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Penny Press 10-6-5.indd

Penny PressLas Vegas, NV Volume 3 Number 2 OCTOBER 6, 2005HEYLADY!JustDummy UpAnd Sing!See CommentaryPage 3

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Penny PressLAS VEGAS, NEVADA 16 PAGES VOLUME 3 NUMBER 2 OCTOBER 6, 2005Hey Lady! Shut Up And Sing!Item from Norm Clarke’s Column in the LasVegas Review Journal 10-3-5:The Once-a-Diva ... Award: As(Barbara) Streisand arrived backstage (atAndre Agassi’s Grand Slam for Childrenconcert) with a presidential-like entourage,security guards barked at event volunteers:“Don’t look at her or you’ll be fired.”Item from Norm Clarke’s Column in the LasVegas Review Journal 10-4-5:Organizers of Andre Agassi’s GrandSlam for Children took issue Monday witha Barbra Streisand item here quoting abackstage volunteer who told me a securityguard told event helpers “Don’t look at heror you’ll be fired.” Streisand handlers and asecurity guard assigned to her called me andinsisted it didn’t happen. ...By BRENT KENTON JORDANPenny Press Contributing EditorBased on Babs’ past track recordin Las Vegas, I’m betting Norm’sfirst report is more accurate that theone which Streisand’s “handlers”are spinning.And if Babs were taking adviceand I took her seriously enough togive any, it would be this:Hey Lady: dummy up and sing.CommentaryI’m sure by now that everyonehas heard the report that she demandedthat staff and volunteers at theMGM, where she was performingfor the Andre Agassi’s Grand Slamfor Children benefit, not look at her(under threat of being fired).That is just wrong, on so manylevels. But then, given her reputedquirky demands, and her asininestatements over the years, it doesn’tseem that far fetched.First off, what in the worldwould give anyone the impressionthat they had the right to make sucha demand? Does Babs truly believeshe is superior to a maid, or a stagehand, or a cook , or a maintenanceperson? Each of those employeesserves a purpose; they work for theirliving, and they benefit others withtheir work. Outside of the occasionalgay drag bar, is there anyone whocan name more than three Streisandtunes?It seems to be a habit with singers,from Streisand, to Dion, heap so much self worthand importance upon themselvesthat they routinely make asininedemands, and even more ridiculousstatements, concerning subjectsthey know nothing about. The latestStreisand quips to Diane Sawyerabout global warming illustrate thepoint.Babs, you’re a singer. You’re nota scientist. You’re not an expert onglobal policy. You’re not an experton former president Clinton, currentpresident Bush, the war in Iraq,global terrorism...or anything elseas near as I can figure from yourbloviating.You’re not royalty, and this isnot the sixteenth century. (I’ll lookat you if I damn well please. thoughwhy I would want to, I have noidea.)You’re a singer. Shut up andsing.You know what? I’m going totake that back.You’re an American; go aheadand talk all you want.That is our right as Americans.My advice will go to those whoContinued on page4The Conservative WeeklyVoice Of Las VegasInside:Once In A While,Bullets WorkSee Editorial Page 6Penny WisdomA human being is only interestingif he’s in contact withhimself. I learned you haveto trust yourself, be what youare, and do what you ought todo the way you should do it.You have got to discover you,what you do, and trust it.—Barbra StreisandGEORGE HARRIS PAGE 4PAT CHOATE PAGE 5FRED WEINBERG PAGE 6DOUG FRENCH PAGE 7BILLHERE PAGE 8AL THOMAS PAGE 10DIANE GRASSI PAGE 11JOYCE MEYER PAGE 12CHUCK HARDER PAGE 14PET OF THE WEEK PAGE 15

THE PENNY PRESS, OCTOBER 6, 2005 PAGE 4Commentary: George HarrisWhy Is TABOR (Taxpayer’sBill of Rights) So Important?Here’s one reason according to the Nevada Department of Employment,Training & Rehabilitation, from June 2004 thru June 2005 governmentwages far surpassed those of private industry. Let’s take a look.At the State level government workers have done a great job increasngtheir salaries over their private sectors counterparts (Taxpayers). Theverage wage of a Nevada government worker is $22.79 per hour, whilerivate industry workers salaries averaged $16.63 per hour. That’s a 37%ifference in favor of the government worker.But the gap is even worse at the County and City levels; in Las Vegason-government workers make $16.56 per hour while the average hourlyage for the City government worker is $24.18 per hour. That’s 46%more.This massive gap in salary compensation has created a privilegedgovernment class; we’ve allowed government workers to obtain a higherstandard of living, a better quality of life and even a more secure futurethan the taxpayers themselves. Folks, the train is about to crash. If taxayersdon’t put the brakes on government spending, the private sectors doomed to fail, because taxpayers and business will never be able toreate the resources to feed the insatiable hunger of the privileged governentworker for their increased wages and benefits.If we look down the track to 2008 the consequences of all this govrnmentspending spells only one thing DISASTER! Unless, taxpayers’imit government spending to Growth, Population and Inflation, Nevadaaxpayers will be faced even more massive TAX INCREASES to coverhe Multi-BILLIONS of unfunded liabilities for benefits and pensions ofovernment workers.Or, as the saying goes “if you can’t beat them, join them” maybe wehould all become government workers…but then who would pay thebills?GEORGE HARRISYou Can GetBillhere'sCalendar andNewsletterFREEby email!The FREE, e-mailed, Newsletterand complete index ofLas Vegas coupons for shows, buffets and attractionsis available on the internet at: IS An Expert ... Singer!Continued from page 3re subject to her nonsense: Turn your BS filter on, and tune Streisand, andll those like her, out.Gawk all you want. Stare away if you will. Barbara Streisand is notpecial. She is not better than you. Don’t ever forget it.A little advice for the corporate honchos at MGM/Mirage; Never allownyone, even under the guise of charity, to abuse your employees. Yourmployees are the ones who make you what you are––a viable business––ot some wannabe pseudo-royalty, prima donna.I appreciate Streisand doing what she can for the Agassi Grand SlamChildren benefit, I really do, but there is a price even too high for charity.When the human dignity of the workers for that same charity is sacrificed,the price becomes too high. (All my respect goes to those who suffered theStreisand demand for the sake of the children.)Speaking of Streisand being an American...I seem to remember somethingabout her promise to leave the United States if Bush were elected in2000.I’ve got a one way bus ticket to South America for her if she would liketo follow through with her promise.I hear that down there little guys are used to being subject to tyrants.

