 District emblem contest.Montgomery Shopping October l. will be announcedRoute 206 at Monday evening’s meetingSANDY WOLF. left, the new head of the snap department at Franklin High School. andJoseph Lanni, a graphic arts teacher, were one of the many new teachers from me nighschool that were honored at a luncheon last Friday at the school by the P,T.A. hospitalityCOmmittee.Somerset valley fundgets vice-chairmanAlex B. DeJ Bueno ofBridgewater, Director ofPharmaceutical ManufacturingOperations Division.Ortho Pharmnceutical Corp.,iRaritan has been namedCampaign Vice-Chairman ofthe 1975 United Fund ofSomerset Valley’s campaign,according to an annoancemcntby George Trebat. GeneralCampatgn ChairmanMr. Del Bueno’s rcsoonsibilities,said Mr, Trebat. willconsist of assisting thecampaign chairman inplanning and directing thecurrent campaign drive whichwill be held in the fallMr. Del 3ueno. a native ofChicago, is a graduate ofRutgcrs University and holdsa B.S. degree, tie served in theArmy for Iwo years and Iresbeen in lhe employ of Johnson& Johnson since 1954. DuringFREE:i )972 CHEVROLET MPALA4-Dr. Hardtop. V-8, power steering,power brakes automatic transmission,radio, air conditioning, vinyl lop,whitewall tires, tinted glass, wheel discs.Brown.Stock No. 2222UMileage 27,050 ........ ;$28951972 AMc GREMLIN2 Dr., 6-eyllnder, standard transmission,stick shift, radio, whitewallt;res, wheel covers, Bronze,Stock No. 2038UMileage 25,691 ......... $~1972 OLDSMOBILE CUTLASSPower steering, power brakes,automatic IranamJssior), air conditioning,vinyl roof, w/s/w sires, tintedglass. This car in absohue ntlnt conditinn.Forest green.Stock No. 2458Mileage 10,000 ..........$31951971 MO~rECARLO ::Finished ~n Apple Red, aut(auhtlc transmissinn,power steering, power brakes,ra(iio, factory air conditioned, white sidewall tires, tinted glass.Stock No. 2374~,Iileage 19,25(I ......... ~2~L~1973 CHEVROLET CAMAROPower steering, automatic transm[ssion~console, radio, vinyl top, boeket scats.Arctic white,Stock No. 2450Mileage 21,g47 ......... $37951973 CHEVROLET MALIBUl)ower steering, pnwer brakes,automatic transmiss[on~ air con.ditionlng, vinyl roof, w/s/w, tintedglass. Finishedroyal bine.Stock No. 243qMileage 18,562 ......... $3395

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 5,1974 111e Franklin NEwSRECORDCommunity cookbookMrs, Joseph Gagliardi, a charter member of the CedarWood Woman’s Club prepares an Herb Patio Bread for herfamily, This ’recipe has been selected from the Cedar WoodWoman’s Club cookbook "THE HAPPY COOKER."HERB PATIO BREAD2 cups warm water (105-115 degrees F.)2 pkg. active dry yeast2 Tbsp. sugar2 tsp. salt2 Tbsp. soft butter or margarine1Tbsp. dried rosemary leavesor""4 ½ cupsifted all purpose flourCheck temp. of water with thermometer. Sprinkle yeast overwater in large bowl of electric mixer. Let stand a few minutes.Stir to dissolve. Add sugar, salt, butter, rosemary**, and 3cups flour. Beat at low speed until blended. Then beat atmedium speed until smooth, about 2 min. Scrape down bowland beaters with rubber spatula. With wooden spoon,gradually beat in rest of flour until blended. Cover bowl withwaxed paper and then with a towel. Let rise in warm place (85degrees F.) free from drafts, about 45 man. or until light andbubbly and more than double in bulk, Meanwhile, preheatoven to 375 degrees. Lightly grease 1 Y2 - 2 qt. casserole. Withwooden spoon, stir down batter, Beat vigorously 1/2 man. or25X. Turn into prepared casserole. Bake 55-50 min. until niceand brown. Remove from casserole to wire rack. Let cool orserve warm,1/2 cup plus 1 Tbsp. grated Parmesan cheese1 ½ Tbsp. dried oregano1 pkg. (1-1/2 oz.) Italian style spaghetti sauce mixOROR1 or 2 pkg. (7/10 oz. size) dry onion flavor sala dressing mixAll members of the community are invited to send theirfavorite recipes to the NEWS-RECORD office, Box 5; Mid- ..... ¯dlebush, for publication in this weekly column,-q’Week of People’ judgedTownshiF. s studentsattend or=entat,onsOver 700 Franklin Wednesday,s freshman Cleaveland and by Nancyyear’s Program Chairmanand last year’s Chairman ofyoungsters attended orion, orientatiou at Franklin High Kleber, arepresentative of the the Week of the People J73tation sessions last week, also culminated with refreshments,but at this session, Organization."solidification of the structureFranklin Student Committee, it was thedesigned to acquaint themith the layout and operations tours were conducted by 17 Ninety of the incoming ninth We laid down lastyear to make~ their new school buildings. volunteer upperclassmen. graders who had joined thethe Week of the People aAt the Sampson G. Smith Robert Arthur, Vice; marching hand were away at permanent and continuingSchool, 425 incoming seventh Principal, reported that about band camp during thiscommunity institution nograders received their bus 220 new studen!s attended one orientation day. However, matter what happens toassignmeots in time for the of two sessions; the first at 1 they had participated in anSCAPY In this sense he wasorientation program. They’ p.m., another at 2:30 p.m. The earlier mini-orientation "glad to contribute my skillsboarded buses at their new ninth graders were welcomed conducted by upperelass band. towards generating publicitystops by 8:50 in the morning on by Principal George members on Thursday, Aug. fro’ the Week of the People andThursday, arrived at the22.school in time for a g a.m.session and were greeted byPrincipal Samuel Cameron..Later about 20 facultymembers, including departmentchairmen, talked withstudents, providing informationon counseling;handbooks and schoolprocedures and conductingtours of the school’s facilitiesAccording to GuidanceDepartment Chairman Glori~Burnett, the program closedwith refreshments provided bythe PTSO, allowing a firsthand experience wit[cafeteria procedures.REPORTS FOR DUTYMarine Lance Corporal JohnF. Pinter, son of Mr. and Mrs.Eugene Pinter of 6 CareCourt, Somerset, N.J., hasreported for duty at KaneeheJapan.He will be assigned to dutiesin the Marine Aircraft Group-24.A 1973 graduate of Frankl nHigh School,..Somerset, N.JI,be joined the Marine Corps inJune, 1973.¢1 success"An overall success" is the Week of the People ’74, August She remains "thrilled at the two years, itwas the combined thus fulfilling my potential asfinal assessment of the Week24-31, 1974, sponsored by the Joyous participation of so appraisal of "the 200 year a ’community educator’ who’of the People’74 by Chair: Somerset Community Action many everyday people" and heritage of the Human Rights does more than just teach atperson Jean Robinson; Program of Somerset County. "the presenting of Straggle in Americand of the Rutgers Uaiversity."Lutheran ChurchSomerset Community Action What was the main feature ’ sophisticated social issues" by seven-year history and Robinson served as Masterof the’Program Director, Hen of the week from each of their national figures such as Ted positive achievements of the of Ceremonies at the postparadeprogram of both the 407 Nassau StreetMessiahCopeland; President Jane perspectives, keeping in mind Taylor, Director of the Day Somerset Community ActionBeardsley of the Board of their common agreement? Care and’ Child DevelopmentProgramas symbolized by the First Annual (1972) and Third PrincetonTrustees of the Somerset To Jean Robinson, Week Of Council of America, Inc.; Child-Care ’76 campaign of the Annual (1974) Week of theServicesCommunity Action Program; the People ’74 Committee Lennox Hinds, Director of the Day Care and Child People. At the post-Parade Sat, 6:30 p.m. ¯ Sun. 10 a.i)l,and Gene Robinson, Vice Chairperson and Director of National Conference of Black Development Council of program of the Second Annual (Nursery availablePresident of the Board of the Frederick Douglass Lawyers; Frank Wills, the America, Inc."Week of the People (1973),at bot hours)Trustees of.the Somerset Liberation Library in security of current "In the To Jane Beardsley,’ Sunday School - 9=30 A.M.spoke on the great contributionsand legacy of Paul Ray. Allen A. Garner, PastorAdult Education - 9:45 A.M.Community Action Program. Somerset, New Jersey, it was Bottle" fame. She also cites President of the Board ofAll stress the importance of "the advancement of our the honoring of Paul RobesonTrustees of the Somerset Robeson to the Human Rights Rev. Gilbert Mellaenderthe "human interaction", the continuing thrust of as a "key highlight." Community Action Program, Struggle.Asst. Pastor"increased awareness of ’celebration,’ communication, To Ran Copotand, Director it was the "convincing andEveryone WelcomeContemporary social issues" and coalition’ between the of the Somerset Communityaccurate demonstration to theand "just plain old fun" of the People and their advocates.’! Action Program for the past_., forces of Somerset County whocontrol its revenue-sharingthat SCAP is still a very valid THEODORE M. AL TSCHULER, O.D.and highly effective dispenserof human services in the interestof the poor and down.trodden."To Gone Robinson, thisFor I~r-b-que,U.S.D,A. ChokeBONELESSBEEF STEAKSTop Round,Sirlion Tip Rou~ld,Round for 5wissingIb; $COUPONS!announces tim removal of hisoffice for the practice ofOPTOMETRYiEYE F.XAMINATIONSITO216 Finderne Ave., Finderne, N..I.lBridgewater Medical Center)By ,4ppointment Only -- Call 725.3018?State Bank of Raritan Valley Always the leader inHillsborough, Raritan and Readington Township nowbrings you"SUPER CONVENIENCE"ONESTATEMENTBANKINGin addition to100% FREE CHECKINGSTATURDAY BANKINGand EXTENDED HOURSWe ~e putting it all together for youceuFonrnC.Come see us,.,,soontate ank403 Routs 206 SouthHtllsboroush TownshipSaturday 9 s,m, t0 noon359.8144Member of F.D,hC,Corner Ridge Read & RI. 22Roodlnlton To.shipSotufday 9 u,m,.noon$344088

RUTGERS-THE STATE UNIVERSITY7"H,E ~/~ 7",,J’Department of Concerts & Lectures"-UNIVERSITY CONCERT SERIES. State TheatreSept, 3(). 1974 - Alvin Alley City Career Dance ’rlwatreNov. 3, IO74.0rcilestra de I, Suhse ih,mamh,Fel). 18, I075 - Israel Cluunber ()rchestnl,Mar, 12.1975. New Jersey’Symphony OrchestraApr. l. 1975 -Spanlsi~ RTV Symphon) OrchPstra ot MadrhlApr. 22, 1975. "Vo.rhePs Choir el Doa,:lass Cu Ilel.,eCHAMBER MUSIC SERIES- Voorhees ChapelSept. 24, 1974-THE NEW YORK PHI LOMUSICASchoenherg Trio Optls ,15Berg Adagio ffrom tim KammerkonzertlSchoenberg SerenadeOct, 31, 1974-THE NEW YORK PHILOMUSICADavldowsk) JuncturesBenz Four Pieces tar Clarinet & Plan.Webern Five Pieces Ior ClarinetBrahms Trio Opns 411Mar. 19, 1975-THE NEW YORK PHILOMUSICAMozart l)ivertimento No. IOK. with March K. 2,illSchui)ert Quintet Opus I I 4, "Tin, Trout"JAZZ- THE PERSONAL DIMENSIONGeorge Street Playhousel)ec. 17, 1974- Tap Ro.ts Mar. l l. 1(/75 - If) rdle (;ret,Feh. 4. 1075- The ContemporaryLatin Jazz Ensemi)le Apr. 29. Iq75 - Charlh, IhmsUNIVERSITY CONCERT SERIESState Theatre, Livingstnn Aw’., N*’~ IIruns~irkCHAMBER MUSIC SERIESVo0rhees Chapd. I).mgiass (’,.U.,~PJAZZ-THE PERSONAl, DIMENSION(ieurge Sln’l’t l)layh.u~,’414 George St., Ne:~ tlrun~x~irkAll concerts begin at 8:00 p.m.For more information write:University Concerts 43 Mine StreetNew Brunswick, N] 08903 or telephone: 932.7591Last chance to purchase Series Tickets.Deadlihe September 13thtISERIES SINGLE_____SSSTUDENTSOrchestra 30.00 7.505.50Rear Orch. 25.00 11.50 4.50Loge 35.00 8.50 6.50Balcony 20.00 I5.00 I i 3.00,r,t:Tc~ kr t)m)Ei~ .........FORM -- U I versilv Concerl Svrh,s PP I/I NanleIIII Address_IIICi,,-- .... State_ ....... Zip ............. I,ISu’~’ bars ~is I g o attPnd cllllrert~ u~aethPr ~ll,,nld .e/ill ~brth.r, ]vl ...... ’ ’ ~!’~i |’;I Ibrm in tl ..............NO t)l:Tl)leasPsend: LOCATION TICKETS CST I i ’lI"1Series Tickers Orchestra tI* Single Admission Tickets Rear Orchestra* Student ’rickets LogeItStudent l D Number ist Balcony I2nd Baleen)TOTA L COST......* Please circle program tar which you are ordering tickets.Concert l~rogram I 2 3 4 5 6Please enclosed seLf.addressed stamped envelope for Ilia return ofyour tickets.MAILTO:Lhdversit) Concerts, FOR llt)X t)FFICE USEONLYBitg.rst! ,ers)[-T’i~.ke’t"s ’ "-,13 Mim, St. ;et*’iol~--i(i;~;.~-_.~;a-ti- .......... [ ....... ’+-...... Ne~s Brunswivk, N,J.tlSIIP3 I i i 1I.......-__--- ...........TICKE’I’OIH)ER Ft)RM -- Jazz: The Permmal I)inleasi.nplansopenin 9 e ibit1$°merset artsCreative Arts is oNning the gull:The South Semerset Guild ef Regtstra Jan may be madeat the reception an Sept. 15, byfall seasonwithan exhibRand mail ar an three dates set¯ reception on Sunday, Sept. 13,aside especially forfrom 2 to 5 p.m. at the First registration; they are Men-National Bank of Central day, Sept. 23. and Tuesday,Sept.24, andMonday. Sept. 30.Chinese art on I’lll Idll Y~J[|s--la~" Mead. Jersey The on affair Route will 206, be Belle he)d from 7’.30 to 9:30 p.m.in the Community Room which For fm tber information callMrs. Yarion Coulson, 201-359-now at Nassau SgL is located at the rear of thebuilding downstairs. 8455. o;’ Mrs. Ann Mikula. 201-Mrs. Janet Singley, 526-938:)Nassau Savings & Loan. 194 his research at Princeton president, has announced theNassau St. in Princeton. has a University.following classes: County chorusrestful look this month with With, these credentials at Silk screen Printing,paintings in the Chinese hand. Mr. Chiang displays a Monday, Oct. 7, 7:30 to 9:30 seeks voicestradition by l-Han Chiang. sincere love in his paintings. I- p.m.. instructor, Mary E. The Mercer County Chorus,Having completed un- l+lan Chiang paintings are Johnston: water color for sponsored hy the Mercerdergraduate work at Taiwan characterized by energetic beginner’s and intermediatds, County Park Commission, hasNormal University in 1953 in brushwork and brilliant colors Tuesday, Oct. l, 7:30 to 9:30 openings for voices in allChinese Literature, Mr. as well as a trenchant use of p.m., instructor ’. Ruthsections.Chiang has gone on to cam+ white and blackin contrast, in Wilson; hand built pottery, Auditions will be held in theplete his masters and PH.D. the Chinese tradition of Shih Thursday, Oct. 3, 7:30 to 9:30War Memorial Ballroom at 8studies in Chinese Art History. Tam. noted monk painter. D.m.,instructor. JeaneNoack. p.m+ on Monday, Sept. 9, andIn IW0. Mr. Chiang was Nassau Savings invites local Enrollment for all classes ison succeeding MonOayz inawarded a grant by the John artists todisplay their work in limited.and the classes willbe September at 7:30 p.m.D Rockefeller Foundation to its downtown lobby upon held in the Art Room of the The chorus has plans tostudy Chinese Art History at request, with Mr. Chiang’s Hillsborougb High School, perform the "Messiah" bythe University of Kansas, and exhibition on display through Amwell road, in Belle Mead. Handel, "King David" byfrom 1971to 1973 has continued September. Daytime and evening classes Honneger and also two Popsin painting and design in concerts.t i .F piI i ,i,different media will also be For more iaformation go tooffered as soon as the an audition or callN. Goekeatarrangements are complete. 446-1279 after 5:30 p.m.Fine ~Ood ¯ In~g:~r~ti~ ~ad ~=~r ~r . i ...... Montgomery Shopping Center "~Route 206 & 518 PrincetonYour Xm’)a.vorlte ~oolr..talle~Enjoy Them All~--"-~.~...j~...,----- Daily: I INTERNATIONAL MUSIC INSTITUTE founder and president is Colanne Stempel of BelieIn Our Warm-but A/r-ooadirioned Atmosphere I .... Alice 7 I~ Fantasia 8:30 m Mead, a concert pianist. (Stuart Crumphoto)DailyLunoh&OinnerBlackboardSpeeiala I Mad .... Sat. ~ SunTHE ULTIMATE EXP[RIENC[In Addition to Regular Gourmet Menu:..~ ~.~7~ -Entertainment ¯ Closed Sundays and Holidays"+ "Chamber music serves]+""++li’ l as commonlanguageA complete bluefish dinner Id/~:t~.~~+~JhyStuartCrun,pJr, talented young muslestudents The pianist will be Polish.forundera l in ! S4.9~ StaffWriter the opportunity restudy with born Artur Balsam. Miss~~ ~ internationally recognized Stempel is now negotiating toIf you love to perform artists," she said. obtain the services of an asil~!ARTLEASE chamber music, imagine She just recently returned yet-unannounced in-& Sales Gallery spending seven weeks in Spain from Spain where she made ternationally famous guitaristnext summer with several arrangements for the first from Spain, she said,NEW JERSEY world famous musicians, as Institute, which willbe held in "We will be exclusively aSTATE MUSEUM Daily7 ~’9 p.m. part of a chamber ensemble, that country next year or next chamber music school," sheMon, thru Fri. 10-4 ll,,.......,.......I learning and giving concerts summer. Programs may also said. "Many musicians preferClosodWeokendsforth ....... Illl ~.%l~"~arhmll~I in and near the historie eity of be held in other countries, she to spend their summersCulturalCenter WestStateStreetsaid, but these have not yet working with the standardTrenlon, New Jersey’(609) 394-5310 ’ That dream can come true, been arranged, chamber music repertoire¯ Suitable for d~splay at home or al and the person helping make it "Summer sessions are not a rather than ill sharing theirtheon,ce~~~Iall Santiago possible de is Compostela. Colanne Stempel new idea," Miss Sternpel time playing in an orchestra.of Belle Mead, a concert explained."Therearemany in Thars because the meat of the,: pianist whois the founder and this country, such as the chamber music repertoire isAir Conditioned president of the htternational Marlboro School in Vermont, more interesting to play,"The bluefish are running, lets enjov idl!l Start with a ~Music Institute, Kneisal School in Blue Hill, Miss Stempel said.cup of chowder, fresh broiled bluefish with salad and I.,IrlililPim DANCING "Cultural interchange is Maine, Tanglewood in "Some of the most inpotato,and finally your choice of beverage and dessertEVERYSAT,&SUH, glTE desperately needed in this Massachusetls and Aspen in teresting writing for eachall for $4.95.NOTTINGHAM age," Miss Stempel explained Colorado. There have also instrument that has ever beenOF in a reeent interview. "People been schools in Austria, written is ehamber musie+ OneJ*C~’RIG HTs;I.i~N i,~t, ilttilellltllilii!~tli , ~o+,,,oo+,~o~.,,so.,,,o,,,BALLROOM ineed to know one another and Switzerland, Franceaadltaly- of the reasons that ~tri0g~BAKER’S ..........~ ’ Me~c6 sk’’HinTill~h~sq’’ N J’ ~m~lsic iS a ~it~’eii~J)’~e’biClg:t0!............. . ........... *’ + ANALANJPAI(UU~P~ODtErlQN , ,TheLargestBalhoonlintheEasi c~.,~nmuni~J~i~ith’p¢0ple’ if Spain before, pehlii~g, ad~b’i;~{!rg to In’.afi$"jRoute 33 between Freehold g Hi9htslown :’ 609/443.6600:y61~ don’("~l ave ; the Same:’£1 .... ~T’~ I"but ,Spain it hasn’t is really been opening dane in up chambei;lausicians,m’tlsicis heCauseisits°isaP:the. W]4P~,N B; With allBil Ba’ndsPLPleasant Beach RedBonk language," site said, now. changing. It has a lot to most perfect balance of in+61oomtngdale LochArbour ITItE PARA~AX lit~l Sat.-BennySnyder "We plan to offer summer offer’ culturally. Our school struments." she said.,~A~; .... ~’~lchamber music courses in willbeinthenorhtwestseetion The hlstitute will be fundedI[~ltc~xa~ Sun..EddteShaw PrlvntePurtlelondBunquetFaclllllelAvuilable different countries and togive of the country just above by the Spanish government,It~!li .......... Portugal near or at the private individuals in theI "A BRi:ATH-DATIN6 1Uaiversity of Santiago de United States, and "possiblyCompostela. Santiago is a by foundations," she exmedievaluniversity town," plained, lMI is a tax-exempt,SUSPENSE STORY-A HARROWING HIHT OF TBE she said. con-profit corporation,SUNLITERROR OF OUR TIMEr’From Piano to TubaThe faculty of the Institute To raise money forne×tsammerwilleansistof sd,olarsbil~thelnstitutehasthe Yale Qtiartet..Broadus been holding benefit garageYou Can Study ItErie, first violinist and the sales. The next will be held ato+American born faculty IVliss Stampers hmne onmember; Syoko Aki, second Mulford Lane (off Surrey Dr.In the Prepviolinist, who is Japanese; eft River Road-Route 533)onWalter Trampler, a German- Friday and Saturday Aug, 23-Artist faculty for all ages, elementary schoolborn violist’, and Brazilian- 24. Follow the "Benefit Sale"born cellist Aide Parisot. sigus.through adult, and for all levels of For information on the ,advancement, including beginners.program or’ the garage saleCome Meet (contributions are being ac:PIANO: Ehua Adams, Josaleo Birchfielcl, Louise Cheadle. Wiiliamcepted), contact Miss Stempe!Cheodle, Talia Gulino, PhylNs Alperl t.ehrcr, Richard Ludl .... Carol PezuttiJanet Riedinget, Harold Zaba~¢k, Morion Zarzerzna; Evenings:7fl9p.m. at (201) 359-8745. , ,ORnAN: Virginta Cheesmnn; VOiCEI Mvrlel Lono, Judith N[cos~a,Saturday:7 fi9p.rTI.D~rliel Pro"; VIOLIN: Nadla Koutzei~, Goetz RusfiO, ida B~elor; s..