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Spreeforum International GmbH


Communication, Contacts and Competence


Symbiosis of Consulting and Agency


Realize Your Goals.

Live Your Visions.

Spreeforum International GmbH is a

unique corporate concept combining

the services and qualities of classic

corporate consulting with those of

a full-service communication agency.

In addition, we offer the skills of a

specialised service provider acting

at the intersection of business and

politics. The six fields of business of

the company create this symbiosis of

consultancy and agency: consulting,

communication, political services,

training, HR development, internationalisation

and mergers & acquisitions.

The company has four active

locations in Europe and our more than

50 interdisciplinary specialists work

for companies of all sizes in

different industries.

Spreeforum – a name that stands for

communication, contacts and competence.


Spreeforum International pursues the

vision of accompanying and advising

small- and medium-sized companies in

all aspects of communication – from

the founding to the transfer to new

owners. Corporate communication is

here defined in the broadest sense including

communication with customers,

partners, suppliers, the public and the

entire corporate environment, e.g. the

media and politics.

For us, one aspect of communication

is to provide executives and employees

with ideal approaches to their daily

work and to qualify and train them

optimally. And in the end, the development

of marketing and sales concepts is

also a form of communication.

To put this vision into action,

Spreeforum International has developed

this symbiosis of consulting and

agency and lives the synergies and

advantages it provides.


Our Mission: To walk the talk! We

implement all the consulting approaches

we develop. Spreeforum is more than a

management consultancy. Spreeforum

is a comprehensive companion and supporter.

Spreeforum is an implementation

agency with profound expertise.

The communications consultancy

is followed by the campaign. The

sales concept is followed by business

development. Recruiting is followed

by personnel development and practical

on-the-job support in the form

of trainings and individual process

consultancy. International expertise

is followed by hard and diligent work

on-site in the third county executed

by experts – ranging from the start-up

of the company to marketing. And our

political know-how is followed by the

representation of interests with media

support and valuable contacts.In all

areas for which we offer consultancy,

we translate the theory into practice as

only a strong implementation will lead

to successes. Theory is translated into

practice, idea is translated into implementation

– that is our understanding

of the symbiosis

of consultancy and agency.


Our team defines itself by the common

values which are reflected in

its work: „Modern“ values such as

efficiency, team orientation, speed

and creativity are joined in equal

status by the „traditional“ values

reliability, straightforwardness and

respectability. These value-based

concepts offer our customers the

security to not only get fast results

in the short run but also to achieve

lasting successes – Spreeforum being

their reliable partner.


Our team consists only of specialists.

Other than other consultancies

and advertising agencies, we put together

an independent project team

from our pool of experts which is

based on the requirements of our

customers. This approach does not

only result in higher level of expertise

for the customer but also in an

ideal price-performance ratio: They

do not pay for extensive corporate

structures but only for the services

actually provided by their individual

project teams. These teams might

either consist of several experts for

one topic – only graphic artists and

designers – or be an interdisciplinary

team consisting of publicity strategists,

communication coaches and

sales experts – all of our experts

which contribute individually to an

optimal whole.


The Spreeforum Partner Network collaborates

as an interdisciplinary team on the highest

professional and personal level for the

benefit of the customer. The company and

every partner sets great store by its personal

format and a high value orientation which is

reflected in the way we are dealing with our

customers and amongst ourselves. Our partners

espouse the following values: reliability,

loyalty, service-orientation, considerate communication,

a clearly visible performance and

competitiveness. We are committed to lifelong

learning and to constantly improve our

professional and personal fund of knowledge.

Both Spreeforum International GmbH and

the individual partners contribute to the

good reputation of the entire Network

through their behaviour in society and on the

market, their behaviour towards customers

and partners, and their demonstrations of

professional skills. The Spreeforum Partner

Network is a community of values, services

and goods in which each partner takes responsibility

for the success of the entire Network.

Each partner strives for professional

excellence and emphasizes the exclusive

claim of the Network and of each individual

partner both acting inside the Network and

interacting with external parties.

Spreeforum partners have proven expertise

and skills. They have tested their professional

and general know-how, proved them on the

market over many years, and will continue

to hone both to preserve their cutting-edge

market status.


Our Service Portfolio: Consulting


Strategy in the form of the self-made directional device of

promoting business design and growth is supposed to give

companies powerful advantages over their competitors.

It is meant to support the executives‘ capacity to act by

enabling them to make clear decisions and to stabilise the

internal and external image of the company.

Different results stem from different kinds of profiling. Thus, it

is important to elaborate an independent corporate profile that

distinguishes a company from its competitors. It is no longer enough

to offer the same as all others in the field. Therefore, strategy

development also requires the determining and strengthening of

predominant distinguishing characteristics of the company.

We consult and accompany our clients when developing strategic

plans for new products, services or industries, and we implement

them as marketing concepts.

Our goal is to support our customers individually and in a practical

way by involving the company‘s decision-makers and by taking into

consideration intercultural differences.

• Developing strategies for products, services, and industries and

supporting the company during their implementation

• Conducting feasibility checks of the market and assisting the

assessment and determination of the feasibility of the proposed


• Determining the strengths and weaknesses of the proposed

strategies with direct reference to those of the main competitors,

and thereby enabling the correct profiling and positioning

• Supporting a focused implementation of the company’s strategy

by aligning it with those of competitors, and – where required -

developing corrective measures

• Conducting strategy seminars, forums and workshops for managers

and employees to develop their understanding of the impact

of strategy and marketing

• Developing accompanying strategies in the form of seminars and

workshops for managers and employees on „Learning, Delivering

and Living“

Consulting based on trust and sustainability

Management and Human Resources Development

To successfully implement a corporate strategy, you need

the correct working atmosphere. For many employees

this is the most important reason for staying with a company.

If something is wrong here, company cars, insurances,

and other incentives will be of no avail.

The working atmosphere is always produced by the management

culture of a company. The goal of a good management culture is

to align the wishes of the employees and the goals of the company.

This secures the loyalty of employees towards their company and

increases the efficient use of the human performance potential.

Managers influence the behaviour of their subordinates. They can

be either the impetus or the obstacle in a company. In the future,

growth and change will depend more on human progress than on

machines, commodities, or software. The future of innovation lies

in the development of human potential.