THE PENNY PRESS, OCTOBER 6, 2005 PAGE 5Commentary: Pat ChoateMiers – AnotherGreat ChoiceGeorge W. Bush’s greatest legacyas President will come from thedecisions made by the people he putson the U.S. Supreme Court. Thewar in Iraq, Hurricane Katrina, anddozens of other things that obsess usnow will fade into distant memoryover the next two decades, but thedecisions made by the court will livefor as long as the nation.In picking John Roberts as both amember of the Court and as the ChiefJustice, the President put the administrationof the Court in the handsof a brilliant scholar. By selectingHarriet Miers to be a Justice, he hasadded the commonsense practicalitythe Court has long lacked.Miers is a lawyer’s lawyer. Shecomes out of the rough and tumbleworld of Texas business where lawyersmust deal with some of themost aggressive entrepreneurs in theworld. It is not a place for sissies.All that I need say about Mierscompetence is that twenty yearsago she was the first woman tobe President of the Dallas BarAssociation. (This in an era whenbusiness in Texas was modeled afterJ.R. Ewing.) More than a decadeago, she was the first woman to leadthe Texas Bar Association. That notonly says something about her legalskills, it also tells me that she is alsoa very good politician.In 1996, she was the first womanto head a major Texas law firm.When it merged with another groupof lawyers to become a mega-lawfirm, the partners chose Miers tohead it.Put this into context: a firm with400 lawyers chose Harriet Miers torun their business for them. Whenlawyers put their money down onsomeone to manage their affairs,they must think that person is competent.For five years, Miers waschairman of the Texas LotteryCommission, an operation thatalways attracts hustlers trying to getto the money. She cleaned up thatorganization’s operations, firing twoDirectors and getting high marksfor turning the lottery into an honestoperation.For the last five years, she hasbeen an assistant to the President.Yet, she has kept a low profile. I likethat. It shows someone in control oftheir ego.Several weeks ago, I lamentedthat I hoped the President pickedsomeone other than an academic ora sitting judge who had no practicalexperience. I could not have askedfor someone who better fits thatdescription than Harriet Miers does.As for the Democrats, I hope thatthey are honest and clever enoughto realize that George W. Bush hasmade another brilliant appointmentto the Supreme Court and actaccordingly. The Senate should dotheir investigation, hold their hearingsand have a confirmation vote inquick order.We can rightfully criticizePresident Bush for putting into manykey federal positions people whoare incompetent. By appointingHarriet Miers to the Supreme Court,the President put competence overGOP ideology and as such meritsour praise.PAT CHOATEThe Penny Press Tips Its Cap To:The local jury which awarded Gerald and Katrina Thitchener a total of $3.4-million in their lawsuit against Countrywide Mortgage for foreclosing onthe Thitchner's condo while he was on active duty in Tucson, fixing engineson F-16 fighters. The foreclosure was a mistake. It was the wrong condo.And, ever arrogant, Countrywide intends to appeal the verdict because theydon't think ripping off a serviceman and then ignoring the situation is worthyof being punished. If Countrywide is smart, they'll pay the money andsend the Thitchners on a free trip to Disneyland.Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada for their acquisition and re-openingof the Henderson Women, Infant and Children clinic.The Penny Press Sends A Bronx CheerAnd A Bouquet of Weeds To:The Clark County School District which still cant seem to screen out sexoffenders among its teachers and support employees. There have beenentirely too man "incidents" in the past five years and there must be a betterway of safeguarding young boys and girls from pedophiles than what iscurrently being done. The sheer number of "incidents" in the fast five yearsindicates that someone is not doing their job.Want APenny PressIn The Mail?$55 per year First Class MailName__________________ Penny PressAddress________________ 418 ½ S. MarylandCity_____State___ZIP_____ Las Vegas, NV 89101

