August & September - Mitsubishi

August & September - Mitsubishi

Grand Prix Winners2008-2009Started in 1990, the Mitsubishi Asian Children’s Enikki Festa is a program that seeksto promote literacy education and to stimulate cultural exchange among children byallowing them to learn about each other through “enikki”(illustrated diaries).■ Bimonthly Review of the Mitsubishi Companies and Their People Around the World 2011August & SeptemberBurning “king boat” floats is the highlight of a famous temple festival inChinese Taipei, and the king boats of Tungkang are the biggest and mostfancy of all. The king is a symbol of protection from disease. Each boathas carvings of the captain and crew to operate the boat and carvings oflivestock, money, food, and daily necessities for the king and his servantsto use in the afterlife. On the morning of the festival, we follow the floatdown to the sea. When the time comes, we pray for the king to get intothe boat and then set the boat on fire. The combination of the flamesand the morning sun is an exciting sight. We believe that sending off theking boat getsrid of disease and disasters and brings us the promise of abright future.* *The Enikki entry above, when necessary, has been translated intoEnglish from the language it was originally written in.Hsu,Hsin-YaAge:9 GirlChinese TaipeiFashion-conscious “Yama-Girls”Take to the Hills in Increasing NumbersThe number of hill- or mountain-climbers in Japan more thandoubled to reach 12.3 million in 2009 (according to the JapanProductivity Center’s Leisure White Paper for 2010.) Againsta backdrop of growing interest in outdoor and eco-related activities,increasing numbers of Japanese are heading for such mountains as Mt.Takao, Mt. Mitake and Mt. Fuji that are easily accessible from Tokyo.Coming under the spotlight in this mountaineering boom are womenin the 20-to-30 year old age group who are dubbed “yama-girls,” ormountain girls and who bedeck themselves in colorful apparel and geardesigned for climbing purposes. Mountaineering fashion, which hastraditionally tended toward a very conservative flavor, has undergonea total transformation as many of these “yama-girls” sport stylish andfunctional apparel, including tights and skirts, specifically designed forclimbing.New Style CafeWith “Kaiteki”ThemeFor more information about the Mitsubishi Companies, see “Mitsubishi Profile” ■ want your feedback! ■ Mitsubishi Monitor is published by the Mitsubishi Public Affairs CommitteeVolume 25 No.4Marunouchi Nakadori Bldg., 2-3, Marunouchi 2-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005, JapanPhone: 81-3-5218-8660 Fax: 81-3-5218-8661Official Website ■©2011 Mitsubishi Public Affairs Committee

Cover Story】KAITEKI CAFE: The Place to Find Out &Feel What KAITEKI MeansNews&ProductsMitsubishi Estate Joins 600-Unit High-RiseCondominium Project in SingaporeFront LineMitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation (MCHC)established The KAITEKI Institute, Inc. in 2009 as part ofits drive to realize, through the application of science andtechnology, the KAITEKI life that comes with the attainment ofsustainability in our society. Here, the word KAITEKI is a newword originated from Japanese word ‘Kaiteki’ which meanspersonal “comfort” or “ease” and it signifies challenging stateof sustainability, materializing comfort for people, comfort forsociety and comfort for the Earth. The Institute subsequentlyopened the KAITEKI CAFE on April 5 this year as a publicspace that gives people the opportunity to share the newKAITEKI corporate value that the MCHC Group (MitsubishiChemical, Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma, Mitsubishi Plasticsand Mitsubishi Rayon) is working to realize and promote.KAITEKI was chosen for the Institute and Cafe name torepresent the global quality of life that will be made possiblethrough sustainable technologies and through breakthroughscientific advances in human health care. The MCHC Groupis working to realize this new life value through its corporateactivities.Located in Tamachi, Tokyo, KAITEKI CAFE showcasesMCHC Group products that embody the KAITEKI concept aswell as providing a venue for the holding of KAITEKI promotingevents and as such encourages visitors to understand andexperience the KAITEKI life value more fully. Representativeproducts installed in the cafe include Cleansui TM water purifiersand LED lighting, while a large wall-mounted screen displaysinformation on KAITEKI -related topics, in-cafe exhibitionsand upcoming events 1 . To promote the KAITEKI themes ofSustainability, Health and Comfort, the cafe uses eco-friendlypackaging materials and eating utensils, interior fittings anddecor made from trimmings discarded in the manufacture ofMCHC Group products and also offers a healthy menu withdishes employing generous portions of vegetables.■ http://www.kaitekicafe.jpNote1: Events: Exhibits of vegetable-factory April through May and of Cleansui householdwater purifiers June through August.Mitsubishi Concept Global Small among Exhibitsat Auto Shanghai 2011Mitsubishi Motors Corporation gave the Mitsubishi ConceptGlobal Small compact car its China debut at the Auto Shanghai2011 international motor show which began on April 19. Aconcept model, the Mitsubishi Concept Global Small has beendeveloped for the company’s worldwide markets to the themesof “compact,” “affordability” and “high fuel efficiency”. Other showmodels on display were the Mitsubishi Concept PX-MiEV newgenerationcrossover concept, which uses the new Mitsubishi PluginHybrid System, and the Pajero Sport mid-size SUV that hasbeen developed to a “high-speed off-roader”concept. The lineup of 11 models on displayat the Auto Shanghai included Mitsubishibrandmodels currently on sale in China.