~+v:,:3o,+:,o~9n.,,.Portrait ArtistVIOLA: Goetz Rustlo, Ida Bieler; CELLO: Joon Co~lierteAdmission:MCC slates$2.SOAdults $1.00ChildrenPastels and OJhThompson; CtASMCAL GUITAR: Bnrry M. Eisner~ RECORDERItudlle H,,,d dO..... FLOTE: Kim Hale’¢, Eileen Korey, .lava I~osenfeld SPECIAL MaTInEE-SAT. fi SL.JN,ance, concert,S+ioet, ct,rtN,t; G.o,O+ J ...... omoe= i+~,il, n,u,l~e, o+mSOO.; seP~,Ttha0tt, A’rz00P.M. PRINCETONSaturday, Sept, 7Randolph H+vill,md; TRUMPET: Ri(hard S ..... TaOmSONE ,n, .ou..,y,o,.,,.. li .IJEWISH FOLK CULTUREMo erer,-aY :tOW fiRAtS INSTRUMENTS: Bml¢~n K, Barlle; FRENCH HORN:SIOEOFTHESUNRichard Sco,; INTROnUCTiON io MUSIC: SUZUKI VIOLIN: $1.OOFOREVER¥ONEFrom 10:30 to 5 p.m.CHILDREN’S CHOIRI and CHAMBER MUSICLASSES,StaoingWed.,SepLltthWEST WINDSOR - ’l’h~BarbtaStteisandfa A secular school In Jewish education forStudent GovernmentCALL 609"921"7104 ~,o,o.,s+,,o,,o children be~Ins It’s second seuson Wed. She willbedoing Association of MeroorCnuntyInLouise Cheadle, Directornesday, October 2nd. Comlnmdty College will hold aFoaP£TE’8$AKE(PG) CharcoaISketches.Evonin~s: 789 pro.dance-concert featuring TheSan+rday:7~’~p ..... Closteelri=JewIshhlstory&trodltion, holid(lysGrcase Band an ;’riday, Sept.Westminster Choir College S~nd+,7:4:30,6:4069p,m,$20,and festivals, Introduction to Hebrew und Yid. 6, aL [| p.m, in the StudentAdnlission:Center oa thC West WindsorA0o,,..o Ch,ldr+nl~l,00 dlsh, llteretareandororts, mnslcunddunce,Preparatory DivisionTle Stucent Act v esChlidren 6.12 yrs, of oge (age 9roupa divided) Board tff the college willmeet Wedneiday orternoo.i, ¢lusses U.ltedla’esent ht eaneert llooehieto 12 children each, Ploose call for an ap.Coach and the Bit Apple Bluespolntment,lhutd Thursday, Sept, 20, at il},It(, in the Student Ccater,veFDlre¢lorllMercer Cnullty ConlntanityttLeC’Btfdge921.e907 124.9734 p~] Camms, 1900OIdTrentonRd,the Mollere Mtillere play Tarlttffe T(lrttlffe at.......--I... --- t the tleutr6 theutr6 I for f O r fivo fly 0 Ill nights "i. qltI/ I I I lit IIIiml I IThurstlay Tlitlr.stlay threllgll lhreilgll Suilday, SundayIJ U [] nI ¯ I I---II [] nI Sept, Ill lit throul~h through 222,’), Ul ul II’,tl II’,l~I~ ~ [] [] I ~ ~ II ~t.J [] I~p,nl, p,nt, ’rlckpl Tlckpl resorvationsiltil~ iltityOur DiM ~ I I I I I I II~I I ~ be lltsdn msdn at at (009} (U09} NlU.41100Ext,,, ’Mustboseenb an bod : ’. who really enloyl nloviel.ThaFi,l|,stht mov,e0~+ + I Youwlllbeutterlyfasc/nated. i ¯ ~l~-=-~Xln.I)hllagE/egao¢,’Jeha |¢hubeck AIC TV~l~J~:’l~’~ ~.~1 II 4.otam,an, Modemohlellll¯ ,,¯ ,aU.k,,, .WTv ¯ Ilk IL~/flUe"arrght , folt, funny t".t.A. t A TImts TIm,,,’,’h,,~"+,,,,,.earn,,,,~r,,,i,,h,~+’r(.~’#’l. ~t’ ~~’-~-~,;*’~~"~-~+~’~- I I"DlroctedwlthlrelhnellondII l~l~.T~¯ ..... I"Frosh, geodnatvrod, axhlluratlngfun,"l llllllm"~i~lllt~m~oi~lli"~,lli~i¯"lhalx(ttnlgSoandP+ ~’¯ "’ " + Itrtl;’illt, )et I hlhtt’i tti ,~;r.(,i+h Allllhgiu ’ InielllgOnco,". .NoraSayral, fl.Y,?lmilh l~;i lhl, .-w.WoiSoiSInltonPolinĪ []Ion Poll"III[I r--’---;r,7;~-,,THEo/(,,e......."~IIightsttlwrt, N,J,+,+iiiuil ,~ iglhieet ........ ~ ......; ........ .v Lt~’ ’-- |o+077,’ II’"’ ";=:=:+" +’°+°"r.+,I SU IAY II ,757i71;5I I "’z’ii’!,W+,L, ~ s.t, I ~;;h;,-,io,, _1 ¯ ~, olre, ri dat id red p U¢ ¯d ¯ afllnlb- §rucet"llldhlllSummor"l I IRIIddall31111tttotltt0),,i byPetediogdanovlch I--------=,==,=;..-...,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,., - _. ~ 1 ,’, i o , ............. , ¯ IBrown llot=lQ ........... SEASON FINALE¯ - I ,,o,..i~ "" ¯ I Tlcketl$3,110,,r,, t,;.+0.,,t’,,0,.M,.:t,t,t,,’.m.+,,,,),,,,or, i l+,i+,+,+,’ +,i+’o’+ti,’tAYHOUI’i,_h;I+"°"+I.-. i,l,...I.h ’~+lilil hll Illtllllh / J IMn.,IhniFrl, lrulil;t,,~0Sult, il!,u,,r,I I¯ FIl, l hl+ llli:3tll,m, I I,ili,llItp,~-7 i ll, #, 8:3111(1:10 Mill, Wld,,$11+ &lunI ¯ 0!illoil,lpgl "", "’;’ ..... u’-i511,ni, tot)13Oihnh I ll,in, t,i~t3011,1n,j......................... ¯ n, 2p,gh ¯ J C~lU~l~i’~l~’{~pTili,

...... " TIiURSDAY. SEPTEMBER 5, 1974reviewsOpera Association’s ’Widow’ is charmingThere is no more pleasant Dahlia, a mauve Marsavian sympathetic quality. the transitions fromway to spend an evening than who’s in love with tim No diamond-voice diva is pianissimo to forte and backto be diverted with a well vivacious widow, anyway. she. Prevost manges to unite need to be smoother.directed production of any There are balls, banquets, upper and lower registers in a David Kline is a strongone of a number of too seldom secret rendezvouses and all most skillful way, moderatingPopoff (husband to Natalie).performed, delightfully frothy the intrigues that make the powers of the upper so as loaded with stage presence, hoperattas. Von Suppe, Strauss operettas so much fun. not to outshine the lower. few flat notes¯ So what? Hethe Younger, Victor Herbert, Missing fro/n the P.O.A.’s Completely captivating. comes across.Si~anund Romberg and Franz production is an orchestral One wonders what she sees Generally, it seems as ifLehar wrote at least 300 such accompaniment, with most in Lance Thomas Vinlng as character development is leftworks between them most of gracious respect’ to the fine Duello, who is supposed to love mostly to the singers them.whic have flown into the past, pianos of Director Igor, her. As portrayed he’s so selves¯ For example, Carolforgotten as a dream that dies Chichagov and Clarence’ relentlessly stiff (this part Chang, as the beauteous alga,at opening day.Chang. But it’s just impossible requires the actor to show real starts off splendidly as a saucyto get those lilting melodiesA few remaitt to entertain.and pseudo feelings) that one flirt, surrounded by men¯Suddenly, snaring medodies,across without a tow violins wonders if he’d remove his Next, she’s seen with Nische,only half remembered, fill andand a little brass. Perhaps a uniform if called upon to makethe buffoon in the story. Adelight the senses. Anmore selective dispensation of love.most unlikely match.absurdly romantic plotfunds might allow for an or. The "tenor is generally Finally, we find her withoutexecuted with intelligence andcbeett:a next time around pleasant but with a tendency any escort at all in the nafeimagination, seems plausibleGood musical accompanimentis so helpful, soft palate on the higher notes every part is importanf.to move the voice towards the scene. In a good production,and fascinating.too, when voices fail. There resulting in a. vmx blanche however smaI1.Franz Lehar~a "Tbe Merry are few singers of operetta effect.Les Grisettes who are theWidow" epitomizes this type who can do cousistently well Elizabeth Taylor plays girls from Maxim’s would haveof musical treasure. You can without it. For example, were Natalie. Camille’s paramour, a zippier number if they didhear the Princeton Opera the first actchorus numbers at The part requires more than not even try to vocalize. ItAssociation’s version this sixes and sevens due to the the common garden variety would be more in charactercoming weekend at the Open lack of a good, strong, percussivebeat to Keep the and if not that, then certainlysoprano, however well tended. simply to belt out the song.Air Theatre in WashingtonCrossing State Park. Four smgers together?much more in the way of And although the membersperformances were gtven last Fortunately, the chorus was acting. So much can be done of the Princeton Regionalweek.much better in Act II. "Girls, with this part. Instead, Taylor Ballet Company are gracefulBriefly, the wealthy widow, Girls. Girls" done by the men m merely either jealous, angry to behold, the choreography isSenia. is encouraged to marly was especially entertaining. or Incongruously coy. Mockstrictlyroutine. Must allone of her own countrymen so Lynnc Prevost was quite tragedy supported by humor Slavic dances be the same?that her fabulous fortune ravishing as the widow. Snaia. would be a better approach. Still. they add much charm.doesn’t leave her Marsovian She has s pleasing appearance,personal Camille finds in her some the word for this production ofOne can only assume thai [n fact, charming would behomeland. Possible suitors aremany. One is an officer and a magnetism and extraordinary passion hidden from tile "The Merry Widow/’ from thenobleman, but he is French powers of physical endurance. audiencecostumes to the sets. All in all.and in love With another The considering the demands of Robert Mitchell is a nice a musical enterprise well donemost desirable from the the role. Her voice has a enough Camille. The tenor and worth seemg.Treasury’s viewpoint is Count lovely, thrilling, remarkably handles the voice well. OnlyMorley OsborneIntime opens seasonwith one.act comedyGRIGGSTOWN -- TheGriggstawn Reformed ChurchPrinceton University’son Canal Road will sponsor aSallte Brophy,rumnmgc sale on Friday,’nheatre Intime will open its Drama Series Snl)serlptions, Sept. 13, from 9 a,m, to 9 p,m.new season with The Typists, a with admission to all six Starting at 3 p,m., it’s all youfavorite one-act comedy by shows, are $12, Brochures and can stuff hi a bag for a dollar.Murray Sehisgal, the author ofinform~lion are available at Penny sale. for children only,Luv.the Murray Theatre or by will be from 4 to 5 p.m,The play, which was a longrunninghit Off Broadway, woncalling 452-8181.acclaim for its stars, AnneJackson and Eli Wallaeh* BY APPT. ONLYIntime’s production features"Winnie Holzman and MarkPRINCETON, N.I.~,~ Nelson as the office-workers609-924-3202!~J whose lives are revealed in thecourse of one nine-to-fivebusiness day.¯ :! Princeton audiences willremember Ms. Holzman forher performance as Mommym The Americae Dream.Mark Nelson has appeared atfntime as Pompey in MeasureFor Measure and Giovanni in’Tis Pity She’s A Whore.The Typists will be directedby Mitchell Ivers. thethcatre’s new executiveproducer, who directedSummer Intime’sCole PorterCabaret.Performances arcscheduled this Friday andSaturday evenings at 8:30 andSunday evening at 7:30. Admissionm free. and contributionswill be accepted.The Typists kicks offTheatre Intime’s new seasonBonsai GiftsGroomingBoarding(while on vacation)]CINEMAIRUMMAGE SALEPOLLY FAIRMANPOLY-EN GARDENS¯ ~tPANESE LANDSCAPINGof pla~,s which will include TheEffects of Gamma Rays OnMan-In-The.Mona Marigoldsby Paul Zindel Tom Stoppards dazzling double.bill TheReal Inspector Hound andElliott GouldAfter Magrilte. Lovers. acharming Irish Comedy byDon Sutherland’Boys in the Band’ just doesn’t hold upBrian Friel: an evening ofVermont exhibitexperimental one-acters:inLife is definitely not happy sudieece does laugh at some Player’s Allac Pierce is upamongsthegay population, funny lines, these lines havecirculating art exhibit fromBrecht’s lyrical drama. TheWEST WINDSOR - TheCaucasian Chalk Circle: andOr so playwright Matt less than an original quality, propriately regal as the"Queen," who is beingthe Green Mountain CollegeCrowtey would have us qlmy are more in the TV Varga plans fashion showWilliams’ending modernWith cIassicTennesseeThe "Spys"honored by a party. Art Department. Poultneybelieve. For his "Boys in the situation comedy genre,Band" he has depicted a group ..... at ite fir toOthers m the cast iriclude Vt Is now on view in theGlass Menagerie directed byThOUgh tt is n qu a Nof angst ridden comrades whoo.....t "’r, ~rowle in the class ~ r ~hv~r~T P.nll~v ~I ]Vl~rn~r Modelin g oneoft-e rl m fl~ fit a mporaryrasfllOflco e ..... oeslgnsmat ---- ’ -ouumas. , Bul Raynon, Eu...... : .....County Communuy:,."°~uo.":ege..... will. .be shownnext_Monday ’ Sept ’ 9 , at Robert Varga ’ oct-vr, i~:take deadly verbal pot shots at PUthL~illiaUn HellYman, compare W:wtkelln.s~:l: Herman oMcald,owers, ~ .........each other to relieve their for a moment her "Children’s . ,,...~.~.arrylne eXhibit runs t[irougo’. rasnions is Anne Mattia She and several other models willpresent the shop,s fall selections’ .at two showings.1 p m and...... Lewne and Jerry Hart- Friday Sept 20 Gallery hoursTH IS8guilty psyches. The Villagers Hour " wmcn nau a recentR b ....... ’ "’ ’ ’have chosen Crowley’s drama revival ’" a n" a "Be ys in them ueer11 vony .... aoase ~sare.iTem’ $-’tO a’In to¯ .o p mp.m. o art Varga is locates on rmute / across from theNEW~P~PFR..... L .................... ’ ........ ’ r esponslbte " for the direction ’ ’ uauy, Friday. tvto.nuay Sil ’ C O ’ m~a~ng~wa..tnrougu’A; awrence~nopplngt.entor IChffMoorephoto)a SHA R50)N . ’1STsUDIOfor their final production of the 1sane MS. Hellman S WOrK . ,summer season. The play, remanm:compelling.....ano eiwhich.IS....somewhat uneven -- a"i,BIl~b~45".PJllzmatlS~ll~;ll|~f~p..... stow start nuuds up to a- - l~It(OlleV~II:lElln~Iettl:~Vllt)~Si~¢SI/nwhich opened last weekend, tect ve Tee poignancy m an dr m t’runs Friday through Sunday uneonsumateo’ ¯ .......lesnlan liaisona a m and.hghtly.worked...... second act Bill Jammson hasevenings through the third netween two lrlenns moves us . ’week ill September with an just.........as tVU’ br0wley s worK,designed an effectivelygy - .yflambeuyant set8:30 p.m. curtain.with all its stage IfistrionlcsPRINCETON BARBERSHOP CHAPTER ARTS & CRAFTS CLASS rrra,k¢,sm, ! o+ 3The drama, which opened on tails to do.The Villagers have beenfor 6-8 year old childrenwill hold"The ultimateBroadway in the ’60’s, might Oneof the major reasons for attracting a dedicated andthen have seemed daring, but Ms. Hellnran’s success is thatgrowingnight wasdiientele.a sellout,Saturday AUDITIONS FOR NEW MEMBERS3.1} movie.and thetoday, as the public has she has given us plausible,each Tuesday during September CREATIVE APP ROACHbecome more open minded believable characters, audience seemed a happy andInstruction in plastics, metal, stone,The ultimate. atabout differing lifestyles, characters with whom we can satisfied one. The drama ofidentifyand empathize. Mr. fers one man’s view of awood, ceramics, painting, drawing, etc.scarediy an eyebrow would bePrinceton Day School 8 pm.,_.__.st°mathIfraised at the mlbject matter, Crowley has given us a it doesn’tsegment oftaxourthepopulation,viewers.andFor information eaU : 609-921-64&7Naomi Sharon, Instructorturner. ,00,t............. , Ilet alone the four letter words collection of people. MiseryIf’--Howard Ki.’,~el, . ~ ~., ’ ’ jmwhich pepper the script. This doesn’t necessarily loveElaine P. Ileinemann .... S.P.E.BIS.~.S.A.brings us down to the bare company in a crowd.Man. thru Sat. 5, 8:4E & lal~obones of the work. Does it hold The production is marked by¯ Sun, 2, 3:50, 5:40, 7=30 &up? tim triumphant entrance ofTo my mind it does not. And~pexperienced teachers working togetherBob Selig as Emery. In hisSCH00Lof VlLLELLAwhy not? The answer ties in debut with the Players Mr.to provide a creative music environmentOfficial School of the NEW JERSEY BALLET COMPANYthe fact that Mr. Crowley has Selig gives a wonderfullychosen character types rather compact and effective portrayalof the effeminate| wt~t~...ttdi~mer| two ~t.on.anythln~ gu~s [. ........ I~than real individuals to people* 4th GIANTWEEK! *~jbis drama. The scene gets just Emery, complete to hisrinceton Piano GroupBALLET ¯ MODERN JAZZIsomethtng caged_ ~ ~ Itoo crowded.gyrations in the kick line.Eeginning thru Professional.Classes for Chgdren, Teenagers, Adults,By focusing on a group, he Gerald Powers, after someoun 9Children. Orff ClassesSEND TODA Y FOR BROCHURElooses sight of individual pahi, initial stiffness, warms up to¯ Youth. Group and Private LessonsORANGE MORRISTOWN SOMERVILLEthe role of Michael, while’¯ Adults. Beginner and Refresher Classes174 Main Street 35 Market Street 190 W, Main StreetPrinceton6"/7-1045 540.0466 526.2334¯ Advanced. Private Studyand diffuses both audienceidentification and reaction.What we have left is a tawdryvoyeurism, and while theSINGLES--"1.EY2te,%CAROLIER LANESIn Gazebo LoungeRIO. 1, NIW BrunlwtckNear N, Brlmswict CircleLIVE MUSIC. $2.50WilIi! rotmino hieTwo Dance FlooreGet Acquainted AcllvalelNo Club to loin. All =OelAMendln0, ISS.6O). Sin Rle,WidoWed. Separated or Divorced.INFO WRITE: P.O, Sol 22S,Hlllhtlrown, N,J, 011 ~10, orCALL.HELIIN 201,297.15411I iiiii LIII! I I . I i ¯for brochure and Information:48 Journeys End LanePrinceton. N.J609.924-9406The NewSchool forMusic StudyFall term begins September 16A NON.PROFIT EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONStudios: "Unitarian ChurchCherry Hill Rd,Princeton, N.J.1974-75The country’s only research con.tar devoted exclusively to musiceducation.Jr the pianoInnovative program for beginners of all agesYoung Artist department for gifted teenagersAdult and Professional Departments inpiano and piano pedagogyFall term starts September 26Call 609.921.2900 for intewiew or information------- , ,,., .....OTHEBALLET ,,DANCECO-OPFALL TERM BEGINSEPT. 9You ;nay register 6t your first class,MODERN DANCE -,hlldren,3 5’ 4 yr. aids- Wad. 1:00-2:005 ~- 6 yr, aids. WoO, 2:00-3;007, 8 ff 9 yt, aids- Well, 3:00’4:0010, 11 f.t 12 yr, aids - Wed, 4:0n,5:00telnllllbofllnnors - Frl, 4-5:30Inlonnod, ¯ Man, ~t Thuts, 4-5;30odultllt basic- Man, 7130.9, ’rues. 9.10:30 A,M,heginttors - Tltur=, 6,7:30inlsrntod,. Tuos, 6.7:30, Wed, 7:30.9thlldremudult,iBODY CONDITIONING odut,,10, 11 ff 12 yr, aids. Tuns, 4-b;30ho0htHars. Man, I].7:30Mnn, 1-2:30, W0tl, fi.7:30Ifl P A I ,iSCHOOL OF BALLETBallet for children and adults, beginners, intermediatesand professionals ¯ Open Houseand Registration Fridays, Sept. 6, 13, 20 from3:30 to 5:30 and Saturdays, Sept, 7, 14, 21 from10100 to noon ¯ The above registration periodswill be followed by master classes for advancedstudents in the area, taught by MadameImogen.Wheeler, Ballet Rambert, London andLaura Gates, Gurtnerplatz Theater, Munich,217 Nassau St. Princeton924.1822Betty" KdLoeSchool of DanceBalletModern JazzTapDancing...a joyful experienceI"vry.hm, ddhhea 8r. Ibo’M lhdl~q Company mtaariM. IFo tryto tt,~l’¢l.lt a8 amlOStlilef¢ ill n~hil’ll iNl¢h dlihi wiU IWl’]arol st ahq,vl de, filldS sa!is/yhtg,,,a,t 8 harden, This way daarhl~l e/elb,, a,~ ninth fi:a ilS it iS vdapalhaedtnel belafilqal,Our 26th YearA complete danceducutioH In BALLET, TOE, TAP,and MODERN JAZZ for pro,school through od,vonced,Small graded cluE,as, ull under the personal direc,Elan ot Betty Kehoe,FOgWOMIN I!IINAGIIIIIJFar htlorn!ellon cell 9~4.11140, ur wrlleLawrencevllle Rd,, Prlntelen, N,J, 00S40!The P".ceto. Ballet Soclet’ Audme E~ev, DirectorAflnouncesThe Opening at the 1974-197S Season at ItsSchool (9/BalletCLASSES BEGIN WEDNESDAY,SEPTEMBER 18Registration of new students at the Studio, 262Alexander Street, Princeton, September 12 and13 between 3:30 and 5:30, or on September 14between 9:30 and 12:30. Former studentsshould return applications by September 9,**a(=***BALLET - MODERN. JAZZWOMEN’S BALLET EXERCISESCHOLARSHIPS AVAI LABLE FOR BOYS ANDYOUNG MEN REGISTERING IN BALLETFor furthm infornlation and for brochure phgna{009)921.7}’58 botweun 10’.00 gild 12;00 noon~nd 2:00 ¯ fiE00 p,m. or write: DIRECTOR,Prineoton [tilllOl Sucioly, p,o, bnx 171, Princeton,N.J, 08540,The I)iiliealoll Llallol Soeh.’ty i;~ s ItUll.ptofltedLleglktn!ll L)lg[llllZl:liUll lhlll Ili~lllllidtls il 8chLtoluf Ilil!l¢l iIlld Ih¢ I’thlcclon RggJa!lal ll~llst, aenmllal~y nf yetmg d;Ult’el,’i l~hu~iol! by aodillal~flUlU SllldJlni lhnlnghni:l (’CIllIgl N~w J0ts0y, ThePrito:ebto l’k’giona! Lhillel Is a lllOilihar uf llloNotthoasl l{¢ginaal llalllll A~su,:hillaa lllid uf theA~i)¢~llh~!l of All~ik’all l)ail¢c (’mUlmnla~.~- ~ -. ,! , : ........... T Ul[L J__I Princeton aollet $¢hool opanln 0 U branch Itudl0I In ¢~’onbury this full, Watch thh paper for detalh| o¢call (609) 921,7700,R , ~ ~ i iJ, ,H , i i , .....