• Preparing future managers for their new tasks

• Improving the management skills of existing managers

• Evaluating the factors that motivate / de-motivate employees and

drafting proposals about improving the working atmosphere

• Developing a new recruitment procedure

• Assisting the introduction of an appraisal interview

• Coaching in the detection and resolution of personal and/or

corporate problems

• Training and workshops on „Management Culture“


Symbiose aus Beratung und Agentur

Personnel Consulting

Spreeforum delivers its personnel consulting services by

collaborating with national and international partners.

This makes our company a personnel consultancy with a

comprehensive portfolio that covers all aspects of human

resource management.

In times of demographic change and the increasing shortage of

qualified and motivated specialists and managers, the human factor

gains ever greater importance in companies. In the future,

recruitment, HR development and employee retention with all

their different aspects will feature ever more urgently in the global

competition for the best minds, and your performance in that

competition will determine the success or failure of your company.

Spreeforum gives you comprehensive support with all your

HR issues:

• National and international personnel procurement

• Active recruitment (advertised search, direct search, headhunting)

• HR-development by training and coaching

• On-the-job training

• Development of individual further education concepts / curricula

• Potential analyses

• Evaluation of HR development actions

• Building a trainer pool / trainer selection procedure

• Development of management skills

• Assessment conception / assessment centres

• Remuneration models

• Interim management


Marketing is your means to implementing your company‘s

strategy in a written business plan. It includes all business

actions aiming to align the company with the requirements

of the customer to promote sales and profit.

Marketing tries to actively influence the customer in a different,

business promoting way and is responsible for how information on

the products and services of a company is perceived.

Marketing is not only a field of expertise but also an attitude which

should be supported by all employees of a company, if possible. It

is important that the customer realizes that the whole company is

an intelligently and creatively acting corporation. Thus, marketing

also means to understand that the perception of the customer is

the only „truth“ – thus making the company more attractive than

the competitors’ ones.

Spreeforum offers:

• The development of your marketing guiding concept based on

strategic goals

• Assistance in developing individual marketing instruments such as

- Market research

- Product and program politics

- Distribution politics

- Price politics

- Communication politics, e.g. sales promotion, use

of intelligent advertising material and public relations

• Assistance in controlling the sub-goals


Active sales effort is one of the most important success

factors of a company. The purpose of sales actions is to

leave as little to luck or fate as possible. Sales is an extremely

complex discipline of which the direct objective

is to generate revenue and profit.

Sales is one of the most important levers of an organisation. It

deals with demands, expectations, emotions, and interpersonal

relationships with existing customers and potential clients.

Communication is an inherent human need. Thus, successful companies

interact with their customers not only via the media but

also face-to-face. Personal interaction with your customer is not

only of social importance but it is also the means of exchanging

information, conveying ideas, and of presenting complex subjects

and concepts in an understandable way. It is during personal meetings

that facts are best clarified and feelings most constructively


Personal communication improves the relationship between you

and your customer, creates trust, and thus promotes business.

• Setting up and controlling small, medium-sized and big sales


• Customer acquisition

• Setting up franchise organisations

• Customer care and retention

• Developing programs to increase efficiency

• Sales checks

• Sales training

Innovation Management

Innovation, and thus innovation management, is increasingly

important in a globalised world. The sustainable

success of a company, its products, brands and services

are basically defined by the ability to innovate.

Being able to create customise offers to meet the

constantly changing demands of your customers, while

keeping in mind their future requirements and needs,

is the mainstay of companies that will be successful and

innovative in the long run.

It is important to start working on innovative future concepts at

an early stage to be able to present them at the right point of time.

The more innovative a company is, the more positive its image.

This is true of the entire business environment, from the supplier

to the customer, and from the employee to the shareholder. A

good corporate image pays off.

We consult and assist our customers in the development of their

innovative ideas, from the definition of their search fields and

creative concepts to the determination of the potential and the

creation of an innovation pipeline (for the short, medium, and long

term). We offer an individual and practice-oriented consultancy

that collaborates closely with the customer and is adjusted to the

corporate strategy to support all further action.

We concentrate on determining / aligning the innovation culture

itself and on directing inward and outward communication

concerned with innovation. This strategy clearly defines the

innovation processes and allocates responsibilities in the complex

innovation organisation unequivocally.

Accompanying seminars, trainings and workshops for managers

and employees are another important pillar to establish and live

innovation in your company in the long run.

Project Management

Spreeforum International supports your process and

project management - in a professional and comprehensive

way that is tailored to your needs.

Our team includes several certified project managers with longterm

experiences in national and international corporations and

medium-sized companies. You can employ them in your company

as project leads or trainers, consultants and coaches for project

management aspects.

Interim Management

Spreeforum offers you another advantage in addition to

the „normal“ services of an external consulting agency.

If required, we work in your company as „your employee“

and thus help you to solve problems and crises on-site.

In this context, we focus on marketing, communication, sales,

management and human resources development. Thus, we can

help you dealing with personnel bottlenecks or last-minute

projects in a fast way and avoiding red tape.

Health Management

„Workplace Health Promotion“ and „Workplace Health

Management“ are increasingly important in business.

Only healthy employees who feel well in the company can

deliver good services. Stress, burnout, back complaints,

overweight and frequent illness-related absenteeisms are

only some signs that there is a need for action.

Contemporary research confirms that each Euro invested

in health will pay off at a three-to-ten fold rate.

Spreeforum International has numerous health experts at its disposal

who have proven their skills in many situations, and who can

produce impressive testimonials.

We work with you in your efforts to implement or enhance your

health management system. We will support you with activities

that range from hosting a „health day“ and organising lectures and

workshops, to implementing complex actions in your company

that are beneficial to your employees‘ health.

Networking / Contact Management

The often-quoted sentence „Relationships only harm

those who do not have them“ is truer for today‘s business

life than ever before. The need for cooperation partners

working customer relationships and stable relationship

networks grows at the same speed as the challenges

of the aggravated competition. Only those will be able

to rise or to stay successful on the long-term who have

permanent and stable networks which will help to solve a

problem, answer an important question or support

a process giving active recommendations and help

when the need arises. Companies realise more and

more frequently that working networks and stable

relationships on all levels are decisive factors for the

success of individual projects and entire organisations.

Spreeforum International has a very big and strong network in

economy and politics which we gladly use for our clients. We

also advise you on how to strategically build your own networks

and how to maintain and stabilise them.