THE PENNY PRESS, OCTOBER 6, 2005 PAGE 6OPINIONFrom The Publisher...Dead Punk Poster Boy For Self DefenseLast week, we devoted quite a bit of space to a FederalJudge’s decision stopping the city of New Orleans from confiscatingthe guns of law abiding citizens merely trying todefend themselves against the lawlessness which that city’spolice department was incapable of shutting down.We, needless to say, got some heat from people who seemto think that banning guns is a noble cause.Our response than and now is that situations such asHurricane Katrina and its aftermath in New Orleans are theexact reason our nation’s founding fathers saw it necessaryto guarantee our right to keep and bear arms.And then, as if to add an exclamation point, along comes thecase of 82-year-old Las Vegan L.G. Von Zehner.Von Zehner was minding his own business, washing hisCaddie at a car wash in the vicinity of Sahara and Easternwhen a 20-year-old punk named Demetrius Bolden came athim with a gun and demanded Von Zehner’s money. VonZehner told Bolden that he left his money at home, whereponBolden jumped in the back seat of the Caddie, pointedis gun at Von Zehner and demanded a ride to Von Zehner’some to get the money.on Zehner grabbed a hidden gun and shot Bolden, killingim. During the melee, Bolden returned fire and hit Vonehner who is in serious condition at UMC but doing betterhan Bolden.ow this would be a great story if that were the end.ut Bolden had an accomplice, a 19-year-old punk namedichael Lewis who is in custody. Police say that Lewisrabbed the gun from his dead friend’s hand and threw itnto the roof of a nearby building. He’s been charged withobbery, kidnap, attempted murder and murder as well aseing a stupid punk.his is a classic example of why the people who most wantun control are criminals.ticking up an 82-year old man is a pretty dangerous busiessif he’s got a gun and knows how to use it.And maybe Bolden and Lewis’s friends will think twice beforethey stick up another senior citizen.Bolden, of course, won’t be sticking up anybody.And Lewis’s acts of violence will have to be performed on hisfellow inmates for the foreseeable future.But we’ll make it better than even money that these twopunks had friends who are already talking about the pitfallsof armed robbery in Las Vegas. And that buzz will contributeto a reduced rate of armed violence.Years ago, when we were publishing a newspaper in Tulsa,a young man—we recall him being about 10-years old—wasalone with his sister in their grandparents' house. Hisgrandfather had taught this young man shooting and wherethe gun was.One afternoon, a punk started banging on the door. Theyoung man took his younger sister into the grandparents’bedroom and shut the door.The punk got into the house and started trying to bangdown the bedroom door.The young man calmly took his grandfather’s hand gun andfired it through the bedroom door, killing the intruder.And once the story got out, the home robbery rate wentdown about 50 per cent for six months.The answer to punks who want to make you a prisoner inyour own city is simple.Get a gun. Learn how to use it.And, every day, thank our founding fathers who thoughtthat the right to self-defense should be so important toAmericans that they wrote it into the Bill of Rights rightbehind our rights to free speech, a free press and freedomof religion.FRED WEINBERG

THE PENNY PRESS, OCTOBER 6, 2005 PAGE 7Commentary: Doug FrenchDavis Bacon ActLast Preserve Of RacismIn the wake of hurricane Katrina President Bush did at least one sensiblething—suspend the Davis-Bacon Act in the states effected by the storm—and a few of the usual suspects are outraged.“The administration is using the devastation of Hurricane Katrina to cutthe wages of people desperately trying to rebuild their lives and their communities,”Rep. George Miller of California told reporters.Miller continued, “President Bush should immediately realize the colosalmistake he has made in signing this order and rescind it and ensure thatmerica puts its people back to work in the wake of Katrina at wages thatill get them and their families back on their feet.”“I regret the president’s decision,” said Sen. Edward Kennedy, “One ofhe things the American people are very concerned about is shabby worknd that certainly is true about the families whose houses are going to beebuilt and buildings that are going to be restored.” Does Kennedy reallyxpect us to believe that any structure built using laborers that don’t paynion dues is shabby?Even the Reverend Jesse Jackson took time out from grandstanding atome picket line somewhere to tell CNN the other night that Bush is creatinganother disaster by suspending Davis-Bacon.While Jackson prattled on and on about how New Orleans residentsshould be hired to do the cleanup at Davis-Bacon prevailing wages, heshould know that Davis-Bacon was passed in 1931 by congressman suchas Rep. Clayton Allgood, who bragged at the time about supporting Davis-Bacon as a means of keeping “cheap colored labor” out of the constructionindustry.For those not up to speed, the Davis-Bacon law requires federal contracorsto pay workers at least the prevailing wages in the area where the works conducted. It applies to federally funded construction projects such asighways and bridges.The Davis-Bacon Act sets forth the minimum wages to be paid to variousclasses of laborers and mechanics employed under the contract. Underthe provisions of the act, contractors or their subcontractors are to pay workersemployed directly upon the site of the work no less than the locally prevailingwages and fringe benefits paid on projects of a similar character.But, just who pray tell decides what the prevailing wage is? The secretaryof labor determines such local prevailing wage rates. In practice, thisusually means the wages paid by unionized contractors.The co-author of the Davis-Bacon Act, Rep. Robert Bacon, represented acongressional district in Long Island. According to the Institute for Justice,Bacon proposed the bill “in response to the building of a Veterans’ BureauHospital in Bacon’s district by a contractor from Alabama, who employedonly black laborers.”Ralph C. Thomas, former executive director of the National Associationof Minority Contractors, has stated that a minority contractor who acquiresa Davis-Bacon contract has “no choice but to hire skilled tradesmen, themajority of which are of the majority.” As a result, Thomas contends,“Davis-Bacon closes the door in such activity in an industry most capableof employing the largest numbers of minorities.”This is one of the reasons Texas Republican Ron Paul introduced TheDavis-Bacon Repeal Act in 1999. Addressing the house, Paul said; “Mr.Speaker, Congress must act now to repeal this 61-year-old relic of an eraduring which people actually believed Congress could legislate prosperity.Americans pay a huge price in lost jobs, lost opportunities, and tax-boostingcost overruns on federal construction projects every day Congress allowsDavis-Bacon to remain on the books.” Unfortunately, Paul’s bill wentnowhere.Of course taxpayers would benefit most if there were no Davis-Bacon.”The Davis-Bacon Act drives up the cost of federal construction costs by asmuch as 50%,” Paul told his colleagues. “In fact, the Congressional BudgetOffice has reported that repealing Davis-Bacon would save the Americantaxpayer almost $3 billion dollars in four years!”With a Republican in the white house, and majorities in the House andSenate, now is the time to declare the entire nation a disaster area and getrid of Davis-Bacon.DOUG FRENCH

