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QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE - GN Resound Gov Services - ReSound

GOVERNMENT SERVICESRESOUND UNITEWIRELESS OVERVIEWSTRONG, WIRELESS CONNECTIONSReSound Unite ® is a series of modern, easy-to-usewireless accessories that deliver clear, comfortable anddependable connections to essential audio devices.ReSound Unite ® Remote ControlBased on 2.4 GHz wireless technology, a reliable standardthat allows for a stronger, clearer and more stablesignal, and the ReSound Range platform, ReSoundUnite accessories make life easier for hearing professionalsand patients alike, because the accessories areso easy to set up and use.Just press the pairing button on a ReSound Uniteaccessory, open and close the battery doors of theReSound Alera ® wireless hearing instruments, and theaccessory is automatically paired with hearing instrumentsand ready for wireless communication. Once setup, it can be activated with just the push of a button.ReSound Unite ® Mini MicrophoneThere are currently four wireless accessories that willimprove the quality of life of hearing impaired individuals:• ReSound Unite Remote Control: Offers a clearvisual display to monitor the status of the hearinginstruments as your patients easily change programs,adjust volume or switch to the ReSound Unite TV orMini Microphone wireless streaming mode.• ReSound Unite Mini Microphone: Sends aspeaker’s voice directly into ReSound Alera hearinginstruments. Also functions as a portable audiostreaming device.• ReSound Unite Phone Clip: Sends sound froma mobile phone directly to wireless ReSound Alerahearing instruments.• ReSound Unite TV: Sends crystal clear stereo sounddirectly to wireless ReSound Alera hearing instrumentsfrom a TV, computer and many other audio sourcesover a range of up to 20 feet or more.ReSound Unite ® Phone ClipReSound Unite ® TVReSound Unite accessories can be used with ReSoundAlera wireless hearing instruments and future devicesfrom ReSound.The same wireless technology can also be used forprogramming. With Aventa ® 3 and the Airlink ® interface,you can fit ReSound Alera wireless instruments andReSound Unite devices without the use of any cables!

GOVERNMENT SERVICESPRODUCTCOLORS OVERVIEWRESOUND ALERA ® —RIE (RIC) (62) / BTE (67,77/87)Light blonde (1)Medium blonde (2)Dark Dark brown brown (4)Black Black (8)Anthracite Anthracite (9)Beige Beige (5)Gloss Gloss black black (17)Metallic/ Metallic/anthracite anthracite (10)Metallic/ Metallic/marble marble grey grey (7)Metallic/ Metallic/sterling sterling grey grey (12)Metallic/ Metallic/black black (11)Metallic/ Metallic/metallic/blackmetallic/blackBlack/ Black/metallic/black metallic/black (18)RESOUND ALERA ® —RIE (RIC) (60,61)Light blonde (1)Medium Medium blonde blonde (2)Dark Dark brown brown (4)Black Black (8)Anthracite Anthracite (9)Sterling Sterling grey grey (3)Cream Cream (15)Dark Dark brown/brown/black blackAnthracite/Anthracite/black blackSterling Sterling grey/ grey/black blackCream/ Cream/black blackLight Light blonde blondeAdditional 60 series(non-wireless) onlypattern patternMedium Medium blonde blondepattern patternDark Dark brown brownpattern patternBlack Blackpattern patternSterling Sterling grey greypattern patternLeaf Leafpattern patternRESOUND SPARX ® —BTE (90)ALL CUSTOM / MIHBeigeDark brownCool greyBlueRedLight (05)Beige (02)Medium (09)Dark (03)Espresso (08)Blue/Red(shell only)Clear(shell only)(#) = Keychain referenceCICITCHSFSMIHRIE (RIC)Mini BTEBTE

GOVERNMENT SERVICESRESOUNDAVENTA ®CABLE GUIDE➊ ➋ ➌Wirelessand non-wirelessprogrammingTruly wireless fitting(no cable required)Fresh battery Fresh battery Fresh batteryReSound Alera ® 9ReSound Alera ® 7ReSound Alera TS 9WirelessCUSTOM, RIE (RIC)and BTECUSTOM and RIE (RIC): 60, 61RIE (RIC): 62 and BTE______________________________ Cable insertion______________________________➊ ➋ ➌ReSound Alera custom models:With the battery door ajar, insert the flex strip intothe slot beside the hinge pin. The black dot on theflex strip should be facing away from the batterydoor. The flex strip is fully inserted when the blackdot abuts the hearing instrument case. Close thebattery door once the flex strip is inserted.ReSound Alera 60 and 61:Locate the programming slot beside the batterydoor. With the black dot on the flex strip facing themiddle of the hearing instrument and with the batterydoor closed, insert the flex strip into the slot.The flex strip is fully inserted when the black dotabuts the edge of the hearing instrument.Please note that all ReSound Alera fittings—wireless and non-wireless—require a fresh battery.ReSound Alera 62, 67 and 77/87:To connect the programming adaptor, hold it at a45° angle and insert the small pins at the tip of theadaptor into the square opening between the hingeof the battery door and the letters CE. Once inplace, move the adaptor in the direction of the batterycompartment and then gently click it into place.ReSound Aventa ® 2.95Non-wirelessprogramming4-pin CS44socket cable3-pin CS53 flex stripwith adaptor and 4-pinCS44 socket cable*Programming bootand 4-pin CS44socket cableNO battery Fresh battery NO batteryReSound Live ® TS 9 CUSTOM RIE (RIC) and BTEReSound Sparx ®BTEReminder: To ensure successful programming, be sure to note whether a battery isrequired. Always use a fresh battery when programming if a battery is required.MK602436 Rev.J 2013.01* The CS44 cable and CS53 flex strip combination can be used interchangeablywith the CS63 cable and CS63 flex strip combination.

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