In addition, Spreeforum offers you the following last-minute

or individual actions on project basis

• Placing speakers and experts

• Contacts to public authorities, parties, and organisations

• Placing of cooperation and business partners

• Optimisation of data bases

IT Service Management

The importance of IT has grown in importance in ever

more corporate divisions in the last years. The latest

compliance requirements mean that your IT organisation

has to comprehensively use actions and methods that

enable the best business process support possible. These

approaches, which are also called „IT Service Management“,

describe the development of the IT organisation

towards a customer and service orientation and IT


Service management turns into a special challenge for managers

and IT specialists. Creating a service organisation and service

processes dealing with organisational changes or managing operative

risks are necessary skills which are provided via international

standards and frameworks such as ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library)

for ITSM (IT Service Management) or CobiT (Control Objectives

for Information and Related Technology) for building consistent

controlling systems.

IT governance does not only lead to an efficient implementation

but lives on constant checks and an optimisation which are

reflected by the culture and behaviour of the IT staff. IT service

management has to be supported internally by the organisation.

IT governance is all about building know-how in these areas,

to impart practical skills and to foster an awareness of the

comprehensive context.

• Creating awareness for IT service management and IT

governance on all organisational levels

• Assessing quality management systems for IT governance,

and supporting their implementation

• Coaching the management in change projects and re-structuring

their IT organisation

• Training and certifying the skills required for various ITSM roles

(ITIL, CobiT, ISO and Service Desk Institute Standards)

• Targeted support for the attainment of certifications at

international standards (ISO IEC 20000 and 27001)

• Conducting workshops and simulations to convey the advantages

of process-oriented methods

• Increasing the efficiency and improving the services of the

support organisation

Demography Consulting

It comes slowly but surely and will cause enormous

changes: the Demographic Change. An increasingly small

and old population will be one of the greatest challenges

of our times for economies, companies, and institutions:

• The growing labour shortage and lack of specialist is

already one of the major impediments to growth in

many industries.

• Due to retiring employees, valuable knowledge will

irretrievably be lost to the company.

• Faster business processes are accompanied by a smaller

half-time of specialist knowledge; qualifying human resources

becomes obsolete after a shorter period of time.

Consequently, if you now concentrate on employee retention,

age-based employment, family-friendly workplaces,

flexible working hours, and a culturally integrative working

environment, you will ensure a sustainable competitive

edge for your company.

Spreeforum can support you effectively in this strategic

re-positioning of your management by performing an operative

age structure analysis (ASA) which identifies and shows existing

and future HR risks in your company. If you want to learn more

about this powerful tool which offers both valuable decision-making

fundamentals in management and HR policy and in knowledge

and project management, do not hesitate to contact us.

Knowledge Management

Today, the ability to deal with knowledge intelligently is

a success factor for each company. There are numerous

technical solutions for supporting the knowledge management.

However, in many cases the technical support is

not as accepted by employees as hoped. They often don’t

see this feature as a means that makes work much easier

but as an additional effort. They have to work and deal

with different IT-systems, databases, wikis and other tools

which often don’t harmonise with one another. Isolated

data silos are thus set up and have to be maintained

homogeneously. So it’s not surprising that the personnel

is lacking motivation to fill these data silos with relevant

knowledge and to keep them updated.

We advise and accompany our clients in introducing knowledge

management solutions. We perform a status-quo analysis by

means of online questionnaires. The evaluation shows which fields

of knowledge should be improved and which requirements will be

needed. As a result, your individual solution is developed according

to your personal aims and objectives.

Our consulting philosophy: Before a decision for a technical solution

is made, it has to be ensured that this solution matches all

working processes and the people employed in that company. We

are working with a toolbox of methods which stimulate the acceptance

of people and organisation.

Apart from an individual consulting we also offer different trainings

regarding the topics knowledge- and information management.


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Our Service Portfolio: Communication

Strategy and Marketing

Good and successful marketing strategies call for a highlevel

concept and differentiated time and resource planning.

Selecting adequate marketing and branding tools,

a reasonable use of actions, and sound budgeting are the

basic components for successful marketing in changing


For that reason, Spreeforum‘s comprehensive product and service

range offers you a great variety of detailed communication actions

which we customise in collaboration with a team of experienced

specialists to create the perfect overall concept for your needs.

We also provide the option of simply implementing specific components

of your projects.

Spreeforum can be both your advisor and your implementor for

advertising skills associated integrated communication. For us,

strategic planning is as important as a perfect implementation,

since advertising communication in particular requires strategy,

tactics and accuracy right from the outset.

Design and Advertising

Corporate design, classical advertising and sales marketing

– that’s our contribution to your success. Our experience

in the areas of Corporate Identity and Corporate

Design is the cornerstone for your market presence.

We create advertisements, communication media,

TV, and radio spots. For B2C and B2B communication.

Using promotion, sales promotion, and point of sales

action, we increase your turnover and ensure the success

of your sales efforts.

We offer cross-media concepts, extraordinarily sophisticated

design and an assiduous implementation of all services included

in the full service.


The „New Media“ is an established part of our marketing

mix. From the first planning meeting to clean programming,

Spreeforum is your expert contact.

We advise you on technology, website, CMS (Content Management

Systems), online marketing, inter-, intra- and extranet and

e-commerce applications such as online shops and tools for your

online direct marketing.

Our specialists combine graphic and design elements, practical

usability and special technical programming details to create a

seamless finished entity. It is this combination of optical elegance

and attention to technical details that makes online communication

a success.

Public Relations

Communication with a Clear Course

Good public relations and sales promotion or individual

PR measures do not have to be expensive. It is more

important to adequately and efficiently address the right

target groups and to show a maximum level of authenticity.

This requires an exact analysis and careful strategic


Spreeforum supports you in both planning and implementing the

complete strategy and individual actions.

In our opinion, using the media is as important as involving your

employees, customers and partners. Spreeforum supports you

in all areas of corporate communication and representation and

places your message wherever you would like to see it.


Symbiose aus Beratung und Agentur

Our company possesses great theoretical and practical knowledge

regarding methods, effects, and use of communication in business,

politics, and the public. In collaboration with our clients, we

develop a communication strategy and define the desired image

of the product, the brand or the person. We assist you in dealing

with the media and placing your message with the defined target

groups. Nothing is as individual as communication and its related

goals. Thus, we do not offer ready-made solutions but tailor your

communication package exactly to your needs.

