Gas - Dansk Gas Forening

Gas - Dansk Gas Forening

DONG EnergyPower New Bio SolutionsGastekniske dage 2013Termisk forgasning – Status for Pyroneer-projektet13. Maj 2013 – Rasmus Glar Nielsen

Indledning: "Facts" om den danske energi fremtid• Overgangsperiode• Brug for strøm når vinden ikke blæser• Brug for fjernvarme• Mange eksisterende centrale- og decentralekraftvarmekedler• Kraftvarme baseret på biomasse er effektiv og miljøvenligteknologi• Stigende efterspørgsel på træ fremover, så relevant atkigge på andre typer af biomasse• Længere sigt• Overgang til et mere gas baseret samfund-> Forgasning af forskellige typer af biomasse er enrelevant teknologi at udvikle2

New Bio SolutionsAn important part of strategy and future growth within DONG Thermal PowerInbiconFrom straw to 2G bioethanol• Kalundborg is the world's largest 2G demonstration plantRenescienceEfficient grading of household waste• Succesfull demonstration of presorting of waste atAmager waste incineration plantPyroneerGasification of biomass from agriculture and industry• Process upscaling tested and demonstrated at AsnaesPower station3

Potential national feedstocks in Denmark• 84% of the unexploited potential is related to high alkaline biomassthat is normally considered very difficult to gasify• The Pyroneer gasifier is designed for operation on these fuels4

Pyroneer: The fuel flexible gasifierStrawEnergyCropsGas:Substitution of coal atpower stationsLater substitution of gasand oilIndustrialleftoversManureFibreAsh:With accessible contentsof nutrient salts -specially potassium andphosphorusSewagesludgeEfficiency around 95%5

Milestones in developing the low temperature gasifier1999 – prototype50 KW gasifier at DTU2003 – Up-scaling500 KW gasifier at DTU2007 – Several Fuels100 KW gasifier at DTUDONG Energy Procured the rights to the technology in 2009

The 6 MW Demo Project at Asnæs Powerplant• Up-scaled with a factor of 12• Constructed august 2010 – March 2011• Designed for test operation• Capacity 1,5 ton straw per hourAugust 2010• 3 Phased development programOctober 20107

Short movie presenting the Pyroneer plant in operation8

Status for operation of the 6 MW Pyroneer gasifierResults from operation March 2011 - April 2013:• 700 operation hours (1300 h incl. startups andtesting)• Tested straw pellets and loose straw• Load up to 120% possible• Good, stable combustion of gas in ASV unit 2• H 2 : ~ 6%• CO : ~ 11%• CO 2 : ~ 13%• N 2 : ~ 34%• H 2 O : ~ 29%• C x H y : ~ 7%• Tar compounds are an essential contributor to theLHV of ~6 MJ/kg• Automated warm startup to full load in < 5 min• Easy to control process with high stability• Good ash quality9

Stable temperature controlChar reactor temperature: ± 2°C~730 o CPyrolysis temperature: ± 3°C~650 o C12 hours operation10

Ash quality – Low in heavy metals and PAHmg/kg PAH Cd Cr Hg Ni PbSample 1 4,6

Pyroneer ash is tested as fertiliser at the Bregentved Estateand at DTU-Risoe• 3 year R&D program• Ash produced in 6 MW Pyroneerdemonstration plant• 50 ton ash distributed in Oct. 2012• Evaluate effect of C, K, and P on soiland winter wheat production12

Development of business concepts based on the Pyroneergasification technologyExisting Kalundborg ProjectNo gas cleaningCommercial timeline2015 – Co-firingDust tolerant boilers(coal/oil/wood)PyroneergasifierGas Clean Track 1Filtration above tar dewpoint2017 – Co-firingGas fired boilersPyroneer gasifierGas Clean Track 2Filtration, Tar reforming, Pressurization2020 –Gas enginesLiquid fuelsSyn. natural gas

Co-firing through a Pyroneer gasifier is an efficient way ofutilizing difficult biomass as straw for electricity productionHow can 100 MW straw be used for electricity production ?Straw, 100 MWSmall boilerElectrical eff. 25%25 MW green powerCoal, 500 MWLarge boilerElectrical eff. 45%43 MW green power+ 225 MW coal powerStraw, 100 MWAsh/FertiliserGasThe outcome is 72% more greenpower, and reuse of ash asfertiliser

Potential in replacing the consumption of natural gas withPyroneer gas, without up-grading the gas to natural gas quality• DK natural gas consumption is around 160 PJ/year• A significant share can be replaced without utilising the naturalgas grid infrastructure• Some sites may have limited possibilities with respect to abiomass infrastructure• Pipeline gas quality can be reserved for very distributedconsumersTop 5 sites: uses 15% of DK consumptionTop 30 sites: uses 30% of DK consumption0.5 PJ/year equals around 35 kton straw per year(20 MW operating 7500 hours/year)15

A new journey begins – now more focus oncommercial aspectsInternal DONG Energy- Focus is on next scale that can beused to replace coal primarily inDanish power stations- 60MW plant in designExternal business opportunities- Focus is on establishingpartnerships with stronginternational players that can bringthe technology to the world market16

Thank you for your attentionRasmus Glar NielsenPyroneer R&D team leaderragni@dongenergy.dkwww.Pyroneer.com17

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