The Mover Magazine -Jan 2012

The Mover Magazine -Jan 2012

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DAILY TO THECHANNEL ISLANDS;WEEKLY TO MALLORCA,MENORCA, MAINLANDSPAIN AND FRANCE;REGULARLY TO IBIZA,PORTUGAL, CYPRUS,ITALY, CANARY ISLANDSAND NORWAY. ● January 2012The Mover3CONTENTSContact Details:EditorialContributions on all aspects ofthe removals and storage industryare welcomed, together withphotographs if appropriate.Please contact Steve Jordan, EditorTel: 01908 695500E-mail: deadline for article submission is the1st of the month preceding publication.Contact Details:AdvertisingFor all enquiries and bookings,please contact Nikki GeeTel: 01908 695500E-mail: booking deadline for advertisementsis the 1st of the month preceding publication.Artwork for adverts is required by the8th of the month preceding publication.Disclaimer:Opinions expressed in The Moverare not necessarily those of itspublisher, unless stated otherwise.Published by:The Words Workshop Ltd26 Swanwick LaneBroughtonMilton KeynesMK10 9LDAll rights reserved:No part of The Mover may be scanned,reproduced, stored or transmitted in anyform without the prior written permissionof the publisher.The Mover is designed on behalfof The Words Workshop Ltd byI Like CreativeE-mail: talk2ilike@btopenworld.comTel: 01908 675854Read The Mover online COVER STORY:MOVERS AND STORERSSHOW 2011 REPORTThere were Big Debates, loads of trucks, a Learning Zone,plenty of exhibitors, a packing competition and even anold fashioned barber. If it happened, The Mover covered it.4 LEADER: A successful show6 UK NEWS:Ready for the Olympics?Bishop’s Move joins Nick HewerRichard Healy Removals’ awardYorkshire Area dinner party10 INTERVIEW:Bob Bluffield talks toNarin Ganesh of CrownWorldwide about hisexperience as a regularemployee in the TVshow Undercover Boss12 UK NEWS:Interdean rugby 7sTax system overhaul13 THE PAST IN PICTURESWhen BritanniaAppleyards used tomove the black stuff14 UK NEWS:BAR East and West Midlands Areas’ joint meetingPound Gates Insurance and MovemberUnneccessary health and safety rules to goEmployment law shake upCV Show 2012Public procurement reform20 BUSINESS:Simply Ship held a meeting with companieswho were previously involved with theorganisation, ahead of a planned re-launch22 INTERNATIONAL NEWS:Four-metre height limit warning from FTARobinsons wins an EMMA againWater for all32 INTERNATIONAL NEWS:Crown Worldwide acquires JNPAwards for Move One RelocationsBritannia runs for cancer research34 ON THE ROAD NEWS:Sleepless nights over Driver CPCGreener DAFsMercedes Aero trailer36 PROFILE:Steve Jordan met with David Elliott andIan MacLeod of Excess Baggage to find outhow they haveprospered sinceemerging in theemigrant marketof the 1980s37 MOVING MOVIES:My Week With Marilyn38 PEOPLE NEWS:New appointments at Interdean SwitzerlandObituary: Peter MiddupKeith Meader returns to Transpo39 PRODUCT NEWS:‘One minute rule’ tacho from StoneridgeLED Autolamps’ Eurolamp 7PUZZLES40 COMMENTS:Matt Faizey’s opinions on completion dates,(The Mover, November2011), have certainlystirred a response43 DID YOU KNOW?DIARY DATES44 MARKETPLACEIndex of advertisersWhite & Company ....................................... 2Basil Fry & Company .................................... 5Excess International Movers ........................ 9Trucksmith ................................................. 13Brytor International Moving ...................... 16Administer Software ................................. 17Mac’s Truck Sales ....................................... 19Quartix ....................................................... 21Doree Bonner International ....................... 23Mr Box ....................................................... 23Matthew James Removals & Storage ...24/25Enhanced Operating Systems .................... 33Simpsons of Sussex ................................... 33Pluscrates .................................................. 38Fox International Moving & Storage .......... 41MoveEase .................................................. 41Simpson Packaging ................................... 42The Mover brochure design service ........... 42Vancraft ..................................................... 47Anglo Pacific .............................................. 48

4 The MoverJanuary 2012 ● NewYear andno commentSteve Jordan, EditorHappy New Year everyone. Let’s hope that 2012delivers more than it promises. Mind youeveryone was predicting doom and destructionin 2011 and, for many, although profits were underpressure, the work held up well.We start this year with a report on The Movers andStorers Show. Congratulations to everyone who wonthings and did things for charity. Congratulations too tothe organisers who did a thoroughly good job, as always.I trust even more of you will support the event when it’snext staged. Our cover picture this month is of AlanBennett and Nigel Gilks from Britannia Bennetts, whowon the packing competition sponsored by SimpsonPackaging. Well done lads.During the show I was asked, by a number of peoplewhy The Mover has not, as yet, published anything aboutthe current BAR financial difficulties. Since then I havereceived e-mails on the subject suggesting I should bediscussing it. Well, I choose to remain silent about it for anumber of reasons; mainly because I don’t know enoughabout what’s been going on to make much of a sensiblecomment. It seems to me that not many other people doeither. Anyone can read the accounts which clearlydemonstrate the position at the end of last year. It’s notpretty but it’s not for me to pass an opinion on the reasons.I don’t know if BAR has done everything it could to keepits members up to date but, if not, I am sure it has itsreasons. It’s a very sensitive and difficult subject and itwould help nobody for me to be stirring things upunnecessarily. It will all come out in the wash in good time.Finally, the man alleged to have committed the offencehas not yet been tried as far as I know. Under British lawhe is, therefore, innocent until proven otherwise. I do notbelieve in trial by media.I hope that’s put that one to bed for a while. If and whenthere is something definite to report, I’ll be onto it.Meanwhile, I wish you a very happy, healthy and, Ihope, prosperous 2012.Steve Jordan● House prices are predicted to drift sideways or modestly lower over the next 12 months.Nationwide says houseprices still going upUK house prices rose for a third month in November,according to Nationwide Building Society, which saidgrowth in property values will “remain soft” and mayslip again over the coming year.The average cost of a homerose 0.4% from October to£165,798 up 1.6% on ayear earlier.“House prices have remainedsurprisingly resilient in recentmonths, despite the deterioration inthe economic outlook,” NationwideChief Economist Robert Gardnersaid in the report. “But, with the UKeconomic recovery expected toremain sluggish well into 2012,house price growth is likely toremain soft, with prices movingsideways or drifting modestly lowerover the next 12 months.”The housing market has struggledto gain momentum as inflation andgovernment spending cuts weakenconsumer confidence and asEurope’s debt crisis pushes up bankfunding costs. A report from LloydsBanking Group Plc’s Halifaxmortgage lending unit on November7 showed its gauge of UK homeprices increased in October for thefirst time in three months, continuingwhat it said is a “highly mixed”picture of the property market.Hometrack Ltd for example, saidthat prices based on its measuredeclined for a seventh month inNovember.As the euro-area crisis threatensthe UK recovery, the Bank ofEngland expanded its bondpurchaseprogram by £75 billion to£275 billion on October 6. Thebank also kept its key interest rateat a record low of 0.5%.“But, with the UKeconomic recoveryexpected to remainsluggish well into2012, house pricegrowth is likely toremain soft ...”Robert GardnerBank of England data shows thatUK mortgage approvals rose morethan economists forecast in October.Lenders granted 52,743 loans tobuy homes, compared with arevised 51,193 the previous month.Still, that’s about half the averageof 103,000 in the decade to 2007,before the financial crisis.Read The Mover online at

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6 The MoverJanuary 2012 ● UKSo what is adamp squib?David Cameron described therecent public sector strike as a‘damp squib’. Whether it was ornot, what exactly is a squib and whydoes it matter if it gets damp? Followingon from the ‘Idiom’ story in The Mover,December 2011, here’s the answer.A squib is a miniature explosive deviceused in a wide range of industries, fromspecial effects to military applications. Asquib generally consists of a small tubefilled with an explosive substance, witha detonator running through the lengthof its core, similar to a stick of dynamite.Also similar to dynamite, the detonatorcan be a slow-burning fuse, or as is morecommon today, a wire connected to aremote electronic trigger. Squibs rangein size, anywhere from 2 to 15 millimetresin diameter. Squibs can be used forgenerating mechanical force, or toprovide pyrotechnic effects for both filmand live theatrics. Squibs can be used forshattering or propelling a variety ofmaterials.In the North American film industry,the term squib is often used to referto various electric matches anddetonators (used as initiators to triggerlarger pyrotechnics). Squibs are generally(but not always) the main explosiveelement in an effect, and as such areregularly used as “bullet hits”.While most modern squibs used byprofessionals are insulated frommoisture, older uninsulated squibsneeded to be kept dry in order to ignite,thus a ‘damp squib’ was literally onethat failed to perform because it gotwet. The phrase has since come intogeneral use to mean anything that failsto meet expectations.● Did you know, Prime Minister ...Read The Mover online● The Olympic Park with London beyond. Picture courtesy of London 2012.Are you ready for the Olympics?With eight months to go before the opening ceremony, 26%of road freight operators are still ‘not at all prepared’ for thelogistical challenge posed by the 2012 Olympic Games.Asurvey by the FreightTransport Association(FTA) shows that whileprogress has been mademany companies are still stuckfirmly in the starting blocks.Natalie Chapman, FTA’s Head ofPolicy for London, said: “Whileprogress is being made it isworrying that there are still so manybusinesses unprepared for theGames. This is a huge concern, notjust for industry, but for anyone whowants the Games to be a success. Aprolonged period of high demand –FTA is telling its members to treatthe Games and the ParalympicGames like a three-month Christmasperiod – against the backdrop ofsevere delivery restrictions poses ahuge challenge. But although forsome forward-thinking companiesthe race to prepare for this enormousglobal event has already begun,many businesses haven’t evenstarted warming up yet.”FTA’s survey also asked industryto indicate its level of knowledge ofhow the Olympic Route Network(ORN), which will effectively beclosed to deliveries between 6amand midnight, and Games Lanes,which are designated roads setaside for athletes, games officialsand marketing partners only, willaffect their operations. 18% ofrespondents reported that they had‘little knowledge’ and 26% ‘noknowledge’ when asked how theOlympic Route Network or GamesLanes will operate.Chapman said: “Since July a largechunk of the industry still has noidea about how the Games Lanesor the ORN will affect them,Transport for London (TfL) hasprovided postcode data to transportoperators, which should helpbusinesses plan ahead, but wewould also urge companies to startthinking about other things theycan do to mitigate any disruption.”Key dates for the Games:27 June: Venues open, media centre opens,soft opening of Olympic Village13 July: Official opening of Olympic Village27 July: Opening ceremony28 July–12 August: Olympic Games13 - 16 August: Olympic Games departures29 August: Paralympic opening ceremony10-12 September: Paralympic Games departures14 September: Olympic Park closesThe Olympic challenge• 20,000 journalists, photographersand broadcasters will be coveringthe Games;• 14,700 athletes will compete;• 46 sports will be played over 29days;• 800,000 people are expected touse public transport to travel to theGames on the busiest day;• Over one million will visit the stadium;• 80% of visitors will come by rail;• 2.6% of London’s roads will beused by the Olympic Route Network“This is a hugeconcern, not justfor industry, butfor anyone whowants the Gamesto be a success.”Natalie Chapmanand less than 1% of these will havetemporary Games Lanes;• 50,000 meals will be served dailyin the 24-hour catering village;• 1.8 million tonnes of material hasbeen delivered to the Olympic Parkby rail;• 232 tonnes of potatoes, 330 tonnesof fruit and veg and 260,000 loavesof bread will be consumed in theOlympic Village during the Games;• Four billion people around theworld are expected to watch theLondon 2012 Games on TV.There are also proposals to imposeadditional parking charges beyondthe Olympic Route Network duringthe Games period in London. It isbelieved that London Councils’plans to extend the £200 parkingfine penalty currently set for theORN to surrounding areas is anunjustified, cynical move to cash inon the Games at a time whenbusinesses will be under intensepressure to keep London moving. ● January 2012The Mover7NEWS: UKBishop’s Movejoins Nick HewerBishop’s Move recently helped Sussex Downs CollegeAS students as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2011.Chris Marshall, Bishop’sMove Marketing Director,was joined by a number ofother local businesses atthe event at which Nick Hewer –Lord Sugar’s right-hand-man in thehit BBC show, The Apprentice –provided a keynote speech to thecollege’s business students.Adviser to Lord Sugar and PRexpert, Nick has recently beenfilming the Young Apprentice whichhas been broadcast on BBC1. Hesupported the Lewes students byreviewing a range of businessopportunities that they havedeveloped as part of EnterpriseWeek. The event unites localbusinesses and students in a reallifeentrepreneurial challenge andprovides an extremely valuablelearning experience.Representatives from Bishop’s Moveparticipated in lessons, offeringadvice and guidance to the studentsas they prepared their businessplans. In 2010, the financial supportoffered by the sponsors meant thatSussex Downs College loaned thegroups money to get their businessesoff the ground and consequentlysaw them sell their products at theirown Christmas fair.Chris Marshall, Bishop’s MoveMarketing Director commented:“We are happy to help SussexDowns’ students during GlobalEntrepreneurship Week. Initiativeslike this introduce students to theexcitement and inspiration of anew commercial venture, and wefirmly believe in the values andskills it promotes.”“Initiatives like thisintroduce students tothe excitement andinspiration of a newcommercial venture,and we firmly believein the values andskills it promotes.”Chris Marshall● Chris Marshall (left) and Nick Hewer– in classic Apprentice pose.● Left to right: HRH The Princess Royal, Georgina Berry and Mick Jackson of Skills for Logistics.Richard Healey Removalswins Transport News awardRichard Healey Removals Ltd - based in WillowyardIndustrial Estate, Beith – has won the title of‘Top Training Truck Operator’ by Transport News.Richard Healey Removalswas up against some ofScotland’s largesttransport firms and itscontinuous staff developmentplan put them on top. The firmprovides a variety of courses forstaff with the aim to encourageand nurture high standards.Richard Healey Removals hadalready been commended for itsexcellence when it was ranked asone of the top five for DomesticMover of the Year 2011–2012 bythe British Association ofRemovers. Companies that enteredthe competition had been judgedon their outstanding performance,commitment and leadership inthe domestic removals market.In December 2010 the companywere successful in obtaining twoquality Standards: BS EN 12522Furniture Removals for PrivateIndividuals and BS 8522Commercial Moving Services.These awards are a result of thestaff’s hard work and continuingeffort to improve the level andquality of service given to theircustomers. On 11 November,2011 Richard Healey RemovalsLtd attended a champagnebreakfast at the Crowne PlazaHotel to celebrate, along with theother winners of the TransportNews Scottish Awards 2012. Thecompany’s award was presentedto Georgina Berry by HRH ThePrincess Royal and the categorysponsor CEO of Skills ForLogistics, Dr Mick Jackson.Harrow Green preferred supplier to Bradford CouncilBusiness relocation specialist, Harrow Green, has been named as a preferred supplier to Bradford Council.The company, which hasits Yorkshire offices inMillshaw Park Lane inLeeds, has been selectedby the council to provide a rangeof removal, storage and associatedservices for the next year, worthup to £120,000.The appointment comes asBradford, the fourth largestMetropolitan Borough Councilin England and the fifth largestin the UK, is consolidatingservices into fewer premises tosave money.Preferred suppliers can beappointed by the council’s variousdepartments without having torepeat lengthy tender proceduresfor individual orders.Terry Gibbs, Head of RegionalSales for Harrow Green said: “Weare delighted to have been giventhe go ahead by Bradford Councilin becoming a preferred supplierand are looking forward to workingwith them in the next year. HarrowGreen has strong public sectorcredentials and we firmly believeour project management skills willbenefit the council by reducingdowntime and delivering costsavings.”Harrow Green’s full range ofservices includes commercialremovals and IT relocation,storage records management,office interior design, fit out andfurniture supply solutions.● Terry Gibbs.