Fairs and Events

As a Communication Agency, it is also our job to

organise events for our clients.

If desired and depending upon the goal of the event, we arrange

small fireside chats or off-the-record conversations as well as

press conferences. In collaboration with our partners, we can also

organise and prepare conferences and major events in Germany

and abroad – according to your wishes and specifications. For

event management, we can show numerous references from

German and international customers.

Direct Marketing

We create your direct marketing concept by deriving

a target group from your marketing goal. Innovative

concept and production methods draw the attention to

our mailings and complementary communication actions.

We can support you in selecting the target group and creating

and producing an ideal mailing through to any follow-up actions.

Thus, direct marketing becomes a marketing tool with the utmost

efficiency. Text, design, production and distribution from one

source create a successful and unified end product.

Sales Promotion

At the point-of-sale, your direct contact with your customers,

your corporate identity determines whether or

you will have success. From packaging design to creating

your sales and presentation areas - the more attractive

and the more targeted your appearance is, the more

purchasing incentives you create.

But Spreeforum can do more than that: In addition to concept

and design services, we provide comprehensive merchandising

actions. Drawing on our experiences gained at events, we can

start our actions for you in specialist shops and supermarkets –

thus placing your goods and services right where your customers

are. We organise the dialog with your customers about your

products. Spreeforum is there for you – from the first idea to

final implementation.


Spreeforum sees campaigning as a high-level strategic

approach to social communication to reach certain goals

and to place pre-defined topics. The campaigning process

encompasses everything from analysing your initial situation

and planning the communicative actions to creating

and supporting an ongoing campaign.


Trupbacher Straße 17 | 57072 Siegen | Tel. (0271) 313 09 09 | Fax (0271) 303 29 04

Stromstraße 20 | 10551 Berlin | Tel. (030) 30 13 27 02 | GSM (0176) 666 88 380

Here, the Internet and up-to-the-minute media are the focus of a

successful media mix. For transparent and persuasive campaigns,

these are the most important tools for information, communication

and mobilising and organising the target group. Again and

again, non-profit organisations have proven the power behind a

well-conceived communication strategy: both for social concerns,

for their internal member organisation and – last but not least –

for administrative communication issues.


„In the beginning was the Word.“

Spreeforum‘s texters create short and long texts – ranging from a

slogan to a flyer and from a brochure to a book – commercial and

funny or serious and informative, for all industries, for press and

advertising, for print and web.


To emphasise our full-service claim, Spreeforum does not

only do the commercial spadework but also the actual

implementation and production of all of your media and

products. Our service portfolio ranges from print and

production of give-aways to processing and production

of promotional textiles and banners. We also plan, design,

and position outdoor advertising and vehicle labelling.

Thanks to our strong service partners, you get top quality at fair

prices – from coasters to exhibition stands, from huge posters to

pens. Media design and media production call for experience – and

a strong team to implement them!

TV and Image Movies

Image movies, video clips, and animated image sequences

are becoming a standard component of advertising communication.

There is hardly any company or VIP not using

this kind of image cultivation - on the Internet, in the

context of presentations and company visits or for special

occasions. If nothing else, video portals in the Internet

have increased the speed of this development. Today,

an image clip or an advertising video are basics of professional

corporate communication.

Spreeforum supports you in planning, developing, producing,

processing, and placing your product or image movie. We are your

skilled contact for all aspects from script and professional design

to the final production – professional and from a single source.

Spreeforum offers:

• Shot product and image movies

• Static motion pictures

• Animated 3D product and image movies

• Podcasts and short clips

For these productions, our company works with experienced

journalists and camera people, TV, sound and editing studios,

creative animation and Internet experts and directors. This will

give you the right result – whether you want it to be journalistically

correct, advertisingly cool or emotionally moving.


Symbiose aus Beratung und Agentur

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info@spreeforum.com | www.spreeforum.com


Our Service Portfolio: Political Services

Political Consulting

In political consulting, companies and their employees

are being advised on how to deal with political institutions

and parties. In situations where you strive to achieve

business goals using political means or where you have to

react to political and/or public actions, plans, or decisions,

acting politically instead of recoursing to administrative

tribunals is often the better choice. Many companies do

not have the required knowledge (on political decisionmaking

processes, key players in politics and administration,

political dependencies, interdependencies etc).

Spreeforum International supports companies in solving their

problems in this area by providing them with information, by

developing concepts, and by accompanying them along the political

decision-making process.

Campaign and Election Management

For many years, our company has been planning and

executing elections and other political campaigns.

We work for individual candidates, for associations

and parties, and their related organisations.

Our experience ranges from municipal level to European level.

We not only provide an individual campaign concept but also take

care of all relevant aspects of your appearance and your campaign.

• Communication and image strategy

• Press work and public relations

• Speeches and research

• Internet presence

• Publications, flyers, and mailings

• Billposting

• Personnel and resource management

• Budget planning

• Event planning

• Appearances of external speakers

• Addressing of the target appearance

Well placed in dealing with politics and media

Funds and Subvention Consulting

Within public structures, companies have the possibility

to profit from public services. There are so many different

possibilities and legal exceptions that it is often very

difficult to stay on top – especially for medium-sized companies.

At the same time, there is a growing number of

specialised consultants who only cover a certain aspect of

this vast field. Companies often have problems in finding

the right consultant for the aspect they need.

Spreeforum offers an overview on the subjects and specialised

consultants; thus, we can support our customers in finding and

selecting a consultant who is perfectly suited for their requirements.

The consulting activities themselves, i.e. funds consulting

or specific legal consulting, are done by experts and lawyers

specialised on the respective subjects.

Fundraising / Sponsoring

Good fundraising and sponsoring activities should produce

clear benefits and measurable results for both sides, i.e. the

provider of funds and the beneficiary. Thus, Spreeforum

does not see fundraising and sponsoring solely as a means

of attracting funds. It sees these activities as an integrated

marketing strategy of an organisation. .

Today, fundraising and sponsoring are no longer restricted to

sports and cultural institutions. Nearly all social enterprises use

them. Spreeforum will help you find the right sponsors for you.

We will also help you to plan and implement your personal fundraising

or sponsoring model.