THE PENNY PRESS, OCTOBER 6, 2005 PAGE 8The Best Vegas Calendar BAR NONE!By BillhereThe FREE, e-mailed, Newsletter and complete index ofLas Vegas coupons for shows, buffets and attractions is available on the internet at:, 2005================Through Oct.5= Howie Mandel - MGM Grand.Through Oct.29=Play: “Dracula’s Audition” - New City Theatre:www.newcitytheatre.comThrough Oct.31= Titanic... The Artifact Exhibition - Tropicana.Through Oct.31= “ Feathered Dinosaurs“exhibit - Las VegasMuseum of Natural HistoryThrough Dec. 31= Demolition continues of Castaways.Through Jan.15,2006= RUSSIA! The Majesty of the Tsars:Treasures from the Kremlin Museum - Venetian GuggenheimHermitage Museum.+++++6-9= Elton John - Caesars Palace.6= Green Day, Jimmy Eat World - Thomas and Mack.6-9= Free GM Auto Show In Motion - Las Vegas MotorSpeedway. Information: Tom Jones - MGM Grand.6-19= George Carlin - Stardust.7= Boxing - Aladdin.7= Billy Ray Cyrus - Boulder Station.7= First Friday huge arts night 6-9 p.m. - Downtown Arts District:http://www.firstfriday-lasvegas.org7= The Killers - Hard Rock.7-8= Damon Wayans - The Mirage.7-9= Grand Sumo Championships - Mandalay Bay.7-9= Maxxis Motorcycle U.S. Open - MGM Grand.7-31= Freakmania - Fright Dome inside The Adventuredomeinside Circus Circus.8= The Bangles - Mandalay Bay.8= Hollywood Comedy Tour - Palms.8= Boxing. Juan Castillo vs. Diego Corrales - UNLV Thomas andMack.8-9= Mötley Crüe -The Joint in the Hard Rock.8-10= Al Martino - Suncoast.8-Nov.6= Professional Bull Riders Championship - Mandalay Bay.9= Maynard Ferguson - Santa Fe Station.10= Blue Man Group opens in a new custom built1,760-seattheater, where the old C2K Nightclub was originally located -Venetian.11-16= Elton John - Caesars palace.14-15= The Black Crowes -Hard Rock The Joint14-15= David Spade - The Mirage.14-15= World Equestrian Event-Thomas &Mack:www.lvwijump.com14-16= Juan Gabriel - Las Vegas Hilton.14-16= Mr.Olympia Contest-Orleans Arena.14-16= Roger Williams - Suncoast.15= 3 Doors Down - Aladdin.15= Eagles - MGM Grand.15= Grand Funk Railroad - Texas Station.15-16= Gun & Knife Show - Cashman Center.15-17= The Letterman - Suncoast.16= Paul Rodriguez - Mandalay Bay House of Blues.17= Alice Cooper - Hard Rock The Joint.18-23= Elton John - Caesars Palace.18-25= . STATION CASINOS. Free Conference Call at 1-800-620-1687.19= AZTAR (Tropicana). Free conference call. at 4:30 pm ET. Tel.1-866-235-4445.19-Nov. 5= Barry Manilow - Las Vegas Hilton.20-23= Don Rickles - Stardust.20-23= Frankie Avalon/Bobby Rydell-Orleans.20-24= Dennis Miller - MGM Grand.21= Nazareth - Boulder Station.21= 311 - Mandalay Bay House of Blues.21-23= Home Show - Cashman Center.21-23= Smothers Brothers - Suncoast.22= Jimmy Buffett - MGM Grand.22-24= Jose Feliciano - Suncoast.23= Home Show - Cashman Center.23= Sheryl Crow - Hard Rock. CANCELED.25= Montgomery Gentry - Texas Station.25-Nov.9= Howie Mandel - MGM Grand.26= Entertainment Expo - Golden Nugget.26-29= Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme - Stardust.27= Home Buyers Fair - Cashman Center.27= Hank’s Fine Steaks & Martini’s grand opening - Green ValleyRanch.27-30= Pointer Sisters - The Orleans.28= Blues Traveler - Mandalay Bay House of Blues.28= Basketball: Lakers vs. Kings - Thomas & Mack Center.28-29= Fine Art Awards Show - MGM Grand.: Rocky Horror Picture Show-Tropicana Cinema:www.divinedecadence.org28-30= Ray Romano - Mirage.28-Nov.6= Professional Bull Riders Finals - Mandalay Bay.28-30= Antique Arms Show - Mandalay Bay.28-30= Air Supply - Suncoast.29= Horse Racing-Breeders Cup-All Sportsbooks.29= Jason Mraz - Hard Rock The Joint.29= Jimmy Buffett - MGM Grand.29-30= Dave Matthews etc.-Sam Boyd Stadium.29-31= James Darren - Suncoast.30= Move clocks back one hour.30= Halloween Show - Cannery.30-Feb.7= Danny Gans show closed - Mirage.31= Halloween.Oct.??= La Bete nightclub closes for four weeks and will havea multimillion dollar renovation, new management and a newname-Wynn Las Vegas.Oct.??= Opening of magician Steve Wyrick’s entertainment complex,featuring a brand new production show, as well as a newdining, retail and nightlife experiences - Desert Passage Mall inthe Aladdin.NOVEMBER, 2005==================1= Bucking Bull Classic - Orleans Arena.2= Job Fair - Palace Station. Information: www.lasvegasjobs.com3-5= B.B.King - Stardust.3-6= Engelbert Humperdinck - Orleans.24-25= Wayne Brady - The Mirage.====================================Please e-mail errors, omissions and additions

