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IT’S TIME TOTakeControlYou’ve already taken a decisivestep towards taking control of yourown matrimonial advice costs.We haven’t met you yet but we canguess that your need for advicemay be about the breakdownof a relationship, the financialimplications of a breakdown orchildren from that relationship.Williamsons Help Yourself isa service designed to lowerthe cost of your family matter,providing only essential legalsupport with real cost control.We understand how, at times ofemotional upheaval, you needadvice that comes without a hugeprice tag. The average divorce canstack up legal bills of between£3,000 - £10,000 – just as you needto start watching the pennies.Drastic cuts in governmentbudgets mean that very fewwill now qualify for Legal Aid.Most hard working families arenot eligible. If you need legaladvice but have a budget towork to then a Williamsons HelpYourself divorce could be theperfect way forward for you.

The problem has to be solved and youneed a Solicitor who specialises in familymatters. We deal with divorce, issuesregarding children, financial orders (formarried and unmarried couples), trusts,injunctions and non molestation orders.Traditionally, legal advice involvesa solicitor acting for you, charginga fee for every action taken onyour case, whether writing aletter, receiving a telephone callor looking over a document.If controlling your costs is anissue then Williamsons HelpYourself can do just that.TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR COSTS

REASONS TO CHOOSE WILLIAMSONSHelp YourselfControl – you act ‘in person’ –you are the first point of contactand the one in control of yourcase. Inexpensive – you do thepaperwork and administration,reducing costs even further. Fast– you are your only client, youwork as quickly as you want.Legal Advice – only see yourWilliamsons solicitor when youreally need to, keeping costs low.This does not automaticallyinclude representation at Courtbut we can represent you at Courthearings, if you wish, for a fixedfee. If you need more support thanWilliamsons Help Yourself offershowever, we are of course able tobe represent you fully at any time.Reliable – we will always put yourinterests first. At our first meetingwe will take into account yourlegal needs, time constraints andfinances. We will let you know ifwe do not think Williamsons HelpYourself is the right service for you.Flexible – you can change to thefull representation service at anytime – and keep the same lawyer.Service – we are passionate aboutservice, you will always see thesame lawyer, where possible. Thisis about cutting costs for you notcutting quality of service. It is nota “call centre” – our consultationsare always face to face.Experience – our lawyers arehighly qualified and backed byover 120 years of Williamsonslegal experience. All our lawyerspromote dealing with familymatters with dignity and respectfor those involved. We will helpyou consider all solutions includingmediation and collaborative law.Call Williamsons now – early legaladvice will put you on the righttrack straight away. We offer a fixedfee of £100 inclusive of vat for thefirst no obligation meeting. All youroptions are discussed and you canfind out where you stand legally.TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR COSTS

THEProcessDivorce – Your Williamsons Help Yourselflawyer will advise you throughoutthe divorce process; ensuring youdraft your court papers accuratelyand precisely. You will be advisedon serving the Petition, possibledefences to the Petition and what todo if your spouse will not cooperate.Children Act Matters – legal advicefrom Williamsons Help Yourselfmay make a crucial difference tothe outcome of your case.Williamsons will help you makeapplications to the Court about contact,residence and other arrangements. Wewill also advise you on what to expectshould your case go to Court, and how todeal with a CAFCASS officer or barrister.Family Breakdown & Finances– whether the Court merelyapproves your arrangementsor is required to resolve anydisagreements, support fromWilliamsons Help Yourself willgive you the confidence totackle difficult decisions aboutmoney and work out how youcan look after yourself andyour children financially.As your trusted advisors we arewith you every step of the way.

TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR COSTSHOW ITWorksWHAT YOU NEED TO DOn Get organised – buy a lever archfile, paper, envelopes & stamps.You will be acting for yourselfso need to keep everything safeand in an ordered manner. Keeptrack of any communication withus, your spouse or the Court.Record times, dates, placesand what was discussed.n Arrange internet access –either at home or get familiarwith how your local library’sinternet works. Forms anddocuments can be downloadedquickly and easily this way.n Pay for your advice as you goalong. There are no unexpectedcharges – what you use iswhat you pay for on the day.No bank-busting bills, justclear advice on your terms.n Make your first fixed feeappointment with us to getsome idea of the start up steps.Remember, it’s no obligation, soif you want to think about thingsor wait until you are ready thenwe are ready when you are.

WHAT WE DOn Keep records of all our meetingswith you and what was discussed.This way, should your personalsolicitor be unavailable youwill still be able to get thecorrect advice from anothermember of our team.n Give you clear advice to help youachieve what you want. We will behelping you with the detail and thestrategy of pursuing your case.n Draft documents for you, if youneed us to, although there willbe separate charges for this.n Sign-post you to other services likemortgage brokers, independentfinancial advisors, mediators, lifecoaches, family therapists. Aftermore than 120 years of serving thelegal needs of Yorkshire, our littleblack book of contacts is extensive.OUR CHARGESWe charge for our time. You payfor the amount you have used, nomore, no less. For the avoidanceof doubt our hourly rates are:n Clerk/Secretary/Trainee- £120 per hour + vatn Legal Executive- £140 per hour + vatn Solicitor- £180 per hour * + vatOf course, once you decide we areright for you, you will receive acontract called a Terms & Conditionsletter. This will explain what weare doing for you, who is helpingyou run your case, how much theirhourly rate is and all the otheruseful and important things.n Verify your identity! We areobliged by law to do this, soplease bring a passport or drivinglicence and proof of your address(utility bill no less than 3 monthsold) to your first meeting.We also provide other legal services,such as conveyancing and homebuying, wills and dealing with estates,powers of attorney, dealing withcommercial property and tax help.*Depending on seniority and experience.

MAKING THEMost of Your MoneyWe are always happy to help buthere are a few tips to make sureyou keep those costs down.n Get advice early - let us knowpromptly and make an appointmentif you receive a letter fromanother solicitor, for example.n Let us know if you can’tmake any appointments. Wecan always reschedule.n Try and come to appointments withseveral queries rather than just one.n Williamsons Help Yourself is a face toface service only so make sure youare organised when you come to seeus. Have everything in your file inorder and bring it with you!Tell us if you want to switch to our fullrepresentation service. You will notneed to change your current solicitor.Call us today to start yourWilliamsons Help Yourselffamily case or fill in ourenquiry form online.Members of the Law Society Accredited Schemes:Children Law; Family Law Advanced; Personal Injury;Clinical Negligence; Conveyancing Quality.Members of:Action for Victims of Medical Negligence; QualifiedFamily Mediators; Society of Trust and EstatePractitioners; Association of Personal Injury Lawyers;Solicitors Association of Higher Court Advocateswww.williamsons-solicitors.co.uk45 LOWGATE, HULL, EAST YORKSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM HU1 1ENDX: 11 932 HULL TEL: +44 (0) 1482 323 697FAX: +44 (0) 1482 328 132Williamsons Solicitors Limited, registered in England and Wales: No.7091845Registered Office: 45 Lowgate, Hull HU1 1EN Regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority: No.522081A list of directors is available for inspection at the Registered Office.

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