Symbiose aus Beratung und Agentur

Lobbying from Municipal Level up to

International Level

In many cases, political decisions strongly affect companies;

thus, there is an interest to bring about certain decisions or to

modify them in favour of the company. Spreeforum develops

lobby concepts for companies and implements them in favour

of the customer. In some cases, we act anonymously, i.e. without

disclosing the customer; in others, we include them in the

process. Our portfolio ranges from arranging a meeting with a

politician over preparing and following-up such a contact up to

developing and implementing complex lobbying concepts. In

general, the goal of such lobbying projects is to influence parliamentary

decisions in favour of the customer.

Spreeforum has long-term experience in this area and a wide

network on all political and administrative levels: from municipality

to international institutions.

Market Analyses and Sales in the Public


In spite of tight budgets, municipalities, government

organisations, public institutions as well as associations

and NGOs are still the biggest clients of medium-sized


Spreeforum International has special know-how and in-depth

knowledge of how the public sector operates. Spreeforum International

has an extensive network and numerous contacts in this

area. This enables us to help companies place their products and

services in the public-sector market. We focus on researching and

analysing the market and its political environment, establishing

personal contacts with the relevant decision makers, and on taking

the appropriate PR measures in their contexts.

Topic Research in the Public Arena

Problems and crises in companies are often caused by

lack of information. This applies to parliamentary decisions

on all political levels and to seemingly marginal

information which cannot be found in the daily or specialised


Spreeforum International researches and observes developments

for you and provides you with this information in the way you

need it. You will profit from our extensive contacts and networks

and will be able to react to developments earlier than your competitors.

That gives you your personal strategic head start.

Events with Speakers from Politics

Corporate events are a great opportunity for extending

or maintaining contact between politics and business.

Many companies are interested in upgrading their corporate

events by including a well-known politician. Some

companies do not have access to these people, or cannot

expend the necessary effort.

Spreeforum organises the appearance of such a personality for

companies and consults the companies to derive the greatest


Trupbacher Straße 17 | 57072 Siegen | Tel. (0271) 313 09 09 | Fax (0271) 303 29 04

Stromstraße 20 | 10551 Berlin | Tel. (030) 30 13 27 02 | GSM (0176) 666 88 380

possible benefit from these appearances (e.g. by thematic preparation,

speech concepts, briefing of the guest, follow-up of the

concept). In addition to these services, Spreeforum can take over

the management of the entire event. We thus provide you an

all-inclusive package for events at the gateway between business

and politics.

Networking / Contact Management

The often-quoted sentence „Relationships only harm

those who do not have them“ is truer for today‘s business

life than ever before. The need for cooperation partners,

working customer relationships and stable relationship

networks grows at the same speed as the challenges of the

aggravated competition. Only those will be able to rise or

to stay successful on the long-term who have permanent

and stable networks which will help to solve a problem,

answer an important question or support a process giving

active recommendations and help when the need arises.

Companies realise more and more frequently that working

networks and stable relationships on all levels are decisive

factors for the success of individual projects and entire


Spreeforum International has a very big and strong network in

economy and politics which we gladly use for our clients. We also

advise you on how to strategically build your own networks and

how to maintain and stabilise them.

In addition, Spreeforum offers you the following last-minute or

individual actions on project basis

• Placing speakers and experts

• Contacts to public authorities, parties, and organisations

• Placing of cooperation and business partners

• Optimisation of data bases

Association Management

Clubs and associations compete like other companies and

market participants do. The time of honorary posts serving

as an excuse for bad services and the lack of internal

and external communication is long gone. Today, it is

important to lead clubs, associations and organisations of

any kind in a professional way, to manage them economically,

and to act professionally when competing for the

best combatants and logistic and medial resources.

Spreeforum International has manifold and long-term practical experience

of managing associations and organisations and supports

them in the following fields, amongst others:

• Fundraising and sponsoring

• Optimising the administrative organisation

• Cost optimisation and restoration

• Internal and external communication

• Recruiting and retaining members

• Event management

• Strategic management and guidance

• Articles, rules of procedure and financial regulation issues

• HR development and qualifying the members and voluntary and

salaried functionaries


Symbiose aus Beratung und Agentur

Prinz-Georg-Straße 85 | 40479 Düsseldorf | Tel. (0211) 17 17 21 41 | Fax (0211) 17 17 21 42

Auf der Luh 27 | 56076 Koblenz | Tel. (0261) 7 46 23 | GSM (0170) 443 97 69

info@spreeforum.com | www.spreeforum.com


Our Service Portfolio: Training & Human Resources Development

Human Resources Development

To Spreeforum International, it is really important

to offer differentiated and neutral consulting and the

development of customized solutions for our customers.

Based on our extensive knowledge in demand assessment,

conception, execution supervision, and evaluation

of training and HR development measures, we have

developed real-world modules for professional HR development


For our customers, this collaboration means that they

get HR development measures and trainings which are

tailor-made for their company. We continuously develop

new methods, tools and contents and test them for their

real-world orientation. Thus, smaller training units and

lower costs can also lead to excellent results.

Spreeforum International offers special concepts for mediumsized

companies to increase the quality of their HR development.

In the last years, the fight for good and qualified employees has

become more difficult for all companies. Especially for small and

medium-sized companies, a good HR development approach is an

important part to be and stay attractive on the job market and to

hold their ground on the constantly growing competition for the

brightest minds.

And last but not least, due to demographic changes and the fast

changing markets at home and abroad, questions and chances of

recruiting and HR development and personnel management will

become key challenges.

Training & Coaching

In addition to the immediate support in the form of consulting

and services, we provide trainings and coaching in

which we transfer our know-how to our customers.

In many places and in all kinds of situations, companies are called

upon to deal professionally with customers, employees, and

partners, as well as with the public, media, and in politics. All

companies should possess the necessary knowledge and the respective

skills for their daily work. Spreeforum International offers

trainings and coachings that impart essential skills for dealing with

people, institutions and the public.

Human Resources Development – Your Company‘s Key to Success

Our Seminar Credo

Training measures with a medium- or long-term approach will

provide companies with a good chance of success, even in difficult

economic environments. The different results of companies

stem from their different approaches to setting themselves

apart from their competitors and to presenting their products

and services: Presentation has to do with much more than

taking part in the usual price-dumping competition. If you want

to be successful in the long run, you have to distinguish yourself

from your competitors and ensure that customers see your

products and services in a better light than your competitors‘.

