Application 2013 Tourism Experiences Marketing Program

Application 2013 Tourism Experiences Marketing Program

2013Tourism Experience Marketing ProgramGuidelines, Applications, and FormsTourism, Culture and HeritageNatural Resources

Guidelines2013 Tourism Experiences Marketing Program Nova Scotia Tourism AgencyObjectiveProvide co-operative marketing support totourism products, experiences, and major eventsthroughout Nova Scotia that will help to attractmore visitors and encourage them to stay longerand spend more.Program Expenditure andApplication DeadlineProject expenditures must take place betweenApril 1, 2013, and March 31, 2014.Project application deadline is March 28, 2013.Project GuidelinesProjects must demonstrate the ability to attractvisitors from outside Atlantic Canada andincrease tourism visitation and spending.Projects must include direct-to-consumermarketing initiatives that directly align with theNova Scotia Tourism Agency’s (NSTA) TourismPlan and have the potential to contribute directlyto incremental visitor spending.Priority will be given to projects that promoteNova Scotia’s core experiences (seacoast, outdoor,culture, cuisine, heritage, and urban). Projects willalso be reviewed for their potential to leveragepartners and long-term sustainability.Eligible Project Costs• Promotional materials (includes production,publishing, and distribution costs)• Detailed advertising campaigns (radio, TV,magazine, newspaper, billboard, web, etc.)• Direct mail campaign costs• Social media• Participation at consumer/tradeshows(consumer/tradeshows that the NSTA isalready attending are not eligible)Ineligible Project Costs• Capital and operating costs (wages, phone,fax, office equipment, and supplies)• Projects that have received funding underthis program for three consecutive years• Development of marketing/business plans• General administration costs (organizationalmembership fees or registration fees)• Video production equipment• Destination marketing proposals• Website maintenance and/or hosting• Promotional items (trinkets, t-shirts,banners, flags, floats, etc.)• Charitable fundraising events, conventions,conferences, meetings, workshops, symposia,seminars, clinics, award ceremonies,investitures, competitions, amateur sportstournaments, VIP visits, etc.• Projects that are eligible for support throughthe Festival & Events Marketing Programmanaged through the Regional TourismIndustry Association (RTIA)/HalifaxRegional Municipality (HRM)• Programs offered by the NSTA(i.e., advertising in travel literature andparticipation in NSTA organized promotions)2

Guidelines 2013 Tourism Experiences Marketing ProgramEligibilityApplicants must be a registered not-for-profitor non-profit organization marketing tourismrelatedactivities and programs that willbenefit the entire province or region.Organizations must be in good standing with theProvincial Registrar of Joint Stock Companiesand have no outstanding obligations with theNova Scotia Department of Economic andRural Development and Tourism or NSTA.Organizations must be operating as a not-forprofitfor at least one year.Previous applicants can apply only if theproposed projects are special, one-time activity/activities targeting a new market or an existingmarket using a new advertising medium.An applicant applying for funding for a festival,event, or experience must have a current listing.An applicant can apply only to the TourismExperiences Marketing Program or the Festivals& Events Marketing Program through theTourism Marketing Partnership Programs.Eligible submissions must include a completedTourism Experiences Marketing Programapplication form with an attached proposalincluding budget and most recent financialstatements by March 28, 2013. Projects includingpromotional media must complete applicablemedia costs attachment. Please mail or fax onecopy of the application and attachments.Final ReportA final report will be due within 90 days of thecompletion of event or initiative. The balanceof funding will only be provided upon receiptof the final report with project evaluation andproof of payment, including receipts. Failureto submit a final report by March 31, 2014, willautomatically result in the forfeiture of theremaining funds; the applicant will also beineligible for future program funding.The NSTA has the right to require the returnof any unspent funds or any funds thathave been spent on items that were not partof the agreement.Level of InvestmentPending annual funding approval, the programis designed to consider funding support up to50 per cent of applicable marketing costs toa maximum of $20,000. In-kind contributionscan be considered as part of applicant’scontribution to a maximum of 20 per cent of thetotal marketing costs. The combined municipal,federal, and provincial contributions cannotexceed 80 per cent of the total contribution.Program ConditionsProjects supported must include the Nova Scotiavisual identity/logo and credit NSTA support.A listing of successful project applicants will bemade public after the process is completed.Successful applicants will receive an advanceof 60 per cent of their funding assistance uponreceipt of signed agreement.3

