Non-vehicle Operator Membership 2013 - Freight Transport ...

Non-vehicle Operator Membership 2013 - Freight Transport ...

Non-vehicle Operator Membership 2013Supporting efficient supply chain movementUnique access to FTA members through the supplier directory and networking eventsValue for money with member discounts on industry-leading products and servicesUnrivalled information and industry knowledge at your fingertipsDelivering safe, efficient, sustainable 08717 11 22 22**Calls may be recorded for training purposes

FTA MembershipFreight Transport Association (FTA) is one of the largest trade associations in the UK, representing thetransport interests of 14,000 members in ensuring the safest, most efficient and sustainable logisticsoperations throughout the supply chain. Our experience and expertise in the logistics industry putsus at the forefront of new information and changes to legislation, ensuring our members are the firstto know, and are kept up-to-date with, the latest developments in supply chain activity and policy.Whether you are involved in logistics buying with a vested interest in contracting, cost and complianceissues or are indirectly involved in the transport industry, this membership package provides industryleadinginformation and support.With FTA membership you benefit from:✓increased compliance – with the latestinformation, best practice advice andnotification of updates to keylegislation✓✓✓value for money – throughinformation, advice and member-onlyprices on a comprehensive range ofproducts and servicesan amplified voice – throughrepresentation of your issues andconcerns to key decision makers atlocal, national and European levelsquality – with a range of industryleadingservices, support and advice atyour fingertipsDid you know....26,000 legal and technicalcalls are handled by ourMember Advice Centreeach yearThe FTA-backedFairFuelUK campaign hassaved over nine pence perlitre from the price of fuelWe are confident FTA membershipwill help you maintain a successful andcompliant transport operation. But don’tjust take our word for it...“Since joining FTA in 1996, 3M has used numerousFTA services and information products to improveunderstanding, efficiency and compliance in ourbusiness – from training to the Member Advice Centre,seminars to racking inspections. Whilst 3M does notown and operate a truck fleet, FTA has proved anextremely valuable asset to us and we have found FTAstaff to be both helpful and knowledgeable. Havingour own dedicated FTA contact has also meant that itis quick and easy to get the support we need.”Roy BuftonTransportation and DGSA Manager3M UK receivesapproximately 25,000 visitseach monthFTA’s free memberbriefings attract over2,500 members a yearIn 2012, FTA met withover 90 politicians fromacross the UK to discussa range of issues affectingthe logistics 08717 11 22 22**Calls may be recorded for training purposes

Exclusive Member ServicesJoining FTA gives you access to the following exclusive membership services. In addition,you also qualify for discounts on many services, including those detailed overleaf.Member Advice CentreTelephone access ‡ to ourdedicated team of transportexperts available 9am–5pm,Monday to Friday to provideinstant advice and answers onlegal and operational issues.Online Supplier DirectoryThis online service puts yourbusiness at the fingertips ofover 25,000 potential buyers,enabling networking andpromotion of your services.PublicationsNational and Regional RoadInfrastructure PrioritiesAnnual testingATFs – way to go?e-servicesF reightFleet engineertransport hubFta in FocusA range of publications tohelp keep you up-to-dateand compliant with regularlyevolving legislation. The rangeincludes FTA’s Yearbook ofRoad Transport Law, Freightmagazine and complianceguides and briefing notes.A variety of e-servicesprovide up-to-the-minutedevelopments and latest newsand include weekly emailnews bulletins, member-onlyweb pages, traffic alerts,networking forums, socialmedia feeds and much more.Free member briefingsThrice yearly briefing sessionsdelivered by industry expertson key legislative changes andtopical issues affecting thetransport industry. Each includea delegate pack incorporatingthe latest complianceinformation. Sessions are heldat venues nationwide.Freight CouncilsThese democratic member meetings are perfectnetworking opportunities, as well as offering thechance of influencing FTA’s policy agenda to addressindividual company needs and learn about upcomingGovernment business opportunities.Additional ServicesAs a member of FTA you are also given exclusiveaccess to the following services.• Member logo and stickers• FTA RecoveryOperated by the AA, this service is free tosubscribe to and as and when you requirerecovery you receive a reduced tariffIn addition to these exclusive member services youcan also benefit from discounts on the following.• Logistics Buyer Information ServiceA subscription service that ensures your logisticspurchasing is cost effective, competitive andsustainable• Manager’s Fuel Price Information ServiceKeeping you informed of current and forecastedfuel prices to help your business set sustainableprices for transport services• Manager’s Guide to Distribution CostsMonitor your costs using quarterly updateson wage and haulage rate trends and vehicleoperating and warehouse costsYour membership fee will include an opt-out £10 donation to Transaid – an international developmentcharity that seeks to tackle poverty and disadvantage through improving transport across the developingworld. In 2012 the generosity of FTA member donations and fundraising activities saw an impressive £25,000raised – thank you to all members who have 08717 11 22 22**Calls may be recorded for training purposes‡Telephone calls to the Member Advice Centre are charged at the standard national rate