8 The MoverJanuary 2012 ● UKYorkshire Area dinner partyIt was a blustery night following a gloriously clear and bright day on26 November in Scarborough for the BAR Yorkshire Area dinner dance.Around 40 people bravedthe gale to visit theAmbassador Hotel,perched high on theEsplanade overlooking the NorthSea. The guests included Mike andJan Price: Mike used to run BARTSbefore his retirement; and of coursePhilip Kidd who also, it seemed,brought most of his staff for a wellearned knees-up.The event was well organised byGraham Puddephatt of ReasonGlobal Insurance who is also theYorkshire Area Secretary, and theArea Chairman, Michael Andrewsfrom Pickfords.After dinner and before thedancing started the guest speakerSteve Jordan, editor of The Moverand fellow Yorkshireman, dug up afew memories of days on the road asa removals salesman, and explaineda little of the background to the birthof The Mover in April this year. Stevesaid that he had been in the movingbusiness since 1974, had done everyAfter dinner andbefore the dancingstarted the guestspeaker SteveJordan, editor ofThe Mover and fellowYorkshireman, dugup a few memories ...job at his old company, AvalonOverseas, including packing,portering, driving vans and forklifts, making cases and, of course,all the office-based tasks. He hadalso worked with BAR, both paidand unpaid, for around 30 yearsincluding being the Chairman ofthe Freight Negotiation Committeeat the birth of the MTC.Steve had left Avalon in 1992 afterits sale to Trans Euro and had beenBAR’s New Met members enjoyChristmas cheer and festive quizworking as a writer ever since.During that time he had beenhandling public relations andcommunications for BAR since ColinQuarrington’s retirement someyears ago. When he was offered thejob as editor of the Removals &Storage magazine in 2005 he saw itas a great honour and he felt “like asquare peg in a square hole”. Hiswriting experience and 30-oddyears in the moving business madehim uniquely qualified to be thecustodian of the ‘old friend’ of theindustry.Unfortunately in recent years hefelt that BAR was destroying themagazine by overly restricting itscontent and distribution and insistingon including far too much BARadvertising within its pages to thepoint that, he felt, some people hadstopped reading the magazinecompletely. These matters ofprofessional principle, pluscommercial considerations, hadmade his position untenable by theend of 2010.“When I started The Mover, Iwondered if people would think ofme as a traitor,” he said. “But itdoesn’t seem that I needed to worry.People have been very supportive.I owe a particular debt to the peoplewho booked advertising in issuesone and two. The magazine didn’texist when they made their decision.That vote of confidence was quitehumbling and gave all of us at TheMover tremendous encouragement.I’d like to take this opportunity ofthanking everyone who has supportedus during our first year.”Steve closed by encouragingeveryone to read the new magazineand to contribute to it with theirown stories and observations of theindustry. “It’s a magazine for all ofyou,” he said. “Please don’t beafraid to use it.”The evening concluded with araffle, that helped cover the cost ofthe disco, which played until theearly hours.Around sixty members ofBAR’s New Met Area andtheir guests gathered atthe Novotel Heathrow on 24November for a Christmas gettogether and festive quiz. Afterenjoying an excellent meal it wasdown to the serious business offinding the brightest team in theroom with Christmas themedquestions put by quiz masterJohn Luker. It was no easy ridewith questions on subjects asdiverse as poetry, Christmas hits,ancient yuletide traditions andcharacters from Disney. As if thatwasn’t difficult enough the teamsthen had to identify 30 photos ofcelebrities disguised as Santa tocomplete the task.After all the answer papers werecalled in for marking the winningteam was finally revealed asCadogan Tate Residential, with amagnificent score of 41 points outof a possible 60. Team captainJames Mehmet stepped up to thestage to receive the winner’s trophyfrom Red Recruit’s Ray Inskip,who sponsored the competition.● Ray Inskip (left) and team captain James Mehmet.

EXCESS INTERNATIONAL MOVERSTRADE SHIPPINGCALL 020 8324 2044Competitive RatesRegular ConsolidationsGroupage, FCL, LCL & AirfreightOnline Rates, Bookings, TrackingMemb. No: E003www.excess-trade.comtrade@excess-international.comLondon Head Office:

10 The MoverJanuary 2012 ● NARIN GANESHDuring 2010 CrownWorldwide Group wasfeatured in the populartelevision programmeUndercover Boss. This was screenedin the UK and in several countriesacross Europe, Asia and in Australasiaand created enormous customerawareness and interest in the Crownbrand that led to a positive impactthroughout the world. Now that thedust has settled it is an appropriatetime for Narin Ganesh, who featuredin the programme, to reflect uponwhat he and the company gainedfrom the experience.When Narin Ganesh joined CrownWorldwide Group as FinanceDirector of the UK, Ireland andScandinavia during 2009 he neversuspected his acting prowess wouldbe called upon within months ofbeing appointed. As the new boy onthe block, still relatively unknownto the majority of employees, hewas ideally suited to be deployed inthe popular Channel 4 primetimetelevision series, Undercover Boss.Narin’s involvement was determinedby Studio Lambert, the programmeproducers.On a chilly February morning in2010, 46-year-old Narin rose earlyat his Dorset home with sometrepidation to begin his mission. Hewas filmed preparing as he steppedinto his alter ego of Paul Ramdhanie,a recently redundant office workerwho was looking for re-employmentas an entry level worker. By adoptinguncustomary spectacles, sportingdesigner stubble and Crownworkware in place of his usual suit,Narin was ready to shadow CrownRelocations’ employees in variousUK branches to learn their functionsand to report his findings back tohis Regional Managing Director,Barry Koolen. The assignmentserved two purposes. While itprovided entertaining TV viewing,Crown believed it would offer anunprecedented opportunity to gaina valuable insight into the dailyactivities of the company and topick up on any issues that might beconcerning frontline staff. “I wasfeeling slightly apprehensive,”Narin explained, “it was a surrealexperience and the process was verydifferent to what I had expected.Being natural in front of the camerawas hard and I felt incredibly selfconscious.”During the first day Narin waseased into the process with someunscripted scenes filming him drivingand parking his car, participating ina board meeting at Crown’s Ruislipheadquarters and the next day whileeating lunch alone in a Birminghampizzeria. By the third day Narinmoved undercover for real, with a5.15am start to meet Paul Roundtree,who works at the company’s WestMidlands base. After beingintroduced to Chris Grimshaw, TeamLeader of one of Crown’s specialistpacking teams and his crew, theydrove 75 miles to Montgomery topack the contents of a three-bedroomhouse for a couple who were relocatingto Australia. The team worked flatout, packing more than three tonsof items and loaded them into ashipping container all within a ninehour time slot. “During the drive Ihad a very engaging conversationwith crew leader Chris and learnt ofhis long-term aspirations to risethrough the ranks and intomanagement. I was able to judgethat he had suitable potential tosucceed within Crown but thissequence was lost due to camerafailure.” Working with the team soongave Narin a clear understandingof the pressures packing teamsface in meeting the demandingexport standards. “I was reallyimpressed. The team were extremelyupbeat and worked well together.However, I became aware thatefficiency measures introduced bythe company meant crews wereworking a 65-hour week and thetime to do each job had been cutfrom three days to two. The unsocialhours meant they were unable toplan their evenings. Chris Grimshaw,a leading packer with Crown for 12years, expressed his concerns that ● January 2012The Mover11INTERVIEW: NARIN GANESHquality could be compromised bycut-backs that required fewerpeople to do the job in less time.This was beyond me. I found thework extremely tough and after 11hours of packing there were still 75miles to drive.”Narin’s next assignment was withthe two-person Crown RecordManagement office in Nottinghamwhere George Burbank, the siteSupervisor, a 24-year veteran of thecompany, had far ranging day-todayresponsibilities. Narin wasintroduced to the workings of theorder processing system beforeaccompanying his mentor to deliverdocuments to clients in Nottinghamand Derby. “George has a particularlygood rapport with customers andhis passion for the job is heartwarming. In his own words he toldme that: ‘The most important thingin the world is customers; they paygood money and have to be lookedafter’ which left me feeling extremelyproud that we have unsung heroeslike him working for the company.”While en-route to Crown’s dedicatedInternet sales centre at Leeds on dayfive, Narin received some dauntingnews when he was told that theBirmingham packing crew hadbeen so taken with his performancethat they reported to their managerthat they were convinced he must bea ‘plant’. He was further concernedthat someone at Leeds mightrecognise him, but his visit wentwithout a hitch. Narin was given aclear insight into Crown’s telephoneenquiry handling system by DeborahMatthews, the National InternetLeads Sales Manager. Deborah is alive wire, and it soon becameapparent how she had quadrupledsales over the last two years. As everycall that is converted to a sale canbring in a substantial amount ofbusiness, Narin soon appreciatedwhy the function of the sales centrecannot be underestimated. Aftersome role play devised todemonstrate how to deal withdifficult questions, Narin was put towork taking live calls from potentialnew customers while Deborahlistened using a headset. Thoughappearing nervous on camera andconfessing to finding working thephone stressful, Narin handled thesituation well. “I found the experiencerewarding and felt confident that Ihad handled incoming calls quitewell after being encouraged byDeborah. I was inspired by hergenuine enthusiasm and by herclear aspirations as a talented andambitious staff member to becomea branch manager.”Narin’s greatest challenge arosewhen he returned to the Londonarea where he felt certain his coverwould be blown. His task was tojoin Darren Farrell and his threemanteam who were packing foranother family who were moving toAustralia. He was surprised to betold that, on a temporary basis,London staff were working longhours without being paid overtime.“They were doing a very good jobbut I felt that they were not gettingthe recognition they deserved. Itbecame clear that there had been alack of communication and staffhad not always been kept informedabout changes that had taken placeat senior management level. Thiswas naturally causing discontent,leaving the staff to feel isolated. Thiswas a particular area that I vowedto rectify.”The final day of filming was fairlyintense and Narin had mixed feelings.“I had enjoyed working with the filmcrew and I had been well receivedby all of the Crown employees whohad taken me under their wing, butat the same time I was lookingforward to returning to my normallife.” The final period was spent atGlobal Archiving in Manchester, afacility that holds more than half amillion boxes of client documents.With filming completed it was timefor Narin to report to the Board andto reflect on the experience. “It isimportant for employees not to feelthey are simply regarded as numbers.They are real people, with real livesand some of those I worked withopened up to me and spoke of theirpersonal struggles, yet they neverlet this stand in the way of theirprofessionalism. I felt a need toreward and value staff more whenindividually so many give so much tothe company. Clearly there had beena perceived lack of communicationamongst certain divisions that leftstaff feeling they weren’t beinglistened to, especially those on theroad. Communications have sincebeen reviewed and expanded andnow everybody gets to hear what isgoing on at briefing meetings. Therewere also a few health and safetytraining issues that were givenpriority and overtime payments forthe London packers have beenreinstated.”As is customary, at the conclusionof the programme, Narin called thestaff he had shadowed to London toreveal his true identity. This was aparticularly poignant part of theprocess. “I felt privileged andgrateful to be able to do somethingpositive for the people that I metalong the way to recognise theircommitment to the company.” As aresult Deborah Matthews waspromoted to Branch Manager -Midlands and now heads upCrown’s Birmingham office withresponsibility for driving newbusiness to the branch; DarrenFarrell’s packing talents wererecognised and he has moved toCrown’s Fine Arts Division as aFine Art Technician; and, inrecognition of Chris Grimshaw’soutstanding potential, he was givenmanagement training and is nowOperations Trainer for theNorthern Region. Since theprogramme, George Burbank hasretired.“I was extremely impressed withthe loyalty and professionalism ofthe workforce that I encountered.Crown Worldwide Group pridesitself on its exemplary customerservice and all the staff that I metshowed a remarkable commitment.Going undercover was a very positiveexperience that has given Crownthe impetus to implement a numberof ideas taken from the people thatI met. I feel it is easy in any largeorganisation to become detachedfrom what takes place day-to-dayon the front line. I firmly believebosses must take the time to listento their staff and experience whatthey do within the company. Theprogramme gave me a valuableinsight that has shaped my viewson how management should nevertake decisions without consideringthe wider consequences.”The programme was filmed overa period of ten days during lateFebruary and March 2010. Albeitthe scene sequences were changedwhen the programme was edited to48-minutes, it was screened on 19August, 2010.The Crown WorldwideGroup was establishedas a private company in1965 and has 250 locations in55 countries, a £400 millionturnover and providesrelocation and other servicesto corporations, private clientsand diplomats. The companyworks with over 2,000organisations and performsover 100,000 internationalrelocations every year.Crown Records Managementoffers a comprehensiverange of services, frominformation managementand consultancy through toonline tracking and monitoringand on- or off-site recordsmanagement.

