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In an environment characterized by high selling costs, working capital crunch and

uncertain consumer spend projections; retailers and consumer goods manufacturers

are compelled to consider re-prioritization of the traditional technology strategies

including expenditure in the areas of IT application acquisition, development,

support, and maintenance.

Leading reports on Information Technology (IT) strategy and spending affirm

the continuing importance of IT for strategic success. Top CXOs want IT to serve

business strategy better, but current performance still falls short of expectations.

In the course of re-prioritization of strategies, improving efficiency and effectiveness

of business processes have become the top two IT priorities for organizations

while planning for the annual budget.

So what do efficiency and effectiveness mean? Effectiveness asks the question

“which one of these things should I do?” This is especially pertinent in the current

economic environment, when you can’t fund everything. Efficiency is now the

priority, and the key question a business needs to ask is, “Is this the right one to

do and am I doing it in the right way?” Technology has to be not only efficient,

but also effective to address business needs and challenges.

This brochure demonstrates the above theme through experiences we have had

with our customers across the retail enterprise and in core process areas such

as Multi Channel Retailing, Merchandizing Operations, Supply Chain Management

and Product Life Cycle Management for Private Labels. We hope that the

information provided herein offers our readers a perspective on business and

related technology imperatives required to bring about “Efficiency & Effectiveness”.

The theme discussed here is a trend that is being adopted by corporations

across the globe.

We would like to invite you for a discussion.

Shiv Ajagane

Vice President - Industry Solutions

Retail Practice







Retail Enterprise Information Management Systems (REIMS)

Multi Channel Retailing

Brick & Mortar Stores


Mobility Services

Merchandising Operations

Supply Chain Management

Product Development

Retail Enterprise Information Management Systems (REIMS)

Advances in the Market Place

Our experience in dealing with retail

industry leaders and reports from key

analysts indicate trends in real time decision

support systems, predictive analytics, social

analytics, clienteling (customer) analytics,

pervasive analytics, cloud analytics, data

management, downstream data driven

analytics and scalable analytics.

Real Time Solutions Enabled by

Mahindra Satyam’s Platform


The model comprises of

Enterprise-wide analytics solution for retailers

powered by iDecisions (Mahindra Satyam’s

reusable framework)

• Built on best practices using comprehensive

set of business process areas for

retailers. The framework is SCOR

compliant with a comprehensive data

model (ARTS compliant) that addresses

scalability and flexibility requirements for

benchmarking and reporting

• Rapid / Fail safe implementation methodology

Full suite of Business Intelligence, Data

Management and Data Warehousing

components with On-Demand Managed

services available on a Cloud Platform


Experience Highlights

Mahindra Satyam has developed a real time analytics

solution with a robust architecture that

helped a Fortune 100 Retailer in cutting down

the replenishment time for their online grocery

business by > 10 hours thereby ensuring on

time delivery to consumers. It has facilitated

real time decision making by eliminating data

islands & repetitive collection process

Helped a Fortune 10 company achieve >95%

data quality resulting in improved & informed

decision making with acknowledged savings of

>5 mn USD

Mahindra Satyam has worked with a leading

retailer in Africa to identify potential targets for

product portfolio rationalization. This was done

by analyzing sales trends that led to identifying

SKUS with high volatility and low sales. Benchmarking

existing performance in supply chain

against industry performance helped identify

areas for improvement and reconfigure threshold

levels for effective monitoring

“The basis of competition for winning companies in

today’s economy is supply-chain superiority” – Analyst

REIMS benchmarks with Industry Best Standards!

“If you don’t first determine where the gaps are in your business

process areas, you might be shooting blindly“ – Analyst

REIMS get it right for you!

This is the result of a lot of work and co-operation from the DW, Integration, ODS and

Replenishment Teams...Well done everyone - it went so smoothly I almost forgot that

it went live yesterday! First time the store reports are available for tonight’s fill RIGHT

NOW - about 10 hours earlier than before, and in plenty of time for the stores to assess

the situation and plan for the evening replenishment shift

- Project Manager for Direct business: Large European Retailer


Multichannel Retailing - Brick & Mortar Stores

Advances in the Market Place

Our experience in dealing with industry leaders

indicate trends in: Mobile POS, NextGen

POS, advanced payment features, loyalty

management, shelf space allocation, store

productivity, retail execution of promotional

events, and checkout efficiency.