■ Electric Wins Prestigious iF Design AwardsMitsubishi Electric recently garnered two awards atthe internationally acclaimed iF Design Awards 2011sponsored by iF International Forum Design GmbH inHanover, Germany. iF Product Design Awards werepresented to the company’s European specificationKirigamine Zen room air conditioner and to its SJ-DSeries spindle motor. The Kirigamine Zen air conditioner wasrated highly for its eco-friendly energy efficiency and its cleanand elegant design. The SJ-D spindle motor scored highlyfor achieving a 25 percent reduction in energy loss over itspredecessor as well as for its compact and lightweight designresulting from the consolidation of component parts and from a43 percent reduction in the amount of copper used.■■ Estate is to participate in a joint project withCapitaLand Residential Singapore Pte. Ltd. – a subsidiary ofCapitaLand Ltd., one of Asia’s largest real estate companies – todevelop condominium complexes in Singapore. The new projectinvolves the development of two high-rise condominium buildings,each at least 36 stories in height, housing some 600 residentialunits with a total floor area of 58,786 square meters. The companywill acquire a 25 percent equity stake in the project by investing¥5 billion through its subsidiary Mitsubishi Estate Asia Pte. Ltd.The project boasts a primelocation in the BishanBISHAN TOWN CENTREdistrict of Singapore, aBISHAN STREET 14prestigious residentialBISHANarea that offers excellentMRT STATIONBISHAN BUStransportation convenience,INTERCHANGEone of the city’s largestparks and several wellestablishedschools.■ Ramps up Sales and Service Operations inThailand and BrazilNikon has identified Thailand and Brazil, which have bothdisplayed remarkable economic growth in recent years, asmarkets with the potential to continue growing strongly in the nearfuture. In Thailand Nikon has recently established a new subsidiaryNikon Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd. to boost sales of digital camerasand other imaging products and to offer better after-sales service.Likewise, in Brazil Nikon has launched a new subsidiary Nikondo Brasil Ltda. to promote sales of digital cameras, microscopes,measuring instruments and to raise the level of its after-salesservice. The new local affiliates will help promote more strategicmarketing and effective advertising to strengthen and expandNikon’s presence in the two countries. Both new subsidiariesstarted operations in April.Nikon Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd.■■Overview of the Bishan DistrictNikon do Brasil Ltda. Technology EnablesLaparoscopic Surgery RehearsalsMitsubishi Precision, working with the Yokohama CityUniversity and RIKEN, Japan, is developing a simulator formission rehearsal laparoscopic renal surgery. The simulatorwill allow the surgical team to plan and rehearse operations onthe basis of individual patient’s anatomical features, therebycontributing to higher success rates and better safety for thisdifficult operation.From CT and MRI images the simulator uses CG technologyto generate 3D models showing the shape and size of internalorgans, the number and direction of blood vessels, and the sizeof the tumor to be removed. These models enable surgeons touse virtual surgical instruments in a 3D image environment withtactile feedback when instruments touch organs or when tissueis cut through.Clinical application development of the simulator is currentlyfocused on the kidneys but, with completion just around thecorner, Mitsubishi Precision also has its eye on liver, digestivetract and other keyhole surgery rehearsals.Right: Multiple PCs configured into a supercomputer.Left: Virtual surgical instruments.Mitsubishi PrecisionEst.1962TOC Ariake, East Tower 13F, 5-7, Ariake 3-chome, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0063Mitsubishi Precision Co., Ltd. is one of the leading simulationmanufacturers of flight, ground, maritime and civil solutions inJapan and greatly support operational training and educationfor safe driving. We also supply a variety of electronicequipments for aircraft and space applications as well assophisticated parking lot management solutions.■ 3

