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First ThingsSenior StaffKelly A. PetersonceoMike HamblinRecruitmentDigital Devices and Kids: A Parent ToolkitFormer First Lady Helps Launch Online ResourceNikki MacKayRetentionMick WoolseyEducationDeborah LindnerCommunicationsUtah Foster Care is partnering withthe Internet Keep Safe Coalition(iKeepSafe) to launch an online parenttoolkit that will be available in Augustfor families around the state of Utah.As parents prepare to send students backto school, this digital toolkit is designedto help them keep current about issuessurrounding cyberbullying, the use oftechnology and to help their familiesbe responsible, ethical and resilientwhile using technology and devices.The announcement is taking place atUtah Foster Care’s Salt Lake officesin August and will feature JacalynLeavitt, founder and chair of iKeepSafe,and former First Lady of Utah.The toolkit is available free to allUtah families and schools and willbe available online after August 8at DeLongDevelopmentBoardJodi JuretichChairLisa Watts BaskinMichelle BeasleyLibby BiittnerKathy CarterKathleen ChristyKayce CokerDarlene ColesDoug GoldsmithCarolyn HansenLloyd HardcastleDave HardyHeidi NaylorJessica SteadmanSteve SundayDavid Webster, SrBruce OlsonBoard attorneyFosterRosterDarcey HirstEditorFormer First Lady Jacalyn Leavitt at Utah Foster Care’s Hearts of Gold Breakfast in May.PrestoPrintPrint & Fulfilment ServicesAugust & September, 20133

Utah Foster CareOfficesMurray5296 South Commerce DriveSuite 400Murray, UT 84107801-994-5205 Main801-994-5206 Fax877-505-5437 Toll-freeOgden3340 South Harrison Blvd.Suite 200Ogden, UT 84403801-392-1114 MainOrem274 West Center StreetOrem, UT 84057801-373-3006 MainPrice475 West Price River DrSuite 152Price, UT 84501435-636-0210 MainRooseveltRural Route 3, Box 8008Roosevelt, UT 84066435-724-0959 MainVernal1052 West Market DrVernal, UT 84078435-781-4224 MainMoab180 South 300 EastSuite CMoab, UT 84532435-259-3345 MainSt George491 East Riverside DrSuite 2BSt George, UT 84790435-656-8065 MainRichfield201 East 500 NorthRichfield, UT 84701435-896-1232 MainEnd of Summer ReadingAs summer is winding down andschool is about to begin, readingis a great boredom buster!The Salt Lake County Library has lists ofbooks on its website There you will find many morelists of fun, new books to enjoy.Below are a few from theRead-Aloud Books lists:Strega Nona: An Old Taleby Tomie DePaolaIn this award-winning, Italianfolktale, Big Anthony gets the towninto trouble when he tries to useStrega Nona’s magic pasta pot withouther permission. (K-1st grade)The Paper Bag Princessby Robert MunschIt’s up to Elizabeth (the princess) tosave Ronald (her prince) from a nasty,fire-breathing dragon. (K-1st grade)The True Story of the 3 Little Pigsby Jon ScieszkaThe wolf gives his own outlandishversion of what really happened whenhe tangled with the three little pigs.Do you believe him? (K-1st grade)Maximilian and the Mystery of theGuardian Angel: A Bilingual LuchaLibre Thrillerby Xaviar GarzaA young fan of lucha libre Mexicanwrestling makes a connection to hisbattling hero, the Angel de la Guarda(the Guardian Angel). Parallel text inFamily funEnglish and Spanish. (2nd-3rd grade)Splendors and Gloomsby Larua Amy SchlitzWhen Clara vanishes after the puppeteerGrisini and his assistants were at her12th birthday party, suspicions ofkidnapping chase them from London,and soon they are caught in a trap set bya witch with a deadly inheritance to shedbefore it is too late. (2nd-3rd grade)The BFGby Roald DahlKidsnatched from her orphanage bya BFG (Big Friendly Giant), Sophieconcocts a plan with him to savethe world from nine other mangobblinggiants. (2nd- 6th grade)Wonderby R.J. PalacioTen-year-old Auggie, who was born withextreme facial abnormalities, goes frombeing home-schooled to entering 5thgrade at a private middle school, whichentails enduring the taunting and fear ofhis classmates as he struggles to be seenas just another student. (4th-6th grade)How They Croaked: The Awful Endsof the Awfully Famousby Georgia BraggA look at the deaths of severalfamous people throughout historyand the circumstances surroundingthose deaths. (4th-6th grade)4 utahfostercare.orgFosterRoster