THE PENNY PRESS, OCTOBER 6, 2005 PAGE 9Challenge: Take the biggest, heaviest production passengervehicle made and make it handle like a sports car.Answer: Rollgard.Like a lot of people, my life precludes the Porsche 911 Turbo or the Saleen Mustang I might buy if practicality wasn’t a consideration.In my case, kids, mountainous terrain, and a lot of stuff to schlep around pretty muchrule out sports cars as an option.And so, in the last five years, I’ve driven a Four Wheel Drive Ford F-150 and two FourWheel Drive Ford Excursions. All of them, including the brand new Power StrokeDiesel Excursion, are big, tough trucks with a lot of torque, a lot of power and a lotof space.The downside is that they all have a fairly high center of gravity and are susceptible torolling into a turn at highway speeds.And all of them have been tamed by Rollgard.My name is Fred Weinberg and I don’t work for Rollgard, which means you can callme at my office, 702-740-5588, and I’ll be glad to give you the benefit of my 170,000miles of driving with the product.Here’s the F-150. We put about50,000 miles on it with RollgardSimply put, Rollgardis a set of countersprings which keepsthe rear wheels firmlyplanted on the road.It was designed by arace car engineer togive any vehicle withleaf springs (that’smost pickup trucks,vans and many SUV’s)the same kind of handlingcontrol which a race car can get from the various adjustmentsyou see them make in the pits on race day.Yes, the Excursion is big. With Rollgard, it is very well behaved!What it does is to allow you to steer the vehicle without constantcorrections. In other words, point the vehicle where you want togo and it goes there. Last summer, we tested an Excursion withRollgard under full safety conditions on closed off pieces of Nevadahighways in connection with open road racing events.We discovered that you could blast this 8,000 pound vehicle down a winding highway at speeds in excess of 95 miles an hourwith complete control only using a very light touch on the steering wheel. The professionals behind the wheel were extremelyimpressed.Now you’ll probably never have to drive a big, heavy truck like that, but it’s sure nice to know that you could. Because if it handlesthat well at those speeds, imagine how well it works at regular interstate highway speeds.The best news is that Rollgard isn’t very expensive. And, because it’s a Las Vegas company, we’ve arranged a special deal for you:Buy it at any of the dealers below and we’ll send you a $25 rebate when you mail us a copy of the paid receipt and the rebate couponfrom this ad.And one last thing. Rollgard has an absolute 30-day money back guarantee.You can’t offer one of those unless the product actually works.Buy Rollgard At One Of These Fine Retailers:Checkers Autoparts Stores, Integrity Dodge (870-9793)Sun Valley Bumper (362-9003)$25 REBATE COUPONPurchase a Rollgard from One Of TheRetailers In This Ad And We’ll RebateYour Purchase with a $25 Check.Offer Good To November 30, 2005Rebate subject to terms and conditions listed at