12 The MoverJanuary 2012 ● UKInterdean raises £32,000for cancer care charityInterdean held its fourth annual Rugby 7s Tournamentin aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care on Sunday 7 August, 2011.● Paul Evans and friends, with the victorious Pickfords team.This year’s Rugby 7stournament smashed thelast three years’ fundraising, reaching in excessof £32,000 which will be donated toMarie Curie Cancer Care.The highlight of the day was asurprise visit from the WelshNational Rugby Team who poppedinto the Wasps ground for a lastminute training session ahead oftheir World Cup qualifying gameagainst England later that day. Theweather held up for most of theday; the few spots of rain not beingenough to dampen anyone’s spirits.Nineteen teams competed in thetournament, playing a gruellingfifty-eight games across threepitches. One team even travelled allthe way from Belgium to take part.The crowds flocked to show theirsupport as their friends and familytook part in their respective matches.The teams put up a great fight,with old-timers of the InterdeanTournament, Ruislip, having verynarrowly missed out on the cup forthe second year running. Newcomersto the tournament, HollywoodPraetorians, put on a great show inthe semi-finals, with an impressiveend score. Runners up for thePlate, Imperial Medicals, havecompeted each year since thetournament began but have yet totake home any silverware.Interdean’s on and off the pitchrivals, Pickfords, were worthywinners. A young and confidentside, they thrashed their opponentsthroughout the day, all the way tothe finals to bring home the Cup.WinnersCup winners: Pickfords (26-19)Runners up: RuislipPlate winners: Hollywood Praetorians (45-5)Runners up: Imperial MedicalsBowl winners: HAC (24-21)Runners up: WandsworthiansFun for all the familyEntertainment on the day was foundin the shape of a Wild West Fun Runbouncy castle, sweets and cakestall, balloon popping competitionplus – originally intended for theyounger crowds – the space hopperrace ended up being a big hit withthe adults. There was even a 1955restored Ford Popular on displaywith experts on hand to give thoseinterested a little bit of history onthe car.Fuel for the athletes was providedin the form of a traditionally-themedAustralian barbie, sponsored byInterdean’s sister company,Wridgways.Considering the number of heavytackles, there were relatively fewcasualties on the day (bar a lost toothand a couple of black eyes). Injurieswere tended to by the on-sitephysios from Central Health andSt John Ambulance kindly affordedtheir time to administer first aid.Read The Mover online at● The Exchequer wants people to be more engaged with their own tax affairs.Tax system overhaulThe government has revealed plans to overhaul thepersonal tax system with the launch of a discussionpaper setting out ways to make information clearer.The paper, titled‘Modernising theAdministration of thePersonal Tax System’,details a range of ideas on howpeople can get better access toinformation on their personaltaxes. The government is thencalling on taxpayers, representativebodies, and tax professionals togive their views on various issuesincluding what taxpayers knowabout the tax they pay, and whatareas of the personal tax systemcreate the most difficulty.In parallel to this, work continueson the integration of incometax and national insurancecontributions (NICs) with a papersummarising the results of recentcalls for evidence on the issue.The government is now settingup a number of technical workinggroups, to identify and exploreoptions further over the comingmonths.Commenting, ExchequerSecretary, David Gauke said: “Atthe moment, for a lot of people,the tax line on their pay slip isthe only time they see just howmuch they’re paying in tax, butthe government doesn’t thinkthat’s good enough. We want tomake tax more transparent andwe want people to be moreengaged with their own taxaffairs. We plan to lift the lid on“We plan to lift thelid on tax so thatpeople understandhow much they arepaying, what theiroverall tax rate is,and what theyshould be paying ...”David Gauketax so that people understandhow much they are paying, whattheir overall tax rate is, and whatthey should be paying, in thesame way that the governmenthas lifted the lid on what they arepaying for.”Mr. Gauke continued: “We arealso exploring ways in which wecould integrate the operation ofincome tax and NICs, with benefitsfor employers and employees.The government will be workingin partnership with externalstakeholders to identify optionsand will report on progress atBudget 2012. Our vision is totransform the customer experienceof the personal tax system.”Article courtesy of Wellers. ● January 2012The Mover13Following a trend we startedin last month’s The Mover, when we published a photo ofa Pickford’s wagon delivering to the ship Terra Nova, we’re publishing an image from the1930s of a truck and staff from coal merchants H. Appleyard & Sons. The companywent on to become Britannia Appleyards, of course. We’d like to publish more of thesepictures, so if you have any images from your company’s distant past, we want to seethem, and hear the story behind them. See below for details.● In the truck, from left: Bill Appleyard; dog Rip; George Appleyard; man next to cab - unknown;driver Eric Appleyard.Outside truck from left: Joe Appleyard, (John’s dad); Jeff Soar; Harry Appleyard,(Harry’s dad); man standing - unknown.Appleyards in the 30sThis archive picture fromBritannia Appleyards inRotherham dates fromthe 1930s and showsseveral members of the Appleyardfamily, including Rip the dog andmembers of staff.As was the case with many longestablishedremovals companies,Appleyards began as a coalmerchants and diversified intoremovals. The theory being thatpeople didn’t need coal duringthe summer, but did move houseand it provided work for thevehicles and the men. In thosedays most people didn’t havemany possessions – that’s whythey didn’t need to lock theirdoors – and so the large removalvans that we have today weren’trequired. Appleyards continuedin the coal business until 1997.Fascinating fact:In 1930 a company ownedby Harry Appleyard senior,Appleyard & Lumb, wascommissioned by the AirMinistry to bring backwreckage of the ill fatedairship R101 after she crashedin Beauvais, France on hermaiden flight to India.The Mover wants your archive pictures and stories. Send yoursubmissions to David Jordan,

14 The MoverJanuary 2012 ● UK● West and East Midlands Areas’ meeting in Telford.BAR West and East MidlandsAreas joint meeting in TelfordThe BAR East and West Midlands Areas came together for anArea meeting on 21 November at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Telford.nowadays so the pdf can be attached.Nigel Shaw reported for the CMG.He explained that the CMG washaving a section of the BAR websitededicated to commercial moving.He also reported on changes to theCMOTY (Commercial Mover of theYear) competition; the CMG golftournament at Belton Woods; theCommercial Moving Apprenticeship;and the integration of the CMG andBAR conferences which was viewedas a positive move.Robert Bartup reported for theOverseas Group. He said that it hadbeen proposed that companiesshould be required to have BS 8564,the overseas Standard, or FAIM tobe eligible for Overseas Groupmembership from July 2013. Healso reported that some overseasmovers had reported an increase ininsurance claims for iPods goingmissing in shipments. He found thisextraordinary as most kids can’t beseparated from their iPods for asecond let alone during internationaltransit. On a similar note, there area lot of reports of laptops goingmissing from owner packed boxes– so much so that one mover hasresorted to X-raying boxes beforeloading to confirm their contents.The meeting was convenientlyheld between the two daysof The Movers & StorersShow to allow attendees tovisit the show.The joint meeting was considerednecessary as attendance, from theEast Midlands Area in particular,had been down recently. Bringingthe two Areas together meant thatthe meeting was well attended byaround 25 people which enabled alively discussion. The guest speakerwas John Merry, of Lanyon BowdlerSolicitors who had some practicaladvice on employment law.The Chairman welcomed everyone.Items discussed were:BAR Linked-In group: around 90people had joined.BAR lead generator on the website:members were disappointed withthe system as it was providing leadsthat were frequently out of area forsome members. It appears that notenough members have signed upfor it so the catchment area for someis very high. Customers comingthrough the system, however, arekeen to use BAR members. It wassuggested that it might be better tooffer the enquiries free to stimulategreater interest. The Chairman didnot believe that sufficient moneywas being spent on Search EngineOptimisation to drive visitors to the... the meeting waswell attended byaround 25 peoplewhich enabled alively Nigel Shaw said that the CMGwas addressing the problem for thecommercial sector.William Burdon presented areport on the BAR National CouncilMeeting held on 11 October, 2011:• Conference next year is in Windsorfrom 17-19 May. The theme is ‘ANew Focus’. The conference will beorganised in workshops run by thedifferent functional groups. Thekeynote speaker will be MikeNattress, the UKIP MEP for theWest Midlands area. There will be avehicle exhibition for the first timein some years. There has been aminor increase in the cost ofattendance – the first increase forthree years. Day packages will alsobe available.• The previous model for theremovals apprenticeship will beabandoned in favour of a singlequalification. It will be called simplythe Removals Apprenticeship.• The BAR’s new MarketingManager Caroline Suard has beentasked with the job of increasing leadgeneration and brand recognitionthrough corporate alliances andmutual agreements. She will alsowork on networking through socialmedia, including Twitter, Linked-In,etc., and conferences. An agreementwith Re:Locate magazine will linkto BAR’s website online estimatingsystem.• The BAR website has a new sectionon the Olympics showing the exactroute the Olympic torch, with itsentourage of 70 vehicles that youmay not overtake, will be taking.• The current financial situation inBAR is becoming more definedsince the discovery of alleged fraudby a member of staff. It is believedthat the problem goes back to 2004.The exact figures involved are stillto be determined.• The East Met Area has beenstruggling since the death of itsChairman Ray Slemmings.• The BAR OFT leaflets are nolonger available other than as a pdfdownload from the BAR website.This was discussed at some length.It was suggested that this was moreexpensive and of inferior quality tohaving them professionally printed.However it was pointed out thatquotes generally go by e-mailJohn Merry, LanyonBowdler SolicitorsJohn Merry was asked to provideadvice on how to dismiss people ifnecessary without risking legalaction. He said that it was importantto have a well-drafted performanceprocedure and disciplinary policy.These do not need to form part ofthe employment contract. Heexplained that staff that had beenemployed for less than one yearcould be dismissed at any timewithout fear of legal action (this isincreasing to two years in June2012). However, for employees thathave been with the company forlonger than one year the procedureis as follows:• The first thing to do if someoneisn’t doing their job properly is togive an oral warning: a conversationexplaining the problem, sayinghow you would like the job done infuture. Keep a date note of theconversation.• If that doesn’t work you go to theformal stage of the performancereview. You should write to theemployee, set out the problem andinvite them to a meeting, give themtime to prepare and the right to beaccompanied. Make it clear whatthe meeting’s for. At the meetingdecide how you want to proceed.The aim is to improve performance. ● January 2012The Mover 15NEWS: UKTell them what they need to do toimprove and time to do so. Confirmit in writing and give them the rightto appeal.• The next step, if there’s noimprovement, is to repeat theprocess making it clear that a finalwarning will follow if the problempersists. Again give time to improveand an opportunity to appeal.• If there is still no improvementthe potential outcome is dismissal.John Merry wasasked to provideadvice on how todismiss people ifnecessary withoutrisking legal action.It can be a drawn-out process forsome employers but John explainedthat each step might succeed inimproving the performance so thatit becomes satisfactory.A more practical approach for some,however, might be to dismiss aperson immediately and accept thatcompensation might have to bepaid. The compensation could beless than the disruption the personis causing. Another approach mightbe to agree a compromise agreementwith the employee. It’s not a decisionto be taken lightly, you have to dothe maths and weight up the risks.It’s always wise to have a chatwith a lawyer or HR professionalbefore starting the process.Read The Mover online raisingStaff at Pound Gates have raised over £6,500 for theMovember charity by taking part in a moustachegrowingcompetition during the month of November.This figure put the companyin the top 100 teams inthe UK.There were ten categories inthe Pound Gates challengeincluding: best dodgy-colouredMo, which went to Dom Nicholls;the lowest visibility Mo, awardedto Kieran Pearce; the highestvisibility award was taken byRob Thacker; and Rob Appletonwon the celebrity look-a-likeaward for his remarkableThe ball took place on 19November at WorcesterSixways Stadium; themoney was raised through araffle and auction that wasgenerously supported by the 400guests.St. Richard’s Hospice care forpatients and their families in theWorcestershire area, who areliving with cancer and other lifethreatening illnesses. Each yearSt. Richard’s Hospice providefree care and support to around2,200 patients and their familiesand is completely reliant on thegenerosity of the public and localbusinesses to keep the Hospicerunning.As always the guests had a jollytime with a three course dinner● The Mo the merrier - Pound Gates staff withtheir assorted fund raising face-fuzz.resemblance to Oliver Hardy.The girls too took part withFelicity Taylor making the bestNon-Mo contribution as officialCake Master; and Abi Pearcewho was voted the ‘sista’ mostsuited to having a Mo.The Tim Foster Award for thebest Mo went, understandably,to Rob Thacker.Snowdrop Ball raises £20,000for Worcester Hospice.Britannia Bennetts of Malvern has helped the St. Richard’s Hospicein Worcester raise over £20,000 at its annual Snowdrop Ball.● Left to right: Judith Bennett, Director ofBritannia Bennetts; Julian Powell, Partner atHallmark Hulme Solicitors and Rachel Jones,Corporate Partnership and Events Fundraiserfor St. Richard’s Hospice.followed by live entertainmentfrom Jamie Knight and the BigSwing Band followed by theMidland Leisure Disco.Playingfor theregimentTimon and Jenny Thorncroftof JT & Sons Relocations helda charity golf day in aid of theLondon Regiment Welfareand Benevolent Fund atSeddlescombe golf club on18 November, 2011.Anumber of BAR memberssupported the event includingsome of Timon’s colleagues fromthe CMG. The players enjoyed bacon rollson arrival and then set to battle; anumber of the players had only recentlystarted playing and the course is treelined, which proved difficult for thenovices.Despite this, the scores were impressive.There were eight teams of four, andamazingly two teams tied on 83 points;the tied teams were Greg Wildman (BasilFry), Malcolm Pearson (Clockwork), RodSeeland (BCL) and Nick Flaxman(Northern Crates). The other team wasGraham Puddephatt (Reason Global),Juan Coo (JT & Sons) and Kerry Doidgeand Tamsin Wiggins of (EDGC). As aresult of the draw, Timon declared aputt off, and nominated MalcolmPearson and Graham Puddephatt todecide the result: Graham managed towin by a narrow margin at the secondplay off hole. Nearest the pin was wonby Steve Cornhill and the longest driveby his brother Richard Cornhill both ofthe London Regiment.The golf was followed by a buffet andan auction expertly conducted by CaptainGary Anglin who, by writing thousandsof letters, managed to obtain somewonderful auction items, resulting inover £1,200 being raised for thiswonderful cause. JT and Sons hasnominated the London Regiment as itscharity for 2011/12 and has raised moneythroughout the year at various events.Timon and Jenny are very proud ofeveryone who took part in the golf dayconsidering the time of year and thepredicted weather, and thank thefollowing companies: A WilliamsPlumbing, Basil Fry, BCL, ChatfieldRemovals, Clockwork, Northern Crates,Pluscrates, Reason Global and TheLondon Regiment for sendingrepresentatives to take part.

16 The MoverJanuary 2012 ● UKGovernment to bin unnecessaryhealth and safety rulesPlans to radically reduce the burden of unnecessary health and safety regulations on UKbusinesses were announced by Employment Minister Chris Grayling on 29 November.One recommendation isthat health and safetylaw should not apply toself-employed peoplewhose work activity poses nopotential risk of harm to others. Ifimplemented, the changes wouldbenefit around a million selfemployedpeople. The Ministeralso said the government willimmediately begin a wholesalerevamp of UK health and safetylegislation – binning more than halfthe rules and regulations currentlyin force over a three-year period.He also signalled a ‘sooner ratherthan later’ approach, with the firstrules removed from the statutebook within a few months.One move that took place on 1January, 2012 was the creation of anew ‘challenge panel’ allowingbusinesses accused of breachinghealth and safety regulations toimmediately overturn an inspector’sruling if he is judged to be wrong.Health and safety regulations willalso be reduced by combining,simplifying and reducing theexisting regulations. The reportalso makes recommendations toensure that employers are not held“The report willgo a long way torefocusing healthand safety in GreatBritain on thosethings that matter ...”Judith Hackittresponsible for damages when theyhave done all they can to managerisks.Alex Jackson, Senior PolicyAdviser for The Forum of PrivateBusiness said, “Civil action againstbusinesses is a huge issue for ourmembers, and many overcompensatewhere health andsafety is concerned. Not only doesthis unduly raise the cost ofcompliance – disproportionately sofor the smallest businesses – but italso raises the expectations of@employees should personal injurybefall them.”Judith Hackitt, Chairman of theHealth and Safety Executive haswelcomed the findings of theReview. “The report will go a longway to refocusing health and safetyin Great Britain on those things thatmatter - supporting those who wantto do the right thing and reducingrates of work-related death, injury andill health,” she said. “We welcomethese reforms because they aregood for workers and employers butalso for the significant contributionthey will make to restoring therightful reputation of real healthand safety.”Another government regulatoryreform initiative, the Red TapeChallenge, will report in the new yearon further possible changes to thestock of health and safety regulations.CommentThis sounds like welcome news. But what’s your view?Have you been affected by H&S regulations in the past?See The Mover, May 2011, page 36 for inspiration.Have your say at ● January 2012The Mover 17NEWS: UKEmployment law shake upA shake up of employment law has been revealed byBusiness Secretary Vince Cable during a speech to the EEF.The reforms are designed tohelp businesses to grow andflourish, by improving theway employers take peopleon, manage disputes and let peoplego. Proposed reforms to tribunalsalone are expected to deliver £40billion to employers in benefits.Some of the measures proposedinclude the introduction of aconsultation on ‘protectedconversations’, which would allowemployers to openly discuss poorperformance with employees,without fear that the conversationcould be used as evidence in atribunal.A call for evidence has also beenmade on the length of time requiredfor a consultation period on plannedredundancies as a direct responseto the Red Tape Challenge - thiscurrently stands at 90 days, but thegovernment is considering reducingthis to 30.As part of the response to the‘Resolving Workplace Disputes’consultation, the government hasalso committed to requiring that allemployment disputes go to ACAS tobe offered pre-claim conciliationbefore going to a tribunal, and fromApril 2012 increasing the qualificationperiod for unfair dismissal fromone to two years.A consultation on the introductionof fees for anyone wishing to take aclaim to an employment tribunal isalso due to be published by theMinistry of Justice. Meanwhile, smallbusinesses look set to benefit from aproposal to introduce compensatedno fault dismissal for micro firms,with fewer than ten employees.The proposals have been metwith mixed reactions, promptingCable to defend the measuresagainst claims that they will instillfear in employees. Speaking onBBC Breakfast, Cable said: “We are“We are not trying tocreate an environmentof ‘hire and fire’ andinsecurity, absolutelynot. That is not theway we want toproceed, in currentconditions that wouldnot be helpful at all.”Vince Cablenot trying to create an environmentof ‘hire and fire’ and insecurity,absolutely not. That is not the waywe want to proceed, in currentconditions that would not be helpfulat all.”“But we also want to create anenvironment in which entrepreneurswant to start businesses, expand,take on staff and feel confident thatthey can do that and, if they runinto difficulties with a particularemployee, they can have aconversation with them withoutworrying they are going to be takento a tribunal.”Business groups the CBI, EEF andthe British Chambers of Commerce(BCC), have all welcomed theproposals. Commenting, Dr AdamMarshall, director of policy at the BCCsaid: “Employment regulations oftencreate uncertainty for businessesand act as real barriers to confidence,growth and job creation. The BCChas long called for a reduction inred tape and a shake-up of theEmployment Tribunal system, sowe welcome the government’sreform proposals, which responddirectly to business concerns.”Article courtesy of Wellers.