To achieve this, you have to keep your employees and managers

in constant training: Their skills form the unique image of

your company in the complex system of our market economy.

Leadership culture, the energy and the mentality of the people

working in your company, is the essence here.

You can do many things to face the changing requirements. The goal of

our new seminar program is to show you some ideas and ways of

responding to them. A strategy can only be successful if the staff is highly

motivated and implements the corporate goals with know-how and skills.

If you want to offer your customers something special, we invite

you to use these seminars as a customer-retention tool: Your

company can offer them one of our trainings. On this page you will

find our current offer being a part of our portfolio. Major focus

will be put on your individual requirements. In order to reconcile

your ideas with our opportunities, we recommend a personal


Booking an in-house training session means the following for you

and your employees

• New discoveries will be implemented to the advantage of your company

• Your employees will gain insights into what it is that ‚moves‘ people

• Between two seminar blocks, your employees will demonstrate

their ability to apply what they have learned by composing written

individual goals

• During the next training, experiences will be exchanged


Symbiose aus Beratung und Agentur


Seminar methodology consists of lectures, debates, individual and

group work, opportunities for statements, role plays and exchange

of experiences.

Your individual wishes always come first. Thus, the best approach

would be sitting down with us to talk about how we can best align

your ideas and our possibilities.

Please contact us to discuss the possibility of courses held in


Personal Coaching

In our challenging and fast-paced world, the pressure to

succeed increases for each individual person. It is not always

easy to cope with the great responsibility of fulfilling

different role requirements nor to work effectively in the

various complex systems.

Personal coaching is individual, needs-based and practice-oriented

support or assistance on your way to finding the right answers,

concepts and solutions for you and your particular (professional)

environment. Personal coaching is a service that aims to optimise

the quality of your personal and professional life.

In our opinion, personal coaching is neither the delivery of prefabricated

standard concepts or solutions nor one-time events.

The coach will assist you as long as you need him/her to help you

approach your goals gradually and to obtain lasting and effective


In the professional environment, personal coaching mainly aims

to develop professional skills, particularly the soft skills. Personal

coaching is the perfect sustainable alternative or complement of

trainings. Personal coaching and/or mentoring in your professional

routine ensures a constant analysis of your behaviour and refines

your approaches to particular situations. This close collaboration

between you and your coach confers the maximum benefit on

both of you and achieves the greatest possible success.

Personality Development / Mental Coaching

„Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself“

is an often-quoted remark of Warren Bennis. Where

people work together, the human factor is decisive, no

matter which industry they are in, how big the company or

the role the affected and involved people have. What matters

are the individual personalities, the development of

the team, the group dynamics and their formal and informal

hierarchies and how they deal with conflicts and stress.

These psychological components of individual success are

basically the summary of the issues our Personal Development

and Mental Coaching addresses.

By working with personal development, you, your company

and your employees can identify success factors and potential

growth areas both for individuals and for teams, project groups,


Trupbacher Straße 17 | 57072 Siegen | Tel. (0271) 313 09 09 | Fax (0271) 303 29 04

Stromstraße 20 | 10551 Berlin | Tel. (030) 30 13 27 02 | GSM (0176) 666 88 380

departments or the entire organisation, and implement them in

the business along the principle of targeted coaching. Personal

development helps you to determine your own and third-party

motivations and to learn how to use synergise them when dealing

with other people.

Personal development supports targeted communication and collaboration

and fosters the focused drive for success of individuals

and companies. Today, the basic foundation for corporate and

individual success is intra- and inter-corporate communication and

group and team work processes. By working on personal development,

you uncover weaknesses in communication and team behaviour,

analyse them and then trigger optimisation processes.


Co-existence and collaboration in companies is not always

easy to maintain, so interpersonal conflicts and tension in

the workplace is not uncommon. This tension poisons the

work atmosphere and accounts for erosion of commitment,

and even to absenteeism due to illness. In the end,

the morale of the entire staff can suffer from an intracompany


Mediation is a structured approach to settling conflicts constructively.

The mediator helps the people involved to develop a solution

that suits all parties. The goal is an agreement that everyone

finds congenial, so that the partners can deal with one another at

eye level afterwards.

Business mediation is useful also for resolving conflicts between

a corporate‘s management and its employees, in case of conflict

between customers or subcontractors or in case of confrontations

between employees or teams and managers.

The advantages of mediation are:

• Finding solutions that do not create losers

• Enabling constructive and efficient use of your own energy and


• Conferring the right to speak on all, in a neutral atmosphere

• Saving court and lawyers‘ fees

• Avoidance of public loss of image by ensuring absolute secrecy

Our target is supporting companies in conflict situations in a fast

and successful way. We have the necessary knowledge and instinct

to steer the contending parties to make the right decisions.

Spreeforum‘s result- and solution-oriented approach to mediation

makes a substantive contribution to resolving conflicts in a way

that is advantageous for all parties and for the company.


Symbiose aus Beratung und Agentur

Prinz-Georg-Straße 85 | 40479 Düsseldorf | Tel. (0211) 17 17 21 41 | Fax (0211) 17 17 21 42

Auf der Luh 27 | 56076 Koblenz | Tel. (0261) 7 46 23 | GSM (0170) 443 97 69

info@spreeforum.com | www.spreeforum.com


Our Service Portfolio: Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

The generation-change in companies, the search for the

adequate successor, the selling of a business or the buying

of another company are great challenges for mediumsized

companies. For the entrepreneur, decisions in these

matters are the most difficult and important ones in life.

These decisions are fraught with questions, doubts and

misgivings. Therefore, it makes sense to include experienced

consultants in these processes.

Spreeforum International collaborates with its partners to assist, in

a discrete, efficient and personal way, medium-sized companies in

planning and implementing company transactions . We consider all

chances and risks when selecting the right alternative for the client.

If required, we systematically direct specialists in the different areas

– such as engineers, tax consultants or lawyers and the agents of

the selling or buying party – to collaborate in the attainment of our

client‘s goal. Depending upon the nature of this goal, we either ensure

the continued existence of the company or improve its competitive


Corporate Succession

Unprofessional and belated succession planning regularly

endangers the existence of many companies and all persons

involved. This does not have to happen!

You can deliberately plan a successful succession.

