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Dr Marzan Aziz Iskandar

Presentation•Indonesia Energy Mix toward 2025•Coal Reserves, Production, Consumption•Clean Coal Technology Program (CCT) inIndonesia- Brown Coal Liquefaction (BCL)- Up Grading Brown Coal (UBC)- Low Emission Lignite Mine Mouth PowerGeneration 2 x 600 MW•Other CCT Projects

Indonesia Energy Mixtoward 2025

Indonesia “Energy Mix” andCondition Toward 2025 Presidential Degree on National Energy Policy endorsedrecently, 25 January 2006 Reduce oil share from 55% (2005) to less than 20% in2025 Increase in 2025 in the use of :– Coal from 15.7% to more than 33%– Liquefied Coal to more than 2%– natural gas from 23% to more than 30%– Geothermal from 1.9% to more than 5%– Biofuel to more than 5%– Other New and Renewable Energy from 0.5% to more than 5% Reduce energy consumption intensity by 1% annually Improve energy infrastructure condition

Coal Share in Indonesia Energy MixEnergy Mix 2005Energy Mix 2025Oil 55%gas 23%Oil 17%gas 35%Geothermal 5%Coal15.7%New&Renew 5%Geothermal 1.9%New&Renew 4.1%Coal 38%

Coal Reserves, Productionand Consumption

Coal Reserves(x 10 6 ton)PROVINCEMineableReservesResourcesMeasured Indicated InferredHypotheticTotalJava 0.00 0.00 0.00 14.65 0.00 14.65Sumatra 2,735.32 2,755.08 20,046.87 4,555.13 34.38 27,391.72Kalimantan 4,246.24 9,689.84 486.69 19,494.09 498.46 30,169.08Sulawesi 0.06 21.20 0.00 110.81 0.00 132.01Papua 0.00 0.00 0.00 138.30 0.00 138.30TOTAL6,981.62 12,466.12 20,533.56 24,312.98 532.84 57,845.76Source: - Indonesian Coal Mining Development & Company Profiles- Indonesia Mineral and Coal Statistics

Coal Production(x 10 3 ton)YearState OwnedCompanyContractor &PrivateTotal2000 10,746.024 66,389.133 77,135.1572001 10,211.957 82,328.502 92,540.4592002 9,482.311 93,926.829 103,409.1402003 10,026.838 104,251.348 114,278.1862004 8,707.166 123,644.858 132,352.024Source:- Indonesian Coal Mining Development & Company Profiles- Indonesia Mineral and Coal Statistics

Coal Consumption(x 10 3 ton)AmountTotal Coal Production 132,352Export (~70%) 96,200Domestic Consumption 36,152- Power Generation (~63%) 22,900- Cement Industry (~15%) 5,450- Other Industries 7,802Source:- Indonesian Coal Mining Development & Company Profiles- Indonesia Mineral and Coal Statistics

Clean Coal Energy ProgramIn Indonesia

CLEAN COAL TECHNOLOGYCoal ResourcesCoal Classification by Reserves and QualityCLEAN COAL TECHNOLOGYUBCBio-CoalLiquefactionGasificationCWM/COMExport/PPIndustry/PPOil SubstGas/PPIndustry/PP

Improved BCL ProcessUBCLiquefactionInline Hydro-treatmentSlurry De-wateringSolvent De-ashingAsh-Moisture Free Coal Process


BROWN COAL LIQUEFACTIONFeasibility Study ConditionPlant Scale 3,000t/d, 6,000t/d, 12,000t/d (dafc(base)Plant LocationFeed CoalProductHydrogen SourceBerau Lati, Mulia Satui Kalimantan 2 CasesBerau Coal : Moisture 25.1%wb, Ash 7.3%dbMulia Coal : Moisture 35.0%wb, Ash 5.1%dbSynthetic Transportation Fuel Oil, ChemicalsElectric Power Source 100% Generation (IPP)Gasification of Berau or Mulia Coal by HYCOLSite Area Required 0.77×106 m 2 for 6,000t/d PlantProduction CapacityOperation Period27,000 bbl/d for 6,000t/d Plant25 yearsPlant Operation Ratio 85%(%(310days/year)Fiscal Year of Price Settled 2002Shipping TerminalBerau Lati or Satui Newly Constructed Terminal

Product SpecificationGasolineKeroseneUnitBCL ProcessProductIndustrial StandardIndonesiaJISOctane Number (RON) min. 90 min. 88 min. 89Sulfur Contentwt% max. 0.005max.0.2Smoke PointSulfur Contentmm min. 16 min. 16 min. 23wt% max. 0.005 max. 0.2 max. 0.015Gas OilCetane Number min. 45 min. 45 min. 45Sulfur Contentwt% max. 0.005 max. 0.5 max. 0.2

Coal Liquefaction R&D Facilitiesin Puspiptek, Serpong, , West JavaFeedstock:• Coal• Solvent• Catalyst• HydrogenGas SampleGas Analysis:• H2• H2S• CO• CO2• HydrocarbonStirrer AutoclaveGas ChromatographySolvent ExtractionLiquid ProductsAutomatic Vacuum DistillationWaterNaphta (C5-180 o C)Recycle Solvent(180-420 o C)Coal Liquid Bottom(> 420 o C)

Up-grading Liquefied Coal Oil Test Facilityat Puspiptek, Serpong, , West JavaFeedstock:Liquefied CoalSPECIFICATION :Fixed Bed ReactorCat. Ni-Mo, Ni-Mo/Al2O 3DT: 500 o C, DP: 20.6 MPaReactor Diam. : 25 mmLength : 749 mmPacking : 3 mm ceramicCat. Volume : 100 mlFixed Bed Catalytic Hydrotreater1 t/d BCL Pilot Plant to be constructedin Cirebon West Java in FY 2006Product Oil