THE PENNY PRESS, OCTOBER 6, 2005 PAGE 10Commentary: Albert ThomasHistory LessonThis history lesson reaches far back in time and then makes a greatleap forward. Some of it is true for it is recorded history and some of it isprojection. Is there a possible correlation?The reason I surmise is because so many people wonder where theworld is going. What will the future be like for those who live another 50years and what will our grandchildren and great grandchildren have to lookforward to? The only way you can know the future is to study the past. Mancontinues to repeat his mistakes over and over again. He refuses to learnfrom recorded history.About 50 B.C. the Romans ruled Europe and the known world. Theyplaced garrisons in Greece, Germany, France, England, Constantinople andmany other lands. They maintained trade, built roads and supervised lawand order. This required an expensive military paid in large part by Romancitizens.About 450 years later the Roman army was being withdrawn from itsfrontiers. As the garrisons disappeared the empire collapsed. There was noone to maintain law and order and for the next 400 years Europe fell intochaos. The Vikings, Huns and other barbarians ravaged the countryside. Thepopulations declined.Then around A.D. 1000 things began to improve. We need not go anyfurther with out history lesson.Today the U.S. might be considered the Rome of the modern world.As Rome fought the Germans and defeated them so has the U.S. As Romefought the Eastern empires and defeated them so has the U.S. In similarcircumstances we have occupied countries (have garrisons) and slowlythese countries have become more and more like the U.S. as did the areasdominated by the Roman legions.Resentment and jealousy was always a hidden factor then as it is now.Let’s jump to a possible future. How long can we maintain our garrisons?Like Rome will we slowly withdraw and allow the current day Huns,Vikings and other barbarians to overcome the example of our way of life?How long will this demise take? Fifty years, 100 years, longer? Or ever?With the speed of communication today it would not be unusual to sayit will not take the 500 years it took Rome to be ravaged.The leadership of Rome thought only of remaining in power. The gladiatorialgames kept the citizenship mollified. Our present day politicianslook no further than being reelected. No bloody gladiators, but many otherorganized sports to entertain the citizens. Where are the statesmen to savethe empire?This history lesson is only for those who will think beyond tomorrow.Can we let history repeat? What will you do?AL THOMASAl Thomas’ best selling book, “If It Doesn’t Go Up, Don’t Buy It!” hashelped thousands of people make money and keep their profits with hissimple 2-step method. Read the first chapter and receive his market letterfor 3 months at and discover why he’s the manthat Wall Street does not want you to know.

THE PENNY PRESS, OCTOBER 6, 2005 PAGE 11Commentary: Diane Grassianyone.”Hurricanes Delay Passage OfAt the heart of the defense bills still needing ratification in Congress, isthe remaining need for proper body armor and vehicle armor for troops inSpending For Troops In Iraqcombat almost a year since December 2004, when Secretary Rumsfeld wasquestioned over such shortages. There was both public outcry and scrutinyIt has now become clear that the devastation done in the U.S. Gulfover such, for which funding and production problems linger. In May 2005,region by Hurricane Katrina, the subsequent flooding in New Orleans andthe Marine Corps recalled 5,277 combat vests issued to troops in Iraq andthe additional damage by Hurricane Rita has delayed priority legislation onAfghanistan because of concern that they might fail bullet penetration tests.Capitol Hill. The Defense Authorization Bills and the Defense AppropriationAnd in August 2005, the Pentagon for the second time since the War inBills in both the Senate and the House of Representatives were temporarilyIraq began decided to replace body armor for all U.S. troops in Iraq andtabled prior to the summer break taken by Congress. But the Congress wasAfghanistan. The new armor would be an upgrade in the protection used bynot counting on any natural disasters to impinge upon its schedule, whichsoldiers as well as civilian employees and news short on time normally, in order to get spending bills and budgets ratifiedUnfortunately, the replacement processes were met by more delays thanbefore the new fiscal year which began October 1, 2005.anticipated, primarily because the manufacturing of bullet-resistant ceramicIn an effort to expedite the two defense bills pending in the Senate,plates to fortify the vests was stalled. Major General William D. Catto, headwhich includes 200 pending amendments in the Defense Authorization Bill,of the Marine Corps Systems Command, said that he “wasn’t happy aboutSenators John Warner (R-VA), Chairman of the Senate Armed Servicesthe year-long delay to replace the armor” and blamed the delay “partly on aCommittee, and ranking committee Democrat, Senator Carl Levin (D-MI),shortage of the raw material that is needed to strengthen the plates.”have taken the unconventional step of attaching the Defense AuthorizationThe lack of a strong military industrial manufacturing base has come upBill to the Defense Appropriations Bill by way of the Warner-Levinmany times previously in Congressional hearings this year concerning theAmendment. Whether the House will follow suit with their bills is largelymanufacture of ammunition and armor for Humvee vehicles. The Pentagonin question.hopes to continue rolling out 25,000 vests a month until all 500,000 military“Time is short. We must be reasonable in the time we spend debating. Ittroops are supplied. But it still leaves immediate needs with a shortfall asis too important to our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines for the Senatenot all troops will be supplied until the spring of 2006.not to complete action on this bill,” according to Warner. By combining theAnd the Pentagon last week changed courses on its plan to borrow fromtwo bills, it is feared that the Armed Services Committee would become lessprocurement funds earmarked specifically for buying better armored vehiclesfor troops in Iraq. Over $300 million was to be transferred to meet year-relevant, and would erode the power of certain lawmakers. However, theappropriations for defense are crucial to defense contractors in supplyingend operating costs for the Army when fiscal year 2005 ended Septemberweapons programs.30th. Due to the additional costs from Hurricane Katrina, the Army neededAlthough increasing military pay and benefits is part of the authorizationbill, the Warner-Levin Amendment will provide for it. And part of thesome adjustment to be made.Without transferring funds totalling $1.43 billion the Pentagon said thatthinking of the amendment is to limit time spent on debate on the remainingthe Army would fail to pay its bills. In lieu of borrowing from accounts usedamendments which the Senate must still address, with the hope of completingsuch legislation by sometime around October 7, 2005. The double billto protect forces in Iraq and to restore damaged equipment, which includesthe purchase of mortars and trucks and armored vehicles, the Army’s requestwould exceed 650 pages and Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK), Chairman ofhas now been adjusted to borrow from the Air Force’s capital account andthe Defense Appropriations Committee is not thrilled with the merging ofa secondary generic account known as the Iraq Freedom Account, whichthe two bills but said, “There are many items funded in the appropriationscomes under the direct control of Secretary Rumsfeld. The stopgap measurethat require authorization before money could be spent.” He is willing to gowas headed to Congress the last week of September and was not expectedalong with it, however, “if it proves to be the only way to get the measuresto meet with much resistance.passed.”The federal disasters the U.S. endured during August and SeptemberOne of the amendments added to the Defense Appropriations Bill has2005 have but exacerbated the budget and manufacturing deficiencies forjust been introduced by Senator Christopher Dodd (D-CT), re-requiring thetroops serving in combat zones in Iraq and Afghanistan, as exhibited by thePentagon to reimburse families up to $1,100.00 for provided body armorCongress and the Pentagon. But largely there have been political and communicationproblems since the onset of the War in Iraq between the twoand other protective gear and health and safety equipment for troops servingin Iraq and Afghanistan which they purchased from 9/11/01 to 7/31/04. Inentities and it would be less than fair for lawmakers and public officials tolegislation passed in October of 2004, the Pentagon was to have instituteduse the storms and floods as an excuse. For after all, both the House anda reimbursement plan for such families, but never complied. Dodd plansthe Senate deferred progress on the defense bills days before they actuallyto “take the issue out of the hands of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeldbroke for their August vacations and went on to other legislation, for fearand give control to the military unit commanders in the field” in decidingthey would perhaps have to delay their five-week holidays.which equipment is eligible for reimbursement. Additionally, the amendmentwould extend the cut-off date indefinitely as troops are still dealingPerhaps the remnants of the disasters in the Gulf region will be areminder to the American people that legislation not only affects certainwith equipment shortages in 2005.people, such as the soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, or the familieswithout homes in the Gulf, but all of us. For the powers-that-be inUnder the law passed in October 2004, Congress had until February 25,2005 to develop a way to implement the Pentagon reimbursement plan, butWashington sometimes are faced with decisions which are a matter of lifedid not require the military to reimburse expenses for equipment purchasedand death, when we least expect it. And because they have the politicalby families not normally supplied by the military. Dodd’s new law hopes topower along with control of the purse strings, they must be taken to task andcircumvent the lack of teeth in last year’s legislation with his new amendment.Dodd “wonders whether the Pentagon intends to actually reimburseheld accountable by all of the people.DIANE

