Pörner Bitumen Packing System


Pörner Bitumen Packing System

Pörner Bitumen Packing SystemGeneral Description1. Filling2. Storage4. Melting 3. TransportThe Pörner Bitumen Packing System is the integrated,economic solution for the packing, storage and transport ofroad paving bitumen in cold condition.© Pörner Ingenieurgesellschaft, 11-2012

Features of the SystemSafe and economic packing directly at the producing refineryProduct can be stored up to six monthsAny conventional traffic means can be used (normal truck or 20 ft Container, 20 Tons each)Energy saving – no heating during transportCold one-way transport means total flexibility in the logistic chainFeatures - compared to metal drumming: Manageable size for easy handling – lifting and carrying 1 bag per ton instead of numerous drums Tare is utilized fully (10% loss at metal drums due to thermal shrinking) No loss of product at emptying (5% loss at metal drums) Environmentally safer - no polluted metal scrub Efficient re-melting in melting facilities that are easy to operateGRAPHIC COPYRIGHT ANDREAS PÖRNERFeatures - compared to bulk shipping in hot condition:• No heating required at storage and transport Short term aging minimized• No re-loading at the destination port• No empty returns of ships or tank trucks• Any (even small) volumes can be transported efficiently• No special infrastructure required for logistics no tanks, no jetties, no heated ships required no costs occur when no deals are made12G_MK_1112_LeafletSystemShrt.doc October, 2012 2/4

Area demandCooling and Packing Plant:Plant: 250 m2 per ModuleRecommended Cool-Down and Storage Area: min 3000m2 per ModuleAdditional Storage Area according to Customer’s demandMelter:Plant: 20” or 40” container sizeRecommended Handling Area: min. 200 m2UtilitiesCooling and Packing Plant:Electrical Power only (heat tracing, rotating equipment, Instrumentation, Illumination)Melter:Fuel Oil or Natural GasElectrical Power (Pumps, Instrumentation, Illumination)Engineering and Supply of EquipmentThe complete Pörner Bitumen Packing System is designed and supplied by PÖRNER, the worldleadingbitumen technology company. Based on the idea of Andreas Pörner to substitute theuneconomic and environmentally inacceptable metal drum packing, the system has beencontinuously developed and improved for practical usage.Supply of Packing MaterialThe packing material produced in accordance to patent filed by PÖRNER is supplied by the worldleadingmanufacturer of Bigbag type packing materials.Recently, contracts for the supply of complete packing solutions have been closed with four leadingbitumen producers in Europe and Asia.PÖRNER Ingenieurgesellschaft mbHAndrey Siletskiy, Sales Managerandrey.siletskiy@poerner.atHamburgerstraße 9A-1050 Vienna – Austriawww.poerner.atTel. +43-50-5899-307Fax. +43-50-5899-9912G_MK_1112_LeafletSystemShrt.doc October, 2012 4/4

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