ClustersWe're on Facebook:'s a Cluster?Clusters are peer groups for foster,adoptive, and kinship families whomeet together on a monthly basisfor support & required training.Learn more, online!manti ClusterDrug AwarenessAugust 8th, 6:00-8:00pmGunnison City Park | 300 North 45 Westmanti ClusterWomen’s RetreatSeptember 20th 4:00pm - 21st at noonRSVP for LocationCUCF will be sharing with foster parents what the current challengesand issues are regarding drugs in Sevier & San Pete County.Meeting in Fairview on Friday and Saturday. 2 hours trainingon Friday on money saving household cleaners and 2 hourstraining on Saturday. More details to follow from the cluster.Presenter: Central Utah Corrections Facility canine unitRichfield ClusterDrug AwarenessAugust 8th, 6:00-8:00pmGunnison City Park | 300 North 45 Westrichfield ClusterWomen’s RetreatSeptember 20th 4:00pm - 21st at noonRSVP for LocationCUCF will be sharing with foster parents what the current challengesand issues are regarding drugs in Sevier & San Pete County.Meeting in Fairview on Friday and Saturday. 2 hours trainingon Friday on money saving household cleaners and 2 hourstraining on Saturday. More details to follow from the cluster.Presenter: Central Utah Corrections Facility canine unitFYIPlease note that Marissa Douglas has a new telephonenumber 435-979-2233 you may also reach her viaemail: marissa.douglas@utahfostercare.org6« Have questions? Check here, first!FosterRoster for Southwest FosterRoster Region

mantiNancy435-851-0603richfieldAmber801-319-3894Cedar cityAmy435-586-7403St. GeorgeKatrina435-229-4073Learn More Online!Learn more about your Clusters, facilitators, and training city ClusterChildhood Traumatic GriefAugust 21st, 7:00-9:00pmDCFS Regional Office | 856 Sage Dr. Cedar CityTraining will present information about the impact TraumaticGrief has on children and how to help them work through the grief.cedar city ClusterUnderstanding Children’s Sexual BehaviorSeptember 19th, 7:00-9:00pmDCFS Regional Office | 856 Sage Dr. Cedar CityWhat are the challenges of working with children who engagein sexual behavior? Training will provide understandingand education on how to address this behavior.Presenter: Cliff FarnsworthPresenter: Shandra Powell, Family Support CenterSt george clusterNo Training in AugustSt george clusterFamily BBQSeptember 9th, TBALocation TBACome for a barbeque with the family and enjoy some timeoutdoors. More details to follow. No training providedRSVP for Any Classes & ClustersIt's essential to RSVP for any Cluster or training meetings you wish to attend.Why? If a class or Cluster is cancelled or moved or rescheduled, we can onlyalert you if you're on the roll! Also, if child care or refreshments are provided,they can only be offered to those who've RSVP'd. Help us help you — RSVP!RSVP: Cliff Farnsworth / 1 (435) 656-8065cliff.farnsworth@utahfostercare.orgAugust Southwest & September, Region August 2013 & September, 20137

Clusterssouthwest RegionWe're on Facebook: to Mike Gooch, Southwest Region Foster Dad of the Year 2013!ETC.The family bookEditor’s note:Megan Bates, age 8, was adopted from foster care along with hertwo older biological brothers when she was 1. Her family justrecently adopted their 8th boy, who she and her only sister loveto spoil. She loves to write stories, be outside, and monkeys.Some kids in a family are crazy like me, some are calm likemy sis Lizy. Everybody is different. Some kids are crazyand have blond, black, or brown hair. But it doesn’t matteryou are still part of a family, no matter how you are.A family is forever. You cannot change that. I love myfamily even if they are different than you and me.And if you didn’t go out of your mom’s belly that meansyou got adopted. Most of my brothers got adoptedand I got adopted too. I love my mom and dadA family is forever no matter what. If you were born in yourmom’s belly, great. And if you were adopted, great. Andif you still getting adopting, great. I love my family.The end.Dearest Foster and Adoptive Parents,Starting July 1, 2013, Southwest Region Administration will be requiring all reimbursements (including mileage reimbursements)to be submitted to your workers within 30 days of usage. All reimbursement requests that go over a 60 day period will need aletter of justification as to why the delay. This explanation will then require our Region Director’s signature in order to processthe payment. This change in process is needed to more accurately forecast and monitor budgets throughout the year.We would like to send a heartfelt thanks to each of you for the dedication and tireless hours you spend in providing astable, nurturing and loving environment to these children. We know your job as parents of children with special needsis difficult. Your love and devotion to these children is amazing and humbling, and we are grateful for your service.If you have any questions concerning this new process, please call your Resource Family Consultant or myself at (435) 867-2764.Respectfully,Susan Goodman, LCSWRFC/Post Adoption « Have questions? Check here, first!FosterRoster for Southwest FosterRoster Region