Business3ortunitiesTHE PRINCETONP./tCI(ET"Seven For Central Jersey"+* + +,o Classified dvertising..... -" THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 5. I974BusinessOpportunitiesCHILLSBORC~GH BEACO~]he Manville NewsThe Franklin NEWS’RECORDI N ~] E S T M E N T 0 P -ADVERTISING SALES . ADMINISTRATIVE ASSIST-Dental Receptionist . MAIL CLERK-TEMPORARY MATURE PERSONS to work ~VON TEACHERS - FORMERA CRAFT MATERIALBUSINESS including stock forPORTUNITY: Establishedexperienced telephone sales’rANT TO TREASURER ofSECRETARY for busy - Duties involve clerical work as l{omemaker- Home HealthTEACIIERS - Why be boggedjust $16000..A real buy in aattd growing Wholesale Giftpersoneeded for Princeton Princeton area research aud Pr neeton speeialiat. Ex-5urting and distributifig at Aides. Part-Time Full.TimeBusiltcss featuring Hand- ad agency, Salary and/ordevelopmentcompany. Secretarialskills aad some previous~rienee preferred. Will train mail. May last couple of openings available. Starting GREENCIIItIS’PMAS!"Bean"I’nEI)IIEAMING OF down(churn?. CallWhYLarryW°rrYsiegelgreat location nearMorrisville, Pa. Presentm’afts acd Nature’s Gifts.commission, full or partime,National distributionowner will teach the buym" in.ff necessary. Must be gced montha. For appheation salary 2.35 per hour plus 10 Avon Representative. Earn Sales Career. at 20t-722-0272.Phone 609-799-3800. financia y-related e~periencetypist and manage office, please call 609-452-5539 or cents mile transportation, money in your spare time.how to use all craft items,end ng gift, department DENTAL SECRETARY required. A high degree rofHours 9 to 6, no Saturdays. ApplytoPersonnelOffice Clio Free training course to be Start now - buy lots cf presents EXPERIENCED general andManor Realty, 94 S. Main St.,stores and mad order ASST. - fcr Princeton dentist. interest in a general businessPhone 609.924-4113. ltall Princeton University. An given September 23rd - Sep- this December. Call 009-799. life insurance solicitor sought0qual opportunity employer. [ember 281h. Call Prineeton 3318.catalogues. Representation One full time and one part operation of a dynamic andfor a sales position with aYardley, Pa. 215-493-6535.MA~EESM/F. Community Homemakerattd showrooms in all areas of time, Fringe benefit apartmentavailable for the right engaged in developing newMATINEE - agencylin Central New Jersey,fast.growing organizationmajor general insuranceneeded immediately Car.Lens Service 924-5962 between 8U.S.A. Investment over theIce Cream Shop in new CLASSIFIED a.m..and4.p.m.GR~GE~oext two years leading to capable lady who can type technology also desired.5 year comprehensive training Excellent work eofiditionsshopping center in Hight- ADVERTISINGBUSINESS needs con- owership. Princil)al planning we]l, willing to learn. Phone 9 Telephone Mr. A.. L. Cagey,SEC~ by program with one of the with over t5 major insuran~:estown. Other openings in N.J,SALESsciencious person for retail Io retire. Central New Jersey to 5. 609-924-4391, 609-452-9595. for interview &Peans. Call collect 215-398-large Princeton insurance radons fastest growing in- companies at your disposal.sales of commercial Location. Write Box //02023,appointment.0867 or send resume to Car- Like to talk with people? If soagency. Typing and ability to duo(ties leading to POsition of Partial salary, commmsionstationery and office furniture Princeton Packet.BAB~inLens fee Cream Shop P.O.work with statmtics required, branch manageryou’ll enjoy selling classified and salary of and fringe benefits cemfurniture.All phases ofmy homo for 4 yr. old child’Box 3332. Wescosvihi, Pa. advertising by telephone alongoperation. Must be willing andMonday l1:30 io9 and TuesdayLiberalfringe benefits.Please $25,000. Reqmrementatleast 2 binationa. License required.WE WOULD LIKE TO 18106.callMr, Scl,err at 609-924-H700. years coIlege. Corporate Contact box 02656, c/o Prinwithtyping and general officeable to work fat’ rewards. Help Wanted ] to 6. Own transportation CONTACT SOMEONE WITHduties. T t s s a full time. 5- CLE~tureretort Packet.Eventual partnership possibleneeded. Call 609-448-7865. A SMALL, ENCLOSED WANTED - ExperiencedbenefitSal[owances available.and trainingCall Mr.to the right person, SentTRUCK for occasional pick-up reliable cleaning person. Twin day, 9-5 position in a friendly per5en or recent high school Boris at 609-392-6317 for an CASHIER/STOCK CLERKS’,Resumeto #0153WHH.PO Box FULL TIME SALESPERSONKITCItENperson wanted - and delivery of fine furniture. livers. 2 half-days per week. Prmceton office. Salary plus graduate. Divergified’duties appointment.146 Hightstown, -- unfinished wood and wicker pleasant wm’king conditions Experience in handlin~ furniiureand insurance ot con-609-448-2250.RESPONSIBLE PERSON to player benefits. Apply MachMu5thaveown transportat ca.commission and all health willing to learn. Liberal FULL OR PARTTIME SALESbenefits. If interested call and benefits. Princeton area firmPEOPLE. Good wages Ematakean appointment with 609-924-8700 Ext. 43.furnitm’e. Excellent working Must have own transportation.PRINTING BUSINESS eonElitioIES 609-921-2999. Call weekends between 9 & 4 teats important. Please callcare for 2 children ages 6 and Lumber Co., Main St:, Wind.Mrs. Moran. 609-924-3135.COMPLETE -- all modero ltOUSEWORKER -Tues &p.m. 609-921-7600. THE WOOD SHED’(MontgomeryTwp.) after 5 P.M. or retired man to makePAR TIME college studentMEDICAL SECRETARY -4, in motherless home. Veryequipment and accounts. Fri. Own transportation,Three story building with apt. references. 609-924-0243 after 7 SALESPERSON : 19 and up 201-3594777. :. deliveries and package boxes PA~K-9 Preferrably experienced. 35 light cleaning and cooking sor, NJ.hours week (4~/~ days), ex-Monday through Friday.Owneretu’ing at young age. p,ln.for iuside sales. Apply inin shipping department from hrs. per week, callS09-924-9300 eellent salary and benefits.Salary open. Call 609.448-7457Price $125.000. 609-396-4285. DRIVEl{ WANTED - toperson 9-5 p.m., 909 State WANTED - YOUNG PERSON 12:30 to 5 p.m. Monday ext. 274. Must be good typist for doing after 7 p,m, TECHNICIANPrincipals only el ver bettle gas. Junction lteud, PrincelmL 2rid floor. 4 imurs per day (afternbon5) through Friday. Call 609-395- correspondence insurance --Fuel & Supply Co., MonmouthRELIABLEPEB.SON - (male days a week plus 2 evenings 0154 for appointment.FORRS, DEXPERIENCED cheerful forms billing. SurgicalICOMPLETELY equipped Jet. 201-329-2155. or female) wanted to care for until 10. Companion to charmingelderly lady. Please call SEC~ for sitting. My home, own tran- who is quick, quiet and ef-person needed for part time scheduling. Want someone INSURANCE CLERK Opportunity exists (or an ex-Nursery School available forgclive toddler 4 mornings arent. Excellent opportunity. MEN- WOMEN- STUDENTS week, 9-12. 609-92’]-3398. 609-92t-9495.aw office, experence in real sportation, references. 609-737- fieient. Call to set up ap- HOSPITAL work closely with engineersthedevelopment of precision scientificWrite Box 02651, e/o Princeton Fnlltime nr part time. Drive aPacket.Pied Piper Ice Cream Truck. WANTED - babysitter for 3 ADMINISTRATIVE Asst.estate preferred salary to 0218. pointment 609-921-7223.commensurate with ex-Experience in filling elecnonic instrumentation, TheFuu job. Big money Call 201- weeks, Sept. 20 thru Oct. t4. /Secretary Challenginghospital insurenoe forms ideal candidate will have an A,S, or238-2B20215-493-2381.position opec in Princetonperieuec. Call 20t-359-5131 forTRUCK DRIVER - UTILITYtechnical school training with apmterview.S E C R E T A R Y "3 RESTAUI~ANTS 3 bars.-located non-profitdesired however applicantWORKER - Abilit Xto operate proprlate related experience, Ex-BOOKKEEPER - Immediategood location, in Princeton IIOUSEKEEPER NEEDED BAB~in organization operating nontraditionaleducationalessential. Knowledge of perience will be considered areasuch as physical and opticala light truck with care iswith general office ex- penlse in other related technicalEXPERIENCED IBM --" position for responsible inandE. Windsor areas. Priced Mmtday through Friday, 3 my itome in Prbmeton Junctionfor a 3 rags, old girl 8 a.m. programs. Short on securitycampus and town an asset, for training. Excellent salary measurements, or mechanicalcomposer operator, full dividual. Must be selffrom$75,000 to $425,000. Excellentterms all good moneyp.m, - 7:00 p.m. to clean dolime/part hme. Hours motivated and personable, fabrication would be desirable.makers..Oliver Realty 60(9-924laundry, and cook simple to 6p,m. weekdays starting loug on diversity. Call John flexible. Call 609+924-5380 and Good driving record benefits and working con-Duties include general office Good pay, educational assistance,supper for working parents mid-Sept, References and own Newton. 699-921-2021 for intel’viewprior bookkeeping necessary, please call 609-452-5539 or Personnel Dept.: - llfelnsurance, regulsr reviews’andask for Carl,with some bookkeeping. No necessary. For applJcaUan ditions. Apply ir oerson paldhospitallzafion,tmaiotmedica7777 or 609-799-205B. with 12 yr. old soil. Pleasaut h’gosportatimt necessary¯iofnrnml atmosphere. $70/wk. Weuldalso consider droppingapply to Personnel Office Clioretirement program Call 3arbaraSNACK BAR HELP - year Salary commensurates with Hall, Princeton Uaiversity. An acarano,{5g9)452-21tl.’CLOSELYIIELD Princeton Own transportation and off baby in Princeton Junction ASSISTANT NEEDED ATTHE CARRIER CLINICResearch firm with high refm’enee5 required. Call after area Call 00(J-799-1569 after TIlE WOOD SHED FUR- older.r°mtd’weekdaysmUStbe &18 weekends.years or foreXperieeCe’appointment.Call609-452-1400 ~Ul~potential liE FlEe cammunicationsindustry seeksSept. 1. 609-921-7591 p.mNITURE RESTORATIONlopportunity employer, BELLE MEAD. N.J.PRINCETON APPLIEDCall Princeton Country Clubinvestment capital PleaseFACTORY WORKER -CENTEIL Full time lob encompassesstripping fur-MEDICAL ASSISTANT - ~rt Drip. No previous expermncE Equal ODOonunJty EmployerCASHIER - full or part time (201) 359-3101RESEARCH CORP.609-452-8348tIOUSEKEEPEIt WANTED ¯Eaual Opportunity Employer (M/F]respond to Box 1102959PrincetoePacket.Various duties. Must be handy(() take charge of motherless with tools and reliablehmne with 3 children nges 3, 5rconscieneiousworker. Penmngtonture, furniture repairs,time for internist off(re, needed but helpful. Fringepreparation for refinishing WANTED - mature recep-Princeton. Hours must be benefits, paid vacation, Bl.& 8. Must be williog/able toCOUPLES WITROUTarea. Reply Box #02648, c/o a d w dtin~ on customers. Ourfienist - typist with clerical flexible. No Saturdays or Cross etc. Contact Mr. Funk.care for and ilandie active Princeton Packetpleasant farm workshop is 5k lls and knowledge of evenings. Must have previous L72 Nassau St., Princeton.ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION CENTERprevious hUSLnCS5 experienne children Will providebetween Princeton & Bellentedical terminology for office experience, Salaryhut willing to work & learn room/bath/tv. Startblg $"75. a DIRECTOR: an area Nursery Mead. Please call 201-359-4777doclor’s office 16 to 18 hours negotiable. Call 009-924-6384 TUTOR WANTED - college RESIDENTtogetiler. Pleasant, profitable WE!ek. Will consider mother se go is interested in hiringafter 5 PM (after Labor Day pet’ week. Lawrence Town- between 9 & 12 a.m+ senior or former teacher towork. Contact Amway witil pre school child. IIome somemm to administer its call Tuesday tlwough Saturdayduring business hours).math and English. Write Box5hip. Call 609-883-6556,teacl~ 6th through 8th gradeMust be eligible for N.J. School Bus Ooerators License,Distrihuiers. Phone (201) 359- located in Freehold N.J. Call school program. ThoseKnowledgeanle;~ the area of building maintenance and~AffE-FOR- 2 bbys ages2 & 53349 for interview 009-443-4026 cr preferably#02552 Princeton Packet. reoairs, grounos maintenance and caretaking duties, firstaid con5ervanon, water safety, outdoor living, anohamc or yours, near Princetonqualified please call 609-452-TREE CLIMBER - applicant about 3B hours a week, mywrite hox #02647 e/o Princeton !)204 nr 699-924-4955.should have tree o]imbingPackelJANITORIAL Steady Part experience, horticultureDENTAL LABORATORY must evidence the ability to work efficiently with staffcampus. 609-92t-1833.SWITCHBOARDtime evenings Men. thru Fri. hackgrouud or keen interestTRAINEE - East Wiodsor. and colleagues,Parttime No experienceOPERATORFULL TIME waiters br tlightstown & Princeton areas. and ability. Excellent com- ELEMENTARY TEACHER - necessary. Manualdexterity a 12 month position, 40 hrs. a week with a salary of $6000PARTTIMEt’,LERK TYPIST - for invoicingand accounts restuuruot. Call 609:924-5108. 1033.ccaditious. Call 699-924-3590ėxperieuce all subjects with 609-443-6060.included.wuitresses- fine princeton Car neces5ary, Call 609-443- pauy benefits and working ntust have minimum 2 years mu5t. NoSat. or evenings. Call to $7000 based on experience, Dwelling with all utilitiesFor some evenings, days receivable. 201-329-2341.children 10-12 years old.and/Mr weekends and holidaysKEYPUNCItER - part time SECItETAItY Send resume to Boardper arrangements. ExperienceSCIIOOL SECRETARY - Full oeeded by lh’inceton researchSecretary, Roosevelt PublicPosition requires a person with no school aged children,Call or apply, PersonnelDept.:NIGHT WATCHMAN Eluy 5 day week. Good typing week ends. Call 609-924-3540.time, 10 nmnth position, 7 hour firm. Work days, evenings, or Small Aerial advertising School, Roeseyelt, N.J. 08555. NURSESApply by letter no later than Sept, 13, 1974 to:al steno skills. Call -THE CARRIER CLINICl lillsbormlgh lligh School, 201- GENERALEompany (Nassau StE’eet)OFFICE workers leokmg for sharp Ms to take ¯RN’sAssistant Superintendent of Personnel & TrainingPartime, two nights per weak,needed part time by Princeton charge of a busy office. Must Gage JOBS359-1151| Ior iuterview betweenBELLE MEAD, N,J. Black Seam Low pIessu!p :~qalresearch~firm. Call B09-924- be excellent’ steuographer.;B:30(201) 359-3101 required. Fdnge benefits, Call for .......~’3:30. :. : ’_:’+’ ""!54(~,, ,. , ..... Attractive. Articulate. AVAILABLE" ’+;One fuB time, one part time, 11 East Windsor Regional School District384 Stockton St.Equal Opportunky Employer M/Fappoitltmenb Personnel O f!ice:Capable of handling a busyHightstown, N.J. 08520+’AItT T: ME" MUSIC Teacher. PARTIME+ tiE oLin il~sneeded )honb and keeping up with aProfessional and Technical(rade510-t2fn’private5chcol tm large~rmcet nee. , dynamic yonng bose maD. A SknledondUnskl0edDepartment,THE CARRIER CLINIC 50 utes nortl of Princeton agency..uener, a£ ~z}ce ~r~ real challenge for the right gal. New lersel StateBELLE MEAD, NJ. to leach music theory, ap- goootypntgsKnis: uallew-,,:’tn’eciutieuarraiigement a?OU,upen. Call Monday, Wed-5 day week - 9 to 5. SalaryTHE CARRIER CLINICCHEMIST(201) 359-3101Trainin~&EmploymEntSeniteBELLE MEAD, N.J. NOTICEeusnn’thle work, ipstrumentatnesday or Friday between 1:00 Suburban Office at:(201) 359.3101SENIOREqual OpporIunily ErnploVe, M Finstruction -ur some of these. SCHOOL BUS DRIVERS and 4:00.Rtes, 33 & 130 at W00dside Rd.Ilnur5 uud dutie5 to fit on- wanted for routes in Monthusiasticexciting leader, tgomery Twp. Will train for SKY I)ItOMt)TIONSRobbinE~ille, NJ.Equal OpponuniW Employer m/fWith the recent decision of the New JerseyAPPLICATIONSPhone 609-5BB.4034Supreme Court a/f newspapers In the state areltesunEe and refereuces to Box license. For information callCHEMIST#352, GLadstone, N.J. 07934. 201-359-580:].6(YJ-921-6636 609.448-1053barred from running any "help wanted" ads thatNo Fee ChargedTECHNICAL dfacrlmfnate between ~exes.Requ#ed to doveloD AnalyticalLIVE-IN tIOUSEKEEPERTYPISTThis ban fnc|udes the wording of the ad."Methods and Applications withCUSTODIAN fro" widower with 2 boys agesDENTAL ASSISTANT - experiencedin 4 handedExcellent typing, good vertfsement alonrl with column headings. Suchnew instruments. This lealaboratory position requiring CLERK-TYPIST For housekeeping dept., 4-[~ and 1-~¢. Older boy ingurscry set(eel all day. Room chairside assisting.knowledge of basic En01iah titles as "salesman, "Girl Friday," maintenancebackg,ound in all phases ofday shift, 8 a,m, to 4:30 aod board plus salary. Call Lnwrenceville, salaried andgrammar. 3 years experience man," are against the /aw. Ads seeking aAnalytical Chomislry with emphasisp,rn., full time, Generalon Instrumental Techniques. 2-5Ralph Hull( Jr.. 609-924-1052benefits. Send resume to Box HOUSEKEEPING AIDE processing technicalGee0 typing and telephone mannerSome malh aptitude and abilityhousekeeping duties. Excellentworking conditions, p.m. and week ends.(luring day, cr 921-1451 after t~)2657, Princeton Packet. Man or Woman for houeekeepingrnanuscripta.Familiarity with "salesperson" or salesman.woman or "Girl.Guy"years lab expedence would be apptopdate with some experience indepanmeap day shgt, 8 a.m. " 4:30 graphics/printing techniques Friday are suggested as alternatives.1o work under pressure requited.p.m., full time, General desirable, Good pay, We request the cooperat/on of our ad.Electro Analytical techniques highly Good pay. educational assistance, benefits and sala,y. Ap#yhousekeeping duties. Excellent educational easistance, paiddesirable.pal0 hospitalization, meier medical, Personnel Dept. POSITIONS AVAILABLE MEDICAL working cond0ions, benefits andvertlsers In adhering to this declsfon of thehospitalization, major medicallife insurance, regular reviews andAdminllnanve+ IaloI, Iecretarie~,salary Apply Persormel Dept.’, and life insurance, regular Supreme Court. The advertiser fs also liable forWe offer axcoltent salary, benetits retirement program. Call Barbara THE CARRIER CLINIC monagement IrlUnIel, englneerl. TECHNOLOGISTand pleasaln working conditions, Scarano (6091452.2111,bookkeepetl, general typlltl,THE CARRIER CLINICreviews and retirement any violations.Please forwa,d resume to.BELLE MEAD, N.J.Part time Medical Technologist. Experienced.For private psychiatric BELLE MEAD, N.J. (609~ 452-2111.program. Call Barbara Scarano,ehlffilsti, rIceptlofllltI, dro[-(201) 359-3101tlmen.cNnic. 7 a.m. re t2:30 p.m., Satur.days and Sundays. Fringe benefits.PRINCETON APPLIEDPRINCETON APPLIEDPRINCETON APPLIED Equal Oi)ponuntw Emplovo, M~F SNELLING & SNELLINGPaidsick leave and vacation. Free (201) 359-3101The Princeton pocket Newspapers South Somerset NewsapersRESEARCH CORP.[if++ insurance. Call for appoinmlenb Equol Oppott urlily Employet RESEARCH CORP. 300 Wnherspoan St., Prtnceton P.O. ant 146, Somerville, N.J.RESEARCH CORP.Personnel Agency Personnel Office’.Equal Opportunity Employer (609) 924.3244 (20 f) 725.3355P.O. Box 2565. Prirlceton. NJ 08540Equal Oppo,tonity EmployerEguaI Opportunity Employer NASSAU PLACEMENTS $53 Nassau StreetTHE CARRIER CLINIC.,.by Bea HuntPrinceton, N.J.CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING FORMBELLE MEAD, N.J,609-924-8064(201) 359-3103ForemanWe specialize in Ilours 0 m 5 Man. thru Fri. Equal Oppununity Eel+lOyal M/FI.,,,,., .... ..2.,,..., .... 3,.,,..*,..,Sheet Metalsecretaries at the4 ...... ....... S ........... 6 ...........TE(HliltgL WRITERNURSES- PART TIMEexecutive level,Excellent opponunlty for the "Shirt-Sleeve" individual experienced in 7 ............. g ........... 9 ...........PBX OPERATORRN’Sthe supetvlsion of cheat metal mechanics, operators, welders, ate,Th0 i0eal Dartime lab WorkDon’t lose touch with your10 ............ 11 .......... 12 ..........profossion...Stay cur~0nt by We offer a modern, well equipped plant+ s vary 0Qod benefits package-SOFTWRRE195 Nassau Street Thurs./Fri. or aaL/Sun, ehiUs working 10 houls a week. and good salary.plus holidays. Day houre ~l4 LINES.I iNSERTION ................. $3.00a Ftovkle technlcol supuoU for nmior sotfw¢lle product.$3.50 hour.UCU3.11 and 11-7 omPlease write In confidencea Demonstrated tkiih in wrtflng to produce documenta,924-3716ICU 11.7 am(3 InIertionI ¯ no changes) ............ $4.$0tion end frolning nmferi~l~,CONTACT pEPeONNEL OFF~CE: IV 7-3:30 palIncludlnR salary requlrements~(When Paid In Advance) If billed add .50a Some COBOL experience requited,M/S 11-7 SinBox #02655, c/o The Princeton PacketCLASSIFICATION .........................e Shong educalional backg,ound,THE MEDICAL CENTER CONTACT PERSONNEL OFFICE¯ An Egua~Opp~mumwEmP~eYurNAME .................................PERSONNEL AT PRINCETON, N,l, THE MEDICAL CENTERi iADORESS ...............................60FTWRRE SUPPORTCOUNSELOR(609) 921.7700ATPRINCETON, NJ.oqu{il opport qnity Olnployer (609) 921-7700TIMES ....... PAID ....... CHARGE ......¯ Provide techldcCd ~upnorl for major ~oftw~re pmduO.oqLial opp¢)r tunRy ompluyorWAINFORD’STitod (It dlo n~ut01ql Saekino il juhCLASSiPIED KATP$a COBOL end d~rto Urocelfin9 e~nodel~CO requiled. wbe~tt yuur I~llOrUS aug reooOla/ed?Ill IIIEI_--_5--- ,auusm t~r,ittcetoll Plltceltlerlt AgencyAIM Classified AdverrliinR oppaars In all sevena Proved CO,lln~uni~(gion ~kilh; uhility Io develop ~Otl. gnu whuut the awattl~ a~e dhmglywata Ilabgn 0oidl.telaLad Io y{Jla abilitiet+?nawlpapari, The Princeton Packet, The Lawrence419 N, Harrison St, 609-924.9380 Ledger The Central Po~t, WlndIor.HIohrs Harold, Thea 5Iron eedu¢(glonol b(icko,aund,Then dlJnk of a oaroet ot~ aa t~(lle or hP mlvul.plule~hm~d placement cuun~ollo¢MILLRITE ¯ MACHINIS~ (0RCBLOG,) Room 106Manville News, The Fronkln Newi.Racord andHillsborough Beacon, Adl may be mnnad In orWolking [or a ptnfo~!on~g pet. Immediate openingsvallablo with fsst growingte aphonad, Deadline far now ads Is S p,m, Monday It~unnui ~lEoncy...FAN NINGIcontpony recently relocated from Florida,Permament & T0mp0raffthey are to ba properly do.Iliad. Ads mu~t be can.IBm SYSTEmo y(}Li hove a ~ellHIne dm~i~atiplb,Office add Staff Placements celled by $ p,m, Monday,dyn,tnfi¢ s+]hJ~ pert, unslity ,md ~J~eas~+leWfi(;o, wuw Ilai yaulRATES are Sa.O0 for four final or llsl for nee lllUe at,50FTLUIIREACTION PACKAGING MACHINERY INC,"/’/w IVhu’s IFhu Agency of I’rincetoa"If orlRInaNy ordered In advanca~ $1,S0 oddltlonal forWu l;an og0f you 20 yeOtU (If FAN’Hightotown, N,J.NINq plaeenl~m ~M)uri+JdPa,.... ,+..~, ,,.~...........7] llf i i i lliitwo conleEutlva weeks ar IllUaS, and the third In,+e~It~bli~hu0 conlaol~l Bed(609) 44D.9210lartlou ts FREE, Thereafter. each consloutlva IIIUa5PEtlnLISTu~lubll~hud nsmu ~nd topulafi0dThree 011ice Posltionsonly cO!tl SL Next Incrame,t af up to four lines SOoml hill mm~oemunt E~lpport¯..... , , i iiiiml .........Eanll and the some thareottar Ads may be displayedL. Tehphone/Reoeptlenlet, pl,~l t/pins openlgg end mding[~(~apa +nolqOloW ioJn lhe IOildl tl[ iiii , ,,,, i iwnh white ipaca margins and/or additional capitolinBIl and other olorlcal dutl.,people wht)5~ io0 I~ [indillg ioh5iatlarl ot SS,SO par in~h, Spaniel dllooont rare oflot olh,t~CLERK TYPIST$S,00 per rich I avollohle to ndvertllarl runnlno thet~ll OllPOrtgngy fur bgalli0ont andynlltDig poP~gtl wllh gD{+O fypItld 2. SeorBlaly lr., Heavy typln$ some phone ¢ontecle,laml c alIItlad dllplay ad for I$ coniecutlva welklIi kIIhl, ~b~lhy attd a dt~hu to ~oorn gad [lel[(Jen dJvi411Ohud sn~ JlgalolJ~i[gJOr dlffarant ¢lalIlflad dllp oy ads tola[Ing 20 or moreMAKE 1HE MOST IMPORTANT dlflhl~3. 