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Highly Qualified Employees From Romania - Spreeforum ...

Highly Qualified Employees

From Romania

– Success Factor for Your Company

Top Experts for Your Company

As the speed of technological development increases constantly, the availability of highly qualified people

both for R&D and for manufacturing and sales turns into a strategic resource with a decisive impact on the

growth of your company.

In many countries, there is now a much greater need for specialists than there are people available in these

countries. Thus, when competing for top talents, it will become increasingly important to start looking for

human resources abroad.

Our company is specialised on placing highly qualified Romanian experts in EU and EFTA companies.

We also assist you recruiting your top experts in Romania.

Romania – An Interesting Recruiting Pool

Education, demography, culture: There is a number of factors

recommending Romania as a preferable pool for international



Romania is famous for its excellent education in the fields of

technology and sciences.

With a population of about 22 million people, Romania is the

seventh biggest country in the EU. Consequently, each year

a great number of people graduates from the more than 50

universities of the country – making more qualified personnel

available for recruiting.

Romania has been a preferred choice as outsourcing and

manufacturing site for decades; thus, you can be sure to find

enough experts with relevant expertise and experience.

Romanian employees are known to be above-average regarding

creativity, inventiveness, and solution-orientation.

Romania is not only located close to the Western and Northern

European countries but has also a similar culture. Thus,

there is a smaller probability of intercultural friction loss than

when working with non-European employees.

Due to the fact that Western European countries are still very

attractive and that the development potential and career

opportunities are greater, many specialists are willing to work

abroad. Due to the subdued growth rate of the salaries in

many industries, the willingness of specialists to move and

stay abroad has increased even further.

High Qualification on an International Level

Some industries in Romania are strongly developed and can

look back upon more than a century of tradition (e. g. the oil

industry). The fast development of the “new technologies” is

another indicator of the great innovative potential of Romanian

employees. Thus, some areas are especially suited for your

recruiting actions:


IT hardware and software

Engineering (R&D, planning, manufacturing), especially in the

following areas:

Automotive, vehicle construction

Aerospace industry

Oil production and processing




Chemical industry

Doctors and health care professions

Medical research, pharmaceutics

This is just a small selection of possible occupational areas.

If the qualification you need is not listed, do not hesitate to

contact us – we would love to assist and advise you!

Our Skills – Your Advantage

There is no doubt that our employees are all experienced,

skilled, and talented experts – which is the key requirement

for being able to offer high-quality services. However, there are

more reasons why you should choose our services:

We call on many years of experience in recruiting Romanian

experts for Western European companies.

We are a Romanian-based company with a German management

and a Western corporate culture. This is reflected in

the emphasis we put on quality and the way we treat our


By having worked together for years, our highly qualified

German-Romanian team has gained experience in dealing

with intercultural differences and knows the requirements

of international cooperation. This is also very important when

selecting candidates: We do not only check if the applicants

have the expertise the customer requires but also take care

that they fit culturally into their future company and work


We have the necessary technical-scientific expertise to

successfully assess and select experts. Company’s founder

and Managing Director Dr Thomas Wendel, for example, has

a PhD in Nuclear Physics.

Professional Services for Your Successful


One of our strengths is flexibility. No two projects are alike.

Thus, we sit down with you to define the best approach to

your situation based on the following services:

Preliminary talk and assessment whether the required

qualification and experience can be found in Romania

Joint preparation of a candidate profile

Advertisement of the position

If meaningful and possible, we will work using targeted

approach and direct search methods

Pre-selection of the candidates

Organisation / moderation of telephone interviews

(if required)

Requesting references

Organisation of the final interviews, either in Romania

or in your company

If desired, we will accompany you to these interviews

with the candidates

Test the Romanian Market: In a first joint project, we offer you the possibility to “test” the Romanian

market at exceptionally flexible conditions. During the first project phase, we publish your job profile in

well-know Romanian media and evaluate the response rate. You can then use the feedback to decide

whether or not you would like to continue with the project. Thus, you can get a first, hands-on impression

of the Romanian applicant pool – at minimized risks and predictable costs.

So how can we help you? We are looking forward to meeting you in a first non-committal conversation.

About Us:

Since 2002, Bucharest and Cologne based tw.con.

has been consulting Western European companies

operating in Romania.

tw.con.‘s founder and Managing Director, Dr Thomas

Wendel, has a PhD in Nuclear Physics of the University

of Bonn, Germany, and has also studied Economics.

He comes from a German-Romanian family, grew

up bilingually in Germany, and is thus highly

tw.con. SRL

Bd. Regina Maria nr. 32

RO-040125 Bucharest

Tel.: +40 21-3019806

Fax: +40 21-3019807

E-Mail: info@twcon.ro

experienced in intercultural issues. His professional

roots lie in the telecommunication industry where

he used to work for one of the leading global manufacturers

of mobile networks and a German network

operator. His technical background is enhanced

by many years of experience in strategy and HR

consulting and intercultural collaboration. In addition

to his two native languages German and Romanian,

Mr. Wendel also speaks English and French.


Dr Thomas Wendel

Siebengebirgsring 46

D-53797 Lohmar

Tel.: +49 2206-8650825

Fax: +49 2206-8650826

E-Mail: info@twcon.de


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