Ashford's bibliography of spure.pdf

Ashford's bibliography of spure.pdf

ASHPORD'S DlBJ,IOGR APHY OF SPRUE 429scientific purpose. I therefore undertook to see the taskcompleted. My own part in the work has heen slight. I wasfortunate to have available the services of Mr. 'William R.Maddox, a man trained in bibliographic research, possessingenthusiasm for the task, and the time which a somewhatharrassed Professor of Medicine lacks. A'shford's commentshave been omitted, hut it is hoped that nothing else of valuehas been.Sprue is an interesting disease with a long and variedhis tory. One thoroughly familial' with the clinical pictureof the sprue syndrome will not doubt that the followingdescription by Aretaeus, of Cappadocia, who practiced inRome during the reign of Nero (Second Century A. D.) isba sed on the observation of patients ill with sprue."The stomach being th e digestive organ, labours ill digestion when diarrheaseize s the patient. Diarrhea consists in tile diaeharge of undigested fo od in afluid state j and if this does not proceed from a slight cause of only 0111' ortwo days' duration ; a nd if , ill addition, the patient 's gCIIC'1"1I1 system Ill' debilitatedby atrophy of the body, the Coelia c disease of a chronic nature is formed ,..... th e heat does 1I0t digest it (the food), nor convert it into its properchym e, but lenves its work half finished, f'rom iun hility to compl ete it; the foodbelng' deprived of this operation, is cha ng-ell to u state which is bud in colour,smell and ,collsistenl·e. For its colour is white and without bile ; it has an offensivesmell, UIHI is flatulent; it is liquid, and wunts consist ence from not beingcompletely elaborated, and from no part of the digestive process having beenproperly done except th e eommeneement,"Wherefore th ey have flatulence of the stomach, continued eructa ti ons, ofa. bad smell; but if these pass downwards, the bowels rumble, evacuationsaro flatulent, thick, fluid or clayey, along with the phuntnsy, as if II fluid werepassing through them; heavy pain of the stomach now und th en, as if froma puncture; the patient. emaciated IIUlI atrophied, pale, f'cehle, incapable ofperforming any of his accustomed works, But if he attempts t o walk, thelimbs fail j th e veins in the t emples are promlnent, for owing to wasting, thetemples lire hollow; but als o over all the body the veins arc enla rged, for notonly docs the disease not digest properly, but it docs IIOt even distribute thntportion in which the digestion had commenced for th e support of the body j itappears to me, therefore, to be an uffection, not only of the digestion, but alsoof the dis tr ibufion. "This quaintly phrased description was sent to Dr. A. M.Snell of the Mayo Clinic, who has studied intensively ten ormore cases of indigenous sprue. His comment was thatAretaeus ' description might very well be used for the lastcase of sprue which he had studied.Vincent Katelaer, in a treatise published in 1669, entitledDe Aphthi» Nostratibus, sen Beloarwm. Sprouw, first

.j,;J2PUERTO RI CO J OURNAL OF P UDLIC HEALTli AKD TRaP. MEDICINEth orapv, though some will requir e maintenance doses of liverand all mu st correc t th e und erlying dietary deficiency, if r e­lapses are to be avoided. Th e la st link in the chain of evidence has been supplied by }.J iller and Rhoads, who producedill hogs, by feeding a deficient die t, a state closelyresembling sprue in every way.Among numerous monographs on sp r ue two deserve specialmention. Carnegie Brown's review (1908) brought theava ilable knowl edge into most r eadable form, though todayone feels that a disproporfionate part of the work is devotedto dietary th erapy. H ess 'I'hayscns monograph (19a2) presentsthe mod ern view of the sprue synd rome, and is an excelleutexample of the results to he obtained by th e intensivest udy of re lative ly few cases. The complet e natural historyof sprue, how ever, ha s not as yet been written! This willonly he possib le when th e .intensive treatment of sprue byliver therapy ha s been ad opted widely and the r esults r e­corded. 1 ut il this is dono prognosis must r emain uncer tain,tho ugh it is probable that most instances of sp rue can bepermanently cured.

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