Road Map of BCL TechnologyImplementationCompletion ofF/S (Detailed)Demo Plant,3000 TPDScale-up DP toCP ( 6000 TPD)CommissioningDP 3000 TPDConstruction CPNo.2 ( 6000 TPD)Construction CP Unit3 & 4 (12000 TPD)Construction CP Unit5 & 6 (12000 TPD)20052009 201320152016 20182025IMPLEMENTATIONSTAGES2009 - 2013Demo Plant (3000t/d)2013 - 2016CP No. 1 (6000t/d)2016 – 2025CP No. 2-62(5x6000t/d)TOTALINVESTMENT(mill US$)OIL PRODUCT(mill bbl)OIL DEMAND INTRANSPORTATION (mill bbl)808 4,18 219,06OIL FROMCOALCONTRIBUTION (%)2.0550/1.358 8,37 241,353.55.385/6.743 50,22 288,5412,5Location: Berau-East Kalimantan

UBC PROCESSOverview Effective dewatering process Coating process using heavy oil Clean waste water Low pressure and low temperature Conventional equipment Binder-freebriquetting

UBC ProcessBefore SLurry DewateringAf t er Sl ur r y Dewat er i ngOi lsoaks i nt o t he por es, andCAPI LLARY WATERasphal t i s sel ect i vel y adsor bed.SURFACE WATERAsphal tHeavy material in the oil iseffectively absorbed by LRCBefore After

UBC Test Facilitiesat Puspiptek, Serpong, , West JavaCOAL350Kpa140℃100Kpa130℃100Kpa150℃SlurryMakingSlurryDewateringCoal/OilSeparationOilRecoveryUBCAsphaltWaste WaterRecycle OilHeavy material in the oil iseffectively absorbed by LRCWaste Water AnalysisSlurry Making and Dewatering ReactorCoal Slurry Rheology

UBC Process FacilitiesCirebonKalimantan0.1t/d BSU of the UBC processKakogawa, JapanFuture PP/Demo Plant200 t/d or 700 t/dKakogawaDemo Plant of the UBC Process (5t/day,Cirebon, Indonesia)Sponsored by Indonesian & Japanese Governments

Analysis Data of UBCAnalysis ItemCentral Banko Berau Asam-AsamRaw Coal UBC Raw Coal UBC Raw Coal UBCTotal Moisture % 33.6 9.8 29.0 7.3 34.0 8.2Inherent Moisture % 20.7 19.4 19.8Specific EnergyGross, as received kcal/kg 4540 6490 4740 6400 4264 6330Ash %db 2.5 2.7 4.6 4.6 4.6 4.6Volatile Matter %db 51.2 52.5 45.8 47.6 48.5 50.9Fixed Carbon %db 46.3 44.8 49.6 47.8 46.9 44.5Total Sulfur %db 0.48 0.49 0.77 0.80 0.17 0.19

Low Emission Lignite MineMouth Power Generation2 x 600 MW, Musi RawasSungai Malam (Malam)Lignite Deposit

Property of Malam LigniteResources 620 million tonSlaggingVery LowFoulingVery LowNOx Emission Level 60% of Standard CoalUnburned Carbon Very Low (Good)Ignition Potential Good and StableAsh ErosionVery LowGrindability GoodBurning Profile Very GoodMalam Lignite is ideal forpower generation.

Process Flow Sheet of 600MW Power PlantNo DesulfurizationSystem requiredMain SteamReheat SteamLow NOx BurnerBoilerElectricPrecipitatorFlue GasCombustion AirAHSteam (to Reheater)BFWHPHeaterLPHeaterSteamTurbineGeneratorTransformerTo Transmission LineStack IDF FDFPAFBFPDFPCooling Water (In)Fly AshRemoval SystemBottom AshRemoval SystemDeaeratorCondenserCondensate PumpDemineralizerCooling Water (Out)BFW Make UpMalamFrom #2000UBC ProcessCoalLignite Super Critical BoilerElectric Precipitator

Future Expansion Planin Musi Rawas‣1 st Stage: Lignite Super Critical System 600MW x 2(Lignite Consumption 5 million ton/year)‣2 nd Stage : UBC Super Critical System 1,000MW x 1(Lignite Consumption 4 million ton/year)‣3 rd Stage : UBC Super Critical System 1,000MW x 1(Lignite Consumption 4 million ton/year)‣4 th Stage : UBC Super Critical System 1,000MW x 1(Lignite Consumption 4 million ton/year)Total Lignite Consumption : 17 million ton/year

Bio- Coal ProcessBiomass & LRCHWD UpgradingUpgraded Biomass & LRCSolid fuel (Briquette)・high moisture・low Calorific Value・Low ash & Sulfur・300℃/12MPa・Deoxydization・Dehydration・Solid・HHV=7,200 kcal/kg・Moisture content 20%・HHV:5,700kcal/kgLow Rank CoalSlurry Fuel・Moisture content 30%・HHV:5,000kcal/kgEmpty Fruit BunchWood Bark

BIO-COAL UTILIZATIONSubstitute for oilMarket/UserLRCIn IndonesiaLRC 100%UpgradingBy HWDSlurry fuelSolid fuelSubstitute for coalIndonesiaEnergyPolicyLRC/BiomassUpgradingBy HWDSlurry fuelSolid fuelBiomass 100%BiomassIn IndonesiaUpgradingBy HWDSubstitute for oil with PremiumSlurry fuelSolid fuelBiomassPremiumOverseasSubstitute for coal with Premium

Gasifier Fluidized BedStackThermocoupleThermocoupleBio FilterPanel ControlCoalCycloneGasBurnerBiomassThermocouplesGas samplingDistributorAsh collector drumBlowerHeaterTemperature Recorder


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