Pickles and Relishes-Junior Under 14


Pickles and Relishes-Junior Under 14

Pickles and Relishes-Junior Under 14Exhibit 1 st Place 2 nd Place 3 rd Place 4 th Place 5 th PlaceSweet cucumber Alica Brister Madeline Theils Jacob Wilson Chloe Slayter Chase Slayterpickles (cut)Sweet cucumber Jacob Wilsonpickles (whole)Cucumber pickles Madeline Theils Jacob Wilson Jayda Dunn Halston Rachal Hunter Rachal(dill)Bread and butterpickles (cucumber)Jacob Wilson Samantha Moore CassideHumphriesBread and butter Samantha Moore Jacob Wilsonpickles (squash)Other vegetable Alica Brister Chase Slayter Chloe Slayter Katelyn Lowery Katie CouvillionpicklesPickled Okra Chase Slayter Chloe Slayter Jacob WilsonSalsa Madeline Theils Garrett Cook Samantha Shelby MertensDelrieFruit Pickles (any Monica Aguilerafruit)Squash Pickles Sam MonroePear relish Jonathan McBride Elizabeth McBride Joseph McBrideGreen tomatoPicklesChase Slayter Morgan Guidry Anna Ethridge

Pickles and Relish-Senior-14 and OverExhibit 1 st Place 2 nd Place 3 rd Place 4 th Place 5 th PlaceChow Chow Michael Wilson Megan NugentSalsa Adrianna Vallee Haley Williams Yana Leckie Michael WilsonHot sauce Adrianna ValleePickled Okra TJ Brown Carly Knowles Yana Leckie Hannah TealSweet cucumber Haley Williams Megan Nugent Marissa Tennisonpickles (cut)Other Vegetable Trenton Lizabeth Lee TJ Brown Michael WilsonpicklesBrownleeGreen Tomato Adrianne Vallee TJ BrownPicklesPear Relish Emily McBride Payton McBrideSweet cucumber Carly Knowlespickles (whole)Squash Pickles Adrianne Vallee Trenton BrownleeBread and Butter TJ Brown Dillion Humphries Haley Williams Michael Wilson Lizabeth LeePickles (cucumber)Fruit pickles (anyfruit)Haley Williams

Canned Fruits and Vegetables-Junior Under 14Exhibit 1 st Place 2 nd Place 3 rd Place 4 th Place 5 th PlaceGreen Beans Samantha Alica Brister Justin Pellerin Jacob WilsonMoorePeas Justin Pellerin Jacob WilsonSquash(diced &sliced) Anna Ethridge Jacob WilsonTomatoes Justin Pellerin Jacob WilsonBlackberries,dewberries,Jacob WilsonboysenberriesPeaches Jacob WilsonPears Jacob Wilson Monica Ethridge Samantha MooreBlueberriesJacob WilsonBlueberry Juice Jacob WilsonBlackberries,dewberries, Jacob Wilsonboysenberries JuiceMayhaw Juice Chase Slayter Chloe SlayterVegetable Soup MixJacob Wilson

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