18 The MoverJanuary 2012 ● UKArmed guardson ships –good idea?A recent release fromNautilus International,the union that represents23,000 ship officers andstaff, has cautiouslywelcomed the UKgovernment’s news thatBritish-flagged vessels willbe able to carry armedguards to protect themfrom pirate attack.It does, however, say that there aresignificant concerns about thepractise. Mark Dickinson,International General Secretary forNautilus said “There continue to begrave unanswered questions aboutliability and responsibility associatedwith the use of weapons on-boardmerchant ships,” he said. Of particularconcern were the liabilities for mastersand officers in the event of somethinggoing wrong; the problem of flagstates, coastal states and port statesfacilitating the carriage of weaponson-board; who pays the cost; the factthat this will give greater incentives foroperators to ‘flag out’ to avoid the newrules; and the quality and regulationof private armed security guards.”The union has previously stated itspreference for military Vessel ProtectionDetachments rather than the privatelycontracted security operatives proposedby Prime Minister David Cameron, inan interview with the BBC.“This would ensure there are noconcerns regarding training, authorityand liability,” confirmed Mr Dickinson.“We believe this would be cost-effectiveand provide direct protection tomerchant vessels. We also believethere should be absolute clarity onthe type of weapons private securityguards can use.”Mr Dickinson maintains that there isstill significant room for considerationof other, more passive yet highlyeffective, forms of defence againstpiracy and armed attacks.Read The Mover online Show 2012 looks set to be a sell-outWith truck and van sales up and the service and repair sector serving a busy road transportbusiness, confidence is building for the 2012 CV Show and its dedicated Workshop zone.35% more exhibitorshave booked standscompared to this timelast year and, according to DavidCrawford, Sales Manager for theShow’s sales and marketing team atCrystal Communications, bookingsare now received on a daily basis.Public procurement reformAccording to the Forum for Private Business, news that thegovernment will implement ‘radical reform’ to the publicprocurement system is good news.Ministers say thechanges will make theprocess less legalisticand it should be easierfor SMEs to access lucrative statefundedcontracts, worth in the regionof £230 billion a year.Changes recently announced bycabinet minister Francis Maudeinclude the publication of £50billionin contracts via a new website andimproved collaboration withbusinesses at a much earlier stagein the procurement process. Thegovernment is also pledging tomake it 40% faster for firms to dobusiness with Whitehall, reducing allbut the most complex procurementprocesses to a maximum of 120 days– a reduction of 80 – from January2012.“With a budget of around £230billion a year, the state remains thesingle biggest source of work forUK business,” said the Forum’sChief Executive, Phil Orford.“Encouraging smaller firms tocompete for access to governmentcontracts is something we have longcampaigned for, and, if successful,should provide a vital source of newincome for smaller firms in to thefuture as the UK economy grows,”he said. “This should alsoencourage and hopefully speed up“Indications are that the industry isdetermined to up its game, despitethe doom merchants in consumermedia. With many new light andheavy vehicle launches and theoncoming impact of Euro 6technology, there can be no betterway for operators to keep up with“... the state remainsthe single biggestsource of work forUK business ...”Phil Orfordeconomic recovery next year.Competing for public procurementcontracts has traditionally been acomplicated, time-consumingprocess, making it an unattractive,remote prospect for small business.Any reform which simplifies theprocurement process, demandsfewer man hours and less financialoutlay is clearly welcome.”The Forum added that it hopesthat if government increases thenumber of small business on theirbooks they prioritise the need topay promptly. Big business maywell be able to absorb late paymentsweeks past the invoice date, insome cases months, but for smallbusiness it can be a terminal blow.what’s new in transport, logisticsand distribution,” said Crawford.The 2012 Show will occupy fourhalls of the NEC Birmingham fromApril 24 to 26, covering some44,000m 2 and showcasing in excessof 400 exhibitors. Those requiringexhibitor information shouldcontact Formore details, please call the CV Showorganisers on +44 (0) 1634 261262or e-mail the address above.The Commercial Vehicle Show isowned by the CV Show LLP,comprising the Road HaulageAssociation, the Society of MotorManufacturers and Traders andIRTE Services Ltd, the tradingcompany of the SOE (Society ofOperations Engineers).Sharron Daviesadvises onrelocation duringthe OlympicsInterdean’s UK Sales Director, Barrie Gilmour,was delighted to introduce Sharron DaviesMBE as the headline guest speaker at theForum for Expatriate Management’s GlobalMobility Summit on Friday 3 November, 2011.HR and mobility professionals from a numberof multinational organisations assembled tohear Sharron’s interactive seminar on howorganisations can prepare their assignees forbeing in London throughout the Olympic period.Having experienced nine Olympic Games ina number of capacities, not least; athlete,pundit, commentator, supporter, organiser,interviewer, mentor, ambassador – Sharronwas the ideal person to discuss preparation forthe Olympics.Sharron gave the audience a unique insider’sguide to the Olympics, drawing on her personalexperience which began at the tender age of13. Many of the HR and mobility professionalswho attended the seminar took the opportunityto meet Sharron and ask her further questionsat Interdean’s stand.● Sharron Davies.

20 The MoverJanuary 2012 ● SIMPLY SHIPRebirth: the members’ viewsCheryl Lees: Moveware● Paul Delo, left and Ian Laing.Simply Ship rebornSimply Ship held a meeting in Coventry on 16 Novemberto bring together the companies who had previously beeninvolved with the organisation for a re-launch following thedemise of EVL earlier this year.EVL previously handled thecompany’s shipping and,when the company failed,the management of SimplyShip struggled to keep theorganisation together.However, Paul Delo explained thatlessons had been learned from theexperience and now the companywas once again set to supplyshipping and related services to itsmember companies. Simply Ship isintended to bring all its members,especially smaller companies that dolittle shipping and might be unsureof export requirements, under asingle brand.Despite the earlier problems thecompany now had a new head officein Aberdeen manned by a strongteam: Ian Laing, Lynn Fraser andNick Laing.The meeting also brought togethera number of supplies – software,insurance, financial services,marketing, etc. - to Simply Ship toexplain how their services wouldbenefit the group.During the meeting there was alively and open discussion relatingto branding, quality standards,“This is no amateurorganisation. If weall commit this couldbe a big companyand add kudos to ourown companies.”Matt Purdieand franchising. These subjectswere widely discussed and themanagement of Simply Ship weregiven clear guidance on the waythe licensees wished theorganisation to develop.Paul closed his presentation byexplaining that the future lookedpositive for the organisation. Thecompany was working on itsmembership criteria and would,early in the new year, be on thelookout for the required number ofsuitable companies that are in thecorrect geographical locations andcan meet the stringent qualitystandards to join the group.Cheryl explained that the Moveware softwarewas dedicated to the moving industry and hadbeen developed by members of the industry.It was already providing a reliable service to alarge number of well known shipping companiesworldwide.The system provides a complete softwaresystem for movers including administration,surveys, etc. It also allows clients to log in andtrack moves. Cheryl also explained that theproduct was in continual development withnew features being added regularly. Sheexplained the details of how the softwarewould work for Simply Ship members and thatit could be branded and customised to meetmost requirements.Nick Laing:Simply Ship AberdeenNick explained that he had been in thebusiness for 17 years and was now workingfrom the head office in Aberdeen. It was hisaim to ensure the success of Simply Ship byproviding better rates and better quality.There is also Simply Pack which is nowcontrolled solely from Aberdeen.Colin Lawrence: TOR FXColin explained how it is possible for overseasmoving companies to make money out ofcurrency exchange and provide their customerswith an added value service at the same time.Over 90% of people transfer their money usinga bank because they are unaware of the savingsthat can be made by using a broker. TOR FXpays 20% of all its profit to its introducingcompanies. It also pays £20 for every lead to thesalesperson who provided the lead. Customerscan save the total cost of their overseas movecompared with bank charges.Andy Dickerson:Simply CreativeSimply Creative is Andy’s family’s business.Every idea has to have marketing to promote it.He said that there is no myth about marketing.It doesn’t have to cost a fortune and it can bedone quickly.Alan Wilkinson:Franchise consultantFranchising provides tested business systemon which to base a business. Alan explainedhow the Simply Ship franchise will work formembers now and in the future. Existinglicensees will become franchisees giving thema saleable asset. The franchisor must continuallyimprove the system. Franchisees will beallowed to operate multiple businesses.Greg Wildman: Basil FryGreg Wildman showed the new system hiscompany had developed for Simply Ship. Hesaid that it would allow members to raise aninsurance certificate, very quickly, directly offthe web, ready for presentation to the customer.Matt Purdie:Matt Purdie and Sons● Clockwise fromtop: Cheryl Lees;Colin Lawrence;Andy Dickerson;Alan Wilkinson.Left: Greg Wildman.You are all good companies. That’s one of thereasons I joined. I thought when EVL wentdown that Simply Ship could fail but now allmy issues have been resolved. I am 100%committed to support this, hence I have liverieda vehicle. I am delighted with the freephonenumber that’s going to be handled by the headoffice. This is no amateur organisation. If weall commit this could be a big company andadd kudos to our own companies. So let’s giveit our very best shot and we’ll judge it in yearsto come.● Matt Purdie.

22 The MoverJanuary 2012 ● INTERNATIONALFour-metre height limit must goThe Freight Transport Association (FTA) has written to the EU Transport Commissioner Siim Kallas urging him to intervene andwithdraw the proposals to limit the height of semi-trailers to four metres before they pass beyond his control in the Brussels process.● The FTA is predicting a “catastrophic impact” on logistics for the four metre limit.Although negotiations arecontinuing, the FTA isconcerned that politicalhorse-trading will resultin a messy compromise that wrecksthe efficiencies achieved throughuse of high cube trailers in the UK.“A future four-metre height limitwill have a catastrophic impact onmany logistics contracts and wreckthe efficiencies achieved throughthe use of high-cube trailers in theUK,” said James Hookham, FTA’sManaging Director of Policy andCommunications. “This proposalstarted life as one of those Brusselsideas that everybody assured uswould go nowhere, but nine monthslater and there is still a piece ofpaper with ‘four metres’ written onit,” Hookham continued.The issue is a potential problemfor the moving industry as HHGhas a very light volumetric weightand so could, potentially, benefitfrom the flexibility to run high-cubevehicles into Europe.“We have supplied countlessbriefings to the Department forTransport, supported academicresearch into the impacts and theFTA’s Brussels office has beenworking overtime making MEPsand Commission officials aware ofthe efficiencies and carbon savingsachieved in the UK through the useof ‘high-cube’ and double decktrailers. Whilst we think doubledecktrailers are safe we are nowfocussed on getting the four-metrelimit for single decks removed. Thebest way we can see to do that is tokill the proposal. The transportcommissioner needs to pick up thephone to his colleagues in Brusselsand end this now!”The FTA announced a five stagecampaign plan to drive home itsmessage:1 Letters to the secretary of statefor transport and EU transportcommissioner – to get those at thetop sighted on the seriousness ofthis issue and answer the FTA’sdemands for it to be stopped.2 Briefings for MEPs – theEuropean Parliament will get tovote on the final proposals on a‘take it or leave it’ basis before theybecome law. It is important to makesure they vote the right way andunderstand the significance of thisissue for UK logistics.3 Visits to UK depots for EuropeanCommission staff – the FTA wantsthose making the decisions to seefirst hand how we do things in theUK and realise the practicalimplications (and sheer folly) oftheir intended actions.4 A rally in Brussels to consolidatesupport for a higher limit – therewould be implications for operatorsin other Member States so FTA isorganising an event to shareexperiences and build an allianceof interests. Any FTA memberwanting to attend will be more thanwelcome.5 Consolidate support amongstother Member States – the UK isnot the only country to operatetrailers over four metres high so theFTA is rallying support from otherswho will be affected. So far the FTA@believes France, Sweden andIreland are with us.Hookham concluded: “The FTAwill not sleep until this proposal isin the bin. We must decapitate thefour-metre limit before it takes thetop off our trailers.”The IRU addsits voiceThe IRU (International RoadTransport Union) has addedits voice to the call to dumpthe four-metre proposal. JamesHookham, FTA’s ManagingDirector of Policy andCommunications, said: “IRU’ssupport shows that the loss of anational trailer height exemptionis not just a UK issue. Far from it,the estimated cost of harmonisingtrailer heights in the way beingproposed would amount to aroundeuro 800 million every year forthose affected; an additional costthat Europe could certainly dowithout right now.”CommentHow important is the four-metre rule to your company?Is this a lobby BAR should add its voice to?Have your say at wins EMMAtwo years in successionThe most prestigious award in the international relocation industryhas been won for the second year running by Robinsons Relocation.Robinsons scooped the ultimate accoladefrom the industry, the ‘InternationalMoving Company of the Year’ Award, atthe annual EMMA (Expatriate ManagementMobility Award) Awards at the Park PlazaRiverbank Hotel in London in November. It putsRobinsons firmly on the map as a prestigiousglobal supplier of relocation services.Managing Director Anthony Robinson paidtribute to Robinsons’ staff: “I am absolutelythrilled, delighted and proud at our success.Winning the ‘International Moving Companyof the Year’ Award for the first time last year wasan outstanding achievement, the culminationof a long journey and an enormous amount ofhard work by all of us who work for Robinsons.But as everyone knows, it’s even harder to retainan award than to win it the first time, especiallyas we were up against some incredibly toughcompetition who were all chasing after ourcrown! So to hold them all off and win again istruly remarkable. It was extremely satisfyingthat the judges saw that we have somethingspecial to offer to the market.”“These awards are for everybody who worksfor us. Their dedication and determination hasbeen fully recognised within our industry at aninternational level, and everyone can hold theirheads up and be proud that they work for theindustry’s finest.”● Left to right: award sponsor Sarah Collins of MPI; Anthony Robinson; awards organiserBrian Friedman and celebrity comedian Stewart Francis. ● January 2012The Mover 23● The elephant pump, courtesy of Britannia.Water for allDave Aldridge, WarehouseManager from BritanniaMovers International inCroydon, has set up a deal toprovide the company with threenew water coolers through acompany called Aquaid. In returnAquaid has constructed anelephant pump in Zimbabwe forBritannia. Dave received acertificate for the sponsorship ofthe water pump and a verytouching thank you letter from ayoung school pupil, who wrote totell him how grateful her schoolwas to have the elephant pump soclose to them, which means theyhave clean drinking water andwater to clean their classroomsand equipment.Doree Bonner International Group are one of the UK’s leading removal companies,specialising in International and household removals, storage and office relocation.Over 90 years of experience providing a friendly and professional service has putthem among the top 10 removals companies in the UK.GENERAL MANAGER – KENT(£40 – 50k plus bonus)Excellent Salary commensurate withexperience, Company Car, StakeholderPension, Permanent Health Insurance,Bonus Scheme, 25 days holiday perannum.The Doree Bonner Group require aGeneral Manager to manage ourbranch in Dartford, Kent. This is a greatopportunity for an experiencedmanager who is looking for a realchallenge and wants to play a hands onrole in leading the future success of thisorganisation. The ideal candidate willbe a self- motivated and enthusiasticindividual, with good presentationPlease send a cover letter and CV to:Sally Saunders, Group Personnel ManagerThe Doree Bonner International GroupHead Office, International House19 Kennet Road, Dartford, Kent DA1 4QNor email: and an ability to communicateat all levels.This position is for an experiencedmanager who is either looking for theirnext challenge or more responsibilityand autonomy.The branch covers London as well asKent and has a turnover of circa £3million.This really is a superb opportunity forthe right individual to join anorganisation where future careerprospects are based on performanceand are genuinely outstanding.The Mover 132x93.indd 1 09/12/2011 13:23