Guidelines 2013 Tourism Experiences Marketing ProgramApplication Process• Determine if the project matches thepriorities outlined in the NSTA’sTourism Plan.• Complete the attached application form.• Discuss your proposal with your RTIA/HRMrepresentative and/or Destination Halifaxto ensure compatibility with regionalstrategic tourism efforts, and request aletter of support.• Contact program staff to discuss yourproject and how it aligns with the NSTA’sTourism Plan.• Prepare your proposal as per the criteria andsubmit to the Nova Scotia Tourism Agencyfor formal review and evaluation. Applicationdeadline is March 28, 2013.Please send one copy of the application, proposal,and any attachments electronically as well as onehard copy of each by mail or facsimile.Proposals will be reviewed and evaluated by aselected assessment panel consisting of staff andmarketing and/or event professionals. The reviewand evaluation of proposals is a competitiveprocess and will take approximately 6–10 weeks.Funding decisions are based on the quality of theproject, ability to measure results, how the projectrelates to the NSTA’s Tourism Plan, and the totalfunding available. Although the project may beeligible, it is not guaranteed funding from theprogram. If the application is successful, the fullamount requested may not be funded.Successful applicants will receive a formal letterof offer with agreements outlining the terms andconditions relevant to the partnership. Oral orwritten advice on the outcome of your applicationis available after a formal decision has been madeand communicated to you in writing.CriteriaThe application should include a letter ofsupport/endorsement from your RTIA/HRMrepresentative and/or Destination Halifax, aswell as a minimum of two other letters ofsupport/endorsement from tourism-relatedoperators or organizations.Project Application ContentProject applications must provide the followingelements within the content of their application:Background: Provide a brief history of the project.Project Description: Provide a detaileddescription of the project including proposedactivities, specifically the marketing elements(circulation/distribution volumes, frequencyrates, distribution plans, demographics,partnership opportunities, etc.). Insert adetailed media plan using the attached mediacosts document.Target Markets: Is this plan supported bymarket research? What is the geographic targetmarket (e.g., Central Canada, Western Canada)and/or product niche (e.g., music, culture, andcuisine)? Does the target/key market(s) identifiedstrategically align with those identified by theNova Scotia Tourism Agency? Has the target/keymarket been identified as an emerging market? Isthe initiative being marketed an identifiedcore experience?Measurable Objectives: What does theapplicant/proponent hope to achieve byimplementing the marketing project? Arethere measurable objectives such as increasedvisitation and/or room nights? How well is theproject leveraged with community, industryparticipation, and other levels of government?Budget: Provide specific details with regardsto the costs of each activity in the project. Thebudget should also indicate where additionalsources of revenues are coming from, both cashand in-kind. Applications must disclose all otherforms of assistance, government or otherwise.Is this initiative affordable, and is it financiallysustainable?Financial Statements: Attach the most recentaudited or reviewed financial statement of theproject or organization.Nova Scotia Tourism Plan: Describe how themarketing project fits with the priorities of theNova Scotia Tourism Plan.4

