February 2012 Newsletter, January Results Angela Bartel Amanda ...


February 2012 Newsletter, January Results Angela Bartel Amanda ...

New Consultant From Sponsored byAmy Ketcher ADA, OK A. SmithJade M. McKenzie ADA, OK W. StreaterCristina Moore NORMAN, OK S. HuskyKim Mowdy ALLEN, OK K. PattonMcKenzie Stricker OKLAHOMA CITY, OK A. FieldsLeana Waters CONROE, TX C. Moore

Make the Switch to Mary Kay®For nearly 50 years, Mary Kay has made quality skin care products for beautiful women around theworld. Along with great products, May Kay Independent Beauty Consultants provide personal beautyadvice to make sure your skin stays glowing and gorgeous. And every Mary Kay ® product is backedwith a satisfaction guarantee.No-risk beauty productsand free beauty advice.Guaranteed.Make the switchto Mary Kay today!Department Store or Drug Store Brand or Other You might like to trySpecialty BrandIf you use…If you use…Clinique3-StepSoap and WaterMary Kay ® Botanical EffectsThe goodness of botanicals. It’s what your skin craves.Aveda Aveeno ®Botanical KineticsSmart EssentialsOriginsBoots BotanicsPhilosophy ®great skin is inEsteé LauderNeutrogena ® NaturalsL’OréalGo 360° Clean and ActiveDaily Moisture• A simple skin care line with personalized botanicals thatdeliver holistic benefits by skin type. Leaves dry, normaland oily skin — even if it’s sensitive — feeling balanced.• All products contain a special antioxidant-rich botanicalcomplex and are hypoallergenic and formulated withoutalcohol, synthetic dyes or added fragrance.• Plus, the packaging is gentle on the planet while the pricegoes easy on your budget.Try it risk-free with the Mary Kay ® satisfaction guarantee. Mary Kay Inc. stands behind its products soldby our Independent Beauty Consultants.If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with any Mary Kay ® product, it will be replaced without charge, or exchanged for the full purchaseprice refunded following its return to your authorized Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. Or if she is no longer active, to the Company withproof of purchase.

e a starconsultantThe purpose of the Star Consultant Program is to set a minimum standard forconsultants who want to make significant money and move ahead in their careers --that would be you -- correct?!?!?When you take on any job--you have a choice to work 3-5 hrs a week and make a little pocket change or to work 40hrs a week and make some real money. It is a CHOICE you make, but you don't pretend that you can earn full-timeincome on a 5-hr a week job, do you? Why would your Mary Kay business be any different? No! You don't have towork 40 hrs a week to make your business grow--or even 20 hrs., but you do need to DECIDE how many hours youwill spend working and then do it with commitment and consistency every week.WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS TO YOU WHEN YOU WORK AT THIS LEVEL?1. Healthy Cash Flow - When you're working consistently, you will have cash available for ordering,expenses and income.2. Strong customer base and future team members - Classes (Parties) are immediate income, buta healthy customer base is your future stability. When you build to 100 customers that you have on yourPreferred Customer Program (PCP), you have a very solid, stable business that will not go away. When you areseeing 6-12-15 faces a week, each week--you are meeting enough people to build an awesome team and earnCARS and Directorship, should you choose! I know this to be a fact, for this is EXACTLY my action plan that Itook every single week as a new consultant working into DIQ and completing directorship, and on target for theCaddy. My weekly accomplishment sheets reflect an average of 15 faces each week...was it worth it? YES!3. Easy Booking - It's no secret that booking from classes are more likely to hold--have larger sales--and takeless time to acquire. When you hold appointments consistently, and book from them, the challengeis 'Where to fit them all in!' -- not how to find them!!4. Consistent Income - You and I are sitting on some of the best income potential in the working world rightnow, yet we don't take advantage of it. Use our incredible marketing plan! If you are going to call Mary Kay ajob, be smart and make it provide income!5. Satisfaction of Success - We all want to know that feeling of reaching our goals...of having found our"place in the sun", of developing our gifts and talents to the degree that we can now affect theworld in a positive way with them. Gang, the benefits of Mary Kay's Star Consultant Program are farbroader than just a ladder with a star on it, and a beautiful prize. Mary Kay -- in her wisdom -- knew that weneeded parameters and minimums in our business, and this is how she chose to provide them. Please work thisprogram now, and I promise you that everything else will flow from it!2012 is your time2012 is your timeto make choicesthat will make you shine!Credit Ladder Pin$1,800 Sapphire$2,400 Ruby$3,000 Diamond$3,600 Emerald$4,800 Pearl

Booking withLip Gloss SamplersStaple a Lip gloss sample to your business card. Be sure and staple it so that it can be openedwithout removing it from your card. Put a bunch in your pocket and head out the door!When you see someone who obviously takes care of herself, say: “Excuse me, but I couldn’t helpbut notice how nice you look, or that you enjoy taking care of yourself, or how professional youlook!” Whatever stands out to you.“I would like you to test a new formulation of our lip glosses” (as you’re handing her your card).When she agrees, ask her for her name and phone number. “I’ll call you tomorrow and ask you afew questions about what you thought of the sample.”When you call her say, “Hi, this is_______ with Mary Kay. Remember I gave you a lip gloss sampleto test yesterday? I’d like to ask you a couple of questions about it if you have a minute.”1. What was your favorite thing about the lip gloss?2. What brand of lip gloss do you usually buy?3. How does our lip gloss compare with what you normally use?~ Thank you, you’ve been so helpful.4. Would you be willing to give me your opinion of our skin care?If yes, say, “Great! Is the beginning of the week or the end of the week better for you? Thursday orFriday? Day or evening? 7:00 or 7:30? Looking forward to showing you some of the other colors.”NOTE: One consultant handed out 32 business cards with lip glosses samples in 18 minutes at alocal parade and had a $700 week for her effort!Your business will explode to new heights when you have a batch of new contacts and thosecontacts will lead you to even more. Make this month your best ever and get on track to be a StarConsultant every quarter! This is the way to begin!Give it a try, what have you got to lose?

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