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THem,vcfroNpacxfr"Seven For Central Jersey"-._. Class 19. ifi ed dvertising°HILLSBORCI.~H BEACOI~PneManvilleNewsTheFrankl|nNEWS’RECOR0Help Wanted Help WantedTRUCKDRIVEl1. Warebeuse, BAKERY SALES HELP -Local PlumbingSupplyIlouse,12:30- 3:00, Man.through Fri,Local Deliveries, GoodsalaryApply Cream-O-LandDairy,& benefits, Gordon & Wilson 000 Somerset St,,NnwCo., Hightstown,609-440-0507.Brunswick,NIG~T~3-llPART TIME WORK/Fullp.m.,& 11-7shifts¯ Permanent Time pay - Represent Sara’part or-full time. Small Coventry Jewelry¯ Averageprinceton office¯ 609-924-2040. $35 to $45 per evening. NoCAR~seecollecting, delivering or inpremisesin exchange for vestment needed. 009-443-1032living quarters - Montgomoryor 215-946-3048.Township.20t-478-1336.Hgl~~mcSCH~ER,No ’experience necessary.KcndallPark area part timeHouseof Gerard 009-924-3003. will train. 201-297-1295.CLERK-TYPIST - goodWANTED-- school bustyping,pleasant telephonedrivers. Full time, part timemannersamust for this smalland substitutes. Call Monroecongenial busy mailing list Twp. Board of Education. 201.brokerage house locatednear 521-2114.Princeton Junction. Paid BlueCross - Blue Shield¯ Previous ASS~ST--A~I~PERoffice experionco required.-- Io’post on a montlfly basisCall 609.452-9000.recurring journal entries andledger¯ Also to take monthlytrial balances reportingto theSECURITY GUARD- tin- Genm’al Ledger Bookkeepermediate’opening40 hr. week. Ior the company. PreviousRotating shift, /nights) ex-xmtin~ experience necessary.cellcnt fringe benofits, hnmeatate. Call Mrs. Repose,Uniforms furnished. Meadow089-924-4124. An equal op-Lakes RetirementCom- par u ty cnplover M/Fmunity, Etra Rd., IIightstownjN.J. 609-440-4100. An equalopportunity employer.DENTALASSISTANT- FullTime, Orthodontic office,MENWANTED- who like to Ilightslnwn area, Carsing¯ Princeton Barbershop necessary. ExperienceChapter welcomes guestspreferred bel will train¯ Callevery Tuesday, 8p.m. Prin-009-448-08D0.reran Day School¯Ca1160i)-921 Ī)ELI CLERK-full time, not~t07,experience necessary butHAR~ D E P T preferred. Call between 5 & 7Managerial and bardwarexln. 009-924-1802. Nassauexperience. Responsible l)c/i, 1 )a mer Sq., Princeton.person.Good Companybenefits. Maeh Lamber Co., ItEGISTERED NURSE -Main St Windsor NJ GItOUNDSPERSON-ianitor. ~eT2:K/’llY~l,SVr~N:ns~eew° COUNTER.PE!{SONS for SALES--be your own bess. experienced supervisorCLEi~.~/~P-}IEIt- Ollt~°~tUtnall~vef°rDe~ndl~V~dUanl,(~(!~c,e;, Plane Anna D. Smith, ~ep~Z:la°Pd~l~aa~.~o3,’pa;:. Enjoy rapid advancementin desiros part time employmentthe educational sales field.9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Mondayposition availab(e, Pleasant grounds care, painting and t~Jv-,J~o-~am. Bagel Shop, 177 IVIereer St. One PIvIO salesman made tta’ough Friday. Write Boxworkm~ conditions, many p "t ncnt n a nt.e ance Call BABYSITTERwanted 3 days Rigbtstown. $1 379 commissionon his 10th tD2653, Princeton Packet.fringe oenefits. Eqnal op- Mr Read 609-921-8300 a week for 1 cdld beg nning day with our firm. ’rremenportunityemployer. Call 281-’iCt’.inceto’n ’ Theological Selt. E. W ndsor 609-443-1907ḄABYSITTER wanted for 2 dons opportunity for OFFICE EMPLOYMENT-%2-1082. ~enilnarv Eoual otmortunitv __ yr. old twins in my home Man. managementor own exclusivelart time sought by formerIIOUSE WORKER- weekly cmpioyel;~ ..... TEACHERSAIDE- part timeTues.,:ljhars v Fri.,Pa,m: to 1territory within t0 mooths, high school business teacherperm., small apt., 2 adults, noposition 8:20 to 12:20. 201-207- p.m. !v)ust ~mveown,.}ran-Call Tomat 609-799-1425,days beginning Sept. 10 1-3 p.m.laundry. Goodhourly rate. ~0- SEtHtETAI~.Y-- in executive 0144or 201-297-6066.sparta’non,t’lease cau 8~’J-448- or evenings.Shorthundexcellent.WillanddotypingathomeSKills921-2082. oifice with typing and sbor-766-BAB~ in typing. Please call 605259-GI ND th md lhgllly earn etentBILLING & ’ (OU ~ ., " . .... ’ P . , L.P.N.&NURSESAIDE-3:30-9SECRETARIALposition openM TEN NeE LABOREItaecu tc ulo wnnng m Keep oAIN A ~ . .... i ~ . r 3:30-11 sl fts Ful or part at Tw n Rivers in Hightstown my home Wednesdays & 2t82.Itpod eeords WtitcPO Box ttdesire dependableself sta" or. g ’,; u ’ . . tile. Call Sunlawn Nursing area for experienced ~ersoaThursdays2:30 p.m. lot0 p.m. ACCENTNo oxperieDee needed. Ad- 2184, Prblee(on, N.J. 08540, liomc tlightstown 680-448- with good shorthann andPossibly some mornings. Two interestedin part timevancomcntpossible. $2.50ocr , ....................... ,--.. ,, 0528. ’ ’ typing skills. Must be able to childrml 5 and 8 years. Own position; medical, personal,transportationnecessary,physiotherapy, research, orDABYbiI FElt WANFELl g orlw tosta’t Con aclG Snydcr"~ m(ranl~s’ pet x~ee~,"o~’’’~.~o work on own initative, Ex- ]Ivlatut’e pursonpls apply, Call related fields. SchedulePrinceton Clemico Resoirch ’ " " ’ " " NUBSES AIDES- Fu and regent companybenefits. 5~9-924-3035. 7354.part time openings on allclays. Call Mrs. Greavcs609-000-882-9170. ¯ flexible. Write 142 HodgeRd.,WAN~E~’rE CtlU~ease shifts. Will train. ~pply Ap- 448-9000. llOU~less PMnreton.baby sitter 5 days/week, 1l staid resume to 3st llcgarth Care Center, -- home in Princeton area, toa.m. to 5 p.m. in my Presbyterian Church, IIightstownN.J. 609-440-7036.GAL/GUYFRlDAY- for one care for 2 girls age 3 mid 7, BA~~me, 2Lawrelcev e pale Must Cranbnry, N.J. 00512, pm’sonbusinesssystems officebeth attmldiagschool. Willing blocks from Walter C. Black) ~ K n sLon Managementhave owe transportation, CallllOUSEKEEIER ~k~inted forl~dxr~’--22 ". jL. , ,to work days or live-in, Per-School. AMor PM sessions:~~M~i~ :ii#gl;;J~il ~mb!ilt’ lreg;:°:i ii!i!i41,1iP~iiW~hkUt~g~!)i~a~ !!P:b:!!i’es dey~nha~24!#O~8 nanmnlpesflion. GoodsalaryMItime fur infants. Call 609-benefits. Phone evmdngsfor 448-7337,Man-Thurs.after 0’.30~£" ° e e u i ¯ : it .raintervimv. 0~-799-2676.p.m. andallday Fri. thraSun,’ babysitter for adorable t oyr. refel:cnces. Pleasecal1009-024- desirable but will train tbe c~,~~r-,, "DFNTAL ASSISTANT" & RELIABLE MOTHERwishes°~/~o~YM&~tY~a%U~Itll’taatlm’ 0381~t~,’!ght person who has an up-ti~e~t~llp~ar~tmc. Prtacetoo,"ItI~;CEP’rIONIST"for Twin to babysitin my home,.,, .-~v lye n il’ des ’ed StlIPt tmG ~ liEbr~lvtmu - d~Uue,t~o~o-uouu,tliehtstown Trenton, Rivers Dental Offico, Ex- Lawrencearea. 609-1~3-2608...... -’ -- ’ ’ ’ ) v , .azt nnc Stock otto work a d ment} ors 8-8 f0 a.rn - 6:30 p.m, P’ . - .. ’. . -- Uniforms n eqmp t,yrieDeeprcferrod, Will trainoUlelUa(s packing OIOCFSanti s lied O 0 tan t fOlPlease wr te to Box #132 e/ " ’ " ’" ’ s " " . WANTED-live n companion npp " . pp , y , d’ eecnssary. Prefer =nature BA~me,Cettra )eat, Kendall Fk., m‘ ~.eepulg=ecoln.,!}oul2canone fo" sere val d woman advancement. Paidvaeatlons, person. Salary commensurate day or evening. References.ca altar Sept¯ l, ;09-921-3t05 ’It r~u?gle/iti:~. 6~ 1~’:" ~" fur Ge mrous time off Suburban and other benefits for fulltimewith nxperierlee.600-4~3-ttt2, own transportation 609-305-......t Pl ~nnnlmmt,u,J-tma-.~l;~o,location. Excellentliving and work. Must have phone, ca!’,1916.LEGAL SECIIETARY,EXI’~ltCISE INSTRUCTOR::~rkin~ condeit!ons.:. ° Ex;no ~leieen~rrelc°r:’wl~tr~oeSsthl~S-Coventryl’Af~~Sarahje,velry.Noin-WILL-DOnyiomeBABYSITTINGweeklyor afterinKendall Park. Must be ex- wanted MI time nnly 9-5, Call ~,’, ’e.II.Cn"~en ~x ............... n|ompn/rvnnv~,,0.~0 ie ,,.o veament. Call 201-825-3566, school Live in walkin[g.... ooov ......... .. .............perieneed general lnw & have/g)0-443-4,t88,~0 Bog., . e .t .....,~ lob th~=~i~ uexcellent ,,ping skills with -- ~ ~es aol~re~i~’es no ° C"l’ea,,01-549-7430or 620-8273.dislance of Walter C, Black". . , - ~ .a o and DrmvSchools. 609-448-sane expeilence In tzan- ~,t~t,,~,,,. to ,~ ....... ) ltd. GItOUNDSPERSONwanted~ount f nhvsical exertoBABYSITTERin my berne, 0934.scribing, Salary coin- ,;,,,,.~...........~. w;,h .......... at qbe }lull School. Call week- lnml re We ~f~ Fareo Seem"tvsmall hlfnat. Princeton Arms WILL BABYSITfor schoolmesurate.wilh. experience_- : ~t~’~f~l’I"tt’cstbe.............t ’onscsmost"........clays 609-921-7000,GuardSorvmes’-~-.....: ....4571 S, Broad Area. 9 - 2 p.m. 1~3-043-4915. aged children h’omII to 0. NrAn 10spensns vun De Ke t 1 NJ 000505.:! .... ’ , I? oftbetimc Attraetivecottage ,~,,,~~.. St. Yardv’llc, ’ " " AltT1ST-An arBst with typing Waiter C Black School. 609-eonllaeatlal, Please reply to ,~ -~ f’,.n’~ P,.i,w,.tnn Rt~nlv ~r, tv~t~ -- wt . uuS 49~’4P 0 Box 04 Kendall Park,[t;;x"~’t]~ii~’ "c’/’o"~t~:[~meTo~ldriver’s license needed to .... ability is what this busy ad .t43-1424.N.J 08024. .,..e drive mini-bus. 201-297-9144or FIREMAN Black Sea and agency in Flemington needs. TIlE HONESTMr. & Mrs.’ l enact.2~37-6066. C urge High pressure license If you can do clean and an- Ilolseeleaners. The team Ted& Wanda. No windows orcurate nlechanicais, specifyu,ms ~,u,,M-~, MARKEII~o SALES SECiE’ARY - ADVERq’ISINGSALES-Ex- recuired. Must be able to.......... E,G’ ~"~u telcpinnccsulicitorandgemral percnced telephone sales rotate shifts. Excellentom- typo, answer a phone and type blinds. 7 room house $25.RESEARCII!irnl Ioca!~ in ofliee w rk. 4t w.p n Cam- pc’son needed for Princeton p loyee,~I!e!!!s, Blue t;ross~ ; ’ew letters, yonr our kind of Princetonpre|erred but out ofrrin.ceton nas. tuu-ume pany benefits. Mutual of New ad agency. Salary an.a/or mue~niem, amjesuraDee an~ person. Salary range $100: townif price is right, Also!~qtnSs for ofhee workers.Vn’k, Somm’setN.J. Call Mr. commission,fullor part brae.pensmnplan. ,t=au~.~ut?t: m$125. Call SCanPcskoff, 20l-private ealoring andpaintingvarmu dutms include I< ~sn ~ 2 -247- 710 P pie 609-799-3800, Grounds ann. 15uuqulg 782-0803. by tbc job reasonable. Callmailings, editing, coding,(II~nc-- Pr lceton Tneologlca~ afternoons or evenings, 609-percentagiagand:"~tlt:)e~r’}’o S~nlitime FULLTIMEMMNTENANCESeminary609-921-E100. IIOUSE PAIN’rEI{ 024-2070.proofreading. Experience uas m , p’m,g i r .... person and janitor -- ght - I)cvelopment builder needshe t not ae ssat ( cal wo eel 4 30 to rain,lt~ful,bu ,re’" % L’!’ " " "~" :’eni dutiesin larze retailstore, All’PARTTME Bookkeeper- napexperienced painters fro" full CtIILD CAREin my home.enlgnl 1 Ills iS 1 erm inWrit to lolf Christian P, O. , . ." ." t ~ . }, ¯ . eonnany ~enofits, App y smoker exper elcedtinle jobs whocall do swirlled ltigbtstown, Fulltime. 609-448-B) ~1 ne Ol O hn y.)slt on x\lta cxeellemIrluget(x 269 l ’i ct I ut " ing " ’ ¯"’n ~ ach Lumber Man S gene’a ’ edger payro axessand pablted eeilb/gs. $5, per t094.’ ro n ’ 1 i~qle’ils and pmasaut WOrKlg , ’ ’ ore ’ , ’ hocn’, caU 009-4’13-400iweeky ur backg u d ~ t ex-’ .......... on W ldsor. Ask fo St & statements - l, or Mer- WII~L DO BABYSITTINGinC(UlOUanlsllt tile tq’lncetc’ . days,purleDee,Itesna’ch Pa k. Call laY3-924- M lag . cerwlle C,P.A. office, W’lto my bnme, tlillsboruugh -box #02650 c/n PrincctmlFlagtown area. ExperienceduloUlerCall 201-369-4511.o7n0, l’klual oppertunity em- IIOME M AKERS &EXECUTIVESECRETAItY p[nym’.--SocretaryloVicePreaidmlt ..... s’rUDENTS -- day andManufacturing and rceep-WANTEDPERSONto helpeve~ ng shifts available,tionist fnr colupauvta ’rv, qa with elderly woalan, 5 days aApplyin persaa, Buxton’s inRivors area. Sm/dr~s~.nne and week.1~1~3-’199-07,|8. Ibe Montgnram’y ShoppingCenter, Route 510 & 20~ iasshn’yrcquJrenlclltS ta Box~2640, C/Ol>riDecloal’aekcl,WAN’rEI)- Ilousekcopor 1 lersDetlon.day u week,Pro(or oweh’ans an’curb=a,Cnll 201-329-SIIIPPING ANDREt)E[V1N(] 6150. ~lt,;PtFSFNTATIVES- forCLEIIK. grawing eonlpnny ---- expaudhlginuslc fb’nl, fomaleseeks brightindividual willingMATURF,WOMANtobuhysit u’cferred, Cmnpunycar,la work and loarn. Gaod, .t days pc’ wk, franl 7 a,nl, to nunly benefits, oxpcnse achenefita,Call Tal-Star C~nu. .1:3o ~,m. ia my hemo, Cullcnnnt,vacullan,steudysalary,putor Systolns, hie,, 0(~-7oJ- after 4:;10 p,nl. 201-~J7.6693.ovorldght wark roquired, Callllll, l’:.endall Park m’eu, anr honmaffieo, LongIsland,............ Ior u ]acul interview, 516-042-NUIISE AII)ES & tilt.gt,nera[ at’fire v¢ork, PloasualIIEI{IAI~S ¯ Expericlmeworking conditions enlployoe ItOLISEEEEPIARneudod 3 orIn’eferred m)t easenltal, All discaunt, alhe ’ oalnpany ,I days n weokfur fanllly of 3,shifts reqtgrnd full or part benefits, We are an equul Ov,’ntransportattan rcqub,od,,, Chap. Nowl’aelllly good opperhnfitv cm)tayer, AIply~ I~l’aunW°rkingtoc°nditi°ns’tllel,TanklinApldY[:on-blNW,f,(;ra/d CU;, l/ightstawn,cotni~RepLyF’aeket,[laK#sZ04Z,c/a Prhbvalosmlt Cnnter, lit, 27,tNSi.]i’(t~N~}t"7--~i’i~’Y-WAV~ed,Franklin Purk, N,J,t’ASUALTY CI,AIMS and icl S only, Cnll 600.924.0500comulerciulcasuallyixillcybotwocaII:30 11,111,alK[ ~ p,nl,CRAF"SMEN- Laaking M’ checker, I,’,~.lerinoeo ......wao , nlehd & klnclicwelerred, Escellent workblgset It!’s Glusa; Ioulhcr cnadilinns un(I h’lolobencflLs, LPN 3:30.11 or 3:30 to 0,potterl stuae work, 201.’.t.~9-Prblcehnl uffic,!, Carl Mr,Nnrsesaides 3:30.11 or 3;H0.0,516,h t~nhilnu600.02,1.1511,Fall Ill’ ,llart lhao, StuduwnNursingOUlllellightatown1100,,~uts’rYL~s’rsNewSutaaT E i:i:iFiii~’~-’iN.,140.05~,Illttltsl~w I ’o~. N8tiansTEItVII(W,:ITS ¯ for avepings’gest U 81U, Goodsalnl’km allti wcl,k end wnrk nt Upitdau -’~|"~I’~IES~u~~amnlis~lall,Call dllclt2olh,se:u’eh Cnr ), PrinuoLnnOl,g’rlqN’l’l]MlqlltAltY~]1F4,13,(1000,ellicn er Illghlstnwn ufftco,PI,3tt4tINNEI,I:,xpcrJcncc bolpful lilt uat Ilet~ts secl’Ulllrlelt WlBI1101............................ aecess0rY, WUwill Irahl, Call wllliatlt SlOlln Jar Ioug andF),JI~L’|’IM|~ItXI0-02.1.51~6tlCXl,~100,bolweeu shirl tornt assignntnuts I illEAh I’S’I’ATI~Prlsceton.IIi#istnwn’ .01’eas,| g81cspcoplo.Iaw alficns and9 ll,nl, und 3 p,nl, trnclt tluys,ltegislor now, warktalnal’raw,~1 ~xpunllhlltltlShtoss rcqUh",mt} lho hlrbll~of en91’gt)tll’,.a!crlItu I"~l~El,llq,ilt A~’~STAN" IIIJCTEN TidMIqIBAltY[~sa ¢8 pe,l~onllal, we liavnIq’ba’tqon h~att’uncuilgecyPI,]IIStlNN!,]I,Rlllu0h IO ~)[|’tt|’, I! ~/a’d’}’e suck ~g Cl )e’lt vt 1,131,LShltaSt,I I 00uc0d l I’ t hnt ! t0 ne’llrenloll, N,J,II 110nuc6tl,call Tho101ild,01rll(I 10; anlzcd person v,, Ih se inI~ Agency/Rualtnrs,Askh)t’ Ml’a,UXla,’iuncu 3,~ lal r week~ MitchcI, It u llgnr 60tI,4,136~00 0611od4Liberld,lj’/o{l,lrlnta !lOlullts,Cull Nevera tun800.~3.11541Lor Mr, LotllbsrdiJ, ID0qiPll.7011~LAsknb91ttfl’t~o i~ffkhlg,tHelp Wanted Help WantedHelp Wanted Jobs Wanted AnnouncementsBargain Mart Bargain Mart" PAB.T-TIMECHEFf0t new kitchentoopen CAREERINSALES REAL ESTATE ~,LEq TOP NOTCH, MULTI- PHOTOGRAPHYSHOW ¯ PI~S RS -PEACtIES - A.P;. CALIFORNIA COLLECTIONin Sept, Top wages tar the AND MANAGEMENT LICI~NSED"REAL ESTATE LINGUAL SECRETARYto Kaplowitz, Kounitz, Cantius, Po,r~ ~mt~ L~t- an~ ~ecKet of beautifully tailored pant~- . a ...... , mac~.~os. S itright person. Call The Merry- opens August 6 A.C. Gallery, . . u s dresses rty pa amesSALESPEOPLE3~ listing!york, 9-11 a,m, ~ily, ta.r~e or77 Main St,’, Kingston,Tuesday A~sPoleS~erl~oat!ngand cook~n..~; now~howing~attl~e Rt~d ] Barn:Go-Round Tavern for ap- OppSrtunfty ’for rapid ad ....commlssons pa’d, Ask"abouts,,,anio concern:l pat into z- Saturday,1 - 8. ~ ~ ,,,u ~w,,te lor e~,,~ ,~ ¢,~1peintmont.609.393-8220. vanccment with major .lett,, -.s..~u~"h’~v-.,.-e,"~’i"~~...,...~ I urst ’nWnatotnersecretaries Freestone Peaches, Terhune woarln~ ..............financial institution. Starting mi~¢ion nro,,ram b. onllina pu I to 2 nays. All KInOSOICLERICAL ASSISTANT: salar~ dependent upon ~ , " ~ ~’ experience legal ira-MOVEMENT-I-DRAMAplus Orchards, Coldsol Road, 609. - ...... °’R~.nnA~Pat Mltc’hel~. manager E, , = a formula for expression, 921-g309.Rt.266 ......"i~’elleMead,Varied responsibilities, qualiheations and experience , . ’, port/oxport tochnlcalW ndsor off ce, fho Lombardo.. - ’-, ’ Join us at Heliconand explore WA~.C,A. 201-359-3306Requiroments: Accurate up to $1200 a month with in- AgencyRealtors 609-443-6200.metrical, eta, ~all 889-448-0524. the relationships in Whirlpool, good condition, tAirConditioned)typmg and work habitsceetive increases as earned,willlng to learn keypunch,WillInterviews from 9toSweek- GUARDS-- Uniforms fur-....~ ,.. movement, drama, and $150.fer both, or$00,each. 609. See ear Clearance Rack for¯ h " " k in ~ ’ "ElvLihl~tt t~ a /lvi A wtm writing. Wednesdays8 to 10 924.2339, . Summer goods, $10, SALESconsider recent high school days, Phone 609.09,5-7447, n s.eo wor rrmceLon- . ’. ’ ’, teaching experience seeks a.m. Call 609-924-5782/924-6504BR~imixFINAL,graduato, Call: Ms, Palmer:Equal opportunity employer. Lawrencevfllearea. For appt, ...’ a .~..~ v..,, . c.a .... e.ln . -.~ud.~ [or information.(009) 924-9100 ca11201-o29-0021. ... . ~ .~" . ¯__posluonIn educahon,editorial compactpecket.sized 35 mm ,camera. Sharp 2,0 40 mmlens.STEREOSET - wRh built-inCAFET---’~-~A ~ - full wo~FORCUSTODIAN- Hillsberough orliteraryareas. ResumesentSATURDAYPLAY GROUP:-[;’.llvnutnmati¢..¢3sas9-883. AM/FMradlo,2speakers, hketime. immediate opening atJuly, August,and September Schools. 12 months, pension on request. Write Box g02645 For fun loving children,~2"1"~ ~ - ......... new condition. $65, Call 201-industrial cafeteria in -- Io keep house and cook plan. and many henefits. Call Pr nectan Packet. Plannedvarietyolactivities in .....359-5236after 0 p.m.Cranbury area for person dinner for single professional or apply Board of Education, awarm, happy atmosphere onexperienced in sandwichwoman. Highest wages paid,Itt. 200, Belle Mead,N J, 201- LEGAL SECRETARY- Ex- a farm, Morning and af- US~OR . BOYS’ BIKES - outgrown,makingand grill work. Hours Live out, Flexible hours, Write 359-8719.. perienced. Desires position ternoon session, Register for apt.sized, 0 raps, old, $100. 609. goodcondition, 16" Ross with7-3 p,m,, 5 days a week, Box #02590, Princeton Packet. REAL ESTATE SALES approximately20-30 hours per Sept. 7. 609-799-3051. 440-5786. training wheels,$20.; 20" 3-sp.Monday thru Friday. For PERSON w tl or w thout week handling real estateFO~sebwinn fastback, $50. ~-interview please call 009-590- TEL~ -- experience. Excellent training closings, title work. Good MAG-ICIAN, mystifying, , R GHT 737-0516~003,sell area newspapers, Exin’ogranWrite,Box 02434" "ypng, Shorthand Ad- magical entertainment for FREEZER,studenrs desk,,~.v.MANANDWOMANtoworkas perience helpful but not c/oPrineetonPaoket ’ ininistrati~,e ability. Flexible children’s birthday parties, furniture,~,o. Bestoffer. 20t-~}7. MOVINGSALE-- beds, ena_schedulingto suit your needs. DannyShack. 609-737,1219." ~.tables, odd assortment ofrolief staff in group homefornecessary. Hourly rate pinsL]M~~partltesnme and references uponemotionally disturbed boys. incentive bonus. Interested 130UGHBOY ABOVE things. Etc., eta. 009-924-2784.Apartmentavailahlerentfree. parties may write Box ~02398 time Must be 21 Am pm& request. WHR#0t54, PO Box MONTESSORIEARLY609-695-149LMr. Wenger. c/o Princeton Packel "worksWeekcndS’shiftldealiOrwork.~an~’hOAp.148, flightstown.MENTCHILDHOODcENTERDEVELOP-.has a few GROUND10,000gallons.POOL’Buyer2Fdiem¯must24ky MontgomerYHill¯Ave., Roe-SCHOOLBUS DRIVER - to bCROOL BUS DRIVEB.S - Pwre°(]~m~’.e~Y4J0~7~0. hourspet" tIO~ork openings for currant school dismantle. Best offer¯ 20t-207-year. Strong emphasis on 9449 after 4 p.m, 4 VICTORIAN canebackdrive m ~i bus, bus driversPrinceton and West Windsor’ . - ’ " . desired by the day, near bus socialization. Call 201-297-6006license required, part time nr uroa. Must [~ave valid N.JIIAIItDI{ESSEB¯ fulltimeliDes, references. Call 6~t-590-or 201-297-9144full time. 201.297-9144- 6066, drivers license¯ 21 years or with followers. Tavernwood1876.WANTED: CLERK-TYPIST. oldei’, Will help with busDiversified duties. Pleasantlicense a.m. add p.m, hourssurroundings with Boy Scouts available. $3.50 perhr. 509-896-of America. Call 009.883-1414 9707~ior appointment.BOOKKEEPER-- We need abright person who also knowsFILM INSPECTOR pergeneralinsurance or canmanent full time reliableMarn, College graduatel:ersan to inspect and repairpreferred, galary commotionpicture films. Some mensurate with ability, Callaudio-visual knowledge Karl Weidel,Ink., at 609-599-preferred. Call Mr. Samufor2588 and ask for Mr, Mrasforinterview.609-452-1840. an interview.chairs, antique 3-drawerinlaidHI FI EQUIPMENT,Scott chest, pair of uphols, club350Ctuner, Citation preamp, 2 chairs lamps 9 hy 12 ChineseBeauty Manor under new urn~ bab,,sit in rnv home NATIONALLYknown natural Regency 50 watt arnps rug, oil paint ngs. 809.392.1016.man~agement.609-924-3983_. experienced mother, Call 609- vitamins and food sup- compact phonostereo, all for, plements delivered to your 5225. Call 201-297-0791after 5 7500BTU12ampGEeasemontGROUNDSperson -- must024-3229after 5 p.m.door. Money-backguarantee,p.m.air conditioner.$100. Call 609-’have driver’s license. No age RE~ ,ex- For detailed information call SNOWqqRES.studded,2E78. 024.9426.]imil, but must hc physically per enced wishes part or fullMs. Mackintosh,609-924-0700,14 belted ww oo rims. Likevigorous. Living quarters lime peston NJ’. eert. 609- ext. 50, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. No new, $50. 2 700-13on rims, $25.nvailable for employer only. 924-6303 obligation, " 201-297.0791. Woodtennis t;acquet, 4-5/8Ca 609 737 839" ’ " " ’. ’ CHirps. THE~kin- WOODSHIP MODELof themed., $5 A-OK,609-883-6219.full time and part time. Ex- dergartenand nursery school- ~original Americathe yachtDR~V-ER- growing book pm’icnced with young openingsfor 8%, 4% and 8 yr.that first wnn the Americabusiness, unique opportunity children. A warm; happy aids, State license. For in- cup. Professionallybuilt15 byIIEDSWlIOLESALEfor right person. Booksmobile,atmosphere in a farmhouse formation, call 609.921-8297.15", $250. 609-443-4646lnc., llay Press Rd., Dayton. the kids love. Call 6ff3-799-3~,1.Askfor Ruth Cortelyou.Dixie Bed & FoamTIlE SIIIP YARDWed-Sat,12-7EXP E 1} I E N CED~BABYSITTINGillmy Twinltivm’s home by the day orwee~.L_’all6ff.J__._=~8,402__1 ~__EXPERIENCEDWAI’rt~R /WAITRESSES. for servingu’ivnte partios, birthdaysaau vorsur os. ctc, Ca 609.I~112-347t,full De part tinlc, CXlleriencedwitll relcroncos, Call 609-,140.,t337, -IIIIUSECLEANING warkdesired, Ihn,’e Iraaspertalie=l,roll :.~H.070.26a7,IIOUSECLEANINGPllOBLEMS?,’oars, windovcs~rugs, far.i ’o & go ur ll¢leanlng, Oneti I e ur rugahlr servieo,IIonded/blsnrul,I}t)MIqSTICAItF,0tl9-4,13.1070,S’l’AIt’l’lN(i hi Sect, willhi=bysil illluy holne forwal’kblg 01alhurs, Lucutadhelwuon IIo)owelllallllI’lhlceion, EKporlenced,Cull0n0.,186.i030.MI’ "IICAI, Ass’rlS!,~CY ¯Callogo Tl’shled lllghly w.iK~rlcncnd,Deslr0~t,q}.~ hrs,par wnok, Nu Slit, lCr~hohl ¯l~, Whusur.PrblcOlUlturelt~t,exca[kqltl’o[erellCOS,01KI.4411.4303,IIAIIDwurkblgwolnunS00kS5(luys,C8110tli,,30,1.I0(10fruln ’/p,nl,THISNEWSPAPt:RPacket,EXt~tlENCED wArrRESS¯ waiter - Apply in parsonJims Counlry Diner, Bt, i30,Wiudso__r,N,J.BILLING CLERK/IIECEP-TIONIST- accuralo typing,gotxt atfigures, [,.]xcellnntbenefits. Equal oppDetuuityemdoyor, Amuricau lloalthl,’aclliHos,201.297-0200,BAKEB.