THE PENNY PRESS, OCTOBER 6, 2005 PAGE 12Commentary: Joyce MeyerStep OverThe Edge!Have you ever felt that it wasimportant to make certain changesin your life—changes for the better—butyou were too afraid to stepover the edge into the big unknown?I want to encourage you to go for it!Even if you make a mistake, it won’tbe the end of the world. Don’t spendall of your life looking back andwishing you had tried something differentor done things differently.Wondering what could have beenis a lonely feeling. I can promise youthat you won’t enjoy everything youtry, but at least you’ll have personalknowledge of varied experiences.You won’t have to live your wholelife hearing about what everyoneelse is doing and wondering what itwould be like.You won’t be able to do everything,but you need to be boldenough to step out in God’s timingand do the things you feel you needto do. Go through the doors Godseems to be opening for you. Youmay even have to take a few steps ina particular direction to see if a doorthat had previously been closed willopen for you.For example, once God taughtme a lesson using the automaticdoors at the grocery store. I realizedthat I could sit in my car all day longand those doors would never openfor me. I could watch other peoplego in and out all day and it wouldn’tget me in the store. But if I would getout of my comfortable seat and headtoward the door, as I approached, itwould open.Maybe you have just a littledirection about what you need to do,but you don’t see the full picture.That’s the way God works sometimes—Heleads us step by step. Hemay never show you step two untilyou take step one.God is progressive, and I havefound that my faith is too. I mayhave a little faith and so God showsme something little to do. Then asI am faithful in that little thing, Heshows me the next step—and bythen my faith has grown and I havethe courage to continue steppingout.One of my favorite places toeat is an Oriental restaurant that afriend and I found one day. We hadheard how good it was, but couldn’tget exact information about whereit was located. We had vague directionsand really wanted to go there.The problem was that neither one ofus were very good with directionsand we were intimidated about steppingout to find the restaurant on ourown. We had talked about trying tofind it several times, and each timewe talked ourselves right out of it.But on this particular day we feltadventurous and decided to take achance on getting lost in order to seeif we could find it. Since we werewilling to step out and “try it”, wefound it—and we have now enjoyedeating there for years.I encourage you to take the boldsteps necessary to introduce as muchdiversity and creativity as possibleinto your everyday life. Even whenyou do the same tasks on a regularbasis, try doing them in differentways, especially if you feel stalenessstarting to set in. Try somethingnew—you might like it!JOYCE MEYERFor more on this topic, you mayorder Joyce’s book titled EnjoyingWhere You Are on the Way to WhereYou Are Going, which is available bycalling 1-800-727-9673 or by

THE PENNY PRESS, OCTOBER 6, 2005 PAGE 13You think you know what goes on in here?You don’t have a clue.Find Out What REALLY Was Happening At CheetahsAvailable Now At All Las Vegas Borders Books