Key Products and ServicesWe like to look after our members by ensuring they pay up to 40 per cent lessthan non-members for our range of industry-leading services, including:Vehicle Inspection and impartial inspections and audits with dynamicindustry-respected reporting and advice. Choose from manyUnited Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) accreditedservices including auditing of third party hauliers and warehouseinspections. We can tailor our services to meet your needs –contact us for more information.Members pay40 per centless than tachograph services have beendeveloped to increase compliance,peace of mind and business efficiency.We offer digital and analogue analysis alongsidesystems audits to provide you with detailed checksMembers pay20 per centless than nonmemberson the systems you have in place to deal with drivermanagement, drivers’ hours compliance and workingtime rules.Consultancy experienced team offers a widerange of tailor-made solutions toimprove the efficiency and day-to-dayMembers pay15 per centless than nonmembersrunning of your operation. Services comprise logisticsand supply chain consultancy including transportefficiency reviews, benchmarking, tendering and contractselection and evaluation of in-house versus third partycontracts; as well as compliance and best practice audits.Our services are renowned for major cost savings andcan be tailored to meet the needs of your comprehensive range of training courses areavailable both in-company and at nationwide publicvenues, including dangerous goods and health andsafety. Visit the website to request a copy of thetraining prospectus or to view all courses available.Members pay20 per centless than addition to FTA’s highly informativeand popular series of TransportManager Seminars each autumn, FTAMembers pay15 per centless than nonmembershave collaborated with Holman Fenwick Willan LLP – aleading international law firm specialising in internationalcommerce, shipping and logistics – to organise a seriesof seminars for shippers, as part of FTA’s LogisticsBuyers’ Information Service. What’s more, there area series of individual issue-led events throughout theyear which are designed to keep you updated with thelatest developments in transport comprehensive one-stop-shopsupplies all your transport-relatedproducts. Benefit from member onlyMembers payless on over50 per centof productsdiscounts on a selection of key products, fast deliveryand an exclusive invoice service.For the full range visit call 08717 11 11 11* 08717 11 22 22**Calls may be recorded for training purposes

Non-vehicle Operator Membership – Application FormPlease complete the application form and return to Membership Recruitment,Freight Transport Association, Hermes House, St John’s Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN4 9UZor for any assistance please call 08717 11 22 22*Required fi elds in redCompany name ______________________________________________________________________________Trading names (if any) _________________________________________________________________________Address _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Postcode ____________________________________Telephone no __________________________________ Fax no ______________________________________Title __________ First name ______________________ Surname ____________________________________Job title ____________________________________________________________________________________Direct dial no __________________________________ Mobile no ____________________________________Email ______________________________________________________________________________________Website ______________________________________ I would not like to receive the FTA weekly e-newsFTA’s Online Supplier Directory is available FREE to all members who supply services or products.If you would like to be contacted for your details to be added to the directory please tick hereCompany profi leNature of business ___________________________________________________________________________Which sector best describes your company?Retail Waste LeasingUtility Automotive Passenger carrying vehiclesConstruction and plant Supplier to the transport industryManufacturing and processing Parcel carrierOther (please specify) __________________________________________________________________________________What is your company’s UK annual turnover? _________________________Company VAT registration number (if known) _________________________Do you operate internationally? Yes No Do you transport dangerous goods? Yes NoFTA Recovery is free for all members and is charged on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis, with preferential rates beingoffered for FTA members. I would like to register Yes No*Calls may be recorded for training purposes