Enabling Retailers Meet Stringent

Customer Satisfaction

• Fully enabled POS and BOS testing labs

in the Retail Solution Center to help customers

manage changes in seamless fashion with

“Right First Time” execution in the production


• Home-grown POS framework –

“Retail Sigma” for quick deployment

• eLearning package suite specifically

designed for store operations ramp-up for faster

on-boarding of personnel to meet the peak

hours and seasonal demand

Experience Highlights

Leading US Fortune 50 electronics retailer -

Development and deployment of custom POS

solutions in multiple European geographies.

Successful execution under stringent timelines

meeting complex geo specific requirements

through dedicated POS testing labs and COEs

Helped a global Fortune10 company with

3000+ convenience stores across the globe to

support its clients 24 x 7 with real time decision

making features like pricing analysis & modeling,

loyalty management, promotion management,

integration with corporate systems with

100% availability during business hours

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mahindra

Satyam associates for bringing in the right skill, attitude &

professional service to co-develop the unique bolt-on solutions

for this leading Pharma retailer in South Africa”


- Director – Leading POS solution product company

Multichannel Retailing - eCommerce Channel

Advances in the Market Place

Agile commerce, multi modal order /

delivery mechanism, web analytics,

synchronized data management across

channels, social media, channel

integration, emerging concept of

composite channel

Our Assets

Best Practices in handling Online Strategy

that includes Usability Analysis, Competitive

Analysis, Search Engine Optimization (SEO),

Predictive analytics, Channel effectiveness

Proven expertise in ensuring Web Channel

Effectiveness, Contact Center Optimization

and Perfect Order Fulfillment

Partnerships with leading ecommerce product


Experience Highlights

9 years of strategic relationship with a Global

Fortune 100 electronics retailer in providing

end-to-end B2B and B2C eCommerce solution.

Services span Development, deployment,

content management, integration and 24*7

support across the globe.

Design, development and implementation of

multi-pronged eCommerce solution with catalog

manager, virtual wallet based micro transaction,

social media and payment integration with

Level 4 SaaS (Scalable, Configurable, Multi-tenant)

feature for a leading gaming retailer

Enabled single business view across business

portfolio for a Specialty Retailer’s eCommerce

based pleasantries business. Multiple eCommerce

platforms were integrated into a single

platform to provide “One Version of the Truth”

“I am impressed by the Mahindra Satyam associates unwavering commitment to us

as a customer and the continued delivery of high quality work. This reaffirmed to me

why we chose Mahindra Satyam in the first place. It is all about the people. Mahindra

Satyam has very talented, highly skilled, motivated and committed professionals. This

is also one of the primary reasons, why we chose to continue with MahindraSatyam

as our long-term strategic partner.”

- Vice President & CIO – Rewards / Recognition Major


Multichannel Retailing - Mobility Services

Advances in the Market Place

Agile commerce, Mobile payments, NFC’s,

brand sites optimised to mobile devices,

smart phone adoption, mobile marketing,

digital analytics, mobile applications in

social media and gaming

Digital Strategy for Your

Enterprise Mobility Needs

Communication Enabled Business Transformation

(CEBT) services from Mahindra Satyam’s Business

Value Enhancement (BVE)Group

Mahindra Satyam’s own Unified Mobility Platform

(UMP), Capabilities on HTML 5.0

Comprehensive solutions that cover commerce,

marketing and operations apart from client specific

mobile applications spanning varied technologies

Innovative Value Added Services (VAS) - Assets and

Solutions (representative)