-BENCtIMAN,Call201-250-8331,SIIIPPlN(I/ RECEIVINGPEItMANI’,’NT* fulltinleis)sltion, CAREERsl0p ap forright por~un, i)NE YEA]tI,]XIq!HIlENCI c~ ia sbiplliugh’eceivingrocluired,ltESP(INSIIIII,rP[ES: |)Oversoe two persun clepnrbnloat 2) |~er Iota1 sbllI-plug/receivhig dtlliOS ulldatop rulaledrecurds3)Maintain]itaralul’e warcblluso8nd hiveulory ’t) Supervisenulil distribalinn andcallcclk81, Call: Ms, Ptliluer:609.02,b0100,WAITtl’:SSlilS/wlilLers ’A !Y [I icl’spn ta Nil’,iSnllor,G(S!clsalaries,IlllluaInn, Mon!uaalhSl, e~|, EustWindsor,N,J,ATrENTIIINIIOMEMAIG’.]IIS:Lc8c illgTay l’urLy iquP has npenlngstar ManagerstUrel thteelnu lifa.Uainei~pnrl111111y!Nilhlvestulenl.~ ]ighest Call1.lhslu8 p t 6 owrrl~’4, ~eli igCX)n’lUlleO heipftll,C811Collcot to Ca’o1 Day 510-100.’~,?,l, I,’ei.atldl~.llqnle Partlnu/~ll)||llyt I~UW]l’nl’u,LOOK-- LOOK-- LOOK-- Box 76 110 N. MainSLSPECIAL COMMUTERS StantonN,J.08~.GRightstownPARKING-in parkinglot foot 201-534-4670of UniversityPlaceat Prin- ~SOFASWIIOLESALEeetonPennCentralRailroad FIREWOOD t~-448-46~6Station.SpecialparkingratesDixieBed & Foamfor commuters:$1.25weekor AVOID THE CRUNCH Wed-Sat.12-750 centsper day.Overnight110N.MainSt.parking $1.00. ORDER NOW Hightstown¯ "" ~kinCut S{acked & Deliveredwnere a y u tee g ’ FOAMtI.UBBEIt &~n.9 ,~ th~r~ n ai~*,renanevCall WonsarnonsaFarmsPOLYWIIOLESALE............ ~ ~ 609 737 1832 after 6p m~tween what you’re doing " " ’ ’ Foryourhome,camper, beatwith your life and what you . 608-443-4MGwant to do? Women InGIRLS!Backto school wear &Dixie Bed&FoamTransition: a . human nlisc, children’s ~year, from Wed-Sat,12-7dwe~,eOpmoeenxt a m~l~O~nCt de~~ kOP:utt~;nsvm~e~ %~ol~ (W:ol?It0N MainSt,current life situations and7t.,)for l season¯ Exc. rand.Hightstowntuture ~oals. For further in-F’~ntast c buys’ Cat G~9-92~formation,call 609-006-0018or 7{29bet. 0-9 p.~l. for appt.921-6454, READYOR NOTFRO~ntry RID~tom~ School Time’s comingDay:oCwh~hOlanWjtheveeVl~rlYtmh~nntg. that you maypurchase w~aich So makeit fun to go back inf g p . will protect fe and property some new Indian dresses orinvites your child to loin its and hone lever to be used? tops. Cool and pretty at Veryha grou 2~z to 5 year AppY P, NSWI~R: An inexpensive reasonable prices. From $12aids. Sept. - June. Swimming,Fire-Gas-Smoke devise and "up.pony rides nature walks, icelow cost security system. Forskating, annual class trip. details and free personal REDBARNMorning snack & hot luncn, protective devise call 201-225. Rt.2fi6 BelleMeadCall for appt. 009.~5-1197. 3797. 201-359-3305~(Air Conditioned)PAPER MONEY - 100 un-The Infant Laboratory at circulated tfawaii ovcrprtat~ GOI~tiveEducation Testing Service m$1 bill notes in original fright crawlers. Good supply.starting a new study, Weneed wrapper in consecutiveLowestper dozen prices, Callbabieswhohavenotyet turned numbers. Julian Morgenthau609-440-2125. ..three months old. It you andBrownSeal. $14 each. Will notDIP ’N STRlP-- We’re openyour baby are interested inbreak bundle. Great inparticipatingplease call 009- vestment. Lists for $15 and from 9 a,m. to 8 p,m,, Moo.,921-~00extension 2,559,sells over lhe counterto WWII Tues. & Wed. for customersUS Pacific force veterans forwhocan’t bring furniture tillTHE Princeton Cooperativegift and framing at $17. 609- after their working hours.We’re open Thurs., Fri. & Sat.Nursery School Nassau & 392-2059. from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. - that’s aCedar Lane, has openingsfor 3& 4 year aids for 1974/1975 ~total of 6 days a weekand 57school year. Please call Susan FINISHEDSTEERS.live orbeurs a week. If you can’tliittredge ~i-3~-2565or Carol slaughlm’ed. Call ~.737-2132 make it we will make a timefor you at your convenience,llaag609-924-5857. or 737-0936.not ours.That’sthe way DIPNAS~IVESOF~sizeIN STRIP valuestheirnursery sohool nowlocated at$~00 or best offer Good customers, We’re here forChrist Congregation~0Walnut conditionCall 609-4,t3~1695. your convenience not ours.Lane Princeton announces ’ Our new location is DIP ’Nils new day care programfor 3 ._~ .STRIP, 49 Main Street,& 4 your aids 0 - 3 Mon-FriOta~ BU’ruttE;tt BhUt;K- Ior Kingston N,J, 609-924-5665,’.a .... t~’on call G60~82’ sale Standardsize, Call 60~- Thankyou, not us.Bi~l~r %~9:924"7352.896"0390.PersonalsCRINA CLOSET - con-H-O gauge Tyro train set,tomporary, dark walnut, virtually unused, Engine, 13Origulaloostover$800,Sollfor cars lots of track ae-$2~ 2 years aid. ExceBent cessorins, housos switchesEILEEN- Please call Sue G,, conuiti a. 009.~2-5925.h’aosformer and large table.201-234-2600- Urgent. Value $150, Only$80, Call 609.ALCOIIOLICS ANTONY- MAI[OGANYDRESSERwith 921-2149.MOUS HELP AND IN- mlrror-$45, Call 609-921-4598FORMATIONCALL 609.924- before,5 p.nl.or 000-443-1641759’L.__~__aftor 6 p,m,~,~.,,,~,r,,,,,,,,,’.,v~t..CIDEItat the Sohiolko apple,~,~ ..~¾~.~)~,,~-. ,v. farm S f’tln(us I OIO Ul emp mrougnouc pregnancy, < ..... ~,."...I.,’~ ~.~ .nl-’e nancy test available, P,.~::’.,...’.’d’,~S " ’Con~denUalno fees Call ~o9.’~"-’~"...~ffhL.......0,74.7343 ’ GENEItATOB-- lloInolite,..... ~_ 5kwgas drive, handstart II0-IIIGII’rSTOWN PLANNED220 vails, $050, 3-speed 2 "PAIIENTItOODCLINIC- g rrs b cycle $50, 3-sI~_od 20~Moldayevenings, Call 600-448-boy’s Sp}dcr bleyclo,Rnleigh3430. $4G, C(nltbloatal gas ouglue,~"-~eb’~ewnew, 1.5 hp sldo shnft $30,KABBA|All ) n I u.... ~ "o-- ’ncroasodluyt : "~dlp ’!m~bt dersUlySt CiSlU I r I ’ ’ sa ’¯, , ’ w $35, Skill belt sander $15awaronoss ulld bfo onlunl,rid I ,~u 3SO.rUT9conlont, Stadygra~.lp furlahtg ~. ,call 201,3~7-1820altn’ 7 p,n.IIEAIMNGSADuLE~uletO0!box; 10" Craftsmult radial ¯, . ..~ ar n s tw wit x assortedbladesiCA!rl’.OOh.l’O.It.M.’elu :w[ u t0" jigsaw stand & 1~!’; 6"WUl SL VIII ! UUI V. ’1 ItSI I II st( ’ J{ tar I lU lurItivers 7 u,nt. Lv, NY5-5:30 with StUl’tdit Id motor;4 putaf~p.lll. Call;6fftt-440-705~,After? jacks & 18’ mlos, All priccilII.nl.right, Call 600-75[I.0331...,..~NGMYGUS¯ now n~eoting hta’~lll e. transallssioa noedsthisto’ca, Froo, 6~,443.0920or t’oca r $13. C6|1 600,021-1510,4.10,~!LL._ ~. " ......gl N ({ I’ I’: ’~) 0 Wli~ I),,It.~¢!lNGIAMPSt.,l)’.~aArt,~l)O,!tla,lVpaqVD b’(~i~’~i’~’nt staitedgltss(atL At ¢SI 8eltl Ior iron,’ .- ,qll,l~l Favor lixlureb’ue uro i I "Acitlv ties Cur l~’(s~’|’lttc~ Lll~n 8ow~’.S I g as, Wr tt, I O, llol ~,,tllt-0~ after tillitlhtstawn, N,J, 06520, ’ ". ’ ............. S’I’A/~b-~ SS, Silverllt~,~I~ lll~et el, crysttll, Onkl’!u’nlturo, nthorMWI, I/~MI~IIIIliMIIfurniture, allU8alld elldlt,-- Cho~i00.44tl.0~stl,CLOSUtiffs . Ctlulo n o1’alk beu)11~,& assurtodbOU!llS,61 i el’it, (~o1111111¢uwlth N,J: 600,7117,02010fler I~ I),01,I~ ifn y reglllUt!Onl TonlllOr~tl....------i’ wl’e g Usair |1 a~tlo, CGNTI) MI)I)ItAIIY DIN.81UllllntlUl tr ~ h! f’aJ.n~1,~’!’]’1~ 69. ! wi|l l~M IllIlnltalhtlhl avu I111] 0 CSig0til 12ulldlllun, 9 Ili~n lla~Kk~l-il~B.lfftl/,dlUll’0$100,II05,143.4111~6,USED WIIIRLPOOLdishwasher,ueods aow motar.Bcsl offer 609-799-0048,PLYWOODSttEATING¯ ext,,nmv4x8, 3/0" ¯ $4.3’I.t~" .~,24, 5/8"- $8,94 3/4" -$8,94I u t~bel’,Andershnwladows.25% off, Cun dollvnr.Culleolleot 215-270-0032.Rodueo oxcoss fluids withFluidox tabletsoaly$1,60 atT 11’Ift Drugs,MAPLI~buok ar twlu beds’with nlattrosses, like now.$11~(,8, 60~21.~;13,l’,,t~!N ¯Mulch nnw I Firewood,sesSl)lted, s~lit, dS|Weml,Sl g ntloo Furnl Isorvtcos,(600) 737.3243,professional’rree2~Ol,VlCe,ITIAN ALLEN TWINIIEAI)III)AItD thbook sholfasdslld}ngCSll0 pllltals,~50tu tpo’,ae,k,tortnotoreyct{l~I adJus un{eblack TV pole,noup llarumm’rV,wlthout a111h10.$7,001 b0oK0a~01.O1’n eycl~)~!tllaor wnt’Idll~k$10, Ca l 6~.I}~4,1061allOr~:36,CAhlCOCGTI’A(]I~Cr0ullan0:i ioi!IO larly I lult. Widoyal’lUly tl t~llr|~ ~11torlcmlrnl}}Icus,LovoiyO()~tt,~igifts,Cull ~ 1-1t~11.0370,SALES OPPOItTUNITYUNI,IMITEDWe m y I ave tbe opportunityof a l~fetbue for the rightpro’son. Salnry~ plus commissina,Cnll term MuhlalLil’t,, 600-003-5450,itt)(iKIGC, ElqiH{- 0-1 weekdays,Applyby lector In P,tl.IInx #085, Prineeinu, NewJerse ._~__._AllYS T’rl~i’~u’~oarC;nnbridgc School, Kcadall=%,for sec md~. =’title gi ’1 bywwking nnlther, Write 11,,lubuanu, 4(3 S60ekton H(.,Kendall Park.NUIISESAIDE. full lhuo. 7.:l 30 and 3-1l:38 shifls,1 t)USI,.~Iq,;EPEIt MItime 7.3:30 shift, l)ielary, full thuu,6:3 I- 3 sldl’t, i,’rio c Y workI gcandlthlIISbenel’ils’neud awah’ansperhlllan.Call201-300.It711 Man, tbru Fl’l,, 0.5,Fenl]dll Aores NursiugIbann,c ,I,:i~ii’¥V~’KiF’O"dii;i:,i,;ulie )I, I,ighl bookkoepillg,Appl,’~MachI,UUtIKTCO, MaiuYOUNllI)EliSGN lu curolur3 yr, phi; tuS~ cblys per woek,No litasl!warlt I’elulrcd,thVlltruUSnu’lalhaltu!cded, $2,00EXI,’,ItCISEINSl’ltUC’|’tll))Full lilac J.5, li08.+13.,H011,ResumesItElllT !|(;~’(iiii [i’ l’MIItag,l’ersonuliznd,t 601116t),~,~505By Appohdnlt~al, Ibalm 13,00.tWI Ilel)a( I(d~t USlLawrtotO Tnwl!shipII,P’C,

I,THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 5 ]:.974_ _ _ . _ - .HILTONREALTY CO. of PRINCETON, Inc. Realtors194, Nassau Street 921.6060EXCELLENT HOME FOR A YOUNG COUPLE. A threebedroom Ranch that has a beautiful living,roomdiningroom combination with a raised fireplace andsliding gross door overlooking a large back yard. Eatinkitchen plus many extras. $S1,500.NEW COLONIAL in Princeton Junction on a ½-acrelot. Four bedrooms, 2½ baths, foyer, living room,formal dining room Modern kitchen with largeeating area; panelled family room has attractive brickfireplace. Full basement and attached garage givesplenty of storage room. $64,900.THIS COLONIAL IS BETTER THAN NEW. already hasprofessional landscaping, drive, some carpeting andcentral air. Front porch, hallway, living room, formaldining room, eat-in kitchen, family room withfireplace. Master bedroom has full bath plus threemor~ bedrooms and full bath. Full basement with ex-..... tra height finished off into four rooms. Asking only -$66,500.IF YOU ARE INTERESTEDA FINE QUALITY NEWHOME, you should see this two-story Colonial nowunder construction. It has entrance foyer, livingroom, dining room, modern kitchen, family roomwith fireplace, powder room; four bedrooms and 2baths are located on the second floor. Basement andtwo-car garage. $67,500.COUNTRY LIFE, yet less than 10 minutes to thestation for the 55 minutes to New York. BeautifulColonial. Brand New. Four bedrooms and spaciousliving areas. $69,500.SAVE GAS, BECOME A ONE-CAR FAMILY AGAIN .-Ideal home for commuter with school age children.Four bedrooms, 2½ bath Colonial within walkingdistance of shopping, Princeton Junction trainstation, grade school and high school. Has a largeliving room, formal dining room, kitchen-family roomcombination with large floor to ceiling fireplace. Alarge enclosed jalousie porch overlooks an almostcompletely private yard. Property beautifully shrubbed.$72,500.One and Two Bedroom Apartments for Rent.OFFICE IS OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 921-6060Evenings and Sundays, CallAllen D’Arcy, 799-0685 W Dean HIgglns, 799-3525Jack Stryker, 921-6752 I~EALTOg’ Wllnam Sohuesaler, 921-8963Harvey Rude, 201.359.5327See our other ad on page 28.Check The Home HuntersPages For The BestBuys !Grand OpeningCome see the new apartments in a beautiful naturalsetting surrounded by acres el woods and fields, Forrecreation--tennis courts, swimming pools andclubhouse.Rich shag carpeting, lined draperies, central air ,andheating you control. Super Eound conditioning andmuch more.The train to New York is a short bike ride awaylOne and Two Bedrooms available,799-2033 for additional information,Gold MsdalliBn Total Electric Living,Deer CreekAparlmenl=HOMJ:, HUNTER’,f GUIDECaNRt 1,12 mlluliouth el N~w Srun~wi~ Iralhcnfc{oIHolffa¥1nnl T0ke lug.h~ndloan~ ioliow pi,lnleore ~illal for 2 nulo~ Io Prmculon Meadow~, OR tak~ NJTumplku to E~il S,A RlshI 1 mile Io ~t l;~s South. k~it 2 miles to C[anaufy.Pl~inubt)rO Rd, (Main St I; fish11 ratioPl~lnut~oeo Ra i ngel 4 rn~l~u to P nnc~10nMoaUOw~HILTONREALTY CO. of PRINCETON, Inc. Realtors194 Nassau Street 9,21-6060home isthe placeto dPeam,play and gPow.TENNIS BUFFS--we have seven courts for your playing enjoyment, all withinA home is more than wallswalking distance of this four bedroom. 2 ½ bath Colonial. It also has a large livingand windows. It’s also theroom, formal dining room. kitchen-family room combination with fireplace, largeneighborhood, schools andjalousie porch and beautifully shrubbed front and back yore,space to roam, Visit our$72,500.Gallery of Homes end preinspectthe homes that interestSee our other ad on page 28.you most before we go ontour of the greater Frfncetonarea. Let our personalizedFor Rent- Apts. Apts. For Rent Houses For Rent professional service makeyour future home the place toLARGE LUXURY - 2 bdrmEast Windsor 1 & 2 bedroom apt. Historic Colonial oa cana 6 ROOM HOUSE, basement, dream, play and grow - yearapts. A/C. Beautifu]gronnds& in Washington Crossing, Pa. modern kitchen with wall-to-swim club. From $165 incl, W/W Franklin in L,R,, openwall carpeting, nice yard.’round.carpeting. Located on Hickory deck. Call 215-493-4574 after 6 Heat & water included.Corner Rd. near Rt. 130. p.m,$30/mo, APl~ly at 49 No. llthBROOKWOOD GARDENSAve., Manville,609-448-5531 IN TRENTON - 3 roomHOPEWELL TOWNSHIP COLONIAL - with 4 bedrooms, 2Y= baths, partially finishedapartment, living room,basement, family room with fireplace and beamed ceiling, kitchen. Extras include centralPRINCETON ARMSbedroom and kitchen. $149. per HISTORICAL home on canal air, brick front with aluminum siding, All in perfect condition, $68,560. With immediate occupancylme. plus month and half in Washingtmt Crossing, Pa.LuxuryAllartmeotssecurity. No dogs or children. Newly restored 2 very large CALL PRfNCETON,Call 609-393-1320 after 5:30. bedrooms, with wall to wall 2l and 2 bedrooms. Individuallyeew baths & kitchen, Franktin SEPTEMBER SONG - You’ll feel like einging all day if you buy thia charming 4 bedroomcontrolled heat. 2 air con- Houses For ~ent large stove deck, in barn, I.r. eating dock. rooms, 21.5-home on a wooded lot in desirable Princeton Junction area, Family room with fireplace,ditioners. Individualeat-in kltehan, formal dining room, large living room and lovely redwood deck.Balconies. 12 cut. ft. 493-4574,CALL WEST WINDSOR ........................................... $69,S00,Refrigerator. Venetian Blinds. TWIN RIVERS - 2BR l~/zLarge walk-inclosets. Private bath, a/c, carpet, was’her/. HICKORY ACRES - E.JUST $32,600 - Buys this delightfui 4 bedroom, 1 bath, eluminum sided "Mini-Mansion".entrances, Laundry room with dryer heat pool privileges Windsor, 4 bedroom 2~/z on lovely fenced-in lot in Hamilton, The perfect home for young marrieds or retireeslwashers and dryers. Wall to included. Nov, 15 ace. 1 yr. baths, split, centralair 2 car CALL PENNINGTON.wall carpeting in 2rid floor lease. $315 per me. Call 609- ~= acre excellent condition.apartments. Superintendent 448-6083 after 6 p.m. Avail. immediately. $485. FOB THE QUALITY MINOED this bigger than life Colonial has its own private park andon site. Rentstart at $1~0 np. Richardson Realty. 609-448- brook--enjoy the fall with colors of mature trees. It is empty and ready fer an active family.5000.CALL WEST WINDSOR ........................................... $62,~0.Model apartment. Talephone TWIN RIVERS -- townhouse.609-446-4301. (Open daily from g bedrms, 2 baths, central air. RENT OR RENT WITH OE’T SETrLEU BEFORE school starts, You will appleud this beautiful 2-storv Colonial12:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. except Near swim, tennis, barbequeSunday) Directions from e e. $370. per me. 600-654-4195, nestled on a natura( landscaped acre plus. 4 bedrooms, 2½ baths, fargo I/v/ng room, fantastiefamily/kitchen with built-in appliances, 2-car garage and full dry basement.ColonialOPTIONwithTO4BUYbedrooms," 2-storY2t/zPrinceton: Princeton- baths, family room with CALL PENNINGTON,Hightstown Road turn right ’ fireplace and formal diningon Old Trenton Road ~)z mile, PB.iNCETON - Queenston room all nestled mi a’beautifulturn eft and fat ow s gns. commons townhouse, 3 wooded lot in West Amwellbedrooms and den, 2t~ baths Township off Rt. #31 belowoverlooking trees and brook. I Ringoes, 20-25 minutes fromEAST WINDSOR block to bus. Maintenance freeSeptember Occupancy. Ultra living, tennis and swimming, Trenton or Princeton, $,123/permodern 1 & 2 bedroom apts. $675. month. Uchin Company, month.Air conditioned and carpeted. Realtors. 201.828-3900, WALTER B. HOWE, INC.2 bedrooms apts. have 2 baths.Realtors1 year lease. From $190.CHESTNUT-WILLOW737-3301or 882-3024FOR RENT - Oct. 15 4-216 Dorchester Dr, bedr}~om house oo R vet’s de009-448-6960 drive. 2t~ baths family room, FURNISHED / UNunfurnished.$559. per month FURNISHED. 12 room Viotorianwith character. CenterSPACIOUS -- private eve Without utilities. 609-924-1076.room apt. with fireplace.of town. Storage spaceExcellent Nassau St. leeat onunlimited. Tool house 2 carfor single business person, MONTGOMERY TWP. garage oo large treed lot, Also$325 me. 609-924-3086. Custom built 3 bedroom t½ avail, with option to buy.hath ranch on z~ acre treed ot. Terms negotiable. Call after 6TOWN/-lOUSE GARDENS - 1 Living room with fireplace, p.m. 609-449-6964.& 2 bdrm apts from $185. diniag room, paneled rec.Hightstown. Supt. on site. 609- room, screened perch, 2 car440-2108.garage Rent $400, plusHO0~N’r. OutsideFOR~ernutilities. Lease referencesAllentown, N.J. Adjacent to 1- CANAL ROAD - Seauliful, weathered, Brey Colonial, Heavily wooded lot, Barn, swimmingand security required. 201- 95 exit; county settingpool. House haa 4 bedrooms, 2½ baths, large breakfast room, formal dining room, livingrooms and bath immaculate.overlooking lake; beametiAvailable Sop.t, 1. 2rid floor359-6244 or 359-3797.room, central air and central vacuum system,cathedral ceiling living room, CALL PRINCETON ............................................... $94,500.near Manvdie High. Formodern kitchen 2 bedrooms 2further information call 201-complete haths, lat’~e725-0243~ __ FOI¢, RENT -- 2 bdrm 1-~A recreation room, electrm’THAT PERFECT FEELING radiates throughout every room of this charming 5 bedroombath brick rancher country }teat; stable rentals availableColonial with a spacious sunken IMng room. family room with fireplace, formal dining teemhome, Jalousied breezeway,1 BEDROOM furnishednext door $375. per month on a lovely (st.garage cent air cond,,apartment in Rossmoor,plus utilities. Call 6o9.396-7576, CALL WE~T WlNeSOR ............................................ $81,500.fireplace. 7 miles to Princetouavailable for 8 months9-5 p.m.or Italgers. Sept. 74 - Sept, ’75,AUTUMN IN SUBURBIA - sunlite shadows cast late afternoon "umbrella" over thisbeginning Oct. 1. 609-f55-3273, $350. - utilftios. Security EA~-~-~-~ .- ~ for delightfully comf9rtable 7 room, 2-story whh screened porch and garage, Pennin0ton treelinedstreet minutes from everywhere, A her00 for all seasons,deposit & references req. 609. rout, Situated on 4 acres,924-2’364.Secluded country setting is CALL PENNINGTON,2 BEIIII(IOMSAir Conditionedthis 1600 Century Grist Mill, 2Garden Apt, TIIIIEE br. end townhouse in natural stremns on property, WEST WINDSOR SPLIT- 3 bsdrooms, 1 Yz baths, living an dining rooms, kitchen, familyTwin Rivers, Fully carpetedtlome includes living room room, 2.car garage, Wooded lot.l.teut includes heat, hot water, all appliances, 65 rain. by with workiug fireplace, kitchenwith built in barbequeCALL WEST WINDSOR ........................................... $~9,50~,cooking gas, washer dryer express bus to N.Y,C. $375hook-up privileges, in own plus utilities. 809-443-t129. attd dishwashcr, dining room, PRINCETON TOWNSHIP RANCH. An ideal home for the SllUlller family "" tlmt cotdd behasement and muster t,v,3 bedroents 2 baths balcony, enlarged lafat*.lhree bedroom house le new corrdiflon -- excellent location -- country actringon Province Line Road,nntenna,ONE OF PRINCETON’SDwelling has many unique andfinest houses ayalluble tatmediately.Central location location for Princeton urquaint features. Cony}eatS(IME APTS available withCALL PRINCETON ............................................... $54,500,dishwasher, walnut paneled elegantly furnished, 3-4Trenton. $450, per me, Call fordining room,bedrooms, largo landscaped appointment Tbe ttunt Agency3 OFFICES TO SERVE YOUlawns, garage near bus and 201-762-2045,¯ PRINCETON e WEaT WINDSOR ¯ PENNINGTONImmediate occupancy, Accept}nitapplications for nuw ~45.EAST WINDSOIt - New 4se an)Is, P lone collect 609.~t24.q24-g0f5 799,1100 73#’%101and return7 ttOtiM, older home on edgubedrtmm Colmdal In exceUcntnf stream hi tllghlalowlt, 3-4 location, Available Oct, 15,Call 201-7112,95115, Resideut$400 per mm th plus utilities, 1bedrnums, $300. )or muuth,manager mf pl’~mises now Cull ~9.769-91103.your lense tiA, niouthsdaily,seeurit:( retluired, leullyI(ENDALL PARK RANOll. ,garpe|eu, £ur cundfllonod, uall !,RE(IIONAI, COUItT APTS. bedroopts, I i,~ ha t is, (Y)9-448-4081 week daye fur rt iiijllegipnal Court & E, Main St, ltedeeuratnd, Available, $365, appoudltleBt,l ; "" U +’+’°{near Ilunterdon Medical Ctr,llunterdml Iligh SchuulFlenilngton, N.,I,4 [ll’++l)lttlOM tlOUSE - fullyreslloi’e i Iosarerl!,’oi,t II, E,NT: Copt~lele,!yfurnished, walking distance lit luriuslieq noose qBIItJ!itfuiiyUuivorslty, l,argB yi i’ll, 10astral 4 ptilcs from yallltcr Resor.t Resort /~~; ....’HIREI,I ROOM Cnntral airIxlrklng Ior 4 irefessioonis, Sq, I yhlg Poeulcouditlolod P’ cot0 got$,140,-$,169, pills utilities (tip.Itlhtilit~ ruaitl,slgdy, euclasuu porcn, kit.ltrox, 120,pm’ Inu, yetlr round),¯ includes lnodorll kl tehel), ~ fullClmB 3 beds, 3 balhs, PropertiesProperties II d I~/:l,l!li’OlllRLI lillbattm pvt, etra co, W/WCull 1~9.452.205’d, grllolthouBtt, Avail tat Nuv, to 1 I(~ONOS . I,ake Naunti, :l SOtJ’~’li ~AN’rOl,t;ll(IN~ a!:t, R ASPH,cln’pothlg, l:~hune g.$, 609,9~4.st JUlin with sulne flextbilhy heuroain Cliaiet Fully - Se short and ba prlvlle ~s Ol SIII el? ltli(II IIANCIIEll ilt~ar F:I’S BS tu rcnhil purled, $1kM) ilr equlped, .Wasltel,/dry~r, A,~all, Aug,~li ou,~lcuagnt’t~ilO’, i YP41 lltz_,..,._.~& Squibb, (hlrage, fil’ephice+ inalith,Sleeps 7, NBar gulf, inajar 291.’~45.36,14, 1 ...........FOR I!,I,~NT, ~nd nnd 3rd floorImol, Let se prefnrred+ l+{eutaiskiing, We0kBBd, weakly, I eu’v’’~’’. .....Ii room Iq)arhnent, t block 1375, tr ntu, u’$;25, If you lli’tr G,II,MtIItRAY, INC, seasonul rustal, ti00.4,18-693"/, ~ ~ ii SlSVlCI] 5TATIUNefrmn Nassau St, Ideal for wilting to do ~mute puhilhlg t~i-Pl,i.04~0lIEN"A, . ST, TIIOMAS . ~aSHOpPlNOCINTIIR~I)rufesaianal I~()plg, 211tl flour anti IllWll Inllllllnllalll/e, ~-....... ,V!,I,t(HN fSLANI)S ¯ L~urhius la|fSelTilloA~WAYaliar gafKI size Kllcllun, Y(llgl181t.~J39 afler ~ II,iit,.... Rb-T6-rT--’/ilia n~ouanp~xlultgna wilh 1 IIIACKTOPIIIIlNGrnon,h t~di~lnt aild ).tilth i}tu~II,;ACI FRONT AI~’ISllltm stuffy, ~t’~t II(~ti, IlasProperties’, ¯ el private ,Ixgll~h ntt]ld servb~B ’~!l APPL EDurge bed.slit nit roml, bath 1 ,++ belial ful Sap~hll’S liar, Sl, and i~iil ),it ¢,otirta ,l,,~iyil yol!r l~l e ¢ON¢ItTi WOlgWINIISIIII ¯ Ll’~£e 4"a ...... ’ras t, iO’lll l f gu’ Ct estKt U q l nil lnl tno lteliqe,allfl it!llli I tulnny !’ugil) llti’tl! hodrtlon ’Ji/u biltlm indtlnlalits u lllaet ’aaul or WorK ’nell/, w II ’i ’el i S Bep ng, V Ul ’uuln, ,hll’tlB I.{IPP, ,spae!ut)lt i!ig g{ ..tile i!eautllul 1PARKL~J,rlr.~i Pt’lsou t~ejltrii! air MAINI’]. wuoded lakeit dn 0t hodruaiu equll)pBd kltctmt, II ~ial:lBn~tlll ’prlvato I~llettny with 1,Inll yntl ttl 61t~p, iI,,,ul~ll/~u,~+w+a,,, ,,,’,,+,I!ulh fllir, a aye light airy ill, iiuy i’nalil anu all ap, ,111 large halt, [rgnl I~ |O[l hatlm, air I:aBdiflgll0d Ae. .bJIIJa~Y tll’ttaK(tlSl till yOL r uwI llnl ~la’ll flalo iClellll anu air cgndtllglind; iiIlillietls, ,,% 7!lllaUie IIR. set’nil, all pagiillleeul 14 uiat ~uit I}ludatkt U.ll lu 5 pt~rau!lil#-ui,il;.I/,u;~&g :PrtvUlB onh’iiuc~,,luvalLyar,d, li}~+d!,~itdy: $450 per IlUl!llli lllgit lake I~|weoii llitligur aiid lhii’ Ma tl a Iq II lelt +erviee nl’ellll)l[t~ t~KIIt pl In 12 I e y pw 1 NnoT. BlttlN~WlCK,1~Ii oil, lie l’lUlilren, Yelir y I I ines, ! eliile lllUl lleegr ly Ilarbor, I h’k, eil ltlarl lit i?,llKl~ p’uvdet, l’pnfiht eourt~ Jt, lfSlUU’kliDtUbWpOtllay, ldttul l"-’~,’,’;+~’+-+~’n’d"-ie~ , till! per niunth, II~ut lit!t required, ¢iill ~lll.4,1il.lll3 or fhinnclBi lu ( uldtfl~ lit yortl ltw ill I!ill IXlul, wilier tlp.orhl+ i ui] tltiii ilOtl nr fiilitll~, Far I lUl,Oll,UUOOwi l, ann varq cllru IIIt!lUUt!(I, it09.4411.$00i aliq ai~k fnl Bun Uall Toddy Pi, aparthtit II i’outai ’ulit un lll, elilliltli, uetall!yullll.tlSU.I!Yli 18 >NfJ, 1 iAIUIllilll~,Igl 14+o~llnl, II nu SlBtWOr~ 1114; PigluBri+Ih’liu~t+hill al ll~O.llgi+lSl, llealtaliiib o, (}till tl09.934,1tl10, nP ,w+rlie hqx It11, dtBieitVllle, ~ "......-"--~"-. -01let,Ail(,lil gtig ’lgifPJ, -- ......A,I,,TPAVlNG