THE PENNY PRESS, OCTOBER 6, 2005 PAGE 14Commentary: Chuck Hardercouch and can watch TV while not pay them back? It was manufacturing,mining and farming that madeKatrina Andpaying to heat the entire house.When the weather starts to cool the USA what we once were. InRita Illuminate you will see lines of people with just a few administrations of embeddedpolitical fools we have gonetheir small containers waiting forPermanenttheir turn to pump a few gallons of from solvency to the world’s largestK-1 to take home. They have no debtor nation.Underclassother option to heat their homes as While many economists and formerelectric heaters cost too much to“Free-Trade” believers are now for hurricane victims.The dirty little secret about theUSA’s failed policies of “Globalismand Free-Trade” was revealed whenhurricanes peeled back the GulfCoast and exposed what most insidethe Beltway never confront—theexpanding permanent underclass.These are often people who usedto have a job at one of tens of thousandsof factories that have left ourrun and some houses don’t havesufficient wiring. Stores like Wal-Mart and others normally have newKerosene room heaters stacked highand ready to sell by late September.While K-1 is about the same price aspropane the working poor often cannotscrape-up the necessary funds tohave a propane tank set and plumbedto a more—but safer—expensiveconfronting this reality there is amassive problem to overcome. Wemust begin again to manufacturewhat we consume. It’s also a nationalsecurity issue as we cannot sourcethe electronic parts that go into ourcruise missiles or high-tech weaponsanymore in the USA. That’s simplyinsane for a nation that rebuilt theworld after World War Two.shores. Remaining “service jobs” heater.Those inside the Beltway or whopay such terrible wages that the standardWhile this sounds “Third- run the media are all members ofof living for the masses slips alittle more each day. I have warnedAmerica about this since 1987 andin return have been criticized andcalled about every name in the book.Some in the media industry saythat I have been “blackballed” forexpressing my views that go againstthe grain of the mega-corporations.As I watch the elite panelistsspout their global dreams on theWashington-based TV talk andnews shows, it’s obvious to me thatnone of them have ever used aKerosene pump. Little do they knowthat millions and millions of gallonsof “Kero” are sold at fuel stationsacross the Southeast and elsewhere.Those in the fuel business know thatthe amount of K-1 as Kerosene iscalled goes up each year and salesare booming. Yet there are only twopotential uses for K-1: oil lamps andWorld,” that’s essentially what ishappening to the USA in what I call“fly-over country.” Those who makethe policies don’t bother to confrontwhat the working class faces as theyjet across the USA from coast tocoast. I would invite them to cometo small-town America and tour theclosed industrial parks. Often buildingsthat were built with local bondmoney will have trees which havegrown through the roofs as they satidle for years. Don’t blame unionsas these plants were all non-unionand paid a few dollars more thanminimum wage. The local peoplewere all fired when NAFTA andGATT opened up the “penny-wage”countries that now sew our clothes,make our shoes and whatever plugsinto the electric wall socket.So I ask the Globalists: “Was itworth it?” There is crack-cocaine onsmall room heaters. So it makes about every street corner of smalltownyou wonder—what are people doingwith all that Kerosene? The answerin my part of North Florida is thatthere are a few homes with no electricityand they still use oil lamps.The biggest use is for small un-ventedroom heaters so that the workingpoor can close off most of the houseand afford to heat the living roomand kitchen. Thus they sleep on theUSA and rising crime—butno jobs! Many economists who promotedthe global dreams are nowfacing the reality of what has happenedto the USA. We borrow twobillion dollars a day from Red Chinawhich has a value-added economyso that we can finance our serviceeconomy which is all that remains.The big question is how do you everthe “I’ve got mine club.” None ofthem will ever feel any discomfortfrom the failed policies they putinto place. This is brought hometo me as I see the public-serviceTV ads where George H. W. Bush,(Bush 41) and his new best friendBill Clinton are “passing the hat”Yet theseare the two men who bankruptedAmerica. G.H.W.B. ended alternativeenergy programs during the firstReagan-Bush administration andalso enabled the creation of NAFTAand GATT. It was Bill Clinton thatmade sure both passed. And whilethese two men say they “feel ourpain” you can be assured that in thereal world, they never, ever will.CHUCK HARDER

THE PENNY PRESS, OCTOBER 6, 2005 PAGE 15Pet Of The WeekAdopt This Pet !Scrappy is 1 1/2 yearsold and neutered. Heis litter box trained,and does well withother cats, thoughshy at first. Scrappyenjoys play time. He isa handsome cat witha docile personality.If you are looking for a pet we will do our best to find you a pet thatfits your needs and you will fit theirs.This is just one of the pets awaiting a loving home.To inquire abouta certain pet you can e-mail us at: adoptions@animaladoptionsltd.orgor call 361-2484. Also, we need kitty litter and food donations.Betty Honn founded Southern Nevada’s first no-kill, non-profitanimal sanctuary in 1968. Since then, volunteers, contributors andpatrons have made our daily operations possible.Betty passed away in 1997, but not before saving countlessthousands of animals from needless euthanasia. Her daughter, Teresanow continues the work, and is committed to fulfilling her mother’svision.For more than 30 years, from kittens to Kodiaks, Betty Honn’sAnimal Adoptions, Ltd. has provided refuge for animals.When You're At TheSpeedway, Eat WhereThe Pros Eat!The FAST LANE CafeFootsteps Away From The Speedway6825 Speedway Blvd702-651-9977WE CATERSOUVENIRS, DIE CAST,COLLECTIBLES13" Italian Sub $5.9613" French Dip Sub $5.963 Egg Breakfast $4.96


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