• E- couponing solution for retailers

• Secure, device independent, technology agnostic,

Near Field Communication (NFC) based solution

that enables mobile payment across different

channels including storage and access capabilities

for digital loyalty cards, Id cards etc.,

• Zip-Zap-Zoom POC – A customized solution

for grocery retailers with functionalities such as

mobile ordering and multiple delivery /payment


• Mobile based asset management, order

management, route management, routing,

customer call planning, monitoring contractual

obligations and real time sync up with corporate

systems for managing approval processes

iPad based solution for Quick Serve Restaurants

that converges all restaurant food and beverage

ordering systems


Experience Highlights

Helped a major APAC retailer in improving

the conversion rate of coupons through an

E-couponing solution thereby increasing the footfall

in stores

Strategic partner for a leading US Fortune 50

electronics retailer in development, testing

and deployment of a Mobile POS solution that

includes smart phones, across 1200+ stores in

the US using a rapid implementation approach

Helped a global Fortune 50 FMCG player manage

their assets, automate sales force, manage

customer feedback and sync up with corporate

systems in real time through mobile applications

Mahindra Satyam’s solution truly suits the

purpose of our mission and objectives in providing

unique customer experience –

‘In room integrated technology on iPad / iPod

Touch’ controlling every aspect in hospitality

including Innovative hotel check-in through

Microsoft Surface Technology at Hotel Reception,

Security Vision & remote door unlocking

through iPad, temperature control, , view of

their hotel expense, internet browsing,

interactive television, Movie / Music on

demand, online shopping linked to the souk

(market place) of the village and several

minute features like curtain adjustment in the

room & controlling mood lighting features.”

CIO – Large sports, retail and hospitality

leaders in the Middle East


Advances in the Market Place

Internationalization, rationalization of

categories and SKUs, optimization of

pricing/markdowns, advanced store

replenishment & platform consolidation

are some of the key trends that we see

with our clients

Investments on Successful “Speed-to-Market”


Retail Xpress Solution (based on the leading Oracle Retail V 13)

• Retail Xpress draws on Mahindra Satyam’s experience in the

retail sector to provide a framework for a comprehensive set of

business processes involved in managing international growth.

The ‘plug and play’ retail solution provides a range of features

which not only address core business processes such as sourcing

and merchandising but also comes with new features such

as Master Purchase Order and International Supply Chain.

• Retail Xpress also comprises of pre-configured tools and scripts

to help retailers achieve faster Return On Investment, improve

productivity and enable retailers to reduce time to market.

• The solution provide templates to help clients with a range

of processes from managing workflows, tracking and maintaining

stock in international locations to global merchandise

restrictions, tariffs and duty.

• Retail Xpress also allows the user to perform workflow tasks in

an integrated environment to provide greater visibility across

different departments and levels within an organization.

FASTtRACK Solution for Hypermarkets (based on SAP Retail Best

Practices V2.600)

• FASTtRack solution on IS Retail helps retailers improve

• Multi-channel efficiency

• Promotions and merchandise turnover

• The solution

• Closely integrates financials, planning, buying, supply

chain, store and multi-channel

• Contains pre-configured SAP building blocks supporting

retail business processes including pre-built reports and


• Includes plug-ins and process integration for SAP POS and

other third party POS solutions


Experience Highlights

Built a platform for international expansion

by successfully rolling out a stateof-the-art

retail merchandizing solution

in over 15+ countries for a leading USbased

apparel retailer

First single instance implementation of

Oracle Retail V 13

Development and support of Mission

Critical Applications including

Direct and cross dock

Order Management and Cost Price

Management for a leading Grocery Retailer

in Australia

’Not only was the implementation a

success, but the 30 day survey distributed

to all the users returned a greater

than 80 % end user satisfaction with

the system, … this is an outstanding

achievement just 30 days post go-live’’

- CIO of a Leading Fashion

Apparel Retailer

Supply Chain Management

Advances in the Market Place

Fulfillment centers, demand driven

supply chain, agility to scale up / down with

demand trend, collaborative S&OP,

transportation optimization, activity based

costing and ability to arrive at the total landed

cost accurately, supply chain visibility,

analytics on volume shift across channels

Driving Superior Business Performance

Through Supply Chain Excellence

Consulting Services – Supply chain strategy & performance,

supply chain process excellence covering areas such as Fleet

Optimization, Process Harmonization, Network Strategy

Design, Warehouse Management, Planning & Forecasting

“EQUAZION” – Performance analytics solution that enables

strategic & tactical decision making in supply chain strategy,

inventory optimization and cost-to-serve

Supply chain solution center for retailers with best-of-thebreed

products, accelerators and tools to simulate, build

POC’s on supply chain planning and optimization scenarios

Supply chain analytics solution powered by iDecisions

(A Mahindra Satyam IP)