HOME HUNTER’S GUIDE¯ " " " " - THURSDAY,SEPTEMBER 5.1974 .../ -" .. "EARLY FALL SPECIALS .......NEW LISTING - for the thrifty bayer. TMs large home offers 2aparmtents. You can llve in one and rent the other. One apartmenthas 3 bedrooms, living room, dining room. eat-ln kitchen and bath.The other has a large entrance foyer, living room, dining room, eat-inkitchen, 2 huge bedrooms, and I/z bath. Lots of storage space in bothunits. See it today ................................ $45,000.BACK TO NATURE - If you’re a nature lover you’ll love thisproperty and be pleased with the 4 bedroom Colonial that goes withit. Tim house is inmtaculate inside and out. There is a large entrancefoyer, living room. with bow window, formal dining room. eat-in kitchen,step down family room, powderoom. large laundry rome andgarage. All this on almost’an acre and just reduced to ..... $46.900NEW LISTINGSPACIOUS 5 BEDROOM 21A BATH COLONIAL in East WindsorTownship with large living room and dining room, beamedceiling kitdien with generoustorage and eating area, Tbe busilyroom features a raised hearth brick fireplace and a beamed ceiling, Afirst floor laundry room full dry basement 2 car garage, centnd airand fully wooded and professiunally landscaped IA acre at. Calltoday ......................................... $68,900.TALL TREES AND SUNNY ROOMS frame this 2 storyTownhouse with natural woodwork and a front oorcb to relax inDOuryet,rockinglivingchair.room, diningInsideroom,are 3eat-inbedrooms,khehen,a modernroomybath,atticentranceand fullbasement. Oversize garage, possibilities for expansion und unwh,much more await your call.JUST REDUCED .............................. $39,9il0.NO REASONABLE OFFER REFUSED nn this 3 bedroom, 1 ½bath Colonial ranch with a hdl brick wall fireplace in the over-slzedfamily room, central air-conditionlng, large living room, formaldining roont and spacious eat-in kitchen. Tim lot is completely fenced.Call today for the unbelievably low prlcelMembers of=MLSPrinceton Real Estate GroupJOH N "[looking for more economicalcar ? Check the classified ads lHILTONREALTY CO. o! PRINCETON, Ins, ReahorsU.S. Route 130, Cl’anbury, New Jersey 08512(609) 443-4800194 NasBatt Street 921-6060EXCELLSNT SUY,OWNE# FORCED TO REDUCE PRICE FOR A QUICK SAtE dun torangier, deal hat to for commuter w tit school age children which can be movedlulo In lima lor acltool. Four bedroo(na~ fifth bedroant or don, 2 ~h bat ta. Co onwithin walking distance ol shopping, Princeton dan~llon Itaht statlolt, tirade=t~ltaol and high school,17000,See our other udg On p~go 27,It’s everythingyou’ve ever wantedexactly whereyou wanted it....... FROM THE PROFESSIONALSLARGE COLONIAL- In Montgomery Township close to Princetonyou’ll find this nearly new 4 bedroom. 2~/~ barb Colonial on an AcreInt. On tbe first floor is the entrance foyer, living room, dining room,eat-in kitclmn and cherry panelled family room with raised brickfireplace. Nice view of the rolling countryside, Call us for appointment...................................... $71,500NEW LISTING -VACATION AT HOME in ymtr own 16’ x 32’ in-ground pool, abemaibd brick rambler and a country atmosphere yet dose to everthing.4 bedrooms. 2 baths, living room. eat-in kltclmn, sun roomand family room whh full wall raised hearth, heatolator fireplace.Call today for more particulars ..................... $75,000.COMFORT AND CONVENIENCE IN A COMPLETE COM-MUNITY - Twin Rivers Split level Townhouse with large livingroom with cathedral ceiling, dining room. modern eat-in kitchen.master bedroonl with customlzed storage units in a walk-ln closet.two other bedrooms, two full baths, basement includes a panelledden. eeclosed lauodry, pantry aed storage galore! Outside a privateaod beautlhdly done brick patio. All this with easy commuting toNew York and walking distance to everyddng - schools, slmpping,pool and temfis courts ............................ $47,000.SAVE GAS, SAVE TIME, SAVE MONEY in this large 4 bedroom,2~A bath Hamilton colonial that is close to schools, shopping andtrans )ortatlon and yet hidden on a wooded lot on a dead-end street.Centrally a r-cent t oned, a pane ed tam y room with fireplace attda large living room are just some of dm features that will make youwanto settle here. tInrry ! Call today .,. ; ............ $54,900.FOR TIlE COMMUTER WITH A LARGE FAMILY we offer 5big bedrooms, 3~A baths, sunken living room, formal dining room,i:,anellod tam ly room, an over-sized ultra modern eat-in kitchen, afirst floor laundry ’. fitll b’asement and a 2 car garage. Owner wrestsquick sale at ~. :... :’;’;. ’,, ,"..’.~ i... ’.,..’ ....... .... $56 900. ’NEW LISTINGBICYCLE TO THE TRAIN and come home to this 4 bedroomhonm on a wooded lot in Princeton Junction. Large living room, elslmped dining room, kitchen with dishwasher ned family roomopening on very private back yard, All appliances are incloded.......................................... Only $61,900.COMMERCIAL MONEY MAKER - A store un a long term leasewith escalation clauses and 3 aparmmnts bring rental income o!$1,000 per tnoeth, Possible to assunm mnrtgage anti have essh fh)wretnrn of 10’~ on your investment. Buy for only . ....... $93,000.tqlIME COMMERCIALNEW LISTING - Comnmrcinl bnihling and ecrcage on U.S. llighway#13i) in Cranbury, tiny buihllng - Buy acreage or Buy BOTH.Call for details.3 FAMILY - Allentown ......................... $65,000.REL® /.tar City RelocationServicePOTERE (Soma Purchase Plrm),rom48t990 FlexibleFinoncmg30 yr. morrgoges to qualified buyersOPen every daY -- noon to dusk.5 Superb models to choose from - 2 F~anches, 3Colonials - 3 and 4 bedroomooels available. Ourcountry.homes are set on Vz acre lots ano all have2 car garages.EASY TO FIND frorc Route One or Route 206 South inLawrenceville Turngnt on 546 West and follow the signs toInterstate 95. Just before 1-95 is Nursery Road. Turn right andprocess approx, one mile. We’re on me right, Mountain ViewGolf Course is on the leftDrive Out TodaylModel Phone (609} 882-6847Exclusive Sales Agent: Ideal Realty (201) 283-2600Custom Built Homeson Province Line Rd.These luxub homes are nestled on 3 acre treed lots. Colonialtwo-story in design, it features 4 bedrooms a large IIWng room,kitchen with breakfast area 3anelled family room and two fulbaths. If that’s not enough there’s a full basement, attachedtwo car garage, fireplace, a blue stone terrace and a patch.By Wm. Bucci Builder, Inc.Jest minntes front dotvntown Princeton. Drive oattoday off Rosedale Road,FOR INFORMATION CALL:924-0908.... , ......,, ,,;=us:n^ss4 bedroom Estate For RentCRANBURY1 Acre Woodedbrick colonial, $75,000.PLUME OFFICE SPACEavailable for lease in campusCRANBURYsetting. Accessible to Rtes.Mini-Farm 3.86 acres. An- 130, 206 N.J. Tnpke 295 andtique5bedroomColonial. - 195. Incudes janitorial ser-$92,500vices & secretarial phoneanswering if needed. Privatepark. CaN 609-298-6600.CRANBURY WARREN PLAZA WEST -- RL.3,4 Acres, 4 bedroom iII30 EAST WINDSOR, STOREcustom Ranch on Cranbury SPACE F’OR RENT.Brook. $100,500. sq. It, RSE me,¯ sq’ ft. $fi00 me,taxes and utilities20 store shoppingWASHINGTON TOWNSHIPair condittened18 Acres Plus 4 bedroomacoustic cenmg recessedolder home, 3 room studio, lighting, paneled walls, tile4cargarage, $160,000. floor. Excellent location onState llwy, #130, 1/4 mi. southof the Princeton-ttightstownRd. 2 yr. lease with option.EAST WINDSOR Call 609-~,~ff-;1024 weekdays forRanch on approximately 5 appointment.acres. $68,000. t)FFICE SPACE - oo NassauSt., Princeino. 500-1500 sq.ft.STANLEY T,.WHITE ava,able frets *:l~)par me.up. Parkiog spaces alsoa~ailahlc, ca,l ~o.2t-~,~.REALTYo’,INC’7;or,MODEH.N 3,000 sq.ft, fellN, Main St, duslrial building for rent withCranbury, NJ. small office area. 3 phase65S.3322 or 448.2477 electric service, t0 It,CUTE RANCHER EXTRA LIVING SPACE Eves: Thornt0nS, held, Jr. 395.0679 overheadoor lit. 206 South from $195 monthllillsbarough Townst p. Call3 bedrooms, modern kit. 4 bedrooms, dining room,tchen, 1 Yz baths, full modern kitchen, 2~,~ baths,art owner, (20ti 359-7500.IIbasement, central oil 2 car lovely living room. Under allPropertiesgarage, excellent lan- this is a fantastic finishedOVFICE -ideal hmatiog, 2dscaping ...... ntld $40’s family room, Just reducedreruns 280 s(I, ft. fullyFeaturEs:to ............. $61,000 FOP, lIEN’[’ or far sale, cqu pped with fine fur-¯ SWIMMING POOLBarnegat llay, A now 3 pisltugs Pttreh;tse furl~edroomrancher, $200, pet’ pishings and assunto lease,DO YOU HAVE A HOBBY BETTER THANEW¯ PLAYGROUND FACILITIESOR A TRADE?150 years young, excellent week ot’ $311,000, 609-ggB-7816, C.all days (~09-924-5’,1111.¯ OFF STREET PARKINGlocation, 10 rooms, countryOversized 2 car garage, par-¯ AIR CONDITIONERSsize dining room, fireplacefact for a workshopaLONG BEACII ISLAND --hobby centeriu living roorn, loads ofais includedLOVEI,Y OCEAN FI(0NT - 3 ttl,’H(’E SPACE¯ KITCHEN WITH DINING AREAlivlngspace ..... low $60’s beth, earn duplex, Availablewith this 3 bedroom, eat-inNt, w tttoderp suburbankitchen rancher with s full CLOSETO SCHOOLweokof Aug, 31, $215, A~lother office¯ THERMOSTAT CONTROLLED HEATfall weeks $17,5, 12~ 119th St, cet tcr on Rt, 207 interchange,(Included in rental)basement ..... Iow$40’s. Split level, 3 bedroorns, Teghala Park, er 609-7~9¯22’,15, Specs aveihtblo frttm 500.¯ WASHER & DRYER FACILITIESdining room, f~miiy room,....... ¯ ) 0o0 sq,ft P ’esl ginas toiglt.large living room, ultrabe’s, Partitiening to sull, t¯ RESIDENTSUPERINTENDENT ’LONG BEACll ISLAND ¯ Cnrl~ting ah’ eontlithnth~gOWNER TRANSFERRED¯ MASTER TV ANTENNAmodern kitchen, central air, Beueldt’onl apt, 3 br ¯ greet hi Itds it chldetl, I rivgte an.Split level in Crenbury 2~ baths, basement and 2 view- seated- $135. woek.6~- trance, Alnplo )ark ttg,Manor, 4 bedrooms, forntal car garage ..... mid $SO’s 235-414~, tease td e e ~ StOtdining room, modern kit- FOR TH EXECUTIVElLq’ln [hast’.then with many extras,170 yoara of tender loving "Costg l)el Sai, Spa "’[’lu’cofamily room, 1V, baths, care, Historic Bordontuwn,’hgth’oout ftlt’nlshed a)t lloracet’,ShunltntMODEL APARTMENT OPEN DAILYcontrol air end wall to wall17 rooms, Including nor.)¢~ fr(zlt wl01 vitrw o’, ~i)l-4(19.22’,fJ(609) 448-6936carpeting ....... $47,000 vents’ quarters, 2V= newMttuntable, llell[ by week tt,nienlh, AvtdhtblcSeltt, 201.,jSll. OI,’FICE SUBI,ET IM.balha, eye catching now li011h._ . ..---- ....,11 iii iiCOMMUNITY LIVING kitchen, many flraplacoaMEIHATICA,Y - 1 l)ahtterTownhoul~o fluneh, 3unique derails, un. (ICEAN CITY, ’N,J, . St uaro, Apprag, 7110 at, It,bsllevaeblu Igndscal)ed I~tb,etutt htxttry ttpartnw.t llottt |lfttl 4 rennt attire EX -:7...... iiiii lie i .badroonta, 2 baths, Inotlarnkltchel~, dhthtg grog find0founds !0 contp!Jmonl the ~lt’tl II0er I1 Ultt’tlcas q zg effice hdiy pantqed largolargo baaantunl, Con- working fomtltdn andtl!reclly eu tits b0ueh, Cent. ’,vinduws, t’tu’~olt~d, Pheile 7.0 New Home ConstructionIgtrlcly t~lUqtlted, Avglitlblo p,m, 20t-~1.4’~ .vonlenr tO shopl)ht 0cantoranu~uttl Gazebo, 2~ e!ory! Remodelling or RepalrIrt’utand uthlotic faclllllso,boat adds charnt to this 9Seltt,~, $180, l~Jr week 2.............................Week Inudl|lUln, {Jell tlWltOr It[.......... only 141,100, ntor0unueualdetails,homo, Call for llag.Ttlg.~:I52 or agoltl ea EAST WINDSOII, Wet’raftCallprel|ilsaa, llt!~l,:lgtl.~IEl,,Plg~o Wed, llt, ~l:10 ~ IInlchOPEN7 DAY8Necg If, etltl v l~t I tle’L THE---~---=--uusine-ssRealJat:llth)It Ill iiledt~rll hglldIiig.;"1’t11~IDUTCltArt llgble fat’ proteus o .g tttCONS’[’RUCTION CO,OMBARDO Estate For Rent efltt,epnt~llre10.atdleM/hRt,meg,#130, $11,50t,x,AGENCY, REALTORSIIl,q~;i[,:ii"~’prxb~i’~q°"~oi-’ktghl tx, r "tl fl, Cull 60tl-44g.4011!(609) 9111,61,11] , Id |za Oaa.sa Mh tUCSl Rd,EavtWlndsorOfflOel Route130 (~)443-02Q0Fret |$fllllO|llPrlstatae, N,J,i i qlll i i ii~lSl,, M tV 0 1 al t Sa wt, ekthtya, .dl~|’ C all e ~ll’khlg l,’a’nfer0tttt o0 ~0 ?;t~.0tlq4,, lEST 1893REALTORS190 Nassau Street. Princeton. New Jersey, 08540609-924-0322- A COMPLETE REAL ESTATE ORGANIZATIONImmaculate 4 bedroom home in a fine EastWindsor neighborhood. Many features ineludingcentral air conditioning and an ingroundkidney shaped Anthony Pool. Superblylfmdseaped half-acre ot ............ $68,000Attractive 25-yeur old ranch house in PrincetonTownship. Entrance hall, living room withfireplace, dining room. kitchen, 3 bedrooms,1 ½ baths, full basement, and one-car garage.Pretty, convenlentiy located lot ...... $59,000Montgomery Township Ranch - on a beautifulwooded one acre lot just across the PrincetonTownship llne. Six rooms, nne bath and 2-eargarage ......................... $56,500"West Windsor. Penns Neck area ranch nn aquiet street near R.C.A. is this delightful homewith 3 bedrooms, l½ baths, panelled den.screened porch, and one-car garage... $56.900Grlggstown - charming cottage is modest in sizebat impressive in features - from its location ona treed half-acre lot in a sooght-after neighborhoodto its ttnusttally stylish kitchen andbath .......................... $45.000Princeton Boroug house in rite easterly end oftown has a 5-room and bath apartment on thefirst floor and a 4-room and bath apartment’onthe second. Conveniento everything.. $63,500Lawrence Township Colonial in a nice neighborhondnear schools offers a wooded lot. 8rooms. 2½ baths. 2 fireplaces, central air.basement and garage .............. $62,500A Cul-de-sac location is among the amenities ofthis year-old Colonial split in MontgomeryTownship. A lovely cmmtry atmosphere blendswith the sense of neighborhood to afford a verypleasing homesite ................ $61,500Princeton Township building lot - 1.38 acres,wooded, A good buy for the future ,,. $25,000RENTALSWestern end of Princeton Borough apartntent,Eight rooms, 2½ baths, and 2 workingfireplaces ................. $550 per mendOfflee - retail space - on Nassau Street ....available immediately,3 Offices - excellent Nassau Street address, ’.,,........................ $325 per nmnthparking available.Member: Princeton Real Estate Group andMultiple Listing Sen,ice.NOWRENTINGNORTHGATE APARTMENTSOne Mile Roadand Prlnteton-Hightstown Rd.(opposite McGraw Hill)East Windsor, N,J.I and 2 Bedrooms

THURSDAY. SEPTEMBER 5, 1974HOME HUNTER’S GUIDEPa. PropertiesReal Estate Real Estate Real EstateFor Sale For Sale For SaleStratford isRHODE ISLAND -- 250’ H(JPEWELLTOWI~SHIPswimming & tennis Plastered on 94.acres, stone Bucks1822 CountyColonial withwaterfront, zoned cam- ~-mercia, Year round home, 30LDKINGCOLE-Couldbeashade trees and stream.Qua nt 5 rooms and bath.summer cottages. $125,000. merryoldsoleinthisGambrelat 3 ClUbS’o-~ M~P"ti~’~’~Secluded country setting in anMitchell, 401-7113,0200. with 9’ acres. Family r~omarea of fine homes. $80.000. with fireplace, 4 bedrooms, 2~/2a community c lub ~TOP RANCH -- 7% V.A.S’OP~ ¯ baths. 2 ear garage, sag.go0.W S IBORD~ Assumption possible on this COLONIALloan ae with fish’aaMONTGO=RYTOWNSHIPPE R No m+o"~ excellent ranch home,=t~=~, Memberbf Situated on a 1/2 acre lot in E.pumpkin snens for your wueWindsor and featuring living Aboppycombieationbey herthis2storyColoniultoboat,iig and golf I] Realtor 60g-883-190~ room with picture window ofdecorandwarmth, be built. Fireplace, 42 STORY COLONIAL IN LOVELY LOCATION: This- Eves-Wknds215-968-4427,formal dining, modern eat.in bedrooms, 2~/~ baths, 2 carHightstown home is only 4 years old and offers elegant600-882-0514kitchen, 3bedrooms, l’/zbatbs 4bedrooms, 2X/~baths, raised garage, oentralairIalm°stl iving. Large foyer, living room, dining room, familyclose at hand /~ I ~,.living ream dining room eat. acre of land. Cad us for room, kitcher w/eating area, 4 bedrooms and 2’/1. ANTIQUE LOVERS and completely garage" finished Full basement and was is in k]tehenj lpanrelvled familyDaths. Amole closet space. Centta’ air conditioning,¯ /4~ ~,~once Beauty Salon, Rear yard room au d y room, details’S78’900’YARDLEY BOROUGH - 120 is fenced and there is also mudroomwall to wail carpeting, 19 x19 patio and 2 car garage...and outside access. JACK BE NIMBLE - andyear old early AmericanThey’re greatpaved parking, Outstanding Callnow! lt won’t last. $02 900, quick to see us about thts ....................................$55,000.uuparalleled in its charm and huy at $43,900 ’ contemporary. RancHer we aretbeauty. Rare find for those3.7 acre wooded lot in Mort- going to build. Fireplace, 3apartments, too.who enjoy this period for COLONIAL PLUS--Excel- tgomery Township, Asking bedroomS, n2t/at~lla~ra.thASl,2oseta~~ ~[--I t~~--_’.~ .i.~.~ ~$15,9O0.:71’~ ~’tlll/~tl~n aga~ageofC%nd, Ca’l us forFront and back staircase, 7 year old custom colonialFrom $198"W~~ ~ll~l whichBucks several C°untyisn°ted’ fireplaces ramdon lent home year on old lovely custom 1/2 acre eolonial site in MID-JERSEYREALTY details. $73,900./ "~’1(~.~ ~l~kitc widthhen,East Windsor. Features in- 201-359-3444floors countryRoute 206 Belie Mead N.J. MISTRESSMARY - Don t beper monthformaldiningroom,ll&baths,elude living room with bay Realtors ’¯ ’ rooms, ’ comfortable wrap window, formal dining, large’ MLS contrary,. ;~ee mlS salt noxaround porch, Four bay ColoniaiinPennView Heights,lnodern eat-in kitchen,carriage house. Almost 1 acre2fireplaces, den, family room,panelled family room withSlratfl~rd A mrtments nflbrs individuully controlled gas heat and air comlitioning, [ nicely landscaped corner lot, beamed ceiling, fullwall brickHILLSBOROUGH TOWN- 4 bedrooms, 2% baths, 2 earscreened porch,wall-tu-wall cm’llcting, G.I’:. kitchens with dishwashers, Plenty of elo~t spuce andfireplace, wet bar and sliding woodedSHIP’ NeWacreraisedlot, 3ranch’bedrooms,°n :J/4 $92,500.garage’I P~glass doors leading to a 20’lanndry lucilitics, Select frnnl sttuliu, 1 & 2 belh’ount apts, ~~patio and 24’ above ground eat-n kitcben, formal dinin~pool with equipment, 3 largeroom 4th bedroom or den, 28 MAHY - could have her lambrecreation room, laundry and horses too if she bought’Net first w, ur.bedrooms. 1% baths, fullroom 1~/~ baths, attached this 0 acre horse farm. 3DON’T DELAY - Purchase that new home now. Thisbasement and attached garage. $49900. Still time to bedroom Rancher, horsebarn, custom built colonial home is located in a nice area ofgarage. All this plus Central se ect interior colors in- Hay barn fenced in pasture Hightstown, Living room, dining room, family room, ½Lust Windsnr~’q~ ~L~j~i(tt’rl~’~ NEW HOPE. PENNA. - Airforanoutstanding $45200 ~:ludingwall-to-wallcarpetiug.presently used Ior raising, bath, kitchen w/eating area on first floor. 4 bedrooms’r,,,,u~hip. X,.,v .I~~llllllZltC.-’,~g~’=~~ .=~ Solebury Mtn, RO. Lovely EXPANDED RANCH - Ex-Callowner, (2017359-7500, training and boarding horses, and 2 bath uostairs, Fireolace in living room. Gas hot airIqmnc: {fit)9).II:I,~II~.f2~IHIIIN ¯ ~ home on 2 acres, Pleasure to$69,500.I)irectimlS: Xew ~ql]Ld.-..:b4JBlllllU 111’-’?,311tlkl’lqWlook at, delight to live in, eellont landseaping is only oneheat¯ 1 car garage. Immediate nossession .... $50,900.Lower level’, dining room, of the outstanding features of PEDDIE SCHOOL AREA- ~’. ...................h, rscy ’rnrnpike ~L~.-~t~.’~ ~ open kitchen patio¯ Upper this desirable expanded ranch Colonial styling & landscape ~""~’~" .......t. Exit s, then oust ~1 I,~t~[[[[ll~t:~~~i~l~ll~[~ level; master bedroom 2borne. Other quality featuresaccent this spaciOUSm . Brickl.t "A~~’"~ ........ ..,....’a’nm. wou,~na ’t ~ml I(.utt’ 33 .no n/ih’, _ . ’- .. ___~~ ’ :~- --- other bedrooms, main bath. include foyer 20’ living room, veneerraneher.&HomealU. centares:Sided", sp in_ rumple ...... u ne oou~n. ’-t this raised.formalmodern kitchen,dining’familySp°tlesS’room,t. t,ntruncc. (h’ c.mt, ~~"’~ level;F°ur stepSspaciousdOWnfamily,fromroomlStBRo~ 2"/z ,.,:~"r"mic,~ tiled oa~’-thRancher¯. Faml~’y. morn with.... w’lire laceform "~hreplaeerecreatton room 4L~ u~ / p al urt ’b,’ [UlS,~,raised hearth fireplace, 5, yes 5 badrooms, 3 fu, baths, twl rn,.tch n n’l’" ’bedrooms 2 fall baths,=~.~7"~bedroom full bath patio, lamldry area, basement and m~e Xl e. pa elentam, workshop’ 2 car carport,’~ ::~attached garage, All this plus rm w/f p, sewing rm, lndryrm ...... ’basement, 3-car garage, plus Central Air, carpeting, and 2 car garage. Bonus *~’~’playroom. Delightful small flagstonepatio fenced in rear features include: w/w carpet ItUMPTY DUMPTY-Sat on a= - ~i~/~j.v.’ WaINo-wallgroupcarpeting,area¯ Splendid privacy, yard and- immaculate con- throuout central a/c, sunken walllookiug at this attractive. ~---=’=~=="~:~’~ Minutes from downtown largeNew dillon, Top E. Windsor flagstone patiO, redwood Tudor designed Cape Cod,/l:j//f ~~" Hope. $70,500. John J. Henry, location, Justredueed to sunueeK ,or oelalis can Fireplace family room, 3........ / ,~]. ~11~,~;,.[~Broker, 609-393-B808.$49,900Wh tma I Assec ales 609-723-3.86 ACRESTATE: This spacious two story home isbedrooms’ 2 fullbaths $47,500.g1344. evenings: fi09-440-8162. ’ ’located in Cranbury Township and includes a large~L,,~,,.-.