Guidelines 2013 Tourism Experiences Marketing ProgramApplication SubmissionPlease contact Sadie Thomas-Frye to discussthe outline of your project prior to the fundingdeadline, and forward hard copies of yourapplication and supporting documents to:Sadie Thomas-FryeTourism Program OfficerTourism Experiences Marketing ProgramNova Scotia Tourism Agency1800 Argyle Street, Suite 602, PO Box 456Halifax, NS B3J 2R5Email: frysa@gov.ns.caTel: (902) 424-3282 Fax (902) 424-2668Additional Program InformationThe personal information provided on thisform and any attachments will be used onlyfor the purpose of administrating the TourismExperiences Marketing Program. It is collectedunder the authority of Section 26 (a) of theFreedom of Information and Protection ofPrivacy Act and is protected by the privacyprovisions of the act. This information maybe shared between the Nova Scotia TourismAgency and your Regional Tourism IndustryAuthority (RTIA) as per the annual RTIAPartnership Agreement and the Halifax RegionalMunicipality for the purposes of the guidelines.Successful applicants are to be advised that theirorganization name, project or event name (asnoted on the application form), and approvedfunding amount may be disclosed in accordancewith the departmental Routine Access Policy.Festival and Event FundingContact InformationCentral Nova Tourist Association902-893-8782joyce@centralnovascotia.comJoyce MingoPO Box 1761, 65 Treaty TrailTruro, NS B6L 1W3Destination Cape Breton Association902-563-4636Lou@dcba.caLou LeithPO Box 1448Sydney, NS B1P 6R7Destination Eastern and NorthumberlandShores Association902-752-6383cindy@visitdeans.caCindy MacKinnon980 East River Rd.New Glasgow, NS B2H 3S8Destination Southwest Nova Scotia902-634-8844jjoudrey@destinationsouthwestnova.comJeanette JoudreyPO Box 1390Lunenburg, NS B0J 2C0Halifax Regional Municipality –Community Development Civic Events902-490-6394cormerbi@halifax.caBilly ComerPO Box 1749Halifax, NS B3J 3A5Destination Halifax902-429-4574plyall@destinationhalifax.comPat Lyall1800 Argyle Street, Suite 802Halifax, NS B3J 3N85

Application2013 Tourism Experiences Marketing Program Nova Scotia Tourism AgencyThe deadline for application is March 28, 2013. Ensure all details are provided.If you require additional space for responses, please outline in your proposal.1. Contact InformationName of Applicant Organization (as listed with Joint Stocks):Project Name:Mailing Address:Tel (organization):Secondary Contact Number:Email:Website (organization/event):Authorized Official:Contact (name and title if different from above):Mailing Address:Tel:Fax:2. Marketing BudgetTotal Cash: Public/Private (tentative and confirmed) $In-kind Value $Funding Request (Program Level: $3,000–$20,000) $Total Marketing Project Cost $Under the Tourism Marketing Partnership Program, an organization can apply only to one fundingstream: Festival & Events Marketing Program or Tourism Experiences Marketing Program.6

Application 2013 Tourism Experiences Marketing Program3. Description of Proposed Project Marketing ActivitiesIdentify the geographic markets for this experience/event/festival.• Quebec • Ontario •• UK • Germany • Other• New England • Remainder USWestern CanadaAre they strategically aligned with those of the Nova Scotia Tourism Agency (NSTA)? • Yes • NoDoes the experience/event/festival deliver on Nova Scotia’s core experiences? • Yes • NoPlease indicate which ones:• Seacoast • Urban • Culture• Outdoor • Cuisine • HeritageHow is the experience/event/festival to be promoted?• Newspaper • Magazine • TV • Online Ads• Social Media • PR Activities • RadioDoes the marketing plan offer industry partnership opportunities, such as packaging? • Yes • NoDoes the experience/event/festival include new or enhanced activities?Has the organization participated in any of the NSTA’s partnership programs?• Yes • No• Yes • NoInclude details in an attached proposal outlining the new/enhanced activities and partnershipopportunities, and how the organization has participated in NSTA’s programs and partnerships.4. Applicant ChecklistPlease include the following documents with this application:• A detailed proposal of the project that includes a description of the experience/event/festivalwith an outline of tourism-specific goal(s) and how these are to be achieved.•Three letters of commitment from any of the following: Regional Tourism IndustryAssociation (RTIA), corporate/in-kind sponsors, municipality, destination marketing organization.• Project budget (including marketing activity details, total marketing project costs, and totalcash and in-kind public/private sponsorship, as of application date).For further details, review the Tourism Experiences Marketing Program guidelines and information inthis application.7