GlobalSpotlightfromScotlandMr. Andrew GalvinHealth, Safety and TrainingSection ManagerMitsubishi Electric AirConditioning SystemsEurope Ltd. (M-ACE)A group company ofMitsubishi ElectricGlobal Spotlight focuses on employees from the Mitsubishi Companies, who areexcelling in their respective fields around the world. In each issue we will get to knowdifferent employees, who will tell us about their hometowns, businesses, culture, andpast-times.Scotland –Landforms, Sports & LeisureScotland, the northern part of the island of Great Britain covers over30,000 square miles of land, including over 600 square miles of freshwater lochs.It is bounded on the west by the AtlanticEdinburgh Castle 1 1Ben NevisLoch Ness Monster, “Nessie”© Britainonview© Fortean/ AFLOOcean, on the east by the North Sea and on the south by an approximate60 mile land border with England. There are 790 islands around Scotland’sshores with only around 10% inhabited. The largest groups of theseinhabited islands are Shetland and Orkney to the north and the Hebridesto the west which include Lewis, Barra, Harris, Skye and Mull.The resident population of Scotland is over 5,000,000 with 500,000being resident in the capital city, Edinburgh.Scotland’s scenery and rugged grandeur gives rise to a number ofoutdoor sports including climbing, fishing, hill walking, skiing, athletics andmountain biking. There are also the more traditional sports like tossingthe caber, and competitive highland dancing but by far the most popularsports are football (soccer) and golf both played by many at professionaland amateur level.On any summer or winter weekend you will find many Mitsubishi employees taking part either individuallyfor leisure, competitively as club members or as spectators watching the professionals in their favourite sport.Walk the shores of Loch Ness and if your luck is in and “Nessie is in a good mood” she may offer aphotographic opportunity or the more energetic may enjoy a long climb to the top of Ben Nevis, the UK’shighest mountain.Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Systems Europe Ltd. (M-ACE)© BritainonviewLocated in Livingston, approximately 10 mileswest of Edinburgh city centre, the companyemploys 520 people and is one of the largestemployers in the district.Working in conjunction with the otherMitsubishi Electric factories based in Japan, Thailand and China, the productswe manufacture here in Scotland cater for the entire European market. Weplace great emphasis on the value and importance of producing the highest quality air conditioning systemspossible. Our years of experience are complemented with the latest manufacturing and testing technologythat money can buy. Our continued effort and investment has gained us accreditation in both the ISO9000and ISO14001 standards, which ensure we work to the highest standards whilst minimising waste, recyclingand reducing consumption of resources wherever possible.Our company policy serves to underline our aims and objectives and ensures that we continue tomanufacture market leading products to suit the demands of today’s customers. At M-ACE we strive to:• Be the best by delivering top quality products on time• Constantly improve all elements of our service and the job we do• Make our working environment a safe and pleasant place in which to workManufacturing facility for outdoor productBuilding Vehiclesin U.S. Farm CountyMitsubishi Motors North America, Inc. (MMNA) builds quality vehicles for the world at its only American autoplant in Normal, Illinois. With its “sister-city” Bloomington, the community has a population of 100,000 people,set in some of America’s most fertile farmland. ( The town is located in McLean County, which produces morecorn and soy beans than any other county in America.) Why is such a location good for auto manufacturing?Bloomington/Normal is located at the intersection of three major United States highways and is also providedexcellent rail and air service. So, even though the plant is more than 100 miles from the big City of Chicago,logistics are excellent. MMNA Manufacturing currently builds the Mitsubishi Galant, Eclipse, Eclipse Spyder,and Endeavor for the U.S., as well as for export to almost 20 countries in North America, South America, thePersian Gulf, and parts of Eastern Europe. Next year, production will transition to the Outlander Sport smallcrossover utility vehicle (known as ASX or RVR elsewhere in the world.)This year marks the 30th anniversary of the establishment ofMitsubishi Motors operations in the American market in 1981. Fromthe first car (sold in 1981) until today, Mitsubishi Motors has beencommitted to offering cars that are truly fun to drive. Sold througha national network of about 400 dealerships, our cars provide aunique blend of spirited performance, inspired design, and durability.MMNA Manufacturing, in Normal, was established as Diamond StarMotors, a joint venture between Mitsubishi Motors and Chrysler Corporation, the first cars rolling off the linein 1988. Since that time, the facility has become wholly owned by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, but themajority of our 1,200 employees are still members of the United Auto Workers (UAW). This makes MMNAmanufacturing the only American plant other than Ford, Chrysler, and GM to utilize a UAW work force.I was born in Bloomington and have lived here most of my life. In fact, my grandfather was the Sheriff ofBloomington in the 1930s and my family owned a Pepsi Cola bottling plant and distributorship here for morethan 50 years. When Diamond Star Motors held its grand opening celebration in 1988, I attended as thenews director of a local radio station and reported on the event. How could I know that I would become anemployee of MMNA at the same plant just ten years later !? I believe that my “home” community has adoptedMitsubishi Motors as a “local” business. Similarly, MMNA is a good “citizen.” For example, we contribute anew vehicle every year as the grand prize in a seat belt awareness program for local high school students.Also, we provide softball fields on MMNA property that are used by local amateur softball and baseball teams,as well as teams of local high schools and colleges.