~o// __ ~ SPLENDID SPLIT -- QuietHAMILTONTOWNSHIP living room, formal dining room, modern kitchen (allBUCKS CO. -24 acre farm, dead-end street looation in HOUSE FOR SALE - Inwith wall to wall carpeting), utility room and 1/, bath, sixbtratford’q Good for horses etc. Plaster Brooktree Section of E. Village of Rocky Hill 120 OLD MOTHER HUBBARD - bedrooms, and full bath upstairs. There is a basement,stonehome3bedrm, bath Windsor. Half aere lot framesyears old on ’,~ acre plus withAnd ber family would fit one oar attached garage and a three car detachedkitchen dinette 11’ w/f.p, this almost new split level huge wonderful trees’ 4 large comlortably in this 2 story garage, Approximately two acres tillable. Be sure to seeAp cIrtmentS-basement. Hot water o heat. home which features entry bedrooms, 2’/~ new ba’ths new Colonial, Eat-in kitchen,) 30x9o’baru.acargaragew/1 foyer, 20’ living rooln, formal kitchen living room ~ining dining room, living room, 3this one .............................. $92,500,’:~ ,+ ~ atTwin Rivers bdrm apt. l% acre lake, Corn dining, modern eat-in kitchen, room parlor, porci{, very bedrooms, 1% baths, screened LEONARD VAN HL~ AGENCYcrib. Secluded. $153,9O0. 215- panelled family room 3 privatewithfeneedbackyard, earth, excellent tree shaded249-3607. bedrooms, 1i,2 baths walk-in large barn with full second lot. $39,900. "MEMBER MULTIPLE ~G SERVIC~pautry, enclosed proch, story & carriage and horseLand For Salebasement and garage¯ Many stalls (room for2cars)below;Office: 609-448-4250’BUY LAND:Real Estate otberoutstandingfeaturesat also tool and potting sheds; T[-IEYDON’TMAKEIT f+EAL10[~ " 19O Stockton Street Nlghtetown, N.J.$51,900town water and sewer 2 ANYMOREMONTGOMERY TOWNSHIPr lira For Sale ~ minutes walk to library,playground, Green Acres and 39 ACRES - with 5 acre lake,, | .... --_-~rJI post office. 5 minutesby ear to Beavily wooded, In West1 2-.~.~..~t~ ! Princeton. Low 70’s, princi- AmwellTownship. $4,200 per~i!t~. :~:t~)t ~O~V: r~Yx~.:~3t ,iJ~Oe m l~’pals only. 009- 02,1-’ 7J!8::, :acre..":::’:’.~;i’.:":,/.;.",,merciallot,tgoOfeelnonlROrUste eolotdal in most exclusive )"’~~l’""’WEST WINDSOR TOWNSHIP 3.85ACRES-ElmRidgeRead,OwningPa °. g¯ --Byowner, 3bedroom, 2bath HopewellTwp, $20,000....BYBOBloggyPI’IJMI:I~I>..... bank ~i ’your ownIP~--thome Is ’:~’:,.Vo,u dy~ +:r!~ilSa°e::+~ii~i~d~wi!~ i!i!? i~r~diMAINTENANCEMi!m:~ki~FREE’~~7 ~inlicensed by Stasale,e f Cal-- ranch homo on 2 acres 0fdr fireplace, 5 bedrooms, office Magnificent 7 year old colonial property. $48,000 firm. No 18,5 WOODED acres in W,Ni°on. Each time you pey?thn ?::md!~!!r;:~:N:M~?i:ihank y ...... .SO paying ~9-ed44;.elh:~7.eIS I~:~ ¢¢~;:~; :!:ca2~f;~i~iids"l~t r°ra:y ..... If toni .... fen.dhOmoek~)~o~moo~Tuelr1~~ IO t ~eaa ~realtors please, 609-709-1550. Aionn~ae~le~,VP. ~x,~forced savings. ThislsyOUrequity In the property. ItWbldsor. Aluminum siding all TWIN RIVERS - 2 bedroom 2 " = ’" ="= ’" Ihomshoofrom, dSelectlonofbeoutiful wo?~n~te.+PercNESHhNtC" 3.aer.e Y from Princeton, around and featuring entryvan rose ~eanybath corner unit "Con---¢....... In mlghty handy,W:slepfr°°:ldese¢ompl:yelo°Yleri /align; I1~Vldne~r,r°ea°t~t{ ~oDmlpaiU~’les Ce~rale(pir, eaarl] RealtorPennington N.J. TRANSFERRED EXECUTIVE SAYE "Mak......fiery Thisats$ ~°~ee~tGa~ier; I’A lilt Y ~J-~N0!I~’6ALTY CO’ ,.’ll .~’ ........... ~. ’PP. .... l " "re,’so9; +37-36 slovely4 bed ...... Ionial in Eest Windsor hoasts a huge frontworkingfor ten years, for,.i~cum!relr ~. ann., ~s~.,~,~n p_eung, ,,Uml~tren wemome.ge ator anu sou-emma~ ’; ." ¯ to-back living room with fireplece, pretty entry hall, largeMust sel 6094406004 alter 6 t6091 8832110someonelse.++-Suddenly ’..... .....ii+~ ~ be-lne~’ " " A ~ " separate dining room panelled family room ki chon wi h self-(ven--~", .,. pane eu-anu ...,,~ u pm .MAKE~ t..ie . ¯ ll- ~J / cloanm ’ g ov T ’ ’here is nn opportunity toen. here are also 4 bsdrooms 25 baths central," _~";rowust{iff,--~ talnliy room WlLUur"AN t)l+’t+’~,~l({~loll~iJ~k-~x .,~ alrc ’ ’~’ ’ ~ "~’n- tiler ~ "- \ \/ / ~f’~ I I ~’ onditioning basementand2cargarage The maintenancegO on your own.start yourbe~rOOnmtS,ll~iroCDPalaC~dooa~°to~,~iog42 o~r= arabath~l larg;~./ U U U f ..... terior has a brick front, and cedar shako siding. All this on’ , re with city water and sewers,come up with some cash.basom &’ ’ g ’g ,Split is vacant and ready It would be out" pleasure toRedu

| II i :i ’ iiHit a hole in one-.-Win $250.00Starting Sat,, Sept. 7and continuing throughoutthe month, Tile Villages willconduct a hole-in-onecompetition for adu0s 52and over on our brand newpheh and putt course,Anyone can enter,Just pick up an entry format our salesofilce.Competition is from 1 to 4PM daily¯ We supply theclubs und halls¯And $250 to anyone whohits a hole in one,Whether you play for relaxation, exercise¯competition or just the fun of it all, you’ll findall the fun you ever wanted in The Villages¯There’s fishing and boating, swtmmmg,golf,shumeboard, hobby shops, sanna, cardand billiard rooms and much more. And mostimportant, the kind of people you can enjoy allthis with.When you’re through playing outdoors,you can be entertaining indoors, in one of 6magnificent homes, Priced front $28,490 to$36,190 they include climate control centralair conditioning, big country kitchens withWestinghouse appliances, Caradco removableHOME HUNTER’,finsulated double hung wood frame windows.deluxe interior appointments and many othersuperb features,And we provide total exterior and lawnmaintenance, on-site shopping, a communitybus for in-town transportation, and securityguards, among other things, to leave you freeto enjoy yourself.Best of all, all this is just 50 easily commutablemiles from New York City, with 120public buses making the trip every day,So visit The Villages soon because we.give you what you’ve worked for as Well aswhat you play for,Hovnanian’s uncrowded community/for adults 52 and over.12 I)ag Ilanunarskjold Blvd. Freehold, N J. 07728 (201 ) 431-2400Open 7 days a week 10 AM to 6 PMDirections: N,J. Tpke. South In Exit 11; South on Galden Slate Pkwy. to Exit 123: South on Rto. 9. 20 miles to The Villages Watch lot ot}r signs,, , ~m~m~m=-~--m==.ARE YOU BUCKINGTHE TREND?Because of our sales activity the last neveral weeks we needIigtlngs In the Hlghtstown East Windsor araa, If your property Isaver.priced pleage don’t call unlegl you rare prepared to make anad ustment, We do not claim to do the Imponlblel and make noape ogles for =tralghtalk, Call any hour, any day, Why not rightnow llllit AI |OIn*(Well, weare)30~ N, Main St, Highfltowrr, N,J,1109.448-0112Call any Day any HourMintdlel M Uit ialS ~ lillng UUIViClIEAtlOt’reduced,rote subscrlptions oreoffered at ol/times to seniorGUIDEReal Estate Real Estate Real EstateFor Sale For Sale For Sale~ll RESIDENTIAL¯ COMMERCfAL Esr;¯ INDUSTRIAL Isis2-STORY COLONIAL,.. 6bedt’ooms, 3-’/2 baths: 2¯ recreation rooms centrallyair rend toned, carpeting~throughout,TWIN RIVERSWEST WINDSOR TOWNSHIPCONDOMINIUM -- 2- 322 North Post Rd. - Here we SPLIT LEVEL - wittl largebedrooms living room, dining offer you a beautiful custom entrance foyer, 3 or 4room ultra-modern kitchen built hi-level that’s surely a bedrooms family room 1-Vzwith refrigerator, washer and man’s dream & a woman’s baths, some carpeting anddryer.$25,$00delight in a setting of drapes, covered patio,professional landscaping withi il2 BEDROOM TOWNHOUSE0light & airy rooms~ 2~/2 baths LAWRENCE TOWNSHIPI LAND SPECIALIST-- Excellent quad I location, in excellent condition andml 448.060(l~/;a baths full basement,f-includes a king size master Bi, level in excellent condition2tl RO~ER$ AV, HIGHTeTOWI~cleaning oven, frost-free bedroom suite¯ It’s just been on 100 by 150 ft. well land-refrigerator, Minimum down reduced for the second time scaped lot, 3 or 4 bedrooms.payment to VA or FHA and now a tremendous buy at 2~/z baths, centrally air eon-15~yers or low interest$,57,500, ditioned back porch, fireplace KEEP COOLassumable mortgage $35,500. CONTRACTOR OR HORSE drapesinandfamilymanyroom,othercarpeting,extras¯in a beautiful in-ground pool in the back yard of thisLOVER - This home is ideallovely Mercerville rancher. 3 bedrooms, living room with3 BEDROOM TOWNHOUSE for either as there is over 3-- Quad II. 2Vz baths¯brick fireplace, dining room, 1V~ bath. FuU oryeasyacres surrounding thisFIlEDAULETTAcare appliances. Priced to sellsprawling 2a/~e year oldREALTYbasement¯ attached garage, pump house and cabana.at$39,900 Realtor Colonial, custom built with009-893.5522Low maintenance aluminum siding. Beautifully andscaoedlot on side street near elementary school. Extrasinclude w/w caroet and more .......... $61.600,antique brick exterior andSPLIT LEVEL TOWNHOUSE attractive wood shake roof. 7-- 3 bedrooms 2V2 baths, EAST AMWELLloaded with floor space andextra large rooms, 3 full baths,71/,~% mortgage assumption, 2 fireplaces, large formal Newly constructed aluminumdining room plus a 20 x 30’$41,000 sided brick front colonial withbarn and a20 x 28’ workshop, living room formal dining MODERN LIVING AT TWIN RIVERSThis property is impossible 1otIIGIITSTOWNroom ultra-modern kitchen,duplicate for $76,900¯A verv fine town house - 7 rooms with 3 beorooms. 2½family room with brick’NEW HOMES - 10% DOWN A ’FIELDSTONE fireplace and sliding doorsbaths, family room in basement, convenient ~uno, cen-~PAYMENT -- to qualified FIREPLACE - Large formal leading to patio, 4 bedrooms,tral air conditioning for vour total comfortbuyers, Brick and frame dining room, 4 or 5 bedrooms.2~,2 baths plus sundeck over Assumable Mortgage ................... $41,900.exterior 4 bedrooms, 2 full large raised patio, that attached 2 ear garage on abaths tamily room, formal overlooks peaceful valley in secluded wooded 3 acre ’lot.dining room, eat-in kitchen thebeautifulHarbourtonHills, Onl.y 5 minutes to Hopewelland many other desirable these are just a few of the train station. Asking only HIGHWAY OFFICE SPACEcustom features $43¯900many fine features you’ll $80¯400.Lease outstanding office location on major highwav.discover when you call to4,500 sq. ft. Modern building with well planned nanelledEAST WINDSOR inspect this custom built ranchhouse we have just listed for OPEN HOUSEoffices; fully air conditioned, amole Darking. Call forCRANBURY MANOR 5 $.54.900. Sunday, Sept. 8 between 11 & d more details.BEDROOMS -- 2L/z baths, MountainRd..EastAmwellexpandedranchwith16x32in- RELAXED LIVING INround pool. 1/2 acre Well COUNTRY CLUB AT- SANTINAEEALTY.~a ndscaped lot 9 spacious MOSPHERE - Village II 609490-1711Itealtor*****rooms. Firstofferingat$49,990 Townhouse, New Hope, 1219S. BroadSt Trento~ NEW HOMES- 90% Mortgages to qualified buyerPenna. Ideal for a successfulilICKORY ACRES -- Prime beehelor or couple to live in LOOKING FOR THE IMsubdivisioninoneofWindsor’sstyle with tenms and swim-ALSO, Home Available NO MONEY DOWN to oualifiedPOSSIBLE? We have homesfinest areas. 4 good sized ruing (indoors or out), skiingbuyer with VA mortgage.in the low 30’s and up. Somebedrooms, 2’full baths 2 car ann a tremedous lodge for can be bought with no moneygarage richly paneled family entertaining your guests. The down or small down payments Cal und nave one of our experienced sales ~ersonnelroom central air. all in home is one to be admired by Ior qualified buyers. Callslmwcasecondit on. $54,900 all with every possible con- assist you in purchasing and financing your new nome.today! We are ready to helpvenience and Iuxury and must you..WEST WINDSOR be seen to appreciate. All thisfor only $38.000.,Ibho T, tlenderson, Inc,SALES REPRESEHTATIVESPRINCETON JUNCTION -- RealtorsEvnnin~s & Weeknnds~ ~Benford Estates, raised ranch353 Nassau Street Anita Erson 448-6854Gerald Dowsin 201.329-2itS1featuring a large living roomPrinceton, N.J, 08540 Czlherinn Oni~li! 448.2121Hewlld 8itdSlll 448-1914609.021.2776formal dining room, well ~Warrsn fol S~6,9240appointed kitchen, king sizedmaster bedrooms (4 bedrooms4 BEDROOM DETACHEDin all) paneled family room, W||D|Ii HOME in Twin Rivers. Centralheat & Air. Basementovers zeal 2-car garage. Many REAr. esrAraexpensive extras, Justpartially complete. VA loan tatld ou t tgtntpreduced to a low $57,500assumable, call weekdays 1-5ItENT OR BUYp.m. Anytime "~veekends. 609-448-2187.PRINCETON MANOR 5BEDROOMS --: Most.spar onsof homes in this excellent’ . . - ~ ..... APT. FOR:SALE . Monroeneighborhood. Double door~l"~.,,,,~/j~a/~; Twp. You’re over 48’ and :’REALESTATE’~~’~entry to a large slate foyer, I V~LI~I~IIU~t I appreciate niceties. 2 BR 2ndformal living and dining i a_..~.~..I floor coop, in Rossmoor:rooms paneled family mornI,,.,,~_ ~" rl~ reasonable. Assume 5’/4 mtg’with stone wall fireplace, nowaxkitchen floor, central airplus cash. Club activities¯ $25,500 pool, golf, clinic, security.REAtTOR~and low maintenance exterior.CONDOMINIUM TWIN (6~) 055-1082.RIVERS . 2 BedroomsFor lease at $000 monthly orAp-"piances Carpeting Te~’rific ROSSMOOR-2 bedroom co.op 138 South Main Sl, Highlstown, N, J, (609) 448-1069sale at$01,5OObuy at today’s prices apartment large living roomMember MtaOp e L sting Service’ separate dining area self-$41 500 ¯ cleaning oven, washer, dryer, Cranbttry Split located in Cranbury Estates consistsof 7 large rooms and 1 ~ baths. It is situated3 HUGE BEDROOMS - Large etc. 609-650-3271.Family room, Formal Diningon a 100x200 lot, Priced to sell ....... $45,900,room. Colonial Style. Garage, VETERANS NO MONEYBasement¯ Mature trees¯ DOWN- Bufldm’s close out.WEIDELiNew 3-4 bedroom raised10 industrial acres in Washington Twp. with officeREAL eSrME$41,900 ranches $41,490 - $42 490.80 x building and a storage bulhling ........ $60,000ALUMINUM SIDED - Split 125 ft. o s. A homes have-////I ~Level, Hamilton Square. In- kitchen, living room, dining Two story in the village of Windsor. 7 rooms, 1 ~AGround pool, 7 rooms include room, family room, utilityhuge carpeted Family room, room. garage, dishwashers,baths, large barn in rear of property¯ Ideal forgas heat, hardwood floors, Quiet Country atmosphere ...... Asking $42,900TWIN RIVERS -- split level , $43.500 side walks, paved driveways~Townhouse; 2 large ~drooms, ROOSEVELT, N.J. - Ira- 220 electric under grounal!.J baths w/w carpets .5 maeutate Modern Aluminum utilities, low taxes, Oliver Two family in Hightstown consists el one apt. 5appliances, finished patio¯ and Musmu’y. ~,,~ Acre treed Realty 609-924-7777 or 0OO-709. rooms, 11,,~ baths. Apt. #2 5 rooms ’and 1 buth.Near school and recreation¯ lot, Garage, Fruit Trees, 205g.Open area in front, NY busClose to center (ff town .... , ......... $45,000,Large Family room,stop at door. 7~,:% assumable. SOUTtl BRUNSWICK -mortgage. Principals only.Dayton - 125 year old Louse. 3 Large modern 12 room homes, with 2 ear garage$30,000. 609-448-8013. SEVEN $49,900 ROOM RANCH . bedrooms, l!z baths livingOwner relocating and needs room, dining room, kitchen,situated on a 2 acre eommereial lot on Rt, 33.cR~ ~-A-ff~ -- 50 rluiek sale. Brick and Frame, 0 sunporch, 2-car garage, abeve Many possibilities for investors or professionals.minutes commuting time to years young, Family room, ground pool dock, $40 000, ............................... $85,000,NYC via express trains. Garage, Carpeting, Entrance Financing available, 201-M3.Beautiful 4 bedroom split level Foyer. Large lo[. }tamilton 7507,on ~,~ acre. Excellent conditionSquare, Immaculate,EXECUTIVE FOUR bedroom 10 h)vely acres ht Mnnroe partially wooded undinside and oul, Formal drCdionia, ¯Prestige area in about 8 acres clear, hleal for hnrses or kennel,panelled fro, eat-in modernkitchen, utility room, JUWest W ndsnr situated ouSReal Estate basement, 1’,~ baths, Only TLLISvT~O’gi~:A ,~or~usSpwooded ot Fireplace In’ a Itn8yrs, old, Rascentralalr.ForSatew/w carpeting custom drapesnew Square, Carpeted throughout, faro y room, central air, fullbasement, attached 2-car Reduced to $29,000 tills 7 room bungalow nearCeittral Air, 3 or 4 bedroomsAluminum Sided inelading t!aruge and numy custom snhmlls, park attd center of Hightstown, Must sell.-~ & many extras, Low taxes. eaves, Stone front, What a~xtras. Price justifiably atowoo, rausferrod, Must see$47 800, WE tIAVE found, in to appreciate. 609-443-6037.~auty.$a9,,~00,tnc midst of others, a Ranch$49,900 WALTER B, IIOWE~ INC.home with room to spare, IIlea u’es 4 large bedrooms 2 284 PEACEFUL WOODEDUNIVERSITY HEIGII’rS - 3 RealtorsL WESLEY ARCHER MAI~GARET MAGANbaths, paneled famll roo~u0edl’oont Colonial, Entrance 799-1100448.2097 448.6283’ , ’ .washer, dryerefr~erator’ ACRES. A’clutcct-das gned, , Foyer, Beautifully landscapedMEL DEMPSTER ASA MOWERYeeflntgs, wood pa!te!t,ng,dishwasher &tilt conditioner’ Led,wood: contemporary ’2 corner, 2 Car garage, Fautily5S6,1290 395,1671room, Near Mercer Coiinty FIIA LOW MONEY DOWN .Yea will find a fenced yard & Mal.’me fireplace naaman Coatmuaity College, Bu ders c use ant, New 3-4rear l~tio, A well coifed forhedroum ruised ranches,honte in one of Soulh Brun. largo txn, ms, P,u til%natl:s.$56,500 $41 490442490. IR} by 125 ft,i iswick’s lovllest area, Call Ene tusot!,po!’ch, 2 cur ggrage,todu v for an insne’clion of tool, alllttlteS tram zrains,UNIQUE IIANCttER- Sunken Idle, All hontes have kitchen,RanCh living, ERI~BRAM &Living room, Full wall stone vine roont dtulng roontschools,, sho].lp!ng,, llo~w~/ICO 735 l[wv 16 E Brun. Townsnlp, ~,dP,5oo, ~u.o24.oai5lireplace, lluga Utalng room ftntf[y roo’n uli ty roont.und Kitchen, 4th bedroont or git’age, dishwashers gus heatMANVILLEswl’¢k, N.J, foi.~il’.:~ab, ur 609-401H74tkden, 2 full buths, 3 years hurdwuod fluurs, sidewalks,Raaltors MLS ,_,,~,~young, All Cedur Sldhlg, }avud h’veways 220eleolrie, Modorn 8 roam bHevel, excellent aondttton, 4PENNINGTON AItEA Entrunceway 2 car Gurage iunder greund utilltios, low~~ "larhtccton Farms," 3 ranchCeo ra A r, Fall SCl’ooltoo laxes, Oliver Itcalty eog.624. bedrooms, Ph boths, 2 firapiaces, garage, Chain.linked’!’WIN. IIlVEItS .. l) B DItlM hoases awtiluble suou Sill t}00Town ouse quad t I I~ctrnlt h$tl’t 500 $(16 000 Call bul’ldet~Parch, Muny tr,oes and 7777 or 61~J.799.205g, fenced back yard. Swimming pool. Many extras, [00’ x)l’o[essiOllUt lunuscaplag100’ corner lot .................... $53,900,lovely vie~v’ all appl, hoamga 20’1’ 7624347’ina tun ~luaro,coiihigs, w/w curpol, eont, alr, "__."’ ~_.EAST WINI)SOII ¯ Newpai’Io, gOLi.448.5640,Ix~t ruoni Splil levbl 114g,01~),MANVILLE.SOUTHSIDEIN LAWRENCE TOWNSIIIPi.,r ...... CONVI’~NIENTLY LOCATEDavuilablc I’ar hnnlodluhl ~.n~rt*LC FOIl SIlOPPING ANDca laney lit lavoly hulll,gp 2 family piestore, ooth apartment h6s 3 rooms andTHI~COMMU’rlNG, ot a boaullhlls0ct ti l 901~ n urtgago" Irt,~d lot wllh a delightful,iVl hilleNEWSPAPER 10non( back yard end Fttloattl qc, gus beiil,,, , ! ut’s col!!plet~ly,p!’lvlde, h It WEiDELi Untlorgrunnd bath, stere h6s z/t bath, full basement, $oparate utiUtles,i~ltlowalklt$37,500.ti acre, wulkhtg dhttanco to(] l lifitiS’l’tJWl~ ............... ¯ CU~ Ol I Prick nvoly spat ¢ Io Ill l~ yearf~IIAl, IlllArl grade schonl, Call Itue.~ll,40Ol, HILLSDOilOUGti TOWHSHIP, apploxlmately 4~ acresnnd lnusonry ennonipo’a,y lid linl i perl~t co dlt01,weekduys,zoned residential ............. Asking $[9,900,ranchnr, 4 or fl h~d’ooila, Fou’ bed’n iS, ll/i tlalt~teallindrnl coiling wtlh npon fireplace in living ruant,bOOiliit und Iiilltop viow li $ lh h tt ’ttnltl, liutlly ,OOlu,EAST WINDSOR ¯ P’i leaCl’ag, Sncttetl, ya off ~ Uil ewy ’e t~.uc Qu ko’Modhlcalluli, 4 liR IiHd~VEL wJOSEPH BIELANSKIi’iwr ruad, lduill and goiiltie klldlen villi cusloln cnbhtols,I fu lit Is, uvey ktehaliS,J, l(rol ltttalini, ti 101-3ttlt~ lei’l~lilily i)ulnlod nn ilia Inatdl~, IIANUIIIOUSE hi P ’1 ice o t !yltl! ligll! his lllxh,a Inl’ge Member RealtorI!liT, ovi)lt’, 101.3~fi.lglbl, Ahtnilule nloyo,ln cnntllthnl, rown~h p. 3 bt~t 11,Ol ,lll~ Ceillor liUillly untl gui 0 ’nu COl 1MLS................. Just l10,b~,nall~hvllilt reull), l Ul ill ’0o h 7 ~ ir tililli~liol ltlll,liilo t~l lierek lci e It atl pat , Ig lUi,, will{ tittltl,lt tla!itn Itrognd212 S, MuIn St,, Manvll!oII1(I rlSTOWN oxt, colt ttaleano wlliu tm flllii IllI i6 dOIIl’l’ " "i II " aariul " lieblpttqupi!lwilh i gilrlige C[oaa pliul w/ rlttw XUl tlal~k hi(201) 725-1995le "’ tend "’¯ backyd " , lion ..... tpag= lidsIteultorg Lu SL’huul lind ntliililie, ’rrellit, lirlvala bnl;kyord, W/W.......u,) .i trla ~st Cllll 0WIP" re"~[gl BlUitlKlg ~itl’anttlfil,oun, Plau~e ¢itll afior 1 etu’pt~ltng Ih ’ui gi o i i co it ’illuap~’t"’’ll’~e 440 ~1’~’ Itrhl0¢lun N,J,00M0li,lii, ao6-01t.ullg~, 0 i’, Mid iifi’lt Call ownur, lion.|vlnlngs cnl1301,319,$345~{~ J}31.~47704,ill;US01,IH IHTHURSDAY. SEPTEMBER 5. 1974