OFFERING TRANSSHIP SERVICES INMADRID, BARCELONA,ALICANTE AND MALAGAOur Reputation Means Your RecommendationLONDON0800 040 7907MANCHESTER0800 040 7009KENT0800 040 7908COSTA DEL SOL0034 952 441

26 The MoverJanuary 2012 ● THE MOVERS & STORERS SHOWBringing the industry together –The Movers & Storers Show 2011The 4th Movers and Storers Show was held in Telford on 21/22 November 2011. Arounda thousand members of the UK moving industry, and some visitors from overseas, cametogether in the only all-inclusive event of the year.Keith Merrett and CharlotteParslow, the organisers ofthe event, acknowledgedthat numbers, both forexhibitors and visitors, were downa little on previous years, howeverit was definitely a question of qualityover quantity. Most of the exhibitorsreported a regular stream of enquiriesand considered the whole event veryworthwhile. For visitors, especiallysome of the smaller companies andthose just starting out, the productsand services on show and the accessto business information wereinvaluable.As in previous years the showincluded the Learning Zone – astaged area for presentations - thisyear sponsored by Strategy Plus.There was a programme of speakersand panel discussions throughoutboth days on subjects including:search engine optimisation,generating money from foreignexchange, financial support, andmuch more. The programme alsoincluded two ‘big debates’: ‘Industryproblems old and new’; and ‘Whatimpact do trade associations have?’Both sparked some lively exchanges– some might say a bit too lively.The truck show was sponsored byBasil Fry. Again the turnout wasdown but the quality of the vehiclesand the way in which they werepresented was very high. PoundGates sponsored the centralnetworking area which gave all thevisitors the opportunity to relax incomfort while remaining central tothe exhibition area. SimpsonsPackaging sponsored a packingcompetition, organised by M>ransport. And PHS Teacratebrought their sponsorship ofMovember, the men’s charity, tothe show: Pat Bryan, a professionalbarber, provided a little malepampering for anyone who wanteda traditional wet shave and separatedDave Ewart and Paul Bullock fromtheir precious tashes, all in aid ofthe good cause.Well over 100 people were refusedentry to the show because theywere suppliers to the industry whowere not exhibitors. The organiserssaid that to admit any suppliers asvisitors would be unfair to thosecompanies that had bought stands.A number of stand holdersappreciated the discipline andapplauded the level of control. Theorganisers said that the strict policywill be continued at next year’s event.● Nikki Gee (left) and Marianne Lee.The Mover on showThanks to everyone that cameto see us on our stand at TheMovers & Storers Show.Nikki Gee and Marianne Lee dida great job of looking after thestand while David and SteveJordan snapped and taped theirway around the whole show.“The show was a great successfor us,” said Steve. “It gave usthe chance to meet lots of newpeople and see some old friendstoo. I suspect David and I havestories to last us until the summer.” ● January 2012The MoverREPORT: THE MOVERS & STORERS SHOW27THE FIRST BIG DEBATE:Out of area addressesand completion datesThe first of the two big debates at The Movers & Storers Showcentred around two subjects: the problem of companiespromoting out of area addresses; and the problem of lack ofnotice and Friday completions.The first was dealt with fairyquickly. The second was amore knotty problem.Neville Moody acted as chairmanto keep the peace while Matt Faizeyfrom M&G Transport and WilliamBurdon from Whites took to thestage to stimulate the discussion.Out of area addressesThe out-of-area address problemwas soon dealt with. Some companieshad expressed their frustration withcompanies that advertised addressesthat were out of their natural areaand, by nature, were on somebodyelse’s. Matt said that he hadexperienced the problem and thecompany had even used his address.He didn’t worry because theacceptance forms came to him.William said that everyone in anarea would be aware of the problemand it wouldn’t take long for the‘rogue’ company to be exposed. Hisadvice was to ignore it, do a good jobat the right price and you’ll survive.Conversely some said that they feltit was their choice if they wished tocanvass for work in other areas. Whatmattered was that the company wastraceable and their actual addresswas clear to see. It was accepted thatthere is no such thing as a company’sown area and all companies shoulddecide for themselves how far theyare prepared to travel in each case.The conveyancing problemThis is a particular problem thatMatt Faizey is concerned about andhas voiced in these pages (see TheMover, November 2011). He waslooking for support from othermovers. His argument is twofold:solicitors push people to move onFridays so they can keep the funds intheir client account over the weekend;there should be a minimum periodbetween exchange and completionto give movers (and everyone else)more notice.Matt, who is a member of theBAR Board, said that he had askedBAR to address the problem butnothing had happened. He neededBAR members to bring the subjectup at Area meetings and so forcethe National Council and the Boardto discuss it seriously. He alsowanted BAR and the Guild to worktogether to lobby MPs and gain pressattention for the problem.The discussion went on for at leasthalf an hour. Some said they didwell out of short notice and Fridaymoves because they could chargemore. Matt maintained that morenotice would allow customers tomake a more considered decisionand, therefore, not be so concernedabout the price.Some said they didwell out of shortnotice and Fridaymoves because theycould charge more.It was said that solicitors,conveyancers and estate agents areunaware of the way in which theiractions affect the moving industryand their mutual customers. Thegovernment probably won’t doanything unless there is a taxopportunity. Customers shouldunderstand that it is they who choosethe completion date, not theirsolicitors. The movers are so fardown the process that it’s impossiblefor them to educate the publicbecause all the decisions have alreadybeen made by the time the movergets there.For this reason it should be handledat trade association level. It wouldgive the trade associations a way ofjustifying their fees to their members.Winning the bubblyCongratulations go toAngela Boreham of AlfabetRemovals & Storage Ltdon winning the Magnum ofChampagne in the KesReclamation prize draw at TheMovers and Storers Show.Trudie Mitchell presentedAngela with her prize at Kes HQon the Thursday after the show.● Right: Trudie Mitchell of Kes presents thebubbly to Angie Boreham of Alfabet Removals.Look out! He’s on his way to your officeTim Oliver, who has become afamiliar face in every way in themoving business, has joined BARServices. Tim is, of course, a David Brentlook-a-like and has performed at industryevents, including the BAR conference in2008, for some years. He’s now decidedto get a proper job and could well beturning up at your office to sell you BARServices’ wares in the near future.Good luck Tim. Bet you can’t manage awhole day on the road without beingasked to do ‘the dance’ at least once.Kindle competitionNeil Matthews from PoundGates won the Kindlecompetition organised bythe Moving Home Company onits stand at The Movers & StorersShow. The competition wasboth simple and impossible formost of those who tried. It wasan electronic version of thegame we all played as kids witha picture composed of eightsliding squares and one blankspace. By moving the squaresaround you had to make up the● Top right: Marianne Leefrom The Mover tries her hand;Right: Neil Matthews andF. Choudry, Sales Director forthe Moving Home Company.● Tim Oliver from BAR Services as hisalter-ego David Brent.image. Neil managed to do it in arecord time and won himself aKindle. Happy reading Neil.

28 The MoverJanuary 2012 ● THE MOVERS & STORERS SHOWThe Strategy Plus Learning Zone:Advice on finance, marketingand making a TV showInternet marketing company Strategy Plus sponsored a series of seminars at the Show coveringa wide range of subjects of particular interest to the moving and storage industry. Here’s anaccount of some of the presentations given in the Learning Zone Auditorium.readable. Daniel said that it wasimportant to get customers to trustyou on the web. Techniques fordoing this included: showing profilesof staff members, having a full postaladdress and contact details, showinglogos of affiliated organisations,providing testimonials and offeringguarantees where appropriate.Daniel also spoke about searchengine optimisation and the use ofGoogle tools such as Google Analyticswhile Keith Ricardo provided adviceon interactivity on your website.● Daniel Ricardo of Strategy Plus emphasises the importance of trust in web marketing.Difficulties in securingfinancial supportIan Priest: Federation of Small BusinessIan had spent a number of years on,as he called it ‘the wrong side of thedesk’ as a banker. His presentationgave the audience some top tips tohelp get the finance they need fortheir businesses.Business people say banks won’tlend money. Banks say they want tolend but nobody wants to borrowand that they are approving nineout of ten of all applications madefor loans. Ian said that this did nottake into account the hundreds thatthe account managers turn asideon the basis that they are toodifficult. “These people are undergreat pressure to generate incomeand if it’s difficult they will dosomething else. They don’t getsacked for not lending they getsacked for making bad decisions.”Ian said that the only securitiesthat matter are bricks and mortarand cash. His top tips for approachingyour bank were:• If the bank asks for managementinformation, never fail to send it.• Don’t send raw data, always givean explanation. Don’t let the bankerthink for himself.• Demonstrate that you understandyour business. Identify the risks andshow how you intend to manage them.National marketing campaignJane Finch: Moving etc...Jane Finch from Moving etc... putforward two ideas to help the industryforward. One was a mentoringprogramme in which experiencedmembers of the industry would helpthose with less experience. Thiswas clearly a laudable objective,however, Jane didn’t explain whythey might want to do that or whatcompensation they might receive.Jane also spoke about the lack ofbranding for the industry. Shesuggested a comparatively smalllevy on industry members wouldprovide enough money to developa nationwide press and TV campaign.Unfortunately, however, it is unclearwhat brand values could possiblyapply to the whole industry. Jane isplanning a meeting to discuss thisinitiative early in 2012.Online marketingPaul Weston, Daniel Ricardo,Keith Ricardo: Strategy PlusStrategy Plus, as the sponsors ofthe Learning Zone, were much inevidence throughout the two daysproviding information on websitedesign and optimisation and adviceon social media.Paul Weston provided an interestinginsight for many into the use ofFacebook for business. He said thatit was a misconception that it wasonly for young geeks: 40% of usersare over 45. Facebook is anotherroute to market for most businessesthat capitalises on the statistic that78% of people say they trust referralsfrom friends.Paul explained that having apersonal Facebook page was usefulas it showed business people whoyou are. The closest businessrelationships we all have are withpeople that know something aboutour out-of-business lives. But if youare using Facebook for businessyou need a separate business page.Developing and using this page willhelp you develop what Paul called‘social proof’: confidence that youare genuine, knowledgeable andkeep your promises.He concluded by providing sometips on how to develop a Facebookpage and how to get engagementon it. He said that when people clickthe ‘Like’ button, they connect youwith all their followers and providethe opportunity for your commentsand ideas to go ‘viral’.Daniel Ricardo gave tips on how toconvert website visitors to business.He spoke about creating a goodinitial impression, ensuring simplenavigation, the importance ofheadlines and using strong imagesto break up text to make it moreCPC Driver UpdateLiz Heaton: Driving Standards AgencyLiz Heaton from the DrivingStandards Agency gave a briefpresentation about the Driver CPCqualification that will becomemandatory in 2014 for everyone whodrives an LGV professionally.She explained that the Driver CPCwas designed to provide ContinualProfessional Development forprofessional drivers that would helpimprove road safety and ensure thatdrivers were fully aware of changingregulations.The requirement is for allprofessional drivers to havecompleted 35 hours of trainingbefore the 2014 deadline. Newdrivers who started driving after2009 will also need to take an initialqualification. The training is acontinual process and may be donein blocks of seven hours to suiteach individual. There are around1,100 approved training centres inthe UK with over 2,600 courses tochoose from. The DSA maintainsstrict quality control on trainingcentres reserving the right to dropin unannounced to performinspections and seed mysteryshoppers when appropriate.Liz said that the quality of thetraining at centres was very high,however the DSA was keen to hearfrom drivers if they had anycomplaints and a dedicatedcomplaints e-mail address wasavailable:It will be an offence to drivewithout a Driver CPC, to ask anemployee to drive without one andto fail to carry a driver qualificationcard. The regulation will beenforced by VOSA.Making of a TV programmeMark Herrington: PickfordsMark Herrington from Pickfordsexplained how his company hadbeen involved in the making of theChannel 5 TV programme earlierthis year. ● January 2012The MoverREPORT: THE MOVERS & STORERS SHOW29He said that the first step hadbeen for the production company,Tiger Aspect, to make a four-minutetaster film to help them sell the ideato the TV companies. Filming hadbegun in April last year. Pickfordswas required to find enough willingcustomers to take part, which provedvery difficult. At the beginning theydidn’t offer any inducements tocustomers however, when itbecame obvious that not enoughwere willing to take part, they didoffer their customers someJane Finch of Movingetc... suggested acomparatively smalllevy on industrymembers wouldprovide enoughmoney to developa nationwide pressand TV campaign.encouragement including discountsand charitable donations. Marksaid the whole cost to Pickfordswas under £20,000.Pickfords had had no editorialcontrol over what was broadcast.The management at Pickfords hadonly seen the final cut two daysbefore it was due for broadcast.The programme had used only onecamera man – who turned up on amotorbike. There were no retakesor cuts so that the moves were notdelayed in any way.Pickfords had benefitted with adramatic increase in traffic to itswebsite and the halting of a negativetrend in enquiry levels. He also hopedthat the industry had benefitted byPickfords showcasing what wasinvolved in a move.Filming for the next series tookplace over Christmas and New Yearfor screening this spring.Death of theslug balancersHonorary Mo Bros Dave Ewart and Paul Bullock fromPHS Teacrate had their tashes whipped away by Pat Bryan,professional barber, at The Movers & Storers Show.Their sacrifice was forMovember, the men’s charitythat raises vital funds andpromotes awareness for men’shealth, specifically prostatecancer and other cancers thataffect men.Pat set up his barber’s shop aspart of the PHS Teacrate standat the Show and offered passersby, mainly men, a shave in returnfor a donation to the charity.Steve Jordan, editor of TheBEFORE:The National Guild of Movers& Storers offered four months’free membership to anyonesigning up at The Movers andStorers Show. Unfortunately, ifyou weren’t there it’s too late.Mover, was one who took Pat upon his offer. “I had never had aproper shave before,” he said.“It was a little piece of malepampering, something us chapsdon’t do too often.”By the end of the two days Paul,Dave and Pat had raised £300 forthe charity. Rumour has it thatDave has already grown his back(on the insistence of Mrs. Ewart);at the time of going to press Paulremains facially naked.AFTER:Free Guild membershipWhat are the odds on the Guildhaving another punt on the ideanext year?● Below: worth a punt? The Guild offer of freemembership was represented at the show by alife-size gift horse, no less.● Left: Paul Bullock and Dave Ewart with andwithout their hair-based facial accessories.Above: in the chair - Paul gets the full groomingexperience, courtesy of barber Pat Bryan.Who’s inthe chair?Who is braving the barber’sblade and contributingnobly to the cause of men’shealth in the shape of theMovember charity? Can’tguess? Why it’s none otherthan The Mover’s very ownEditor, Steve Jordan!