OTM Xpress – Pre-configured supply chain visibility solution

enabled by Oracle Transportation Management

Niche supply chain capability in trading activities for retailers

enabled by GTM (Global Trade Management)

Regulatory compliance, legal trading conditions monitoring

and reporting through GTS (Global Trade Solution)

Sustainable SCM and Logistics solutions – Carbon &

fuel analytics solution, reduction of empty miles, energy


Experience Highlights

Helped a large Europe based Global

Fortune 100 retailer in gaining complete

supply chain visibility (PO trigger to goods

receipt at stores) and arrive at the factory

gate pricing model. Improved on-time

delivery by 14%, reduced cost per case

by 10%

Unraveled opportunities in improving

customer service level, improve forecast

accuracy levels, optimise supply chain

costs and reduce inventory levels through

a consulting led engagement for a leading

retailer in South Africa.

Helped a US Fortune 100 protein

major reduce the transportation spend by

5-6% with a grounds-up transportation

optimization solution

“Congratulations on implementing the inbound PO & passing UAT first

time round…we reviewed the reports today and were very impressed

with the results. Appreciate all your hard work.”

Project Manager – Supply chain visibility- Leading European Retailer


Product Development

Advances in the Market Place

Innovation management, product lifecycle

management for private labels, green

products, sustainability, engineering

solutions, time-to-market, regulatory

compliance, consumer analytics

Accelerating and Sustaining

Innovation in New world,

New Possibilities

End-to-end PLM solutions from consulting,

blueprinting, product evaluation, designing

the roadmap, implementation, and post implementation

support to Engineering solutions –

Artto- Part

Engineering solutions – Art-to-Part

Sustainability solutions delivering compliance,

cost reduction & competitive advantage

• Integrated Carbon and Fuel analytics


• Engineering solutions in Energy

management and equipment design

• Packaging development, testing

solutions on green initiatives

Design, develop and implement

sustainability reporting

Analytics & reporting

Experience Highlights

For a global Fortune 150 FMCG major - designed

and implemented a solution for “Ideation to

Realisation” thereby improving the stage gate

process and logical decision making to the end

Designed and built a product lifecycle management

solution for the private label range of

confectionary for a large Fortune 100 retailer

Helped a global Fortune 200 nutrition and wellness

giant cut down the design element of

packaging by >60%, achieve 100% accuracy

in proof reading, 100% compliance in process

and IT security audits for proprietary and client

confidential information

“I am very pleased with the progress. The team has worked

tirelessly until the last minute…. Now we have a fantastic package

to accelerate the innovation cycle as per the needs of R&D business.

I want each one of you to be proud of your work. You all have shown about

what a high performing team can do’’

- Head of Innovation center, Global FMCG major


About Mahindra Satyam

We are Mahindra Satyam (OTC: SAYCY), a leading information, communications and technology (ICT) company providing

top-class business consulting, information technology and communication services. Leveraging deep industry and functional

expertise, leading technology practices and a global delivery model, we enable companies achieve their business

goals and transformation objectives.

We are powered by a pool of talented IT and consulting professionals across enterprise solutions, client relationship management,

business intelligence, business process quality, operations management, engineering solutions, digital convergence,

product lifecycle management, and infrastructure management services, among other capabilities. Our development

and delivery centers in the US, Canada, Brazil, the UK, Hungary, Egypt, UAE, India, China, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia

serve numerous clients, including several Fortune 500 companies.

We are part of the $12.5 billion Mahindra Group, a global industrial federation of companies and one of the top 10 business

houses based in India. The Group’s interests span automotive products, aviation, components, farm equipment, financial

services, hospitality, information technology, logistics, real estate and retail.

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