Warmest greetings! - Coral Triangle Initiative on Coral Reefs ...


Warmest greetings! - Coral Triangle Initiative on Coral Reefs ...

UPDATE FROMCHAIR OF CTI-CFF COUNCIL OF MINISTERSY.B. DATUK SERI PANGLIMA DR. MAXIMUS JOHNITY ONGKILI, J.P.MINISTER OF SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATIONMALAYSIAong>Warmestong> ong>greetingsong>!It is a great honour to serve as the Chair ofCTI-CFF Council of Ministers (CTI-COM)since 20th November 2011, following thedecision made in the 3rd Ministerial Meeting(MM3) in Jakarta. I take this opportunity toconvey my heartfelt thanks to His ExcellenciesCT Ministers, Senior Officials, NCC Focal Points,and Representatives, the CTI Interim RegionalSecretariat (IRS) and the Development Partnersfor extending your unwavering support to meas the Chair. Your willingness to go the extramile together, despite the obstacles we faced,clearly reflects a true partnership amongst CTImembers.2012 In ReviewUndeniably, there were significant milestones that wehave achieved over the past twelve months. In January2012, I had the opportunity to meet the IRS in Jakarta andwas briefed on the progress toward the establishment ofthe Permanent Regional Secretariat as well as preparationfor implementation of the 2012 ong>Coralong> ong>Triangleong> ong>Initiativeong>on ong>Coralong> Reefs, Fisheries, and Food Security (CTI-CFF)Roadmap.The former CTI-COM Chairman, Indonesia’sMinister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, H.E.Sharif Cicip Sutardjo and I also had a greatdiscussion on the way forward for CTI. We exchangedviews on the CTI future challenges and also on thetransition plan towards the establishment of theRegional Secretariat office in Manado. During thediscussion, I had also announced Malaysia’s commitmentto sign the establishment document.I would also like to thank the Asian Development Bank(ADB) for inviting me to deliver the keynote addressduring the plenary session at the 1st CTI High-LevelFinancial Roundtable (HLFRT). I am pleased to notethat the HLFRT was held on 3rd May 2012 in Manila todiscuss sustainable financing strategies to supportthe future of the CTI-CFF. Member Countries andDevelopment Partners pledged to continue supportingand investing in the CTI-CFF’s regional and national planof actions.The establishment of a Business Council proposed byMalaysia which was earlier endorsed in the MM3,will hopefully address the member countries’ need forpublic-private-partnership in sustainable developmentof marine resources.CTI Malaysia National Coordination Committee

The third quarter of 2012 also saw Indonesia’s PresidentH.E Dr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono honoured with thefirst-ever “Valuing Nature Award” by three leading globalenvironmental and conservation organisations (theNature Conservancy, World Resources Institute andWWF) specifically for his leadership in establishing theCTI. On behalf of the CTI-CFF, I wish to warmlycongratulate His Excellency for the award which markedglobal recognition to his effort in bringing ourcountries together to address the issues facing our region.The 8th Senior Officials Meeting (SOM8) and 4thMinisterial Meeting (MM4) held in Putrajaya lastNovember has brought tremendous progress inour regional collaboration commitment throughacknowledgement, endorsement and approval of variousdecisions.Indonesia, Solomon Island and Timor Leste through thesigning of the Agreement was exemplary.The MM4 also saw another significant achievementthrough the signing of the Putrajaya Joint MinisterialStatement (JMS). It is important for us to take note ofpoint 4 of the Putrajaya JMS, which is:• Reaffirm our commitment to expedite nationalprocesses for the signing and ratification of theAgreement on the Establishment of the PermanentRegional Secretariat of the CTI-CFF.The most important outcome from the meetingwas the signing of the Agreement on the CTI-CFFPermanent Regional Secretariat Establishment by threeCT Countries. Indonesia has signed earlier, bringing amajority number 4 out of 6 CT Countries, enabling anorder for the establishment agreement to ‘Enter intoForce’. The commitment shown by member countries,In this regard, I am pleased to announce that Malaysiahas ratified and deposited the instrument of ratification tothe Government of the Republic of Indonesia. As Chair ofthe CTI-COM, I strongly urge member countries to takenecessary steps to accelerate the signing and ratificationof the Agreement on the Establishment of the CTI-CFFPermanent Regional Secretariat. I sincerely hope we canfinalise the ratification process by mid-2013. The futureof our ocean depends on our capacity to make progressin goals that we have identified and agreed upon together.“As Chair of the CTI-COM, I strongly urge member countries to take necessary steps toaccelerate the signing and ratification of the Agreement on the Establishment of theCTI-CFF Permanent Regional Secretariat.”CTI Malaysia National Coordination Committee