30 The MoverJanuary 2012 ● THE MOVERS & STORERS SHOWTHE SECOND BIG DEBATEShould you joina trade association?For many moving companies the decision whether or not tojoin a trade association is a major one. What will be the benefits,what will it cost, what are the entry requirements? The secondBig Debate at The Movers & Storers Show in Telford tried to shedsome light on the subject.Wayne Bishop from SilverFox, who is not a memberof any trade association,Brian Maidman from Maidmans, whohas been a member of BAR for manyyears, and Gordon Rafferty, who isa long-standing Guild memberformed the panel.Brian said that being a member ofBAR had enabled him to get to knowa large number of other movingcompanies very quickly. This hadbeen vitally important as a sourceof knowledge, assistance and advicefor him. He said that whatever helpa member needed it was availablethrough the head office in Watford,through the conference, Areameetings and road shows, or justfrom other members.Wayne had started hisbusiness some yearsago and decided tostay independent ofany trade association.Gordon said he started as a manand van company in 2004. Afterfirst approaching BAR he chose tojoin the Guild as a way of projectinga more professional approach. Theadvice and training provided hadallowed him to grow well in recentyears and even remain level thisyear. But he said that if you are amember of a trade association itwas important to use it and sell thebenefits to the customer.Wayne had started his businesssome years ago and decided to stayindependent of any trade association.He said that he had built his brandby reputation, saved the money hewould have paid out in fees andhad still grown year on year. Headmitted, however, that had hebeen a member of BAR he wouldhave had more opportunity to securelarger moves. In future he wouldconsider joining to help his companyexpand further.One major issue was the problemof the amount of effort tradeassociations make to sell theirbenefits to the public. The meetingfelt that this was inadequate andthat this was a major reason whymore companies didn’t apply tojoin. Brian said that he felt that BARhad improved in recent years withthe redevelopment of the websiteand the introduction of the Code ofPractice which was a very good toolto promote to the public. Gordonsaid that the Guild too had enhancedits website but acknowledged thatmore needed to be done all roundto educate the public.The general feeling amongst thenon-member companies seemed tobe that until the public is more awareof the trade associations there waslimited benefit in joining.Questions from the audiencerevolved largely on the subject ofstandards, formal or otherwise,within the industry. Brian said thateveryone wanted to see standardsimprove. Alistair Dean said that hethought BAR should be the standard,that subscriptions should doubleand inspections should be madeevery year.In what was something of adiversion from the main topic ofconversation, Geoff Salt from theGuild asked, on behalf of a jointmember, for Brian Maidman tocomment on the loss of members’funds through BAR over the lastfew years caused by the allegedfraudulent activity of a member ofstaff. Brian said that it was asensitive subject and not somethingthat was appropriate to discuss atthat meeting.● Against the clock - competitors struggled to solve the packing puzzle.The Krypton Factorcomes to TelfordThe packing competition atTelford, devised by M>ransport, looked like ithad been created by a fan of theKrypton Factor – the ITV gameshow that graced our Mondaynights until 1995. And so it provedthat superhuman skills wereneeded to complete the task.The idea was simple. Tworemoval specialists from M>ransport, Paul Lancett andRichard Mason, packed a storagepallet with cartons and packeditems, then unloaded the box.All the contestants had to dowas put them back where theybelonged in the shortest possibletime. Sounds easy enough.Well, no it wasn’t. It was, in fact,very tricky. Nobody managedto get all the packages back inthe box and everyone waspenalised two minutes for eachpiece left out. In the end it wasthe chaps from BritanniaBennetts, Alan Bennett andNigel Gilks, who did the best joband went home with the trophy.Just to demonstrate that itwas indeed possible, Paul andRichard tidied up after thecompetition by putting everythingaway. Mind you, they cheated –they’d done it once before!● Left: Richard Masonand Paul Lancett – theexperts. ● January 2012The MoverREPORT: THE MOVERS & STORERS SHOW31AND THEWINNER IS ...Bring on the trucksGleaming and polished, the trucks rolled into the TelfordInternational Centre for the 2011 truck show. Only threecould drive away with the silver but all deserved applause.There were three categories:best small removals van; bestvehicle from a small company,best vehicle from a large company.The judges had an easy job inthe ‘small company’ category asonly Jason Winters entered withhis Mercedes Actros fitted withan Ekert body. It was greatly overengineered but fabulous anddesigned to last for a generation.He would have been a worthywinner in any company.The ‘large company’ categorywas more competitive with thejudges torn between the MercedesActros from Apak Removals, thesparkling MAN from JamesRemovals, or the more traditional,but beautifully turned out DAF 45from Abels. In the end it was theMAN and the enthusiasm of itsdriver Gary Venugopal that won out.The small van category gave thejudges the greatest heartache.The choices were very different: a1953 Morris 8 van from F. Rainbowand Son; a Renault Master LowLoader from APAK; a similar (butnot quite so clean) Vauxhall fromMoveCorp; and the beautiful IvecoDaily from Matthew James. Aftermuch deliberation the judgeschose the APAK Renault over theIveco purely on the grounds ofpracticality as a removals vehicle,ignoring the potential foroverloading that the vehiclerepresented.The prizes were presented bythe competition’s sponsor, PhilipWildman of Basil Fry.● F. Rainbow and Son’s1953 Morris 8 van.● From the top down: Gary Venugopa fromJames Removals with his stunning MAN;Jason Williams and son Luke with the EkertMercedes; Nathan Pearson and Tom Saunders,with the APAK Renault; The beautifulIveco from Matthew James wasimmaculate but lost outon practicality.

32 The MoverJanuary 2012 ● INTERNATIONALCrown Worldwide acquiresJohn Nurminen Prima (JNP)The Crown Worldwide Group has announced its acquisition ofJNP, a specialist fine arts logistics company with 115 employees.● Back, left to right: Rob Foote, Chief Financial Officer - EMEA, Crown Worldwide Group; Peter Lonnblad, JNP;Markus Aalto, JPN. Front, left to right: David Muir, Chief Executive Officer - EMEA, Crown Worldwide Group; JanLonnblad, Managing Director - Jon Nurminen OY.This acquisition enablesCrown Fine Arts toconsiderably strengthenits service offering in thefine arts logistics sector.Crown Fine Arts has been providingspecialised fine arts packing andtransportation services since 1989with fine arts ‘Centres of Excellence’(CoE) in London, Paris, Milan, Dubaiand Hong Kong and operating fromover 200 locations worldwide. TheseCoEs will now be extended toWe are pleased thatthis high quality fineart business is beingfurther developedby Crown ...”Jan Lonnbladinclude the existing JNP locationsin Amsterdam, Beijing, Berlin,Brussels, Frankfurt, Helsinki,Moscow, Munich, St Petersburg andShanghai.JNP serves museums, art galleries,auction houses and collectors toarrange the installation, storage,packing, transport, internationalshipping, collection care andrestoration of artworks andantiquities. It will benefit from thebacking and investment that Crown’snetwork can provide.Jan Lonnblad, Managing Directorof the Finnish parent company,John Nurminen OY, commented:“This divestment is the last of ourfully owned logistics companies, aswe move strategically into newbusiness areas, such as renewableenergy and the cleantech sector. Weare pleased that this high qualityfine art business is being furtherdeveloped by Crown as part of theirexpansion plans.”David Muir, Chief Executive Officer,Crown Worldwide Group - Europe,Middle East & Africa said: “The fineart market is highly specialised,with clients demanding world classlevels of expertise and appreciation.John Nurminen Prima is wellestablished, with excellentcredentials and a first class clientlist including internationallyrenowned museums and institutions.We welcome this highly experiencedteam, led by Fred Weijgertse, sothat continuity of service for allclients is assured.”John Nurminen Prima will continueto trade under its existing nameduring a transitional phase beforeassuming the Crown Fine Arts brand.MOL now presentin Eastern EuropeMitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL), one of theworld’s largest global multimodaltransportation companies, will take over allthe agency activities carried out on itsbehalf in the Czech Republic, Slovakia,Slovenia and Hungary as part of its strategyto grow closer to customers. Currently allMOL agency activities in these countries areperformed by Multi-Shipping and thetransfer of responsibilities will take effect asof 1 February, 2012.Jochen Veldmann, Executive DirectorArea for MOL Europe, said the company isestablishing its own presence to increase itscommitment to the fast-growing region ofEastern Europe. “The decision to serve theseimportant markets with our own organisationis part of MOL’s company-wide strategy tohave our own people on the ground andgrow closer to our customers.”Awards for MoveOne RelocationsMove One Relocations was recentlyhonoured by Brookfield GlobalRelocation Services and WeichertRelocation Resources Inc. at the ERC GlobalWorkforce Symposium held in Denver, USAin October. Move One Relocations wasselected to receive the ‘Strategic PartnerAward’ from Brookfield, a trusted globalleader in the management of internationalrelocation and assignment servicesthroughout the world.Weichert (WRRI), also a top globalrelocation and assignment managementcompany, presented Move One with anAward for ‘Innovative Solutions’.Both awards reflect the growing andconsistent partnership that has developedbetween Move One and these leadingrelocation management companies. MoveOne said it finds it very rewarding to see itsefforts recognised.Britannia Movers Internationalhas raised over £6,500 forCancer Research by entering ateam in the Amsterdam marathonthat took place on Sunday 16October, 2011. The team had beentraining since the start of the yearfor the event.The weather was good for running,not too hot or windy. Althoughsome of the runners went throughsome tricky patches the generalfeeling was that being part of ateam had helped them through.PD Ports HullContainer Terminalgears up for growth● Hull container terminal.PD Ports operated Hull Container Terminalrecently completed the re-configuration ofits container cranes to increase the facility’sefficiency and meet growth expectations.The smallest of the three rail-mounted ship-toshoregantry cranes, which weighs 650 tonnes,was moved to allow the terminal’s two biggestcranes to be positioned alongside each other.Paul Mcgrath, PD Ports Hull General Manager,said: “We moved one of our two larger 35 tonnecapacity quay cranes to allow them to operatealongside each other, rather than being separatedby our smaller 29 tonne capacity crane. By changingthe set up, our two larger cranes will become ourmainline cranes, while the smallest will becomeback-up. This will help increase the speed at whichwe can process vessels and therefore maximiseoperational capacity to meet future growth.”The two larger cranes have also been electricallyrefurbished, which involves switching the drivesfrom a low-voltage system to a high-voltagesystem to improve efficiency, while the third cranewill undergo a partial electrical refurbishment.Mcgrath said its two major existing customers,Samskip and ESL/MacAndrews, are expectinggrowth and he also expects the terminal to attractnew customers.The cranes were moved by heavy lift expertSarens. The crane was jacked up on a mobile heavylifttrailer and moved back further into the quayside, allowing the other two cranes to be movedfurther along the quay wall. Finally, the jacked-upcrane was positioned back on the quay rails.Britannia runs for Cancer ResearchPlans are already being madefor next year’s event, the ChicagoMarathon on Sunday 7 October.● Left to right: Michelle Byatt, Tom Wicks andVinny Byatt pick up their numbers at the MarathonExpo Olympic Stadium. ● January 2012The Mover 33Simpson’s of SussexWho can offer the best rates andthe best service to Scandinavia . . .The Scandi-man can...Scheduled Weekly Service to:Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Holland, Belgium,GermanySimpson’s of Sussex LtdUnit A, Shortgate Industrial EstateBroyle, Nr Halland, Sussex BN8 6PHT 01825 880040E britanniasimps@aol.comwww.simpsonsofsussex.comMemb. No: S031