Final Report2013 Tourism Experiences Marketing Program Nova Scotia Tourism AgencySection 1: Contact InformationName of Applicant Organization (as listed with Joint Stocks):Project Name:Mailing Address:Tel (organization):Secondary Contact Number:Authorized Official:Email:Section 2: Final Marketing BudgetTotal Cash: Public/Private $In-kind Value $Total Marketing Project Cost $Funding Received $(Please include list of partners and their level of support [monetary and in-kind] on separate sheet.)9Section 3: Applicant ChecklistPlease include the following details on a separate attachment with this final report:• Brief overview of the project• List of promotional activities completed• List of promotional objectives and if the project met these objectives•List actual benefits with documentation (benefits may include increased attendance,new sponsors, community value)• Provide financial documentation to support co-operative funding support. This will include1) copies of invoices; and 2) copies of bank statements showing cheques having clearedbank account, with clear cross-referencing to invoices included in the claim or copies ofprocessed cheques.Please keep original invoices for such projects for a minimum of seven years after expirationof agreement. Copies of all promotional material produced with aid of funding from the TourismExperiences Marketing Program must carry the Nova Scotia visual identify/logo.

Final Report 2013 Tourism Experiences Marketing ProgramSection 5: Authorizations• I hereby certify that the information provided in this application is true, correct, and completein every respect.Please note: The personal information provided on this form and any attachments will be usedfor the purposes of administering the Tourism Experiences Marketing Program. It is collectedunder the authority of Section 26(a) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of PrivacyAct and is protected by the privacy provisions of the act. This information may be sharedbetween the Nova Scotia Tourism Agency and your Regional Tourism Industry Association(RTIA) as per the annual RTIA Partnership Agreement.Successful applicants are to be advised that their organization name, project or event name(as noted on the application form), and approved funding amount may be disclosed inaccordance with the departmental Routine Access Policy.Signature of Authorized Official:Date:Please return this form and requested materials to:Sadie Thomas-FryeTourism Program OfficerTourism Experiences Marketing ProgramNova Scotia Tourism Agency1800 Argyle Street, Suite 602, PO Box 456Halifax, NS B3J 2R5Tel: (902) 424-3282 Fax (902) 424-266810

Media Costs 2013 Tourism Experiences Marketing ProgramNova Scotia Tourism AgencyMediaPrintCirculationFiguresWhere Distributed (Market)Total # ofInsertionsInsertion Period (Dates)Total ValuePaid In-Kind Proposed/Not ConfirmedFlyersPostersInsertsBrochuresNewspaper (name)----Magazine (name)------Other (please specify)----11TOTALPaidTOTALIn-Kind$ $ $TOTALProposed/Not Confirmed

Media Costs 2013 Tourism Experiences Marketing ProgramNova Scotia Tourism AgencyMediaRadio(station name)Listening Area (Market) Time Period (Dates) Spot Length(Secs)# Of Spots Per Second SpotsTOTAL VALUEPaidIn-KindPer Second SpotsGRANDTOTAL:15 $ $ $:30 $ $ $:45 $ $ $:60 $ $ $:15 $ $ $:30 $ $ $:45 $ $ $:60 $ $ $Television(station name)Listening Area (Market) Time Period (Dates) Spot Length(Secs)# Of Spots Per Second SpotsTOTAL VALUEPaidIn-KindPer Second SpotsGRANDTOTAL:15 $ $ $:30 $ $ $:45 $ $ $:60 $ $ $TOTAL #OF SPOTSGRAND TOTALPAID VALUEGRAND TOTALIN-KIND VALUE$ $12

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