Non-vehicle Operator Membership – Application FormEntrance fee (payable year one only)£80.00 £ 80.00Basic fee (based on your company’s UK annual turnover) +Up to £5m £290.00 £5m up to £25m £437.00£25m up to £100m £605.00 £100m up to £250m £1,296.00£ _________£250m up to £500m £2,053.00For turnovers in excess of £500m pa, please contact our Member Service Centre on 08717 11 22 22*Additional membership services +Logistics Buyer Information Service £554.00 fi rst sub No required ___________£277.00 subsequent No required ___________Branch membership £126.00 each No of branches ___________Additional contact £126.00 each No of contacts ___________Carbonfta £246.00 each No required ___________Freight by Water (based on no of employees)Up to 10 £359.00 11–50 £76950+ £1,025Manager’s Guide to Distribution Costs £155.00 each (no VAT) No required ___________Manager’s Fuel Price Information Service £177.00 each (no VAT) No required ___________Manager’s Guide to Distribution Costs andManager’s Fuel Price Information Service £282.00 each (no VAT) No required ___________TotalVAT£ _________£ _________£ _________£ _________£ _________£ _________£ _________£ _________£ _________£ _________£ _________Transaid donation (to opt-out please cross through price) £ 10.00Grand total (including VAT)£ _________Direct debit (a direct debit form will be sent to you)Cheque enclosed (payable to FTA)Please invoice meCredit cardCredit card no£_________A VAT invoice will be issued to you on registration of your membership* Calls may be recorded for training purposesPurchase order number (if required) ______________________£_________2.5 per cent discount with this optionCard type ______________________________________________________________Start date / Expiry date / Issue no Security noI hereby apply for membership and agree to abide by the terms of the Articles of Association of Freight Transport Association Ltd (acopy of which is available on request).Signature _________________________________________________________ Date ____________________

Subscription and Additional ServicesIn addition to key FTA services you can benefit from a host of additional and subscriptionoptions, detailed below.Logistics Buyer Information to a range ofinformation to supportpurchasers of third partyproviders. Topics include thirdparty and in-house logistics,supplier selection processes,performance managementand contract arrangements.Cost Information service comprises twoguides: Manager’s Guideto Distribution Costsand Manager’s Fuel PriceInformation Service, aimed atreducing and benchmarkingtransport costs and assistingyou in planning and budgeting.Well Driven? scheme to recognise companies’ commitment tothe highest standards of driving standards. Provenbenefits include better driving and fewer accidents. Forthose investigating third party hauliers, by subscribingto this initiative is proof they are committed to bestpractice and safe to help operatorsrecord, report and reducecarbon emission within freighttransport and understand theimplications of climate changeand carbon emissions policies.FTA by Towergate RiskSolutions, FTA Insurance hasbeen developed and tailored tomeet the needs of its members,protecting businesses, drivers,passengers and other roadusers. Our experience hasenabled us to develop a rangeof products, services and risk management solutionscomprising asset protection, liability protection and motorinsurance. Your entire portfolio is handled by a dedicatedaccount manager who will ensure your programme istailored to meet your needs.Branch/additional contactsEnsure your branches andadditional contacts receive allthe benefits and services ofFTA membership at a heavilydiscounted rate.Sponsorship and opportunitiesare available in many of ourpublications, including Freightmagazine. We also offersponsorship packages at ourrange of nationwide annualevents.For more information please call 08717 11 22 22*.Freight by Waterwww.freightbywater.orgAnopportunityMembers payup to 15 percent less thannon-membersto participate in meetings andworking groups to help shapework in this area and gainaccess to specific informationregarding the developmentand use of waterborne 08717 11 22 22**Calls may be recorded for training purposes

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