34 The MoverJanuary 2012 ● ON THE ROADCompulsory driver training isstill causing sleepless nightsBy September 2014 all lorry drivers in Europe must have completed 35 hours of training incompliance with Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (DCPC) requirements.● Waiting game - industry seems reluctant to invest in driver training.However, according tothe Freight TransportAssociation (FTA),nearly half of memberssurveyed claim that meeting theirEU driver training requirements isa major concern, second only torising fuel costs.The DCPC was introduced overtwo years ago, but industryconcerns – including an annualdriver employment churn in somesectors of up to 20% – have madeindustry reluctant to invest in thiscompulsory training.Isobel Harding, FTA’s NationalTraining Manager, said: “Toughtrading conditions, high fuel costsand traditionally slim profit marginsmean that budgets are stretchedacross the industry; it is thereforeunderstandable that uptake hasbeen sluggish. While awareness ofthese training obligations is high,there is a manifest reluctance from“... there could beas much as a 30%shortfall in thenumber of legallyqualified drivers ofheavy goods vehiclesbefore 2014.”Isobel Hardingindustry to invest in training driverswhen there is a good chance thatby the time the deadline comesaround those same drivers mightbe working elsewhere. But thisapproach could leave manycompanies twisting in the wind asthe deadline approaches and demandfor good value and meaningfultraining outstrips supply.”Latest figures from the DrivingStandards Agency show that thenumber of qualified HGV driverscould be well short of the 35 hoursmark approaching the 2014deadline. Although there is ademonstrable improvement in theuptake of Driver CPC, particularlyduring 2011, there is a reducingwindow of opportunity which willrequire an accelerated uptake tomeet the deadline in 2014.Assuming that drivers shouldspread their training evenly byundertaking seven hours a year forfive years, FTA has determined thatthe current shortfall stands at 46%.With 1,100 approved centres andat least 271,000 courses still to bedelivered, the longer companiestake to book their training the moreunsustainable the pressure will beon training delivery. The likelihoodis that this will translate into highercosts and harder to find seats.Harding continued: “We knowthere is a considerable shortfall inthe number of drivers on track tohaving completed their allottedtraining by the September 2014deadline. In most cases this isn’tabout lack of awareness but moreabout businesses weighing up theiroptions. By playing this game though,they could be leaving themselvesexposed to a lack of choice andmore cost.”“The logistics sector comprises veryprofessional firms who completelysupport efforts to professionalisethe industry and improve roadsafety and many of our membershave invested heavily in ensuringthat Driver CPC works for them.However, by delaying theinevitable these companies couldbe walking a dangerous line.”“The current gap of five milliontraining hours is getting worse andwe predict there could be as muchas a 30% shortfall in the number oflegally qualified drivers of heavygoods vehicles before 2014. Shouldthis happen, the impact on the UKeconomy could be devastating,with a downturn in productivitycoupled with loss of sales for manymillions of businesses that dependon road haulage.”DRIVER CPC –ZERO TOLERANCEKidds Services from East Yorkshire supplyCPC training to the UK moving industry.Philip Kidd said that many companiesare burying their heads in the sand thinkingthis will go away. “If you are a lorry driver whohas held a vocational licence (C.C1, CE, C1E)prior to 10 September, 2009 you will haverequired rights until 9 September, 2014. If youwant to continue driving professionally afterthat time you must have, by then, clocked up35 hours of periodic training,” he explained.“New drivers will need to pass the InitialQualification to gain their vocational drivinglicence and qualify for their Driver CPC. For anew driver the requirement to undertake theminimum 35 hours training to retain theirDriver CPC will start once they have passedtheir test to drive.”The DSA is offering no tolerance after 2014.Any driver stopped by the police or the Ministryof Transport who has held a licence from 10September, 2009 must have in his possessionhis driver’s card stating that he has 35 hoursperiodic training. The expiry date will beSeptember 2019.It is the responsibility of the driver tocomplete the 35 hours of training and it is theresponsibility and a legal requirement forcompanies and agencies to ensure that thedriver has it before they let them drive. It isagainst the law for an employer to send adriver on revenue-earning duties without avalid CPC.If a driver is stopped after September 2014and does not have a current driver card thevehicle will not be able to move until his companysends a driver who does.PenaltiesIt is the employer’s responsibility to ensure thatdrivers hold up to date cards. While drivingprofessionally it is a mandatory requirementfor all vocational drivers to have their DQC(Driver’s Card) in their possession at all times.Failure to produce the DQC at the roadside ifasked to provide it can result in a fine of up to£1,000. If a driver is caught with a forgedlicense, or making a false statement, the finecan be up to £5,000.Read The Mover online ● January 2012The Mover 35NEWS: ON THE ROADLow Emission Zone willtransform London’s streets● XF105s roll off the DAF production line.Advancing transportefficiency with greener DAFsA Limited Edition DAF XF105 model has been released and isnow available for demonstration and to order, providing buyerswith the most fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly DAFtractor unit ever made.Built at the Leyland Trucksplant in Lancashire, thenew Limited Editionmodels, also available onthe CF model range, mark anevolutionary change in DAF’sprogress in delivering cleaner andmore fuel-efficient trucks.Available with the ultra-frugalEuro-5 PACCAR 12.9-litre MX engine,producing 460hp and certified toEEV (Enhanced EnvironmentallyfriendlyVehicle) Standard, thesespecial models provide enhancedfuel economy and lower runningcosts as well as being greener,thanks to a range of transportsolutions for DAF vehicles collectivelyknown as Advanced TransportEfficiency (ATE).ATE features Engine Idle Shutdown,which automatically switches theengine off after five minutes idlingtime thereby preventing unnecessarywaste of fuel and emissions. Inaddition the speed limiter can befactory specified at 85 km/h insteadof 89 km/h to help reduce overallfuel consumption. Enhanced fueleconomy information is shown onthe driver’s information panel inthe dash, helping drivers to get thebest from the vehicle by encouragingan economical driving style.Also part of DAF ATE are recentenhancements to the MX engine tofurther improve efficiency and fueleconomy. A number of changes havebeen made to the 12.9-litre engineat ratings up to and including 460hp;optimising the combustion process,reducing mechanical losses (internalengine friction; inertia energy) andreducing thermal losses (less wasteheat). These changes all help to makethe MX even more fuel efficient.It is not purely about mechanicalenhancements because the LimitedEdition comes with a host ofadditional features. Distinctive in ‘IceWhite’, the spacious andbeautifully finished XF105 SuperSpace Cab has been enhanced witha high specification that includesrefrigerator, microwave, Xtracomfort mattress and skylights.Further features include the MXengine brake, which enhances thebraking system and reduces wearand tear, along with a 12-speed ASTronic automated manual gearbox.The 6x2 tractor units also include a525-litre aluminium fuel tank andsliding fifth wheel, with AlcoaDurabrite aluminium wheelscompleting the picture.The DAF dealer network is readywith Limited Edition models fordemonstration drives and assessment.These vehicles have been customordered to reflect the wide range ofconfiguration options available tothose who want to further enhancetheir trucks.With little more than a monthleft until the new Low EmissionZone is introduced, new researchby the Society of Motor Manufacturersand Traders (SMMT) has shown that ofthe 3.57 million vans on UK roads at theend of 2010, 31.1% were not eligible forLondon’s new Low Emission Zone (LEZ)that comes into effect on 3 January,2012. More surprising is the fact thatLondon exceeded the national averagewith 37% of vans (almost 85,000) notmeeting the emission standards.The changes to the LEZ will requirelarger vans, minibuses and other specialistdiesel vehicles to meet Euro 3 emissionstandards in order to be driven withinthe LEZ without paying a daily charge.Typically, Euro 3 vehicles are thoseregistered after 1 January.“It’s not only emissions that improvewhen owners and operators upgrade,fuel efficiency also gets better, returningreal-world benefits on top of the LEZsavings,” said Paul Everitt, SMMT ChiefExecutive. “SMMT anticipates a slight risein commercial vehicle registrations inthe last quarter of 2011 as owners andoperators buy into more efficient,compliant vehicles. The CV market has● The Mercedes ‘aero trailer’.Aero trailer designcuts fuel consumptionMercedes has come upwith a trailer designwhich it says cuts windresistance by 18% and fuelconsumption by nearly 5%,according to a design study thatgoes by the working title ‘aerotrailer’ and shows how it is possiblebeen strong all year and is up 20% for theyear-to-date. It’s clear that thosebusinesses and individuals running vansand trucks in the capital have alreadybegun to renew their vehicles and we’llbe watching with interest how the marketperforms over the next few months.”The LEZ will continue to apply to HeavyCommercial Vehicles (HCVs) but from 3January, 2012 the regulations willdemand an increase from Euro 3 to Euro4 standards. Vehicles first registered asnew on or after 1 October, 2006 will meetthe Euro 4 standard.Transport for London provides furtherdetail and guidance on the London LowEmission Zone, the vehicles affected andoptions open to commercial vehicleoperators on its website: reduce yet further the alreadylow consumption, and thereforealso the CO 2 emissions, of stateof-the-arttrucks such as the newActros. The study was presentedfor the first time at the “Trailer2011” show which took place inNovember in Kortrijk, Belgium.

36 The MoverJanuary 2012 ● EXCESS BAGGAGElocations across the UK, turns over£2 million a year in retail luggagesales and fights for prime locationswith Tie Rack.The corporate marketCorporate relocation is not somethingthat in the past sat well with theExcess business model. However,as procurement has increased itshold on purchasing so the corporatemarket has played into its hands.“Many companies have decided toby-pass the HR and procurementfunctions completely preferringto give employees a lump sumallowance,” said Ian. “This suits usbetter because we are dealingdirectly with the customer. We areeven developing web pages sothese customers can book directusing a portal customised for theircompanies. It’s becoming a muchbigger part of what we do.”● Left to Right: Ian MacLeod, Managing Director; Alex Gatt, Global Moves Sales Supervisor; Gourav Jalan, Manager, Waterloo sales office;Judyta Szyszka, Global Moves Administration Supervisor; Suhair Obaro, Operations Assistant Manager.Baggage to bags andall points in betweenExcess International Movers is one of thesuccessful companies that made its name asExcess Baggage Company in the emigrantmarket in the 1980s.Others fell by the wayside,but Excess prospered.Steve Jordan took thetrek down to NW10, tochat with David Elliott, the company’sChairman and Ian MacLeod, itsManaging Director, to find out howthey did it.David Elliott started ExcessBaggage in 1983 having migratedfrom his native Scotland. He hadworked in the baggage industry inLondon but was unimpressed withthe level of customer service. Hefigured he could do better. He andIan MacLeod had been at universitytogether and, when he was lookingfor work, David took him on as adriver.“In the early days it was just meand David sitting in our office nearWandsworth Bridge willing thetelephone to ring,” said Ian. But afterabout six months of struggle, andaided by some prominent advertisingin TNT and LAM magazines, thecompany began to take shape.“In the early days itwas just me and Davidsitting in our officenear WandsworthBridge willing thetelephone to ring ...”Ian MacLeodAt that time it was all baggageshipments to and from Australia,New Zealand and South Africa. Buteven then David and Ian had somerevolutionary ideas. “We bought anAnsafone,” explained David.“Nobody else answered the phoneout of hours.”Inevitably baggage turned intoremovals and the company movedout of central London into NWLondon. “It was easy to get suckedalong,” said Ian. “If people hadshipments that were borderlinebetween baggage and removals wedidn’t say no.”By the end of the decade thecompany was a mover. It joined theBAR Overseas Group and becameFIDI members. “People alwaysregarded us with suspicion becausewe did things differently,” saidDavid. “I remember we attended aconvention and someone saidincredulously, “I hear you takecredit cards!” And indeed they were.That forced the rest of the industryto do likewise. “A lot of our customerswere from overseas so it was easierto use credit cards.” The commissionwas well worth paying.The airport businessExcess Baggage is still the companyname for its retail service providedat airports and railway stations. Itwas in 1991 that David recognisedthe opportunity of providing anunaccompanied baggage servicefor people who were not preparedto pay the excess baggage rate tothe airline. “We started the serviceat Heathrow three days after thestart of the first Gulf war,” Davidexplained. “Not the best time.” Butit was a new, different business andit brought the company into theretail market selling bags to airportcustomers. “BAA were surprisedthat it went so well. They also askedus to handle their left luggage.Gradually we expanded to otherterminals and to railway stations.”Today Excess Baggage is at 35InternetAs a confirmed early adopter it’s nogreat surprise that in 1997 ExcessInternational Movers was one ofthe first moving companies outsidethe USA to have an online presence.Most of us hadn’t even heard of theInternet at that time. “It was obviouslygoing to be important so we wantedto make sure we could hold ourown on the web,” said David. Headmits, however, that he did makesome mistakes. He bought the about ten yearsago and never did much with it. Itdoes, however, now link to theExcess International site.Trade groupageA large part of the company’sshipping today is trade groupage. Ithas been hit hard by the recessionin the industry partly from reducedvolumes and also because manyother companies have entered themarket in an effort to supplementtheir own incomes. Nevertheless,frequencies to the traditionalmarkets are holding up well as areservices to Hong Kong and Thailand.The company’s relationships withits overseas agents are both strongand long standing. Reciprocalwork maintains a regular flow ofinbound work.Continued innovationNothing stands still for long atExcess. Its retail luggage brandLuggage Express is doing well andis top of the Google listings. Try justGoogling the word ‘luggage’.Excess has also recently opened anew service called Cloakroom the Westfield shopping centres ● January 2012The Mover 37MOVING MOVIES: MY WEEK WITH MARILYNin West London and Stratford inEast London. Rather than strugglewith heavy shopping bags theservice allows visitors to buy itemsand have the store deliver them toCloakroom Co. on the site, eitherfor collection at the end of the dayor for delivery to their home. Ifshoppers are visiting from overseas,the items can be shipped (or flown)back for them. No more achingarms at Christmas time!We always try to dowhat the customersexpect. What yousee is what you getwith us. We don’tcut corners.”David ElliottTitle:My Week With MarilynDirector:Simon CurtisStarring:Michelle Williams, Kenneth Branagh,Eddie Redmayne, Emma Watsonand Dame Judi DenchClassification:15Genre:DramaRun Time:96 minThe secret of successAs always success comes from thetop and it is the drive and ingenuityof the key players that gave thecompany the opportunity to succeed.“We have always had a ‘can do’attitude,” said David, pointing, asan example, to a van in the yardsignwritten: ‘Rapid Van and Man’.It’s there just to take people’s goodsfrom their home into the self storeas he recognises that this is a breakin the logistics chain. “It won’t makeus rich but it does work.” David wenton to say that he is always lookingfor new opportunities. “We alwaystry to do what the customers expect.What you see is what you get withus. We don’t cut corners.”David and Ian are modest abouttheir achievements and reservetheir greatest praise for their staff.They acknowledge that much oftheir success is down to their young,enthusiastic team of very talentedpeople. “They are the future of thecompany,” said Ian, “and aninspiration to us all.”Read The Mover online Jay is a student of film atRedborne College in Bedfordshire.A week was a long time with MarilynThis inspiring film is the truestory of how the assistant ofLaurence Olivier, ColinClark (Eddie Redmayne), metand fell in love with MarilynMonroe (Michelle Williams)while he was working on the setof The Prince And The Showgirl.Kenneth Branagh brilliantlyplayed the easily frustrateddirector and co-star of the film,Laurence Olivier. Olivier isconsidered one of the bestactors that has ever lived, so tofill his shoes must not only havebeen a hard job to do, but anhonour; Kenneth did anexcellent job of it. EmmaWatson left her wand and robes● Marilyn (Michelle Williams) with her playwright husband Arthur Miller (Dougray Scott).at home to play the shy wardrobeassistant who gets used by ColinClark. Judi Dench plays actressDame Sybil Thorndike whoseems to be the only personwho will let Miss Monroe off forbeing a bit of a diva. Well, apartfrom Colin Clark of course.Supporting roles include actorsDougray Scott, Dominic Cooperand Zoe Wanamaker.Michelle Williams has done afantastic job portraying MarilynMonroe. She showed her funny,frustrating and flirty sidesbrilliantly. I couldn’t imagineany present day young actressdoing a better job than she did.She had to gain weight for therole and worked with achoreographer to help perfectthe Monroe walk.It’s more aimed at women, butif men get forced to go and see it(like my brother was) they willenjoy it too - if only to ogle atMichelle and Emma. If you missit in the cinema you must buy iton DVD.Upcoming films:New Year’s Eve came out in December so you canstill catch it. This star-filled cast looks like it couldbe the American version of Love Actually. RobertDe Niro, Halle Berry, Zac Efron and the amazingJon Bon Jovi are just four out of 18 of the hugestars that will be appearing in this film.If you like plenty of action you are in for a treatin January with Haywire starring Ewan McGregor,Channing Tatum (Step Up), Antonio Banderasand Michael Douglas. With this cast it is bound tobe great. ● January 2012The Mover 39NEWS: PRODUCT/CROSSWORDOver 700,000 drivingminutes gained throughStoneridgeOn 1 October, 2011 the new ‘One Minute Rule’ tachographlegislation came into play, meaning that all new trucks mustnow be fitted with a ‘One Minute Rule’-ready tachograph.Puzzles1 2 3 4 5 6 78 910 1112 13 1415 1617 18 1920 21Six months ago the SE5000Exakt TM became the first‘One Minute Rule’-readytachograph on the market. Todate it has now helped over 5,000operators see how much drivingtime they can gain through theStoneridge Comparison Tool. Byuploading their VU data, operatorshave gained a total of over 700,000extra drive minutes.LED Autolampsannounces newEurolamp 7LED Autolamps has introduceda brand new, heavy dutyEurolamp 7F rear light clusterto its existing range of heavy dutytrailer lamps, which incorporates atriangular reflector and amber side● The Eurolamp 7.● The first ‘One Minute Rule’-ready tacho on themarket - the SE5000 Exakt TM .With an average of 45 minutesextra driving time per driver perday, the SE5000 Exakt TM could payfor itself in less than eight weeks.Furthermore, this time savingcould mean fewer infringements,more deliveries for fleets and morerevenue for their business.marker lamp. This new introductionto the range comes with a five-yearwarranty and compatibility with thecompany’s new and easy wiringharness system.The lamp’s embedded electroniccircuit boards are potted front andback to ensure the clusters arewaterproof, dust proof and rated toIP67. With both ECE and RoHScompliances, the units are madefrom shock-resistant plastics fordemanding work environments.22 23 2425 26ACCROSS8 Compress (9)9 Boy (3)10 Pale brownish-yellowcolour (5)11 Abandon one’sprinciples (4,3)12 Bowling pin (7)13 Rolled tortilla (4)17 Metallic element (4)18 Width (7)22 Small hardy range horse (7)24 Pertaining to the moon (5)25 Number of toes (3)26 ___ steel: used tomake cutlery (9)DOWN1 TV show performer (5)2 Steadfast (8)3 Thoroughfares (7)4 Christmas decoration (6)5 Steps over a fence (5)6 Highest adult malesinging voice (4)7 Version of a book (7)14 Went along to an event (8)15 Horizontal angle of acompass bearing (7)16 Vexing (7)19 Style of music (6)20 Latin American dance (5)21 Timber framework (5)23 Having a sound mind (4)5 2 39 8 56 2 48 7 69 1 87 8 37 9 24 9 38 5 4Solutions on page 43.