Our Way ForwardWe have much to look forward to thisyear. The most significant event will be theinauguration of the CTI-CFF Center in Manado.Following that, we will be having the 3rd CTIRegional Business Forum together with the 1stong>Coralong> ong>Triangleong> Business Council Meeting. I ampleased to know that the Business Council thatI have envisaged is finally going to take place in2013 in Bali, Indonesia.Malaysia is going to celebrate the ong>Coralong> ong>Triangleong> Day thisyear in conjunction with the World Oceans Week. Theweek long celebration will include CTI AwarenessPrograms, CTI Oceans Conference, exhibitions,seminars and joint programs with local NGOs, industriesand universities. I am optimistic that the ong>Coralong> ong>Triangleong>Day will also be more widely celebrated across the CT6region. Subsequent to the successful convening of MM4,we can also look forward to the CTI Leaders Summitwhich hopefully will be conducted during the APECCEO Summit in October 2013.I am delighted to know that the IRS has madeappropriate arrangements for the CTI-CFF RegionalSecretariat to receive financial contributions byregistering an official account. I am certain, IRS willcontinue to facilitate commitments and efforts of CT6Countries to achieve other important milestones inpreparation for transitioning to the Regional Secretariat.I have faith that the CTI-CFF Roadmap and Calendar ofActivities for 2013 will be implemented in a timelymanner as agreed in the Putrajaya JMS. I also believe thatall CTI-CFF Working Groups will continue tocontribute to our work and activities. The challenges thatwe face are not insurmountable if we continue to worktogether towards our common goal. I believe that this is acommitment that we all share.Looking back, we have indeed achieved a lot for thecoordination mechanism to implement RPOA. Mostsignificant progress was the signing of the Agreement onthe Establishment of the CTI-CFF Permanent RegionalSecretariat. From just one country, in just one year,3 other countries had also signed the agreement. I’mpositive that all of us are going to improve, grow and worktogether continuously.This success is not a destination as yet but a journey. Ihope we will make the journey together, with all theenthusiasm, commitment, and vision that has brought ustogether this far. Whatever the future brings, I hope wewill be able to go on sharing successes for years and yearsto come. It is a common goal well worth pursuing, andwe look forward to working with all of you to achieve it.I would like to take this opportunity to express mysincere appreciation to the Right Honourable PrimeMinister of Malaysia, Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Tun Razak,for giving his precious guidance and support that enabledme to carry out the mandate to represent Malaysiain the CTI. I am truly honoured for the privilege to betaking this leadership.My grateful thanks are also extended to His ExcellenciesCT Ministers, Senior Officials, NCC Focal Points andRepresentatives for their continuous effort, commitmentand support given to me. I am confident we will continueto aggresively and efficiently pursue ways to achieve ourgoals though we may have some differing agreements orviews on how to reach them. Let us just acknowledge thatwe are all in favour of these mutual goals.I would also like to convey my profound thanks to the IRSfor their unstinting effort in coordinating andmonitoring the progress towards achieving our goals. Iam sure with the extension of its mandate, IRS will continuetheir commendable work.My heartiest gratitude goes to the Development Partners;the Australian Government, USAID, ADB, GlobalEnvironment Facility (GEF), Conservation International(CI), the Nature Conservancy and WWF, for theirinvaluable, on-going support and of course, for believingin us. We truly welcome further cooperation to enable usto continue the good work we are doing.Let us continue to value our efforts. Let us move forward,step by step, and contribute to safeguard the region’smarine and coastal resources. This is a task entrusted tous and a challenge that we welcome. I am convinced wecan overcome any challenges - together as one.I look forward to another productive year ahead. I hopethat we will continue to stand together as we strive toachieve new heights in the year of 2013.Thank you.CTI Malaysia National Coordination Committee, National Oceanography Directorate (NOD),Ministry of Science, Techonology and Innovation (MOSTI) Level 6, Block C4, Federal Government Administration Center62662 Putrajaya, Malaysia. Call us : +603 - 8885 8202 ||Fax us : +603 - 8889 3008 || Web address : www.mosti.gov.myCTI Malaysia National Coordination Committee

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