Wrap upFoster Parents Chalk it Up11th Annual Chalk Art Festival Wrap-UpThanks to an army of foster parents and communityvolunteers, Utah Foster Care’s Annual Chalk ArtFestival drew crowds and cheers for two daysin June. KSL personalities, UFC Board ChairJodi Juretich, and DCFS Director Brett Platthonored five fantastic Foster Dads of the Year.A big cheer goes out to our sponsors,including Malawi’s Pizza for supplying delicious lunchesand Homewood Suites in downtown Salt Lake City forhousing our foster dads and artists. The Gateway hasprovided an inviting venue for this event for 11 years andUtah Foster Care was grateful for its partnership with theKSL Family Book Festival, which attracted thousands offamilies. We urge everyone to support our sponsors listedbelow and on our festival web site.Chalk Art Festival SponsorsThe Gateway – KSL – Malawi’s Pizza – Homewood Suites by Hilton –Friends of Holly Bailey – Friends of Tonya YoungbergFalun Dafa Assn. of Utah – Mattress Warehouse- Double D Distribution – ComponentPlaygrounds – Metro Group, Inc.- Viking Cooking School – Oquirrh Elementary-Blickenstaff’s– more sponsors listed at & September, 20139

ETC.UFAFA TIPBy Michelle Ostmark, UFAFA SecretaryThere have been questions arising with fosterfamilies and office of licensing in regards tofirst aid kits: I am listing the licensing rulefor Utah and the recommended supplies foryour first aid kit, please remember to addadequate supplies for the size of your family.(1) Foster and Proctor families shallconduct fire drills at least quarterlyand provide documentation to theOffice of Licensing and Agency.(2) Foster and proctor parents shallprovide and document training to childrenregarding response to fire warnings andother instructions for life safety.(3) The foster or proctor home shallhave a telephone. Telephone numbersfor emergency assistance shall beposted next to the telephone.(4) The foster or proctor home shall havean adequately supplied first aid kit such asrecommended by the American Red Cross.To read the suggestions from the AmericanRed Cross please visit: utahfostercare.orgFosterRoster

SpotlightWishing Well FundsUtah Foster Care hasfunds available to meet thespecial needs of children infoster care when DCFS isunable to meet these needs.These funds are limited.Donor Spotlight on…Larry H. Miller Charities & Larry H. Miller ChevroletThank you for the generous gifts we have received from the Larry H. Miller groupof companies and Larry H. Miller Charities. These gifts have helped childrenin foster care especially with the Wishing Well Fund. Larry H. Miller Charitiesis a nonprofit foundation set up in 1995 to operate as the charitable division ofthe Larry H. Miller Group of Companies. The board of trustees is based in Utahand consists of employees from the automotive, sports & entertainment, andmanagement branches of these companies. The giving focuses on programs thatassist children, with an emphasis on health and education.Contact Your RegionalOffice for More Info:Northern RegionMcKenzie Palmer801-392-1114Salt Lake Valley RegionTina Porter801-994-5205Western RegionJessica Hannemann801-373-3006Gerrardo, 12Gerrardo, who likes to go by “Jerry,” is onegreat kiddo. If he is known for one thingit is his big heart! Jerry loves to be activeand is a big fan of sports. You can oftenfind him playing basketball, buildingsomething out of LEGOs, or riding hisbike. Soccer is one of his many talentsand he hopes to play on a team! If you canoffer him the stability and love he needs,we urge you to inquire.Andrew, 17A hands-on teen, Andrew has a passionfor cooking and hopes to attend aculinary arts program. In addition towhipping up new kitchen creations, heenjoys helping others and spending timewith adults. Being outdoors, campingand participating in Scouts are thingsAndrew finds exciting. Ready to makesomeone laugh, he is funny and has agood sense of humor. If your family isinterested in this charming, talentedyoung man, we urge you to inquire.Eastern RegionFaith Spencer435-724-0959Southwest RegionDiane Callister435-656-8065Please Remember:• Dispersal of funds cantake up to four weeks• Checks are mailedto the foster parent’shome address• Funds are for childrenin foster care ONLY• Items covered by the fostercare reimbursement or byMedicaid are not eligibleA Word on Vacations:• A child in care canreceive vacation fundsonce in their lifetimeThese profiles are provided by The Adoption Exchange. For information about these andother children available for adoption, please contact the Adoption Exchange, directly:801-265-0444.• Vacation funds arerestricted monetarily &may not cover all costsAugust & September, 201311

Utah Foster Care5296 South Commerce Drive, #400Murray, UT 84107utahfostercare.orgPresorted StandardU.S. Postage PAIDSalt Lake City, UtahPERMIT N0. 750IN PARTNERSHIP WITH UTAH DIVISION OF CHILD & FAMILY SERVICES

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