“EV Town”It’s an exciting time for Mitsubishi Motors North America. Not only are sales on the increase, late in 2011 wewill begin limited sales of the all-electric Mitsubishi “ i ”, known as i-MiEV in other parts of the world. Hundredsof American consumers submitted pre-orders for the “ i ” within a few days of the launch of the pre-orderprocess. Bloomington/Normal, the home of MMNA Manufacturing, has embraced environmental sustainabilityand the vehicle technology of the future in a very big way. Community government, businesses, and otherinstitutions have established the Bloomington/Normal EV Task Force to rapidly deploy electric-vehicle-charginginfrastructure with a target of putting 1,000 electric vehicles on Bloomington/Normal streets by 2014. For ourpart, Mitsubishi Motors has committed to providing up to that number of “ i ” all-electric vehicles for businessesand consumers in the community. Local residents want the community to be known as “EV Town” aroundthe world, and Mitsubishi Motors will do our part!from Illinoisin the U.S.A.Mr. Dan IrvinGeneral ManagerCorporate Communications &Public RelationsMitsubishi MotorsNorth America, Inc.A subsidiary ofMitsubishi MotorsNote1 : Scotland’s most popular tourist attraction.4 5

GreenDiamondsGreen Diamonds highlights the ongoing efforts of Mitsubishi companiesto foster a greener, more sustainable planet and brighter, more vibrantcommunities through wide-ranging environmental and social initiatives.Solar Generation on Walls &Other Vertical SurfacesMitsubishi Chemical and Mitsubishi Plastics in April2011 launched the ALPOLIC ® /gioa ® range of buildingintegratedphotovoltaics (BIPVs) that combine thin film solarcells with ALPOLIC aluminum composite panels. The BIPVsare formed by laminating amorphous silicon thin film solarcells onto ALPOLIC building panels. Solar cell modulesfor buildings have traditionally been mounted on flat rooftops and other horizontal surfaces but the ALPOLIC panelsallow ALPOLIC/gioa BIPVs to be installed on most partsof the building envelope, including walls and other verticalsurfaces. This offers cost advantages over the use of nonintegratedsystems in new buildings by reducing the amountspent on building materials andlabor.ALPOLIC/gioa BIPVs installed on the ConstecEngi,Co. head office building, OsakaALPOLIC building panels installed on theGakken Building, Tokyo■ Program Helps KeepWoodland Water Clean & SafeWoodlands play a vital role in conserving biodiversity, inpreventing natural disasters and especially in protectingwater quality. Since 1999, Kirin Brewery, a group company ofKirin Holdings has been working with local communities toconserve woodlands close to the company’s breweries andwhich provide the water used to make beer. The companyimplemented forestry programs which saw 2,000 peopleplanting new trees and clearing undergrowth in 15 woodlandwater areas throughout Japan in 2010.Kirin’s “Protecting Water’s Blessings” movementcomprises three programs, “Woodlands Water,” “VoluntaryConservation of the Environment” and “CooperativeConservation of the Local Environment.” In this theInternational Year of Forests, Kirin will continue itscommitment to these activities as well as further promotingcommunication with local communities.ALPOLIC/gioa BIPV product photographsNote1 : ALPOLIC and gioa are registered trademarks of Mitsubishi Plastics and Mitsubishi Chemicalrespectively.■ Frontier Corporation Staff DonatePicture Books to Children in AsiaIn 2008 IT Frontier Corporation started a program inwhich employees give up their time to make picture booksfor children in Asia. The text from Japanese books istranslated into Cambodian, Laotian and other languagesand printed on adhesive paper which IT Frontier Corporationstaff sticks over theJapanese text duringlunch breaks. Thevoluntary programruns all year roundat the company’sbranch offices andstores as well asat head office andnew employeesparticipate as part oftheir CSR training.The books aredonated to schools© Shanti Volunteer Associationin Asian countries by anonprofit organization.The company also runs aRecycle Book Aid programin which money raisedfrom recycled books isdonated to help financeeducational programs forchildren in Asia.■ Bicycles Promote Health,Save Lives in Developing NationsSince fiscal 2000, NYK and group companies NYK-HinodeLine and NYK Container Line have transported free of charge27,834 reconditioned bicycles donated by the nonprofitorganization JOICFP (Japanese Organization for InternationalCooperation in Family Planning) to 62 countries including© JOICFPTanzania and Vietnam. Local roads are few or in poorcondition in these countries and the reconditioned bicyclesmake a significant contribution to the welfare of those living inrural communities as they provide the only means of transportthat allows midwives, health workers and doctors to do theirrounds. Referred to as “life-saving transportation” or “gifts fromGod,” the bicycles have come to symbolize activities aimed atprotecting the health and lives of community residents.© JOICFP■ 7

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