Succession planning is surely among the greatest emotional challenges

of a successful entrepreneur. That is exactly why you should

leave nothing to chance. To ensure the success of this unique

and major project, you have to assess the various options for

actions from organisational, taxation-related, legal and economic

points of view. This is the only way to ensure the continuity of the

entrepreneur‘s life‘s work.

Mergers & Acquisitions – Walking the road to success together

In many cases, the takeover of a company cannot be kept in the

family. Therefore, external acquisition models loom large. Some of

them are

• Selling the company completely or step-by-step to executives of

the company (management buy-out)

• Selling shares to external executives (management buy-in)

• Selling the company in entirety

All of these models can be successful only if the company is ready

for a successor. Example: In a company previously led by the

charismatic founder changes will have to be triggered to enable

the successful work of the future management. Only tailor-made

solutions can realise this successfully. We will provide you with an

individual acquisition concept that will be your personal succession

plan. Following this approach, we have accompanied many companies

on their way to a promising future.

Our services:

• Analysing the current status and future development prospects

of the company

• Creating a foundation for the private finance and asset planning

of the former owner for the time after the hand-over of the

company to a successor

• Creating a requirements profile of the corporate successor

• Setting-up a personal development and education program

(personal, social, professional, and entrepreneurial skills) for the


• Creating a program for the successor to enable a systematic

start in the company in the interplay between the former owner,

the successor and the existing executives

• Creating clear organisational structures and processes so that a

family-member successor or an external successor can find their

way into the company


Symbiose aus Beratung und Agentur

Corporate Sale

Selling a company – whether wholly or in parts – is a

special and, in many cases, unique step for each owner.

The decision to sell has a major impact on many different

aspects: On the continuity of the seller‘s life‘s work, on

employees and customers, and – last but not least – on

the seller‘s financial situation. Therefore, the sale of a

company should be carefully planned and realised.

Only dedicated routes can lead to the success you want!

Spreeforum International develops a tailor-made solution for each

client – discretely and professionally, no matter whether the subject

is high sales revenue, securing the company or a quick sale. Our

deliberations are always directed by the goals of our client.

The sale of the company is a process of several phases. We

accompany our clients through each of them to ensure that they

are concluded safely.

Our services:

1. Analysis phase

• Analysing and evaluating the company: determining strengths/

weaknesses and detecting development potential; determining

the corporate value and aligning the offer price with the expectations

of the company vendor

• Developing sales scenarios: Defining the target group and developing

the sales strategy; identifying and analysing potential buyers

2. Creation phase

• Creating a sales exposé (information memorandum) and, if required,

complementary sales documents such as a market report

• Drafting a transaction structure: preparing the company for the

sales process under consideration of tax and company laws; the

involvement of tax consultants/lawyers is compulsory here

• Organising discrete contacts / interviews with prospective buyers

3. Transaction phase

• Attending and leading sales negotiations in alignment with the


• Providing necessary documents in a data room to demonstrate

observance of due diligence

• Wording a letter of intent declaring the willingness of the negotiating

parties to sell/buy the company


Trupbacher Straße 17 | 57072 Siegen | Tel. (0271) 313 09 09 | Fax (0271) 303 29 04

Stromstraße 20 | 10551 Berlin | Tel. (030) 30 13 27 02 | GSM (0176) 666 88 380

Corporate Acquisition

Corporate acquisitions are an increasingly interesting

possibility for medium-sized companies to expand their

own market positions and to ensure further growth. However,

such transactions are successful only if the target

company fits into the buying company and its targets.

Thus, the following rules apply:

Corporate acquisitions have to convince strategically!

When looking for an appropriate target object, the particularly

interesting companies are those that can be used to open up

important potential for the acquiring company‘s further development.

Spreeforum International not only accompanies its clients

in the search for adequate target objects but also coordinates

the entire buying processes, right up to the successful closing of

the deal. This self-contained acquisition strategy based on existing

business targets ensures the successful integration at a later

stage and supports the emergence of the desired synergies.

Buying the company is a process of several stages.

We can be relied upon to accompany our clients through

all of them.

Our services:

1. Analysis phase

• Target analysis and definition of the company / company function

you are considering

• Selection on defined criteria of potential target candidates (market


• Personal, confidential establishment of contact with the selected


2. Creation phase

• Analysis of the targeted candidate to assess its strategic „FIT“

(do both companies fit together?)

• Determining an adequate purchase price

• Outlining the adequate financing of the acquisition

• Wording the letter of intent

3. Transaction phase

• Execution of due diligence checks: systematic analysis of the

acquiring company‘s data under consideration of market and production

strategic, financial, tax and legal aspects; it is compulsory

to involve tax consultants/lawyers in this process

• Assistance with or leading of negotiations / or coordination of

the contract parties

• Drafting the contract


Symbiose aus Beratung und Agentur

Prinz-Georg-Straße 85 | 40479 Düsseldorf | Tel. (0211) 17 17 21 41 | Fax (0211) 17 17 21 42

Auf der Luh 27 | 56076 Koblenz | Tel. (0261) 7 46 23 | GSM (0170) 443 97 69

info@spreeforum.com | www.spreeforum.com


Our Service Portfolio: Internationalisation


Since new Central and Eastern European countries have joined

the European Union, the European markets have experienced

a permanent change. In many industries, competition

is more fierce now which has forced changes in companies of

all sizes. To ensure successful business development and solid

business growth, you have to open up new markets. This means

also that you have to expand your own contact and communication

networks with customers, suppliers, partners,

and investors, and with political and social decision-makers

nationally and internationally. You have to explain and convey

the need for reforms and changes to all affected parties.

Spreeforum International provides specialised services in the areas

change management, internationalisation, strategy, marketing and

sales, and in all areas of international corporate communication. We

consult and assist your efforts to enter new markets in Central and

Eastern Europe in all relevant corporate divisions.

Central and Eastern European markets are themselves in a state

of flux, with many companies showing impressive growth rates while

producing interesting and high-quality products. In many cases, these

companies want to open up the biggest market in Europe and thus

turn to Germany. They therefore need all kinds of customers and

relationships in the German-speaking areas. We offer consulting

services and assistance here, based on our long-term experience and

extensive relationships.

Change Management

One of the basics for working efficiently in Central or Eastern

European branches often underestimated is the good integration

of the teams in parent company and subsidiary. Here,

the focus should be on the intercultural aspects, i.e. the differences

in how employees think and act.