HOME HUNTER’SGUIDETHURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, 1974Real EstateFor SaleReal EstateFor SaleToo LateTo ClassifyClalre’s Italian SausageIN~/ESTMENT OP. KEYPUNCH --~ Mainstem.PORTUNITY - 259 acres, Inc. has an opening B:30 to 4:30Buy some hot Italian sausage andCranbury Township. Large for an experienced keymortgages available at 6 and7 operator who will needslit it into flat pieces. Fry some of thepercent. Owner will consider minimum training on ourgrease out and pour some off. Addselling half. $7500. per acre. CMC-5 disc-to.tapechopped fennel.leaves, sweet marjoramleaves, salt. onion rings, sweetkeystations. Excellent fringeINVESTMENT OP- benefits and pleasant workingpeppers and two hot peppers, veryPORTUNITY ¯ 258 acres, conditions in the Princetonfinely cut.Cranbury Township. Large Research Park. 609-9244)700.Add as many mixed beans as youmortgages available at 6 and7 Equal opportunity employer.have and the pan will hold. Stir fry forEAST WINDSOR TOWN- percent. Owner will considerSHIP: This spaeiona .contemporarystyled Twin Riversa few minutes,.until hearts are tender.selling haft. $7500. per acre.GENEROUS REWARDhome offers entrance foyer, TOWNHOUSE - This partioularlyattractive 3 bedroomdog. Large, resembles aOFFERED for return of lostChicken and Peppersliving room, dining room,kitchen, 4 bedrooms 2~/2 baths with finished basement offers Collie. Mixed breed ofGet a three.pound chicken, oil andbasemenl recreat on room. many extras VA & FHA Shepherd and Collie. Black-salt it and put it in a large pot. AddIncluded are central airconditioning, carpetingapproved. Low down payment. brown and tan, answers tosliced onions and tomatoes and slicedthroughout, refrigerator, dishwasher,washer and dryer, COUNTRY RANCH - Ancovered, for about an hour at 400,a9,500.name of Barney. He is missedsweet and hot peppers and bake.desperately. Call 201.329-6478,or bring him to Princetonhumidifier, drapes and gas unusually warm romatie Racquet Club, Raymond Rd..degrees.grill Nicely landscaped and home. different and lovely. H.D. t/4. Princeton.Add rosemary, tarragon or thymefenced yard. Assumable Rich vertical wood sidingL~ big pinch), some diced eggplant.mortgage. A nice buy at encloses the 4 bedrooms, l’& PUPPIES -- medium sizeerookneck squash or beans and a$48,500.baths, living room with immensefieldstone fireplace,mixed breed. Terrier mother,handful of okra to thicken it. CookNEW RANCHER: This altra modern kitchen andsmall Collie father. Copperanother half hour and serve.moderately priced home is spacious dining room. Immediatefor future occupancy.color with white on chest,being built by fine customneck pews, and tip of tail.Pickled Peppersbuilder. Living room, dining MAXIMUM MORTGAGEPert, playful, and papertrained.Call 609-924-0579Take firm mixed peppers and cutroom, kitchen 3 bedrooms 11/2 AVAILABLE, Asking $55,OO0.baths, utility room. Wail toevenings. ’ them up. Pack them into jars withwall carpet to be provided TURN OF .THE CENTURYCLEVer-pieces of garlic, mint leaves and a dillthroughout whole house. A CHARM - Your family can manent part time job in officehead in each. Make a marinade bybeautiful opportunity for only enjoy all the warm qualities of of instrument company Inmixing two parts vinegar to one part$33,000.home in the days of. Barber Princeton. Paid vacafions andwater. Add one cup sugar and threeShop quartets and Homemadeholidays,¯ non-contributory3 BEDROOM TOWNHOUSE: Ice Cream with this 4tbsp. coarse salt for each quart jar.profit sharing .plan. CallLocated in Twin Rivers Quad bedroom, P/,, bath beauty. Techne, Inc. 609-452-9275 forPour it over the pickles and seal theII, this home offers living Cheerful decorations up to interview,jars.room dining room, kitchen, date conveniences in a lovelyfamily room 3 bedrooms and setting on Main Street, WANTE[) TO BUY - Station2t:z baths. Centra air con-Cranbury. MORTGAGE wagon, clean, well kept, anyditioningt wall In wall ear- AVAILABLE, $72,000. model or year. Call 201-359-peting, ~ilshwasber, Basement 3717.s pamted. Home is in nice CRANBURY COLONIAL - a GARAGE SALE -- drapes; TOO Late Too Lateshape. Just reduced for quick quaint and charmin~ 18th bedspreads pair of Frenchsale to $39,900.centu/’y gem. Double livinglove sea~, avaeado velvetȚo Classify To Classifyroom ulmng room TV room,OLDER 2 STORY IN new compact kitchen, 4 perfect washer and dryer,ncw cooditiou plumber’s tools Parttime work in Dell for GAR~holdHIGHTSTOWN:homefeaturesgoodsizeroomsThis older bedroomsceltentI-I/~conditionbaths.iusidcIn ex-and and raise.; antique slipper evenings and weekends. Apply items. Blender, slicer,with amnle closet and cabinet out.$$74,900,rocker 1885 silver pieces 2 Floyd’s Dell, 4 Old Cran- wroughtneeds:ironinfantskitchen-set,toddlersbabymeat slicing machines; end bury,ltd., Cranbury 609-448- clothes, toys and equipment.space. Living room, dining~ iroom, kitchen, t~z bath and SPLIT LEVEL - On largetables exerciser, good con- 7050,Many books. No antiques. Sat. P~PPER PICKERS, PICKLERS and picture-takers Harry and Road nome. Mr, Toboy is planning a book full of pepperentrance hall, three bedroomscorner lot. 7 rooms, l=h baths,dition mess, ladies childrensSept. 7,lh, 10-4, Grenlouk Dr., Claire Tobey pose with a few peppers at their Province Line pictures. (TertiGabriell ohoto) :;and bath. Nice size yard. 4 bedrooms. Asking $48,900.clothes, shoes; much more. LEAVING COUNTRY-- Must Titusville.Manor View 3070 Lawren-sell 2 horses. Apaloosa --$32,000.cevilleRd.,Lawrenceville, gelding 5 yrs. old, t5.l EXPERIENCED LEGAL GarRENTALSTOTAL LIVING COMFORT:Sat. &Sun., Sept. 7 & 8, 9 a.m. English or western. Ideal for SECRETARY - Bard, Bogatz, den grown like iu n gleto dark.Thisexpandcdranohcrwith Offieespaeealuminum siding offers living Sleeping room for gentleman,kids. Asking $600. 19 yr. old Hightstewn. 609-,148-0132.room w/fireplace, dining Furnished 4 bedroom ranch, NUf~ in gelding, 15.2, spirited but well "room, family room, kitchen, 3 $500.Blawcnburg needs cook, 9:30- trained western. Asking $250bedrooms and l~:z baths. Lovely country apartment for 12:30, 5 days a week. PhoneinlermodtelnsCall 609-921-6818.orASSU---~experienced~ ~GE-& Sh°rc’ t02 Male St"PE ’ck dpeC’k ofpeppersSecond floor offers one single. $240. 609-469-0005.2BR 1’~ bath decorated &ibedroom and bath. Finished 3 bedroom dunlex. $25fllandscaped delux appL a/c,recreation room m basement COOK NEEDED - for APPALOOSA GELDING - 8 prem. lot, 9 mos. old. OwnerScreened rear porch. Central J~ltLt~ ~l~ ~ll. iteadstart program, Hightyrs.old., 15.2 h, pins con- trans. Principals only. 609-448-air conditioning. Nice size lot stown area. Call 609-4434707sistently on the flat and in 5675.grow anything that I think Is a prettysomething and the color.’offers plenty of room for Membei’of.Multii9~lebetween 1 and 2p.m. pleasure division. Goodby Terri Gabriellplant, and I don’t think anything is "Yeah," adds Claire, "and the nextgarden area as well as outdoor ListingServiceperspectives to hunt. $1,000. HOUSEKEEPER - warmentertaining $53,5OO. 37 N. Main$t., CranburyCall ~9.466-2890.friendly person needed forStafl’Writerprettier than those little peppers."thing you know, you’re friends think609-395-0444 BEADTIFUL CUT GLASSafternoons, Monday-Friday.Harry, a photographer who startedyou’re nuts, don’t they Harry?"MERCER STREETMust have own trans. 201-2ff/- Claire and Rarry Tobey love pepbutterdish $125 Victorianshooting vegetables when he andBut Harry, whose pictures of hugeBUSINESS’ LOCATION:Eves. 609-395-1258 orHome is in excellent condition.799-0301leather chair, $30 mint con. PAHT TIME DRIVER - 11:15 022"/ after 6 p.m. pers. They pickled pecks of them, Claire became mush}~oom hunterseyes -- one in a red frying pan -- pepdition old pianostool.$15 olda.m. - l:15 p.m. Will train forgrow even more, photograph them inPrcsentt~ a nice dwelling but E. Windsor-Colonial Cape with oak chest, $65; oak roundlicense. 201-297-9144 or 297- some years ago, agrees.pers and people line the walls, whosepictures of pickles hang on the4~zroomapl. Manville. Heat& what some would consider ratherpossibihties for offices or craftsman’s touch open beam dropleaf table, rope legs, $70 6066. hot water included. No lascivious postures for peppers.refrigerator door and whose old shirtsGets attractedsmall business. Seven rooms ceilings chair railing, Empire 3 door bookcase 64" LOS-T-Vtein~tyof Griggstown. children or pets. 201-722-5935. In fact, they love most vegetables.and bath 3 car garage. fireplace, 4 SPACIOUS’ long, 54" high, 14t~ ’’ cover the pickle barrels, won’tdeep, $90; all gray female eat with ..... They grow a real variety of them in "I got into peppers the same waynecessarily agree.Parkin~ area in rear. $38,9~,. bedrooms 2fldl Baths, Living, 5 stack oak bookcase, $8,5; greenish eyes and short silkenNope. Be just looks at you throughGRAVELY TRAGrOR - lawn their Province Line Bead garden, but you get into photographing anything,"Dining, 1st floor laundry W/Wdrop leaf bread table with coat. Reward, 201-359-6009. mower with sulky $200. orbest peppers are like pets for thcsepeople. he says over a lunch of chicken,the lens of his camera, smiles, andr~LEONARD carpeting, AIR COND. $40,900. dough storage drawer, $35; Call also if you know that she offer. Call 609-452-2528. who are working on a book aboutasks if you know anyone who could getvegetables and, of course, peppers.609-~8-8__ 620. __.~ gallon iron grape press, $15; is dead. nothing but. "VAN HISE"You get attracted by the shape ofinto writing a poem about peppers.child’s bone china tea set $15ZEAtr¢>R AGENCY SOU’I~ H BRUNSWICK -2- mys.tery till car $15 touring BLACKGO/NO TO COLORADO? Will The book will contain Harry’s& white tv $75, Singerfamily house, yard, 2-car van, $1,5.; wood barn andsewing machine $125., am/fmprovide ear’and gas if yna will pepper portraits, two of which weredrive to Denver or Aspen. Call included in a state photography show160 Stockton St., H 8&tstown, N.J.. garage. Possible professional cardboard animals $15.; all 0 track home stereo $50., tapesJooation. 201-329-6~5. toys are old and in good $2. ca. 8 by 12 tent with floor 609-924-9012. at Rutgers, Claire’s pepper recipes,condition. Lots of collective $35, ca 609-452-1655. EXECUTIVE SECRETARY sad no doubt a peppering of their609-448-4250glass pieces. Call 201-329-67~.to eorporate secretary of new unique, or to use Claire’s word,WASHINGTON TWP. -research & developmentColonial. 8 rooms 4HELP WANTED - ex-"crazy," personalities.corporation. Secretarial skillsAfter hours & Sunday Call bedrooms, formal dining FREE PUPPY -- Shepherd- perieneed person to care’for plus familiarity with legalroom, large eat in kitchen, 19 Collie, male excellent tam- 3 mos. old baby boy for part orWon’tstuffaspects of corporate structureCITY OF LAMBEBTVILLE - by 30 in ground pool on a 1 acre perament for children, 4 full day. Call 609-921-1319. required. Couhct Mrs. A. L.an exceptionally fine frame lot. Newly painted inside and months old with all shots.Casey 609-452-9595 for in- "It won’t contain any recipes forhome, corner lot slate roof all out. $50,000 Would prefer owner with yard. 96" MOSS GREEN DAMASKterview appointment, stuffed peppm’s," Claire says. "I think609-924-1260. SOFA - Perfect condition. Callaluminum storm windows andthat is profaning peppers, to stuffscreens. Newly renovatedthem with other things."kitchen, 2 living rooms largefireplace, large dining room,4tz bedrooms wall to wallcarpeting ceramic tile bath,fu basement with lavatory,hot water oil heat, all in verygood eouditioo. Asking price$39,500.HSCA|I WOLFI,;ItFALTt)61B-397-2138PRINCETON TWP--CustomBuilt split level in Riversidearea. Large living room,d sing room, family morn, 4b,.lrms, screened porch, largedry basement, hmndry room,.attached garage. 45’ patio, 1bath & 2 half.baths, entrancehall. Solidly built with plasterwalls. $7,1 OOo. Principals only,Call 609-924-1070,Cranbury surrounded withnothing but plenty)of .cleanfresu country ah,. 2+ lOVelyacres with many lovely fruittrees, place for a garden.Large npt.tq.date Colonial, [Irooms, 2 ~ baths. 2 (lice outbuiklings,one a stable and tileether u big garage. Aboveground pool with firm’.Reduced to $57,0o0.W S BORDENMe(it bar of Multiple Listing,Serviceltoaltnr lll13.1oool,lves/Wkn(h 5,15.01120ROS’~7~i;;M,N UM¯ 411 years and over 2 bedroom,~I hath, 2nd floor, central air,all . elnett’le appllancas,waJl/wall corpet, other exlra~,2‘1.bag, secu,’Ity ~af llU0l,clubhouse, all’~¢t, facilities,exterlur lnshltelalllCO, l-fir,NyC ,bus 9! gate Attractivelypi’lceU, asat0g ~’,l,~)0, OWl(el’,60U,Ik55,0,P}=,Die1 a d; :I ’otodeedholtte~ ideal fur ~orseM, e ~e!O ~llO0{S. ~. ll)lel)lflllg, Mot,tlloge aVallenle, ~llli’~lUd.1104 Or~0l¢tltl4‘1ea,

THU.RSDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, 1974OUR CLASSIFIEDADSAREAWAYDEALEvery time you place a classified ad in one of our 7community weekly newspapers your ad appears inALL 7 for just one low price. In classified advertisingthe number of people reading your ad is of utmostimportance so irs hard to beat this 7 way deal. Weoffer you the readership of 30,000 families with justone phone call, one ad, one bill. You just can’t beatit.TItE PRINCETON PJtCI(ETThe Lawrence LedgerCall (609) 924-3244 or (201) 725-3355 or fill outsimple classified advertising form:THE CENTRJtL POST~tlLLSBOROUGHBEA6’ON~4 LINES 1 week: $3; 3 weeks ordered In advance with nochanges $4.50.(50¢ billing charge)The Manville NewsThe Franklin NEWS’RECORDCLASSIFICATION....................................NAME etelt IOlet|l|t|mt le|lleltlltll|tetltlleletttADDRESS ..........................................TIMES .................... PAID .......... CHARGE .....

20 I he Franklin NEWS’RECORD THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 5. 1974process,For the full text of Mr.Clashof volunteers to canvass, but"This is totally untrue," .said CaUea’s statement, see his Lhey were still giving it a try,(Continued from P~e One) Mr. Sullen, "the Democrats letter on page four.have been discussing this on Mr, McCracken said this He viewed their chance forparty was seeking to eliminate and off since May of 1973 when week his cnancos of getting all success at "somethingall of the "animosity" that was they lost the control of the the needed signatures were less than tORy.fitLy."created by such a selection council.". dimming because of the lackHe added that most of thepeople they talked to duringtheir polling wanted to electTHE CONTINUOUS ART SHOW their own mayor,Meanwhile, a townshipresident who was a member ofPAINTINGSAN UNUSUALthe charter study commissionten years ago, whichGRAPHICSCOLLECTION OFrecommended the currentCUSTOM FRAMING HANDMADE CRAFTSgovernment, said the township’sproblem was not itsSELECTION OF OVER 200 PAINTINGS TO CHOOSE FROM.form of ~overnment but the. :, I~’ people elected to its offices.CUSTOM FRAMING RIGHT ON OUR OWN PREMISES.lie said that all of the// l/ problems between theFAST, INEXPENSIVE, AND OF THE FINEST QUALITY.. 1~9 t~ manager and the council were’~llll~lll}l~/IL~_ ’ Art Barn /the handcraft ~op~.r ~l~l,:~,:,tq~..th mDGE ROAD MONMOUTR iUNCTION. N.J. 0896g-120~) 32g-+96’KOREAN:: ~KARATE SCHOOLSELF DEFENSEPHYSICAL FITNESSSELF CONFIDENCEAll the classesare carefully dividedaccordingto student’sgrade and ages.REGISTER NOW!i i: !¸ "!: ............. b0NG Ju LEE~4TH DEGREE BLACKHonored by "iIKOREAN TAE KWON DOi! ASSOCIATION ’~FREE DEMONSTRATION Sun., Sept. 8 at 2 P.M..~Johnson s Park across the race track."~610 HAMILTON STREET Ill201-~1- SOMERSET, N.J. 08873EAR PIERCINGFREEwith purchase nfEARRINGSSherman & SonsJmo,h,r(Nelt to 9ank)SOmerset Shspning CenleliiDaves Men’s 8.Boys Shop41S. Main St.Formal WearFor Hire¯ Pollcemun¯ MailmanManvilleXEROX COPIES(QuantityPricesAvailable)TownshipPharmacyK 1 5-88(J(J712 Hamihon St.. Somerse.NO 7’.4R Y PUBLIC iN.J. ConstructionMason Workli:ll:[%1[fl~/kHI @IL’I,I alL{ l[~:llDECORATED.CRAFTEDCustom Kitchenso Counter TopsCabinetry w Cabinel HardwarePlastic Lentinates w PlywoodsHardwood~ e VanitiesBulit.tn AppliancesDECORATORS¢ LARRY’S TVWORKSHOP06a Homthon StrewtSomerset, N,J, 08873,,HANG UP212 E, MAIN ~T.BOUND BROOK469.6699tOW PRICE6FAIIT §ERVICESpecializing in small repairs, cement,tile, brick walk, marble and plastering.Call 526-06890£725-5803for flee eslimateISCOUN1SALES & SERVICE308 E, Main St,, Bound BrookCoil 356.0231mo.T Now LRent thisSpacefor 13 weeksfor a low priceCall 725.3300the result of the people in thosejobs,Works fine elsewhere. "The cause I would not havethose problems if it, hiredprofessionalmen to run thetownship," he said. He pointedout that our form of governmentworks fine in cammunilieswhere the problems ’are much greater."This alleged failure of thesystem in Franklin is dae tothe people who were picked torun it," he said, "not becauseof the system itself."At this point he said he sawno need to change from thecurrent form, but he addedthat he was not "convineed."’"Under Plan F themayor would have much toomuch power" he explained,"because he could veto any actby the council. I also haven’tseen anybody run for officehere recently that couldhandle that job."FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 6Circle Players Theater-In-The-Round production, "BusStop," 416 V~croda Avenue, Piscataway, 8:30 p.m. Forreservations, 968-7555. Also presented Sept. 7, 13, 14, 20,21, 27 and 29.sATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 7Square Dance, "Hoedown Under ths Stars" whh Ed Porteras caller. From 7:30 to 11 p,m. at Norlh Branch ReformedChurch.Franklin Township Zoning Board. 8 p.m., MunicipalBuilding.Hillsborough Township Planning Board, 9 p,m., MunicipalBuilding.American Legion’s 65th Annual State Convention, Wildwood.Thru Saturday,Paper Drive, Christhe King Parent Teachers’ Association.Dropapers off at Chestnut St. entrance to school, AlsoSunday,Somerset-Hunterdon Chapter 141, Parents Without partners,"Cards and Games," 8 p.m., American Legion, TeaSt,, Bound Brook,Paper Drive, Immaculate High Schoot Marching Band.Dropapers off at van behind Faculty House, MountaioAvenue, Somerville, 10 a,ln. to noon, Also Sunday,SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER B"Homecoming Day" at Hillsborough Reformed Church,lMillstone, 11 a,m, worship service.MONDAY, 6EPTEMSER 9BUS Trip, Franklin Township Senior Citizens Club visitsNow York CJly for Circle Line Tour around ManhanonIsland. Leave Franklio Manicipal 8uildin910 a.m,Manville Borough Council rhoeting. 8 p,m,, Sorough Hall,Headn6 at 7:30 p,m, on otBinonco banning largo tractortrallolafrom parking In residential areas,Hillsboroogl~ Board at Education meotinth 8 p,m,MonetiZe VFW Post 2290 Lodios Auxiliury MembershipMooting, 7;30 p,m,Franklin Townsh/p Sohouf Boald, 8 p,m. Smnpson G,Srnith Sahaol.Debate botwaall Mtllicent Fonwiak and Fled Bohun,Franklin Council ChonlParu,TUESDAY, 8EPTEMnER 10Busioosa Mooting. Franklin Toweuhip Sunk)r Citizens CluP,10 s,ln,, Esst Fraaklln Fkahoose,Hiltsboroatlh Townallip Coounidoo, B:3O p.m,, MunicipalBuilding.Opening Fall MealJng. Sotomraat.tlunlordan 5’nai B’r)lhGrond Lodge 3, 8;30 tl.nl,, Teat!in Bath El, Rmaa 2O0,Somsrvlilo,SntokEndols Free Sos0toa. B p,m,, t[OWOt(I Johnson%Boule ~, Salnotvillo,WEDNEBDAY~ IIEPTEMDER 11Moavillu Yoogl Athlatl; Loot)aa Coeonlttao Mooting, 7:3Qp,elu Wolt’a he)+Monville Snllltn CJltLUlla Monthly Muotiog, 7:30 p,ln, ~lltl~ih0 King Church Aad)todonh~olnotsoI.Halllotdari Chaplet 141, Pflanua Withoal Pannots gunsrn! Inoalhlg, LatJi01l il0ll~ Tsa St., flatlnd Steak,8;30 p,nt,Under New Managementdo/Ms/CHARLES R. PARKER, JR._professional engineer (far right)checks over t~oute 518-27 intersection as chagman orCRASH, an organization "formed to lobby for safer highwaysand particularly for a safer Route 516-27 intersection whereone has died and several have been injured, Mr, Parker isjoined by CRASH members Liz Douglas and Dennis BrodkinFUCILLO &WARRENEBESSENYEI& SonArt, craftfesti alJoseph E. Fitzgibbon hasVbeen appointed ExecutiveVice President of the Franklin setState Bank, according to anpresident, Anthony D.announcement made by bank’The second annual EastSchoberl. Mr. Nye who joinedPresident, Anthony D. Last year, over a thousand Brunswick Plfilata[ic andFranklin Slate Bank in 196869 PALMER SQUARE WEST PRINCETQN, N. J,Schoberl. Mr. Fitzgibbon, who visitors came to the Franklinserves as a member of thejoined Franklin State th 1967, Festival.Arts Council Folk Art Numismatic Exhibition, bank’s Senior ManagementLatest in Coiffure FashionEBPNEX*74, has been set forwill be responsible forTeam. In addition to hisIndividually yours maintaining operating controlThe 2nd annual Folk Art Sunday, October g.Men. to Sat. 9-5 of the everyday activities ofFestival Craft Show and Sale,The site will be the same asresponsibilities as ChiefFinancial Officer Mr. Nye is’~R.E DKENFrid’ay"til 9 p.m. the bank.will be held on Sunday, Sept. 29 last year’s event; Thefrom 10 a.m. to ~:30 p.m., onRamada lnn’s Don Qalso Treasurer of the FranklinState Bank,the grounds of the Franklin Ballroom. The East BrunswickRamada Inn is located IlUlll~ J ¯ nl n JlnlnllllUll~iTownship Municipal Building9n Amwell Road and DeMotton Route t8 at the N.J. TurnpikeInterchange 9. A selection[ NOWYOU CAN ILane in Middlebush.The Festival, jointlyof philatelic and numismaticsponsored by the Franklinmaterial will be on hand forArts Council and the Franklininspection by the public.Township Department of Twenty stamp and coinParks and Recreation willdealers will participate.offer a wide variety ofAdmission will be free to theFuneral Home, Inc.Adam Fucillo, Mgr.725-1763205 s. Main St., Manvilleii iiii I IRent thisSpacefor 13 weeksfor a low priceCall 725-3300, i iFOURDEEContractin+g Co,* $1dowolkl e Curbing ¯ PatiosI Concrete & Blacktop erlvowoy~slu~,:lm,~u i1~ rmlmVln~l mu~ "*,lflm mu hmkua md~walk~ and cu,b,~844,2892 (alter 5):369.4452 (days)iiiii1[[lectricql ContloClmManville, NJ,Run,dentin)ConeooroLal walkOil Burners Installed586 Hamilton St.New Brunsw/ckMusic layTheKI5-6453¯ Waddings¯ I)artiest)all(’PsVersatonesI:ronk ~,~, ah727-7037 eu5,’_,52) )Agents forWheaton Van Line, Ins.SOPgOMOVING ~STORAGE, INC.Licensed Public MoverLocal & Long Dlitoace30No, 17th Ave,Manville201.725.77S0Mhm,u~ral4*~’ ra it’+,Slwi,d~, ht.t,otgh,I,hlalit) Work. S6rv,0eo,,a.,0+nuoo’’ w Ah Condltio~let olrtlul~t STATIONERY SUPPLIE~w Dryer oetlutg31 ~, Malu St,FREE ESTIMATESM,ttldlleCALL 526.1703 +; 23,i):{,*~,iAmerican folk art forms,Craftsman, bothprofessional and nonprofessionalare welcome toparticipate aa this festivalday. Registration forms areavailable at the Parks andRecreation DepartmentJEIIOVAII SPEAKER(far left) in gainlng signatures on petitions circulatedthroughout Franklin and South Brunswick townships. LaborDay the group was at The Marketplace Shopping Centerwhere they got over 1000 signatures on their petitions~ Photoby James Whittier Parker Productions.Stampcollectorsto meetgeneral public.school menuMONDAYSunday at g:25 a,m, the local Deluxe Hamburger Plattercongregation of Jehovah’s French FriesWitnesses at ltighland Avenue Cole Slawwill hear the public lecture Fruit Jeilo"Family Life That Warms the MilkHeart." Immediatelyfollowing will be the discussion TUESI)AYof the Watchtower article"Maintaining a Balanced Tuna Salad SandwichViewpoint Towa’rd Potato ChipsDisfellowshiped Ones’.’ Deluxe SaladFresh FruitMilkCanal(Continued from page 1) WEDNESDAYil ill lllllll iiIi i iill~L~jections Lo the bill received inthe governor’s office but saidSpaghetti w/ Meat Saucethat environmentalists in theButtered Green Beansarea along the canal hadflame-Made,Roll - ButterSliced Pineapplesupported the bill overwhelmingly.MilkThe bill passed the Senate byTIIURSI)AYa unanimous 36-0 vote and[gained approval in theAssembly by 61-3.Deluxe ttoagie 13 kinds ofMeat, Cheese.Lettuce, Sliced TW:lc~tnisal; sp:aSktCnagl iiqu.:li;~;Mr, Go]dshore said the’L’onaato, Dressing) sound made by dilferent in.review power of the commissionwas nne of the aspectsPotato Chipsstmments+ For examplE, imagise sFruit JeliosinSe Rate played at the piano,¯ ~’ the bi/l the governor’s officeMilkthen the same note sung by a"looked at," but declined tote0ur, 0 mpren0, and blown by aterm it controversial,"The tithe delay is uotFRII)AY humpeim, Imagine that the toneis equally 10sd esd equally lung isdisproportionate to the extensivenature uf the bill’s Celcry& Carrot Sticks terence be ween the ns es wil bqIt:titus Pizza0il four variations. The major dif,impact," Mr, Goldshore said,"tlopefully iu the boarPeanut Butter Cookicapparent-ned lhat IS ace OTquelity, It is ione quality thatfaturo we are gohtg to attemptFrosh I,’ruitto act art the hill," he said,Milkallows a listsnet to distinguish in.shuments os lhey ste playsd in ahand or otohestla.NOW REGISTERINGGuitar, Trumpet ~ Drum ClassesGuallty eepalr work done on the prumlaalMUSICal INSTRUMENTSGUITARS & BANJOS YAMAHA, AWARU,1| String, 8 Sttl,I,Ch~lcal, ElochlcCAMEO, VENTURA,’ TERADAI:10 E, ~lala ,% Iltttmd llroDk8,56,:1115NYE NAMED VPHarry H. Nye has beenappointed an executive vicepresident of the Franklin SlateBank, according to an an.n’0uncem cnt by bank; RENT ;| A BETTER !" ¯FIGURE :n l,sl ’ / i""# I "I =II[BELT ¯ * JOGGERS VI;RATORS]|¯ e BICYCLES i|" DIAL249-7123 ;]A& M PAINTjAND ;TOOL RENTALS , |690 FRANKLN BLVD. |SOMERSET, NEW JERSEY |~sli(y doesn’t 0osMI pap. Thisis the slopn etRAW$ MUSICLANDRt.28, Mlddleeox9(18.3929, andRt. 206, S. RBrltan620-2~2rwhere only qulllly insbumsnts Sle~ld, Wols~ repair Insttumontaon Iho practises, and f.l,temicrophones, omplifi+ta and I~;,eemtla[. Osr le0¢hing doff hBt!he htghelt profosslonll@llifi¢lttons, HOURS Ire itom |0/LM, 1o 9 P,M, Mondg Ihru That,Idly, Ind horn l0 kM, to 6 P,M,on rtldop o,d S+lu~+ep, hi,N8.3929 (Mtddl+tes) lad 5~§.~9tZ, (RlrltlO),fl[LPfSL HINr:A koy ts newnuss iu pianotl is eglance gt Ihn llsll,,Oli a sew pla,etrio (elts will be dose and ,0tW0tS,1 & it ) itw&

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