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Online Writing Center, Darton State College 2ModifierPositive degree Comparative Degree Superlative Degree(Ø ending)(-er ending)(-est ending)nice nice nicer nicestnew new newer newestweak weak weaker* Weakest*** Use the “–er” ending when comparing two subjects. Mary is the tallest person (between twopeople).** Use “-est” ending when comparing three or more subjects. Mary is the tallest (among three ormore people.)b. Two-syllable modifiers may form the degrees of comparison with the Ø, -er,or –est ending, or take on the “more” or “most.”Modifier Positive Degree Comparative Degree Superlative Degreegentle gentle gentler gentlestlively lively livelier liveliestagile agile more agile most agileclearly clear more clearly † most clearly ††† Use “more” when comparing two subjects. Mary is the more delightful person (between twopeople).†† Use “most” when comparing three or more subjects. Mary is the most delightful person(among three or more people.)c. Modifiers with three or more syllables assume “more” and “most” to formdegrees of comparison.Modifier Positive Degree Comparative Degree Superlative Degreeexpensive expensive more expensive most expensivedelightful delightful more delightful most delightfulcomfortably comfortably more comfortably most comfortably*d. To express the decrease in quality, modifiers assume “less” in thecomparative degree and “least” in the superlative degree, regardless of thenumber of syllables.Modifier Positive Degree Comparative Degree Superlative Degree

Online Writing Center, Darton State College 3gentle gentle less gentle least gentlelively lively less lively least liveliestagile agile less agile least agileexpensive expensive less expensive least expensivee. Irregular modifiers do not follow the above patterns:Modifier Positive case Comparative case Superlative caselittlelittle less least(as in amount, notphysical size)far farther/further farther/further farthest/furthestwell well better bestgood good better bestbad bad worse worstmany many more mostmuch much more mostf. Absolute adjectives do not vary in degree; therefore, they do not havecomparative or superlative forms:complete, equal, perfect, correct, eternal, round, dead, full, square, empty,impossible, true, endless, infinite, unique

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