One of the features of our work is that we are always acting between

the priorities of different business cultures. We know the intercultural

differences and the things they have in common from our daily work

and know where problems might occur. We are specialists for adjusting

German business processes and requirements to the realities of Central

and Eastern European markets. For you, this means that you only

have a minimum of friction loss and misunderstandings. Communicating

with your branches in Central and Eastern Europe or your partners in

these countries is easier and you save a lot of time and resources.

Internationalisation calls for experience

International Competence

Spreeforum advises you in a comprehensive and qualified

way and has a network of selected specialists at hand.

For us, being a specialist does not mean being able to do

everything ourselves and to provide fast, general solutions

but to strive towards long-term successes. To achieve

this, we bank on a strong and trustful collaboration with

our customers and partners.

Our international service portfolio is complemented by our partners:

Tax consultants, lawyers, engineers, business economists and controllers

with international experience, marketing, communication, and

sales specialists as well as consultants, service providers, and logistics

experts acting globally and having sites in many different countries in


We want to assist you in the whole process of opening up new

markets: from making the decision over successfully implementing

individual projects to achieving the goals you have defined.

We offer a lot more than the classic solutions.

We support you in the following areas

• Developing a strategy

• Establishing contact with customers, suppliers, cooperation

partners, and investors

• Communicating with political decision-makers, public authorities,

and organisations

• Working on your PR and media representation

• Developing an individual marketing and sales concept

• Training and coaching your employees

• Finding and analysing sites

• Managing administrative and organisational processes

• Executing logistic planning

• Managing projects at home and abroad

• Recruiting and developing your human resources


Symbiose aus Beratung und Agentur

Intercultural Management

Good manners are in great demand on the international

stage! Competent and likeable etiquette play an important

role representing your company and communicating

with customers and partners.

In the course of globalisation, it becomes increasingly important

getting to know the etiquette of other culture groups and to master

them. Our workshops help you to identify the basic feature of

different business cultures to avoid misunderstandings or even the

failure of international business relationships.

International Marketing

Cultural differences significantly effect your business

operations abroad – especially on marketing. This is due

to the fact that cultural distinctions might lead to considerable

differences in the buying and consumption habits in

different societies.

Taking this into consideration, we provide services helping you

to avoid inherent errors regarding this sensitive issue. Questions

regarding product design, packaging sizes, the naming of companies

and products as well as commercial and medial representation

require intense knowledge of the customer behaviour of different

markets and regions. In our market analyses and consulting

services, we will focus our effort on this aspect so that you will

be able to act successfully when opening markets – right from the


Country Dossiers and Environment Analyses

For companies investing and working abroad it is especially

important to have a lot of valuable information on

the medium- and long-term political and social change

processes and on the respective business developments.

Due to our international contacts, our company can provide you

with individually processed information and provide you a greater

context. In cooperation with our partners at home and abroad and

using our knowledge on business, politics and public services, we

create complex country dossiers and analyses that give you a decisive

advantage over competitors at the respective site and at home.

Company Foundation / Industry Settlement

Parent companies in Central and Eastern Europe are

part of our skills. Here, we consistently follow the “One

Stop Shop” approach, i.e. we do not only do the actual

legal company formation for you but also carry out all

preceding and following steps. We provide you with a fully

functional turnkey site where you can start working right


The main steps when forming a company are:

• Selecting a site

• Finding real estate

• Legally forming the company

• Building an infrastructure (e.g. bank account, telephone, Internet,


• Managing administrative aspects and getting all required permits


Trupbacher Straße 17 | 57072 Siegen | Tel. (0271) 313 09 09 | Fax (0271) 303 29 04

Stromstraße 20 | 10551 Berlin | Tel. (030) 30 13 27 02 | GSM (0176) 666 88 380

Identifying the Site

The question whether or not a newly formed or relocated

branch in some foreign country will succeed often depends

upon choosing the right site. This choice requires

a profound analysis taking into consideration many

different factors: transport infrastructure, availability of

land and/or commercial real estate, regional education

infrastructure, cost of labor and cost of social security

systems, educational and qualification level and availability

of qualified employees, resource planning, logistics management,

urban and regional structural situation, etc.

Spreeforum International performs these analyses for you and uses

them to propose adequate sites. We are working with experienced

project managers, logistics experts, engineers, business economists

and other experts to ensure that we will find the perfect site for you

where you can reliably make your goals and plannings come true.

International Human Resources Consulting

When opening up foreign markets, human capital is often

decisive for success or failure. This applies to the cooperation

between the different departments and locations at

home and abroad, to understanding the different languages

or business cultures, and to worries regarding job security

and the future when the company expands or relocates to

foreign countries. Perfect cooperation between all locations

and departments often requires optimised communication

and respective training sessions involving both employees and

executives of a company in the development of the company.

On the other hand, it is important to find qualified, experienced, and

motivated new employees who will drive forward the company as a

whole. This applies both to executives and commercial and technical

assistants. In general, however, you will need more than subject

expertise: Soft skills such as communication and team skills, social

behaviour, and (inter)cultural integration play a major role.

Spreeforum supports you together with its international partners in all

aspects of international HR consulting, HR development and recruiting.

International Recruiting

At present, Central and Eastern European markets distinguish

themselves by their lack of qualified people in many

areas, a high fluctuation rate, and by the (sometimes)

exaggerated salary expectations of the employees. Thus, a

professional approach to both recruiting and keeping your

employees is essential if you are to avoid endangering your

operative business due to a lack of personnel.

We help you recruiting specialists and managers in Central and

Eastern Europe. Depending upon job profile, industry and customer

requirement, we use one of the following methods:

• Advertised search (advertised selection)

• Direct search

• Executive search / headhunting

Spreeforum International operates as personnel consultant all over

Europe. We provide this service in collaboration with the international

network of consultants (Augericon) in which our

company is an executive shareholder.


Symbiose aus Beratung und Agentur

Prinz-Georg-Straße 85 | 40479 Düsseldorf | Tel. (0211) 17 17 21 41 | Fax (0211) 17 17 21 42

Auf der Luh 27 | 56076 Koblenz | Tel. (0261) 7 46 23 | GSM (0170) 443 97 69

info@spreeforum.com | www.spreeforum.com


Spreeforum International GmbH

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Spreeforum International GmbH

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Symbiosis of Consulting and Agency


Spreeforum International GmbH

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