40 The MoverJanuary 2012 ● COMMENTSYour CommentsWe asked you for your response to some of the stories wepublish in The Mover. Here are some of your comments.Re: Tackling completion datesThe Mover, November 2011, page 26Dave WilsonSmallmove Removalsand StorageDavid HalsallDavid Halsall Sons &Daughter Removals LtdI’ve been in removals almost aslong as Matt Faizey, in histerritory Redditch and Solihull.He knows this business inside outso I’m surprised he could expectthe public to move midweek. Manypeople work only a Friday morningnow, so taking a Friday off will costless in lost wages. If a weekdaymove should happen, they need totake at least one more day off workto unpack the bare essentials.Friends and family are not availableto help like they are at weekends.Solicitors need to dotheir jobs with theinterests of theirclient as priority, notjust cruise along withthe attitude ‘it’ll bedone when it’s done’.We have to accept that moveshappen on Fridays but we shouldseriously look at the bigger problemof last minute bookings and datechanges. A booking deposit wouldsound easy but if the customer isnot given a date by the solicitor, hewon’t give us a deposit.What does ‘pencil them in’ reallymean? We either book them or wedon’t. All removers have had thephone call on a Wednesday to saythe Friday move is off for a while.The customer has booked childminders, kennels, gas fitters, aerialfitters, etc. etc. He’s not the cause.Solicitors need to do their jobswith the interests of their client aspriority, not just cruise along withthe attitude ‘it’ll be done when it’sdone’. A date should be set well inadvance and adhered to. Everyoneneeds notice of a moving date, andthat date should not change.The Matt Faizey article in TheMover was the best article Ihave ever read from the removalman’s perspective of removals.Surely it is possible to give 4 to 6weeks for a ‘definite’ completion date.We are always hearing fromcustomers who were unable todispose of goods, because they aredownsizing, and did not dare sell ordispose of unwanted items in casethe sale of the property fell through.Other customers cannot place ordersfor furniture, etc. for the same reason.Surely banks and buildingsocieties could work out a formulafor mortgage repayments thatwould allow the customer to put10% deposit on the property theircustomer is buying.We have even had the ludicroussituation of both customers in a‘house exchange’ asking for aTuesday or Wednesday removaland the solicitors giving them aFriday removal.John SladeJourneys RemovalsWell! What an interview. Mattis at last someone on theBAR Board that talks senseand understands the frustrations ofour industry.I left the BAR membership due toits lack of vision and understandingwhat really is required within theindustry as I always had theperception that it is no more than aprivate members club, like the Guild:buy the product and you can be amember just comply to 1 or 2 criteria.The BAR members don’t seem towork for the collective good, tooshort sighted and one dimensionalFirst time I read anything that issensible and accurate for a long timein the industry, unfamiliar territoryhaving something in common witha BAR member. Well done Matt!● Part one of the Matt Faizey interview in November’s The Mover.Re: On quality and costingThe Mover, November 2011, Page 38MJ RyanBrytor InternationalMoving, CanadaGreat article on Maidman’sand Brian Maidman’scomments on ‘costing’were spot on! If you don’t knowwhat a job really costs then howdo you know if you are makinga profit? And I agree withMr. Maidman - EVERY job youdo should generate a profit.Thanks for the article andkudos to Brian for his success. ● January 2012The Mover41Wherever you are in the world,we have a service to suit youUK MoversTrade Groupage & FCL Services to Europeanand Overseas destinationstraderates@fox-moving.comOverseas MoversFull Origin & Destination Servicesin UK and Europeinternational@fox-moving.comRelocation CompaniesCorporate Moving ServicesDepartmentsales@fox-moving.comOr call Mike, Steve, Chris or Adele on:0800 866 923 or+44 1633 488100(Outside the UK)FIDI

42 The MoverJanuary 2012 ● COMPANIES ― THE COMPLETE PACKAGING SOLUTIONThe Simpson Packaging Group of Companies are the UK’s LeadingIndependent Supplier to the Removals and Storage Industry.WHY?• Competitive Pricing Structure• Twenty Five Years Family Owned• Own Fleet of Delivery Vehicles• Carton Manufacturer• Paper Converter• Massive Ex Stock Product Range• Direct to Client Deliveries• Professional Product Advice• Corporate Branding Options• ISO 9002 AccreditedTEL: 01924 869010FAX: 01924 437666EMAIL: ● January 2012The Mover 43DIARY DATES/CROSSWORDDiaryDatesWe’ve dug up a fewfacts that we thoughtyou may (or may not)find interesting.The most common namein the world is Mohammed.The dot over the letter ‘i’is called a tittle.MC Inaugural Meeting29 Feb – 3 March, 2012, Bangkok, ThailandProcurement National 201213 – 14 March, 2012, NEC, Birmingham, UKEuromovers12 – 15 April, Nice, FranceFIDI Annual Conference22 – 27 April, 2012, Boston, USACommercial Vehicle Show 201224 – 26 April, 2012, NEC Birmingham, UKOMNI Annual Conference28 April – 1 May, 2012, Miami Beach, USABAR Annual ConferenceUK 17 – 19 May, 2012, Beaumont Estate Hotel,Old Windsor,The PMA conference9 – 12 August, Legends Golf and Country Club,near Cape Town, South AfricaPuzzlesolutuionsThe word “samba” means “to rub navels together”.In Chinese, the words for crisisand opportunity are the same.It takes a lobster approximatelyseven years to grow to be one pound.Goat’s eyes haverectangular pupils.The ridges on the sides of coins are called reeding.A U S T S A EC O N S T R I C T L A DT S R N I T IO C H R E S E L L O U TR A E E E IS K I T T L E T A C OA E S G T NZ I N C B R E A D T HI S E L E TM U S T A N G L U N A RU A L G I D UT E N S T A I N L E S SH E A E G D S1 4 9 8 6 5 7 2 32 7 3 1 9 4 6 8 55 8 6 3 7 2 4 1 93 2 8 7 5 9 1 4 69 6 4 2 1 3 5 7 87 1 5 6 4 8 3 9 26 3 7 9 8 1 2 5 44 9 2 5 3 7 8 6 18 5 1 4 2 6 9 3 7

44 The MoverJanuary 2012 ● TRANSPORT SPECIALISTSG&R Removals UK and European service,worldwide shipping. Tel: 0208 994 9733E-mail: HEATHROW - Pet Travel Agentarranging flights, documentation, veterinaryrequirements, collections nationwide, IATAapproved air kennels, boarding, quarantine.www.airpets.comA.R.B FURNITURE REMOVAL LUTON VAN ANDDRIVER FOR HIRE. SHEFFIELD/UK Mainland.Single items to full house.Tel: 0114 2889003/07944 813389TO AND FROM THE HIGHLANDS OF SCOTLANDColin Mackenzie Removals, UK Weekly Service.Tel: 01955 651349E-mail: (55) DAF LF45-150 REMOVAL TRUCK7.5 tonne, Twin Sleeper, Euro 3, manual,internal ramps,Tel: 01902 7840402008 (58) MAN TGL10.210 REMOVAL TRUCK10 tonne, Sleeper Cab, Auto, Euro 3,Side Opening DoorsTel: 01902 784040BLUE REMOVALS OF FOLKESTONE,also piano moving specialists we alwayscare quality service since 2001. Pets carried.Tel: 07974 761 846DRIVER CPC – LANCASHIRE( In-house andon-site Periodic Training including weekends.Preston, Blackpool, Blackburn, Bolton.Tel: : 01772 732211 Mobile: 07929 631081RICHARDS U.K. TRANSPORTGeneral carriers & delivery service. Motorcyclemovers. Local and national – door to door.Tail lift serviceTel: 020 8398 3681NINE ARCHIVE KITS WITH DOORSAs new, £300 + VAT. Newark. 01636 613698ATK SPECIALIST REMOVALS AND STORAGE- expert in fine arts and antiques. UK-Europe.Based Hay-on-Wye. Tel: 01497 831 507ads are booked per unit ormultiples thereof, and run for a minimumof 12 months. 1 unit measures30mm (height) x 60mm (1 column) Professional smallmovers + trade assistance.Call/text Martin: 0773 026 3353MV03ERUnovelty number plate for sale.Call Mr Taylor on 01354 695698.WATSONS REMOVALSA great family business based inCounty Durham, reliable for portahire and return loads.Telephone Mick: 01325 354 913.1998 DAF FA55 18017 tonne, 5 containers, sleeper cab, taxedand tested, £3250 + VAT ONO.Telephone Peter Hartwell: 01452 617 600WEEKLY TO AND FROM THE ISLE-OF-MANHitchens (Removals & Storage) Ltd.Tel: 07624 496569 www.hitchensremovals.comMOVE-N-IT REMOVALS & STORAGENorthern Ireland based. Loads to/from UKmainland, trade loads, etc. Fully insured,call for best prices; 07540 706168.80 NUMBER 250 CUBIC FEET TIMBERCONTAINERS FOR SALE.South East London 0208 312 4545.NEED DRIVERS? INCREASED WORKLOAD?SICKNESS/HOLIDAYS? Supplying 24/7 acrossLondon & M25 usually within 1 hour.CALL 020 8453 4444; TRAINING & DRIVER CPC12 venues across London/M25 or At Your Site.Jaupt Accredited RTITB Qualified 020 8453 3440.Take a half-page ad or more andget a free link to your website LINEAGE ADS! Use a short classified advert of nomore than twenty words to sell your product or servicein The Mover and it will be included free of charge!Tel: 01908 695500; E-mail: ITALY AUSTRIA 01732 358900 ‘WHEN SERVICE MATTERS’

MALTA AD 60X60_Layout 1 30/01/2011 20:46 PageW o r l d w i d e R e l o c a t i o nFi n e A r t & A n t i q u e s S h i p p i n gMALTA & GOZORegular groupage everytwo weeks!Full destination services020 8832 2222Stephen Morris Shipping Plc, Unit 9, Ockham Drive, ● January 2012The Mover 45Greenford Park, Greenford. UB6 0FD UK.G&R E: Advert 60x60mm:Layout 1 20/10/08 16 01624629975MARKETPLACECALLISTERR E M O V A L SISLE OF MANCOMPETITIVE TRADE RATESFULL AND PART LOADS WEEKLYCONTACT JACKIE PIANOSPECIALISTSA family run business, Est. in 1968.LOCAL MOVING • WORLDWIDE SHIPPINGWEEKLY EUROPEAN SERVICERecommended by the worlds finest piano manufacturers,auctioneers, music colleges & academies.Mem. No G005100 BOLLO LANE, CHISWICK, LONDON W4 5LXTel: +44 (0) 20 8994 9733 Fax: +44 (0) 20 8995 0855Email: Switzerland to the expertsWeekly service to and from all areasFull or part loadsPre-advised delivery datesRates include normal customs clearance0161 877 5555diane@bradshawinternational.comwww.bradshawinternational.comBritannia Bradshaw22 sizes IATA approvedwooden air kennels6 sizes plastic Variair kennelsFor all your Pet exportrequirementswww. airpets.commover_ad_january_2012.indd 1 07/12/2011 14:29:34Telephone:Email: Web: www.airpets.comIreland Ireland Ireland Ireland IrelandWeeklyServiceto IrelandEmail: Trade@careline.ieTel: 00 353 1 6233832Web: www.careline.ieIreland Ireland Ireland Ireland IrelandTake a half-page ad or more andget a free link to your website

46 The MoverJanuary 2012 ● out anoverseassubscriptionto The MoverThe Mover magazine is distributed free in theUK but if you’d like your own copy sent to youin another country, just take out a subscriptionfor £100 a year and it will be delivered to youevery month anywhere in the world.Send in your stories tooAlthough The Mover is published in the UK ittries to include as many stories from around theworld as possible. So, don’t be shy. If you havesomething to say about what’s going on in yourcountry or a message for the members of theglobal moving industry, just tell The Mover andwe’ll tell the rest of the world.Don’t forget that all stories published in themagazine itself will be reproduced on allowing anyone the opportunityof reading them at any time. What’s more, yourstories will all carry a live link to your companywebsite making it east for search engines andreal people to find you.So, what are you waiting for? Time to get typing.To take out an annual subscription to The Mover just or telephone Nikki on +44 1908 695500.It’s the easiest way to keep in touch with news from the moving industry worldwide.Advertising Rate Card 2012Booking advertisementsE-mail or contact Nikki Gee on01908 695500 for more information or to make a booking.All prices are subject to VAT at the current rate.Overseas subscriptionsThe Mover is distributed free of charge to UK movers. Annualsubscriptions are available in Europe and the rest of the worldat a cost of £100 per year. E-mail orcontact Nikki Gee on +44 1908 695500 to subscribe.Copy datesBooking of adverts: 1st of the month preceding publication.Artwork for adverts: 8th of the month preceding publication.EnquiriesAll enquiries to:Nikki Gee, The Words Workshop,26 Swanwick Lane, BroughtonMilton Keynes MK10 9LD.Tel: 01908 695500; Email: NOTE:Advertising rates cover the cost of advert insertion only.Advertisers should provide their own advertising artwork. TheMover can generate new or amend existing artwork for anadditional charge. All advertising must be paid for in advanceby credit card.* Marketplace advertisements are booked per unit ormultiples thereof, and run for a minimum of 12 months.1 unit measures 30mm (height) x 60mm (1 column).1 – 4insertions5 – 8insertions9 – 12insertionsDISPLAYFull page £945 £920 £895Half page £600 £585 £570Quarter page £345 £335 £325Inside front cover £1155 £1125 £1095Outside back cover £1210 £1175 £1145Centre spread £1470 £1435 £1395MARKETPLACE*1 unit mono £420 (1 year) n/a n/a1 unit colour £525 (1 year) n/a n/aCLASSIFIEDLineage – up to 20 words FREE n/a n/aSemi-display – per column centimetre £25 n/a n/aVehicle for sale box £190 n/a n/aBox number for confidential responses £30 n/a n/aINSERTSLoose inserts (per 1000 A4 supplied) £160 n/a n/a

Trade SecretsFind out what you can achieve on-line withour trade groupage shipping services,and make sure you’re in the know.We’ve been in the business for30 years and offer frequentsailings on all routes to majordestinations worldwide.We’ll arrange shipment on the vesselpromised and nominate reliable FIDIagents at destination. With depots inLondon, Manchester and Glasgow weoffer a competitive groupage solutionwherever you are located.At Anglo Pacific we understandyour business and will ensurethat your goods are handledprofessionally from start tofinish.Visit our website or simply callour friendly experts andget the facts.Memb No: A026Our Services◆ Continuous receiving in London, Manchester and Glasgow◆ Worldwide LCL, FCL and airfreight services◆ Regular groupage services to Australasia, North America, South Africa, S.E. Asia, Dubai, Cyprus◆ On-line sailing schedule updates and shipment trackingFREEPHONE 0800 707 6093Or visit us at London, Manchester, Glasgow

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